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1962 Seattle World's Fair Trip Clipping

A summary of the 1962 trip, touring the west and seeing the Seattle World's Fair.  Transcription follows.
1962 (July) Wilmington News-Journal Clipping re Seattle World's Fair Trip

Five Weeks Spent by New Viennans Touring the West

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible and children Cathryn (sic), Roberta, Serena and John of New Vienna returned Wednesday from a sight-seeing and educational trip of five weeks which took them to the World's Fair at Seattle, Wash., to national parks, lakes, mountains, the fabulous Disneyland and many other spots fascinating to children.

On their way west the Uibles visited Pike's Peak, Salt Lake, Bryce, Zion and Dinosaur National Parks, Gand Canyon and Boulder Dam.

It was during a two weeks' stay in California with friends and relatives that the children went to Disneyland and contracted the chicken pox.  [Not exactly how it happened, but close enough for News-Journal readers.]

En route to Seattle for three days at the World's Fair, the travelers saw Crater Lake and the Dalles, where the youngsters had a wonderful time counting the fish swimming up fish ladders, and Mount Rainier.

In Seattle a visit with the Rev. and Mrs. Marvin Schamaun, the former a one-time pastor of the New Vienna Methodist Church, now of the First Methodist Church of West Jefferson had been prearranged.

After the World's Fair, stops were made at Yellowstone NAtional Park and the Black Hills, and at Mount Rushmore the group saw the cameras readying for the first Telstar [an early communications satellite launched in July 1962] program.

While picking up tickets for the Passion Play at Spearfish, S.D., they were surprised to see a Clinton County automobile license and learned that it belonged to Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Keane of neighboring Sabina.

Largely for the sake of the children, six state capitals were visited to see the capitol buildings.  These were Kansas, Colorado, Utah, California, Montana and Wisconsin.

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1972 Roberta in Vienna Austria - July 28

Card #4 from Roberta's trip to Europe in 1972 from stop #13.  While in Austria her activities included a picnic on a glacier, Salzburg Water Games, Strauss Waltz Concert and an Heurigen Party.  Before her trip ends on Aug. 12 she has yet to visit Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Celle, Germany and Amsterdam.
Vienna, Austria Spanish Riding-School Postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 28, 1972  
July 28, 1972
Hi!  Thanks for your letter!  I'm really anxious to har about your trip to Atlanta – sounds like a lot of fun!!

We were at this riding school but the horses & men were on vacation!

I really like Austria – beautiful country.  I like the trip a lot but 43 girls can really get on one's nerves!  I'm just not used to being "herded" around – know what I mean?

Vienna is NEAT!  Rode on the world's largest ferris wheel – also on a roller coaster that went 70mph – was it ever scary!  I'll write soon – hope all is A-ok!! Love, Bert

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1992 Life with new baby - Crowsons July 1992

MV's Letter to her parents - July 25, 1992
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Letter from MV to Mom & Dad
Dear Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa),

Greetings from the sleepy household! We are adjusting (we and Ginny) to life as a family, but her average sleep length during the night is about 3 hours per stint. At which time she wakes up, eats, has a diaper change and goes back to sleep . . . sometimes her mother falls asleep rocking her only to awake to find her wide eyed!!  One night this week she did manage to sleep for 5 hours -- we thought we had died and gone to heaven -- but has yet to become a consistent habit!

She is much more alert and looks toward our voices but doesn't seem to be able to focus on our faces.  She has started smiling when she is extremely happy;  she has also started to cry when she is sleepy or wants her diaper changed (at least 15 times a day, I think).  You will see many changes in her when she comes to visit.  Last, but not least, of her accomplishments is getting weaned to the bottle; she will be up to 4 bottles a day starting tomorrow.  She seems just as happy with a bottle (experts say because it's easier for them to get the milk than breastfeeding), so within the next 10 days or so she should be totally on the bottle.  Solid food will start in 2-3 months.

Don has been very busy with his work; today is the first day he has taken off in 3 weeks (since we came home from the hospital) and it was nice to have him home today.  He is a huge help with Ginny, feeding and holding her (the only thing he won't do is change a dirty [as opposed to wet] diaper).  He was going to go to Lexington on Monday and Tuesday (stay the night) with Ginny and I which meant he wouldn't come to Ohio, but changed his mind and is going to try to get everything done by Wednesday so he can come up with us.  I have an Emmaus Board of Directors Meeting on Monday night and some friends are having a 25th anniversary party on Tuesday, so I'll probably just spend the night keeping Ginny with me.

Roberta called this morning to confirm our Grand Canyon plans.  She is very organized and putting a lot of time into this, which I appreciate and hope the others do also.  We also appreciate the "scholarship assistance", as Roberta puts it, from you good folks.  We are excited about the trip and the opportunity!  Roberta said that she would put us in the same room with you all so that Mother and Don can share the joy of looking after Ginny during those 36+ hours.  Plus it will save getting another room just for us.  Hope that is okay with you folks.  We will probably fly to Phoenix on Wednesday night as my Spring Break starts the following week.  I believe.

Well, Ginny has decided to wake up (10:30 PM must be too early for bed or we have a dirty diaper).  So I will close for now.  We're looking forward to seeing you Thursday.  We will call before we leave Thursday morning so that you know what time to expect us.

Love, MV, Don & Ginny

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1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 5

Week 5 - Butte, Montana to New Vienna, Ohio ~2000 miles, July 18-25
Homeward bound but a busy last week, visiting two more state capitals, Helena MT and Madison, WI spending two nights in Yellowstone instead of the originally planned three, Mr. Rushmore and a passion play in South Dakota, and swarms of mosquitoes in Minnesota.  What a trip!

for previous weeks descriptions:
Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles, June 20-26
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles, June 27-July3
Week 3 - Los Angeles, California to Madras, Oregon ~ 1000 miles, July 4-10
Week 4 - Madras, Oregon to Seattle World's Fair to Butte, Montana ~ 1000 miles, July 11-17
1962 Seattle World's Fair Trip, Week 5 Hotels & Mail Stops
Note: This is actually typed on the back of the Wells Mfg. letterhead.

1962 Postcard from Wyoming July 21
Captioned: Panorama of a section of the bottom of Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming.
Regular postcard postage in1962 was 3¢ cents but to send via Air Mail cost 6¢.
[written by Jean] 5:00 July 21, 1962
(Devil's Kitchen) Stayed last night in Cody instead of Lake area of Yellowstone – will soon be in Caspar and on to Lusk for the night.  Had late start due to more car trouble so couldn't leave Cody til around 1 PM.  Rather there than this desolate area.

H. wants you to turn on water heater please.  Girls are beginning to talk of getting home quicker.  No reservations after Sunday Night.  Love to all – See you Wednesday.  Please save card for girls.

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1992 Ohio Northern - July

A quick stop in New Vienna after returning from the Utah/Wyoming/Yellowstone/Florida Delta bargain trip, and HH and Jean are off to Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio for School of Missions – a fairly regular event for them in the 1990s.
Ohio Northern University postcard to Wendy from her Uible grandparents July 23, 1992
Captioned: Heterick Memorial LIbrary, General University Library Photo by Dr. Robert H. Hilliard

July 23, 1992
Dearest Wendy,
Have enjoyed four days here at the School of Missions.  We remember bringing your mother here about 1967.  It is a beautiful campus.  Plan to stop & see Cris, Angela, Laura & Wil tomorrow.
Did you know you have a new cousin?
Love, G'pa & G'ma Uible

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1972 Roberta in Vienna - July 16

Roberta sends a third card to the Hortons, first from Heidelberg, then Venice and now Greece.  After Venice she visited Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Isle of Capri and then took a cruise to Greece where she saw an Acropolis-Parthenon Drama, had a Bouzouki Dinner in the Plaka and took a ship trip to the Isle of Hydra.
Postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 16, 1972 from Greece
July 16, 1972
Hi!  Thanks for your letter – Greece is a beautiful country tho I didn't realize the people were so bad off (poor).

I really like the morning we spent in Pompeii.  Also visited a cameo factory near Naples, Italy.  Went to Blue Grotto [Isle of Capri] – so beautiful!

Switzerland is still my favorite country – but I think Greece might run a close second.  Will I see you all in August?  Rob, you are so sweet & I'm so undeserving!?!  Love,  Bert

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1992 Florida - July

After flying into Salt Lake City on a Delta bargain ticket and touring the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, HH and Jean fly from Salt Lake City to Florida.
Conch Key Florida postcard to Wendy from her Uible grandparents July 18, 1992
[Jean writes] 7/18/92
Dearest Wendy,
Enjoyed stay here in Key West.  Went to see John Steinbeck's home yesterday.  Had 42 cats all w/famous names and descendants of his original ones.  Lots of good seafood.  Hope you enjoyed camp. would have sent this there but forgot to get your address there.  Lot of love – G'pa & G'ma U
Duval Street Key West FL postcard to the Kings - July 18, 1992
[Jean writes] Flying home from Key West – nice visit here.  Good to hear Sid got home & feeling better.  Do you remember our famous trip here – no longer have turtles as a tourist attraction.  Good to talk to you in Wyoming – missed seeing Bush but Clinton & Gore are to be in Wilmington 7/20.  Surprised to read this in USA Today.  Much love to you both, Dad & Mother

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2002 Roberta's memories of Goodings - July 14

Bob, Beverly, Lisa and Jim Gooding attended the same session of family camp at Indianola as the Uibles in the mid-60s.  Roberta sends a draft of a message she plans to send to the Goodings on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2002.  Beverly, born July 7, 1931, passed away April 7, 2007.  A somewhat modified and edited version transcribed below.

It is with great fondness that I think of you good people today as you celebrate your big FIVE OH!  And I hope it is OK if I don't limit my thinking and writing to just one memory!  How could I put over 35 years of friendship into just one memory?  Of course I would be remiss not to mention UMC camp INDIANOLA!  And then you folks were there when I was learning to drive.  My memory is great of trying to go over some railroad tracks during that time.  And the bike ride early one Sunday morning from New Vienna to Bellbrook.   And how we went to the movie – was it "The Graduate?"

And how many states DARE I mention?  Of course Kentucky and many trips to WILMORE; and then the time in Arizona and the Grand Canyon experience and the meal at the famous Mexican restaurant in South Phoenix...and...and...and....

Of course it is impossible to sum up all the fun times, in Bellbrook, New Vienna, or out on canoes.  And so much fine dining, like Young's Dairy Bar in Yellow Springs.

I want to close by saying THANKS ... for helping make such wonderful memories.  And for allowing me the pleasure of enjoying them then and now as I sit back and enjoy them again!

Then there was the YMCA of the Rockies and all that entailed And how you all made the effort to come to Southern Indiana when Dad and I did the bike ride.

I only wish I could stop in not just to wish you the best on your big FIVE OH but that I could stop in throughout the year too.  I ALWAYS enjoy hearing my folks tell of their latest visit with you folks.  I look forward to hearing of your big celebration this next weekend.

See you on my next trip to Ohio!

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1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 4

Week 4 - Madras, Oregon to Seattle World's Fair to Butte, Montana ~ 1000 miles, July 11-17

for previous weeks descriptions:
Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles June 27-July3
Week 3 - Los Angeles, California to Madras, Oregon ~ 1000 miles, July 4-10

1962 Seattle World's Fair Trip, Week 4 Hotels & Mail Stops
Perhaps we would have spent another five minutes in Madras, Oregon had we known one of us would be living there in the future, but Seattle's Space Needle was beckoning and there were more fun things to do and see in the wide west of 1962.  

From Madras, the travelers headed north on US-97 to the Columbia River which had an exciting ferry crossing to Washington state.  A bridge at that location opened in November, 1962.  The Columbia River dam and fish hatchery were memorable.  After Yakima went to Mt. Rainier en route to Seattle.  Stayed in a small trailer in Seattle.

Visited the Schamauns [what were they doing in Seattle?] and a friend of Jean's from library school and her family, the Nugents.  The Nugents were on what seemed like a weird diet, though their children did not hesitate to eat much forbidden food on the sly.
1962 Postcard from Seattle World's Fair - July 13
Captioned:  SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR Industrial Exhibits. Color photo by Mike Roberts
July 13, 1962
[written by Jean] Sure plenty to see here.  Space Needle so far has been out of the question 45 min. to 3 hours wait.  Went this morning – children are napping so plan to go back this evening.  Our trailer is extra nice.

Key to upstairs apt. is in H's middle drawer (shop) in envelope marked "Key."  Crabtrees leave key to their former apt.  Upstairs rents for $35.  Downstairs for $30.

All fine now.  Saw the Schamauns last nite as planned.  Love to all – HJCRSJ

[note written on top of picture by HH] .... giving up on space needle – think the view from the hills around here will be good enough for us – cheaper anyway.

[and on far right side of picture by HH] 
got in line here [with arrow toward Ford building at rear right]  2 hrs.

Assume the rental rates mentioned are for apartments in the former Harris Apt. Building on the corner of SR-28 & SR-73 where the Dollar Store is now situated.  These apartments, where we lived from 1951-1956 were demolished in 1967.

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1992 Yellowstone postcards

Shortly after Ginny was born, her Uible grandparents visited her and her parents then took off on a whirlwind tour using Delta bargain tickets, flying from Cincinnati (?) to Salt Lake City where they rented a car and visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
Moose WY (Grand Tetons) Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration postcard mailed to Wendy July 14, 1992.  Captioned: CHAPEL OF THE TRANSFIGURATION, Moose Wy.  Worshippers in the Chapel of the Transfiguration have an inspiring view through a spacious plate glass window, framing lofty Grand Teton Peak which rises to an elevation of 13,766 feet.
July 13, 1992
Have enjoyed both the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone Park.  Lots of buffalo close to the road tho we have not had any buffalo burger yet.

No swimming here as the temperature drops to the 30ties @ night.  Plan to be back in S.L.C. on Thurs. with our rental car.  Love, G'Ma & G'Dad.
Moose WY (Grand Tetons) Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration postcard written to Kings, July 13, 1992.  Captioned: Episcopal Chapel of the Transfiguration, Moose WY.  Built in 1925 at historic Menor's Ferry on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, the rustic simplicity of the Chapel blends into the inspiring scenery of the majestic Teton Range.  Sunday services June through September.
7/13/92 - Hi -
[written by HH] Took this across [Menor's Ferry underlined].  We stayed near here for 2 nights & are now in Yellowstone.  R. do you recall our trip here in '62??

Lots of hiking area here - we walked [rest written by Jean] ½ mile to the Yellowstone Falls.  Pix doesn't do chapel justice.  Pix window of the Mts in background & small stained glass on side.  Sat beside woman who lives at 35th & Glendale.   Very interesting.  Attended campground service & also one at hotel.  Enjoying both National Parks.  Much love, Dad & Mother

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1982 France & Switzerland with Sankers

Trip with Sankers to France and Switzerland continues.
Roc-Amadour postcard home from HH & Jean July 13, 1982
July 13, 1982
[written by Jean] Have tried to call NV several times but lines out are so busy.  Enjoyed it here but now at Cannes on Riviera.  G'ma would really be shocked at topless sunbathers on beach.

The French pastry is so good.
Drove up to Monaco but Princess Grace didn't invite us to see the palace.  Did see the Casinos but refrained from gambling.

[written by HH] Had supper @ a French Cafeteria and my serving of B. Sprouts was 27 pieces.  Had bkfst on the beach – 3 minutes away.  Head north today to Geneva, Switzerland.  --Jean & Harold

Postcard from Switzerland - July 15, 1982 to Uibles & Friends
7-15-82 Switzerland
Hi – We are here tonight and plan to take the tram up to the real "Matterhorn" tomorrow.  There is still snow there.  Earlier today we saw Palm trees.  Lots of beautiful flower gardens – MV would really be impressed.

Been in several stores – looking for our daily (picnic) needs and toys are mostly from Hong Kong.

Yogurt is good, w/milk in non refrigerated cartons.  Tastes like canned milk.

Hope MV is feeling better and is enjoying the garden.  The Swiss have used every ⃞  inch for farms, etc.  See you all soon.  --J&H

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Ginny's first thank-you note 1992

Ginny's (MV) My First Thank You Note July 15, 1992

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[written as if from Ginny] Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I’m so glad you came to visit. Thanks for being so good to me & taking good care of Mommy & Daddy. Please come back soon! Love, Ginny
[from MV] Good Morning! (8:30 AM) Hope you’re enjoying your trip [Yellowstone and Key West]. Thanks for the letters & enclosures, we rec’d it yesterday.
Ginny is still sleeping most of the time – except to eat & bathe, for the most part. Last night she slept for 4½ hrs! (Longest before was 3). I was so dumbfounded that she did that I had to look at the clock 3 times to make sure it really was 4½ hours. The discharge in her eye came bck so the Pediatrician here changed the medicine and it’s much better.
When we went to the Dr. for her 2 week check up, she weighed 10 lbs, 3 oz & had grown ¼”. Said she was very healthy! :)
Don’s sister was very helpful (almost as much as you folks) but his mother made me nervous – she was perfectly happy sitting (or sleeping) doing nothing. They got here Monday & by Wednesday she (Geneva) was ready to go home! (No wonder – she was probably bored...) So it was a bit of a relief for them to go, althought I hated to lose Linda’s help.
Pleasant View had a shower for Ginny Sunday – she got a ton of 6 mo. dresses, all of which I’m taking back to Walmart. I told Collen Groh (shower on 7/30) to tell people winter/fall clothes 12 mo. size. Hopefully that’s what they’ll bring.
Well the 3 of us are going to Somerset today. We love you and miss you.

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1992 Roberta's letter to GHU ~ July

Roberta writes a letter to Grandma of which page 1 is scanned.  Entire letter transcribed below.
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[Sunday, ~July or August 1992]

I just got back from a special music program at our church – only about 40 people there & 10 of those were myself & a friend & 8 Senior Citizens from Senior Village.  Our sanctuary is so BIG that 40 people look lost – too bad church members are not in HABIT of going on Sunday nites.

Sid is up in Northampton, MASS – visiting SARA.  It's been over 110° here but he tells me how COLD he is!  Remember how COLD we got on the trip to ALASKA!?

Wendy went to Church w/me this morning, then we ate out at cafeteria.  She had fried chicken & couldn't eat it all – so I ate some of her meal – must start my diet in September! (after I get back from OHIO)

I'll enclose program from music, Aunt Mary might enjoy looking it over.  Our ORGAN sure sounds good & they say it needs 300 Thousand dollars REPAIR JOB!

The cats are fine.  Would you like a Recent picture of them?  I hope you had a great visit w/Mary Virginia & her husband & their BABY – your great grand-daughter!  LOVE you GRANDMA!

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1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 3

Week 3 - Los Angeles to Madras, Oregon ~1000 miles July 3-10, 1962
From Knotts Berry Farm on July 4 to Madras, Oregon – the future home of Catherine & Gerry (1978-1984) during the third week of the trip to the Seattle World's Fair.  For previous week summaries see the following links:

Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles June 27-July3

1962 Seattle World's Fair Trip, Week 3 Hotels & Mail Stops
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Note the NJ notation after Aunt Serena's name indicating this was a mail stop and the Wilmington News-Journals accumulated since the previous mailing would have been mailed here.  We would have seen Aunt Serena a few weeks prior since she came to New Vienna for CJ and Gladys' Golden Anniversary celebration on June 17, 1962.

Aunt Serena Uible Reynolds passed away in December 1963, seventeen months later, at the age of 79.  She was born in Oct. 1884, when CJ was 21 months old.  Their mother, Sarah Elizabeth Smith Uible died in 1890 at the age of 49.  Father, David Uible, remarried in 1892 to Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull.  David died in 1926 at the age of 81.  Andelia passed away in Westboro in 1937 at the age of 91.

Aunt Serena and her husband, Leslie Clinton Reynolds, had met in the Blanchester area but moved to California prior to 1910 due to his poor health.  He died in Colorado (en route to or from Ohio?) in 1924 at the age of 46.

Stops during Week 3 included:
Serena and John recover from the chicken-pox but still draw stares and unease from other travelers who ventured near or dared to ask.
July 4 Wednesday - Knotts Berry Farm - chicken dinner and bit of entertainment
July 4 - Los Angeles - La Brea tar pits, Clifton's Cafeteria, an historic LA restaurant (opened 1935) with exotic decor where HH had eaten in 1936. Clifton's has been closed for renovations since Sept. 2011 and is scheduled to reopen in August of 2013.
July 5 Thursday - San Luis Obispo - 215 miles - swallows
July 6-8 San Francisco - 232 miles, touring
July 9 Monday - Sacramento - 88 miles - state capitol, gold mining
July 9 - Redding  - 162 miles
July 10 - Crater National Park OR - 140 miles - played in the snow around Crater Lake
July 10 - Madras, OR - 147 miles - future home of Catherine & Gerry

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1982 in France with the Sankers

France Loir-et-Cher postcard - July 9, 1982
Hi – We left Paris yesterday and came 200 miles south.  Visited Cathedral in Chartres (started 1000 years ago) & two Chateaus – we went to Versailles on our last day in the Paris area.  Rented Bikes.

Have a Peugeot auto – gas is $3.00 a gallon.  Had a picnic lunch today & also enjoying the French restaurants.  Seen several big campgrounds – fancy tents.  Love, Jean & Harold
Carcassonne, France postcard - July 11, 1982 to MV & GHU
7/11/82 – We are here this A.M.
We have gone about 700 miles so far since Paris and are now heading East toward the Riviera & Italy.  These ancient places makes us wish we had studied more history and French!  Castles, chateaus and cathedrals!  Now at this walled city waiting for Eng. speaking guide – very few.

Hope all is going well.  Wish you could see beautiful flowers and gardens and flower fields!
With much love, Dad & Mother

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1962 Seattle World's Fair & West US - Week 2

Week 1 - New Vienna, Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah ~2000 miles
Week 2 - Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California  ~1200 miles June 27-July3

The second week on the road took the Uible family south from Salt Lake City through Bryce and Zion National Parks and on into Arizona where we stayed in a cabin at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

We did some hiking at Bryce and Zion and I can remember Mother complaining about the switch-backs and Dad replying, "We're almost there luscious, just a few more turns."  It was hot.

The Grand Canyon – an open area full of clouds and mist, not all that spectacular, a disappointment after the striking rock formations of Bryce.  Possibly there were bears near the cabin, or someone thought they saw a bear, or Roberta saw a postcard of a bear.

Our first view of California wasn't all that impressive either, after expecting palm trees and beaches, the interior desert looked more like the setting for Death Valley Days, the 20 Mule Team off in the distance.

It was also about this time in the trip when Serena and John both became ill with no apparent symptoms, causing enough concern for a stop at an emergency room, where they were diagnosed with fever of unknown cause, if not better in 24 hours seek additional medical services.  Chicken-pox appeared within 24 hours and at the same time as the only scheduled day at Disneyland.  Mom and Dad took turns sitting on a bench with them, while other visitors steered clear of possible contagion.

Itinerary for the Week included these stops, which do not necessarily indicate stops for the night.

June 27 Wednesday - Bryce National Park - 271 miles - hiking
June 28 Thursday - Grand Canyon National Park - 159 miles - bears?
June 29 Friday - Zion National Park - 86 miles - more hiking
June 30 Saturday - Boulder Dam - 291 miles - big dam, big lake
July 1 Sunday - Barstow CA - 165 miles - this is California?
July 2 Monday - Anaheim or Buena Park CA - 108 miles - John & Serena taken to emergency room
July 3 Tuesday - Disneyland - Chicken Pox!

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William E. Cline (1931-2012) - 2nd Cousin

Earlier this year we reviewed information about Alexander Bell Ballantyne, grandfather of Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible and great-grandfather to the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.

Alexander is also the great-grandfather of William E. Cline whose mother, Anna Ballantyne Cline, was the first cousin of Bob, Virginia and Jean Ballantyne.

Many New Cumberland family names are mentioned in this obituary which is a copy of what Mary Frances Gavey (William's sister) mailed to the New Cumberland newspaper, The Hancock County Courier, for publication. Transcription follows.
William E. Cline - 2nd cousin - obituary June 2012.  He is brother of Mary Frances Gavey who wrote this to be published in the New Cumberland newspaper.


William E. Cline (Bill), was born in New Cumberland in 1931 to Clarence and Anna (Ballantyne) cline. He died at his home in Winter Park, Florida, on Tuesday, June 26, at age 80.

Bill is survived by his wie of 57 years, Dorothy, and his three daughters, Tomlyn, Patricia and Susan, his five Grandchildren and many nieces and nephews, his three brothers, Marc, Page and Jim, and his two sisters, Mary Frances and Peggy and many cousins.

Bill served in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot, instructor and a Rescue Helicopter pilot flying many Rescue Helicopter Missions in Vietnam.  Bill was in the service for twenty years.  Upon retirement from military service, Bill worked for the John Hancock Insurance Co. in Orlando, Florida for twenty years.

Bill liked to work out many Technological Strategic flying maneuvers along with other friends who had been pilots.  It was a satisfying adventure for him and he was very good at it.  Bill also loved fishing and being with his family.

Bill was predeceased by his maternal Grandparents, Alexander and Mary (Conley) Ballantyne, his parents, two brothers, Hawley (1996), Thomas (2006), his Father's sister and husband Ruth and Bob Herron and his cousin, David Herron, his Mother's sisters, Tatt Fisher and Natalie Parsons

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1972 Roberta in Venice - July 6

Wonder how much luggage Roberta took with her in 1972?  And how many souvenirs she has added?  Venice is stop #6 after London, Paris, Heidelberg [postcard], Lucerne, and the Swiss Alps.
Postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 6, 1972 from Venice
July 6, 1972
Hi!  Thanks so much for your letter!  Now in Venice where the streets are canals and the cars are boats!

Switzerland was so beautiful!  With all the mountains, water-falls, wild-flowers, etc.

Tonight we are to go in a gondola ride – that should be fun.

Italian ice cream is really good!  I saw rats in the canal – ugh!  Write again, OK?  Love, Bert

Thursday, July 05, 2012

2002 Email from Roberta - July 5,7

Thanks to Roberta for emails in 2012 as well as this one from 10 years ago.

From: Roberta & Sid
To: Family
Sent: Friday, July 5, 2002
Subject Re: Happy Fourth!

Hi, and thanks for the email, MV.  We too were at the pool today.  We went  but mind you not on purpose right at the end of the children's time.  The pool closest to us has children's hours from11 to 1 PM.  There is a remarkable difference in the amount of splashing hat goes on during that time.  And also the "watch mes" that happen then too.  Should we bring bathing suits to [Dahlonega] Georgia?

Most of you have met Gloria Reich....my friend from the county.  She got Serena in touch with the right department way back when and that department was quick to grab up Serena.  She has also helped several friends and acquaintances get through the system too and on the payroll.  Another long story to make bearable she is moving to Idaho the end of the month.  Their house sold and folks getting it want it now.  Gloria wants to be closer to family.  Hint, hint.  From the first time I met her she commented that they were only living here because her husband had been transferred here.

We just got back from the biggest ice cream social I have ever been to or will ever go to.  They did do something smart and that was to have the lines inside versus out in the 109 degrees.  There was some music but the people noise outdid them.  I think there were over 1000 people there.  We ran into some folk we know.

Did bike today with the gals and Ruth And DC Black.  They had not ridden in over a year but thanks to their walking and hiking they do fine.  We had breakfast at the five and diner place.  Do you all have them?  They have a nice menu and the waitresses chew big wads of gum.  Got in just under 30 miles and when we started at 5:15 it was very pleasant.  Can't say the same thing when we quit.

More later.  Gotta check out the ER scene.  You know the one on television.  Good to talk with you today, Mom and Dad.  Glad you are back home safe and sound and feeling so good Mom.  [after Chautauqua]  More later.  Trust you all had a happy Fourth.  Love, Roberta.

From Roberta & Sid
To: Family
Sent: Sunday, July 7, 2002
Subject: Sunday Evening

Hi, thanks for the email, Mom and Dad. I must have called Ruth [Shoemaker] soon after you left.  She was telling me how much she enjoyed your visit, and also that she had to ask several times since her hearing has begun to be terrible.

We have had a busy weekend.  Went out to see a lady last night who used to live at Senior Village.  She had left SV about Christmas time and broke her hip just a few weeks ago.  I did not recognize her in the dining room  Too many little skinny ladies with white hair there.  And they had her hair in a pony tail on top of her head ---- I had never seen it like that before.  Then se did not recognize me.  She will be 100 in August.

The Bell REcreation center had a special Christmas in July doings yesterday.  We went over and walked around.  Hit up the library and got the video tape of Barbara Johnson – you know the put a geranium in your hat lady.

We did go see the first hour of the Harry Potter movie – it was free.  And one hour was enough for us.  Before the first hour was up Sid had asked me about three times "how much longer" so after the third time, I said, time for us to go.

We are looking forward to the [Dahlonega] reunion.  I was going to lose 10 pounds, but instead gained 5.  Let me just give you the details of one day when I came home from work last week.  Sid had made a batch of brownies, some chocolate chip cookies, some wonderful bran muffins, and a loaf of bread.  So I made the rounds with the neighbors and people could have their choice of two...or three... or all four.  Some folks are almost grabby, and some down right backwards.  Life is interesting...especially living in Sun City.  Ha

We got a breat machine at work.  The first loaf was a disaster – found out later the men had opened up the machine and stirred things up to help (???) it along.  The next loaf I made, and put the machine in the far corner and let no one go near it and it turned out fine.  We should have had an actual break knife there as we sure had to tear it apart but it tasted good so that was ok.

Sid is on the phone with his nephew, whose Dad died this past year.  His birthday would have been tomorrow – last year was his big birthday and we were all there.

I need to be on the phone so more later.  Love to all, Roberta

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

1982 Europe with Sankers - July

First card from HH, second one they shared in writing. Obviously the chocolate ice cream part is written by Jean. Interesting the contrasts between the 1982 trip to Paris and the 1954 trip when visiting Calvin and they had to walk more because of it costing more to ride between different zones.  The Crater Lake card is a reminder of the 1962 trip there and also one made there while visiting the Morgans in Madras between 1978-1982.
Postcard of Crater Lake mailed while enroute to Paris July 1982 on trip with Sankers
Hi Everyone – we are now in NYC & are to be on a big plane to Paris.  Sat next to a lady about Grandma's age going to Mongola – she knew Thelma Holmes.  In Paris till Thurs. @ Colbert Hotel phone 325-85-65.  From there on ? mark, but we are looking forward to it.  Appreciate MV escorting us to the airport.  Hope all goes well – the time will go fast and the kittens will really change.  Did forget the camera – the Sankers are great camera "Bugs."  Will call the office collect.  Love, the Co. Comm. Uibles
Paris postcard mailed July 1982 on trip with Sankers
We were here this P.M. – lots of gardens in the City.  Had a souffle for supper then to Eiffel Tower for a sun set view.  We have metro passes so hop on & off the buses & subways frequently.

Our hotel is a block from Notre Dame and the Louvre.  One could spend years there.  HH had little jet lag but I fell asleep eating choc. ice cream Sunday nite.  Felt fine Monday after 12 hours sleep!

Save your $ for here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

1972 Roberta goes to Europe

While four of the Uibles were in Mexico, Roberta headed off to Europe – eight "Happy Weeks" touring the continent and visiting Denmark, France, Yugoslavia [civil war there began in earnest in 1974 and Yugoslavia had evolved into different areas of control by 1992], Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Czechoslovakia [split into Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993], Greece, Germany, and Sweden.

The eight week program began in Washington DC on June 19 with a flight to London.  Heidelberg was the third stop after London and Paris.
Heidelberg Germany postcard mailed 1972
[Picture of the old bridge ove the river Neckar.]
1972 Germany postcard from Roberta to Hortons - July 1
July 1, 1972
Hi!  Am having a great time over here – arrived in Heidelberg last night.  Really like it – a lot better than Paris.  The country side is so beautiful!

Four of us went shopping this morning – really funny since know one knew any German.  I bought a beer stein!!  Will I see you all in August?  I get home August 12th!!  Have a great summer!
Love, Bert

Roberta's Europe Itinerary Summer 1972

Monday, July 02, 2012

1972 Mexico trip continues - July 2

Previous postcards from the Mexico trip for the 1972 Lions Convention include:

Taxco Mexico postcard mailed 1972
Taxco Mexico postcard from HH to Hortons - July 2, 1972
Here last night after a 3 hr. bus trip from MC [Mexico City]. It is like an old town in Spain – noted as the silver capitol.  Oh the steep streets and the cobble stones – like a side trip to Spain.  Now in Acapulco – 4 more hours on the bus – nice & A.C.  We have a suite on the 8th floor – right on the ocean – glad we are not paying directly for it.  Ha.  Lions convention in '73 in M.B. [Miami Beach]
Love, the 4 Uibles.

Items from Uible photo album