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2002 Wendy's Postcard - Oct. 30

Wendy was not having the best month ever.  She got hit by a truck among other things.  Transcription follows.
Garfield Camp Disaster aka my life Postcard
2002 Wendy's Postcard to her parents - Oct. 30
Well the move is complete!  Okay so everything is out of the apt and all my crap is at assorted valley locations.  Thanks for all the help & support especially this last month and also the last 25 years or so.  That goes to you both.  So thanks for putting up with me.  Love, Wendy

[You're welcome, Wendy!  It's been a privilege and an honor.]

Saturday, October 27, 2012

1972 Grace's letter from Seattle - March 6

Chaulita "Grace" Mejia, a Lions Club youth exchange student, stayed with the Uible family during January and February 1972. This letter was included with a thank you card.  After her time in Ohio she went to Seattle where she experienced a different type of American life. Thanks to Serena for the transcription, which follows, and additional information.
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Mountlake-Terrace March 7, 1972

Dear Mom and Dad; Serena, John, Mary.

We arrived to Seattle at 3:30p.m. We had a wonderful trip (a lot of food, but not “ICE CREAM”) ja, ja. Our families were waiting for us at Seattle Airport. We found a lot of people, among them also a couple of girls from Peru that came from Indiana and are staying at [in] Seattle.

I am not staying with Mr. Dick Hyman family because he wanted a boy instead of a girl (he has two sons) so he changed with the family that I am staying [with] now. My father’s name is James Grazini. He has a daughter Pat, she is 20; a son that lives in Seattle (not with us) and twins, they are 9 years old.

Really, I miss you very much. I felt so good being with you, I felt like being with my family. I am looking for the day that I can meet you again. I hope that it can be before 1980 that is so far from now.

My new address is:

[not included here]
Washington 98043

Mrs. Grazini is from Canada so she is planning to take me one of the coming week-ends to Vancouver, that will be marvelous. My uncle talked [to] me so much about Vancouver, that I am anxious to go.

Hoping to hear from you soon.
With love
Chelsty (?)

P.S. Many regards to everbody at “New Vienna City”

* * * * * * * * * *
From Serena:
I do recall that Grace's "real" given name was/is Chaulita. I don't remember how she came to be called Grace - certainly not a translation of the word "grace". Chaulita would have been tough for a lot of North Americans. According to English "rules" it is difficult to pronounce and spell. The name at the bottom - Chelsty? - is probably a family/close friend nickname for Chaulita. I can't say I remember the nickname at all. I do vaguely recall calling her Chaulita.

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2002 Wendy hit by truck - Oct. 8

Email (abridged) from Catherine to family three days after Wendy was hit by a delivery truck while in a crosswalk on campus at ASU-West.

Sent: Friday, Oct. 11, 2002
Subject: Wendy home from hospital

Good morning!  I feel slightly less pressed for time this am as Wendy is home from the hospital so we won't be spending the day in and out of the hospital doors.  The service levels at John C. Lincoln weren't quite up to the personal levels of the Chestatee Hospital in Dahlonega [where Jean had hip replacement during family reunion in July 2002] but that is a little far to go for trauma treatment!

Thanks to all of you for the calls and encouragement.  I know Wendy is appreciative of the attention and best wishes.  She has talked to Joe twice and he certainly has some experience with recuperating from an accident.  She has a follow up appointment with the trauma Dr. next week, and one with the orthopedic Dr. in two weeks.  The trauma Dr. said therapy is not necessary.  She just needs to put weight on her leg as the pain and discomfort allows and in only 3 or 4 months she'll be back to normal.

We did pick up a copy of the police report so we have the details and the witness reports.  Wendy was 16 feet into the intersection when the pipe delivery truck hit her so it wasn't like she stepped off the curb in front of him.  The driver admitted to being distracted as he wasn't sure where he was supposed to turn and he was looking left as she approached his vision from the right.  She was thrown 7 to 10 feet after being hit but her backpack (there is some advantage in wearing a heavy backpack) may have absorbed a lot of the force of her landing.  It didn't prevent the pelvic and sacrum fractures however!  Thanks goodness he wasn't going any faster and the injuries were not life threatening, only temporarily life-style changing!

Dee and Jessica are coming to visit this weekend so that will help cheer Wendy up as she always enjoys seeing them.  And Dee probably will be glad to have a couple days off from the rest of the kids.

Dad, did you read the article about bacon from the frying pan to a $23 entree in the WSJ?  The entree they were talking about sounded totally disgusting – of course anything with meat doesn't sound that good to me!

Love, C & G

* * * * * * * * * *

This accident was a temporary setback for Wendy at ASU-West as she had hoped to graduate that year.  The school did refund her tuition for the semester since the accident happened on school property.

I still remember when we got the phone call about the accident, rushed to the scene, and found the ambulance had already taken her to the hospital.  We did have a short conversation with the truck driver who was quite distraught.  I have wondered how that accident affected his life.

Another recollection is when we got to the emergency room, Wendy made me smile by complaining about how the hospital staff had ruined her jeans by cutting them off her.  The long term effects of her accident include aches, pains and early arthritis in the areas bruised.

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Lucile Reynolds, Part 2

In a previous post about Lucile Reynolds there was a misspelling of her name in the title (Lucille instead of Lucile).  I am also adding the unknown information listed below to the original post, which can be found here. http://uible.blogspot.com/2012/10/1972-lucille-reynolds-letter-oct-24.html.
Serena Uible Reynolds (sister of CJ Uible) and "the four little kittens" Helen, Marjorie, Serena, Lucile.  Blanchester, Ohio 1919, before Leslie's birth.  Though the previous is the way the picture was labeled, Lucile, being the youngest daughter would be the third from left, and (the younger) Serena on the right.

As far as I can determine her name has always been spelled Lucile rather than Lucille.  This includes the following sources:

  • California Birth Index, 1905-1995
  • 1930 US Federal Census
  • Social Security Death Index
  • The letter written on Oct. 24, 1972 (above)
What I was not able to determine:
  • Was Hunnicut her last name from a previous marriage, or was it Ito's last name?
  • Details about Ito
  • 1920 census details
  • 1940 census details
  • Was she an artist?  Ran an art gallery? 
  • When did she move to Hawaii?
  • Assume she had no children.  Was she close to any of her nieces or nephews?

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1972 Lucile Reynolds letter - Oct. 24

A letter from the side of the family from which we have not yet seen much correspondence. More about Lucile if I can find it.  The letter is postmarked from Hauula, Hawaii on Oct. 26.  Return address is a post office box, Hunnicut Art Gallery, Hauula.  Transcription follows.
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Oct. 24 [Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1972]

Dear Jean and Harold,

Thank you again for visiting us – We will enjoy visiting with you again when you arrive in Aug. of 1974!

Thank you for taking the little paintings to Aunt Gladys and Mary.  Hope they enjoy them – So good to know they are all well and all about them.

Ito and I were married on Saturday, Oct. 7th 5:00 pm in Kawaiahao Chapel [in Honolulu] – the oldest church in the Islands.

Hope we are happy!

Love you, Lucile and Ito

* * * * * * * * * *
Reynolds Family at CJU house c1940.  Serena Uible Reynolds, Les, Margery, Serena, Gladys Hiestand Uible. Front: Helen, Harold Hiestand Uible, Lucile.  Barn in right background site of medical building (Dr. Fullerton's office) in 1955.

Lucile Reynolds Hunnicut was born February 10, 1916 in Kern County, California, the fourth of five children of Leslie Clinton and Serena Uible Reynolds.  Her older sisters were Helen (Hancock) 1910-1963,  Marjorie (Guild) 1912-1994, Serena (Pugh) 1914-1968.  Her younger was brother Leslie Jr. 1922-1998.  Lucile died in Hawaii at the age of 93 in 2009.

* * * * *
As far as I can determine her name has always been spelled Lucile rather than Lucille.  This includes the following sources:

  • California Birth Index, 1905-1995
  • 1930 US Federal Census
  • Social Security Death Index
  • The letter written on Oct. 24, 1972 (above)
What I was not able to determine:
  • Was Hunnicut her last name from a previous marriage, or was it Ito's last name?
  • Details about Ito
  • 1920 census
  • 1940 census
  • Was she an artist?  Ran the gallery? 
  • Assume she had no children.  Was she close to any of her nieces or nephews?

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1972 Tatt Ballantyne Fisher letter - Oct. 23

Jean receives a letter from her cousin, Mary Elizabeth "Tatt" Ballantyne Fisher (1906-1993) with sad news. Since the salutation includes Ginny we can assume Aunt Virginia (Ballantyne Dailey) is visiting New Vienna at that time.

More details about some of the people mentioned can be found after the transcription.  Transcription follows:

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Mon. Eve. [October 23, 1972]

Dear Jean and Ginny,

How nice of you to invite me over to your home – but I just can't make it.  Bea & her husband are here and have to go home on Wed.  They sold their car and I have to take them home.  Both are in late 70's & I "sort of" look after them.  I thought we could drive out, stay at a motel & it would be an "outing" for them, but Bill is getting over a broken hip & we decided the drive would be too hard on him.  I really would enjoy a "get together" with you two, and I have a trip to make to Bethesda, so maybe I can see you then, Ginny.

Did you know Natalie & Norman lost their daughter, Mary Jo?  She had an aneurysm over her left eye.  Lived 10 days, didn't know them towards last – 34 years old.  Left children, Renee, 13 yr., Scott, 10 & Eric 7.  They are pretty broken up over this.  She lived in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  They are so embittered toward God now, so I'm waiting awhile before going over.  Her husband has no housekeeper doing for them himself.  He's in service – a major.  Love, Tatt

[written at top]  Mary Jo buried at Arlington National Cemetery

* * * * * * * * * *
Tatt, born 1906, was the middle daughter of Charles Alexander "Alex" and Mary Conley Ballantyne.  She lived in New Cumberland most (if not all) of her life.  She married Fred Bradley Fisher (1900-1964) also from New Cumberland.  Three of her four children are still living and I am in contact with her daughter Natalie.  The nickname "Tatt" carried over from her childhood when her younger sister Natalie could not pronounce Elizabeth.

Alex – Tatt and Natalie's father – was a younger brother of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne.  Nathaniel was the grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.  The common ancestors would be Alex and Nathaniel's parents, our great-grandparents, Alexander Bell and Irene Freeman Ballantyne.  Read more about Alexander Bell Ballantyne here: http://uible.blogspot.com/2012/01/alexander-bell-ballantyne-1842-1885.html

Tatt's sister, Natalie Virginia Ballantyne Kessel Parsons (1909-2000), is mentioned in the letter as having recently lost her daughter.  Natalie is also the mother of a second cousin most of us have met, Kenneth "Pat" Kessel, though he is a child from Natalie's first marriage and the Mary Jo mentioned was the daughter of Natalie and Norman Parsons.  Natalie had two children with Kenneth Kessell: Pat and Gretchen, both survive.  With Norman Parsons she had four children: Mary Jo, Dickson, Robert & Thomas, only Thomas survives.

Tatt and Natalie had an older sister, Anna Irene (1904-1981).  Anna married Charles Cline and had eight children including a set of twins.  Their daughter Mary Frances Pizella Gavey, is the one who organized several family reunions in the late 1990s and produced several booklets about family history.  She now lives in New Jersey and I am also in contact with her.

Mary Elizabeth "Tatt" Ballantyne Fisher died in 1993, at the age of 87, after falling and breaking her hip.

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1982 Family Letter - Oct. 19

Family letter from mid-October 1982. Transcription follows.
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Tuesday -
October 19, 1982

Dearest Family -

In between John's birthday and Dad's – glad to hear that John had a nice one – we missed it by one day but closer than we have been for quite a few years - probably since 1973 when he was at home. Think he was surprised by your call, Catherine, and your card, Serena – that was thoughtful. Doesn't seem possible that he has reached his quarter century milepost.

We were really shocked to get a telephone call from Beverly Gooding last Monday night asking us if we had heard about Dr. Schnebly. He drowned in a jacuzzi in a hotel in Tennessee – don't know many of the details – he was buried in Mount Vernon, Ohio where his mother still lives. He had never married.  [Frederic C. Schnebly, 1923-1982, he served in the army 1943-46]

Sunday we attended two anniversary celebration. Bonnie and Don Waters renewed their vows at the Mt. Olive Church. Linda preceded the couple who had originally stood up with the Waters when they eloped – and Dick really surprised them coming in quietly and joining them at the altar after saying that he had not been able to come from wherever he has been stationed. From there we took off for the Elks Club in Wilmington to attend the Bill and Ethel King's 40th anniversary. After visiting some people at Wilmington Health Center (previously called Extended Care) and the hospital we visited briefly with Mary Virginia to check about her plans to sing at the Hospital Guild meeting.  [Ethel Purcell King 1916-2000, taught 5th grade in New Vienna, daughter of Alonzo and Exie Blanche Smart King, she was born in Adams County.]

Over twenty-four hours have passed since I began this – we picked up Grandma at the airport last night after three nice weeks with Roberta in Phoenix. She enjoyed her visit. The dry warm weather has ended and its getting much colder and wet as well. Most of the leaves are still on the trees which is most unusual for this time of year but they will be falling fast now. Saturday night we had our first freeze of the year and it was a record 22ยบ.

Had Mrs. Clem last Monday to help clean the storm windows and get them up after washing the regular ones – thought I might be a bit premature but glad now that the weather has turned cold.  I'm already looking forward to Indian summer and SPRING!

We really have been surprised with Serena's correspondence this fall and glad to hear that she likes her legal assistance courses – especially the research.  And Roberta is doing REAL well in her algebra course which she takes at 6:30 in the morning.  Also Wendy enjoys getting happy faces on her papers – anxious to see her and the Morgans.

We plan to leave for Pittsburgh this Saturday and will see Aunt Virginia and then fly on to New York on Sunday for a few days.  We'll pick up the car in Pittsburgh and then on to Columbus and will see John and X for a couple of hours and then on home that night.  Any special requests while we are in New York? – don't plan anything special – hear the musical, "CATS" tickets go for $30-$50 each.  There's plenty to do and see without spending that much.

[Love, etc.]

1992 Aunt Mary's Letter - Oct. 23

Good to hear from Aunt Mary – even if it was written 20 years ago.  Interesting details about Chad & Cameron too.  Wonder where the typewriter was or if she thought she would just write a short note?  Transcription follows.
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Oct 23rd [1992]

Dear Harold & Jean: –

Thanks for your card from Hong Kong.  Was the water rough?  The boat [perhaps pictured on a postcard] had an unusual "sail."

You will be home for your birthday?  Or resting up from the flight home?  Whatever?  You're one year older!!  So enjoy it ... the years are flying by (especially when you hear my 80's coming up!) Had a letter from Anna's (Josse H) son and she died Oct. 13th., a massive hear attack on 10/9.  In her OB, it stated she was at the Stanford IL PO until she retired in 1964.  [Can anyone enlighten me about who this is – Horton relatives?]

Now on a happier note, we're eating out at the Piccadilly & then going to Chad's T-Ball game at a Park, West, on Forest Hill Rd.  (ages 6-5&4).  It's awfully windy --- last  days --- like a "North Easter."  Haven't driven to Beach to see high waves.

Sunday, Cameron gets baptized & we'll be Catholic for a Sunday!  She's having a "brunch" afterwards.  Uncle Ray & Aunt Helen [presumably Cindy's relatives] are flying in from Green Castle and God Parents will be there.  (Haven't been to this church --- South (?) of them.)

Cindy brought the boys over Wed. AM.  Cameron is cute!  Good lookin' kid!  He's now 3 months.  What lungs --- when he cries!  Chad is "hyper" --- investigating and wants to see everything!

G'ma seemed okay when we left on 10/16 --- sleepy and alert days!  Sadie will catch you up!  Could not make connections w/MV  --- hope we can next May!  (Say, I forgot to turn the Frig back, so please check!

Had a good time in Atlanta – Marge a "blank."  She had dinner w/us in the Main dining room.  She looks beautiful --- but no talk – Mike puts silver ware in her hand & then she feeds herself.  He is really tied down!  [Relatives of Uncle Bill?]

The leaves were colorful through OH, KY & Tenn!  Our air conditioner motor had frozen up – got a new one today.  Now, the ceiling in front room needs paint!!

Would like to hear about your trip!

 [written on the side margin]  Love, Bill & Mary ... Did you go away just to miss the election "Hoopla?"  But then, on your card you said you were watching the debates.  How about the comedian part?

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1992 Roberta's Letter to GHU - Oct. 18

Roberta keeps the letters arriving in Grandma's mailbox. Transcription follows.
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October 18, 1992

Dear Grandma,

I just read in the paper how COLD it is in Ohio!  Below freezing!   Hope you are warm enough – no wonder the Hortons went back to Florida!  Aunt Mary is like me – she gets COLD!  I just got my ticket to come to Ohio in November.  I arrive on Friday the 13th in about 3 weeks!  Do you think it will warm up by then?  Can I borrow your winter coat – unless you need it.

Sid leaves Tuesday for his trip back to South Bend, Indiana.  That is where he lived and worked for 23 years!  South Bend is about 2 hours from Chicago.  It was the home of Studebaker automobiles.  Do you remember those cars?  South Bend is also the home of Notre Dame – the Catholic University.

Sid's youngest daughter and her family still live in South Bend.  Judy – who you met in Arizona – you might remember what a good loud voice she has – typical for a school teacher – Judy teaches 6th grade.  Mrs. Everett Penn – Mary Etta Penn was my 6th grade teacher.  I'll never forget how I had the same 3rd grade teacher that Dad had – Martha Woodmansee.

Speaking of school I've been busy with my 2 classes.  The reading is the hardest part – between reading slow and have a hard time remembering what I read!  Sid is a BIG help – he is my official typist – helps so much!

We had pizza tonight for supper – do you think that is on my diet?  With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up should I wait until January to start my diet?

I hope you and Sadie are both doing very well.  If you want a cat I bet Sadie could get you one.

Sid will be in Indiana 10 days – when he got out the suitcase the cats got upset.

Hope you are eating/drinking enough – all the vitamins and minerals you need!

Much love, Roberta

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2002 Emails - Early October

There are an plethora of emails in the files which have been ignored for awhile.  Here's one Mom wrote in 1992:

From Uibles @db9565...
Sent: Tuesday, Oct. 01. 2002 2:15 PM
To: Family
Subject: Re: Morgans in NV

Dearest Family:

The Morgans called this morning from the airport getting there in plenty of time after spending the night with the John Uibles.

We were just ready to leave for my last therapy lesson [after hip replacement in Dahlonega, Georgia during July reunion] and I hated to hang up on her but Dad was sure we'd be late.  (We weren't cause I had to wait for Lisa for a few minutes admitting I hadn't been using my cane but she said I had been doing well, considering I had improved on each of the things she had been working with me on.)

Anyway the time went so fast when the Morgans were here and we didn't do all the things we had hoped to do while they were here.  But they will have to come back with more ideas either for the next class reunion or before would be better.

Enjoy hearing from Roberta and Mary V. but their letters don't come often enough   I've thought how much Serena would enjoy meeting the [David?] Uibles when we get together with them a week from Saturday.  So far we haven't been able to talk any one to go with us but the Buffalo farm should be interesting.  Were any of you here when they were here before?  It's not too late if she should decide to come, I'm sure.

We ran into the Walter Nichols at lunch today and they told us they have moved into the Cape May – they still have their house at Westbrook and stay overnight there so don't miss church there.  Think we could commute from Sun City to New Vienna?  We really aren't serious but glad they can work it out.  Walter Nichols is the one that had the orchestra when the Hortons had their 50th anniversary and we recall some of the grandchildren being a "pest" to the orchestra.  He was classmate of Mary Horton and Grandma always had to send him home.

We had a committee meeting last night – trying to buy 10 acres for a new church site, rather than rebuilding on the old site.  [Original church destroyed by lightning/fire in July 2002.]

* * * * *

From Roberta [slightly abridged]
To Family
Sent October 1, 2002 8:19 PM
Re: Morgans in NV

Trailmate Double Joy Rider Tandem Hi, thanks for the email Mom and Dad,  WE are now the proud owners of a new-to-us double joyrider.  Its a cross tandem.   Looks like a golf cart but pedals.  I saw an interesting bike shop on the way to the Peoria library when we went with the folks.  Then Sid and I stopped there the other day on a whim and after three visits and test rides and doing some research on the web we brought it home today.  Took it out for just a spin in the neighborhood and know we will enjoy using it.  [Something like this picture.]

We had had a big day.  Alarms went off at 4am to get Shirley to the airport.  She was plenty nervous so hope the flights went well for her.

Sid's doctor now wants him to have physical therapy twice a week for at least six weeks for walking, etc.  Sure is great that you came through the PT in flying colors, Mom.  Just don't do anything that might land you back on a hard -- or a soft surface.

I have to go to Kinko and blow up the activity calendar for work before tomorrow.  Also it is right across from Costco.  More later.  Love, Roberta

* * * * *

From Don & MV [slightly abridged]
To Family
Sent Tuesday Oct. 1, 2002 10:20 PM
Subject: Tuesday night

Welcome to Geneva, Donny's Mom, who has been added to the family list!  Hopefully I've got ehr address correct and she will get this.

Good evening, and welcome home to the Morgans!  Hope your trip home was uneventful  and your stay in Ohio was good.  Who picked you up at the airport?  Was Weegie at the reunion as well?  I can't say that I remember anybody from your class except Linda [Eltzroth] Compton, who was my 5th grade teacher.

J.B., are you ready for your birthday?  How old will you be this year?  Is this #50??!!! [not]  What are you doing to celebrate -- maybe a trip to the Cloister?  What are Kate and Andrew into besides the nutcracker and preschool at church?

Mother, glad to hear you are the star pupil with your P.T.  Congratulations!  Wish I could be there to see your progress but we will see you looking even better when you visit shortly.  Did you folks say you would be here for Thanksgiving and stay through Valentines Day?  I am trying to think of some projects that Dad can work on and there are several outside.  Lots of trees to trim and landscaping that needs some maintenance – very different from our other yard!

RUK, what is this about Sid and P.T.?  and what is the $5 bag thing – like a yard sale of what?  Wish we could live in Sun City and enjoy all the Sunday concerts that sound excellent.  Is there a website where we can see one of these tandems you just bought?  I have never heard of such a thing!

Ginny is participating in the Missoula Children's theatre program this week.  If you are not familiar with it, there are two (male/female) that go to "smaller cities who don't have a children's theatre program and produce a whole program in less than a week.  This year the theme is "Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" and they are doing three of them.  The idea is that everybody who shows up gets a part, as long as they have costume to fit you!  Ginny asked to be one of the Assistant Directors (I thought for sure she would want the spotlight!) and got that part.

Christian is enjoying the time without her, I think!  We played and watched videos this afternoon before hand bell rehearsal.  We tried to play hide-n-go seek but he didn't want to hide or seek by himself so that kind of put a damper on that.  He is VERY ANXIOUS for the new Veggie Tales movie to come out on Friday about Jonah and the Whale.

Love to all, MVUC

* * * * *

From Catherine [also abridged]
To Family
Sent Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2002 9:51AM
Subject EDT to MST

Yes, we have returned from Ohio but our internal clocks have not yet totally adjusted from Eastern Daylight to Mountain Standard time.  It was a long day yesterday but I didn't feel all that tired at work last night.  Today may be a more tiring day as we woke up early and I need to work the whole 8 hours today!

Enjoyed our time in Ohio, thanks to the senior and junior Uibles for their hospitality, and the reunion activities.  We stopped by to see Wendy on our way home from the airport, talked to Roberta on the phone and read the emails from MV, now all we need is communication from Serena to complete the family circle!

Love, C& G

* * * * *

From MV [abridged]
To Family
Sent Thursday, Oct. 3, 2002 11:32 PM
Subject: Good night...

Just returned from our weekly pilgrimage to Vidalia to sing in the community choir and we are having a lot of fun doing that!  Donny has moved from singing tenor to baritone (or bass) and I'm just having lots of fun getting to sing instead of directing.  It is past my bedtime and wish all of you sweet dreams!  Love, MVUC

Saturday, October 13, 2012

1982 Family Letter - Oct. 11

The best copy was not saved for the files and/or the carbon paper may be wearing thin.  Or maybe Mom pressed the keys harder than Dad?  When was the last time any of you used carbon paper? Or a typewriter? Transcription follows.
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October 11, 1982

Dear Family:

Yesterday was Laymen's Sunday at Church and we had a real treat as our speaker was Don Isaacs, who with his wife is starting an apple orchard at the edge of NV.  Don seems very dedicated and his family is an excellent addition to our Church.  They have started "Profiles" again in Sunday School . . . a person reads off the life history of one of our active members, and who ever recognizes the person first holds up their hand – yesterday it was Opal Nussbaum.

Friday night we went to Chili Supper and stayed for the Homecoming Game, which EC won and also a local gal was elected Queen.  Luckily it was a warm night.  (Cindy Hannah [daughter of Stan & Georgialia] was queen.)

Thursday was square dancing night – we were put on the nominating committee for next year . . . this will be another experience.  We are glad that we got into square dancing for we have met a lot of nice people and have also had some exercise as well.

On Wednesday we went to Cincinnati as had an appointment with our [Wells] rep. to see Super-X for the sales presentation for 1983.  Last year their purchases amounted to $47M and they are good pay.

Backing up another day on Tuesday evening was the Mother's Club guest night.  They were having a country theme . . . strictly informal . . . and the dinner was served by the NV Senior Citizens.  Serena, you may recall Donna Matthews [Lambert], who had charge of the musical program.  (Catherine was in school with Donna, not Serena.)

We have been having Florida weather here and enjoying our garden produce.  Saturday we brought things in from the porch and mowed the yard.  Picked our first cantaloupe, which for a volunteer was good.

Beverly Gooding called this evening to tell us that Dr. Schnebly was found drowned in a jacuzzi in Tennessee – more details as we learn of them.  Guess he was soaking a wrist  ///???

I saw Lisa today when I went to Dayton to the meeting of the Children's Librarians there – they went to Knoxville to the World's Fair this past weekend – had the largest crowd yet there – 103,000 people in one day.  She wasn't too impressed with the fair but did enjoy the China exhibit.  Jimmy Carter was also there and she saw him briefly.

Dad enjoyed his day off today as the Court House was closed for Columbus Day.  M.V. is active in the political scene at Wilmington College.  The big day is three weeks from tomorrow.

[Love, etc.]

Friday, October 12, 2012

1992 Roberta's Letter to GHU - Oct. 12

Roberta, I love your letters to Grandma.  Will you write to me when I'm 100-years-old?  Apologies for not making all the words in CAPS that are capitalized in the original.  That would slow down the typing.  Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma,

How are you doing? I called Aunt Mary today & talked with her on the phone! Wish you could hear better – I'd be happy to call you & talk on the phone! I never worry about my phone bill!

I'm glad that Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary got to go see Cris & Angela & their 2 children in Indiana!  Aunt Mary told me that Cris does a lot of the cooking & that he uses a pressure cooker a lot.  I remember how you used to use one a lot for vegetables.  I don't think my Mom uses it much  – but I think Aunt Mary does – when she cooks – HA!

Actually I'm the one that doesn't cook much – with Sid being a good cook & we like to eat out.  I've got to start my diet soon!  Maybe after I get back from Ohio – I'll be seeing you in about 1 month.

Mozart – the younger cat got out of the house – he is impossible to chase – so much faster than I am! – he came back – guess he got hungry!

How is Sadie?  I'm so thankful you have her to help you.  Please remember if you & Sadie every want a vacation – come to Arizona to our house.  Maybe you two would like to come after Christmas.

The presidential election is less than 1 month away.  Do you think the Republicans will win?  I know how you like to vote – straight Republican – Right?  Remember that Buzz Lukens – the Republican who got into trouble with women & all in Washington DC?  He gave us Republicans a bad name!

We ate out today – had apple pie with ice cream for dessert – no way to lose weight – huh?  Have you had any good pie lately?

Gotta go – hope my writing isn't too hard to read – it's like Dad's isn't it?

Lots of love, Roberta

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2002 Postcard from Wendy - Sept. 11

A postcard from the pre-Dahlonega reunion from Wendy.  Transcription follows.
Opryland Hotel Postcard
2002 Wendy's Postcard - Sept. 11

Hi, Mom,
I'm enjoying a school & work free weekday.  Already read another chapter of Marketing though!  Now I'm going for a little midday stroll.  Congrats on the new car, [our 2002 Bonneville which now has 90,000 miles]  I like it, when can I drive it?  Where should we go out for my birthday?   Maybe we could see a movie if you take the day off?  Bye Now.  Love, Wendy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2002 Dahlonega Georgia reunion

2002 Georgia Reunion clockwise Aunt Mary, Laura, Cris, Wil, Angela & Harold

MV, Catherine, Gerry, Andrew, Wendy, Julie (far right) - 2002 Georgia Reunion

2002 Angela, Chris, Mairanne, Larry, Cindy, Rob, Aunt Mary, Laura, John (upper right) Georgia Reunion

Catherine, Gerry, Wendy (Rob in background) Georgia Reunion 2002, Catherine wearing "Wells" shirt made by Arlene Curtis

Gerry, Catherine & Harold - Hermitage en route to Georgia Reunion 2002

Mary, Marianne - Georgia Reunion 2002

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

1992 John's Letter - Oct. 9

John writes an aerogramme letter in 1992 which he mails to Mom and Dad in Malaysia. Transcription follows.
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Friday, Oct. 9, 1992

Dear Mom and Dad,

We hope you are enjoying your trip through Asia. Your itinerary looks similar to Gov. Voinovich's last month! We hope this notes catches up with you in Malaysia. Thanks for your call on my birthday – especially when you were ready to leave for the airport.

Julie and I are doing well.  It has been a busy week and we are both tired.  After work this evening we are driving to Cinch to go to the Princeton H.S. football game and visit two of Julie's teacher friends.  We'll spend the night at the Marriott and drive on to Williamsburg, KY tomorrow morning.  Look forward to seeing the Crowsons.

Julie arranged a surprise birthday party for me last Sunday evening at her parents.  Most of the guys in my wedding party and their spouses were there.  Really shocked me.  It is hard to believe your son is now 35 years old!

We are excited about you both coming up Friday Nov. 6th to visit and attend the Wycliffe Banquet.  Plan to stay the weekend if you can.  Jerry and Betty are anxious to see you.  They are excited about the Grand Canyon trip.

Thank you again for the birthday check.  You didn't have to pay for our airfare to Phoenix, but we certainly do appreciate it.

Have a wonderful time in Asia.

Love, Julie & John

Monday, October 08, 2012

2002 Georgia Reunion pictures

Harold, Kate & Jean Opryland en route to Georgia Reunion

Wendy, Ginny, Kate & Andrew 2002 Georgia Reunion

HH at Georgia Reunion 2002 

Christian & Sid enjoying dessert 2002 Georgia Reunion

Jean, Kate, Julie - 2002 Opryland en route to Georgia Reunion

Jean – still cheerful – in the hospital for hip replacement 2002 Georgia Reunion

Sunday, October 07, 2012

2002 Pictures from Reunion

In July 2002 some of us flew into Nashville and visited Opryland, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, and civil war sites on the way to Dahlonega, Georgia.  First are pictures of the recent birthday boy and his family.  This trip was also memorable because of Jean breaking her hip while in an ice cream shop in Chattanooga.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

1982 Family Letter - Oct. 6

A trip to Florida for Rob & Cindy's wedding and more in this family letter, the first since August. Congratulations to Rob & Cindy on their 30th Anniversary!  Transcription follows.

1982 Family Letter - Oct. 6
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Wednesday - October 6, 1982

Dearest Family --

Seems like ages since we have written a family letter but have been in touch with most of you either personally, by telephone or ....  We are now up to eight copies [5 children, Grandma and/or Hortons, Joe, Mie Young and one for the file?] so hope that the last ones are readable or we may go to Wells copying machine - wish I also had use of their typewriter with the backup erasing, etc.

We had a wonderful trip to Florida - wish that you all could have been there to see Rob and Cindy married - lovely ceremony with a most handsome couple.  Hope you all eventually get to see the pictures - Uncle Bill gave us some to share with you all so will get them started around -- John, X, Mary Virginia and Mie Young got to see them on our way home.

We enjoyed the experience on Peoples Express - getting preferential treatment traveling with G'ma and wheelchair.  The Hortons had gotten us a real nice motel on the beach with pool.  Even had refrigerator so we were able to have breakfasts in our room - since we aren't coffeeholics.  Grandma offered to treat us to breakfast at the motel coffee shop but were never that hungry with all the festivities.

It was good being with all the Hortons and so glad that Joe could be on hand for the wedding - was best man, in fact and gave such a beautiful toast as did Uncle Bill at the reception following the wedding.  Wish that we had had a tape of it all.  References were made to Cris and Angela's wedding coming up next summer - not positive of the date but think its to be June 23 at 3 PM.  That is another possibility of a family get-together so save your pennies (and nickels and dimes and quarters, etc.)

Cindy's family seemed very nice - they had to come from Brazil (Ind.) and Greencastle, Ind.  Rob and Cindy had the week off following the wedding and took a four day cruise to the Bahamas stopping at Nassau and Freeport.  When they checked in at the Breakers following the reception and the hotel learned they were honeymooners they gave them the Honeymoon Suite and sent a bottle of Champagne.

After taking G'ma to the airport in Miami (through a drenching rain) for her trip to Phoenix for a two or three week visit with Roberta, we took off on the Tamiami Trail and the West Coast (of Florida) Tuesday.  Stayed one night at Ft Myers, another at Dunedin and our last night at Lake Wales - saw some new things - sponge fishing area at Tarpon Springs, Marco Island, very advanced square dancing in the Clearwater area and some old favorites like Bok Tower, ST. Petersburg and famous bridge near there.  Was quite impressed with the 4* restaurant - country inn at Chalet Suzanne - where they also can their famous soup.  We neither stayed nor ate there but think it would have been quite an experience.

Stopping for the weekend with John and X kept us from having a let-down feeling coming home. Drove over to Coshocton after a big breakfast and John got off work and had lunch in Roscoe Village a recently restored area of a canal town on the former Ohio and Erie Canal.  Also saw canal boat towed by horses on which you can take a mile trip up the restored canal.  We also got to see Golda, Piper's daughter and they make quite a playful pair with Golda doing most of the playing.  They won't have her much longer as friends of theirs are taking her as soon as they move into their house.  Enjoyed going to church with John and X, impressed by their minister there and a couple who had dinner with us.  Just a real nice visit - we got home in good time - even stopping off in Wilmington for chat with MV and Mie Young.

[Probably a few personalized sentences here and the sign-off.]

Thursday, October 04, 2012

1992 Far East Trip with Liggetts - Oct. 4-27

These pictures were originally posted with the diary entries for 1992 but are here collected in one place.  Travel stops included Seattle to Far East on October 6 with the Liggetts and a group - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Young Ho Kim, HH, Sang Wan Kim, Jean, Mie Young Kim - 1992 in Seattle

Jean, HH - American Restaurant - Hong Kong 1992

HH, Jean at Baan Thai Restaurant, Bangkok, Oct. 12, 1992

Jean, HH, and Liggett group - Macau - Oct. 1992

Jean - Macau with Liggett group Oct. 1992

HH, Jean - Elephant ride - Thailand 1992

HH and bike with side-car - Sumatra - 1992

                                 HH & Jean - Lake Toba Excursion, Sumatra - 1992

                                                      Jean, HH - Sumatra 1992

HH, Jean and Liggett Group at Thailand Palace includes Ed & Mary Wells, Nathan & Marge Hale, Jack & Betty Liggett, Miriam & Bud Roe, Linda & Bob Hinshaw, Don & Jean Liggett, Grace & Ed Seamonds

Items from Uible photo album