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1976 GHU Stanford University postcard -Sep.27

Stanford University postcard -mailed 1976. Caption: Memorial Church.  The Quadrangle from Hoover Tower.  Hoover Tower.

Mon. evening [Sept. 27, 1976]
Arr. in P.Al [Palo Alto] at noon & drove around & visited the Hoover Bldg. The Tower not open this week.  Have a nice Motel No. 6 large room good for my chair.  We plan to leave for San Fran. tomorrow morning & may spend two days there.  Roberta tried to call Leslie again this evening & no answer.  They must be on a trip.  She got several good things to eat at the grocery & we stopped at a road side stand today & got a few apples, peaches, muskmelon, papaya.  The apples are very good peach fine & melon very good which we ate for supper as we had a late dinner.  Even with all the Mts. there seems to be a lot of good land for farms for a change.  R. plays cards & I still enjoy reading the daily papers when we buy one.  Bed time we have a TV which is good.  We watched the Little Girl >House< on Prairie.  Love, Mother

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1976 Catherine's letter to MV -Sep.28

September 28, 1976
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter.  It didn't arrive until 21 days after you wrote it but I'm not sure if that's because you waited until later to mail it or if it just came slow because of the church news letter which you mailed it in.  At any rate your letter came the same day that we went out to dinner with Roberta and Grandma so they were able to read it.

How is school going now that you have had a few weeks of it.  You must be down to less than 160 days by now.

We are still hoping you will be able to come and see us.  Maybe you will have some time at the beginning or end of summer.  Maybe you won't have to work all summer.

We went to a baseball game last night.  The Padres beat the Cincinnati Reds 5-3.  It was a pretty exciting game.  We took some peanuts which were in a can with us to the game but they wouldn't let the can inside so we had to put the peanuts in a handkerchief to get inside the gate.

What have you been doing in your spare time?  Do you have much home work?  Do you babysit or anything to make money?

Deedee is doing fine.  She stayed all night with us last Saturday and slept on our brand new sofa bed.  You should see it – it's really nice.  It is brown plaid design.  We also got a coffee table and a lamp.

Well, I'm tired so I think I'll quit writing and get this in the mail.

Write again soon.

Catherine & Gerry

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter -Sep.25

Sept 25, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi – eating breakfast – or I should say waiting for our breakfast.

We both enjoyed Universal studios!  got there about 11:30 – left about 4:00 – to find out our luck at getting a motel.  I had made some calls from there – but no luck.  We got off the freeway at Sunset Blvd – 1st motel we came to we decided to stay – it's adequate – $17.00.

Tried time after time to call Leslie – no luck – did call Mary  – she is doing fine – likes school, etc.  She claims Calif. residency – so Junior College free – after Christmas when she is a Junior – she will have to pay $100.00 a semester.

I suppose by now you have heard my plans – to stay in San Diego.  The Joan of Arc place is nice – fairly modern – right downtown – very close to the park, the library, etc.  From the window of my room (3rd floor) I can see a law school.  They provide clean sheets once a week – also – clean your room up – but the rooms are so small – I don't see how in the world I'll have room to be messy!  I'll have a room w/ just running water – a private toilet is $10.00 more per month – a shower is $5 more per month.  I figure for $15.00 a month I can walk down the hall.  I'll have to pay $70.00 – after checking out the YWCA & 4 other boarding houses – this is by far the best deal.  They seem very nice there – alot of college girls – some my age working – others older –––

Please kindly do a reference for me – as a past Wells employee – have somebody sign it (whose last name is not Uible.)  It can be a very short thing – as Marian would say – they must be suspicious of me & my moral standards since I'm not Catholic!!

You can either send it directly to them – or to me c/o the Morgans.

I wrote Mr. Ream about giving a reference but then I never know when & if he will get around to it!

We plan today to go to the museum of science & industry – it sounds good & the price is right. (Free)  Universal studios costs $5.95 now – but they do give you alot for your money!

G'ma is holding up strong – so am I for that matter.  Dd you have to pay the bills – or what as to my foot?  I later went to a foot specialist connected w/ Doves hospital – I cracked a bone – nothing too much could be done – I wore an ace bandage & do so now and then.  Its perfectly fine though – it happened about a week before you all cam to the farm – but I just never took the time to be bothered as to going to get it checked out – please don't mention it to Grandma – I can do all the walking now I care to do – and it doesn't bother me.

We should be going – G'ma is waiting on me ––

Love, Berta

Joan of Arc Residence
1510 3rd Avenue
San Diego, Calif.  92101

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1976 Catherine's letter to John -Sep.24

Sept. 24, 1976
Dear John,

Hi!  Your letter was timed perfectly.  It arrived yesterday so Grandma and Roberta were able to read it before they left.  I started this letter while I was waiting for Gerry to pick me up at work on Friday afternoon but he came right after I started.  It is now Monday (my lunch hour) so I thought I'd write some more.

Roberta called this morning and said they were going into San Francisco today.  She said Grandma loves the sequoyia (sp?) trees.  The only thing she wants to see in S.F. is the Golden Gate Bridge so I don't know how long they will be there.  Then they're going to come back down the coast & Grandma will fly home from L.A. or San Diego.  I think Roberta is going to try to find a job here.

We got some new furniture.  It was delivered Saturday.  We got a really nice queen-size sofa bed, a coffee table and a lamp.  You'll have to come out to see us and try out the sofa bed.

We're going to the Padres vs. Red game tonight.  I hope the Padres can win a few more games so they don't end up in last place.  Right now they're only 1/2 game ahead of last place Atlanta.

College doesn't sound too much different than it was when I went.  I think every school has its partying faction.  You may find that alot of the partiers won't be around too long.  I'm surprised that they still have fraternities.  That has become a thing of the past in some smaller schools.

Well, John, have a good birthday.  Sorry that we don't have $5000.00 extra to send for your car.

Catherine & Gerry

PS  Write us again soon!

Monday, September 26, 2016

1966 Rob Horton letter -Sep.24

Sept. 24, [1966]
Dear John,

We won the football game.  It was 20-6.  The band played Batman.

I don't think I want any Boys Lifes, but I enjoy them very much.

You should see my cat he is very, very big ! !

Write back if you want to.


Tell Roberta I said "hi!"

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1986 Liggetts Return clipping -Sep.18

1986 Liggetts Return - Wilmington College student publication "The Hourglass" Vol 6,No.2 clipping -Sep.18 p.1&2
Picture Captioned: Mr. and Mrs. Liggett practice for a performance to benefit the Petaling Jaya Community College.

Liggetts Return from Abroad

Donald Liggett, director of international education and professor of psychology, and Jeanne Liggett, assistant coordinator of the College/Community Skills program, have returned from a year's sabbatical in Malaysia and China

The Liggetts spent the major part of their year teaching at Petaling Jaya Community College (PJCC) in Malaysia.

On the way home, they spent a month in China: two weeks touring and two weeks with Liggett as a guest lecturer at Guangdong Teacher Training Institute in Gusangzhou (Canton).

They began their tour with a four-day stay in Taiwan.

Liggett has had a "long interest in Malaysia."  He organized a school for the Malays in 1961-63 and has returned a number of times.  However, this year was different in that PJCC "is largely a Chinese school." he said.

The three-year-old highly selective school of 150 students is much more like American junor colleges, Liggett said.  "It offers liberal arts and some business and computer courses.  Most of the students plan to finish their degrees in the U..S, but the first two years in Malaysias."

At Petaling Jaya, Liggett taught psychology, social science research methods and algebra.  Mrs. Liggett taught English as a second language to the Malays.

The guest lecturing was arranged through the Hong Kong office of the Institute of International Education and through Ho's Education Foundation in Hong Kong.

Liggett speaks Malay, but had to use an interpreter in China.  A tourist agency arranged for hotels and flights, but "we arranged our own tours, and traveled on public transportation through Beijing (Peking), Hanzhou, and Guilin," Liggett said.

Liggett has been at WC 14 years.  "Before that," he said, "Wilmington had enrolled one Malaysian student.  Now, largely due to my contacts, there have been around fifty."

The first student from Petaling Jaya to transfer to WC this fall is Ooi Huey-Tyng.  Liggett expects three more in January "if we can work out the Foreign Study Program."

Liggett's paper on Malaysia junior colleges will be published next month by the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs.

Mrs. Liggett is a professional story teller with an interest in folk literature from other cultures.  "During the sabbatical year, I was able to gather many folk tales that are new to me," she said.

While in Malaysia, the Liggetts instigated an alumni meeting in Kuala Lumpur.  Twenty-eight people attended – 15 of them WC graduates ranging from the class of 1986 back to 1973.

"It was an interesting year, politically, to be in Malaysia," Liggett said.  "There was a contested election for governor of Sabah.  The government bank was alleged to have made over $500 million in fraudulent loans.  And the elected head of one of the political parties was arrested in Singapore for fraud.  His bail was $40 million."

The Liggetts will speak about the China part of their trip at Fall Semester's first Convocation in Kelly Center, Sept. 25.  The Convocation is titles "Glimpses of China – Summer 1986.

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1976 Roberta's Letter from Hawaii -Sept.22

Sept 22, 1976

Dear Family,

We're "enroute" to the mainland – it was a fast week.  I'll be back – Hawaii is nice in that its got a charm & culture of its own – yet it takes good old U.S. $ – postage stamps – and no problem w/ English (that is if you can understand English w/ a Japanese twist to it!

Yesterday was one of the biggest days – we left the hotel at 8:00 AM, walked along the beach, ate breakfast, then headed to the Kodak show – have you ever seen it?  Its the best buy for your $ (it's free) – but with all the picture taking & film selling that goes on there – they could afford to pay people to come!  It was an excellent program – started 40 years ago – and still has alot of the original group (one woman 83 years old – you should see her do the hula).  We got to sit up w/ the hot shots – the visiting Kodak executives – At the half time they presented G'ma with a beautiful flower lei (sp?).

After rain started (a passing shower that took about 2 hours to pass) I went & got the car – another Datsun.  The girls who I met on the plane came w/ us – to Ito's 1st.  He was upset because I had not told him they were coming – he said he didn't have any gifts for them – and could have gotten the free tickets to the performance at the Poly. Culture Center.  Well – our tickets he was getting through someone were not there yet – so we left for the Mormon Temple & he went to check out the tickets.

When we got back Ito's friend was in the process of making 2 hats for Flo & Doris – and Ito had gotten 4 complimentary employee tickets for the evening program – which "retail" at $6.75 – We picked up 2 boxes of pineapple – I had given Ito $ to buy G'ma a box – and told him I would deliver a box to the Doctor he had worked for in Portland (never know – might be a good contact – HA!)

The Poly. Center was very good – cost us each $4.25 to get in – we took the walking tour of the grounds – was glad that Doris & Flo came because they helped alot w/ the chair etc., also good company.  The walking tour took 2.5 hours – showed how to break a coconut in 2 easy steps, how to make Poi, weave mats – etc., etc. –– Also different types of dances from different countries.  The Culture Center is also run by the Mormons – all employees are students – working to help pay their way.  The students come from the different countries in the Pacific – including New Zealand.  While we were there a man made G'ma a little bird out of coconut leaf – or palm –

The program that night was good – but I'm glad we didn't have to pay – alot of war type dances of days gone by.  Beautiful lighting – a mountain & waterfalls.  We left early to beat the crowd – and also so we could be back by 11:00 pm!

This morning I loaded the Datsun to the top capacity – 2 boxes of pineapple, 8 each – 2 suitcases, 1 box of misc. stuff, 1 bag same type – and a walker & wheelchair – and drove G'ma to the airport.  Left her there about 9:45 – after checkin in baggage.  I drove the car back to the city – returned it – then paid 25¢ to get back to the airport via public bus.  Had to wait about 15 minutes for right bus – got back to the airport by 11:10 – we went to our gate – about 10 minutes after we got there we got loaded.  Plane left at 1:05.

As to mail – continue to use Morgans address – I'll give them addresses to forward it on – We'll be leaving for LA on Friday – Want to give G'ma time to rest up – We had very few lazy days in the last week!  G'ma has surprised me a few times – paid $4.00 for a pair of ear-rings – has collected fancy match book covers – had me buy her 12 oz of Macadamia (sp?) nuts for $3.99  Now what do you think of that?  Maybe after paying the $ to come over – she is willing to pay the price of the nuts!

I guess I've been pretty lazy about writing – I always see G'ma writing so at least you are hearing from 1 of us.  I just let her take care of the correspondence.  I think she has had a really good time. –

Love ––

P.S. You know me & free stationery – between the airlines & hotel – I'm stocked up for awhile!

Friday, September 23, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter from Hawaii -Sept.20

Sept 20, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter today – sure surprised G'ma – got here in good time!  We've really enjoyed Hawaii – now I know why you like it so much Mother.  On my way back from my big trip next fall (departure date) I'd like to spend some time here – money willing.

At 1st G'ma didn't see how we could spend a week here – especially after we got the news about Lucille – but time has flown by – and we'll be leaving day after tomorrow.  We've had some busy days – leaving the hotel at 8:00 AM – arriving back late afternoon – but then other days we have taken it easy.

Yesterday afternoon after lunch – I went out & rented a Mo-ped – one of those simple to operate motorized bikes – you are supposed to be able to go 200 miles on 1st tank and 175 miles on reserve tank – and supposedly both tanks full when you rent it.  (free gas - free mileage says the ad) Well – I went 27 miles – funny noises started then nothing at all – after investigating & sticking a comb down both gas tanks I soon knew what the problem was.  So I pedaled back to the station I had seen & got the proper mixture – then was back on the road.  Really enjoyed the afternoon – top speed almost 40 mph.  I went way up into some small mountains – saw some beautiful homes – shopping centers, gardens, etc.  I swear there are as many McDonalds here as there are in Ohio!  (per square mile – maybe more!)

I got a good tan yesterday – right now I'm out by the hotel's pool – but an overcast day.

As to Lucille – problem seems to be mental – Ito showed me about 40 pages of various stuff – including court papers he had to get to get someone to come & take her to the hospital..  Guess she refused to eat – kept saying her mother was calling her.  Kept saying that she would be healed – if necessary through the church.

For the past 3.5 weeks she has been undergoing treatment at a hospital near here.  She is not allowed company but G'ma has talked to her several times by phone & she sounds good.

Tomorrow we plan to rent a car – go out & pick up pineapple – also see Poly. Cultural Center,  I'm going to check out the possibility of perhaps renting a medium size car – and then on Wednesday I could drive us to the airport and then leave it three.  We had a small Datsun before.

We've eaten at all kinds of places – never the same place twice.  At at Woolworths.  There is a Victorian Station here – (Ruhl Road Las [?]).  today we ate at the Japanese Rest. here at the hotel we were the only non-Japanese.  I had to ask for silver – sticks on the table.  (Wooden kind – G'ma took them for a souvenir!  All the girls had on their little Japanese dress – pillow type deal in the back.

I think G'm told you about the 2 girls I met on the plane – here w/ their mother.  Have gotten together w/ them several times – just to talk – walk along side the beach & hear the entertainment most people pay $15.00 to hear!  One is a nurse – other one works in a Life Insurance Company.  (Funny combination - huh?)  Very nice girls – 1 has been here 7 times – they are from San Diego – about 10 minutes from where Catherine lives.

I'm sure people in N. Vienna must think I have the life – vacationing 6 months out of the year – as they probably think this summer was a vacation!  Actually I'm pretty anxious to get back into the work routine so I'll have enough $ to travel next year.  I plan to call up my employment agency – see if anything exciting is up.  If it's an office job – I'd prefer to serve coffee & hamburgers, that is unless the pay is really dynamic.

We are just 1/2 block from the ocean – next time I'll stay at the YWCA – it's just blocks away from the shopping center – the shopping center is really nice – a brand new Penney's store just opened up recently.

We checked out the Hilton & Sheraton – there low floor – no view rooms come cheap!

I had on my Hudson Guild T-shirt yesterday & met someone from New Jersey.

No tan today – still overcast – but at least got a letter written – have been out of the habit.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

1976 Roberta's Equestrian postcard -Sep.23

Equestrian Beauties postcard -mailed 1976 

9/23 [1976]
Morgans met us – loaded all of stuff – and took us to Motel 7 – then I went back w/ them – ate Mexican food – then picked up Buick – nice to have a good size of car again!  Now at San Diego Wild Animal Park – took 50 minute monorail ride – now watching bird show.  We're eating out tonight – Morgans, Dee-dee, us two & then tomorrow start North – eating at Anthony's Fish place.  We got your letter & will check Palo Alto for mail – Very overcast day – maybe Hawaii spoiled me – warm there – but always nice breeze!
Love, Berta

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1976 GHU's Waikiki postcard -Sep.22

Waikiki International Market Place postcard -mailed 1976.  Captioned: INTERNATIONAL MARKETPLACE. Here one can find products of Polynesia, the Orient, and all over the world.  Artifacts, art treasures, jewelry, paintings, and clothing are only a few products the shops offer.  Fine restaurants offer a wide variety of food.

12:10 P.M. [Sept. 22, 1976] Leaving H. after a nice week.  We ate supper in a very nice resta. here Mon. evening. Yesterday no time for writing.  We left the hotel early to attend a Free Kodak program which proved very good.  Hawaiian dances & song.  People in line were told to make room for w chair party & a Ko. man placed us right near to the announcer & guests.  When program was 1/2 over introductions, etc. was given & a Lei was given to me with a kiss & then rain.  The program tried to go on but we left & soon the raindrops really came down.  Roberta parked me under a huge Bandan tree & went to pick up the car she had rented for then we were to go to Ito's to get pineapple & tickets for Polynesian program at night.  He said he could get them Free.  $6.75 each.  We were disappointed in that program but the grounds, etc. were worth the trip.  Also visited Mormon temple.  The 2 girls that R. met went with us & pd 1/2 expenses.  Love, Mother

[P.S.] Lunch - Broiled steak, roll, green beans, salad, cr. puff.  Have arrived in San D.  Catherine & G. met us, all fine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1976 GHU Pali Hawaii postcard -Sep.21

Nuuanu Pali Hawaii postcard -mailed 1976. Captioned: THE VIEW FRON THE PALI lookout is beautifully breathtaking. The area has a historical background.  When King Kamehameha invaded Oahu- fought the defending army up the valley, and destroyed most – over the cliffs (Pali). 

Sept. 21 [1976] Mon. – R. went to Laundry M. first thing this morning then back & we ate the last of a pineapple we cut yesterday that Ito gave us.  Sure was good.  It was nice to receive your letter this forenoon after returning from a walk to the Aquarium where we found a sign Closed Mons.  Walking back R. took several pictures & we ate lunch in the Ja.-Resta - located on the 2nd floor in the Hotel.  Food good & beautiful surroundings.  We were the only foreigners but that didn't bother us.  R. likes the sun but I could do with less as it is extremely hot about noon time.  I have started to straighten up my suitcase as we have plans for tomorrow & then leave Wed. for San D. [Diego]

Love, Mother

Monday, September 19, 2016

1976 Roberta's Hawaii postcard to Wells -Sep.20

Surfing in Hawaii postcard - mailed 1976.  Captioned: Warm waters, abundance of sunshine and cooling trade winds makes Hawaii ideal for surfing enthusiasts.


This is a great place to break the habit of working!  Can always see people surfing from early morning till late at night.  Saw a #8 (?) jack set – Am learning the hula – but need to get a grass skirt to look authentic – HA!  Am going up into Oregon, Washington & maybe Canada.

Love, Berta

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Verda May Burton Barger Uible, "Aunt Vertie" was born on March 11, 1879 in Fayette County, Ohio, the daughter of James and Laura Belle Carson Burton.   She was the oldest of five siblings, with three sisters and a brother.  Her sister, Elizabeth (1887-1974) was the mother of famous Hillsboro cartoonist, Milton Caniff (1907-1988), of whom Aunt Vertie was extremely proud.

She married her first husband, Harry Quincy Barger, in 1899.  He died in 1916.   In 1920 she married her second husband, William David "W.D." Uible, in Highland County, Ohio. She died on September 20, 1966, in Washington Court House, Ohio, at the age of 87.

She lived in a small house on the main street of Leesburg, where the Uible family made frequent visits before she moved to the nursing home in Washington Court House.  I have memories of seeing her "shrine" to Caniff on the fireplace mantel in her sitting room and playing "Mother May I" in her front yard with neighboring children.  At one time Uncle Will and Aunt Vertie operated a dairy on their property.

An obituary of her husband, our great-uncle, William David "W.D." or "Will" Uible can be found at this link:

* * * * * * * * * *


Mrs. Vertie Uible, 87, widow of William Uible, died Tuesday at 9 P.M. at the Elizabeth Ann Nursing Home in Washington C.H.  She was a resident of Leesburg.  Death followed an illness of about two years.  Her husband died in 1942.

She was born in Highland County on March 11, 1879, the daughter of James Burton and Laura Carson Burton.  She is survived by one son, Frank [Rutledge] Uible, Cleveland [stepson 1895-1974, his mother was Ida Stouder Uible (1871-1920).  Uncle Will had another son, Russell Lionel Uible, 1896-1983.]  Two sisters, Mrs. Maude Grenier [1881-1966 who died eight days later on Sept. 28, 1966] and Mrs. Elizabeth Caniff, both of Dayton; one brother, Homer Burton, [1891-1977] Cincinnati.  She was an aunt of the famed cartoonist Milton Caniff, native of Hillsboro.

She was a member of the Leesburg Methodist Church.  She was a news correspondent for Hillsboro newspapers for many years.

Funeral services will be held on Friday at 1 P.M. at the Patterson Funeral Home in Leesburg, with Rev. Sterling Morrow officiating and burial following in Leesburg Cemetery.

Friends may call at Patterson's from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 P.M. Thursday.

Uible Reunion c1940.  Brothers and wives:  Frank Uible, Clara Louise Schloss Uible, Will Uible, Vertie Burton Barger Uible, Cecil J Uible, Gladys Hiestand Uible.

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1976 GHU's Hawaii papaya postcard -Sep.19

Hawaii papaya postcard -mailed 1976.  Caption: PAPAYA BLOSSOMS AND FRUIT.  This delicious tropical fruit grows everywhere in the Islands and bears fruit the year around. 
Sun. Sept. 19 [1976]
Hardly seems like Sun., as you walk along many shops are open & many people dressed for the beach.  We even attended service given on the beach in front of the Hotel Hilton which is a beautiful place inside & out.  A minister Bob Turnbull from Calif. spoke dressed in shorts & sport shirt.  Solos by man & lady.  We ate dinner at the Surfboard Hotel which was near.  The prices suited us better, rather than the Hilton.  Roberta is out bike riding & I took a nap & did a little reading for a change.  We saw a field of Pa's [Papaya's] growing but if you order a serving a 1/2 small for breakfast 75¢.  We are both fine.  This change of time still gets me awake too early.
Love, Mother

Friday, September 16, 2016

1976 Roberta Hawaii Pineapple postcard -Sept.17

Hawaii pineapple postcard - mailed 1976.  Caption: FIELD RIPE PINEAPPLES . . . ready for canning by Del Monte.  Pineapple is major crop in Hawaii, world's largest producer.

[postmarked 17 Sep 1976]
Hi! How long did it take you to get to Ito's – we sure saw the sights in the process!  Ate bkf at McDonalds – a bargain in this day of inflationary prices!  I'm enjoying Hawaii – Ito fixed us pineapple – gave us oodles of gifts (including 4 hats) took us to pineapple place (Dole).  Luc. still in hospital.
Love, Berta

Thursday, September 15, 2016

1986 Roberta's letter to GHU -Sept.16

Dear Grandma,

I'm getting ready to go out with my bike class.  We are going to ride about 20 miles – it's called a training ride!  The conditioning rides are between 40 to 60 miles each!

You don't lose weight (at least I don't) riding my bike – but I sure can eat more & not gain weight!  And of course –– you know how I like to eat!

Did I tell you I had a nice note from Ellen [GHU's niece, Ellen Mitchell Lippman,]  & Cy Lippman?  I can't find it now – but I also got a letter from Velma GcGrew – I usually send her postcards when we travel.  I remember down in Lake Worth seeing her bike – wasn't it a wheeler – with 2 wheels in the back?

I'm now back from my bike ride – Have just had a big glass of diet pop & have to admit it feels good to be in a comfortable chair!

I had a letter from Dad & Mom this last week – I always enjoy getting caught up on everyone's life.  I sure feel bad about Serena's broken leg.  I practically cry when I stub my toe – so I can't imagine going thru everything she has had to go thru with both legs!

It's about time for me to go to Senior Village – check in our new employee – Paige.  Isn't than an unusual name?

See you Sept. 23rd – I'm hoping that it won't be too cold for me – this early in the fall.  If you (or someone else) didn't get your manicure coupon – I'll use it!   My nails are growing back – they are such healthy nails!
Love, Roberta

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

1976 GHU Hawaii postcard to MV -Sept.17

Hawaii Hula postcard -mailed 1976. Captioned: Kodak Hula Show - Hula dancers performing at popular Hula Show in Waikiki. 
1976 GHU Hawaii postcard to MV -Sept.17
"Aloha" – Thurs. eve. 8 oclock – Left the hotel Waikiki at 9 oclock AM took in the sights at the zoo which is near, ate lunch at Farrells + then on to take a boat cruise to Pearl Harbor returning by 3:30.  Then to a very nice mall going to the 2nd floor on an escalator w'chair + me.  It was with out steps & wide.  At Woolw. saw Wells j.ropes & jack sets.  Roberta surely got her exercise today.  She must have walked 5 miles or more.  Some of the streets have ramp approaches to go on pavements.  We get a car tomorrow to go a little further away from town.  Love, Grandma

Monday, September 12, 2016

1976 GHU Hawaii postcard -Sept.15

[postmarked 15 Sep 1976]

Wed, afternoon. On our way to Hawaii & getting along fine so far.  Glad to say the w.chair was delivery [sic] at C.'s home at 8 oclock last night along with walker.  The were delayed in Dal. Tex.  Roberta made reservation at a hotel for us & plan to rent a car tomorrow.  A number of people on this plane.  We had a good lunch for $2 supposingly [sic] but so far have not collected for same.  Since I always have twice as much as I really want R. ordered one & we divided.  It was just right for me so I imagine R. will want a big supper.  It was very damp this morning like a light rain but it seems as if it is a usual morning dew.  The sun is shining brightly.  (Have a nice room.  Time now 3:30 Haw. time.)

[in Roberta's handwriting] Hi – just had some diamond-head punch!  Employment agency wanted to know if I was interested in being a legal secretary – a quick no answer!

[back to GHU] Here we are in H. after a nice trip.  Called Lucille & her husband said she was in the hospital with ?  Evidently her mind & is not to have company.  I talked to her & she seemed normal to me but said she did not know when she would be home & was not allowed company.  Sorry.

Love, Mother.

R. is out to the pool.  Grand Waikiki Hotel.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Sept.15

Sept. 15, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad & Ro Mary Virginia,

Well, we certainly appreciated getting all the news and garden produce from Ohio.  It was good having Roberta around for a few days.  I don't know if she will be returning to San Diego or not.

Roberta sold the hair dryer to a used furn. & appliance store for $2.50.  We may go the same route on the organ.  Thanks also for the salad bowls, I kept 6 of them and sent 6 on with Roberta & G'ma to give to Lucille from you.  Hope that is OK.

Gma's wheelchair and walker were left in Dallas but they arrived (at our apartment) last evening about 6 hours later.  Grandma didn't seem too tired considering the three hour time change.  She & Roberta were at odds as to how long to stay in Hawaii.  Roberta got return tickets for 9/22 but G'ma thought 3 days would be enough.

Thanks for sending the letter from John.  Actually this is just a note to be enclosed when I return John's letter.  Seems like we've been talking to you so often that I really can't think of much news.

We bought baseball tickets for 9/29 Padres vs Cincinnati Reds which is one of the Padres last games.  We were hoping they would end in 3rd place but now it looks like they might not even be able to hold 4th place.

Well, write to us soon!

Catherine & Gerry

Saturday, September 10, 2016

1976 GHU penny (9¢) postcard -Sept.14

[postmarked 14 Sep 1976, California]

Here we go & had a nice fruit drink, lunch in 1/2 hr.  The gate man put me on a front seat & the other one vacant.  I asked the St. if she had a stool or box, so she came forth with a metal box which is just the thing for my feet.  I noticed she took a couple of papers out of it & it had card games, etc. in side.  Lunch over – lettuce & egg salad, broiled stk (extra good), bake po., carrots, melon & strawb desert brd & butter.  Due in Dal in 10 min said to be on time. Leaving D 1:20 there time.  My what a walk changing planes it was quite a distance for the man to push me over carpet but he made a $1.  Believe it or not I am sitting in front row of the first class section.  Just 1 man & the Stewd just said no need for me to make the effort to go back where I was sitting in (front row) the other part.  I had been to rest room.  Now we drink again, so I will have a glass of g. ale, with peanuts which I didn't eat.  I have the same kind of stool with a pillow this time.  The clouds are just beautiful.  See Mts. leaving Tuc. 2:10 Calif. time 30 min stay.  Approaching San D. 3:10 Roberta is here.  Everyone all right we have my suitcase & box but walker & wheel c ––? so I have asked a porter to go look.  Well coming up to-night Hopefully –

Love, Mother

Sone one has lost their dog & several other complaints.  They are loaning me a chair & say they will deliver my W. & C. to the door, to night.

Friday, September 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Sept.11

[Return address of 4025 Cherokee, Apt. Y, San Diego – Catherine & Gerry's address.  Evidently per later correspondence, GHU is flying to California and then she and Roberta will go on to Hawaii.]


Hi!  This is the job I'm checking out – Arizona too dry for me but could be OK maybe for a cactus.  Marian sure doesn't have any tight blood in her – took us out to dinner – then went & filled up the Buick w/ gasoline – gave me a bike she had never used.  I've been using it here – It's Sears Best – 10 speed.  She told me if the Buick clunks out – then I'll still have wheels!

I might even check out the jobs in Hawaii – one never knows.

Catherine & Gerry seem very happy – "thick as thieves" –

Trip out a good one – in Iowa – car got complete tune-up Etc., – got 19 mpg after that!  Spent less than $70.00 (total) on gas – counting free gas we got in Iowa, Arizona and 1 time gas was 72.9 – I asked for $3.00 – Mary starts talking to attendant – all of a sudden $8.22 gas in tank.  I said I meant $3.00 – so got $5.22 gas bonus – cheapest gas after all!!

Waikiki Grand Hotel $21.00 – night, 134 Kapahula Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Everything under control – we'll get along fine – never dreamed I'd get there!  Will drop you a card ––


Thursday, September 08, 2016

1976 Roberta's AZ postcard -Sept.10

Arizona - Colorful Painted Desert postcard, mailed 1976.  Captioned: The Painted Desert lies southeast of the Grand Canyon in the valleys and canyons along the Little Colorado River and to points just east of Holbrook.  It is a highly colored area of sand and rock erosion, where the stratified sections display many contrasting colors and hues.

Sept. 10, 1976

Now in Holbrook – slept just East of here – at a rest top – I felt sorry for those sleeping in sports cars!

Buick is doing fine – a little dusty.  I-40 not finished in places!  Should be in Phoenix 3 hours, plus.

Spent Wed. night w/ Serena – well – from 12:45 AM to 6:00 AM!

Have seen alot of country – Very few out of state cars.

Love, Roberta

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

1936 Ballantyne Party -Sept.10

1936 Ballantyne Party Invitation -Sept.10
1936 Ballantyne Party News Clipping -Sept.

Two Hundred and Fifty Guests at Ballantyne Home for Supper Dance
A SUPPER DANCE for two hundred and fifty guests was given by Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne at their home on Ridge avenue in New Cumberland Thursday night in honor of a group of young people among them their daughter and two nieces, all three recent brides.

In the receiving line with the Ballantynes were Mr. and Mrs. James S. Dailey (Virginia Irene Ballantyne) of Steubenville; Mr and Mrs. Frederick Fisher (Elizabeth Ballantyne) of New Cumberland; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parsons (Natalie Ballantyne), of New Cumberland; Mr. and Mrs. John Cupp (Elizabeth Dupka) Pittsburgh; Eleanor Mentzer, Steubenville, and her fiance, Gerald K. McGeorge of Cincinnati (they will be married in October): Dr. and Mrs. T.E. Cato, New Cumberland.

[Elizabeth "Tatt"  Ballantyne Fisher, 1906-1993, and Natalie Virginia Ballantyne Kessel Parsons, 1909-2000 were sisters, daughters of Charles Alexander "C.A." and Mary Conley Ballantyne.  A third sister, Anna Irene Ballantyne Cline, 1904-1981, was married in 1926.]

Mrs. Dailey is Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne's daughter.  Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Parsons are their nieces.  Both were June brides.  Mrs. Cupp is a former classmate of Mrs. Dailey's at Ellis school for girls.  She was also a June bride.  Dr. Cato is Hancock county coroner and health supervisor and is leaving with Mrs. Cato for Baltimore where he will enroll for a nine months post graduate course at John Hopkins.  Mr. and Mrs. George Renner, the fourth, of Youngstown (Mrs. Renner is the former Betty Davidson of Hollidays Cove), were also on the honored guest list, but Mr. Renner's illness prevented him from attending.

The guests were welcomed in the reception hall.  Mrs. Ballantyne wore cream lace; her daughter, Mrs. Dailey, wore pale blue georgette with long cape; Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Parson wore black velvet; Miss Mentzer, red lace; Mrs. Cato, pink lace; Mrs. Cupp, black and white lace.  All had corsages of gardenias.   Fall flowers were lavishly used through the house, snapdragons and delphinium offset by lighted tapers, centering the buffet supper table.

Dancing was enjoyed until one o'clock to the music of Paul Campbell's orchestra.  Lanterns decorated the garden and veranda, where many of the guests danced and enjoyed refreshments.

Steubenville guests included Mrs. W.E. Dailey and family, Eleanor Zink, Edward Ekey, Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Pierce, Attorney Joseph Stern, Marjorie Lee, George W. Cochran, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Mentzer, Thomas J. Welsh, Dr. and Mrs. F.B. Harrington, Dr. and Mrs. S.A. Harris, Fred Fagen, Dorothy Morgan, Betty Anglin, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Foringer, W.A. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wickersham, Robert Anglin.

Clara Virginia Nichols, William Curn, Virginia Little, Ruth Hennings. Mr. Becker, Helene Grismore, Nate Cohen, Fredericka Clark, Herbert Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rudolf, Everett Ferguson, Jr., Betty Bargar, Robert Overmyer, William Robinson, Ethel Dailey.

Other guests were present from Pittsburgh, Niles, Mansfield and many surrounding communities.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

1976 Roberta's Lake Mohawk postcard -Sept.7

Roberta mailed this from Iowa, though the postcard is from the Hudson Guild area.
Lake Mohawk postcard - mailed 1976.  Captioned: Aerial View of Lake Mohawk.  Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey

Sept. 7th [1976] - Sil. Iowa [postmarked Sigourney, Iowa]

Hi – after stopping in Iowa City – meeting 4 of Mary's sisters – then got here by about 5:00 pm.  No problems – enjoyed our lunches today, THANKS!  Spent zero on food – but almost $20.00 (together) on gas.  Paid 64.9 for regular – can you imagine.  Wish John had been there to help cover the costs. (ha ha)

Car being worked on – plan to leave here Thurs. am.  Love, Berta

Monday, September 05, 2016

1956 Catherine on first day of 2nd Grade -Sept.

This picture was taken by Mrs. Pierce, a neighbor in the apartment house where we lived in the 1950s, taken in the yard that was east of the house and would now be inside the Dollar Store on the corner of Routes 28 & 73 in New Vienna.  Mrs. Pierce sometimes babysat for Roberta and me.  Roberta especially loved her button collection.  I can still see Roberta sitting quietly (!) at Mrs. Pierce's table going through the large tin container of buttons.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Sep.6

Monday evening, Labor Day
September 6, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How are the tennis pros?  It was a surprise to get your phone call Saturday, but good to talk to you.  The phone rates here are alot lower than in Maine so we feel like we are getting a bargain when we call long distance.

I'm only sorry that the Hortons didn't arrive before you called so we could have thanked you for all the dishes, the silverware, and the things from Greece.  I always thought that China was pretty and we can certainly make good use of it.  And the silverware is really a nice set.  I couldn't imagine what you had put in such a small box that was so heavy.  It didn't occur to me that it was what it said on the box until after I opened it.  Deedee was here when the Hortons came so she helped me unwrap it all and put it away.  We went to a Mexican restaurant with them which is just down the street from us.  Joe and Rob seemed to enjoy it –– we all got something different so they got to try a little of everything.  Aunt Mary had a cheeseburger.  Then Sunday morning Joe, Rob & Gerry played tennis while Aunt Mary, Deedee and I did their laundry.  Then we had breakfast using our new dishes and silverware.  The three of them make a strange traveling group.  I think Rob would have been happier to fly back to Florida.  Joe wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and to Tucson so I'm not sure where they headed from here.  Rob was going to drive and Joe was going to figure out a plan.

We're looking forward to Roberta's coming.  I hope she will be able to spend a few days.  She will need a rest before heading back east.  I will try to enclose a map so that she will be able to get to our apartment.  If she has already left before this letter arrives then she can call for directions.  I hope she has the number though because we have heard from two people now that when they tried to get our number from information they were informed that we didn't have a telephone.  We don't have an unlisted number so I suppose we may have to straighten the phone company out.  The billing dept. knows that we have a telephone.

We went to the Padres game this afternoon (it started at 5:40).  It was broadcast nationally on ABC.  It was the first Padres game to be on national TV since 1969.  Unfortunately, they lost to the Dodgers 4-1.  The only run they got was a home run by a pinch hitter in the 9th inning.  We only live about 3 or 4 miles from the stadium so it is no trouble at all to go to the games.  They seem to have the traffic pretty well controlled too, so that we were home about 15 minutes after the game.  They had fireworks tonight to celebrate the holiday.

Please send us John's address so that we could drop him a note.

Well, I have some other letters to answer.  Hope to hear form you soon.  Tell Grandma I will be answering her letter soon and tell Mary Virginia she owes us one.

Love, Gerry & Catherine

P.S. Thanks for the stamps.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

1946 Tale of Gulliver (Calvin) Smith -Sep.8

Calvin must have had time on his hands and plenty of talent in writing and sketching before he sent this story/poem and note to HH in 1946.  According to military records he served as a stenographer during WW2.  Sobe was a US air field in Okinawa, Japan.

The note at the end to HH is transcribed first, then each page of the Gulliver Smith saga.

Naha [capital city of the Japanese prefecture], Okinawa
8 Sept. 46

Dear H.H. ––

Just a line or two to tell you that I'll soon be coming home.  Give me a couple more days and I'll be on the ship – I hope!  It's lying in the harbor now.

Hope everything's hunky dory with you & your family.  Give them my regards.  I'll be seeing you.

Sincerely, Calvin

The Tale of Gulliver Smith

The day is bright and shining, but Gulliver Smith is sad;
Let others be gay and happy!  Let others be carefree and glad!

But Gulliver can't make merry, for the fickle-minded Fates
Have turned him into a soldier, and behind him are the States.

Ah, yes, our hero gazes across the briny blue,
But his heart isn't filled with its beauty ---- his stomach is filled with stew!!

Now Gulliver isn't a sailor, he's a soldier (see above),
And stew, as far as food goes, is far from his first-love.

So let us take leave of Gulliver, for Sympathy's of no avail
As he scurries across the fan-tail and dizzily clutches the rail . . . . . . .


"Old Salt" is what they call him, for now he's quite at home
On the "Island Mail", in which he sailed, last week for "parts unknown."

"'Twenty-seven April, '45", wrote the Captain in his log;
And out on deck our hero stood a-gazing through the fog.

But "fog" was just to make it rhyme, for Oahu's never foggy,
Although 'tis a well-known 'stablished fact, Oahuans are often soggy.

The Thirteenth Repple Depple holds mem'mries better lost
Of insects, rain, and back-aches for this lad who "came acrost."


But one fine day (between showers), in the merry month of May,
A recon car came rolling up and hauled our Gull'ver away.

Through fields of green pineapples, along the shore of the sea,
Rode our hero-timber Gulliver -- "G. Smith, P-V-T."

"Three five eight eight six eight, nine eight reporting, sirp!"
And Gulliver became a member of the Five Twenty-Nine QM Grp.

The boxes were packed and ready, duffel bags filled to the brim
When one sad day the "Marathon," 'PA 200, pulled in.

the Tenth of June dawned early, and the Pali rose so clear
As the line of jeeps and three-quarter tons wound its way to the pier.

Goody-bye to the pineapple fields, goodbye to Waikiki,
And Gulliver Smith (our hero, you know), a heavy heart has he.

But the western horizon beckons, so "Westward Ho" says he,
"We'll sail on and on and onward, and see what we shall see!"

To Mog Mog came he sailing, and passed Ulithi, too,
And fin'lly on 14/7 viewed the Wan Nakagusuku.

Now Gulliver's heart was pounding, and Gulliver's eyes were bright,
For the Isle of Okinawa was a very welcome sight.

So over the side went Gulliver, and down the net went he,
And over this last bit of water, to say "Goodbye" to the sea.

The night was well upon him as Gulliver sped to Sobe,
And for all that he could tell, he might have been in the Gobi.

But, no, 'twas Okinawa (for that he took their word),
And so 'twould be for one more year, and two months more, I've heard.

But Sobe was provincial, a tiny town, you see,
So our tribe moved, bag and baggage, down to the big city.

'Way down to Naha went they, and Gulliver 'mongst them all,
But by this time, the scene has changed and now it's early fall.

And fall is not just fall, when you live in this here ghotto;
For along with fall comes typhoon-time, and that you can't forget-o!

Ad so it was that Gulliver, that old "war-weary" gent
Spent the night of ten October a-holding down his tent.

But let us once more change, the scene of this fine tale
And focus our attention on a ship about to sail.

The place is Haha Harbor, the time, September 8,
the pier is full of people, who have gathered there to wait.

For, lying calm and peaceful in the bright September sun,
Is our ship, the good "Sea Runner," getting ready now to "run."

The wild-eyed "okinawans," those chair-borne men of war,
Begin to stagger 'board the shp; they're on ---- but here's one more!

A cloud of dust arises, and coming down the hill,
We see our old friend Gulliver, an "Okinawar" still.

But not for long, it seems, for aboard we see him climb,
With a smile that goes from ear to ear, of happiness sublime.

So now my tale is ended, and my story has been told,
For when this letter reaches you, I'll be near that Gate of Gold.


Friday, September 02, 2016

1966 Bunk Beds Purchased for $59.95 -Sept.1

MV turned 18 months old – must have been time to figure out where she was going to sleep as she outgrew the crib. . . .

Thursday, September 01, 2016

1966 Carbondale Pictures -July & August

1966 Catherine, John, Jean, & Serena -S.I.U. July

1966 Jean, Serena & Catherine at S.I.U. -July

1966 (HH &) Roberta at Union Terminal at Cincinnati leaving on trip to Carbondale -Aug. 
1966 Roberta returns to NV after trip from St. Louis -Aug.

Cathy (Roommate), Catherine, Serena & Jean at Steagall Hall S.I.U. -Aug

Items from Uible photo album