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1993 Roberta's postcard to Wendy - Aug. 29

Late August 1993 found Wendy quite excited about going to Scotland for her exchange student visit.  She stayed until December.  Here's the first post card she got from Roberta.  No clue about the aluminum foil in the bread question.  Transcription follows.
Greetings from OHIO postcard, mailed 1993.  Captioned: OHIO.  Nickname–Buckeye State; 1960 Population–10,731,000; Area in Sq. Miles–41,040; Entered the Union, March 1, 1803.
1993 Roberta's Ohio postcard to Wendy in Scotland - Aug. 29

[postmarked Aug 1993]
Hi How are you doing – anxious to hear how all is going.  DO write us soon!  Had any bread with Aluminum Foil in it lately?

Love, Roberta

Friday, August 30, 2013

1983 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 29

More of the red typewriter ribbon found in this letter from Oregon. Transcription follows.

Monday, August 29, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad, 

Hi!  I was just wondering where I got this paper.  Maybe from Roberta.  It is raining here this morning and according to the paper we can expect about three more days of the wet stuff.  This has been a very strange year weather-wise.

Our tomatoes have finally started to ripen at the rate of two or three a day.  Yesterday I picked three cherry, two yellow, and three regular.  I even had fried green tomatoes (for breakfast ) since I figure I can now sacrifice some green ones.  I got these wire "cages" for the tomatoes but the plants have gotten so big that two of them fell over cage and all and had to be propped back up.  I also cooked ones of our winter squashes last week but it was still pretty green inside.  It tasted very similar to acorn squash but they are growing more like green pumpkins.  We also have acorn squash but haven't tried on yet.

We had a good trip to Portland and explored some unfamiliar (to us) areas down town with Tim & Jody.  Wendy bought a skirt with a Care-Bears pattern on it which she thinks is really neat.  The highlight for Wendy was breakfast at McDonald's.  And Wendy cried when it was time for DeeDee to get on her plane.  They got along better than ever before this year.

Wendy just got up.  She says "I love you."  That's all she can think of to say.  She does better than than with a phone though.

Gerry was planning to paint the house this week but all this rain is changing his plans.  This is the last week that he will be working a split shift.  Because the Co-op was open from 7-7 during the summer he worked 7-3:30 one week and 10:30-7 the next week.  Next week it will be back to 8-5:30 but at least we will be able to go to lunch together again.

Got to close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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1973 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 29

This 1973 letter is written on the back of a "NEW FICTION FOR MAY, 1973" list of books with dotted lines connecting the authors and titles which can be seen in the background of the scanned letter, after a visit by Mom, Dad, Grandma, John and MV to Maine. Transcription follows.

Wednesday morning, August 29, 1973

Dar Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi! Received your letter of 8/22 on 8/27.  I am also enclosing a letter from Roberta which arrived on 8/23.  Things haven't slowed down much since you left.  The library is still short-staffed so we continue to work crazy hours.  Next week everyone will be back from their vacations.  The lady with the ulcers is going to be operated on next week and will probably be back to work sometime in October.  We've rehired a person who used to work part time to work part time while we're on vacation.  Otherwise it would be impossible for us to get awayx.

Doug and Debby Foote Faulkner stayed with us Sunday-Tuesday.  They have a week off and were going camping in the White Mountains.  They may stop again on their way home but that remains to be seen.  Bruce and Beth Morgan should arrive tomorrow for a stay before they take off for Europe.  They are going to leave their car with us while they are gone.  In addition to that Ardy Munro called last night from California and said she has some time off in the next 10 days so she is heading this way if the airline she works for has any flights into the area.  So we're continuxing to make use of our bedroom space.
We had a bad electrical storm early Tuesday morning and then in the afternoon there was a tornado warning but it didn't materialize, I guess a tornado did hit down in Massachusetts.

Sorry you left the toothbrushes here.  I'll send them to you if I get around to it.  Or maybe I should save them for the next time you come.  Mary also left her puppet.  We really enjoyed having you here so I hope you will plan on coming again f before 1996.  I found the yogurt recipe and I will try to remember to enclose it with this letter.  I made a batch after you left.  It came out OK but  a little on the thin side.  I couldn't find my gelatin so made it without and that would have made it a little thicker.  I forgot to mention that once you have made one batch you can use part of it to make the next batch.  However you want to buy some to use every third or fourth batch because the culture keeps getting weaker and weaker.

Thanks also for those clippings.  Both very interesting.  The stock market seems to be holding steady for awhile although I noticed where the prime lending rate went up again.  The guy in the grocery store told me that before too long bread will be selling for 75+¢.  Speaking of break I found that part of a loaf that was lost while you were here.  It was in the closet of the "office" upstairs.  I just found it yesterday--quite moldy.

Well, I better get some cleaning done while there isn't any company here to divert me.

Love, Catherine & X
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1963 Mammoth Cave Camping - Aug.

Summer 1963 included a group camping trip with the Shaffers and the Allens to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  The pictures of John and Serena are marked with a "developed" date of Dec. 1963 but the caption on the back of one indicates it was taken in August 1963.
1963 John & Serena cart ride possibly in Kentucky (uncaptioned)

1963 Serena & John at Lincoln's Birthplace, Hodgenville KY 
on way back from Mammoth Cave "USA" camping trip

Norma Allen provided the following memories of the camping trip:
  • I remember as if it were yesterday. Harold had brought a huge bunch of bananas. They looked as if they had just been picked from a banana tree. They also brought some tiny hot dogs. Probably bought at some wholesale place?  Later, after we had eaten, Caryl and I slept in the car, we had a station wagon. I was dozing off, and happened to look out the back window and saw three or four raccoons!  They were probably feasting on the bananas that Harold brought.  The raccoons scared me to death. I screamed, ran out of the car.  I jumped into the tent where the guys were sleeping.  I jumped on top of Jim, my protector, to rescue me?  It was hilarious.  Jim didn't know what to think!       To be continued.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1982 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 28

Roberta continues the back to school theme in August 1982, where she has signed up for two classes at GCC. Transcription follows.

Saturday AM –

Dear Family,

One week of classes over!!  Tho it wasn't a complete week since there wasn't a science LAB this week.  By the end of the semester in labs we will be "doing" a fetal pig!!  I'm not looking forward to all of that!!

How are all of you – Mary Virginia must be going to start school soon – what will her address be – we might want to send you a singing telegram – or something.

I've made contact w/ Flying E – of course – they remember the Uibles –– how we rode the horses, ate, etc.  And they would love to have us back.  No definite dates yet – but they will work us in after Christmas, between 25th-30th.

Starting in September I'll have more time off – Kay – the Gal that worked (stayed in our house while I was away in Ohio) will be paid by county to work every other weekend + 4 nights a month – from 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.  The weekends can be adjusted – to our convenience - i.e. - wouldn't have to be a weekend.

I've had to buy a better (more functions) calculator – for Algebra.  It's cheaper than the one I bought in Florida some 7 years ago for that Statistics course.  It used little hearing aid batteries.  We have our 1st TEST this Wednesday – and we will be able to use the calculators in class – during the TESTS.  So far I'm keeping up w/ what's going on in class, tho I'm sure it takes me longer to figure it all out than most.

The Biology class is hard to describe - the teacher talks so fast – and so much I'm not used to – that it's hard to keep up.  I'm going to start taping the lectures.

Now Sunday PM – Our A.C. went off yesterday - got up to 94ยบ in the house – rather warm – very hard on the dogs – I kept giving them ice cubes – thank goodness it did get fixed this A.M.

This last week for a few days we had no-one in the hospital – now we are back up to 2 people being there – One for surgery tomorrow a.m. – CANCER – exploratory.  Other one fell & hurt nose, etc. – Think she will end up being a nursing home placement.

I need to go – Biology & EOM Report calling me –

Love, Roberta

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1930s CJU Road Agreement & GHU Song List

What does a roadway landscaping agreement have to do with a list of songs?  In this case, Gladys made a list of songs on the back of the agreement.  Both are undated so dates listed are approximate.  The mention of a "man and team" sounds like the work may have done with a team of horses which would possibly place the road work prior to the 1930s.

The Ohio Department of Highways began operations in 1905.  The current District 8 which includes Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Preble, and Warren counties, was where CJ did most of his bridge-building work in the 193os.

The list of songs includes many of Grandma's favorites, probably followed by the page number from an unknown song book or list of songs.  Transcriptions follow.

c1930s CJU Road Work Agreement

c1940s GHU's list of songs

* * * * *

This agreement, made this _____ day of _________ A.D., 19____, between C. J. UIBLE, New Vienna, Ohio, hereinafter called the party of the first part, and __________________________________ hereinafter called the party of the second part.

Witness:---That for in consideration of payments hereinafter mentioned, to be made by party of the first part, party of the second part agrees to furnish tools and labor and perform all the work required in mowing the grass, weeds and underbrush on State Route No._____, _________________ County, State of Ohio, between the _____________________________

The rate to be ______ cents per hour for man with scythe, and _____ cents per hour for man and team with mower.

Specifications:---All grass, weeds and underbrush to be mowed form fence to fence and where there is no fence in place, mowing to be done full width of 60' right of way.  All mowing shall be cut within 3" of ground on berms and 6" of ground on the right of way opposite the ditches.  Care to be taken so as not to cut rose bushes or other shrubbery along roadbed.

First mowing of berms to be done during first week of June.

First mowing of roadbed, full width of right of way, to be done during first week of July.

Second mowing of berms to be done during first week of August.

Second mowing of roadbed, full width of right of way, to be done during first week of September.

Either party reserves the right to cancel the above agreement upon giving 10 days written notice.

In Witness Whereof, The party of the first part hereunto subscribes his name and the party of the second part has affixed _____ name.

* * * * *
GHU's Song List
[The numbered list is preceded by Juanita which must have been added after the numbering.]

  1. Juanita - 238/ Robin Adair -- 397
  2. Dixie 108
  3. Way Down on the Swanee River 374
  4. Coming thru the Rye 54 A. Fam...
  5. Just as the sun went Down 219
  6. After the ball was over - Special
  7. I offer you this hand of mine 229
  8. Oh you little Darling 382
  9. A soldiers farewell ---- 409
  10. Good bye my lover Good by -- 173
  11. West Virginia Hills --- 6-W.Va.Song
  12. Tenting on the old campground --- 73- W.Va. Song
  13. When Johnny comes marching home 516
  14. Old Kentucky home 320
  15. Two little girls in blue (2) Dad
  16. Captain Junks 73
  17. Kathleen Mavourneen 242
  18. Maryland, ----------- 317
  19. Home, sweet home 202
  20. America 12

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1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 25

Roberta has some pretty stationary on which she describes her early forays into personnel negotiations and plans for coming back to Ohio on Labor Day.  Transcription follows.

August 25, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi! Couldn't decide wheather to write or call you all up . . . . so finally decided I better write . . . . . it's just too easy now days to pick up the phone and call long distance.  (ho,hum)

I went on a pretty long bike ride tonight.  I stopped by Mrs. McGrew's house again, but as usual she was out riding her bike.  I did stop and talk to a neighbor woman of hers for awhile.  Not long after I got back the phone rang, and it was Mrs. McGrew.  We've made plans to meet next Tuesday and ride our bikes to Lantana to some restaurant so the sun won't be too hot.  I'll be really embrassxxassed if I get worn out and she doesn't !!  I guess she has ridden down there before and ate . . . . . she knows the back roads to take, etc.

I got two letters today.  One from DPL . . . . a duplicate check of one that I had lost last summer.  I'll have this one to the bank before I get a chance to lose it . . . . ha.  I also got my grade from Florida Atlantic . . . . . . . I got a "B" . . . . which I guess is pretty good.  Of course, I would have rather had an "A", but then I'm not complaining.  Now since I got my grade I feel more in the mood for gong down and paying my tuition.

Yesterday at work I went in to see Personnel to tell them the exact dates I would be gone.  I had told them some time ago that I wanted off during September, but nothing definite had been said as far as dates go.  Well, they told me I would have to terminate, and then when I came back I could be rehired as a new employee.  I told them I didn't like the sound of all of that.  Before I was done I was talking to the head of personnel and it's all worked out xxxx that I'll be gone on "leave of absense". [sic]  After six months you are supposed to get one week paid (according to how many hours, etc., you had been working) vacation . . . . . of course I'm about one week short of that !!!!

As for my flight home . . . . . . I have changed my reservations for the evening flight, for several reasons.  For one reason, the Hortons will all be gone so I'm going to have to ask someone at work to take me to the airport.  I think I would rather  ask them to take me at nine in the evening rather than seven in the morning.  Also I can save about fifteen dollars, won't have to change planes, as the evening flight is straight through . . . . just a stop in Tampa.  Now . . . . . I was thinking . . . . why don't you all plan on coming to the airport about eight or so the morning of the 3rd. (Monday)  That way I won't have to wait at the airport too long, and you all won't have to be awake and driving in the middle of the night!!!  I think that would be about the best idea.  We could meet near where the Delta tickets and stuff are sold.  Yes, how does that sound????  I guess you all won't have time to write back so maybe I'll call you after all eitherx next Saturday evening or Sunday.

Monday I'm going to take the Buick to a gas station.  I think it should have the oil changed also checked over for any ailments it might have.  It hasn't given me any trouble whatsoever, but I don't want it to either.  I think that Aunt Mary is looking forward to having the Buick to drive while I'm gone.

Yesterday was Rob's last full day at work, as he starts school on Monday.  He will just be going to school from seven till noon every day . . . . I think.  They (Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary and Rob) will be leaving Thursday evening for Atlanta and will be gone till Tuesday.  I'll just miss seeing Cris.  He'll just be home for about a week, the way I understand it.

I bought a new dress the other day.  I dont't know if I should bring xit with me or not when I come home.  It's sleeveless.  I read in the paper how it had been pretty cool in Ohio.  Of course after this hot Florida sun all summer, anything is going to seem cool to me.

I cooked enough fish up for tonight's supper and two more supper portions (at six ounces each) and one lunch portion.  I've got them all weighted [sic] out and then put in the little corning ware dishes.  Sometimes I feel like a scientist . . . . weighting out all my food, and everything.  I only have fourteen more pounds to lose now . . . but I'm afraid that is going to take an awfully long time, the easy weeks are over now.

Well, I better be closing.  It's getting late and I hope to get up and go to the beach tomorrow morning before I go to work . . . . don't have to be there until 11:55 on Sundays.  I like to go to the beach about eight thirty and stay for an hour or little longer . . . . . that way I still have plenty of time to getr ready for work, eat, etc.  I'll call . . . . . unless I hear from you all.

Love, Berta
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1973 Joe's Letter - Aug. 24

Joe writes a letter to Grandma from Senegal, August 1973. Transcription follows.

August 24, 1973
Dakar, Senegal

Dear Grandma,

I got your yellow stationary letter yesterday.  The day before I heard from my Mom that I hadn't written you and thanked you for my birthday gift.  I really feel bad about it.  I honestly thought I had written telling you that I had bought 2 art books in Dakar, one on Picasso's Blue Period and another on his later works.  Both are beautiful books with which I spend many pleasant hours reading and looking.  Please forgive my unintentional slip-up.  I don't think any relative would give me an "A" in letter writing this year!  Grandma, thanks for the money.

The drought has brought many problems in not having water but 8 hours a day running through your faucet.  There's been so much arid dust.  Fortunately, all that has halted with the abundant rains that we are having.  The corn and millet crops are tall and tasseled so next lear looks promising.

I've planted, myself, a vegetable garden with watermelons, beets, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce.  I have discovered it too hot for the lettuce and carrots but bearable for the others.  I planted spinach but nothing ever pop up.  The seeds must have been bad.

I'm not taking a vacation this year.  I'm somewhat tired of travelling!  Can you imagine that!  I've had a better time taking it easy at home, doing a lot of oil painting, going to movies and spending the afternoons at the beach – by the 3rd of September I hope to be teaching summer school for a month before the actual school year begins.

I'm looking for a buyer in order to get rid of my mobyletto.  It's three years old and looks like it.  As soon as I can sell it, I'm going to buy a new one.

I went to a "N'gente'" in Rufisque.  An aunt in the Drop family where I eat lunch gave birth to a little girl a week ago.  A Senegalese has only one birthday which comes one week after its birth.  The family puts up a tent in front of the house under which there are chairs.  There are lots to eat and drink.  One dish is called "lax" made of an oatmeal-like paste served with sour milk.  It's gooey because you eat it by scooping it up with your hand.  Of course there were cokes, and 7-ups to drink.  They seem to be at every social function in the world.  We had a good time.

Well my pen is running out – well-timed.  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.  Say hello to the Uibles for me.  Hope you're all felling fine.

Love, Joe
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1982 Roberta's card to GHU Aug. 23

Roberta sends this card to Grandma in 1982. Not sure about the connection with the T.V. spot. Transcription follows.

You meet all kinds of people on the road of life . . . wish they were all as nice as you!
Roberta's card to GHU August 23, 1982
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Hi Grandma!

I saw this card today & it reminded me of you & your T.V. spot!!

Went out shopping today for school supplies – I was sure surprised at the prices!  I just don't know how parents could afford to have children in school!!  My classes start tomorrow.

My first class starts at 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM.  That's the math class – then the Science class goes from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  Really happy with the schedule.  Only go to classes 4 days a week –

We are looking forward to your stay in Arizona.

Thanks to our 6 foot fence & Charlie's cage both dogs are under control.  You are really going to like Tobey – the Cocker Spaniel.

Hope you are feeling & doing fine ––

Much love, Roberta

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1983 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 23

Roberta was very faithful in writing to Grandma. Here's a letter written in August 1983.  Only four months until the wedding with Sid – when are we going to hear about that??  Transcription follows.

August 23, 1983

Dear Grandma,

Hi! I just got back from leading our new music group! Doesn't that sound funny – coming from me!?  Actually – it's a fun - Kitchen Band - and the gal who started it - and has been leading it - called me 15 minutes after the practice was supposed to start – to tell me she was sick!  About 8 of our people were ready & waiting so I went ahead!  Next week I'm sure the group will appreciate the real leader all the more!!

It was a quiet and busy weekend!  Saturday night the Church had a musical group – the Continentals from California.  I went – along with 15 of our residents.  It was really a nice evening – tho the music was so loud!  Even the people who usually complain about not being able to hear – complained about how LOUD it was.

then Sunday night was the last of the film series at the Church.  (Charles Swindoll's film) Twelve of our people went up for that.  The films have really been good.  There were six in all - and I was there for three of the films – that's real good for me!

Marian went up to the cabin today for the week – this is the last chance for her – except for weekends - with school starting!  She took all three of the dogs - so it seems REAL QUIET!!

Marian has gone on a real strict diet – so far she lost about 20 pounds.  It is just beginning to show – so I hope she keeps it up!  It really is hard for her to diet – since she loves her sweets!

I've lost the weight I gained going down the Mississippi River and in North Carolina & Ohio!  So my clothes now are fitting me better!!

The swimming too – I'm sure really helps me – as much as eating what is good for me!  For the 1st time I'm really TAN – maybe enough so it will last me thru the winter!

I'm sure looking forward to our January trip – it will be a nice MID-WINTER VACATION!  I'm sure happy about Mom & Elizabeth going on the trip too!  Real happy to have you coming out mid-December – and then to stay till 25th of January!!  It's especially nice for you to be out here at Christmas – with the family also going to be here!

I better be closing – wishing you my best –––

Love, Roberta
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1973 Sanker letter - Aug. 21

My memory of the Sankers during this time period is limited. Here's a summary of the Sanker family news and updates from New Cumberland. Interesting stationary.  Transcription follows.

Aug. 21, 1973

Dear Jean,

Thank you for stopping to see us -- I'm sorry we missed you and hope that you'll stop the next time you're down this way.  Here the whole summer has gone by and we haven't been in touch.  We hope it's been a good one for you.  did you go to South America, by the way?  How about some pictures?  If you're having a showing we'd certainly like to see them.

You were always so kind to inquire about and invite Mrs. Sanker that we knew you would be interested, but saddened, to know that she died on August 6.  She had been very ill in June, some type of virus, and was hospitalized for three weeks.  They were able to eliminate the virus but she had become so weakened that she was never herself again after that.  It was sad to see her change to an entirely different person.

Bill's sister had visited her for a week just a couple weeks before she died, so we felt that it must have been right to have things happen as they did.  She was buried in Cleveland.

Just the week previous, I had met Billy at our old home and we had gone over everything prior to its being sold to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mick, who now live in Ruth Garrison's house at the end of 2nd Avenue.  They have bought our house as an investment, and I guess will make two apts. of it.

Thought I don't get the Courier now, my brother sent it to me, and I noticed that Tommy Krena had died.  The article said that he had been living in Burgettstown, Pa., and working at Weirton Steel.

Lynn has been working all summer at the Ford Factory in Fairfax.  she had to join de Union, and she wore steel-toed shoes and her old blue jeans everyday.  She worked six days a week almost the whole summer, sometimes having to be at work at 5 A.M., such as this morning!  Her evenings were all spent in rehearsal for the Edgecliff College Summer Theater presentation of "Pirates of Penzance."  She had a minor lead -- just enough to give the color to her spare time.  She is going to transfer to Boston U. this year and will be going there Labor Day Week-end.

Lowell received his Driver's License in May (his official plastic one arrived on July 14 and it was stolen from the locked glove compartment in our car on July 16 when he and some other boys were in swimming.)  He has been doing lots of odd jobs all summer from janitorial cleaning to lawn care to picking grapes.

Bruce has a paper route now, and having celebrated his 13th birthday on July 31 and now a full-fledged teen-ager, he seems pretty grown up in some ways.

Lynn and I sang our first duets Sunday at Armstrong -- "I Waited for the Lord" and "All Good Gifts" (from GODSPELL).  It was fun to work on them together.

When Billy and I visited my Dad, he is quite well, and those nurses and aides at the Fox Home seem to take a real interest in him.  He's even eating chocolate, which he hasn't done in years, and smoking non-filter cigarettes.  Though he was a little confused on some things, he was really  quite himself.

One last bit of family news:  Diana had her second baby, a little girl, in July.  Sally is engaged to a 33-year-old German from Dusseldorf, but I'm not sure where they'll be living.  John and Paul are both in Miami attending the Univ. of Miami.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you again and hearing what all you've been doing, how Catherine and X like Maine, if Roberta is in Florida, if John went to Philmont, where Serena decided to go to college, and what all Mary Virginia's been dong this summer.  And did Harold grow strawberries?

Stop again, and I hope we'll see you soon!

With our love,  Jeanne
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 21

Roberta types a letter from Florida. Keep using the typewriter please, Roberta! Transcription follows.

 August 21, 1973

Dear Family,

We all enjoyed getting your letter and newspaper article on Cathy and X, along with the folder on Sanford.  Rob is all excited about maybe going to Maine this Christmas, he thinks he would be sure to see snow there!!!

Julie left yesterday after being here a little over a week.  It was fun having her here, and we got to do lots of things, even though I had to work several of the days that she was here.

It's less than two weeks now that I'll be coming home.  I can't believe how this summer has gone so fast.

The big news here is that the Hortons are planning on flying to Atlanta next Thursday then going with Cris to North Carolina for a few days and then driving back here in Cris's car.  It will be a nice little vacation for them.

I'm anxious to hear all about your time spent in Maine with Cathy and X.  I'm sure John enjoyed the donuts there.  Were they as good as the Dunkin Donuts in Florida????

I still don't know what grade I got out of the course I took at FAU this summer.  Next week I have to to down and pay the tuition for fall quarter.

Tomorrow I am going to weight watchers with Mrs. Exline.  I've had two bad weeks so am anxious to go tomorrow.  If I haven't lost any weight I'm going to be ready to write my own diet!!!!  I hope you have a shelf of weight watchers food for me when I get home.  Lots of fish, mushrooms, green-beans, etc. etc.

I had a really pretty card and note from Arlene Curtis the other day.  She said that her husband had bought her a used bike and she was joining the bicycle people.

Serena are you enjoying your time before you go to college??  I know that Earlum [sic] is a good school . . . . even though it is one that I haven't tried out!!!!

Julie told me that hamburgers are now . . . . well, this is hard to believe . . . . . . . . a dollar a piece at the restaurant!!  Talk about the high cost of living!!!!  While in Tampa we ate at a Morrison's cafeteria.  It was really good, we were both impressed with the way they carry the trays for you.  (also the food was really good!)  I stuck with my diet completely, just can't understand how I gained a half of pound!!

Well, it's getting late so I'll quit for now; will write a longer letter later.  Hope you all had a great trip back home.  Did you get our letters????  By the way, I had a letter returned to me today . . . . one that I had written Serena when she first went to South America.  Well, the intenion [sic] was good, I assure you!

Grandma – are you ready for a trip to California now?

Love, Berta
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Monday, August 19, 2013

1963 Postcards - Marianne & Weegie

A special week at the New Vienna Post Office in 1963 brought two postcards.  The postcard postage rate in 1963 was 4¢, though Marianne used a 5¢ stamp which was then the letter rate.  Those rates were in effect until 1968.  Marianne included the PO Box but not the zip code.  Transcriptions follow.

Lake Chautauqua NY Amphitheatre Postcard mailed 1963.  Captioned: The Amphitheatre, Chautauqua, N. Y. on Lake Chautauqua.
1963 Chautauqua postcard from Marianne - Aug. 19
[postmarked Aug 19, 1963]
Dear Catherine,
Having a nice time up here.  I've seen some symphony orchestras, plays, movies, recitals, and a style show and so forth.
How's N.V. and all that goes with it! Ha!
Received 2 letters from you.  What a surprise!
Should be back in Fla. around the 22nd.
Love, Marianne
Yacht Basin, Havre de Grace, Md. postcard mailed 1963
1963 Maryland Postcard from Weegie - Aug. 20
[postmarked Aug 20, 1963]
Hi, Cow!
I'm at my aunt & uncle's in Md.
Took a walk down to the bay.
It's cool here.
See you soon.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 17

Mid-August in Florida, Roberta writes a letter. Transcription follows.

August 17, 1973

Dear Family –

Hi! Another slow evening at work!!  So here I am writing a letter while sitting down watching T.V. – this is really wearing me out!  HA

I got your letter yesterday Dad - plus one today from Grandma - Thanks!

I've had a pretty busy week.  Julie came in – Sunday afternoon.  Early (5:00 A.M.) we took off on our "trip."  We spent Monday morning and evening at Disney World – the afternoon at the pool of the motel where we stayed!!

I – as before – really had a good time at Disney.  Somehow we seemed to be able to get alot more done than the last time we were there.

Tuesday morning we got up late (about 9:00 A.M.) took a swim for about an hour and then went to Tampa.  We saw quite alot in Tampa – like a cigar factory, Schlitz (sp?) brewery, where the Reds have Spring training, Busch Gardens, etc.

We stopped at a motel in Tampa that had a pool – so we also got in some good swims while there.  We got back to Lake Worth Wednesday evening about 10:00 p.m.  We really had a jam-packed three days!

Then yesterday (Thursday) I worked a big day (9:40-5:40) – last night we went to see the movie "Tom Sawyer" – it was really good.  Aunt Mary & Rob also went w/us.

I didn't have to be at work till 11:40 so we got up this morning and went out to the ocean about 8:30 – and stayed till almost 10:00.  The water was really Rough – about the roughest I've ever seen it!!

OH - Yesterday morning on my way to work I stopped to weigh in at Weight Watchers.  Now get this – I didn't lose – I didn't stay the same – NO – I gained a half of pound!! How distressing!!  The whole time I was gone I stayed completely 'legal' – (just eating what I'm allowed) and then I go & gain a half a pound!  Well – maybe next week will be a dynamic one!!

I'm glad it's all right w/you for me to fly into Cincinnati on Labor Day.  I just found out the other day that the store will be open Labor Day.  I swear – anytime this store thinks they can make a dollar –

We got in our Halloween cards today – wow – you wouldn't believe how many 50¢, 75¢ and $1.00 cards we got.  Very few 25¢ and 35¢ cards!!  I'm glad I don't send Halloween cards!!

I know you all must be having a good time in Maine.  I'll be anxious to hear all about it.  Maybe someday I'll make it up to Maine to see Catherine & X.

Sanford & Son is on now – it's really funny.  It's neat working (?) next to the T.V. Dept.

Well – I better close –

Love, Berta
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

1973 UMC Gogetters Aug. 15

Dear Harold & Jean

The Gogetter's Class of the United Methodist Church will meet on Wed. Aug 15th

Place: John & Marie Coopers  Time:  6:30 p.m.
for a Hawaiian Lua.

We are looking forward to seeing you . . . . . . . .
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Friday, August 16, 2013

1983 Family Letter Aug. 15

A letter written three days after the funeral services for Jean's sister, Virginia Ballantyne Dailey, "Aunt Virginia," who passed away on August 10, 1983, making Jean the matriarch of the Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne family line, a position she then held for 28 years until her death in 2011.

A two-page letter was an oddity, but this is an interesting description of Aunt Virginia's funeral and the relatives who were there as well as the more ordinary family and New Vienna news.  Paragraph breaks have been added and typos and misspellings have been corrected in an effort to make the family news more readable.

Monday -
August 15, 1983

Dearest Family -

Guess you have all heard by now that Aunt Virginia had a stroke Wednesday and passed away that evening.  Dad, MV and I drove up Friday.  The girls and Tom said that she had just lived for Maureen's wedding and really enjoyed all the activities pertaining to that.  She was having nutritional problems plus - was down to about 90 pounds.  The last time I talked to her - about two weeks ago I noticed that her speech was slightly slurred but before the conversation was over had seemed to be about normal.  It was good to see the family.

Bill and his wife,  Mary Pat, came Saturday morning so didn't get to see as much of them (& their or rather his two sons, Scott and Health, 10 & 13) Tom & Leslie have bought a home in Naperville, IL  west of Chicago & have already sold their Laurel, MD home & will be moving in September & are looking forward to living and working in that area - Leslie is a medical technician & hopes to get a position in that area.  Hope that we and Serena can get together with them on a future trip to Chicago.  Sarah has moved to Pittsburgh (from Oil City) & we didn't recognize her husband, Jim at first - he has really gotten gray.  Sarah, two children, Gretchen, 20 and Danny, about 15 were both there.  MV referred to Gretchen as a typical teenager!  She will be a junior at W.V.U.  Mary Ellen flew up from Charleston, S.C. but Tom and their two boys didn't come.  They had been in the midst of entertaining house guests from Maine.  She is still selling real estate but not conducting tours as it takes away too much time from the family.  Joe and Barbara drove from Gaithersburg, MD.  They are talking about coming to see us a year from this fall.  Joe works for the Bureau of Wts. and Measurements and even able to go home at lunchtime to walk their dog - Barbara works in the Pentagon.

I forgot to mention that Tom Dailey works for Crisco & shouldn't have to do as much traveling coast to coast as he was doing.  Both Sarah and Maureen are selling some kind of cosmetics - Nutri _____.  Bill is back working for the Dept. of Agriculture - something to do with people who give their stamp of approval on meat, poultry, etc.  He didn't find private practice of law the best way to make a living.  The boys weren't too happy to have to be wearing "real shoes".  Sneakers have gotten so acceptable any place I doubt if many people would have lifted many eyebrows.  Bill did tell Dad that the Catholic service was the instigation of the girls & not his idea nor likely his mothers.  None of the other Ballantynes got to viewing or service as they are either gone or too far away though they did send flowers.  Not many of Jim's family are around either - a sister-in law and a close cousin & a nephew & his wife.  All the visitors were either from the nursing home or the in-laws relatives.

We had planned to go see Aunt Virginia this Friday on our way back from northern Ohio where Dad has a meeting in connection with the commissioners and the extension services.  August 22 she would have been 69.
HH, JB & MVU 8/12/83 Before seeing Daileys for visitation for Virginia

Her funeral was at 9:00 AM so we went back to the motel and swam & then had lunch in a new shopping development transformed from the freight yards of the Pennsylvania and Lake Erie Rail Road.  It was really a bustling place.  The restaurant was rated as Extra Value and ** stars.  Enjoyed looking around afterwards.  Picked up a couple of gifts and other items.  There is a Dansk outlet (thought about you Serena but didn't know what you had in mind but they had alot of seconds as well as first quality merchandise).  Got a gift for Tim Schamaun and his bride to be.  Their wedding is to be August 28 in Westerville.  (Don't know anyone around here that might be invited except the Stan Fawleys (Jr.)  Think Marvin is at Oxford, Ohio but not sure.  At least the Marvin Schamauns and Greg & his family should be there. [Schamaun details follow.]

I thought that Dansk was made in Denmark but found things made in Japan primarily.  They did have some real nice things.  There was also an FAO Schwartz store there where we picked up a couple of things for Wendy's birthday.  Wondered later if they might be too advanced, especially one of them but they could be put away til later if so.

We enjoyed the trip in the van - really have plenty of room to spread out and even take a good nap if the road isn't too rough.  We specially like the cruise control on it.  It may have looked rather out-of-place in a funeral procession but we didn't have too much choice.

Mie Young stayed out at Hannah's while we were gone.  Her father has called several times from Los Angeles where her sister In Young is visiting.  It looks now like she will be going to school this fall in the LA area and staying with friends of her mother's.  They do have two children about her age.  Hope that Kim is able to make arrangements to move to the US soon.

Last night was the annual Sunday School picnic.  It was held at the church outside - beautiful evening.  We just had home made ice creams and desserts, which was a change from our usual after church picnic someplace in the area.  The Messengers sang afterwards in the sanctuary.

I went to school today and things are shaping up for the start with the teachers meeting next Monday and students' arrival on Tuesday.  This is the first year in ? years that there is to be only one first grade so Roseanna Wills Curtis will be teaching reading this year instead of 1st. unless there is a big influx of first graders before long.  Last year there was only morning kindergarten and Miss Shirley taught reading in the afternoon.

Hope that the Morgans enjoyed the rafting at least one day.  It was good talking to them on the phone yesterday.  Also Roberta and Serena on Thursday, and John & X on Friday.  Was surprised to hear that Steve Weiss is getting married in January to a girl that went to Cedarville College.  Is she from Ohio or the New Jersey area or where?

Mary Virginia showed roses, etc. at the county fair . . . the judge was quite talkative so M.V. got a number of points for next year.  The county fair had a good turn out with some 20M attendance.  The News Journal must love that activity for they had plenty to write and have pictures about.

Clyde Irwin [1918-1987] came to our rescue again as we were having some drainage problems in our back yard, found some roots in the line plus several broken clay tile, which Clyde replaced with plastic tile, so hopefully that will be trouble free for some time.  The Commissioners are involved in a drainage problem in Blanchester so last Monday we stayed over in Wilmington with your Mother and I eating at the new Chinese restaurant there and then going to Blanchester.  Had time to visit the library and then Jean went to visit some squ dance friends, while I dreamed for a breath of fresh air during the smoke filled meeting.  I am a poor politician.

After a three week dry period we finally got an inch of rain, which has greened up our yard and put some life back into our garden.  The raspberries are starting to yield again.  Our new patch across the street look great.

[Love, etc.]

* * * * *
Marvin Schamuan 1924-1998, Marvin remarried in 1977.
Joanne Wester Schamaun 1926-1976
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1993 Oregon Postcards - Aug. 11

Two postcards written after the 1993 Elderhostel trip to Ashland, Oregon.  Appropriately Roberta is sent a card from George Fox College, where she attended c1971.  Transcription follows.
Florence Oregon Coast postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: SAND DUNES FRONTIER, INC. Florence, Oregon.  A dune buggy on a scenic tour of the Oregon Coast.  We also offer sandrail buggy rides, a gift shop, arcade, and miniature golf.  Photo by Galen Chapman.
1993 Florence, Oregon postcard to Wendy - Aug. 11
Had good but scary ride on Sand dunes – like roller coaster without a track.
Look forward to seeing you real soon.  Met gal who had been an exchange student to So. Africa – had English accent now but really love it.  Also learned some Africaan.
Love to Mom & Dad
Much love, G'pa & Gma U.
George Fox College postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: ROSS CENTER - An independent Christian liberal arts college, George Fox College was founded in 1891 by the Friends (Quaker) Church.  Today, more than 30 denominations are represented on the 60-acre campus located in Newberg, Oregon.  The college has been named by U.S. News magazine as one of America's best colleges!  Pictured is the William and Mary Bauman Auditorium, which seats 1,150.  It is part of the Milo C. Ross Center, the home of GFC's Religion and Fine Arts divisions.
1993 George Fox College postcard to Roberta - Aug. 11
Wed 8/11 1993
Short stop here – no sox at all.  Gorgeous campus tho – had forgotten from1st time through.  Have had great 2 weeks –
Much love, Dad & Mother

1982 Roberta's letter Aug. 14

A long letter from Roberta which could/should have been posted last year during the "2" year but makes a late appearance now.  Transcription follows.


Dear Family,

Hi!! Greetings from the COOL PINE Country - we are up at the cabin for the weekend. Sure beats the heat down in the Valley! 

Have had alot of good fortune in renting out the cabin – have brought in just $500.00 in Rent.  That includes a male nurse & his family from Fountain Hills who plan to use it starting Monday thru Friday of this coming week.  Marian then will come up next weekend & stay for a couple of days.

Connie (the dog groomer) is moving into a bigger shop this next weekend – Marian has been busy painting, wall-papering, etc. for her.  AT least we get free dog grooming – for both dogs.

We have finished (at least I hope) making necessary changes for Charlie.  Put up a 6 foot fence all around the back, plus across the front between our house & next door.  Also got a CAGE for Charlie – a place where we can put him when he's too wild to have loose.

Both dogs really do love it up here at the cabin!

We sure hope that all of you that can – come out at Christmas time.  That would be great!  Flying E would really be neat.  Marian has heard all about it & would sure enjoy it.  I'll arrange for the time off – and have got babysitters for both dogs!

The county supervisors (commissioners) finally got their act together & got the budget approved.  All employees that have been w/ them 1 year as of Oct. 1, 1982 get a 5% raise.  (I started Sept. 21, 1981!!)  There is a freeze on hiring – interesting enough one our our aides (Lisa, the young red head) quit the same day – actually told me she was quitting that night before!

Ann is giving permission to hire new one since our aides came out of special grant $ – not the county general fund.  The Supervisors did give Sr. Village another lump of $ – about 50 Thou – which covers Ann's salary for another year and some $ for buying new appliances etc. in future houses.

Grandma's flight time is really good for me – I've already marked my calendar – just need to know what airlines.  Will you folks be flying out – or using the Checker?  Yes, I know what a conversation piece it is!  I'm glad to hear that you folks are getting good use of it!!

We are sure enjoying the Impala.  The grannies really liked it – I like the Radio & Marian really enjoys the use of the cruise control.  Will be sending the Registration on the Conversation Piece this week!

We had our private phone line taken out (938-1942) so now must use the business phone if you call 843-3008.  Trying to watch pennies – this way just have to pay for long distance calls.

Thanks to some gov't cuts it look like I have to pay for tutoring at school.  Marian will be able to help me some – but think it would be best for me to go ahead & get tutors form beginning in both courses.  Tuition is reasonable enough – $11 per hour – I'm taking 7 hours total - 4-Biology & 3-Algebra.  Have bought the books – the Biology is like a foreign language – and even the Algebra concepts (Basic) I've forgotten.  It doesn't scare me so much since I had alot of it in Statistics!  – (just 7 years ago!!)

Mary Virginia what are you taking this fall?  I bet you wish you could be out here – we could study together?!  What do you think of working Wells – 2nd shift this fall – or maybe Wilm. College would have evening classes you could attend & thus be able to work day shift.

Last week out of curiosity we went out & looked at some model homes – some builders now are "offering" 10% mortgages – but w/ putting minimum down – most house payments run between $800 to $1,000 per MONTH!!  Really makes me realize how many benefits I have in my present job!!

Did I tell you all about the county being given a 30 unit Apt. Complex – that has to be used for Sr. Citizen housing?  Ann is going to get that project going.

Sure would like for you all to bring your pictures (& stories) of your European Trip when you come out – I'm sure if you all would like to give  public presentation I could arrange it!!

WE had a group of our people go see the movie E.T. – last week – they really liked it.  Movie ticket prices out here are $4.50 – $3.00 for Senior Citizens.  Thru the credit union I can buy tickets $1.75 each – so we take advantage of those prices.  In July a group went to see On Golden Pond – not sure yet what the movie will be for month of September – How did you all like E.T.?

Did I tell you all about the Huge Shipment of donations we got from the Broadway Store?  We got lots of curtains – enough that we were able to put new ones in all the living rooms of the houses & alot of the bedrooms.  All of them were really nice – pretty – lined backings, etc.  Could hardly tell anything wrong w/ most of them.  Then we got alot of kitchen wear dishes – picture frames, etc.  Also alot of suitcases – Where a seam had come undone – or had scratch – about 20 comforters (for beds) – etc.

I called them up asking about the possibility of getting some donated tablecloths – and we got them plus about 30 HUGE boxes of other stuff!!

Haven't heard from the Morgans – I've sent them some pictures so am wondering if they got them or not.  But then I sent some to Serena & John – and haven't heard from their neck of the woods either.  I know letter writing time is not in the abundance.  Always glad to get caught up w/ the carbon copies!!

Speaking of the retired (or semi) did send some pictures to Ruth & Elizabeth.  Had notes from them back the same day – they must have got them out in the return mail.  I'm resting my camera now for awhile – but will have it ready to roll at Christmas Time!!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned about buying back from Dorothy Stubbs the Henda [?] Express.  (They were the 1st bikes we had – when we lived at 948 S. Alma School) – would go about 25 MPH.  I got the bike about 3 weeks ago & returned it this last week.  Just to dangerous to have in the city – where the going speed on 35th Avenue is 40 MPH.  It would have been ideal gas wise to use going back & forth to school (3.5 miles one way) but the 3 times I rode it over there – I feared for my life.  If the bike could keep up w/ the flow of traffic – it would be different.  So now the Stubbs have it again.  Thank goodness we had never changed $, titles, etc.  The bike now has some 5,000 miles on it  and going great!!  Maybe Mar Virginia would like it for around the college!!

Our storage room was broken into – last week.  Happened at night – the same night I had to call the paramedics for someone.  So I've been dealing w/ the police & Ins. people.  Most of the tools – drills, etc. – were taken.  We are getting a hard-core door & dead bolt put in.  The Ins. People are hard to deal with – they want receipts, pictures, etc. – will let you all know how we turn out ––

We've had a rash of people in the hospital – up to 4 at one time.  That keeps me busy because I try to go in & see them on a regular basis.

I'll be closing – hope you all can read my scribbles – let me know about the Christmas plans – as soon as you all firm them up.  We've got plenty of room.  Mary Va sure has a nice long Christmas break.  I'll be out Dec. 13th.

Much love, Roberta.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - Aug. 13

Continued use of the red typewriter ribbon shown in this 1983 letter. Transcription follows.

Saturday, August 13, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! What's new in Ohio?  Madras is celebrating the Jefferson County Fair this weekend which is THE big event here.  I took the girls on Thursday evening as it was family night at the carnival with reduced prices for the ride tickets.  They really enjoyed that.  We are all going to go later this evening after Gerry gets home from work.  This morning was the parade which seemed better than usual, although that is not saying much.

Wendy has been enjoying having DeeDee here.  She flies back to S.D. on the 22nd.  We will probably be going to Portland on Sunday and staying overnight with our friends Tim & Jody who moved to Portland.  That way we will be able to see a little of Portland and it will make the trip a little easier.

Then there will only be two weeks before school starts.  We should find out in the next week or so whether Wendy will be able to go to Madras to Kindergarten this year.  We are requesting that she go to Madras so that she will have a different teacher since there may be alot of negative carry over from last year if she has the same teacher which would be the case if she goes to Metolius.  We had her tested again by the school district in May to see if there had been any improvement in her problem areas which showed up last fall.  They showed relatively little improvement and still lots of problems with hand-eye coordination which affects her ability to print and do numbers.  They suggested she have her eyes tested so I took her to the eye Dr. last week.  He said that her vision is good but her ability to follow an object with her eyes is way underdeveloped which of course is why her eye-hand coordination is not good.  This could be just slow in developing or something that she has just not had any interest in doing or ???.  We have already given our approval for the school district to give her special help with this so hopefully she will soon catch up to where she should be.  And of m course there are some ways we can help by playing toss the ball with her, and doing dot-to-dots etc.

I've been eating lots of peaches as they seem to be in their prime about now.  Gerry got some really cheap through someone at the co-op.  I read in the paper where this is supposed to be a really good year for them.  I'm still waiting for a our tomatoes to turn red.  I did pick and eat one cherry tomato but none  of the others have ripened yet.  The squash is very prolific but still have more blossoms than actual squash.  We have one winter squash plant and two acorn squash.  I guess I should say hill instead of plants as each hill has several plants.

We bought six gallons of stain (or was it 8?) in hopes of getting our house painted this fall.  It is really beginning to show signs of needing it, especially the front.  That will use up a couple of weekends.

Wendy is in hopes of continuing going to the babysitters after DeeDee leaves instead of going back to Day Care.  The babysitter, who lives about two blocks away on 1st St. babysits up to 8 girls at a time and it is much more of a home atmosphere.  It is a little more expensive but at least with Wendy in school half a day soon there will be less hours per week she will be in need of care.

The Methodist Church is having their Bible School the 22nd - 26th of August.  It was originally scheduled for June but got cancelled due to lots of conflicts and lack of teachers.  Wendy will probably be going if I can work out transportantion with someone.

Well, I better close.  Gerry will be home from work soon and we need to get ready to go to the fair.

Love, Gerry, Catherine, DeeDee & Wendy
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1983 Roberta's letter - Aug. 13

Clue in this letter about going down the Mississippi, probably refers to the recent trip Roberta took with Grandma.  Transcription follows.

August 13, 1983

Dear Family,

Have started to call several times – but each time some sort of 'something' happens.  Might try to call tomorrow AM – but want to get the pictures – etc in the mail!

I did copy the pattern of the Christmas bags – and made several out of scraps getting the pattern the way I was happy with it!  Wait till  Christmas – they sure beat wrapping packages!  Thanks for the loan – so I could make the pattern!

Did some summer clothes shopping yesterday.  Bought some nice black walking shorts 2/ a nice top, the shorts had been $24.00 – they were on sale for $5.99 – and the blouse had been $38.00 – and it was marked down to $9.99.  I'll no doubt be taking them cruising.  This time of year there are so many good summer clothes bargains – I just hate to turn them down!

I've lost the weight I put on going down the Mississippi + on vacation.  Would like to keep my weight about where it is now –

Anxious to hear how the trip went to Pittsburg – & about the service for Aunt Virginia.  I'm sorry that I don't live closer - to be able to have gone to the service – and to be able to have seen her while she was alive.

The Church where I've been going has had the series of films by Charles Swindoll – Improving Your Serve.  Have seen 4 of the films & they really are good.  Alot of our residents have been going too - they have also enjoyed the films.

Have you all read Robert Schuller's new book – Tough People Times Never Last - Tough People Do?  I have & thought it was very good.

I'm trying to be 'tough' in regard to M.  I'm tired of trying to "walk around" the house like on egg shells - she has been increasingly more touchy - really can make it very unpleasant.

I think we would be better off to go our separate ways – tho it would be a huge hassel [sic] w/so much "common" property.  Right now she would have all to lose $ wise - since here, no Rent, utilities, etc.

I've tried to talk w/ her - but she isn't easy to "work" things out.  There have been some improvements since I mentioned going separate ways.  M has so many good points – I'll keep you all posted.

Now Monday AM – will get this in the mail –

Much love, Roberta

PICTURES – are for you all to keep.  Sending some extra of Dad, Aunt Mary & Grandma – for you all to distribute –

I'll be glad to have extras made of any others – just let me know.

Sorry it has taken so LONG for these –
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1983 Roberta's letter to Grandma - Aug. 13

Weddings are mentioned but still no mention of Sid, whose wedding with Roberta did occur in December 1983.  Perhaps the wedding reference is to Cris & Angela's wedding which took place in the summer of 1983.  Transcription follows.

August 13, 1983

Dear Grandma,  

I'm sorry !  That it has taken me so long to get these pictures together & to you.  These are for you to keep - please have someone put these in your photograph album.  Don't (please!) put them in an old box or envelope - for me to find in a few years!

I've really enjoyed going over all the memories of the trip.  It was sure a fun trip – once we both got over the sock of the small state room!!  Wonder what the room will be like on the Caribean [sic] (spelling?) trip in January!

You will be coming out in just more than 4 months!  I'm sure happy you will be here for the length of time you will be!!

Catherine & family will be able to see you both in California & here in Arizona the 1st week of January.  They are sure happy about that.

You can eat your lunches with our people at Senior Village.  They will like that!  We will be able to spend a few days shopping.  (Tho – I'm [not?] sure if you'll need to buy a dress for a wedding next summer!!)

And of course the dogs – with three – there is always plenty of entertainment!

I'll keep your ticket – airplane ticket – till after you go to Florida.  If the prices go down & I'll trade & send you some money back!

Hope you enjoy the pictures - as much as I do!!

My very best –––

Much love, Roberta
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Monday, August 12, 2013

1973 Walkers thank you - Aug.14

After having supper at the Uibles in August 1973, the Jack Walkers (most likely Virginia) wrote a thank you note. Transcription follows.

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[August 1973]

Dear Uibles,

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable evening.  The dinner was delicious and our guest was very impressed with you all.  It was nice of you to entertain her (and us) in your home.

The Walkers

Sunday, August 11, 2013

1983 Kate Foster letter - Aug. 10

Kate Foster, a childhood friend of Jean's from New Cumberland, writes a letter and the envelope includes the pictures shown below.  From the reading of the letter, the pictures may have been taken at a time after Aug. 1983.  Gerry and I enjoyed several visits with the Fosters during the last 25 years.  Prior to moving to southern Arizona, the Fosters lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan where Milt was a professor of English at Eastern Michigan University.  Transcription follows the pictures.

Milt Foster & HH 1983

HH & Milton Foster 1983

Milt & Kate Foster 1983
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[postmarked 10 Aug 1983]
Dear Jean and Harold -

We will soon be on our way to Alaska and eagerly so because we've read Micheners Alaska and will look at everything with some idea of history and geography – and we will both relish the respite from a long, hot summer. - We've known several other couples like you who have enjoyed Elderhostel such as you described in Oregon - Someday we will have to try that, too.

Our summer has been full of swimming hiking seeing good movies (Like Chocolate, Like Water (Mexican), Line of Fire, Dave, Sleepless in Seattle), good books, good times with family - and trying to keep informed about what's going on nationally & internationally, and some letter writing.

We had one very nice week-end camping trip with our son and his daughter in an utterly beautiful spot, miles form anything or anyone, excepts some cows, in the San Rapheal Valley, very near the Mexican border.  My enthusiasm at the end of the trip more than made up for my lack of it in the beginning.

And just I began to feel completely passed by, by what was and was not happening within our church, we attended a Forum before our 10 o'clock service and found meaningful friends and leadership there.  Our new rector arrives Sept 1, and we have some reason to hope that he might be what we are looking for - or at the very least allow the Forum to resume its meetings under the leadership of the frail, but very dedicated & scholarly priest/university professor who had been leading it.

We should keep on trying to get together sometime here in Arizona - or elsewhere.  Let us know if you have any ideas.  Milton has tried out for the next play The Foreigner (by Larry Shue) which will be running in the middle of November.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got a part.  He will have more free time, after the play but whenever you can come we'd love to see you.

Love, Kate

Items from Uible photo album