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Vienna, Austria - April 16-17, 1954

1954 Itinerary:
Mon. March 15 - flew from ? to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA
Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
- First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
- Second stop at Gibralter
Mon. March 29 - Barcelona
Tues. March 30 - Genoa
Wed. March 31 - Sorrento
Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
Friday April 2 Palermo
Saturday April 3 Capri, Naples
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome
Friday April 9-12 - Florence
Tues. April 13-14 Salzburg Austria
Weds. April 15-19 Vienna Austria

Sicily Map Card from Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - April 16, 1954
From Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - Friday, April 16, 1954
[Front of postcard's Sicily map is from the stop in Sicily on April 1]
4/16/54 Here we are in "Vienna."  Stayed Wednesday night in Salzburg.  It is cold – a little snow and a little rain and they are tight with the heat.  We have a big room here @3$ a night, lunch cost 50¢ and supper 60¢.  We are going to the concert tonight.  You see a lot of bomb damage around here, but would not know you were in the Russian Zone [1945-55].  We had to get a special card to get in, a formality.  Vienna is pretty and worth the departure from our rough plans.  We are going to leave Sunday night for Zurich, Switzerland.  We have seen some big mountains snow covered. XXX Mommie & Daddy
Vienna Austria postcard - April 17, 1954
Vienna postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 17, 1954
Spent the day walking around riding the streetcars, saw the special tombs and the Hofburg Palace  – 23 rooms – makes one appreciate modern conveniences.  This is a picture of the Opera House which was bombed during the war and they are rebuilding it now.  There is a lot of bomb damage.  It is hard here to find even postcards, etc., quite unlike Italy.  We are gong to an American Church tomorrow.  Saltzburger Nockerel [?] Zurich Monday.  –H&J
Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954

Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954
[Saturday] 4/17/54
Arrived in Vienna Thursday from Salzburg.  Had planned to stay there but terrible rain turned to snow.  Its lovely here but oh so cold for spring.  The food is delicious and we have a huge warm room – We're going to Schönbrunn tomorrow.  It used to be the summer place for the Austrian royalty.  We went to their winter palace (Hofburg) today and also the Imperial Tombs, both very interesting.  Plan to attend church at a military chapel (U.S.), our first church service since New Vienna.

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