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Summer 1982 & 2012 End of September

Another month moves into the history file.  For those who are keeping track of such things, we are now 7.5% done with the 10-year-plan.  Here are a couple of pictures from the summer of 1982.
Jean, Harold, Jeanne Sanker - 1982 trip to Europe
 Not the best picture but they all look happy!

Catherine & Gerry talking to Elizabeth Johnson & Gertrude Waits in foreground - June 1982
Celebrating GHU's 90th birthday (in the recreation room?)
Catherine is probably clutching important historical documents that now can't be found.

What have we missed from the past "2" years?  Much!
Here's a short list:

1972 letters from Joe
1972 letters from Grace
1972 letters from Zach & Martha Ngueio - not sure of spelling - in Botswana
1972 New Vienna Lions Club 25th Anniversary brochure - this maybe should go on the NV blog
1982 NVUMC list of 263 members
1992 baby picture of Ginny – glad to hear she's doing well in 2012!
2002 lots of emails

Family postcards which seem to have disappeared from the not-so-well organized piles in which they were stacked.  Probably got moved in a straightening effort and have not yet reappeared.  Plus anything not yet found or not sorted correctly.

Some of the above may yet be published.

Anybody notice there were no family carbon copy letters in September 1982?  I double checked the file on those and found nothing between August 29, 1982 and October 6, 1982.  The Aug. 29 letter mentioned an upcoming trip to visit Serena in Chicago, the impending return of Mie Young from Korea, and the beginning of college for MV.  Maybe September was a really busy month or the carbon paper supplies ran out.  Perhaps we'll find out in the Oct. 6 letter.

Friday, September 28, 2012

1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - Sept. 28

Roberta keeps up the excellent job of writing to Grandma. This letter is written on the back of two pages that include illustrations and short sentences in Spanish about traveling and washing hands. Transcription follows.
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Dear Grandma,

Here it is almost October and it is still over 100º during the day.  We were out this weekend in our trailer – thank goodness the Air Conditioner works fine!  At night it does cool down.  Out away from the city you could really see the stars.  But I never learned what I'm looking at – Big Dipper, etc.

It's getting to be bigger crowds at Church – the true snowbirds are still away but those people gone for the summer are now back!  During the summer our Church still has 3 services – but not too many people in any one service.  By November – after Thanksgiving till April 15th (TAX DAY) crowds everywhere in Arizona!  That is just about the same period of time you would be in Florida – isn't it?

Do show these pages (back side to Mom & Dad) our residents were trying to learn Spanish.  We have one Mexican lady who lives here at Senior Village who is almost 75 years old & has lived in the United States over 40 years but has never learned much English!

I hope you are doing fine – eating & drinking enough!  Have you had any good pie lately?  Friends brought us an apple pie – paid $7.50 for it.  Seemed expensive to me!

See you in November!

Love, Roberta

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1972 Letter from Joe - August 1

Joe writes a letter from Senegal. Actually he wrote many letters. Transcription follows.
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August 1, 1972
Dakar - Tuesday night

Dear Uible Family,

I’ve received all your mail – thanks especially for the one about your trip to Mexico – Now, that you’ve talked about it, I really want to go but last month I went back to Lufthansa and they said they had made mistake in price so the trip became a matter of I-can’t-afford-it. What Lufthansa and I have worked out is that I’m spending about 7 days in Rio and then flying to Miami, London, Paris and finally Dakar. It’s still going to be an interesting trip.  [Joe wrote a postcard from Brazil on Aug. 26, which appears here on the blog.  Another instance of my getting things out of order.]

One of Serena’s pen pals here in Dakar gave me a package to give her when I arrive – well, knowing Serena is in Peru I’ll give it to you.

I sure hope to see you all i September. With dentist appointments, eye doctors, an expired driver’s license – who knows what will happen. Bribes of strawberries and homemade ice cream will get me to New Vienna for sure – you can bet your bottom dollar!

Working on the training program hasn’t been a pleasant dream. All I think about is getting back to the States for awhile.

Nick Augustus was with me for a month. He had just terminated after 2 years in Ivory Coast. He was nervous about going back to the U.S. – has no idea what he wants to do.

I’ve been eating at a Senegalese home for lunch now for quite awhile. The dishes are fantastic and the family – wonderful people. One dish call Maffi is made of rice, meat, and a peanut butter sauce – Uncle Harold, I think you’d like it!

My garden is all dried up. It’s too hot to grow anything now. It hasn’t rained for a month and they call this period of time the rainy season! Doesn’t make sense. [Like Arizona’s “monsoon” season.]

Bought a club card at the university so I can play tennis - 3 dollars - good until the end of the year. When I’m not working at the training program, I’m playing tennis now.

It’s hard handling all these problems that come up when you live in another society. One thing I can’t get use to is the fact that there are always at least 5 visitors in my house all day long. As an American I need my privacy one in awhile and here the Senegalese just don’t let you have it. I’ve gotten over the feeling that I have to feed them or keep them company. I just let them sit and look at themselves as I go about doing my business. Then there’s the fact that practically every time someone comes over, they want to borrow something or they want money. No one could me stingy in the USA, but here I’m known as Mr. Miser because I just don’t give every cent away to anybody who asks for it.

Won’t it be great to be back in my own country!

Hope all of you are well. Say hello to Grandma for me. The Senegalese and I send or love. Love, Joe.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1972 Letter from GHU to Hong Kong

Grandma writes a letter to Harold & Jean who are in Hong Kong in August 1972 – as Mother said in a 1972 letter to Mary Virginia about a nice letter from Nellie Thornburg "almost as good as a visit." Transcription follows.  I have added paragraph breaks as Grandma had written this as one long paragraph.
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Mon. evening 21st [August 1972]

Dear Harold & Jean,

I was told this morning that the family had all written a letter yesterday so I am wondering what is left to write about.  At least I can say John is more like himself although he gave us a scare Thurs., as he was sick.  Roberta, Mary V, John & I went to the Drs. this forenoon also the the hospital for John to have a blood test.  Roberta signed for him.

I had Dr. T [Terrell] to look at a breaking out on my neck which is so minor but I thought if it was caused by the medicine I was taking he might want to make a change.  He said it was only a little rash caused from what he simply didn't know.  It is better so will continue with the lotion.

John is getting to move faster & likes to tease & clown around once more.  He said at noon he was going to start delivering [newspapers] this evening.  We have a new Enquirer boy again.  When the Medlock boy was collecting Sat. he said it was his last day, but I didn't understand what he said about the new boy so didn't ask him again.  Anyway the paper is being left early each morning.  So far.

I am trying to listen a little to the TV convention report.  Thanks for the dinner ticket Sun.  There was a number waiting in line when we left.  Service was over at the right time for us.  Saw the McCoys & also Doris, Alicia & one of her children eating.  Doris was unhappy as usual for she said their dinner was cold when served.  Helen Car stopped in Fri. afternoon.  A Mrs. Dove or a relative of the Doves was with her.  Helen had left Wib in Hillsboro to attend a Co. meeting.  She said he is out and around but doing only a little better.  No lifting & just a little light work.  He hopes to continue improving & had driven the tractor a little this past week.

We received the 2 US cards this morning.  Sorry you got off to such a slow start.

Mr. White wanted to help me get upstairs Sun. [at church] but I declined & told him it would be cooler downstairs.  In fact it was nearly too cool.  We had a nice rain Sat. afternoon, but a light wind storm along with it.  I was really provoked because Marie had cleaned up the walks, gutters, & leaves.  Then came the wind & brought over my neighbors Elephant ear leaves & the porch & lawn looked a mess for Sun.  So at Sun. school I asked Marie to come this afternoon to clean up again.

Serena was mowing at home this afternoon.  Roberta insisted that I go home with them for lunch as Miss Ruth said so, She had a nice meal.  Ham, green beans, squash, cottage cheese & tomatoes, slaw & other little things.

Had a letter form Mary & they had been playing croquet on their front lawn.  It is far from being a good place.  Can't hardly wait until Joe arrives.  Nothing especially new.

The News-Journal this evening gave the death of Mr. C. Kirkendahl death being Sat. at the home.  Funeral private, no visitation, Rev. Lynd minister, 85 years of age.

Thurs. evening I phoned the Mayor & asked him if the truck could be parked somewhere else etc. at any early date.  He said he would be glad to take care of it.  Believe it or not the same evening when I went to bed that "eye sore" had been moved.  I call that service.

I had 28 jack letters today which I finished before starting this letter.

I expect Roberta told you we went to Med. – Sun. afternoon. Mrs. M. said that Charles, Thelma & the 2 girlies returned Sat. from Naples & it rained everyday in Fla.  Enjoy your tour.  Love, Mother

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1972 Roberta's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

Roberta gets the prize for length and illegibility.  Love the comment about what Grandma thought of Mr. Perry's hair.  Transcription follows.
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August 20, 1972

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi! Hope you all are having a good trip - no doubt you are quite homesick, Mom - but we will try and save some dirty dishes, clothes, (everybody talking and the TV is on !!), and cleaning up to do. And, Dad, how about $10 for gas? (Ho, Hum!)

We’ve all kept pretty busy since y’all left. I’ve been working everyday at J&W and imagine that I’ll be back again this week. The “big news” over there is that they now have fried mushrooms. But, so far we haven’t sold any - but all of the “help” has been eating them!

I didn’t get to the eye doctor’s Thursday morning because John felt pretty bad so took him to the doctors. But now he seems to be feeling pretty good - has been working on the bookcase some.

Grandma made it to SS and Church today just fine. After lunch - we ate in Leesburg - we went to Americare.

Then about 3:00 PM went to Vanessa’s - where she talked me into going to see “Now you see him - now you don’t” a movie showing at the Murphy in Wilmington - I think John and MV want to go see it tomorrow night.

Jacki Walker taught Sunday School this morning for both her Mom & Dad - guess her family went to Wisconsin for a vacation.

Saturday night Serena, Mary V, and I went to Lynchburg to see a folk musical program put on at their high school.

We remembered to send Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker’s birthday card – I think Mary V. said she got some 30 cards.

I bought my gym shoes - they look like the kind the basketball stars wear.

103 people today at Sunday School, 78 at Church. Mr. Ed Perry was with Mrs. Carey. He’s got his hair real blonde now - as Grandma says he looks pretty silly.

Well better be closing - hoping to have heard from you by the time you get this!

Love, Bert

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1972 Serena's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

Serena wins the prize for being Dad-like in brevity and mentioning names. Transcription follows.
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[August 20, 1972]

Dear Mom & Dad,

Hi! Everything is fine (more or less). John has a throat virus but is much better. Band is better than I first thought. But only five seniors so far. MV and I are going to Winnie the Pooh tonight. The heat & humidity is almost unbearable. We’re going to have chicken for supper. Last night we (Bert, MV & I) went to see “Natural High,” a Christian song deal in Lynchburg. Saw Mr. Roush - very good. Worked at the hospital. Went in to see Mrs. Grace Long & Mrs. Linkhart. Robb Uhl was also in - minor surgery. Paul Linkhart is also in again. No job, yet. Planning to make some more applications. 103 in Sunday School today. 4 in my class & 4 from Dad’s class. Have to go now. Love, Serena (U.)

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1972 John's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

John, always the kidder, purposely mixes up the good and bad news. The summer of 1972 was a time of much worry and concern about his health. Transcription follows.
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Sun. Aug. 20 [1972]

Dear Mom and Dad,

I have good news and bad news for you. First the bad good news.

I woke up on Thursday morning not feeling very good. I went back to bed. Roberta took me over to Dr. Ayres because it was Dr. Terrell’s day off. He said I had the flu. They gave me pills too. Thursday, Friday, and part of Sat. was spent recuperating. I see Dr. Terrell tomorrow.

Now the bad news.

I received an application for the speaking contest in Springfield. Dad, Roberta is signing your name as I have to have my parents consent. If I win in Springfield I go on to the regional finals and maybe even the national finals! If you get 1st place in the nations you get a $3,000 scholarship.

We ate out today and did it very inexpensively too!

I am very anxious to see you two home very soon.

Your son, John B. U.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1972 MV's letter to Hong Kong - Aug. 20

MV, John, Serena, Roberta & GHU all wrote letters to Hong Kong. Grandma mailed hers separately in an aerogram. The other four were mailed together in an envelope addressed by John and sent to the Hong Kong Hyatt. 21¢ postage for air mailing an international letter.

Excellent cursive, MV! Transcription follows.
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Sunday, August 20 9:25 PM [1972 - and what is MV doing up so late??]

Dear Mom and Dad,

We went out to eat. Bert told John to put a Dollar tip on the table. Grandma, Bert and I went to Americare after lunch. I went to two plays last week. Grandma came up for dinner. I lost two pounds. We are going to a movie tomorrow night. I saw a singing play and a Winnie the Pooh play.

LOVE, Mary Virginia

The other side of MV's letter is the letter from John.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1972 Philmont - Tuesday July 25

Last postcards from Philmont 1972 sent to MV and Mrs. CJU. Transcriptions follow.
Philmont Scount Ranch Flag Ceremony postcard
Captioned: INDIVIDUAL TRAINING CENTER Flag Ceremony - New Mexico’s history is portrayed in flags to Scouts taking advanced leadership training at Rayado settlement founded in 1847 and the one-time home of Kit Carson. The Philmont area has been under the flags of the Conquistadores, Mexico, American Cavalry, Confederacy and now the State of New Mexico. Philmont Photo by Howard Dunham.
1972 HH postcard to MV from Philmont - July 25

7/25/72 Hi -

Had our daily rain but no hail. Supper was vegetable stew, lemon pie & malted milk. The boys tried their luck at fishing today. There is shower here but you cut the wood for the heater & a 1/2 hour later it is HOT. Did the laundry and bet you too are busy helping your Mother and John. Do you recall other flag ceremony?
"Beaubien" Philmont Scount Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: “Beaubien” - One of many beautiful camps at Philmont. Beaubien is located in the lush, green Bonita Valley in the southwestern section of the 214-square mile national camping area of the Boy Scouts of America. Philmont Photo by Mark Clayton.
1972 HH postcard to GHU from Philmont - July 25

[Addressed to GHU] 7/25/72 - 5 months to Christmas

Hi - We keep the axe and saw busy cutting fire wood. It is cool at night, particularly in the mountains - we were over 10,000 feet today and some beautiful sights - doubley so when you get there by your own power. The boys are talking about that home cooked food next week - but we are doing well in getting food for 12 (packed in units of 4) for the 10 of us. Supper is always a cooked meal. –Harold

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1912 Postcard from Cecil to Gladys - Sept. 18

This is one of a very few cards that is written by Cecil.  He must have been traveling around, by train we can assume, for his grocery business.  Transcription follows.
Gooddale Park, Columbus, Ohio postcard, postmarked 18-Sep-1912.
1912 Postcard from CJ to Gladys Uible - Sept. 18
[postmarked 2:30 PM Sep 18 1912.]
Dear Glady:
In Col today.  Was in Cincy yesterday.  Get home tonight.  Hope to see you soon and will tell you how much miss am I. [I miss you? mess?]  I hope you are feeling allright by now.  With love, Cecil.

Gooddale Park has either changed the spelling of the name to Goodale Park or is spelled incorrectly on this card.  Assuming that it is spelled incorrectly, the park is in the Victorian Village area of Columbus, and served as a staging area for new recruits to the Union Army in 1861.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

1972 Letter to MV - July 30

On a trip to Mexico in early summer 1972, John became quite ill (later diagnosed as typhoid fever) and spent time in the Hillsboro and the Cincinnati Hospital. MV evidently spent part of the time (while HH was on trip to Philmont with Boy Scouts) with the William (Nellie) Thornburgs, parents of Harold Q. and Wilma Croghan.  Transcription follows.
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Dearest Mary Virginia,

Your big and favorite brother John is feeling much better and will be home by this time next week.  We both miss you very much.  John has your letter on the wall right beside his bed so he can see and read it often.  That was really a nice and long letter.

Aunt Jeanne Sanker and Lynne were here yesterday and brought some candy and cookies which John is saving to eat with you.  He is now allowed anything he wants to eat but doesn't have too much appetite yet.

Please thank Mrs. Thornburg for her nice letter to tell us about what you are doing.  It was almost like a visit.  John sat up in a chair yesterday and also took a ride down the hall in a wheelchair.  Today we hope to go up to the sunroom and get some fresh air.

See you soon!  I'm still planning to bring you down here overnight if you want.

Love and XXXXXX Mother and John
Nellie Evans Thornburg was born 31 Oct 1900 and died 16 Mar 2002. Her husband, William Q. Thornburg was born in 1891 and died in 1977.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

1972 Philmont Monday July 24

Postcards to Mrs. HHU. HH keeps the cards coming – thanks Dad! Transcriptions follow.
Sunset at Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: “SUNSET AT PHILMONT” - Cimarroncito Lake and Cathedral Rock are landmarks to thousands of older Boy Scouts and Explorers who annually visit Philmont Scout Ranch for high-adventure expeditions on the 137,000-acre ranch. Philmont Photo by Mark Clayton.
7/24/72 Hi!

For breakfast we had sausage links, potatoes & fruit cocktail. Lunch of egg salad, crackers, dried pears (earlier we had dried banana chips) & some dried candy bar. Our record is consistent rain and/or hail every day - and does it get cold then. We did some rock rappelling - it was fun after getting started. – Your admirer

Mama Collage

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2012 & 1948 - Mom, we miss you!

A year without Mother – yet she lives strongly in our hearts and memories.  Though I imagine she could have had a perfectly good life without us it's hard to imagine her life without HH.  And what kind of family would they have had without children?

One of the important factors in their life together is announced below.  Transcription follows.
Jean & Harold's Engagement Announced - presumed to be from Wilmington News-Journal - January 1948.  Clipping below is from the Hillsboro Press-Gazette, January 20, 1948.  Wording is the same in both articles but paragraph breaks and headlines are different.
Mr. Uible to Marry West Virginia Girl [Hillsboro]
To Be Married This Summer  [Wilmington]

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel W. Ballantyne, of New Cumberland, W.Va., announce the engagement of their daughter, Jean Wallace, to Mr. Harold H. Uible, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Uible, of New Vienna.

Miss Ballantyne was graduated from West Virginia University and Western Reserve University Library School and is now employed as children's librarian at the East Cleveland Public Library.

Mr. Uible was graduated from New Vienna High School, attended Leland Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif., Adelbert College of Western Reserve University and will graduate from the School of Law next year.

The couple plan an early summer wedding.

The wedding date was later changed to April 3, 1948, much to the Ballantynes' dismay.  Letters between them detail the discussion.  We'll be reading them in early 2018 unless demand requires them to be printed sooner.

The WNJ clipping has a Clinton County obituary on the reverse side, therefore I ruled out the possibility of the clipping being from a New Cumberland newspaper.  Haven't checked to see if any Hancock County WV newspapers are digitized and available online.  Wish the Wilmington paper was available online but it currently is not.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1972 Philmont - Saturday July 22

Postcards to Mrs. CJU & Mrs. HHU. Transcriptions follow.
Seton Memorial Library and Museum Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: SETON MUSEUM - Located mid-point between the Philmont Training Center and Camping Headquarters, the Ernest Thompson Seton* [see note about Seton below] Memorial Library and Museum houses many books, paintings, Indian artifacts and animal collections. Philmont Photo by Howard Dunham.

[Addressed to GHU] Sat. [7/22/72] 

Easier walking today as down to 1 days provisions. We have had instant cheese & peanut butter - no 2 meals are the same. Had macaroni & cheese, peas & banana pudding last night. Some of the boys have found deer antlers. Getting along fine with the boots & everybody is happy. This chopping wood brings back the thirties [1930’s] in L.W. [chopping wood in Lake Worth? – That is history.] –Harold

Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972
Captioned: PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH - Headquarters for the 214-square mile ranch includes the Philmont Training Center in the foreground for America’s Scouting leaders, and the Camping Headquarters, in the background, which serves as the base operation for thousands of Scouts and Explorers who come each summer for rugged wilderness expeditions.  Philmont Photo by Craig Allen.

[Note the X on upper left side where bus dropped them off.  Note written above picture]  The school bus took us to the “X.”  We have been going up and down ever since.

[Addressed to JWBU] Sat. [7/22/72] Any corn or beans out of the garden?

Now at Crater Lake Camp - real sun. Made it here in 4 hrs. We are on our own as the Ranger left us this A.M. - Need John here to read the map. That red jacket has been wonderful in the early morning - feels like snow then. Had a shower here & did the wash of 1/2 the clothes. Seen several deer at close range. Have plenty of Brand “X” [powdered] milk to drink. –Harold

* Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946) was a noted author, wildlife artist, and one of the founding pioneers of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  He was born in England to Scottish parents who moved to Canada in 1866.  Seton was Chief Scout of the BSA from 1915-1934.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1972 Philmont - Friday July 21

Postcards from HH to John and MV. Transcriptions follow.
Rugged Hiking postcard Philmont Scout Ranch, mailed 1972
Captioned:  RUGGED HIKING - Each summer thousands of older Boy Scouts and Explorers come to Philmont Scout Ranch for high adventure expeditions in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains of northeastern New Mexico.  Philmont Scout Ranch and Explorer Base.  Cimarron, New Mexico.  Philmont Photo by Mark Clayton.

1972 HH postcard from Philmont - July 21

[Addressed to John] Fri. A.M.  [7/21/72]

Hi, Everybody
This is us [hiking] only RAIN & more RAIN all day Thurs.  Glad to have had things in plastic bags.  No sneezes yet.  Have seen several deer & a skunk today.  Took about 1 1/2 hr to get the bear bags hung up.  Had dutch oven cobbler last night - hard to hold cover over fire it was so hot.  – Dad
Mountain Horseback Riding Philmont Scout Ranch postcard mailed 1972 
Captioned:  MOUNTAIN HORSEBACK RIDING - Riding is a favorite activity of families at the Philmont Training Center and for older Boy Scouts and Explorers on 10-day wilderness expeditions.  The 137,000-acre ranch maintains a remuda of nearly 250 saddle horse.  Philmont Photo by Howard Dunham.

HH postcard to MV from Philmont
6:00 A.M. - Fri. [7/21/72]

Hi!  Sorry you & John aren’t here to go horseback riding.  There are 2 girl rangers here.  There are some girl explorer posts that come here.  Going to have oatmeal & coffee cake this A.M. - everything comes in a sack & have new cooks everyday.   A school bus took us to the end of the road & then we walk.  How about a camping trip?  – Dad

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1972 Family letter - July 14

An "international" letter, written on stationary from Mexico. This is pre-Philmont and indicates John's impending illness which would send him to the hospital instead of Philmont. Apologies for getting these letters and postcards out of chronological order. Many of them I found quite recently (while looking for something else) in a box of things which I thought were mostly Ballantyne related.

Serena’s in Peru, Roberta’s in Europe, Catherine’s in Michigan, John's not feeling well but still hopes to go to Philmont.  Transcription follows.

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Friday evening –
July 14, 1972

Dearest Family –

So glad to hear from all of you just in the last day or so. Sorry that you not gotten any of our cards or letters til you were ready to mail your letter, Serena. Roberta, we got your letter written in Venice and the card from Florence, both in tonight’s mail. Quite a trick of yours, Catherine to send two cards with the same stamp. Will see that Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker get s heres. She just called yesterday morning to get your address.

Everyone is asking about our roving daughters and next week will add the male members of the family to the list. Everything is shaping up for Daddy and John to leave next Monday morning. They have been taking off on a little hike every evening with an increased load - got it up to 45 pounds Wednesday and then I think John overdid it for has not been feeling too well yesterday or today. Dizzy and sore - Grandma was so worried about him, she had me call Dr. Hale and we ran over this afternoon to have him checked for a possible hernia but he was checked out OK, thanks goodness. [But evidently didn’t check for any disease picked up in Mexico.]

Grandma had ceiling trouble or rather with her bathroom and had the plumber from Martinsville up. He tore a big hole in the kitchen ceiling which he covered over once but Grandma has had John several times to add more layers to it before she has it papered. It is such a hard place to get to and so this had added to John’s difficulties. But John did do a real good job. When you are ready to have your plastering done, [Catherine’s] X, just call on him.

We have run into a snag with Bill Marine so they aren’t going to have their “you-know-what” Roberta to go to Philmont but may have it real soon - too bad for I know that Gene Williams was counting on it too but they ran into a snag with the trim according to the latest report. It is so close to the time for the 1973 models that it would be nice in some ways to wait but haven’t done anything about it yet. Might never get Daddy in the mood again for such an expenditure.

Too bad about your blouse Serena - is that the purple and brown one that you took with you? Hope you are able to find something down there to go with what you have. Sorry about your shoe, Roberta. The good shoes that you took were your blues ones like Serena’s brown? No doubt that you can get it fixed if you are in one place long enough. Sorry to hear about your poison ivy, Catherine - how about an annual shot? Guess it has been a while since you last had it though. We found that Bactine works about as well as anything - also Fels Naptha soap. No doubt it is a thing of the past now, I hope.

Miss Lucy Hildebrant was so happy to get your card Roberta and was so showing it to everyone at Americare. There was a big article in the paper about Louise Waldren which we will try to enclose - too bad that she must suffer from Muscular Dystrophy but she talks quite frankly about it.

Grandma is worrying about your beverages down in Peru, Serena. Roberta, if you don’t want to drink the water, order bottled water (not necessarily mineral water) - at least what we got in Africa was very good. We also drank a lot of coke & other bottled drinks in both Africa and lately in Mexico to be on the safe side. Was hard to believe that it was so cold when we left for Mexico and cold again when we came back - 54º but sure was hot there - especially in Acapulco. Got our last film back that we mailed to Cincinnati Fasfoto but still waiting for ones we took to Dayes a week ago today. Hope you all are getting a lot of nice pictures.

Serena, it would be fine with us, if the family invites you to stay longer in Lima or if you have some suitable company to go with you in stopping in coming home, tho we would like to see you before we leave on the 14th of August in going west [and on to the Orient]. We do not want you for your own sake traveling around by yourself. Okay.


All your family

PS Does it seem like a long time ago since we were in Meadville?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

1972 HH postcard from Philmont Scout Ranch

Written on what was then still called a penny postcard though the price had gone up to an outrageous high of 6¢.  Here's the first postcard written from a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in 1972 with a group of Boy Scouts from New Vienna.  Evidently they drove with a group that included Ben Mathews, Mark Young, Brian Smith, Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, HH & a ranger, possibly Robbie Smith.

1972 HH postcard from Philmont - July 20
[postmarked July 20, 1972 - Thursday[
Hi!  1400 miles & are here – we have 5 tents for tonight in Tent City.  Had a good lunch of meat, 2 milks, beans or corn, jello, B&B [bread & butter] and pudding.  See they have sugar cereals for bkfst.  We have our freeze dried provisions for 3 days & our ranger is Lynn Davidson who got the Horkady [sp?] Award at the BIG dinner.  Scouts here from all over – saw two on crutches.  Have done my wash & getting ready for inspection.  Bought a pair of colored glasses.  Like the mummy sleeping bag – particularly when it is not raining.  Know you are getting good care at Hillsboro.  How are the milk shakes?  How about either coming out or dropping us a line – okay?  Dont's see WSJ or Buzz Sawyer [?] stop either here.  –Dad

Friday, September 07, 2012

1992 John's letter to Mom & Dad - Sept. 7

1992 - John's letter - Sept. 7 - Wood block print by Paul Arnold of Inn at Honey Run.

Labor Day (Sept. 7) 1992

Dear Mom and Dad,
How are you two doing?  Julie and I have enjoyed our stay at the Inn at Honey Run.  Your generous gift for our anniversary last month made it possible.  Thank you very much.

It has been beautiful – nature trails and wonderful food.  Sunday afternoon we drove just NE of Wooster to Smithville to eat at "The Barn" and see their gift shops.  The grounds are worth seeing.

We'd recommend this Inn.  Perhaps sometime this winter we could come up with you and the Ashcrafts for a weekend.

Thanks again.  See you Friday.

Love, John & Julie

PS Thank Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary for stopping to visit us last week.  We were so glad to see them!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

1972 Philmont without John

John and HH were both scheduled to go to Philmont Scout Ranch in rugged northern New Mexico in the summer of 1972.  John was forced to spend the time in the hospital instead but HH went, probably because the other Scouts wouldn't have been able to go without him.  I'm assuming Gene Williams (or another adult) also went.  I'm unable to identify any of the other people in this picture, and am not 100% certain that the second from the rear is HH, but it looks more like him than the last person in the line.
Philmont 1972 - HH second from rear

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

1982 John's Promotion at PNB

From the PNBeat - a publication of the Park National Bank, Volume 15, Number 6, page 6, September 1982. Transcription of the part about John follows.
1982 John promoted to Administrative Asst. at Park National Bank.

John Uible has been promoted to Administrative Assistant.  He joined PNB in 1979 after graduating from Denison.  John is the advisor of PNB's Explore Post, chairman of the finance committee for the Johnny Clem Boy Scout District, a member of the boards of directors of Ohio Young Americans for Freedom and The Ohio Capitol Club, and a member of the Second Presbyterian Church.  John and his wife, X, and Piper (their Great Dane who is as tall as John) live in Newark.

Congratulations to Bill, John, and Brian!

Page 8 of the same publication has the following classified ad:

Lovable fawn female Great Dane.  Two months old.  Excellent pet.  Call John Uible at 202.

Monday, September 03, 2012

1972 - John places fourth in speaking contest

The mystery of the speech as referenced in the postcard from Hong Kong postcard of Aug. 29, 1972 is explained by this clipping from 9/72.  Transcription follows.

New Vienna Scout Places Fourth In Speaking Contest

Robert E. Southward, Eagle Scout, Troop 31 Springfield, placed first in the Reader's Digest Speaking Contest; second place was won by Eagle Scout James Lawrence, Troop 9, Springfield, third place went to Eagle Scout David Duell, Troop 3 of Bellbrook, and fourth place went to Eagle Scout John B. Uible, of Troop 97, New Vienna.

The contest is sponsored by the Reader's Digest Association and the Boy Scouts of America.  Each contestant must write an original speech and deliver it in competition.  The subject of the speech was related to citizenship and needed to be from five to seven minutes duration.

Master of ceremonies for the contest was John D. Emerick, Springfield; serving as judges were Rev. Don Clarke, James E. Roediger, William Winks, and Victor Duane who served as the tie breaking judge.

The next contest will be held in Columbus when Roger Southward, winner of the Tecumseh Council contest will meet and compete with winners from Cincinnati, Middletown, Dayton, Columbus, Newark, Chillicothe, Portsmouth and Steubenville.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

1962 Roberta's Sunday School Promotion - Sept. 2

Roberta starts 6th grade in 1962 and is promoted to the Jr. Girl's Class at the New Vienna United Methodist Church.

I will not forget thy word.  --Psalm 119:16b

Certificate of Promotion


Roberta Uible
Jr. Girl's Class
of the Methodist Church
at New Vienna, Ohio
Virginia E. Hildebrant, Teacher
Harold Thornburg, Superintendent
K. Albert Kuntzman, Minister
Sept. 2, 1962

Items from Uible photo album