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1982 To Jean - Poem - March 31

The P.W., assuming she is the same as "Guess Who," must have been in a poetic frame of mind in late March 1982, or perhaps she was always that way. This one to Jean, brought back memories of the hours spent at the clothes line as well as mowing the grass.

Poem to Jean 31-March-1982

Jean on lawnmower c1985
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Spring has sprung!
      No time for ease,
Jean's wash is swinging in the breeze!

Soon time to mow,
     And then to hoe,
I think I'll hide and just lay low –
          'til Winter.

March 31, 1982
Guess Who???

Rev Homer Thompson was pastor at the NVUMC from 1981-1985.  He and his wife, Roma, lived next door in the parsonage during that time.  Homer retired in 1989 and suffered from Parkinsons, going into a nursing home in the Columbus area in 1996.  He passed away in 2001.
Roma & Rev. Homer Thompson on parsonage porch c1983

Rev. Homer Thompson, Darren Stricker, Roma Thompson c1983 at HH Uibles house for progressive dinner

1982 To Mary and Mie Young - March 30

Mary and Mie Young received this clever thank-you poem in 1982. I'm assuming P.W. might stand for Preacher's Wife, which at that time would have been Rona Thompson. More about the Thompsons tomorrow. Transcription follows.

To Mary & Mie Young 30-Mar-1982
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We have two "little neighbor" gals
Who live next door, you see,
And they are just about the
Nicest things that they can be!

They love to bake and cook and such –

To them it seems no chore.
Why, just the other evening
One appeared at our front door

With, of all things! a Pecan Pie

Still hot from out her oven,
And left it on our table – Oh,
I tell you, it was heaven!

It was so good! We ate it all –

We cleaned up that pie platter!
And then, we thought about the s c a l e s;
'Twas much too late to matter!

Then, horrors, to our shame we found

Her own dear Dad and Mother
Had not a taste of Pecan Pie.
She'll have to bake another.

The other gal makes K'rean things;

Far East cuisine delicious!
(I've even stooped to throwing hints;
I feel downright capricious!)

So, girls, this comes to tell how much

We 'preciate your labors.
(Hence, Korean stuff or Pecan Pies,
Please don't forget your neighbors!)

HaHaHaHaHa & lotsa love

The P.W.

March 30, 1982

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - March 28

Without electricity so no typewriter.  Glad that didn't discourage Mother from writing to us.   As most of us know, Helen Spence Carr (1916-2007) was GHU's niece, Uncle Harry's step-daughter, and they lived on a farm in Highland County.  Rob & Cindy's upcoming wedding is also big family news.  Transcription follows.

1982 Letter from Mom & Dad - March 28
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Sun. Evening
Mar. 28, 1982
Dearest Family –
We are writing this in longhand as we have no electricity tonight.  We had dinner at Helen & Wib Carrs.  Richard & Rita Care were there with their three children – Chris their oldest daughter is in 7th grade, Jim in 3rd grade and Holly is just 14½ months old.  Rita was expecting her the last time we were down there.

Helen had fixed a big meal as usual – roast beef & leg of lamb, five or six vegetables, relishes and angel food cake & Italian Cream Cake (Calories +++) and home made ice cream.  Chris played the piano and Jim played and sang – reminded me of the time when we were there years ago and "little Richard" played the coronet.  MV & Mie Young played and sang too.  Ate a bite of supper and then got home just about 7:00 and found the electricity had been off here for over an hour – Dad started a fire in the fireplace and with the candles – we'd begun to get used to it – and decided we might as well get started writing a letter.  (Cherie Cooper was here visiting the girls but had to leave to go back to Wilmington College tonight.)

The electricity finally came on at 8:30 so will just write on other side and let Dad make copies tomorrow. – maybe I will as he has to be in the Commissioners Office – whoa!  I forgot he is going to fly from Cincy to Atlanta and meet Grandma after doing business there and they will fly home together.

By the way Thursday was the last day to file for the election – which Dad did and no one else filed against him for his seat.  Three is an Independent who will be running in the fall for D.M. Fife's seat – we wonder why except Dad's term is for 2 years and D.M.'s is for four years.

Last week was comparatively quiet! for which I was very thankful.  The next two to three weeks will make up for it though.

We did go to hear the University (Cincinnati) Singers at the college one night and went to a square dance workshop.  Last night the Sr. MYF had a chili supper at the church.  They had the center of the basement rigged with a special light over the salad bar and then tables around it were candlighted.  The Miss Southwestern Ohio Scholarship Pageant was at Wilm. College so most of them left early to attend that.  Linda Waters was an entrant (first entry I can ever remember New Vienna ever having) – one was from Newark (Denise Jones, daughter of Cary & Theresa Jones).

We were quite surprised to learn that Rob and his girlfriend [Cindy!, they were married in Sept. (?) 1982, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year] are thinking about wedding plans.  Grandma mentioned it but wonder about the date – if any has been set.  His girlfriend is a first grade teacher where Rob also teaches – is from Indiana so we might celebrate Gma's 90 birthday and all get together for that occasion.

The Carrs thought we were planning on dinner-picnic like we had -?- years ago when we had a picnic in the garage.  Haven't finalized any plans yet but the U.M.W. (United Methodist Women – not union workers) are willing to do the catering – when I mentioned we just wanted cake and punch.  We'd appreciate ideas.  Would you rather keep it family and relatives and have a dinner or everyone at an open house for tea and punch or celebrate both ways – same day or what? – consecutive days like Sat. June 19 and Sun. June 20.  The latter is Father's Day.  We'd appreciate input from everyone!  We have rented a cottage at Lake Cowan June 19 to26 for extra space and hope that as many will come no later than June 19 and stay as long as possible!

Rev. Kuntzman [1899-1983] is reported to be out of intensive care and somewhat better but still in the hospital.

[Love, etc.]

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2002 - Letter from Catherine - Mar 28

A note card with a picture of the Pillbox Church in Jerome, Arizona, a print made from an original drawing by Beth Jaynes. Jerome, one a booming mining town located between Prescott and Flagstaff, is now a tourist/art mecca. Transcription follows.
2002 Jerome note card to Mom and Dad - March 28
March 28, 2002
Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi!  Can't say as I have noticed this building in Jerome – part of a package of note card scenes from around Arizona which I bought in Prescott last summer.  Soon it will be time again to head for Prescott or Flagstaff for some cooler hiking.  Our next planned overnight trip right now is to Las Vegas on May 1 to meet Larry and Marianne, and Joe and Dan.

Wendy and X will leave tomorrow afternoon to take Jessica to San Diego and they will spend Easter weekend there.

Hope you have a good trip to Kentucky.  Tell the Crowsons hello for us.  Where will you be staying?

Also have a good trip to Cuba!

Catherine and Gerry

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1992 Joe Horton Art Biography

In 1992, Sid helped Joe write/format a biography/resume to go along with his art work. Roberta then wrote a letter to Grandma on the other side of one copy of this document. Other than removing his birth date for privacy reasons, it is scanned below.  I'm assuming you can read the scanned copy so I have not included a transcription.  I was in Senegal visiting Joe during his first exhibit listed below.  I heard through Marianne that Joe has sold seven paintings in his current art show in Lake Worth "The Beauty of Man."
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1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - March 22

Roberta writes a two page letter to Grandma, Gladys Hiestand Uible, in March 1992. She mentions her handwriting so I will refrain from making any comments about that. I'm sure Grandma was able to read the writing and even between the lines. Page one included below Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma,

I am very sorry to hear that you are not feeling very well – but hope by the time you get this you will be feeling much better – and wanting to eat and drink more!  I wish I could come and see you now but my ticket is not until just after Easter!  [April 19 in 1992]  Should I bring the CATS?

This is a copy of Joe's history [on the back of page 2 - see tomorrow's blog] that Sid typed for him.  I had forgotten he was born in Cincinnati.  The Hortons must have been living in Hillsboro at the time.

I remember that house they used to live in – in Hillsboro.  How the people that bought it painted it purple – or was it some other bright but ugly color?

Do tell Sadie and the folks Hi for me.  I just don't write too many letters these days.  You used to write such nice letters and your handwriting was so good!  My handwriting is so BAD – people say it is very hard to READ!  I must take after DAD – where did he get his hard-to-read handwriting from?

[Love, Roberta – We can assume there was a closing, but not in my possession . . . .]

Sunday, March 25, 2012

1992 Senior Village Info Flyer

Roberta wrote a letter to Grandma in March 1992 on the back of this flyer. We'll read the letter in tomorrow's blog. Most of us will remember little Shirley in the picture on the left. And do I recognize Sid's handiwork in the flyer? He was good at doing newsletters also.
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2002 - Email to Roberta & Sid

Sid's nephew, Tom King, writes Roberta and Sid an email with interesting information about restaurants and food markups. He runs [still?] Country Junction Restaurant in Dyersville, IA  – only five miles away from New Vienna (Iowa)!

From: Tom King
To: Sid (at his webtv email address)
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2002
Subject: Greetings from Dyersville

Hello Sid and Roberta!

Thanks for the article on the food markups.  I'm always interested reading that kind of stuff, so thanks for thinking of me.  I'm not sure what criteria they were using for determining their markup, but our markup on main dish items would normally be around 300%.  I know that seems like a lot, but by the time you get your side dish cost included, the labor to prep the food and assign some overhead expense to it, that 300% can be eroded pretty quickly.

Let me give you an example:  one of our best selling dinners is cod, we charge $9.50 for it [now $11.99 for 2 pieces, $10.50 for 1].  The cod costs us $2 for 2 pieces, the side dish cost is about $1.50, labor cost is $3, overhead is about $2.50.  That leaves us with a profit of about 50¢.  not bad, but we have some items that have more or less profit, so then it really depends on how many of each item you sell.  Obviously, we prefer to sell more of the higher profit items, now if we could just get our customers to always order those items!  Anyway, I hope you find that info interesting.  Didn't realize you were going to get a lesson in restaurant profitability today, did you?  Ha!

Hope all is well with you two, sounds like you are adjusting to your Sun City surroundings.  Sounds like a neat place.

We just had our first major snowstorm over the weekend.  Lots of snow and blowing.  Pretty much shut things down Saturday, but today the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing so I'm sure everyone will get dug out.

Sid, did you get any more info on the Alabama land?  I'm curious as to what you found out.  I'm still working on getting our portion of that property into our names, proving to be kind of a lengthy process.  We just received a check not too long ago.  That well has done pretty well the last couple years.

Well, time to get to work.  I'm sending this from my work account.  Have you ever checked out our website? [same today].  Take care!  –Thomas

Thursday, March 22, 2012

2002 - Emails from Roberta in March

Selected bits from emails Roberta sent during March 2002:

March 5 – Re: unusual grocery stores
    I walked by the whole food grocery in NYC [when returning from Israel, end of Feb.]  It's in Chelsea area and very popular with folks that have money.  Here in this area we have WILD OATS [bought out by Whole Foods in 2007] and Trader Joe's.  Then there is AJ's which is very nice if you want something out of the ordinary.  There is one store near Camelback and Central and one coming in hear Arrowhead Mall.  [?? - did this ever happen?]

We walked over to the shopping strip area at 99th & Bell on the south side.  Some unusual stores like a combo of value drug and dress shop in the same store; also a SAS shoe store and a restaurant with a line waiting to get inside [possibly Bobbie's Cafe which has since moved to 99th & Greenway, not sure about the other stores].  Thought you might be interested in Tom's (Sid's nephew who has the restaurant) email which I'll attach below [see tomorrow's blog].  I sent him the article from the WSJ about restaurants and the bottom line.

March 10 – We just got back from the UMC new member luncheon.  We will probably join this month or next.  Hate to  rush into anything.  The Willowbrook UMC just hired a part-time minister who was a RN in her first life, and then went to seminary.  She is looking for another part-time job.

Did talk to Ruth Shoemaker today who came through her eye surgery just fine.

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2002 - Letter from Catherine - Mar 24

Every five years I go to Florida. In 2012, to attend the Celebration of Life for Aunt Mary; 2007 we had a mini-reunion with the massive Italian meal many of us remember; 2002 we visited Gerry's sister and drove down to see Aunt Mary, Rob & Cindy and the Kintners.

In 2002 we hosted two German students for three weeks while a group of them were in the U.S.  We also did short term host duty in 2001.

Reading the caption reminded me that on the tour of the mansion/museum we learned that prior to the place becoming a museum it had been used as a health club and the "grand reception room, Marble Hall" was used for exercise classes.

Cassone (hope chest) featured on Flagler note card 2002
Caption about Cassone featured on Flager note card
This nineteenth-century cassone, or hope chest, incorporates a reproduction of a painting in the collection of the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, Italy.  The original Renaissance painting of the Adimari family wedding was widely reproduced in the late nineteenth century after being brought to the attention of Americans by famed art historian Bernard Berenson.  At Whitehall, Henry Flagler's Gilded Age estate in Palm Beach, the cassone is displayed in the grand reception room, Marble Hall.  Whitehall is now open to the public as the Flagler Museum.
Catherine's Flagler notecard to Mom/Dad - 24 Mar 2002
March 24, 2002

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Here are a few pictures from our trip to Florida and a restaurant review of a place you might want to try next time you are here. [A ritzy place as I recall, but why didn't I write the name down??]

We are planning to take Monica & Karolina (our German students) and Dee & family to the Deer Valley Rock Museum today and to World Port, an international festival cosponsored by the City of Glendale and AGSIM (grad school of Int'l Mgmnt) today.  [Then Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management, now named Thunderbird School of Global Management.]

Weather is getting summer like here - high in 90s several days already.

Have a good trip to Kentucky!  Love, Catherine & Gerry

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1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Mar 21

Wilma Croghan, Orville and Melba Fawley Harner, Eloise Simkins and most members of the family are mentioned in this March 1982 letter.   Transcription follows.

1982 Letter from Mom and Dad - March 21
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Sunday Afternoon, March 21, 1982

Dear Family,

Ah, where should we start this letter.  Yes, Spring is officially here and we did get into gear in doing some yard work yesterday, washed the cars and bought some garden seed.  Last night we had a very hard rain so no garden planting for some time yet.  Yesterday evening we rode bikes out to Wilma Croghans, who has had a big room addition to the front of her home.

Friday the Harners [Orville & Melba] invited us to go with them to Georgetown for a square dance raid – some thirty of us from Clinton County.  Melba had a cancer treatment that morning - she is an inspiration to all of us in being positive.

Thursday was the 12th Appellate Court District Meeting at Kings Island Inn – had a turn out of some 200 lawyers and judges.  Clinton Co. was well represented.  I asked about the rates and was told that the present off season rate is $38 and that goes to $73 in two more weeks.

Our last weekend trip to Chicago seems like along time ago now, and things did go smoothly.  On Saturday night we ate at one of the "rib" (Carson's) restaurants, where one of the side dishes was potato skins . . . yes we did get skinned on that dish for the item was not dressed up at all as it is at some restaurants.  Serena rode home with us as far as South Bend, where we saw Notre Dame Univ., a quick cafeteria lunch and then took Serena to the Airport, where she got the bus (Greyhound) back to Chicago.  Do want to mention that Serena brought us a loaf of her home made bread which we always enjoy.  And also homemade chicken and vegetable soup.  Mmm, mmm good!

Business has been [good?] at the shop this month and should continue to improve now that the sunshine is coming on strong.  Even hired two new people and when the word gets around of that fact a lot more people stop in looking for work.

Grandma is all set to come home on March 29th, everything is OK at the house and Mrs. Clem is coming this week to polish things up.  The seeds that M.V. put out in the boxes here in the house are now sprouting and she is looking forward to getting the 100 plus trees that she ordered.  Always thing of that remark someone made to Mother back in the twenties when they moved to the effect . . . "Why bother putting out trees for you will never live to see them mature?"

The girls [MV & Mie Young] had a baby sitting job last night at the Avon Lady's home, glad they were both there as we are sure they felt more comfortable last night during the storm.  It is hard for us to remember when we had to have baby sitters for our growing family.

It is now Monday morning - we started this letter before going to La Comedia with the Sr. MYF group.  Hello Dolly was the production there and one of the best we have seen at any dinner theater.  Eloise [Simkins 1912-1996] also accompanied the group and seemed to be enjoying everything.  She also went at Christmas when we took the Explorers Class to see "The Christmas Carol" but it was a matinee with no food involved.  We were home by 10pm so better than the regular evening performances when its nearer midnite by the time we get home.

Hope that Piper [John's dog] got along fine with friends while John and X were in Chicago.  Roberta says that Charlie is in obedience school and . . . . [use your imagination to finish this paragraph which might also include a reference to Catherine.]

[Love, etc., Mom & Dad]

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1992 Wendy's letter to her grandparents

Transcription follows.

1992 Letter from Wendy to her Uible Grandparents - March 21
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Sat. March 21, 1992
Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Hi!  How are your?  I'm great!  Today the representative from ASSE [Exchange Student Organization] came to our house to talk to us.  It is almost final now.  We just have to register her with the high school. She will either go to Glendale or Centennial with me.  We saw some pictures of her she is very pretty.

It was nice talking to you on the phone the other night.  My piano lessons are going very well.  Shirley, my teacher, says that I am playing very well.  School is also going fine.  I'm almost done with my science project.  I am doing How Do You Recycle Paper.  Mother is helping me.  There are only 68 days left until school is out!

Business is going very well for my father.  He said that March has been a very productive month for them.  My Mother's job is also going very well.

Well, I have to go help Mom with dinner now.  Write Back Soon!

Love, Wendy

P.S.  Please send me postcards.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

WNJ Clipping 21-Mar-1992 Retired Teachers enjoy Elderhostel

A clipping from the March 21, 1992 Wilmington News-Journal about the Clinton County chapter of the State Retired Teachers meeting in which the topic was Elderhostel.  Transcription follows.
WNJ Clipping 21-Mar-1992 Elderhostel - Picture includes HH & Jean Uible, John & Laura Hughes

Shown above, members of Clinton County's chapter of Ohio Retired Teachers who have participated in elderhostel programs.  Starting clockwise at left, Jean Uible, Virginia Smith, Trudy Ranz, John Hughes, Bea Warren, Harold Uible, Bob Warren, Laura Hughes and Jim Ranz.

Elderhostel topic of Retired Teachers

The Clinton County chapter of the State Retired Teachers met March 18 for their quarterly spring meeting.  The teachers' activities started March 2 when they arranged for a pre-retirement workshop for teachers who anticipate retirement in the next few years.

About 30 attend a meeting set up by Helen Storer's Retirement Planning Committee at Ponderosa.

Rodger Borror introduced Terri Meese Harrison of the Columbus office of the State Teachers Retirement System.  Her presentation was followed with a session on financial planning given by Phil Snow.

The regular luncheon meeting at the Elks marked the formal announcement of an annual scholarship being offered by the Clinton County Retired Teachers to a Clinton County graduating senior who will be attending a college in Clinton County working toward a teaching degree.

Information on the requirements are [sic] now available at all high schools in the county.  Those seniors interested are urged to contact the guidance counselor at their respective schools.

The program of the day was "Elderhostel." [Now known as "Road Scholar" Adventures in Lifelong Learning]  Elderhostel is an educational adventure for older adults looking for something different and an opportunity to continue learning.

For the afternoon program, elderhostel veterans gave short talks and showed slides of the variety of elderhostel programs that are available.

Virginia Smith, who enjoys quilting, participated in a program about quilting with others for a week.  John and Laura Hughes told of participating in programs at Berea, Ky., and Savannah, Ga.  Bob and Bea Warren were on several trips in the western U.S.

Harold and Jean Uible have been members of elderhostel groups in South America, China, India, Russia and Europe.  Jim and Trudy Ranz told of an experience on a tropical isle and a southern sea.

The next regular meeting will be June 17.  All retired teachers who are not now members are urged to contact either Margaret Briggs or Ethel King to make reservations for the June meeting.

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2002 - Letter from MV - March 16

This stationary is really cute – but hard to tell what the design is until I put a dark background behind it and then it appears to be a cat playing with a ball of yarn.  If I'd noticed that before, would have put the dark background behind before scanning.  You'll have to use your imagination.  This is a 3-page letter of which only page one has been scanned.  Transcription follows.

1992-March 16 Letter from MV to Mom & Dad
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Dear Mom & Dad,
Seems hardly possible that it's been a week since we saw you.  Hope Dad is continuing on the road to recovery and the Hortons got off okay.  We got Don back just in time for his 2:00 class and I for my 3:30 voice lesson.

Our trip to Alabama went well, and the wedding was beautiful – much like ours.  It worked out well that I was Matron of Honor since I had to have a Maternity Dress.  (The others were low cut and very fitted.)  They were going to Gatlinburg this week; the wedding was at 10AM, so we got home about 7PM after a late lunch in Nashville.

I've started looking at computer music programs for the administrative part of the program, primarily to catalog the music library which consists of over 500 different titles.  I got the approval last year to put the money in the music budget to buy a program.  So I hope to have it in time to start cataloging on it this summer – if we don't move.  I'd like to have one that I can use on the computer at work and home, so that some days I can work at home if necessary.

I got the brochure on the St. Olaf conference this weekend and have sent in my registration today.  It is July 20-24, so I'm hoping to make that the end of my maternity leave, giving me an extra week out of the office.  Maternity leave is 6 weeks unpaid, so I will take my sick days plus remaining vacation time, which will me 5 weeks paid.  Then I can take St. Olaf as continuing education.

Don has had a terrible time with his allergies.  He'll have coughing spells that get so bad that it induces vomiting.  He did it 4 times last week, and so far none this week.  It's making him rethink where he wants to settle eventually (warm, dry climate).

My feet were really swelling last week due to so much sitting in the car and then standing during the wedding.  So I've been drinking more water (flush out my system) and cut down sodium intake, both of which have seemed to help.  My gums were also bleeding whenever I brushed my teeth so I've started flossing and eating 2 oranges a day in addition to my regular vitamins.

Thanks again for your big help with school this semester.  IT seems hard to believe that the end is finally in sight!  Don ordered graduation tickets for you if you can come (5/24).  Then ordination is 6'4, but we don't think tickets are necessary for that.

I have been coloring birth announcements now that I don't have to prepare lectures anymore – I'd rather prepare lectures.  At least you get up feeling you've done something "lasting."  [Family historians appreciate the birth announcements more.]

Love from the "3 of us," – MV

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2002 - Emails from Ginny and MV - March 15,16

From Ginny to All
Friday, March 15, 2002
Subject: Hello!

I hope you all are having a good ST. PATRICKS day.  I know that I am.  The town that I live in [Dublin, Georgia] is very big on ST. PATRICKS day.  I am going to be in a parade tomorrow.  I am going to Main Street Munchies tomorrow evening.  That is where you get a bunch of samples of food.  It is very nice.  I need to go.

Love, Ginny C

From MV to All
Saturday, March 16, 2002 12:30 AM
Subject: Long time no write

It is a busy time in Dublin with the big St. Pat's celebration this weekend.  We are hoping for good weather for the parade (Ginny's girl scout troop is walking in the parade) tomorrow, arts and crafts fair and other activities tomorrow.  By Sunday things will have died down significantly and by Monday it will be history!  Did get a good buy on t-shirts today from past road races (runs) they have had – all t-shirts were $1!  Can't get them that cheaply even at Wal-Mart!

Tonight we went to Doug Carroll's 40th surprise birthday party (Associate Pastor at PFUMC who lives behind us) and there was a nice crowd at the church then we went out with Rod, Cheryl and Becca for Mexican for dinner.  Much to our chagrin, two different tables had smokers who "lit up" near us, so we exited soon thereafter to head home.

Tried to do our taxes tonight, but still think I may take them to a professional preparer . . . it was not the Federal that was confusing but the Georgia that are not user friendly at all!  The Federal comes with all the worksheets and instructions online and were pretty much a breeze.  I had accessed both online through the appropriate websites....

Ginny has been working HARD the past couple weeks, trying to get her grades up and doing homework!  At least there is a reward for her to work toward and something to look forward to, not to mention threaten to remove should circumstances require it!

Well, the sheets are calling and need to call it a day.  Love to one and all!  MVUC

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2002 - Letter from Ginny

[Postmarked 16-March-2002].  Transcription follows.

Dear Uncle Gary [sic] & Aunt Catherine,

Thank you so much for the movie and the money.  I have watched the movie 7 times since I got it.  I put my money in my bank acount [sic].  Now I have $328.98 in my acount.  (I had $310.00 in the first place.)

Tell Wendy I said Hi.  Love you!  – Ginny C


P.S.  I actually sent this in December, but it came back so I sent it again.  Love You!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2002 - Emails to/from John

In a letter John wrote to his parents on March 2, 2002, he mentioned Kate's Dance Alive program to be held on Saturday, March 16.  In the week prior to that, some emails were exchanged regarding Kate's Uible grandparents visiting Newark during that time.

7-March-2002 To John from Uibles
Thanks for the letter.  Yes, we have made reservations for Sat. night at the Marriott.  Please get us a rose for Kate.  Thanks.  Oh yes, let us know if you get this, as had heard you had not gotten our last email.  Love, M&D

7-March-2002 To Uibles from John
Yes, we received your message and glad you can stay over Sat. night.  Since you are coming, we may check to see if you are up to watching Andrew for a few hours Sat. evening.  Jerry and Betty expressed interest in eating out with you afte Kate's performance Saturday.  Do you have interest?  Andrew and I could join you two, but Kate needs to be back at 5PM for evening performance and Julie wants her to rest in between shows.  By the way, we are looking at Sunday, May 5th for Kate's birthday party.  Hope you can join us.  Love, John

8-March-2002 To John from Uibles
Dear John, Julie, Kate and Andrew,
We did get your email and would be happy to look after Andrew – that would be our pleasure and also to see the Ashcrafts but doubt if Andrew wants too formal a dinner.  Use your own best judgment and we will go from there.  Always glad to hear from you and am sure Kate will do a very good performance.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you but please no big or elaborate plans – it's primarily to see Kate and the rest of the family.  Love to each one of you, Dad and Mother

13-March-2002 To Uibles from John
Mom and Dad, We look for you to arrive late Saturday morning or at least by noon.  Plan to come to our house as we can all go to Granville together.  There is a parade beginning at 2PM to honor Lea Ann Parsley so we will have to allow a little extra time.  Jerry and Betty are planning to eat out with us afte the show and Andrew is excited about swimming at the Courtyard.  Do you have interest in attending our Sat. evening church service at 7PM?  Or would you prefer the early Sunday service at 8:15AM?  You can tell us when you arrive Saturday.  Love, John

Monday, March 12, 2012

2002 - Email from MV - March 8

A glimpse into the life and times of the Crowson family . . . .

From:   Don and Mary
To: All
Sent: March 08, 2002
Subject: Happy Weekend

Good afternoon and welcome to the weekend!  Hope this finds all of you doing well.  We have had a busier than usual week with revival for four nights, last night at home and local band festival tonight with several of my youth choir members participating.  Looking forward to tomorrow with nothing to do in particular and hopefully the kids will sleep in!

Got the kids Easter outfits this week and Ginny's is particularly cute with matching hat and purse; Christian's is a vest, pants and dress shirt.  I want to make an appt. with a professional photographer who does pictures with live bunny rabbits here in town who come highly recommended!  [Seems like I've seen a picture, but can't find a copy at the moment.]

Ginny has been doing better in school since we've cracked the whip a bit – at her parent teacher conference found out that a couple of her grades had taken a nosedive (seems to have been a correlation with her then newfound boyfriend.  He is history and hopefully the bad grades are too.  We threatened to take away the Kentucky trip over Spring break if she did not get them up and keep them up – that and a weeks grounding seemed to have made the necessary attitude adjustment.

Christian is doing very well and when you see him in July in GA, you will see a MARKED difference in his social skill and speech.  He is still functioning on about a 3 yr. old level, but boys typically run behind in development.  He is registered for the public PreK program for the fall where he currently goes to school and will continue with his speech and occupational therapy.

We got some cute video footage the other night in some cowboy pajamas he had gotten for Christmas from Aunt Linda.  He had also put on his cowboy hat and was strolling around the house playing his guitar.  Yesterday we got him playing his drums and marching through the house.

Not much new with the adults in the house who try to maintain the sanity and question their own sometimes!  We had some cool weather last weekend, but got above 70 yesterday and today is supposed to be near 80!  Tomorrow I think we will be spending some time outside!  The reservations are set for Dahlonega (pronounce dul-LAWN-egg-uh) and I will mail out packets in the next week with info on the area and an activity poll.  We are looking forward to sharing the beautiful mountains of North Georgia with you all – although it is definitely different terrain than Dublin!  If you would like to see the website for the Inn it is and for the tourism bureau in the area it is

Time for a nap before I pick up Ginny from school.  Good weekend to you all!  Love, MVUC

Sunday, March 11, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - March 10

Judges rate MV "outstanding," Lincoln Day Dinner, Coroner, Chicago, meeting Grandma (GHU) in Atlanta, free health care and haircuts at Laurel Oaks are among the topics mentioned.  Transcription follows.
1982 Letter from Mom & Dad p1, March 10

1982 Letter from Mom & Dad p2, March 10
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Wednesday morning -
March 10, 1982
Dearest Family -
I suddenly realized that we hadn't written our letter last weekend nor would be home this weekend so got up a littler earlier than usual to get one started.  We did talk to some of you on the phone on Friday and Saturday - thanks for your calls.  It is hard to know the best time to reach each of you.

I don't think we told you that Mary Virginia got an "outstanding"rating on her tenor solo and a "good" on her alto.  She was told that her tenor was better than any of the boys that had sung that day - I had been wondering how the judges would accept a girl in that category as Eileen Cline had said that some aren't very receptive.  All the others that went from East Clinton also got "outstanding" so they represented East Clinton well.  Mary Virginia didn't do the piano solo as she and her teacher hadn't thought it best.

Last Sunday we went to Miami University as the jazz band participated in a jazz festival there and also a clinic was held.  Dad and I looked over the campus during the clinic.  It is a very pretty place - so different from Ohio State as it is the only thing at Oxford to speak of - a real college town.  Of course we took in the library as well and found Hiestand Hall named for a noted architect of the campus who had gone there years ago.  Don't know how he is related to our Hiestands but it is the fine arts building.  We had asked a student where we might find it and he had never heard of Hiestand Hall.  We didn't know then that it was for fine arts.  It happened to be right beside the auditorium where the bands were playing.

Friday was World Day of Prayer and so I had lunch with Elizabeth Johnson and brought her back for that - she stayed overnight - not having planned to but it worked out well.  She also went to the annual Lions Club Pancake Day lunch and we took her back on our way to the Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday evening.  Clarence J. Brown was the speaker, he is running for governor.  [Better known as "Bud" Brown, 1927- from Blanchester, he was unsuccessful in the bid for governor, though he served as US Rep 1965-1983.]  They had a fund raising reception for him before the dinner which was surprisingly well attended - raising about $3000.  They had the largest crowd ever served at the Elks Club for dinner that evening - over 300 people.  They said we were eating Cordon Bleu but didn't look like it as I remember what we had with the Morgans.  It was chopped chicken and ham with a biscuit topping over rice - not bad but looked more like a stretchable meal to me.  The last people served got ham so evidently that ran out of the other.  I sat beside the coroner who is also a pediatrician and his wife is a learning disabilities teacher.  He seemed to be down of LD teaching, Dr. Spock and Linden Smith, and also thinks that EVERYONE should pay into social security.  The man across from us has been taken for Richard Nixon as he does look very much like him but the coroner didn't guess the resemblance til told.  The latter said he enjoyed his work as coroner but he had to cover over to New Vienna recently for a terrible wreck in which the sailers [?] were killed - gruesome details.

We are still planning to go to Chicago this weekend meeting John and X in Dayton if they don't come down the night before - hope all goes well with Piper [dog] as they plan to leave him with a friend but are giving the telephone numbers of the Chicago apartments.

Dad is planning to go to Atlanta the last Monday of the month and will be meeting Grandma there and they'll come home together which sounds like it would work out well.  We were disappointed that going to Cris' this year didn't work out but perhaps for the best and maybe next year something can be planned before Easter.  Marianne and Larry and family are going there again and meet the Hortons there.  That is at Easter - not the weekend before as we had talked about going.

[Switch from Mom to Dad writing at this point.]
A week ago today we went to Columbus for the quarterly meeting of the County Commissioners meeting.  They had a tour of their correctional building and German Village. We divided up there.  For supper we had a real German meal, these BIG sausages, kraut, German potato salad and the largest cream puffs one could imagine (they gave everyone a doggy bag) so the girls also enjoyed them the next day.  Your mother also got a visit to the Ohio Readers Circle Book store, which is near OSU.

Monday was a full day at the Commissioners as we toured the Head Start program in Reesville in the morning, had a zoning meeting, then lunch in Blanchester and a visit to some of the weatherization projects.  Our State Rep. and State Senator were also with us, they are such different personalities and Cooper Snyder [Ohio Senator 1979-96] is always asking people there names and then telling them HIS name, etc. etc.  We wonder what office he has aspiration of running for.  One bit of humor at the Monday meeting one of the visitors told me that come next January he would be sitting in that other chair as one of the County Commissioners.  I hope not for that job would be a "drag" with just one uncooperative person.  Two of us are up for election this year.  (The man mentioned is running for D.M. Fife's term - not Dad's.)

Mie Young is taking the day off school today to visit Wilmington College with Melanie McCune - admission's office plus classes there.  Melanie has a scholarship to Miami and had planned to major in Spanish there to eventually teach but now things she may get too homesick so is considering Wilmington even though her parents have promised her she can come home every weekend from Oxford.

Jody Rankin is still in the hospital in Texas and may be operated on this week.  Joanne went down with her parents and they baby.  She has been down there about three weeks now - her parents came home earlier I think.  Kelly is here with is brother - the one that hadn't gone to Texas.

The Wall Street Journal reviewed a new book NEW YORK TIMES SELECTIVE GUIDE TO COLLEGES.  They have selected 265 of the 2000 as the best and most interesting four years schools.  They were given up to five stars each for the three fields - academics, Social life and quality of life.  No one got 15, but Brown, Stanford and Virginia all got 14.  Arizona State is termed "a collegiate fantasy land that may well have the best institutional food in the country" rating 5 stars in quality of life.  It would be interesting to see the whole book.  Some colleges were upset with the ratings thinking they had gotten a bad rap compared to their competition.

Have you been hearing about the Health Works fairs being held all over the country the end of March - first week of April - very reasonable chance to have a check up - it is completely free at Clinton Memorial and the dates are April 2 and 3rd.  Hope you all are taking advantage if they are in your area.

This letter has gotten far longer than planned and still haven't said that much - do hope the Morgans enjoy their new water bed and get the amount of water adjusted to suit them.  Lt us know how it is for making yogurt if you ever try it, Catherine.

Interested to hear how the men work out at Senior Village, Roberta, and glad to hear that the TV program created so much interest.  I know it will be awhile before they actually move in but April isn't that far away either.

Grandma and Aunt Mary have really been on the go in Florida.  Mrs. Thornburg and some of the senior citizen women have been going to the beauty shop at Laurel Oaks and thee is not charge for shampoo and set.  Joanne Gruber said they would like to have all kinds of hair do to so maybe you [GHU?] would like to try it some time this spring.  Mrs. Thornburg had the UMW meeting last night and Marie Cooper talked and showed pictures about her trip to Taiwan with Tom and his family.  They went the last of January for about 3 weeks.  Glad that she could go - too bad John never got there.  [John Cooper 1912-1980, Marie 1914-2004]  We hope to have church pews cleaned and even get cushions.  [Last sentence is difficult to decipher as written on side.]

With much love, [Mom & Dad]

Friday, March 09, 2012

Mary Uible Horton: The Early Years - Part 3

Part 3 of Mary's reflections on her early years with a few pictures.  See also Part 1 and Part 2.  See other pictures of Uibles prior to 1950 here.

Mary Uible Horton August 8, 1913 - March 2, 2012

Written by the Hortons for Aunt Mary's 90th Birthday [with notes added by Catherine].  Transcription follows.
Mary Uible Horton - Reflections p.3

A new beginning . . .
I graduated from [New Vienna] High School in 1931.  Back in the early thirties, I went away to college that fall (1931) for Nashville.  I remember going to Cincinnati with the family to the train station and I remember my big trunk (and so does Harold).

An early special trip for the future "world traveler" . . .
I the fall of 1944, Harold and I drove from Ohio to Ft. Lewis, Washington in Bill's 1936 Chevy.  From there Harold thumbed to Stanford University for his second year of College.  Our first night out was Madison, Wisconsin.  The only other stop that comes to mind was Yellowstone National Park, which was pretty well shut down because of the war and the limited rest rooms were unisex.  The only trouble we had with the car was the bumper coming loose on one side which we fixed with wire.

Well that explains it!  If you ever wondered "why," possibly this will provide some insight.  But as they say, the rest is history... one that many of us have enjoyed sharing.  Maybe Mom's offered us a lesson to be learned.  As Harold wrote, "Seventy years later I wish that I had written more things down, for the years work away on the accuracy of the memory."  Maybe we should take heed and start jotting down our own special memories, so when and if we reach such a milestone as 90 or 80 or even 70 years of age, we won't have to strain our brain to reflect and recollect.

[Birthday greetings included here.]  Thanks for sharing your life!

To touch the cup with eager lips and taste, not drain it;
To woo and tempt and court a bliss – and not attain it;
To fondle and caress a joy, yet hold it lightly,
Less it become necessity and cling too tightly;
To watch the sun set in the west without regretting;
To hail its advent in the east – the night forgetting;
To smother care in happiness and grief in laughter;
To hold the present close – not questioning the hereafter;
To have enough to share – to know the joy of giving;
To thrill with all the sweets of life – is living.

A few pictures from through the years:
Mary Uible Horton and Harold Hiestand Uible 1926
Mary Uible Horton by New Vienna House c1932
Mary Uible Horton on right with 1940 Packard.  Note personalized license plate (CU=Cecil Uible)
Family Group in Florida - March 1946.  Mary Uible Horton on far left, Gladys Uible Horton with her arms crossed, CJ Uible slightly behind to the right
Bill Horton, Gladys Uible, Mary Uible Horton, Cecil J. Uible, Joe Uible Horton - Christmas in Florida 1965
Mary Uible Horton and Gladys Uible Horton on a trip c1985

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mary Uible Horton: The Early Years - Part 2

Part 2 of Mary's reflections on her early years. See Part 1 here.

Mary Uible Horton August 8, 1913 - March 2, 2012

Written by the Hortons for Aunt Mary's 90th Birthday [with notes added by Catherine].  Transcription follows.
Mary Uible Horton - Reflections p.2
School daze . . .
I went to school with the lower grades on the first floor.  Older students were upstairs.  I was a good student but I always wanted to talk to someone (an only child syndrome)!  I got my seat changed a lot!! I remember (questionable) my first day of school ... a big bow in my hair, pretty dress and holding a bouquet for the teacher.  Also that year, I had pneumonia and they tell me the country Doc saved me.

Back to where I began and my athletic endeavors . . .
Then we moved back to Hillsboro, Ohio.  My Grandma Hiestand [Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand 1853-1929] had built a Bungalow across the street from the original home.  We lived there until we moved to New Vienna.  It was a fun time!  The house next to ours had two or three girls and a boy and we were always doing something ... playing baseball and other kid games.  I had my bicycle and roller skates.  In winter, we walked to a field and took our sleds.  I was the fastest!  My friend's house was brick and the side wall facing our house had no windows ... so I used my tennis racket ... good practice!  Their Dad owned the Harsha Monument's Building.  I have no idea what happened to the kids.

I fell down on my roller skates and hurt my wrist.  Riding on my bike, I turned a corner on loose gravel and [I have had] a scar from that for years.  One night there was a big fire at the stables ... you could see it from our upstairs window.  Awful!

Harold happens . . .
Most important happening was my Mother being pregnant and my brother was born, October 27, 1925.  I was so proud to have a brother and getting to get up in class and tell about him.  Little did I realize that we wouldn't have much in common until he got out of College!  [A special memory was] when a date came to the house, Harold was to be on good behavior ... quiet and out of sight.  I was never too tired to go dancing and needed to do piano practicing [as Harold recalls] when there were dishes to do!!

A prodigy?... no, just curious . . .
I liked school.  I started taking piano lessons when I was eight years old.  I went to the public library to get books.  I loved to read.  I got a reward in history in eighth grade.  I loved Geography and had a wonderful teacher.  I had made a lot of friends through the Church in Hillsboro.  One family, The Riber family, Margaret Ellen and I were the same age.  They had a tennis courts.  So we went over often after we moved to New Vienna.

Uprooted again . . .
Then the "blow" came.  Dad had bought a house.  A retired Wilmington College Professor had lived there.  [Frank Terrell]  I was really unhappy to leave Hillsboro and my friends.  School was quite small ... about 22 in the freshman class [19 graduated in the Class of 1931] There were only four or five of us taking prep courses for College.  Most of the students came from farms.  Most of the kids were engaged by the time they were Juniors or Seniors.  I enjoyed the basketball games and we made County play offs.  That was fun.  Then, I made friends at the Methodist Church.  We had a small orchestra.  I played cello.  (I love to play the piano, but I would always get nervous every time I had to play in front of other people.)  Also, my best friend, Joe, played violin.  Joe's Mother (Mrs. Helen Morton 1887-1969) was our leader at Piano and we practiced at her house.  Dr. [Lyle] Morton [1884-1947] was a dentist.  He didn't like to hurt you!

There goes my Safe Driving Award . . .
I had learned to drive our Ford in a courtyard on somebody's farm when I was twelve.  One incident (later when we lived in Hillsboro), Mother sent me uptown to the Bank and guess what???  When I parked or backed out (I forget), I scraped somebody's fender and never told my parents.  Of course, someone got my license number.  I don't remember if they too my privileges away.  I sure miss my car not but it's more practical to quit when you're my age.  The traffic here [Florida] is so bad ... always building more roads, lots of accidents on I-95 here.  Scary!  No courteous drivers.

To be continued . . .

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mary Uible Horton: The Early Years - Part 1

Mary Uible Horton August 8, 1913 - March 2, 2012

Written by the Hortons for Aunt Mary's 90th Birthday [with notes added by Catherine].  Transcription follows.

A Mary Life . . .  Reflections and Special Recollections

All of us pretty much know what Mom has been up to the last few decades, but what about "Mary – the Early Years"?  Well we went to the source and asked Mom to reflect back over four score and ten years ago and share some of her special recollections.  So, with a little help from other family members and in her own words, here goes some things you many not have been aware of, may be worthwhile remembering yourself or may just be some tidbits that you'll get a kick out of.

In the Beginning . . .
I was born at my Grandmother's home in Hillsboro, Ohio.  I was a "Preemie."  We didn't have a special hospital.  I weighed less than five pounds.  They fed me Eagle Brand Milk (no wonder my teeth were so bad).  When I went riding in the carriage, Mother was sure to put a bonnet on my head because I had a head shaped like an "egg"; but Mother admitted I had a cute face!

My Dad built and owned a grocery store in a "hick town" called Westboro, Ohio.  He went to work on the local train.  We lived in the "big house" with my Grandmother.  Grandpa died before Mother was married. [Actually he died on 27-July-1912, about six weeks after the wedding.]  We had indoor plumbing!  Spoiled!!  The family lived on a large estate at the top of the hill.  The big excitement was running to the window to see the electric car [also called an interurban, traction or electric railroad, which ran from Hillsboro to Cincinnati from 1906-1920, GHU wrote a postcard about riding this, see September 2, 1910 Grandma Takes Traction.]  Imagine seeing the first car going down the hill!

I'm sure Dad got tired of taking the train back and forth, so they decided to move to Westboro.  Dad had a wagon and a team of horses to haul our bit of "this and that" . . . . to keep house.  We drove the back roads through the farm country.  We caused quite a commotion . . . .  They thought we were gypsies!  I didn't understand???

I take a bite outa life . . .
Our house was in what they called a row house . . . houses "knit" together and we lived in one next to the store.  No "niceties" here.  I'd say we "roughed" it . . . outdoor toilet and the like!!  We learned to adjust to the new life style.  I wasn't allowed to go in the  store by myself.  WE had a young couple who were clerks and they kind of watched me.  I saw men come in and buy tobacco to chew.  One day, I sneaked in the store to grab a piece of tobacco.  Boyeee, it tasted terrible!  Couldn't believe men chewed this stuff.

My special playmate . . .
Most of the families lived on farms.  Not too many lived in towns.  No kids!  Just Walter Nichols [1913-2007, he became Clinton County Superintendent of Schools] whose Father lived up the street from us.  His father was a blacksmith (shoed horses).  Walter would run down to my place and we would play on the swing.  His Mother was afraid he'd hurt me.  Walter always had a knife or some "weapon."  She would come down and take him home.  I kept in touch with Walter, off and on, over the years.  He ended up as Superintendent of the local school in that area (years later consolidated).

What to do when there's no TV . . .
For entertainment we took horse and buggy rides on Sunday.  We always went to the Methodist Church.  Our front door had a big window facing public buildings and they would show movies and I could see movies, such as they were!  Dad and I liked musicals (that was years later when we moved back to Hillsboro).  He would bribe me to eat my spinach and then he would take me to the movies.  In summer, we had those large metal tubs to play in the water.  Indoors, the metal tubs served as our bathtub.  We took baths in the kitchen.  Also I remember making rooms (playing house) out of the fallen leaves in Autumn.  What a far cry that is from today!

To be continued . . .

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

1982 Jean Uible: Leader

We know Jean was super-active in the New Vienna Methodist Church after having been raised as a Presbyterian in New Cumberland. I didn't realize until recently that she was also the NVUMC historian, and in the family files we have much of that history. Here are some of the things in which she was involved in 1982.

Jean Uible - Leader - March 1982
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This person enjoys going shopping.

She was the youngest in her family and was the only child with dark hair, so she thought she was the black sheep.

Her favorite food is chocolate; but she dislikes Brussels Sprouts.

She is not too crazy about sports but enjoys square dancing and bicycling.

She was born in Pennsylvania but attended Gravel Hill Academy* and Highland Hall in West Virginia.

She and her husband enjoy travelling, especially when they go to see their granddaughter.  She has five children, all at least 18 years of age, and has spent over half of her life raising them.  She now has two high school seniors living in her home, one of whom had a birthday last Sunday.

She enjoys working with young children and teaches a Sunday School class of Jr. Highs in our church.

Whenever anyone wants to know something, she knows where to look it up.  She has been a part time librarian for over 20 years, and still is.

She is active in her church and has been a member for 33 years.  She now serves as Church Historian.

Her favorite hobby is reading and she enjoys visiting libraries on her many trips.

She and her husband have served as advisers of the Youth Fellowships.

She has been in charge of the East Clinton Prayer Breakfasts for two or more years, and needs help.

She is very hospitable and she and her husband have opened their home to visiting clergy and others many times.

She has served as chair person of the Women's Organizations of the church, as well as holding other offices.

She is Key Woman from our church in Church Women United and contributed to the program in the World Day of Prayer Friday at Lees Creek.

Jean Uible, you are a true leader in our church and in the community.  In appreciation of your continuing leadership, we honor you today.

New Vienna United Methodist Sunday School

* Gravel Hill Academy
 Gravel Hill Academy Marker Photo, Click for full size
* This is the first mention I've seen about Gravel Hill Academy.  According to the Historical Marker Database, the Academy was located in New Cumberland, West Virginia.

Transcription of Historical Marker:
Located beside courthouse, original building of four rooms built in 1869, opened in 1870 with town hall on 2nd floor.  In 1888 two wings were added.  By 20 Jan 1939, when destroyed by fire, had 14 rooms with 500 students.  Rebuilt on same site, it served as school until 1963 graduation.  First formal graduation held in 1893.  Now houses city government, community history displays and other businesses.

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1990 - Excursion Train from Midland to Greenfield

In memory of Aunt Mary, Uncle Bill and Mom, here are some pictures I recently got from Marianne.
HH, Jean, Mary & Bill - Excursion Train Midland to/from Greenfield - July 27, 1990

According to HH's Diary:

Friday, July 27, 1990 -  We, Mary, and Bill left Midland at 6:30pm on the train ride to Greenfield, cruising speed was about 25 mph.  There were 2 tables (six of us) in the observations car, also a club car, an observation car,  a coach and a diner.  Cost was $40 each.  Had an appetizer of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, also cheese and crackers, entree of chicken and green beans or beef on rice, strawberries over cake to wind up.  The meal was finished when we reached Greenfield.  Also had mushrooms, meatballs and all kinds of cookies.  Back in Midland at 9pm. 

More pictures from the trip:
Excursion Train from Midland to/from Greenfield  27-July-1990
Wells Mfg. along Railroad Ave., New Vienna as seen from Excursion Train Midland to Greenfield 27-July-1990

Wells Mfg., New Vienna as seen from Excursion Train Midland to Greenfield 27-July-1990
New Vienna School rear view from Excursion Train 27-July-1990

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2002 Letter from John - March 2

John writes a letter to his parents in early March 2002. Transcription follows.
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March 2, 2002
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for the contribution to Kate's College Advantage Fund.  We just received the statement showing your check.  You were most generous.

We have tickets for you to attend Kate's Dance Alive on Saturday March 16 at 2:00 PM.  Enclosed is a flyer to tell you more about it.  Would you come to spend the night before or Sat. night?  The new Courtyard by Marriott is open for business.  $99/night during the week and $79/night on the weekend.

I met your friend, Vicki Baker, at a 50+ Lifestyle Fair last Saturday.  She went on about how nice yo two are.  They might like to see you when you come up mid-March.

We are planning to go visit Cris Horton family the weekend of April 5-7th in Auburn IN.  Hopefully Jerry and Betty can go as well to see Cris's business.  Cris tells me business has picked up in the past few weeks.

3/4/02 Monday AM
Dad, I checked and we did not receive your email over the weekend.  We're anxious to see you on Sat. March 16th about noon at our house, unless yo decide to come up Friday evening.  Andrew and I and possibly Kate would love to swim with you at the Courtyard before Dance Alive if that works out.

Mary V tells me they are considering staying the full time in Maui (until Wed. Dec. 4) since the cost is about the same.

See you next week!

Love, John

[written on back side]
P.S. You might want to (or have us) buy a flower like one rose to present to Kate after her dance performance Sat. afternoon.  I think Betty & Jerry will do that.  Just a thought.
P.S.S. Thanks for the wedding clipping of Bakers and Beers.

Items from Uible photo album