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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr.22

April 22, 1975

Dear Family,

Hi!  Had my science final tonight – it was about as bad as I thought it would be.  I knew it was about my time to get a "D" _ though I might be able to get a "C" out of it.

To my surprise, I've already heard from  2  of the places I wrote concerning a job.  One was from Connecticut (sp?) saying they weren't hiring anyone now and the other was from Minnesota – Lutsen Resort in Lutsen, Minnesota.  It was a nice letter from them – asking how long I would work (how late in the fall) and also would I be willing to do other stuff.  I sent them a letter – by return mail!

I got my pay check from UPS today for my 1st week there.  It was for $88.00 dollars.  Now, you've got to admit – that is good $ for a part time job.  But, I'm still glad I quit – it just wasn't worth it!

Mary V – I'm sending you some of the stuff I've been helping Kids w/ out at Sabal Palm.  I've learned alot about fractions since I've been out there.  All the kids out there work on their own pace – which generally means they don't do too much!  They are planning an all day field trip – for the older students to some of the different businesses around. (Telephone comp. etc.)They have asked me to go go along as one of the chaperones.

OH!  I guess I hadn't told you that they asked me at Sabal Palm if I would be interested in a job as house parent.  I told them that I had already made my plans to be up north – but Mr. Bricci [?] (head of Sabal Palm) was very nice & told me if I changed my mind to let him know.  Those kids would be too much for me!!

I've got mid-terms coming up next week at F.A.U.  June will be here before I know it!

I just had a letter from Vanessa – she still isn't working.  She said she hated to get tied down w/ a job now that ball season is getting started.

I should send you a copy of my resume –it sounded and look good – if I say so myself.  I had a half of page of work experiences –

I've been waiting for Pat to finish her exam – here she comes now.

I was thinking I might drive up after June 3rd to Ohio – then drive down w/ you all then fly to NYC around June 18th from here.  W/ the no frills - you can fly from WPB to NYC for only $61, which isn't too bad.

I also got a letter yesterday from Sequiua (sp?) Parks in California – just got an application to fill out.

And also got letter from Mary V – thanks alot – and would you believe a nice letter from J.B.  SO yesterday was quite a good day for me as far as mail goes.

Wow!  Sure was happy to get home last night and get the following letter.  How does it sound to you all?  I'm also enclosing the rough draft of the letter I just wrote them.  I'm enclosing all the information the Hudson Guild man sent me.  Please send it back to me after you're done with it – ok?

Mary V – let me know if you like the puzzles.  Well got to go – it's my morning to be at Sabal Palm.

Love, Berta

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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr.20

April 20, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got back from being gone all day – went to work – then out to eat then to a very good musical program at the Methodist Church at Palm Beach Gardens.  That's the church Jack Nicklaus (golf pro) goes to – but I didn't see him – guess he only goes at Christmas & Easter.

You'll never believe what dept. I've been "stuck in" at Burdines.  DOMESTICS.  First I didn't like it at all – but now I know the dept pretty well – and its not bad at all.  It's a busy, busy dept.  They have a cranky woman in the dept – and I think they have trouble getting some one to work w/ her – for any length of time.

I'll get you all some tickets for Disney World – maybe Rob & I could meet you there.  As time gets closer we'll make plans.

Sorry this is so short – but imagine taking 2 sciences at once!!  One will be over this Tuesday – which means I've got a final to study for!

Mary V– want to go back to see Mickey? (Mouse)

Love, Berta

Monday, April 27, 2015

1975 John's Letter -Apr.20

Sunday, April 20, 1975
Dear Family,

I was very surprised to receive a parcel this week and even more surprised to see a calculator inside.  I had no idea that you were going to send me Bert's calculator.  I am glad to have it though, especially since we have just started trigonometry in Math and need to compute many decimals.

Tennis began last week and it is really fun!  At first they demonstrated the proper way to hold the racket and stance.  Then they went on to demonstrate the forehand and backhand shots.  Since then we have begun to play these little games with three of us in a group.  One person hits the tennis balls while another bounces them from the net and the third chases the balls.  All three rotate around while the three instructors walk around and show us what we are doing wrong.  I always wanted to learn how to play tennis.  If you people have not ordered from that Christmas gift catalog, you might think about ordering that tennis racket since I won't be able to bring mine home for the summer.

I am anxious to see all the college catalogs when I come home.  The college news has really been buzzing around campus since this was the week for college acceptances.  Some people were happy, but many unhappy when they did not make it into Harvard, Yale, ect., [sic] I have another appointment with the College Placement director on April 28th.  I would like to take the SAT's again in June (the 28th) at Wilmington College.  I'll know more after meeting with him.

At the present time, I am trying to decide what I will take for my fourth course next fall.  It will either be an Anthropology (Latin American culture), Music, Religion or History.  I will receive my first grades for the semester this week (and you people soon after) which may help me decide.  After taking three tough, Reading and Writing, courses this semester, I am choosing my last course cautiously.  I want to have more time next year for my activities which I am interested in, especially new ones.

I never expected the weather to be so fantastic, as it has been the past two weeks.  Sun every day with temperature 50º and even 60º recently.  It is just like New Vienna which makes me very happy.  Cathy called the other evening.  I wish I had the time to go up to Sanford for the weekend, may but still I hope they can make it to Exeter sometime if only to pick up Mary Va's cookies.  Mary Virginia, you will have to write and tell them to pick them up.

Thank you for your letter.  I received a letter from Bert the same day so I am writing her back now also.  I found it easier to stay awake when the letter you wrote was addressed to me and the Halls only. (just kidding)  I was interested in who made the Honor Society.  Always wondered if I would make it.  I knew I wasn't smart enough.

Pleasant thoughts have been passing through my mind about summer.  I am anxious to do things like: a canoe trip on the Little Miami, Kings Island, seeing friends again and especially traveling.  I also want to read and so some work, that is if you people can find any for me to do.

I got my Reporter-At-Large back Friday.  My English teacher found it very interesting but said it might have been better to concentrate on one individual.  However, he said I did a good job of describing the "family spirit."  (Esprit de la famille)

It has been another enjoyable, yet very busy week, but you know I am most happy when I am busy.  Besides being holy week, I attended two music recitals and a dramatic production.  I not only enjoy the entertainment, but also like to get my mind off all the school work.  I am just amazed at all the talented people who attend the Academy.

You may have read or heard about President Ford being in New Hampshire on Friday.  I listened to both of his speeches from Concord.  The "Freedom Train" was also in New Hampshire this week.  I don't know if you are keeping track of it, but it spent two days in Manchester.  You know it left Philadelphia for Albany, N.Y. on April 2nd.  I heard where it was to go to Portland, Maine for two days before leaving New England.

I often envy you people on Sundays or even other times when you get to go out and eat.  But I will not envy you people on Sunday evening the 27th of April.  The dorm is going to the Exeter Inn for their Sunday evening brunch buffet.  People have said that the food is just fantastic.  I have not even stepped inside the Inn since you people did a year ago February.

I hope the Youth Crusade is going well right now and sorry I can't attend.  You know I am always thinking of all of you and hope to see you in about five weeks.  I do hope your weather in Ohio is as nice as here in New England.

Prudently yours,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Apr.19

Dear Folks,

I've got the T.V. on – watching Dallas while my speech-writer, Sid, is working on my mission talk Sunday.  Just wish he could give it for me!

Yesterday was the day I was to be a witness for the state concerning the break-in at one of S.V.'s houses in January – 1982.  To make a long story short – I went down sat there for apx 1½ hours beside a couple & when the case came up it was dismissed – but I was sitting right beside the young man (& his girl-friend).  In fact I had been talking w/the girl concerning Chicken Scratch – embroidery on gingham cloth.  I never let on what case I was there for – in fact stayed an additional 5 minutes after the case was dismissed & the young couple walked out!

Mary Virginia called us Tuesday nite – I'm sorry if we upsetting their travel plans – but it would be great for me to get up to Washington to visit Morgans.

This summer is going to be packed – Sara & Jonathan are coming for 2-3 weeks in August.  Also looks like Cynthia will be coming in August.  Lots of opportunities to use up Camp/Vacation time!

Tomorrow we are going hiking w/Roberta & Catherine Reed – they have called us twice w/ ideas of what we could do.  Wendy Jean called tonight to ask about a craft project & we told her we were going hiking w/ Roberta & Catherine & Wendy Jean came back with – "We never hiked when she was here."  – So we said "Next Time."  I might add it was very difficult to get her to walk – while at the zoo.

We are going to see the movie Amadeus Monday. (Sr. – for free.  I've never seen it.  Last week Sid & I saw Lost in American – about a couple who quit their jobs & travel around the US in a motor home.  I'd love to do that – for about a month!  Then I'd want to get back to work, shopping – etc!  I don't think I'd recommend Lost in America – we saw it on the $ day – a great bargain compared to the usual $5 per person!  Of course better yet are the free coupons where Sr. Village goes to the movies!

We had a news letter mtg this afternoon – after not publishing for 2 months – it will take even more push to get the residents moving!

Now popcorn time – so I better close –


enclosing some pictures of "Little Catherine." 

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1965 Roberta's Letter -Apr.19


Got up 15 till 6, got shorts, shell & blazer on had to wear boots to work.  All shoes in my room.  Did not want to wake anybody up.

Uible #

[in Jean's handwriting:] (Easter Monday Apr. 19, 1965.  Schamauns & Danny Wester here.)

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1965 John's Letter -Apr. 16 +Clippings

1965 CJU & GHU Auto Accident 
Wilmington News-Journal 20Apr1965
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Uible of New Vienna who were injured in a one car auto accident near Dry Ridge, KY., Thursday morning [April 15, 1965] are reported to be in good condition at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Covington, Ky.  They are expected to return to the home of their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible, later this week.

I hope you can come back soon.  
I will help you when you get home.  
We are sad you are in the hospital.
We hope your noses feel better and Granddaddys arm.
Love, John

Good Friday
1965, April 16

1965 CJU & GHU Auto Accident
Wilmington News Journal 27Apr1965

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Uible returned to their home the latter part of the week from a Covington hospital following a car accident on their way home from Florida, April 15.  Their granddaughter Catherine Uible and Mrs. Ernest Wilson are assisting in the home.

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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 15

April 15, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi1  I'm in the school library – just woke up from studying Biology.  That class is something else – right now we're on mitosis and meiosis.  I hate to think about what this course will do for my grade point average.

You will never guess what I've been busy doing the last 24 hours!  Yesterday morning I was at the L.W. library studying and got tired studying so took a little walk . . . . . and found the 1975 edition of Summer Employment.  (not sure of the exact title)

So yesterday afternoon I typed a resume, last night I addressed envelopes & wrote letters and this morning after going to Uncle Bill's office to run off copies of the resume sent out a rand total of  27  letters.

Sent them out to 12 states – all different kinds of places.  3 went to Ohio – Camp Joy - Clarksville; Lakeside Association (when did Serena get hired last year?) and Cedar Point - Sandusky.  Some went to resort places – alot in the East.  2 went to Colorado, 3 here in Florida, etc.

I'm curious whether I'll hear from any of them - as it is pretty late to be just applying.  Time will tell.

Sunday at Burdines I was in the Stationery department - it was good to be back there.  But, you can sure tell the tourist season is over – I was able to get alot of letters written.

Alice – one of my friends here at school works out at the Fountains – that's out near the turnpike on L.W. Road – it's a condo place – but has guest house - etc.  Anyway, she was telling me at lunch today that their rates – as of today dropped from $32.00 for a double to $16.

She said they were going to wait till the end of the month to go down, but decided to drop sooner because they only had 8 rooms full out of 76!!!  Ask Ruth Shoemaker about the Fountains – I took her out there.  THere is a beautiful golf course + swimming pool – also club-house there.  Want me to make reservations for you all there?  Ho-Hum!

I'm taking the bus down to school on Tuesdays & Thursdays as I said before I really enjoy it – meet all kinds of people – plus see alot of sights.  It's a city bus – (out of WPB) follows Dixie H'way just till Lantana then goes West and progressively South.  Doesn't get back on Dixie H'way till a few miles North of Boca Raton.  So far – I've been the onlyh one that gets off at F.A.U!!

The way it looks now Rob will not be coming up North this summer – at least not for school.  He has changed his major from music to health education.  It's beyond me how he is making it through – as I've yet to see him study.  He's quite a character.

Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary are talking about going up to see the Kintners in May – May 16th till Memorial Day.  I've got a good feeling they will go because they were really taken in w/ RRK.

I've heard from Jackie Phelan quite regularly lately.  Somehow she has decided to go to Oregon or Washington looking for a job after she graduates.  After her trip to Africa – I wouldn't put anything past her.

I better close for now –––

4/16/75 6:30 AM
Getting ready to go to Sabal Palm – I think I'm beginning to like those kids out there more.


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1975 Catherine Letter -Apr. 14

April 14, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well today was a big day.  I had two wisdom teeth pulled and ever since I found out they were going to be pulled everybody had been telling me horrible stories about when they had theirs pulled.  It was rather anticlimactic - it is now five hours later and I haven't suffered any afteraffects [sic] yet anyway.  Did you mention that John was going to have some pulled?

Our house is coming along real well.  The interior wiring is all done and most of the insulation is up.  X has found himself a good helper who he doesn't have to pay too much and he works hard!  Next they are going to put up the sheetrock.  I have been putting in hours at Stop & Go and I am also beginning to pack up some things around here and throw out alot of stuff which isn't worth moving.  We still have some things boxed up from when we moved out here to Maine two yeas ago.  I guess it's good to move occasionally just to get rid of unnecessary items.

Spring seems to be finally arriving here.  There is still snow that isn't melted in spots where the sun doesn't shine too directly but the crocuses have begun coming up and the grass on the east side of the house is beginning to get green – in another couple weeks we should begin to see some leaves on the trees.

Next Monday is a holiday here - Patriot's Day (celebrated only in Maine & Massachusetts) so the library is closed and we will have a long weekend.  After that it won't be long until Memorial Day and summer will be here.

The library addition is also progressing but still in theory only.  The architect is supposed to be finished this week with one part of the plans and completely finished within the next few weeks and then it will be put out to bid.  We are still not certain whether we will be taking our vacation before the major construction or after.  Alot depends on how our house come along.

Just called John since we hadn't heard much from him - in fact nothing - and vice-versa.  He said he'd been wondering whether we really wanted the girl scout cookies which he had brought back with him or whether he should go ahead and eat them.  Said he didn't want to have to eat the whole two boxes on his last night in Exeter in case he hadn't seen us by them.

I bought a Timex watch for $12 at Ames.  I found I needed it to keep track of the time since I don't have too much time between working at Stop & Go in the mornings, getting home for a quick lunch and then getting to the library by 1:00.

That was an interesting article you sent us on the yellow watermelon.  We figure this year we will plant tomatoes, corn, and green beans as we don't have too much time or much of a garden plot.

Sorry I haven't been more prompt in answering your letters.

Catherine & X        

Monday, April 20, 2015

1975 Roberta Letter -Apr. 11

April 11, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Sitting here watching the reruns on T.V. – except they aren't reruns to me!

I'm enjoying my added free time now that I'm not working any through the week.  This morning I went out and laid out for about an hour – got to watch it – that Florida sun is powerful!

Mary Virginia – I enjoyed your mini note – you get right to the point – I'm glad the robe fit you – you must be growing – I was afraid it would be way too long!

I'm really getting into my death & dying course.  Today I read alot in "The American Way of Death." –– it's really down on the funeral home business.  As my prof. says – most people go in the 'hole'  paying for it all!

Did yo know that in 1960 more $ was spent w/funerals in the United States than for ALL higher education.  – tuition, books & living expense for 3.6 million students in colleges & grad. schools.

Americans spend more on funerals than they do for police protection.  Maybe I'm in the wrong field after all!  Ho-Hum.

No – the book said now the field is over-crowded – so they have to make more on each funeral.  The book is very interesting – can't understand why the people around here don't want to read or discuss it.  Ho-Hum.

Was nice talking to you all Wednesday P.M. – had to let you all in on the good news – that I quit UPS – that is some place to work!  It seemed like such a great deal at first!  Now I really enjoy sleeping in till 7:00 or 8:00!

I had a letter from Vanessa this past week.  Guess her unemployment has run out – so she is out looking for a job now.

Do you still have the 2nd shift on Donna's side?  Do you think you could use 1 more on it or the day shift?  I'm interested in a job for myself – not Vanessa!   

Yesterday I ordered my cap & gown for graduation.  Just over _2  months away –

What is J.B. going to be up to this summer?  I'm glad Serena got her job back at Lakeside.  I remember last year when she called home & was ready to quit – going to go to Cleveland to get a job.

We enjoyed your letter today – Mom & Dad –– also the articles.

On the one page – they were all good – on helping the victims of crime, raising children via help from telephone & exercise.

Aunt Mary has got a nice bike – but the seat is so low I can hardly ride it.

Is it true that Gold Coin is in the red – seems they ought to be smarter than that!

Sounds like the Church had a nice Mother & Daughter banquet – alot of people there outside of the church.

Mary Virginia – what kind of cooking will you be doing in 4-H?  This summer you can be my personal cook.  Do you use the miracle oven alot?  Who are your leaders in the bike club?

Wednesday at Sabal [?] Palm one of the boys – on the other side of the campus started a fire.  But it was out before the fire alarm even got started.  Did I tell you that about 2 months ago they ad a boy hang himself there?

I forget how much I've told you about the place – but there are about 80 kids there.  They range in age from 8 to 17 years old.  Most of the kids there got there because they either broke the law – or were on probation and broke it, or their parents couldn't handle them so they put them there.  The kids in my opinion learn very little there – they seem to enjoy art class and industrial arts – but that's about it.  It's all done on self-teach methods in the classes – SRA type deals in every subject.

They have prisoners working on the school ground.  There are guards and everything there.  Mary Virginia – when you come down – I'll take you out there.  Their school will be out June 5th – but they live right there too.

I better close – hope you are planting some asparagus Dad.  It's just recently gotten down w/in my price range here – 69¢ a pound.  The grapefruit season is about over here.

We might eat out at Patricia Murphy's – there below Boca Raton – on the way to taking G'ma to the airport.  I thought that would be a nice place for all of us.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1995 Wells Mfg. Business Report

Wells Mfg. was the subject of an Government/Economic Class Business Report, written by Kathy Williams, a student in the spring of 1995.  The report and a follow-up letter is scanned and transcribed below.

Her perspective on New Vienna and Wells are interesting.  As a reminder, Wells Mfg., the company and property in New Vienna, was sold in 1999 and is no longer owned by the Uible family.  [My comments included in bracketed italics.]

Other articles about Wells include:

Driving along 73 West I find myself in a tiny little town known as New Vienna.  I look to my left . . . .a small trailer park.  As I glance to my right . . . a generic gas station.  Pretty bare, pretty boring . . . but wait, now I'm at the corner of Main and South streets at a railroad.  Two long one story red brick buildings [the upper floor of the old hotel part of the main building must have gone unnoticed] straddle the almost barren gray street.  I parallel park –yes I can parallel park– on the right side of the street.  Could this be the place?  Instantly noises float through the air of metal clanging together, the constant hum of machinery hard at work, and the distinct shhhhh that sounds like frying an egg in a well buttered skillet.

What's making all this racket in this sleepy little town?  It's Wells Toy Manufacturing located right here in Clinton County.  Who knew? 

Interesting, I think to myself.  Quickly I cross the quiet street to meet and talk with Mr. Harold Uible, in his law office to discuss his company.

Wells Manufacturing Company was started by a man named George Wells 50 years ago in Dayton, Ohio during 1945.  George Wells was not a manufacturer.  In fact, in the Company's earliest years it didn't even manufacture toys or anything else for that matter.  The Company just sold things such as toys under the Wells name.  1945 was a good year to be a salesman because World War II had just ended and the post war attitude of no longer being frugal for the war effort was taking hold.  Thus the Wells company was off to a great start.  Then in 1947, the Wells Company moved to New Vienna, Ohio with local individuals acquiring ownership.  C.J. Uible, the father of Mr. Harold Uible, obtained ownership of the Company in 1949.

Early products manufactured by Wells were plastic novelties like sponge balls and then later jacks and corn holders.  Workers were paid only $0.55 an hour which was very good pay back in the mid to late 1940's.  Today while browsing through Walmart, K-mart, a supermarket or of course a toy store it's highly probably [sic] to come upon a product manufactured by Wells.  Such products include Bubbly Joy, sponge balls, gloss balls, paddle balls, "pinkie" balls, soft baseballs, plastic bats and balls, paddle balls [duplicated], jacks, jump ropes, pinwheels, chalkboards, marbles, yo-yos, and "fun combinations" which may entail any number or variety of the above named products.  Although the Buckeye State is the Company's biggest buyer, Ohio isn't the only place where one would find a product manufactured by Wells because Wells distributes their products in all 50 states and even does some business in Canada and Mexico.

Pretty amazing considering Wells only location is in New Vienna, employing just 40 people and occupying only 100,000 sq. ft. of land.  But the small size of Wells hasn't affected the demands for the company's products.  Wells #1 selling item is the soap bubble bottles withe the "magic" bubble wand inside selling 3 million a week.  The second biggest seller for Wells is the rubber sponge ball which number 100,000 balls per week.  On the other hand, jump ropes are low on invoice orders.  For example for every 200 cases of bubble joy sold, only 4 [cases?]  jump ropes are sold.  Mr. Uible says his bubble joy sells so much more because once it's used up it's gone forever as opposed to a jump rope which can last a lifetime.

Mr. Harold Uible is president and sales director of Wells Manufacturing.  Business associates include: vice president Gene Williams, secretary and personnel director Carolyn Rhonemus, treasurer and head of finance GiGi [GG] Walker, purchasing Ted Walm.

In dollar figures, Wells pulls in $2 million in annual sales; payroll expenses are $10,000 a month. Liability insurance is around $35,000 a year, and utilities are about $4,500 a month.  

Wells main competition comes from China and Mexico where labor is cheaper than here in the U.S.  Although competition really comes from all kinds of other "impulse buy" products one sees at the end of checkout lines in grocery, discount and drug stores.

Ohio is the state that buys the most from Wells, and Mr. Uible says Wells is in Ohio to stay.  When I asked Mr. Uible about the future of Wells, he stated cheerfully, "optimistic, you gotta be."

Buying new manufacturing equipment and keeping up the pace with the electronic age are definitely in the plans ahead for the Company.  Mr. Uible's philosophy on business is simple and has obviously proved successful, "Make a good product and people will buy it!"

O.K. so wells is not the typical corporate giant, in fact the stock is even kept in the family.  But then again being small is what makes Well's [sic] in the sleepy little town of New Vienna Wells Manufacturing Company has quietly been producing toys for children all over the United States to play with and enjoy.  Wells has also weathered the harsh business world for 50 years with an optimistic outlook for the future.  A large accomplishment indeed!

* * * * *
[note from teacher, Mr. Gunkel] This is an excellent report!  I do question your monthly payroll with 40 employees.  

[grade =] 99

* * * * *
[Follow up letter from Kathy Williams]

Mr. Uible,


Thank you so much for the interview for my government/economics project.  I really appreciate the time you took to help me and helping me learn about stocks.  I recieved [sic] the 2nd highest grade out of the entire senior class . . . a 99.  I'm sending you a copy of my report.  You're welcome to keep it if you like because I have the report saved on my computer.  (I think I might have a strange figure down for the monthly payroll ~~?) . . . Anyway – Thanks again for helping me create a successful paper!

                           Kathy Williams

P.S. – Best of Luck for continued success in Wells' Future!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

1985 Family Letter -Apr. 7

Easter Sunday
April 7, 1985
Dearest Family,

We would have really liked having you all with us today but that is not always possible.  Grandma was here as was Mie Young and Mary Virginia and a friend of hers, the choir director at Port William church.  Mie Young had asked to bring a girlfriend who was going to be staying at the college as she had to work but she got cold feet about coming as she didn't know us so we sent her dinner back with Mie Young.

It was really nasty weather raining before sunrise services but Grandma still went.  This turned to snow and sleet and eventually the sun came out.  The church was well filled for the worship service at 10:30 – some people there we hadn't seen for years – the whole Rupp family and all the Jim Curtis family – Jonda McGraw's baby boy was baptized.  There has been alot of sickness in both families (Mrs. Rupp and the whole Curtis tribe)

All the services were well attended from Maundy Thursday communion on.  I did go to Wilmington's Good Friday services instead of New Vienna as Mary Va. and Mie Young were singing with the Wilmington College Chamber Singers there.  Our church's new Sunday School class put on a program Friday night and it was very well done – Young Adults which was sorely needed.

Glad to hear that Wendy is enjoying her visit with the Kings.  We were amazed to hear of homesickness last Monday until she said "April Fool" – she sounded like she really meant it so put on a good act.  Sounds like the pool is making quite a hit with her as well as her new little friends "Catherine and Roberta" – quite a coincidence.  Guess that the Easter bunny found her in Phoenix.

Dad has quite a few things planted in the garden already and the wet weather is helping the peas, etc.  Wish that we could share some of the moisture with the Floridians as they need it so badly.

Sorry to hear about the break-in at the Hortons just the evening after Grandma's departure.  It was within a few days to the year of the break-in while we a.  Got Aunt Mary [her typewriter? don't think this was the break-in in which she was tied up and Uncle Bill was injured as that was a different year and according to the following sentence they weren't home], typewriter, their camera, bedroom TV, money and more things.  But they (Hortons) took off last week for Cris and Angela's for the Easter weekend and family gathering plus the Augusta golf tournament.

Yes, we did have a great trip to Mexico -- another happy experience with Elderhostel . . . . and the weather was great.  We would not go out of our way to go to Cancun again, for too touristy.  Our two week stay in Oaxaca was in a hotel right on the square . . . with the state capitol across the street from us.

[Love, etc.]

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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 5

April 5, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Never, never have I worked so hard as I did this morning between 4:00 A.M. and 9:30 A.M.  [written on side] 1st when I was hired it was 5:00 starting time, that was moved to 4:30 – this morning 4:00 & Monday 3:45!  Pretty soon it won't be worth going to bed!  And we only did a half of our load – we'll do the other half on Monday.

I'm not sure if I told you or not but I got downtown WPB – all businesses – very little residential area.  I got 2 P-800's.  Those are the biggest trucks UPS uses for delivery out of WPB.  800 stands for cubic inches or feet – I'm not sure which at this point!

U.S.P. [UPS?] doesn't carry packages over 50 pounds but felt like alot of  them weighed over  50 pounds to me!  Right now I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this type of work.  You know they started w/20 kids and now there is only 14 of us – us 2 girls are the only ones that have never been late – like the training guy said – he could tell that we don't work lightly – HA!

Burdines is about the same – alot of new people working there.  The old ones seem to stay – but a fast turnover in the young ones!  Yesterday I was sitting in the training class & the phone rang – it was personnel and they told the training woman to send me to Domestics they were super busy!  I could ring up sales – that was no problem – but when it came to helping people – that was something else!  they asked me about working today – but thank goodness I had the sense to say NO!  I laid down after work – but my muscles hurt too much to sleep!

OH - yes – I also started school this past week.  Death & Dying is going to be good – of course, you know I take a special interest in old people any way.

Biology – well – what can I say about it?  We're studying about how the earth was formed, etc.  Every word I hear in there is another one added to my vocabulary. (sp?)

We are going on _3_ field trips in Biology – one to Boynton Hammock (sp?) [Ocean Ridge Hammock Park] one to Jonathan Dickinson Park – guess what we will do there – canoeing!!  I've got experience there – Ho, Hum!  And the last field trip to the Everglades National Park.  That should be fun – have I ever been there – I can't remember.  Aunt Mary says she has never been there yet!  The Everglades trip will be the only one that will cost us!

Mother – what were you talking about about "making reservations for June" – I didn't understand what you were saying.  [written on side] I just reread your letter & get it now – as to boat reservations.  Yes – how about the over-night trip – Ho, Hum.

We got your long letter yesterday– thanks!  The article about the waitress was good.

Catherine & I must be trying to see who can keep the most jobs.  I think we're about even.  I'm curious to see what the next 5 years will bring for me!  One thing I'm thankful for is that I've almost got my education – I won't always have to be lifting boxes at UPS!

Debbie the girl at UPS w/me used to work at 7-11.  She liked it alot at 1st.  She graduates in June too – We were figuring if we would just work 20 hours at UPS this summer – plus another full time job we could really pull in the $.  But all of this talking was before the morning.

I'm all done w/ the science course at the junior college – except for taking the final – which will be over the same material as the 2 tests we've had.  I got my presentation over Tuesday night – gave it 2nd out of about 25 to 30 kids.  I'm sure glad it's over w/.  Don't have it to worry about now!  Hopefully I got a pretty good grade on it – as I got low C's on both tests.

The other course I'm taking is Social Work procedures – it's good.  I like the professor alot.  He's one of F.A.U.'s best

As for my field experience at the detention home!  That's exactly what it is – an experience!  I would have to be paid a high price to work in a place like that!  Last Monday they had me trying to help these kids in Math – of all things!  One of the boys had been home for the weekend – he was showing the others what he had shoplifted during the week-end.  Also it's a rough place – alot of fighting, kids w/ knives, etc!

It's really been a week w/ Mares, Larry & son here!  Especially on poor Aunt Mary – in fact she is in bed now w/ a sore throat!  Every night there has been people in to "view" the baby – from the Church, etc.  I'm afraid that baby is going to be very spoiled!

Do you know that Larry & Mares have used the Buick to go to the beach, etc. but last Sunday my Buick (w/beautiful paint job & good tires) was not good enough for the baby to ride in!  I thought that was interesting.

I have seen some jack sets in W.T.Grant made by (packaged by & sold too) some people I know.  Dad, please don't use Parcel Post (is that right – well, UPS) if you're sending anything to W.P.B.  – unless the package is very light weight, also easy to pick up!  I kid you not – I'm really sore – by the time you get this letter I might be looking for another job – HA!

Did Mr. Fawley [1919-1979] have another heart attack?  From the sound of your letter I guess he had.

Mary Virginia – we enjoyed your letter – especially G'ma.  I know she is anxious to get back to New Vienna – she is always talking about how Mary V. pops in to do her errands.

How soon are the Hauses moving into their new home?  "Lottie" will be able to walk to Strebers [Streber's Market was in downtown New Vienna from 1931-1995] now – except I think she goes to Krogers.  What's the story on the house where they live now?

Mary V. how is the softball coming?  You ought to get Vanessa to help your – except she told me she was giving up sports & taking up going to school instead!

How was the Mother-Daughter banquet – Mary V. you would have to represent the Uible Girls.

It's now past 10:00 – I'm more than ready to go to bed being that I was up at 3:00 A.M.  Monday we are to bet there at 3:45 AM.  Sometimes I get the feeling they are trying to kill me off!

Mother, I ordered you a book a while back concerned w/ what the article is about that is enclosed.  I'm definitely sold on them – even though I haven't used one since I was home last.

Sorry my letters are so few & far between now –––



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1975 Roberta's Postcard -Apr. 3 & 1965 Envelope

This envelope indicates Roberta wrote a letter from Barnesville in April 1965.
Unfortunately the contents of the envelope have not yet emerged from the
complex filing system of family communication.  

Miami Florida Postcard mailed 1975.  Captioned: Aerial View of new Dodge Island Seaport, home of the cruise fleet, tropical Miami.

[postmarked 3 Apr 1975]
Hi!  Right now I'm in Burdines in their "training" – it's a good "review" for me!

This week at UPS we are all busy learning our streets and sequence orders.  And what a job that is!  This Saturday we start on the belt – and you should see those packages coming down the belt!

Back to being a "small" family again –  [Love, Berta]

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1975 GHU Letter -Apr. 4

Fri. evening
[April 4, 1975]
Dear Family -

Hope my coming home plans will meet with your approval.  Mary phoned in this afternoon to make a reservation for the 26th but no seat except 1st class & since they cost $26 more I am not about to pay that amount unless necessary.  So I am to leave on Sun. the 27th for Cin. 3:48 P.M. flight No. 842 arriving in Cin at 7:12 P.M. from Ft. Lau. at 3:48 that is making good time.  Price is 88.37  (or.31) the same as I paid coming down.  The only cheaper price is given on excursions which must be for round trips of 3 days.

Sorry to hear of Mrs. Phillips illness but after a certain age we can expect to leave this world. [Nancy Johnson Phillips died April 14, 1975 at age of 96.  Her husband Harley died in 1960 at age of 80.]

We had steaks & baked potatoes ice cream & cake for Marianne's Birthday this evening.  Then she & Larry & her parents went to the Ice Follies at the auditorium.  Roberta & I are baby sitting.  They wanted us to go but R. was not interested & I think I have seen the program.  Glad I didn't decide to go for it is much cooler today & that place can be cold.  So we are baby sitting with Rob. being asleep.

We went to Mary's Circle meeting Thurs. forenoon.  Marianne & I knew the hostess & since it was a Take & Talk program we went as a 4 generation group.  Many things taken were interesting.  Mare- & baby came home early but he was a good little soul.  We had the 3 guests Wed. evening.  Bill invited the 3 office girls to see the baby & for supper.  When they came there were 2 children & a grandmother.

Before Cris left Mon. he wanted to go gather some strawberries to take to the folks he stays with so Mary, Rob.- & myself went with him.  I remained in the car & they gathered 9 qts.  Larna helped them for she & Cris were about to leave.  When we arrived Cris took 4 qts with him Tues. he phoned saying they were having a big snow & he had arrived safely also he received notice of being sent to ? – a suburb of Detroit for another training period.  This time in connection of parts for trucks.  He had become very much interested in farm life where he lived.

Mary bought herself a 3 hear bike to-day (on sale) & Larry put it together for her.  Hope she enjoys riding it.  Roberta gave me a very pretty (3 blooms) Lily for Easter & we had colored eggs & Robbie gave me a plant enclosed in glass which is pretty.  Our baby is a very good little fellow.

Love, Mother      

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1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Apr. 3

Dear Grandma,

We just got in from roller skating – it was quite a night – at first Wendy Jean could not skate unless there was a person (holding on to her) on both sides of her.  But – before the evening was over – she went by herself all the way around the RINK – so there was great improvement!

We stayed tho about an hour after we had planned to leave – but we couldn't leave just when she was beginning to be able to keep her balance!  Finally – since I had to get back to work – we promised we would be able to roller skate again before she leaves.

The wedding on Friday is turning into a real occasion!  Got Wendy Jean pink hose to match her dress – and a HAT.  I'm wearing a light blue dress – w/ blue hose.  I haven't found a HAT yet – except one for $65 – and I sure don't want to pay that much for it.  Wendy's hat was on sale for $4.79.

Here's the 1st of the pictures of Wendy Jean in Arizona.  She has been in the pool every day since she got here.  Today she even had me in the pool!  It's been in the low 90's but the water is very cool!  She doesn't seem to mind it!

When are you coming to Arizona?  We are sure keeping busy w/ this house guest!!

Hi to the folks!



Note the picture of Miss Wendy taken in the toy store – w/ Wells products behind her.

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1985 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 3

 Easter Card from Wendy, note from Roberta.  Sent while Wendy was visiting Arizona during her first grade spring break in 1985.


We are doing fine – up to 90º today – so Miss Wendy is swimming w/ a shirt over her suit – She does love the water!  I'm just glad the weather is so nice & warm!

Sid is now spoiling Wendy – Bacon, pancakes & orange juice for breakfast this AM – Brings her – actually us – out soda by the pool!

Happy Easter!


Friday, April 03, 2015

1985 Catherine's Letter - Apr.1

April 1, 1985

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I thought this card would make an appropriate anniversary greeting, so Happy Anniversary!

This is the first "calm" day I've had in weeks, now that we are more or less settled into our new house and Wendy is off to Arizona.  It's nice not to have to run around and do 100 things on my day off.

We got your note and the check for Wendy's jump rope for heart today.  Thanks.  Glad to hear that Grandma made it safely back to Ohio.  Hope your spring weather is lasting.  We had several days of snow last week but the last couple days have been a little warmer.  It's a very windy 50º today and I have three loads of clothes hanging outside.

We took Wendy to the airport yesterday morning for her 9:20 flight to Denver.  Then we had breakfast at International House of Pancakes and had planned to do some shopping but we forgot that the shopping centers don't open until noon on Sunday so we came on home and will save our shopping until we go back to pick her up.  The lady that met Wendy in Denver called us after she put Wendy on the plane to Phoenix.  That was nice of her.

I had two special robot programs at the library on Saturday.  A professor in the Industrial Engineering Dept. of the Univ. of Idaho brought two big robots and three small ones and put on demonstrations.  About 135 showed up for the first program and 65 for the second so that was a good turn out.  It also made for a very busy afternoon for the three of us that work on Saturdays.  I took Wendy to one of my friends in Moscow who brought her to the program (along with her own two children).  Wendy was more interested in staying close to me than she was in the robots though.  I was able to take Wendy to lunch too, and she picked Arby's.  At least they have a nice salad bar which is better than McDonalds.

We are really enjoying our new house.  It is only one mile down the hill from our house to town so we are not that far out.  I walked to my exercise class this morning which is toward the other end of town and it only took me 30 minutes (15 minutes to get down the hill, 18 minutes coming back up)  There are three deer that frequent the area surrounding our house, we have seen them almost every day and Sunday morning they were within 100 yards of the house.

I think we still plan on picking you up at the airport at 8:29 on May 12.

Catherine & Gerry
(& Wendy in absentia)

P.S. We got an April Fool call from Wendy too!  I couldn't imagine her wanting to come home so soon but she's a very convincing actress!

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1995 Roberta's Letter -Mar.30

Hi & Happy 47th!

Here's part of a collection I have been putting ASIDE –– the Methodist Emblem ones we would be glad to make more of – whichever you WANT.  The CROSSES are for you to give away.  Sid cut them out – that's the hardest (ie time consuming) part.

Just found out today that Dr. would now like Sid to have surgery – if OK w/ his primary Dr. – perhaps next week.  Will keep you posted.  I may cut NYC trip short –  Knowing Lisa could take over decisions!!  Altho Sid insists he will have surgery w/out me here & I do have staff here happy to stay over at night. (extra $!)

Again Happy 47th!  I sure do fell lucky to be one of your daughters!

Much love,

Roberta & 

Items from Uible photo album