Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1993 Taft Museum postcard

Ann [Bailey] sent this postcard to Jean in early July 1993.  Transcription follows.
Taft Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned: The Taft Museum, 316 Pike Street.  Built in 1820 this stately mansion was bestowed to the city by Charles Phelps Taft, half brother to President William Howard Taft, and his wife Anne.  The Museum's exhibit rooms contain a beautiful collection of Chinese porcelains, French enamels, and many paintings by such artists as Goya, Rembrandt, Duncanson, Van Dyke and many others.  It was upon the steps of the graceful pillard portico that William Howard Taft was first notified of his nomination for the Presidency in 1908.  Photo: James Blank.
1993 Taft museum postcard to Jean - July 6

[postmarked 6 Jul 1993]

Are you available on July 22 - 9:00 A.M.?  We are putting the booklet together for the Minister's wives at the District Office in Wilm. & we hope you could help us.  I'll call you on July 21.  Love, Ann

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