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1963 Jean's letter to Catherine - July 31

Appreciate all those letters through the years but especially those which came while we were away from home. Transcription follows.

[postmarked 31 July 1963]

Dearest Catherine,

Kim and Song arrived about 11:30 yesterday morning.  Daddy, Roberta, Serena & John picked them up at the Wilmington bus station.

After lunch they rode out to Hauses & spent most of the afternoon.  We went out to Shaffer's & Kim, Roberta & Serena swam but it was getting so cool - the rest of us just waited on the beach.  We had taken peppers stuffed with corned beef hash (really stayed hot in the Penguin cooler-heater). + other things.  Shaffer's had company but came out just as we had finished eating.  Cheryl plans to go with them to Mammoth Cave.

Debra Brumley signed the treasurer's report & tried to reach Shirley Bernard 3 times but no answer.

I talked to her later & she said each club would get about $7.15 so we used that amount and mailed your book in this morning to the Agricultural Extension office.  So at least you made some profit this year.

Shirley & Linda stopped later with your fair ticket.  They said Lydia Messimer was in town for short time and had ridden in to see her at Shela's.  Someone called you – perhaps Shela & she said she had forgotten you were at camp.

We miss you & sorry you are missing Kim & Song but perhaps they'll still be here.

Love and xxxxx, Daddy & Mother

[written on left margin] Planning on picnic with the Hauses tomorrow evening.

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1993 Harner postcard - July 26

Orville & Josephine Harner win this month's prize for cramming words on to a postcard. At least the USPS was still able to find the correct delivery address despite the missing post office box number. Transcription follows.

1931 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: World Famous Pioneer Auto Museum and Antique Town.  Interstate 90, Murdo, South Dakota.  The 1931 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster on display in the classic building was a National prize winner at the Auburn-Cord-Dusenberg Meet.  Powered by a Lycoming 8 cylinder engine, this Auburn was recognized as the sleekest car in the company's history.
1993 Harner postcard - July 26
[Note written at top about car museum:]  great display - over 300 autos plus farm machinery, rocks, by gone town, motorcycles & more.
July 26, 93

Dear Harold & Jean,

Trust you had a great Elderhostel in Oregon.  Right now we are on 84, Oregon trail part sage brush mts.  We stayed in Pendelton, Oregon last night.  We have had great visits with six different families in their homes.  Our trip has taken us through the floods, crop land, tree mts., Barren Mts., Badlands, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Little Big Horn, cattle &  hay country, B.C. with beautiful flowers, coast, Queen's garden, Buchard Gardens (super), treen lined canyons, Yakima Valley with hundred of orchards and vineyards and thousands of acres of wheat.  We are on way to Yellowstone.  God bless you.  Orville & Josephine Harner & Sam Hadley

1983 Family Letter - July 31

Sunday -
July 31, 1983

Dearest Family --

This seems like the first letter we have written to ALL of you for a long time.  We really appreciated hearing from you that wrote while we were gone and the calls when we got back.  We had a really wonderful trip and thoroughly enjoyed the Elderhosteling, the Scandinavian countries and getting back home as well.  Serena came home the same weekend to attend ther [sic] 10th  anniversary of her graduation from East Clinton.  (They had a big party at Buckeye Lodge followed by an early morning breakfast (Sunday) so we saw her Sunday afternoon & she took off for Chicago Sunday evening.  On way here she had two more flat tires so left the Dodge Dart to have the alignment checked as we had just gotten the Dart retired (2 new - 2 almost new when she was home in June.)  Th_ought the tires might have been stolen & replaces with old one but Bartleys say no.  Anyway she got back to Chicago safely and is waiting now to hear if John Marshall Law School will have a place for her next year in Jan. so we are rooting for that.

Mary Virginia and Mie Young got along fine while we were gone - even xxx found time in their busy schedules to each paint their own rooms which badly needed it.  Mie Young has been busy this past week getting In Young ready to go back to Korea.  Her visa ran out & she wasn't able to renew it as she is not a college student.  Her parents hope to work things out to come to this country to live soon - perhaps this fall so she left many of her things at Hannah's.

Mary Virginia has been busy helping a lady in Wilmington go through things so that she can move into Quaker Center.  She helped her every day this past week plus did yard work on several Saturdays for another lady plus working a good many hours at Wilmington Health Care (formerly Extended Care).  With those going on vacation she is working full time now.

The clerk of the Board of Commissioners was married last night at the Wilmington Baptist Church so we attended our first wedding in that church.  The reception was held at Snow Hill Country Club afterwards & they really had a full house.  It has been super hot so we didn't stary for the whole evening - MV said the honeymooner's car + others were still there when she came home from work last night.  It was a lovely occasion & better refreshments than usual for Snow Hill - Lots of h'ordoevres, [sic] etc.

Our attendance at Sunday School and church have really been down as at many churches but today we had a baptism - Charlie & Joanie Collier's 9 month old little boy with many relatives attending.  Carolyn C asked especially to be remembered to you, Catherine and hopes to see you sometime when you are home.

The Hortons (Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill) arrived last Sunday evening at G'ma's having visited with the Kintners and left to spend the weekend with Cris and Angela before returning home - gone since June 23rd.  It was good to see them for afraid they would have returned before we got back.  They enjoyed their bus trip + boats trips with group they met in Harrisburg and went to Nova Scotia via the Bay of Fundyl.  They also had a congenieal group similar to Elderhostel but were affiliated with Days Inn's September _____?______.

We all went ona [sic] picnic at Lake Cowan on Wednesday evening and then to Wilmington College to see a preview of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was very well done.  On the picnic we found a grill that someone had left with great charcoal for our meat.  Hamburger has been on sale here for 99¢ a # this past week.

Mie Young has bought a '81 Ford Pinto and is getting along great with her summer job at Wilmington College.  The Bengal practice is in full swing here.

[Love, etc.]
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1993 MV's Postcard - July

MV travels to Minnesota for a musical camp [?] and sends this undated postcard from her trip.  Transcription follows.
Wisconsin Dells postcard mailed 1993(?).  Captioned: Dells Duck Tours, P.O. Box 11, Wisonsin Dells, WI 53965.  Open May thru October 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Dells Duck cruising the beautiful Wisconsin River delighting thousands of passengers yearly.



1993 Taft Museum postcard

Ann [Bailey] sent this postcard to Jean in early July 1993.  Transcription follows.
Taft Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: The Taft Museum, 316 Pike Street.  Built in 1820 this stately mansion was bestowed to the city by Charles Phelps Taft, half brother to President William Howard Taft, and his wife Anne.  The Museum's exhibit rooms contain a beautiful collection of Chinese porcelains, French enamels, and many paintings by such artists as Goya, Rembrandt, Duncanson, Van Dyke and many others.  It was upon the steps of the graceful pillard portico that William Howard Taft was first notified of his nomination for the Presidency in 1908.  Photo: James Blank.
1993 Taft museum postcard to Jean - July 6

[postmarked 6 Jul 1993]

Are you available on July 22 - 9:00 A.M.?  We are putting the booklet together for the Minister's wives at the District Office in Wilm. & we hope you could help us.  I'll call you on July 21.  Love, Ann

1993 Ohio Northern - July 16

School of Missions at Ohio Northern was on the agenda for July during most of the 1990s.  The postcard below was sent to Wendy.  Transcription follows.
Ohio Northern University postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio 45810.  Entrance to McIntosh Center including Fountain, Canopy and Portico.  Photo by Dr. Eric V. Nelson.
1993 Jean's postcard to Wendy - July 16
July 16, '93

Dearest Wendy –
We're enjoying the School of Christian Mission (our 4th).  Your Mother should remember this Main bldg except there are no thru streets anymore all over campus.  I looked for an overall view & they didn't have any.  Hope you are feeling much better.

Much love, G'dad & G'ma U.

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1963 Catherine's Half Birthday - July 29

Of all the days
May Your [½] Birthday be
The happiest day of all,
And may the year that follows
Be happiest to recall!

Love and XXXXX  Mother and Daddy, Roberta, Serena and John

Summer of 1963, following the New England trip, Catherine attended [pre] 9th Grade Camp at the Methodist Camp Ground in Sabina.  This former camp ground, is now a housing development, and as I recall hearing had previously been a race track.  [I'm still trying to find out where the race track was in New Vienna as there are references to such a place.]  Transcription follows.
Half-Birthday Card sent to Catherine in 1963
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Hope you have a nice week and especially enjoy your 14½ birthday for you have given us that many years of pleasure and happiness.

Your cabinmates seemed real nice and I know you will have alot to tell us when you get home.

Will contact the Hughes'es to make sure you have a way. Remember your vegetables.

Your parents

1972 Roberta's letter - July 29

Roberta continues her summer Europe tour. Transcription follows.

July 29, 1972

Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got about a half hour before we leave on the 2nd half of our sight-seeing so thought I would at least get this started.

The "other half" of sight-seeing was last yesterday morning.  We didn't get out of the bus too often tho because it was really raining hard!  Yesterday we saw St. Stevens Cathedral, Hofburg Palace and the University of Vienna.  I really like Vienna - but right now the city is really a Big Mess because they are building a subway system.

St. Stevens was really pretty – especially inside – was built in something like 1147.  We also visited a petit needle point factory - I couldn't believe it - something like 2000 stitches in a square inch!  The purses were so beautiful there – ranging anywhere in price from $50.00-$250.00 !!  They said the women could only work about 2 hours a day or there eyesight would go terrible.  I guess I wouldn't mind those working hours !!

Hi - (again) just got back from the Strauss Waltz Concert – it was really nice - really a fancy place.  We made the mistake of ordering cokes – without asking the price - well - they cost almost $1.50 in American money.  I thought I was going to die when the waiter told us – we made those cokes last a LONG time !!  It was really something just to sit back and listen to the music, and think where we are, etc.

This afternoon we went to the Spanish Riding School – we got to see the horses & also the hall where they show the horses - but no special program because the horses are on "vacation" for the summer.

We also went to Schonbrunn – really beautiful.  Reminded me alot of Versailles - but the room in it were furnished more.  The gardens were really pretty too !  A nice summer palace !!

They (our tour guide & other I.S.E. people) have got us all scared about going into Czechoslovakia tomorrow.  Like they will probably search us, our suitcases, etc. etc.  Also they told us that men will be standing there with machine guns, etc.  OH!  My picture for my visa were NOT accepted so I had to go to the railroad station today to get others.  But the RR station isn't far from where we are staying and the pictures were pretty cheap.  Quite a few of us had to get other pictures.  As usual I've got to repack - I'll sure be glad to get home - I'm getting tired of living out of a suitcase !  Of course what-ever you need is always at the bottom of the suitcase !!

I hope John you are feeling much better !!  I'll see you in less than two weeks!  Whoop-dee-doo !!  (Spelling?)  I hope everyone is fine !!

I'm not going to change any money over in Czech so no mail for the next couple of days.  The Communists aren't going to get any of my money !!!  Love to all, Bert
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1973 Catherine's letter - July 27

Catherine and X are in the process of moving from their country apartment to a rental house in Sanford, Maine. Transcription follows.

Friday morning,July 27, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary, 

Hi!  It was a surprise to get your letter from Florida.  Hope John is all better by now.

We are in the process of moving so things are rather hectic.  We've got about half of our stuff here and half at the other place.  We have to be out of this apartment by August 1 so we still have a few days to haul the rest of our stuff into town.  Most of what we have left is furniture.  I hope that we can be more or less settled by the time you come.

Speaking of you coming, are you flying to Boston or Portland?  Please send the details so we can be there to meet you.  I am still unclear as to whether you want me to get a wheelchair for Grandma or will she be bringing hers?

There is an opening for the a librarian at the High School in Biddeford which the librarian at then high school here suggested that I apply for, however I decided i D didn't really want the job.  The hours would be far different from X's plus it would be a 15-20 mile drive from Sanford.

Friday afternoon

As I mentioned before about things being hectic here, X found out today his budget for next year is due on the 15th, he's scheduled to speak at the Kiwanis on the 8th, and he has some major policies to make before the next board meeting on the 9th.  There is the one advantage of both of us working there that I can keep the everyday things going while he works on the more major stuff.  It's getting harder to keep the everyday things running smoothly as one of the staff is out with ulcer problems (she has been out since July 1 and won't be back until September at the earliest), another of the staff, (the children's librarian) has strep throat and has been sick all week, plus the lady who is in charge of adult circulation is going on vacation.  Just hope that nobody else gets sick.

Saturday afternoon

Well, I think maybe we'll move the typewriter now so I better finish.  The chair that was here is already gone.  Write soon and give us the details of your plans.

Love, Catherine and X
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1973 Roberta's letter - July 27

Because of Roberta's note about saving 8¢ we can assume this was mailed along with MUH's letter to Grandma. Transcription follows.

in order to save 8¢

July 27, 1973

Dear Family, 

Hi!  Received your post-card today Dad saying that you all made the trip back to Ohio--Thanks.  I know you all have been busy since your return.  John with the paper-route and Mary Virginia with the Dodds, etc.  Aunt Mary misses her card parterners [sic] . . . . . . or whatever . . . . . you know she doesn't have one in me.

I've been busy today and yesterday working on my paper due this coming Tuesday.  These college courses just aren't what they are cracked up to be.  I got information yesterday about pre-registering at Florida Atlantic U. for this fall quarter.  I'm scheduled to meet with my advisor this next Friday the 3rd of August.  I've been looking at the list of classes but have not--as of yet--reached any final decision.  I think I would like to take about twelve hours and then I could easily work about twenty-five hours or so a week.  Time will tell.

I did get my hair cut today.  What a relief.  It feels so much better. (and looks better too)  It's just the usual--short

Uncle Bill is listening to the Watergate hearings.  Sometimes it's kind of funny, but other than that it bores me.

Oh, John I thought of you today.  Aunt Mary fixed some blueberry muffins.  And I couldn't even eat one for you.  I had some good liver for supper, also green beans and squash.  It was good--Mary Virginia--I know you are sorry you had to miss it this week.

Mother, I did buy a purse at Burdine's on Wednesday.  It's exactly like the one we were looking at down at the Pompano shopping mall, if you remember.  I got nine dollars off the price which did help some.  It's a good purse, it will last me a long time.  (it better)

Let us know what you all want sent, if anything of the stuff you all left here.  Unless you are all in a bug hurry for the stuff I can bring it in September.

This morning I went shopping with a girl from work.  But we went out to the mall.  I didn't buy anything . . . except some cherry extract at the Hickory Farms of Ohio store.  They have the best extracts there, except now I almost have as many kinds s they do!!!!  After shopping we went to guess where . . . . . Red Lobster to eat.  I had some broiled Trout.  It was good.  I had never had any of that before.  They have changed their luncheion [sic] specials and that's one of the new ones.  I am slowly becoming an expert on seafood.

I've got the first part of my paper all done , , , . typed, you name it.   but I've still got the summary to write up yet.  I guess you'd say at the present I'm at a standstill.  Tomorrow I only work a short day so I'll be able to get alot done on it.  (note that positive thinking . . . . . ho, hum!!!)

Mary V. Aunt Mary has some tree packages of lima beans in the freezer that were for you.  It's too bad we can't send them to you through the mail.

Well, I better be going to bed.  I'm not allowed to eat anything else today, so I figure I better just go to bed.  It's late anyway---almost eleven o'clock.

Hello to Grandma . . . . we always enjoy your letters.  After I get this silly paper done I'll be able to write more than at the present time.

Love, Bert
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1972 Roberta's letter - July 27

Roberta writes a letter from (old) Vienna to John, who is in the hospital with typhoid fever which he contracted during a trip to Mexico. Not sure if there was a prohibition of using the word "Van" but "you-know-what" seems to be the term used instead.  Transcription follows.

July 27, 1973

Hello John - 

Got Mom's letter today about you being in the hospital – I really feel bad that I'm not there in your "time of need" but know Mom was there, and I can just see her playing "Nancy the Nurse"! I hope by now you are at home - well on the road to recovery!!

Good Sam. Hospital is where Cheryl Rogers - my girl-friend works - did you be chance get to see her?  How were all those Nuns?

I sure thought about you tonight as we went to the really big amusement park in Vienna.  I got really brave - I rode the Biggest roller -coaster.  It went 70 m.p.h.  Wow - was it scary!  I sure wished that you & Nicky could have been there!!  I also went on the Ferris Wheel.  It was SO BIG!  The sears are actual railroad cars!  It took 15 minutes to make a complete round!  And the view was really something!

When I get home we will have to fill the "you-know-what" full of people and go to King's Island again!  Mom - want to go again?

In Vienna we really aren't staying in a hotel - it is like a college dorm - and sure looks like one.  Some priest of the Catholic Church runs the place.  We are on the 7th floor - you wouldn't believe the elevator!  Holds 2 people - so after standing in line awhile you decide that the stairs really aren't that BAD!

Mom - I'll have to try some Hot Chocolate w/whipped cream.  It really sounds good - as it has been pretty cold!   I'm glad I brought my sweater!

Thanks for sending Joe & Peggy [Fawley?] an iron!  I know they will appreciate it!

John - I've seen alot of stamp stores over here.  Would have bought you some but of course don't know anything about the "things" myself.

Well, I hope you are feeling much better – Be deciding where you want to go in the 'you-know-what" when I get home!

I heard from Dad today – also Aunt Mary and Janice Carroll (and Mom).  I wrote Serena this morning - so really has been a "family day!"

Hello to All!

I'll write again –

Lots of Love, Bert
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1973 MUH letter - July 26

Aunt Mary writes a letter to Grandma and provides a peek into the past for us readers of today.  Many compliments to Roberta and MV, and references to HH's energy level included.  Transcription follows.

THURSDAY - 5:45 PM [7/26/73]

Dear Mother:

Bill goes to Lion dinner tonight, so there is only Rob and me to cook for and as we had a good lunch we're going easy this evening with ham and eggs.  Roberta has tucked in her WEIGHT WATCHER'S DINNER and she is all set for a meal . . . . . she has lost 31 lbs and has set her goal for 20 more pound loss (Going to size her up as to LOOKS . . . . she now wears a FILLED-In 14 . . . or so she says . . . . . . I think she looks great . . . . she's used only to the 'maternity-look' . . . . more or less my 60-ish style . . . . ha).  [Aunt Mary is about two weeks shy of her 60th birthday at the time of this writing.]

A new LHJ [Ladies Home Journal] came today which I'm dying to read but have got to only2 or 3 articles . . . . . . LAZY DAYS and I don't start early enough in the morning to do all I want to do . . . . ha!  But I'm getting a good rest!

Really enjoyed the UIBLES.  That Harold has unlimited energy and Jean isn't far behind!  They enjoyed their trip to Peru.  Would like to see their pictures.  I would never have made the 3 mile hike (buses on strike) up to Machupicchu, Incas ruins in the mts.  Saw some of their postcards on this.  Beautiful!  You'll have to get them to tell you about all their experiences.  While they were here they went to the beach, did a lot of bike riding, toured Flagler and went thru the Boca Hotel grounds, and Sunday night we all went to Auditorium to a 'pop' concert with the Miami Philharmonic and DISNEY WORLD CHARACTERS . . . . tracing Disney's 50 yrs. in song . . . .VERY ENJOYABLE   We paid $2.00 for seats and at intermission moved down tot he $4.00 ones.  The tables, seating 8 on the ground floor (with red table cloths), were $5.00.  Outside of being close to the animals when they paraded around the tables I would rather be up higher.  FUN!

I enjoyed MV a lot too.  She is a doll and so smart.   We played all kinds of games . . . . . Roberta took her to see "Mary Poppins" and she and I went to see "Sound of Music."  Enjoyed that as much as the first time.  She did real well practicing the piano too.  Has talent and IF SHE'S PRACTICE could go places.  Her teacher has taught her chords and she really knows them!  Had a blast Sat. night eating at Chinese restaurant near Del Ray, SUN WAH.  We ordered EIGHT different foods and then took dabs of each.  Some were better than others.  HA!  (Mares we should have stopped there the night Fred Cline treats us) . . . . .  H and J are so HELPFUL and always dragging in groceries that it was a lot of fun having them with us . . . . . . first time since they were married . . . . .I do believe . . . . for any length of time!  Invited anytime!

Here it is FRIDAY NIGHT!  HO-HUM!  Might say, too much Water Gate????  Stayed up later than usual last night listening to re-tapes of the day session over Educational TV-channel 2.  . . . isn't Ehrlichman a riot?  I get a kick out of listening to his alibis, stories, etc. what-ever they may be . . . . . he has an interesting vocabulary and the Senators are interesting to listen to also . . . . their questions and comments  . . . . . Ehr . . . seems to be able to out-smart the whole panel.  (Live soap opera, eh????_

Had Aunt Sarah for dinner.  She seemed to enjoy her meal . . . . must be quite a contrast to her bill of fare at Eason's.  Got her shoe stitched again when I picked her up.  She looked nice but needs some soap and water . . . . Chanel No. 5 wouldn't 'cover-up'!  Breaks the institutional monotony!  Had baked chicken, mango jello salad, fresh squash, Brussels sprouts, orange sherbert with the orange Duncan Hines cake I make.  Not bad.  Mother, I froze some mangoes so maybe you can have a bite when you come down.

Are you excited about going to see Catherine?  That will be a good change for you . . . . . new territory and happy to see Catherine.  I enjoy hearing from her indirectly . . . via ltrs. to Roberta and the family while they were here.  Sounds as tho they're all set!

Did you a c/c from Marianne?  IF NOT, I'll send you her last ltr.  Larry goes in to the hospital for his eye operation on the 30th of July.  He was 25 on the 26th.  M would like for me to come up the end of the month  but don't think I'll try it at this time.  Will have to try and phone her once in awhile that week.  I'm sure he'll get along OK . . . . at least we are optomistic [sic], eh?????

Mother, enjoyed all of your clippings!  Especially Bishop Sheen . . . . . . Serena should have the one "Fattening Fifteen".  I haven't tried JUNKET for a long time . . . must do!  Guess we'll clear our throats together . . . . . I'm always full of mucous . . . . so we can have a duet!  For your sake, hope your condition does clear up.  Frost????  Well . . . . sounds like [continued in the top right corner after the bottom line] prescription remedies for Arthritus.  HA!  Sounds as tho you are eating well.  I bet Jean has a lot of 'gardening produce' to take care of . . . . UGH!

[Hand written on left margin]  Does Jean want any of the things mailed?  Found MV's P.J.'s & white shirt, her doll & travel Lit. !!?

Love, Mary, Bill & all
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

1972 Roberta's letter - July 25

Roberta ponders her future in this letter home from Salzburg. HH is on the Philmont Scouting trip while John was too sick to travel. Transcription follows.

July 25, 1972

Dear Mom, Mary Virginia, and Grandma, (perhaps John?)

Thanks alot for your letter (yesterday) and also postcard that I got today.

The last couple of days we haven't really seen that much - except for alot of beautiful scenery.  Especially today when we drove through the Alps.  Was I sure thankful that I wasn't driving!!

Since your letters are carbon copies I've really been able to know what Serena, Catherine and X are up too.  I do hope Serena is having a good summer – I've written her a few times.  When is it she will be coming back?  Is she planning on staying longer than she first thought?

Thanks also for the articles.  That was a well-written article about Louise.  That should sure help the M.S. campaign.  I wrote her (Louise) a letter last night.  I sure agree with the article about Harley Day "leaving a void that will be hard to fill."

Did you know that John and Esther Jones went to Florida for about a week?  I guess John went on business for the town of Wilmington.  Petty nice place to go for business, huh?  I was really glad to hear that they went because I know they sure don't get out of the restaurant too often!!  A bad business to be in.

Speaking of businesses in a round-about-way – I've decided I'm going to change my major.  AT least I'm going to seriously look into some type of work with retirement centers or nursing homes.  But - don't panic - I'm going to finish my 2 year degree in police science.  When I get home I'll try to talk to different people like Mrs. Cline at Americare, etc. to see which direction I should go.  I just hope I don't have to take Biology   If that's the case - well - I don't know what I'll do.  But, I really don't think I should have too as I'm more interested in the "social work" part of it.  Time will tell.

 Has the VAN got to its "Happy Home" yet?  It's too bad that the van didn't get there in time for the New Mexico trip.  I hope John was able to fly out.  It's just a shame that the van ... or rather that the garage at 2115 Auburn wasn't built for its tenants to own a van!!  (Ho, Hum!!)

Well, the light in this hotel room is terrible so I think I'll close for now.  Besides we have a full day tomorrow!

Austria is a beautiful country.  It reminds me alot of Switzerland.  OH, we had some experience coming down the Alps.  for one thing a car hit our bus, which makes a total of three accidents we've been in.  The way these people drive I'm surprised there aren't more accidents.  There is no method to their madness!  Like turning right from the left lane and turning left from the right lane!!

3:00 p.m. July 26th

Hi!  We are now in a laundry-mat - treating our clothes (plus ourselves!) to an automatic washer!  We all ended up wearing dresses down here - because we wanted everything else washed!

We had a tour of Salzburg this morning – "The festival city"  The festival starts tonight but of course the tickets to it are sold out way in advance.  What we plan on doing tho is going down town and just watch everyone.

We got to see Mozart's birth-place.  Some university built in 1622 - and revived in 1962.  Also got to see where "The Sound of Music" was filmed.  Wow – really a pretty place.  Then we went to some Arch-Bishop place where as you walk through the gardens water comes from everywhere.  It was really alot of fun!!  I can't remember his name right now – but he must have really had a good sense of humor!!

Tomorrow morning - on the way to Vienna we are to go through a salt mine.

Austrian food is good - it's more like what we are used to.  I got some milk last night for the 1st time on the trip.  It really tasted good – and I'm not all that much of a fan of milk.  It was alot creamier & richer tasting.

It's now 8:30 p.m. - we didn't go anywhere tonight - as we had planned because it's been raining – also we're all a little bit tired.  Tomorrow is another big travelling day – up at 6:00 - this vacationing is just as hard as working!

Well, I'm going to close – I've got to repack and that will take me awhile!!

Hope you all are fine.

If you get to Americare tell everyone hello for me.

Thanks again for your letter & clippings – Now – take good care of the "you-know-what" – don't be eating anything in it . . . . like ice cream cones . . . at least not till I get home - How about an ice cream cone, Mary V. - from Sheffs?  Sounds good to me!  I can't wait to get home & have 'ice' again.  I never thought ice-cubes in coke, etc. were such a luxury.

Well – I'd better close –

Lots of Love, Bert
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1972 Roberta in Salzburg - July 25

Roberta is approaching the final days of her 1972 trip to Europe.  She sends this postcard to Grandma.  Transcription follows.
Salzburg Austria postcard mailed 1972. Captioned: 1-Blick (view) vom Kapuzinerberg; 2-Blick vom Mönchsberg; 3- Aussicht (outlook) von der Festung Hohensalzburg; 4- Mirabellgarten mit Festung.
1972 Roberta's Austria postcard - July 25
July 25, 1972

Guten Tag, (Hello)
Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you?)  Well - I'm learning a little bit of German!!

We stayed last night with an Austrian family - it was really alot of fun; was also nice to be away from a hotel for a change.  I never thought I would get tired of hotels & eating out!!

Love, Bert

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter - July 24

Roberta writes a quick letter to Grandma to send with the family traveling back to Ohio from Florida after they returned from South America. Transcription follows.

July 24, 1973 

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thought I would write you a few lines . . . . since I can get this sent free, compliments of the family   I've been just fine, pretty busy, but fine.  Mary Virginia will have to tell you about everything we did while she was here.

I really enjoyed going to Disney World.  We will have to plan on going there this coming winter.  I know you will enjoy it.  x

While Mary Virginia was down here she went to Weight Watchers with me.  We just went this morning.  I've lost about . . . . . well exactly 31 pounds now, as of this morning.  I just lost one pound this last week . .  I've got an idea that it's going to be slow from now on.  (Sorry to say)

Work is going great.  I'm not working as much now, but that's quite all right with me.  X  Especially this week since I have that paper duehx  a week from today.

My plans are now to come home about the 3rd of September, for about two weeks.  I will be able to get a week's paid vacation then from work, and then I'll just take a week's unpaid vacation.

Well, I better be signing off.  Daddy and John are busy carrying the suitcases out.  Aunt Mary says hello and that she will write either this afternoon or tomorrow.

See you in September –

Love, Roberta

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1973 MV's postcard - July 24

This postcard was never mailed so we can assume that it may have been included in a letter or delivered in person a couple weeks later during a trip to Maine.  Or it may have gone directly into the file to be read 40 years later.  MV, the card is/was much appreciated and the suspense remains about the "big surprise."  Can you tell me now?  Transcription follows.
1973 MV's Delta postcard to Catherine - July 24 
July 24, 1973

Dear Cathy and X,

"Hi"!  We are going to stop in Covington tonite and someone from Wells is going to pick us up.  I have a big surprise for [you?] but I going to wait and tell you.

The plane is starting so I have to stop,

Love Mary Virginia

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1973 Grace's letter - July 25

Grace sends a packet to Ohio after HH, Jean, John & Larry Martin's trip to Peru in 1973. Transcription follows.

July 25th 1973 

Dearest family:

I am sending you some letters that got after you left.  The two from Serena arrived yesterday, so I wanted to send you right away because maybe it is something important.

Hope John is feeling better.  I didnot hear anything from you about how did you get through with everything but thought you had a bussy time so I understand and really hope that everything is O.k. and John back in home without any sickness.  Please when you have a little of time, please drop me a line.

I saw Larry when he came back from Iquitos.  We were that night with him, gave him the ring hope you will like it.  We tried that he stayed longer in Peru but he was worried about changing his itinerary and maybe he couldn't get in time to Ohio ( 1st of August ).  so he continue the next morning to Quito and after to Panama.

I am writing you from the office so this will be a small note, please write soon.


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1983 Denmark Postcard - July 20

The last (known) postcard sent from the 1983 Scandinavian Elderhostel trip was sent from Copenhagen and written by both HH and Jean to Morgans including Wendy.  Transcription follows.
Kobenhavn (Copenhagen) postcard mailed 1983
7-20-83 [HH]
Hi - thanks for your letter which we got today.  Yes, we will need a vacation when we get home.  Have been in several libraries - inc. Copenhagen.  Lots of bookstores, some in the same bldg.

We are now in Tivoli - main entrance is lower left on the canal.  Did you make it here Catherine? Their yogurt is all the drinkable kind, always had it for breakfast in Sweden

7-21 [Jean]
They keep us so busy yet leave much we'd like to see.  People studying w/us are very friendly & helpful – 29 Danes.  Sitting in on lecture on education now by state school board member.

Surprised they put cold milk on uncooked oats here – not too bad.  Much cold fish on lunch smorgasbord which should be eaten 1st before rest of meal.

With much love & thanks for letter.  Mother & Dad

Monday, July 22, 2013

1972 Roberta in Yugoslavia

Though Yugoslavia no longer exists as a country, now being divided into Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Roberta visited before all the splitting up took place.  The selection of postcards (actually Roberta's supply of "dinero") was limited.  Transcriptions follow.
Roses postcard mailed to GHU from Belgrade 1972
 July 22, 1972
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Am now in Belgrade - Yugoslavia, staying at the nicest hotel we've been in!  Belgrade has alot of pretty city parks - but not really all that much to see.  Did see the Blue Danube river - but it didn't look to Blue to me.  It ought to be called the Brown Danube!

The flowers of the countryside we rode through yesterday were really pretty.  I hope you are fine & hello to the family.  Love, Bert
Windsor Castle postcard mailed 1972 from Yugoslavia.  
Captioned: St. George's Chapel, Windsor.  The Quire facing east, with banners of Knights of the Garter.  Begun by King Edward IV in 1475, the carved oak stalls were completed by 1485, the stone ceiling in 1509.  The banners are those of living Knights of the Garter.
July 23, 1972

Hi! How do you like this post-card?  Still had stamps but ran out of "dinars" to buy post-cards!  The windows of this chapel were beautiful.

We are now on our way to Ljubljana - a nice cool rainy day to travel.

Went last night to see "Where were you when the Lights went out?" with Doris Day, etc. in it.  Was in English with Slavic sub-titles.  Was sure funny!  cost us about 36¢ - not bad huh?

Hope all is fine - Love, Bert

Sunday, July 21, 2013

1983 Roberta's letter - July 20

In 1983 HH and Jean are about to return from their Scandinavian ElderHostel trip. Transcription follows of Roberta's letter to Ohio.  I doubt there are any airlines that still pass out stationary – possibly in first class??


Dear Dad, Mom, Mary Va, & Mie Young,

Greetings from the air - wasn't planning on flying to San Diego but late yesterday after the VAN decided to act up (had just gotten it out of repair shop!) – so - plans changed!

Welcome Back to the USA – Dad & Mom.  I enjoyed the postals - they arrived on consecutive days!  Sure sounds like you all really had an enjoyable time.  Where will your next elderhostel trip take you?

Are you both over the Jetlag?  Did you try the suggested diet to eliminate – ?

The flight to San Diego is really a relaxing one – 45 minutes – as compared to 8 hours that driving time.  Able to buy a R.T. Ticket for $70.00.  Not too much more than driving!

– Now in San Diego – enjoying the cool breezes – as compared to AZ!  Will be busy today & tomorrow - then will be going out to Spring Valley on Friday nite.  [Lois Bruce lived in Spring Valley.]

I'm staying in Del Mar – a place called Winner's Circle - it's a Great Western Motel.  They have a special thru the week – 2 nites for $24.95.  Quite a nice room – pool – etc.  Seeing Jackie Phelan tomorrow & Roz (who I met in L.A. in March) on Friday - both live up North - so works out great!

Hope Mary Virginia has told her the big news – that I owe her one!

I'm so glad that Grandma is going to be travelling with us in January!  I'd like Grandma to plan on coming out to AZ either before or after the trip.

– Now Thursday AM – walked last nite down to the ocean (about ½ mile) - really got COLD walking back!  Sure felt good!

Will call when I get home – want to hear about the Europe Trip!

Much Love, Roberta

PS – Mie Young – miss your Big Suitcase – but didn't bring as much w/me for on this trip!

Remember our 95 year old resident – DORA HOOPER – from Cleveland, Tenn.  She died this last week.  – Had just had her 96th B'Day.  Went in the hospital on Friday - died Sunday.  That was the first time she had ever been in the a hospital!
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

1982 Roberta's letter - July 20

Roberta sends a letter to New Vienna in July 1982, prior to HH and Jean returning from their trip to Europe with the Sankers. Transcription follows.


Dear Family,

According to my calculations the Uible population in New Vienna ought to be doubling soon – just yesterday got a card you all had mailed on 5th July.  I'll be anxious to hear about the trip.

We've had alot of excitement - right in our back yards.  Someone – car & all landed in the canal last nite – about 6:00 AM this morning.  The car got out sometime mid morning - but they haven't found any body yet!!  So there has been lots of officials & onlookers around!!

I've had some luck in Renting out the cabin – last 3 weekends had it rented.  But then I've had to board Charlie out – so I'm still not getting RICH QUICK!!

Thursday I went out & picked up Charlie & took both to the groomers – Didn't have enough time to get Charlie back to his home away from home that night so kept him - he did fine - till about 7:00 AM next morning – when he jumped the fence!!

– Now Sunday PM – thanks for calling this aftn.  Hope it won't take too long for both of you to get aught up on your sleep!!

I'm enclosing some more pictures – perhaps you could mail the BALL GAME pictures on to the Hortons.  Also maybe John/X would like one of the pictures taken outside Grandma' house.  I'm glad to have some good pictures of Grandma – in everyday type clothes!!

Mary Virginia – Remember REBA - she moved out today.  IT was her decision - Tho - I didn't try to talk her out of it.  She was a real character = always told me she had socialized w/lawyers & attornies! (sp?)

There has been alot in the news lately about the Board of Supervisors - Budget Time – so everyone is playing chess.  The news is out that there will be no raises for employees in fact a 35 hour work week is being discussed.  Final budget deadline is 9th August.  Senior Village did get approval for some 50 Thou Reserving $ – most of that is Ann Pre... salary – that's outside the general budget.

Why don't you all give pictures of Wolframs to them –

I've ordered reprints for myself of the group of picture - so you can keep them – just don't file them away in a shoe box.

Gotta go – Love, Roberta
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1993 Roberta to GHU - July 6

After Grandma's hospital stay in summer 1993, Roberta sends her a postcard.  Transcription follows.
Cardinal Postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: Cardinal (Richmondena cardinalis) This Redbird is an active and bold creature with a clear, resonant whistle.  The adult lmale is the only completely red bird with a large, conspicuous crest, black chin and black around the base of the bill.  Photo by Paul Berquist.
1993 Roberta's postcard - July
[undated, postmarked 6 July 1993]
Hi! GRANDMA!  I'm happy you are able to be back at Heartland – and know you are happy to be out of the hospital too!  The cats did NOT like the fireworks on July 4th!  They were running all over the HOUSE!  Love, Roberta

Friday, July 19, 2013

1972 Roberta's letter - July 19

Roberta sends an aerogram from Greece.  I'm curious about the connection of Peg Fawley with the plane reservations, and planes playing games.  Transcription follows.

July 19, 1972

Dear Family -

Hi!  It's now 2:00 p.m. - the Greeks call it "siesta" time but we all call it "letter writing time."  It really is so hot that you don't feel like doing anything.  Except maybe eating ice cream.

Yesterday morning we went to the Island of Hydra.  It was about a 3½ hour boat ride.  Oh - did we have alot of fun there.  We went from there to another island to go swimming.  Then came back (to Hydra) and had a really good supper - then most of us went on a donkey ride!  Wow - what an experience!!

The Greek food has really been good!!  But full of surprises!!  Yesterday I bought a delicious looking pastry (sp?) well, it had stuff in the middle that tasted like cottage cheese.  Which was really a surprise since I was expecting something sweet!!

Taxi's here are really cheap!  We went in one the other day to this nice shopping district about 20 minutes away and it cost the two of us about 16¢ apiece!!  We've also ridden on the subway (on our own) it cost 2½ drachma - and a drachma is worth about 3¢ so the subway is really reasonable.

In all the other countries you could pretty much guess what alot of the words were – but not so with that Greek alphabet - I think when I get home I might try to take a foreign language - perhaps even Greek!!  Who knows?

My suitcase is getting fuller & fuller – I'm really learning to be a good packer.  I've got to much stuff now to just thrown everything in!!

About coming home – I wrote Peg Fawley to see about a plane reservation.  I'll let you know when I find out for sure.  We don't get in Wash. D.C. until 4:00 p.m.  I sure hope the planes went be playing games on August 12th (like they did on June 19th!)

When I get home I can't wait to have an All-American hamburger & eggs for breakfast - instead of bread!!  What sessions of summer school is Nancy Walker going to?

Well - hope all is fine.  Bet it's really quiet around the house!!

Love, Bert
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1983 Sweden Postcard - July 13

A postcard to Roberta from Sweden during HH and Jean's Scandinavian Elderhostel trip.  The message is somewhat similar to one posted yesterday which was sent to Uibles - Kim - Wells.  I like the part about Roberta being a good tour group leader.  Transcription follows.
Rönnäng Sweden postcard mailed 1983
Wed July 13, 1983
Really enjoying trip - Norway & Sweden were both beautiful.  Seeing so much of the countryside, staying in gorgeous folk schools.  There are several other groups at this one on Sweden's 4th largest island, Tjorn.  Spent one night in Oslo (hotel) so have seen city life too.  They keep us busy - some lectures on what we are to see, nature walks and much sightseeing.  Have met many interesting people (48 in our group) from many walks of life - most have attended other Elderhostel.  Think Dad is youngest & only attorney but many professions represented.

This is very little fishing village we saw yesterday - helped their economy somewhat.

You'd be a good leader of 1 of these groups!  (Please save for us.)  Love, Mother & Dad

Items from Uible photo album