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1972 Roberta's letter June 27

This 1972 three page letter from Roberta has a return address of Hotel Stadium, Delphi, Greece, though it was mailed from France 30-6-1972, Chenonceaux Indre et Loire. The envelope also shows Postage Due of 17¢.

June 27, 1972
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary V., (V. for Victory!)

Hi!  We just now got back from shopping downtown, going to the Latin Quarter, etc.  I didn't realize how tired I was until I stopped!

Today we had free so five of us went just about all over! We rode the metro (subway) and really didn't have to much trouble.  They have a board at each station and you mark where you want to go, then the routes you should go all light up.  They gave us 6 francs a piece for lunch which was pretty good!  We ate at one of those side-walk cafes, then after we were done eating we just sat there and "watched the world go by."

The meals that we have had with the tour have really been good!  Not that I can tell you the exact name of the staff tho.

Tonight we are to go on the Seine Boat Ride.  Tomorrow we are to go to the Louvre museum.

The kids on the tour all are very nice.  Most of them just graduated from college.  They are from all parts of the United States.  There are 44 of us altogether plus a bus driver (who only speaks German) and the tour director (guide) who is from Italy - but speaks better English than I do!!

So how was Mexico?  I  do hope you all had a good time, because I'm having a good time in Europe!!

Thanks so much for your letter and the article about the police.  We studied about all the advantages of foot patrol vs car patrol.  The "Bobbies" in England were really helpful about streets, buses, etc.

Have you heard of a "B-Day?"  Well, we have one in our room.  At first we thought it was a fancy toilet with hot & cold running water; until we found out differently.

Well, I'm going to close for now; but will add more later.

Just got back from the boat ride - was really neat to see Paris at night.  Boat ride was from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. then the tour guide asked us if we would like to drive around Paris.  So we did.  We even went through the Red light area - really something else.

It might be a good idea if you send Peg & Joe B. something - as they were really backwards about taking my money.  But as for ideas – ?  I know she said they needed an iron (you wouldn't believe what she uses now) but they might be too expensive.

French cheese is really good!  Can't wait to get to Holland and taste the cheese there!

Guess how much my luggage weighed in Wash. D.C. – counting the suitcase and the green bag?  27 pounds!!  Pretty good, huh?  One girl's weighed 64 pounds – she had to carry 20 pounds of it with her!!

Hi!  I'm now in Chenonceaux, F.  A place a little bit smaller than Paris.  We just had our supper.  For dessert we got cheese (was it ever good!) and then what they called "bloody oranges."  They were good too!

We went thru Chambord Castle on the way here.  Really enormous – something like 448 rooms!! I'm really enjoying the country-side while riding the bus.

Last night was our big night in Paris.  Had a really good dinner – snails – still in the shell – had to get them out ourselves.  (Really something!)  Then had steak, potatoes, etc.  For dessert had baked Alaska.  Then we went to a casino where there was show after show (or act after act) like the New York City Rocketts.  Started at 9:00 and wasn't over till right after midnight.

We were also at Versailles today .... palace of Louis XIV.  the gardens there were really something, too.

Well, I better be closing.  We are to get up at 5:30 (A.M!) tomorrow morning.  This is no easier then working !!  Enjoyed your letter & hope to hear from you all again.  Let me know about the VAN & anything else important!!

Love, Bert

PS  Grandma –– haven't had to use your umbrella yet!  The weather has really been cooperating (spelling) with us.  In England it was a little cold - but luckily no rain!!  Hope you're fine.  Will write more later.

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