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Feb. 1, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1957, 1989-1999

Thursday 1957 - Jean's Mother [Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne, known to her grandchildren as "Dear," born May 23, 1880, died February 1, 1957 at the age of 76] passed away.

Wednesday 1989 - Jean went for eye exam.  Bob and Carls having special on bananas for 19 cents/pound.  Linda Compton spoke at Lions Club.  January water bill was $16.80 (525 cubic feet), trash $3.30.  Meeting at church re Key Event.

Saturday 1992 -  MUH called worried about clothes for the trip.

Monday 1993 - Long meeting at the UMC Board Meeting about buying a copier.  Did buy a Lanier 6030, reconditioned for $2125.

Tuesday 1994 - Talked with the Crowsons, think Don's blackout was from high blood pressure.  Wendy called us that she has her driver's license.  Jean had Randy Riley from CMH as speaker at Mothers Club.  Had our bathroom faucets repaired.  Distributed Brock $ today.

Wednesday 1995 - [at CO Elderhostel]

Thursday 1996 - Article in NYT about the mod Wegman's supermarket in DeWitt NY (near Syracuse).

Saturday 1997 - Got haircut at Greg's $7.  Letter from the Greenbrier Hotel, annual meeting 4/16-4/20, per person double rate is $1130.  In 1994 the rate per person double was $680.  Two motels in Wilmington nearing completion.  WNJ article says the Wilmington bypass was #15 on the state's projects list.  Saw ad in WSJ, Southwest Airlines $99 one way to Phoenix.  Went to Lynchburg to see the new library, very nice.  Went square dancing in Hillsboro, Topple McGuffey was the caller, he keeps you moving.

Old Bulk Plant and Clinton County Ohio trivia

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Back of photo:  Old Bulk Plant in New Vienna [Ohio], Main St., was next to Irons Building which was Daye Hardware, now the Antique Mall.

This is the back side of the Mongold Oil Company / gas station?  Picture is undated but appears to have been taken in the winter mid-1900s.  CJU had a financial interest in the company at one time and he also had a bulk gasoline business in Hillsboro where Bill Horton worked at one time.

Rollo Mongold was the owner of Mongold Oil Company, his older brother, R.W. "Shorty" Mongold ran the Southern Ohio Tool and Die Company.  Shorty and CJU were good friends.

From Page 5 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar

January 29, 1931 The last engine rides the Grasshopper Line.  Connecting Port William and Kingman [part of the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad which shut down in 1933, was organized as the Waynesville, Port William and Jeffersonville Railroad in 1875] it was owned by Henry Ford who was sometimes seen in the area operating a handcar.  The line was named because it was so slow grasshoppers didn't stir from the roadbed.  The engineer backed to Kingman, as there was no turntable there, and sometime the train stopped off in the woods were the crew hunted squirrel.  [Kingman is now a crossroads on 380, north of I-71, near the Sharon Methodist Church, in 1915 eighty were enrolled in the Kingman HS.]

January 31, 1931 The town [Wilmington] acquires boulevard lighting.  116 lamps downtown.  It is described as "bright with radiance its first settlers would deem impossible."  Wilmington's first lights came in August of 1873, and were gas.  In November of 1893, town got first electric lights which were so poor townsfolk keep gas ones, too.  Before 1893, town operated on "moon contracts," with no lights during bright of the moon.

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Jan. 31, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 -My eye examination with Dr. McDonald, prior 5/87.  MV left for Asbury.

Wednesday 1990 - [Uncle Bill's birthday] Had Hortons up for supper, soup, cake and ice cream.  Then played bridge, first time for me in years.  They stayed until 11:30.

Friday 1992 - Keith Rankin was here at 9 to get check for material at Kiblers but he never came back. 

Sunday 1993 - Ann and Everett Bailey with their extended family [leave] for Holy Land

Tuesday 1995 - [at CO Elderhostel] These days all went together, our ski instruction didn't amount to much.  Snowshoeing was fun and not difficult.  Never really thought about the amount of life under the snow.

Wednesday 1996 - Went to graveside services (10 minutes) for Mugs, cemetery end toward town.  Ate at the Wooden Spoon, buffet was $5.25.  Called Mary, Clerk of the Municipal Court, she is talking of a cataract operation the first part of April.  She has been there 36 years.

Friday 1997 - Kevin Greer, age 43, sworn in an judge.  He worked for me one summer as a law clerk.

Saturday, 1998 - Article in NYT about how fast (next to Las Vegas) Austin TX is growing.

Sunday 1999 - Had SS lesson: 1 Corinthians 10-11.

Catherine with "Kiddie-Car" 1/29/1950

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Catherine Uible  Jan 29, 1950.  Mary & Bill Horton gave her the Kiddie-Car for her birthday (1st)  Sure looks like what we'd call a tricycle today, although no pedals in evidence, perhaps more like a scooter with three wheels.  From looking at vintage tricycle pictures, "Kiddies Car" is a generic term or perhaps a brand for tricycles and other wheeled riding toys.

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Jan. 30, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Louise Waldron passed away at 58, she had been at Extended Care for 18 years.  "Dreams long dwelt on amount to prayer and Prayers wrought in faith come true" -- Mabel Wagnalls.  Wagnalls (Funk and Wagnalls) is of Lithopolis fame, she had the library built in 1925 as a memorial to her parents -- book published called Letters to Lithopolis from O. Henry to Mabel Wagnalls]

Tuesday 1990 - Took cardboard to Wilmington, had supper at Chinese Restaurant, then the Woodwinds program at Murphy Theater.  Sat behind Don and Jeanne Liggett, they are moving to Gig Harbor, WA after 16+ years at Wilmington/College.

Thursday 1992 - Ran into Creed Culbreath in the WNJ.  Article in WNJ about our Russian Elder Hostel trip.  BancOhio sells their downtown office building to Jerry Bryant.  Ordered trees for April delivery.

Saturday 1993 - We went to Hillsboro with a stop at the library.  Surprised to see Laura Waln working there, her husband worked at Wells in office.  Had supper at Long John Silver's in Hillsboro then to piano concert at UMC - Valuta [?], Japanese girl was one of the participants.  Mother is good.  Tried to get Print Shop to print but to no avail.  Got the piano light at Heilig-Meyers $39.99.  Saw in WNJ that salary for Municipal Judge is $58,174, Clerk $36,418.

Sunday 1994 - Left about 5PM for Hillsboro with Laura Hughes.  Supper at Avery's Pasta, then to Heartland, Mary Pinkerton there.  Then to play "Love Letters" at the Highland House, a hotel and restaurant until 1964.  Also saw Tim Woods, his guardianship hearing is this week.  MV called us that Don had fallen down the steps and was in Corbin Hospital.

Monday 1995 - [at CO Elderhostel]

Thursday 1997 - Ralph Nusbaum is 83 today.

Friday 1998 - Harry Allen passed away at 89, married 9/29/28.

Saturday 1999 - Jean goes with Georgialia Hannah to program in Cincinnati.  Found out the meeting was downtown so had to take a cab there.  Georgialia couldn't find her hearing aid.  Made a hotel reservation by email for Toledo, Spain.   Morgans are going to near Philadelphia for an RV meeting.  Free t-shirt for opening a credit card account, what won't they do next?

Happy Birthday (to me)

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Catherine Uible with her first birthday cake.  Jan. 29, 1950.  And look how nicely the table is set.  This is possibly at Grandma and Granddad's house?  Hope it wasn't chocolate.  My favorite cake growing up was spice cake with orange frosting – favorite now is vegan carrot cake from Persian Gardens.

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Jan. 29, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Minister talked of the 10MM today having unbirthdays.  Rode bike to Wilmington to work Emmaus Walk (Women Walk #9) from 12:30 to 4:30.  The "comments" went on until 7PM.  Catherine turns 40.  SS=47, Church 70  $463.25.

Monday 1990 - Catherine sent flowers, delivered to PJW.

Tuesday 1991 - Catherine sent flowers, delivered to Wells.  Bush's State of the Union message.

Wednesday 1992 - Called Morgans at 7:50 (5:50 there).  Wendy first told us we had wrong number, then woke up enough to tell us Catherine and Gerry were out for a walk.  Carrs invited us to go with them to Spillway Lodge, entrees $9.95+.  Working on project with Westboro UMC.

Saturday 1994 - [Lexington to NV]  Breakfast in the room, then to Sams Club, bought gray pants (Bill Blass w/belt) for $9.95.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel, looked at stoves and refrigerators at Swallens.  Supper at the Midland Restaurant, $3.50 each for adults, plenty for us.  Big news:  Don ordered just water.

Sunday 1995 - [Denver to YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch] Went to Trinity UMC across the street.  Met the Glissmans there, she sings in the choir.  Ate at Le Central, 112 E 8th Ave, then left for the Y [not the Estes Park location] a two hour drive, little snow near the pass but not bad at all.  We're in Room 171 at the Y, a 10 minute walk to the cafeteria.  Nice group of people as usual.  Elder Hostel program on Winter Ecology.  [Course description taped into journal includes "how humans can increase their cold tolerance."]

Thursday 1998 - [Returned from HI] Got into CVG at 6:15 [AM presumably, if they left HI on 1/28], took nap in AM and went to office in PM. Five hour time change.

Friday 1999 - Catherine's 50th Birthday

Elizabeth and Oscar, March 9-10, 1957 (2-14 of 56)

"hard to believe we were actually in such an historic place, saw many things that belonged to our forefathers and we touched the Liberty Bell"

"I had never tasted anything so good."

Saturday, March 9, 1957 Johnsons and Uibles continue on the Pennsylvania Turnpike...

We took the turn off at Valley Forge and drove the short distance to this historic spot.  The countryside was very beautiful. We went thru the George Washington Memorial Church and walked past the huts similar to those Washington's soldiers spent the awful winter of 1778.  We then drove thru the park, past the Arch of Triumph which honors America's first Soldiers.  It was quite windy and cold.

After a most enjoyable hour at Valley Forge, we drove on to Philadelphia.  We arrived at the Hotel St. James at about 6PM.  We had a very nice room with twin beds (#1207), we washed up and went out to a Horn and Hardart Cafeteria for our supper, walked around town, thru hotel lobbies, etc., for an hour or so.  Due to the cold wind and a full day ahead, we went to bed fairly early.

The invoice from the St. James (Walnut at Thirteenth Street) is attached, $7.50 per night + tax of 23¢ (3%) for a total bill for two nights of $15.46.  They paid in cash.  The St. James is an historic, 12-story hotel built in 1901, with an addition in 1904.  

Sunday, March 10, 1957
We didn't sleep too good altho we had good beds and it was quiet.  I guess it was just a strange room.  We ate Breakfast at another Horn and Hardart Cafeteria and then drove to Independence Hall.  It was all very impressive and real hard to believe we were actually in such an historic place.  We saw many things that belonged to our forefathers and we touched the Liberty Bell.  We were here for an hour and as we left we took a few pictures.  It was a clear sunny day.

Captioned: March 10, 1957.  At the entrance of Independence Hall.  Harold and Jean Uible and Elizabeth Johnson (scrapbook page 9)

Captioned: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson and part of the buildings around Independence Hall.  March 10, 1957.  (Scrapbook page 9)

Around 10AM we left Independence Park and drove to Old St. Georges Church.  After church we went to the Old Original Bookbinders [closed in 2009] for lunch.  It is considered America's No. 1 restaurant and is noted for it's sea food.  Oscar order crab and since I had no knowledge of sea food I ordered the same.  Jean had swordfish and Harold had oysters.  Oscar and I also had the biggest baked potato I ever saw plus green beans and slaw.  The crab was out of this world, I had never tasted anything so good.  Each plate was around $4.00.

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Captioned: Harold and Jean Uible and Elizabeth Johnson on the steps of Old St. Georges Methodist Church. March 10, 1957. Delaware River Bridge, known as Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background. (Scrapbook page 11)

Also visited that day were Congress Hall, Independence National Historical Park, Betsy Ross House, Old Swedes Church, Swedish Historical Museum, and the airport.  Several brochures, clippings and post cards are included as well as a letter Elizabeth wrote to her parents -- Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Warren, 153 S. Wall St., Wilmington OH, -- written on the St. James Hotel stationary and postmarked March 10, 1957.   

Elizabeth had this to say about the airport:
...we drove to the big Airport where we spent a couple of hours watching the planes arrive and take off.  It was really a vast place both the building and grounds around.  I had no idea there were so many air lines companies.  Or that so many people traveled by air.

Jean's sister and family were to arrive in Philadelphia by train at 9:20PM so we drove to the railroad station to meet them .... [to be continued]

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Jan. 28, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 -[biking back from Newark] Had breakfast at Evergreen's Restaurant near Granville [which evidently has since burned down]  Took 16 to York Road, south to 40, west to 310, south to 204, then west and south to Canal Winchester, then to Lithopolis.  What a nice library the Wagner Memorial is [I'll vouch for that -- we were there in 2007], new addition in 1983.  Had lunch at the grocery store there -- quart of buttermilk, banana and two small pies $1.97.  Then down 674 to 188 into Circleville.  Got first info on upcoming Sept. trip to China.

Tuesday 1992 - Salisburys took us to the Gideon Meeting at Stacey's Buffet in Wilmington.  $4.75 for lunch ($5.75 dinner).  Program on building churches in New Guinea.  Had Pearl Halpin sign will en route.

Friday 1994 - [to Lexington] Went to probate court in Dayton re Irma Mae Smith estate, then met Don and MV at Hilton in Lexington.  MV was meeting friends, we ate at the hotel.  In room movies $7.95 [Dad doesn't mention how many they watched, but probably zero.] Room $74.  Joseph Beth bookstore very busy.

Saturday 1995 - [to Denver] What a morning -- we were on the plane for 3 hours before leaving for Denver.  Had reservations at Brown Palace Hotel ($104/night ABA Rate).  Visited the new downtown Tattered Cover bookstore.  Oh yes, we had supper at Baby Doe's Matchless Mine [now reported as closed].

Sunday 1996 - Super Bowl in Tempe, news about Dupont murder.

Tuesday 1997 - Esther Salisbury's birthday.  She and Leon were planning to go to Florida, but his Dr.
 said no.

Wednesday 1998 - [flying home from Hawaii]

Thursday 1999 - Hilda Williams having operation.  Talked to the Goodings, they got pneumonia [?] in  Hawaii and he just got out of hospital.  Plenty of Rick Steves on TV traveling around Europe.

Jean Ballantyne 1946

June 1946.  Left to right: Effie Lee Morris, Miss Harriet Long, Lillian Plotkin, Jean Ryan, Georgie Smith, Ruth Gordon, Agnes Higgs, Estelle Shorter (behind Jean), Jean Ballantyne, Margie Millholland.  I assume this was taken at Western Reserve upon their receiving graduate degrees in Library Science.  Must have been a cool but sunny June day as they are almost all wearing stylish coats, Effie Lee looking the most dramatic.  Jean B. has a  great smile -- she was probably thinking of her future husband and children as well as her career!

Case Western Reserve offered an American Library Association accredited graduate program from 1925 through 1987 when it was discontinued.  Catherine received an MLS from Western Michigan in 1973, they offered the degree from 1947-1984.   At one time there were over 200 schools accredited, now only 57 offer the program and the degree is now more commonly called MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science).
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Jan. 27, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - [to Newark by bike] Cooled off on idea of riding bike all the way from NV to Newark - 110 miles - as it was 3 degrees.  Had thought I would leave the car at Deer Creek State Park but decided to drive on to Circleville where I parked in the hospital parking lot and took off on Rt. 188.  On the 6th mile had detour sign up but kept going and was able to carry the bike across a new bridge.  Had lunch in Lancaster at Rae's, soup and salad bar $2.77, then up 158 to Rt. 16.  Lots of traffic there, arrived about 5pm, 57 miles on the road in five hours.  Had supper at a small restaurant ($3.95), the owner joined us and was quite a talker.  John had material to deliver to heart fund workers.  John has new walk on north side of house.  [John sold the house on North 11th St. in 1990.] Met his friend Pete, head teller at bank.  WNJ 150th Edition, single issue 35¢.  John had a paper route for 9 years (WNJ) and through the Enquirer, got interested in Exeter for two years delivered the WNJ and the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Double rates at Deer Creek Lodge are $75 ($84.38 with tax) for weekends and $69.75 weekdays through 3/31/89.

Saturday 1990 - MV, Don and Becky arrived early this AM.  She got her "diamond" yesterday.  We all went to Wilmington, looked at mini-vans at Bill Marine's, then we all ate at Wendy's.  Rita Johnson on Emmaus walk.

Sunday 1991 - Jean had SS lesson on Matthew 26, Mother seemed better, even said a few words and had her eyes open.  Ate at Frisch's.

Monday 1992 - Gene Williams seems to be in the dumps about all the government regulations.  Mother is hoarse today.

Monday 1997 - Put tax software on home computer, really amazing what it does.  Called Mary [MUH] last night.  Mares and Larry are coming down this weekend.  She has some potential retirement homes in mind.

Tuesday 1998 - [Hawaii] Took the 9AM tour of the grounds, looking at the fish ponds, the old Park Cottage and the petroglyphs. At 10:30 we had the buffet then at 1:30 we were the only ones for the hotel's behind the scenes tour. They have two employees for each guest. Nice flower shop. Visited one of the cottages, 2 bedrooms and huge living room for only $4500/night, complete with private pool, etc. Looked at model home for sale, about $600M [$600,000,000? -- wonder how housing prices are holding up there?] plus $1100/month for maintenance. Supper at the Canoe House, very nice and generous servings. I had fried tofu, Jean had hibachi chicken. [They are staying at the Mauna Lani Bay -- this journal entry written on stationary from there and taped into diary.]

Jeanne Sanker and Attendants July 1950

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Saturday, July 22, 1950   Jean Uible, Jeanne Sanker, Shirley Sanker Fleming

What a great picture!  While I thought they might have been married at the New Cumberland Presbyterian Church, I learned the picture in the background is the Epworth Euclid UMC in Cleveland.

Here's a more recent picture of the church which I learned is nicknamed the "Holy Oil Can" because of its spire.  Jeanne and Bill met in a singles class at this church which is near Western Reserve.
Beautiful photo of Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church

Shirley looks amazingly like her brother, Bill.  See his (more mature) picture below.

According to Genealogy Pit Stop Blog, Jeanne's father, Robert Newton "Nute" Campbell, died at the age of 92 in 1974.  He was born in Hancock County, WV on March 25, 1882.  He worked in the oil fields in South America and Texas and retired from Weirton Steel Co. as a construction foreman.  His wife, Ethel Steen (another source and evidently more reliable, says Breen) Campbell, died in 1961.  According to Hancock County VA/WV Births Ethel Breen, daughter of John Scott and Ambrozine Murray Breen, was born in February 1887 in New Cumberland, the fourth of eight children.

Jeanne was an avid lifetime reader of the New Cumberland newspaper, the Hancock County Courier.  She was born April 7, 1922 and died April 23, 2010.

Margaret "Jeanne" Campbell Sanker also had a brother, William S. Campbell, of NYC (in 1974).  William, a Chaplain of the Military Order of the World Wars, and former executive with Hearst publications, was born in New Cumberland WV on June 27, 1919 and died on November 23, 2006 in Santa Barbara CA.  He was a former resident of Pelham Manor in Pelham NY, about 25 miles north of NYC.

William Curtis "Bill" Sanker was born January 3, 1922 and died on March 30, 2007.  He and Jeanne were the parents of Lynn, Lowell, and Bruce.  Grandparents of Ben, Amy, Eric, Diana and Cindy.  Memorial Services were held Thursday, April 5, 2007 at Hyde Park Community Church in Cincinnati.  Bill was a long time employee of G.E., retiring in December, 1990.

A more recent picture below shows Jean Uible, Bill Sanker, Jeanne Sanker, HH Uible, and Gladys Hiestand Uible at MV's recital, October 1989.

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Jan. 26, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Went to Wilmington, had two legal stops en route. Jean staying over for Emmaus walk.  Worked on SS lesson 1 Cor. 12-13.  Oiled hiking shoes, pair I wore to Philmont

Friday 1990 - to Dayton to look at wheel chair lifts, then supper at Peerless Mill in Miamisburg. [Suffered fire damage in 1993, has since reopened],  Much better experience than before, $34 for two of us.  Gas at 97.9¢.  Stopped at Cub Foods, no great bargains [no longer in Ohio under that name].  Looked at Hondas.  Bob and Carl's has raised ice cream cone prices to 60 cents from 50 cents.

Saturday 1991 - NY Times daily price now 75¢, to the hospital then Wendy's for lunch.  [Added in 2011: The NYT single issue is now $2.00, tho subscribed this month for a trial at $7.40 a week, which includes the Sunday paper which sells at $6.00.]

Sunday 1992 - Jean had SS lesson on Exodus, Ten Commandments.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean and Ann Bailey went to Star Printing in Lebanon re mix-up on print job.  Left me in Wilmington, then we met Everett and all had lunch at the Denver House.  Sears closing out BIG catalog.

Friday 1996 - [Cincinnati to home] Looked up place where Serena lives but no sign of her.  Met Howard and Jane Uible (87 and 84), she has emphysema and they have talked of going to Otterbein Home.  Their one son is with a museum in St. Pete.  Ate at Jeckle's in Hyde Park on Paxton Ave. [listed as closed in 2002, building torn down]

Sunday 1997 - Left here about 8:45 and met MV and Susan at the Quality Inn on Compton.  They are in Cincy for two day meeting.  [2010 MV adds: My recollection is that we were staying at the Best Western (now Radisson) the tall, round hotel with revolving restaurant atop.]  Went to Westwood UMC, George and Carole Brown (former Wilmington DS and went to the Holy Land when we did in 1998) and John Wesley Seay [?] spoke to us.  He was the pastor there 30 years ago.  Went to Grand Finale for their brunch @$10.95.  Went to Cincy PL, new north building just dedicated last week, the original building was in 1955.  Mariemont Inn specials for $13.95,  desserts there $3.90 so stopped at Graeter's for ice cream cone ($1.35 single dip).

Monday 1998 - [Hawaii] Went down to the beach, water in ocean was cold, pool was better and whirlpool even more, nice curves for a sort of privacy. Went to breakfast at 10, $22 each for buffet, quite a spread. Enjoyed watching all the birds. Drove down to Hilton Village, a huge place. We took the train ride, then saw the dolphins and people swimming with them. That's $90 a person or two for $150 for a little shorter session. Then to Four Seasons, quite restrained compared with the Hilton.
Drove to Waimea, got more band aids for Jean's toes. Ate at Merriman's Restaurant which has had several reviews in NYT. He also has a restaurant in Whaler Village in Maui [and at Poipu in Kauai also]. They have several hammocks here, we both got in for a swing. Had pan-fried noodles with vegetables and black bean sauce $13.95, Jean had lamb $20.95 for small portion. Beverages here and at hotel are $2.75.

Elizabeth and Oscar 3/9/57 (1-2 of 56)

"...for the first time in our lives we were on a turnpike."

The following is from a Scrap Book made by Elizabeth Johnson, totaling 56 pages about their trip with HH and Jean Uible to New York City and other points east in March 1957.  Because of the length I will take the liberty of abridging/editing and spreading it out, starting well before March.   --Catherine

March 9th 1957
Well this is it our big day has arrived at last.  I had a date at the beauty parlor and Oscar dropped me off and went on to get a load of coal and a hair cut.  On the way home we stopped at Jordans and got our clover seed.  It was well past noon when we got home.

We had eggs for lunch and rushed over to Kendalls with their clover seed and on to Wilmington.  In town we talked to Dorothy and Ray Adams and stopped long enough to say good bye to Mom and Dad.

Back home again, Oscar unloaded the coal while I packed and put the house in order.  Dick Woods came and helped Oscar milk and I cleaned the kitchen and fixed ham sandwiches for our next day day lunch.  John and Blanche came and it was past Midnight when we got to bed.

We were up at 3:45 AM and at 4:15 we turned out the lights (and hoped we hadn't forgotten anything) and we were on our way.  We arrived at the Uibles at 4:35 and quickly transferred our bags to their car, put our car in their garage and went in to eat a fine breakfast that Jean had prepared.  Catherine was up to eat with us.  We rinsed the dishes and at 5:30 we waved good bye to Catherine and were on our way.  [Not a big surprise that I was up, but makes it sound like they left 8-year-old me home alone.]

We went up Rt 28 thru Leesburg, then Rt. 62 to Washington CH.  [Must have been in the 1960s when Rt. 62 bypassed Leesburg.]  A train held us up there for several minutes.  It was real cold but clear and snow covered the ground.  We followed Rt. 22 to Cambridge and Rt. 40 to Washington Penna. [PA]  It was real nice to watch the farmers starting their days work and realize we wouldn't be close to an old cow for two whole weeks.

We drove across the small neck of West Virginia and the country was quite hilly and we had snow storms. We ate our sandwiches as we drove along and as as the snow became worse we begin to see several wrecks.  Harold talked of following the mountain road to Somerset but just before we got to Donegal we got glimpse of the turnpike [now I-70, more about the history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike here] and it looked better than our road so we turned over at Donegal and for the first time in our lives we were on a turnpike.

The turnpike was a new experience for us and we enjoyed it very much, especially the nearly 6 miles of tunnels.  As the afternoon wore on and we got farther east the snow ceased and the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon tho cold.

We stopped at a Howard Johnsons for gasoline and it was here we discovered that Jean had left her purse in a filling station at Washington Penna [sic].

Captioned: PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE "World's Greatest Highway" OHIO GATEWAY
  Pioneer of America's super toll roads, the Pennsylvania Turnpike spans more than one-eighth of the nation.  It stretches 360 miles, from the Ohio line in the West to the shores of the Delaware River in the East.  More than 150 million people have traveled over it since it was opened in 1940.  Color photo by Herbert Lanks* (~1955)

Captioned: PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE "World's Greatest Highway" The Howard Johnson restaurant and Service station on the north side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Midway, halfway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg is typical of the many rest stops spaced at convenient distances where good food and other services can be secured in comfortable settings.  Color photo by Herbert Lanks (~1955)

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Captioned:  PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE "World's Greatest Highway" Pennsylvania Turnpike near Willow Grove Interchange.  Color photo by Herbert Lanks (~1955)

*Herbert Lanks, in addition to photographing numerous highway scenes, also published several travel books in the 1930s-40s.  Apparently he traveled all over the western hemisphere by car as his titles include The Pan American highway from the Rio Grande to the Canal Zone; Highway to Alaska; By Pan American Highway through South America; Highway Across West Indies (in which he traveled by boat between islands but then by car once he arrived).  
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Family Tree Geography

About a month ago I sent out updates to everyone on the Uible family tree that I had mailing addresses for and have gotten about 35% back updated (a guestimate). I'm hoping to get a more complete list of vital information as well addresses and emails. Far from complete, Uible descendants are currently located in



Sun City West

Los Angeles

Lake Worth
Miramar Beach






Santa Fe

New York City

New Richmond
New Vienna
Rocky River



Mt. Joy

Charles Town

Jan. 25, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - Bible Study: Judges and Ruth.  Got ElderHostel - Between Classes.

Thursday 1990 - Piano lesson again [first one in 1990] with Virginia Hildebrant.

Friday 1991 - Mother ate everything but very quiet.  Went to see "10 Little Indians" in Hillsboro, Bill [Horton] backed out so Jo Williams seemed happy to go.  Judge Cartwright cited for DUI, accident in Court House parking lot.  Vaughn Huffman in intensive care.

Saturday 1992 - We spoke to NV Senior Citizens about USSR trip.  First real snow fell in the afternoon.

Monday 1993 - NYT article on world cruises, $25,935 to $126,900, 100 days.

Thursday 1996 - [to Cincinnati] Went to Cincy, reservations at the Cincinnatian Hotel, 4 Stars, big bath suite with round Roman tub $150.  Ate at Palace Restaurant, entrees $22-$29.  Where was Serena?  We were in room 415 at Cincinnatian Hotel, meal at the Palace was $75.41, Room $150 +tax, to make total $240.41.

Saturday 1997 - Jean went to Columbus with Valetta [?], met her at Wilmington PL and then we went to Sabina to their open house for new school building.  Jean got movie at the PL, "Picnic", it is certainly "R" or should be.

Sunday 1998 - [Hawaii] Breakfast in our room, mini loaves of bread, juice, papayas and bananas.   Went to Hilo UMC, very friendly.  Saw Akaka Falls State Park, up to Waipi'o Overlook, got ice cream nearby for lunch.  Got here [Mauna Lani Bay Resort on Kohala Coast] about 4pm, Room 417 $350 with breakfast.  VERY NICE.  Walked up the beach to the Orchid [now Fairmont Orchid] and ate at Brown's Beach House, right on ocean terrace with music.  Took hotel shuttle back.  They kept blowing up balloons for big table.

Wilmington College (1892) and lots of trivia

Page 4 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar 

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Wilmington College (Ohio) Picture captioned:  Higher Education:  The architect liked elevation; the mason was paid by the brick (1892).   Also pictured on this page is Miss Ellen Wright, Wilmington College Latin teacher.

As most of us know, MV is a 1986 graduate of Wilmington College.

According to Ohio History Central Wilmington College, established in 1870 by the Society of Friends, was an outgrowth of Franklin College, initially proposed for Tuppers Plains, Ohio, which never opened.

Tuppers Plains, SE of Athens near the Ohio River, is an unincorporated community in Meigs County at the intersection of State Routes 7 and 681. Orange Township, in which Tuppers Plains is located, had 934 people in the 2000 census.  Meigs County reached a peak of population in the 1880 census with over 32,000 residents but has since declined to 23,000 in 2000.

Clinton County had a population of 24,000 in 1880 and over 40,000 in 2000.  Clinton County was named for fourth US Vice-President George Clinton (1739-1812) who served under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Meigs County is named for Return J. Meigs, Jr., (1764-1825) the 4th Governor of Ohio (1810-1814).   Meigs County, Tennessee (SE Tennessee) is named after his father (1740-1823) an American Revolutionary War officer and federal Indian agent.

How much more trivia can I get into this blog post?  How about the fact that only Clinton County Ohio and Clinton County New York were named for George Clinton, first and third Governor of New York as well as Vice President.

The Clinton Counties in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania were named for George's nephew, DeWitt Clinton, (1769-1828) seventh and ninth  Governor of New York.  Or sixth Governor, if you only count George once and DeWitt once -- this can get complicated and makes me think of Jerry Brown in California, the 34th, and 39th Governor.  DeWitt was also the driving force for the construction of the Erie Canal.

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Jan. 24, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Gene Drake lock box opening.  Ed Johnson, our pastor, along with HQT, AW Hause, Leon S, picked me up in Wilmington to go to Hara Arena in Dayton for the Unquenchable Fire meeting, rally to raise some 18 million $$ for church expansion.  Stopped at Kroger's and bought peeled pineapple at reduced price of 99 cents.

Wednesday 1990 - Jean and I went to Sabina, Ad in Sabina Advertiser , 2x2 is $7.  On to WCH, Probate Court, then Jim East at Doug Marine Motors, how they are "spread out."  Saw hoist lift.  Then Ed at Carroll Halliday Ford.  These new vans are not as nice as ours, especially the power steering.  Called John who is thinking of leaving the Bank, also Serena who seems to be getting along fine.

Thursday 1991 - [to Cincinnati]  Saw Goldie Correl.* Jean bought coffee pot at Swallen's, then met Duke**, a Wells rep, at the Conservatory Restaurant.   Then to airport to get Hortons, to Totes to get overshoes.  Sadie started staying with Mother today who seemed much better.  Calling hours for Ina Current. 

*[Added in 2011 re Goldie]  When her sister in Wilmington died there were a whole bunch of unclaimed funds, which were hardly worth the postage in recovery.  The Wilmington sister had a daughter, Kim Daniels, who was in the same class as Joe Horton at UC

**[Added in 2011]  Duke Douglass was one of our reps, who called on jobbers, who in turn called on retailers.  Duke lived in the Chicago area and with a friend in Detroit covered WI, IL, IN, MI and Ohio.  Wells had him as a rep from ~1979-1999 when the new owners took over.  The day of the jobbers is now past tense for the little guy is gone and the big retailers want to buy direct from the manufacturer. Have not been in touch with any of them since we sold out in 1999. Some of the best sales people were those who had been fired by other competitors of Wells for then that salesman was motivated to show the company that he took the customers to Wells.

Friday 1992 - Met at John Hughes re joint Elderhostel program on 3/18 before the retired teachers.  Surprised to see our neighbor blowing the snow off our sidewalk this AM.  Mother in good spirits.

Friday 1992 - [2nd entry with same date, and if it was 1/24/93 would have been Sunday] GHU complaining of aches and pains.  Had fire in fireplace, cut back the big plant from Zooks in the dining room.  Went to Dayton to file Edna Campbells will and had supper at Damon's in Wilmington, just opened as has Lowe's.  Long wait for food.  Cup of soup $2.25, spinach dip $4.95.

Saturday 1998 - [Hawaii] Into Hilo, Lyman Museum and House, then ice cream at Old Kress building, built in 1933, closed in 1980.  Drove down to end of 130 then up beach road [132] to Pohoiki, narrow and winding, saw Lava Tree State Monument, interesting tree shapes.  Supper in Pahoa at Italian Restaurant, little business.


The Greater Phoenix Postcard and Paper Show was this weekend -- an annual event held since 2004 at the North Phoenix Baptist Church Fellowship Center on Central and Bethany Home Road.  The first show I attended was in 2001 at the Centennial Hall at the Mesa Community and Conference Center.

The dealers at the show report that they now make more money on internet sales than at the shows but the show offers an opportunity to socialize and spend time with other dealers and friends around the regions they travel.

According to the History of PostcardsDeltiology, the official name for postcard collecting, is thought to be one of the three largest collectible hobbies in the world along with coin and stamp collecting.

Postcards play a big part in our family memorabilia with 75-100 cards I have of Gladys Hiestand Uible from the first half of the 1900s, with a couple from Cecil also.   Aunt Mary Uible Horton was a big writer of the penny postcards in her day, probably having sent hundreds to her parents, always peppered with her Ha!'s.  Also I have about 50 from the Ballantyne and New Cumberland side of the family, from the 1930s and 40s. (Which will be featured later this year in the blog.)

The post cards to and from family members probably number at least a thousand and are primarily from 1980 to the present.  Although I do have some from Mom and Dad's trip to Europe in 1954 and some from 1960-1979.

When I first started adding to my collection I took/bought indiscriminately with price being a factor.  This past year when the number of cards began to exceed the amount of space available, I sorted and organized a bit differently and even set two boxes aside as give away or to "play mailman" with KC.

Currently I'd estimate I have 8000 cards, filed in shoe boxes alphabetical by subject.  Separated out are the family ones which are not yet sorted by date, but that's my intent.

At this year's show I'm looking to extend two specific collections:  state map cards, of which I am still missing 10 states to have a complete US collection; and Carnegie Libraries in the US, of which I have 14, not even 1% of the 1,687 Carnegie Public Libraries built in the US.  Lots of potential there!  The state I currently have the most Carnegie Library cards is Montana with 4 of 17.  Indiana has the most Carnegie Libraries of any state with 165 (0 for me), California 142 (3), Ohio (4) tied with New York 106 (0) and Iowa with 101 (0) are the top five.

Note:  I'm not trying to monopolize this Blog.  Anyone else want to do a weekly, monthly, anytime post?  Options are available!  I would be happy to share in the publication schedule.

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Jan. 23, 1989-99

 Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Howland closing, land K [contract] for 15 years.  Catherine's Christmas plant [an amaryllis] (then nothing showing) now in full bloom.  A beautiful warm day, up in the 50s.  Jean made lentil soup.

Wednesday 1991 - [Roberta leaves] Mother now has oxygen thing for her nose rather than just a mask.  Took Roberta to Columbus airport with detour to Jeffersonville, a nice freeway approach now.  Supper at Cracker Barrel, had Greens and Ham for $2.69. Visit to WCH PL.  Article in 1/20/91 NYT on China.

Thursday 1992 - Fall International Elder Hostel catalog arrived.

Saturday 1993 - Beautiful sunny day.  We drove out to Auburn Church , then rode bikes on to Hillsboro and had lunch at Rae's, buffet $3.99.  Bought rubber boots at TSC for $13.99, present pair bought at Syndicate Store (one of 11 businesses that were forced to move or go out of business as the buildings were torn down for the new Wilmington Muny building) in Wilmington in 1980.  Got garden seeds for 10 cents/pack.  Jean found two $1 bills along the road.  Got off family letter on our word processor software.

Sunday 1994 - Met Goodings in Waynesville for lunch.  We looked around town then made a stop at Wilmington College Library.  Goodings got a '94 Chrysler last fall.  They are going on a 5-day trip to St. Lucia in February.  Bob is talking of retiring before 7/1/94 because of a change in health benefits.

Tuesday 1996 - Fixed the Zurface papers again.

Thursday 1997 - Bible Study, just five of us there.  Esther S dropping out of bells she is having trouble with her legs.  Wendy has new job doing childcare at Bally's Gym.  Boeing up 7 points.  News that Cleveland outfit can buy the 8 oz. bubbles at 14.5¢, 2¢ below us.

Friday 1998 - [Hawaii] Left after another nice breakfast, went to Kona Historical Society, then to Refugee place.  Lunched at a bakery in Naalehu on bread samples.  We did buy a cookie.  Staying at Volcano Hole $75, drove around the Crater Rim and Chain of Craters Hwy (just like its name), through telescope could see bright lava on the surface.  Was at the end of the road at dusk, through telescope could see bright lava on the surface.  Had supper at steam-vent take out around the corner.

Saturday 1999 - [Columbus to home] Had appointment at Wesley Glen [Methodist Retirement place] at 11am for a tour.  Mary [or Marcy, look like one more letter than Mary], the craft director, took us around.  We were impressed, nice library and apartments.  We were there two hours.  Met John and Julie at downtown mall and ate at place next to Squ........[?]  Came home thru WCH to get flowers for church tomorrow.

New Vienna Train Depot Razed

A mere 40 years ago....   From the Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal Saturday January 30, 1971.  Transcription follows.
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Workers dismantle Depot at New Vienna
by Clarence Graham (News-Journal Staff Writer)

NEW VIENNA -- Railroad stations, once the center of long-distance communications, commuting and industrial activity, are disappearing from the American scene. At least, from the more rural areas.

The depot at New Vienna has been sold by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and is being torn down. But not before it yielded a few memories.

Harold Wallen, New Vienna Route 2, was the original buyer but antique dealers Dale and Wanda Marks of New Carlisle, have purchased the building from Wallen.  [No information readily available on the Marks or antique dealers in New Carlisle.]

Wallen will tear the building down and the Marks will take the lumber to their farm and rebuild the depot in its original form.

The structure is of fine pine and Wallen says it was well constructed with the best lumber.  Each piece is held together by a wooden pin.  In early building construction these pins took the place of nails, bolts and spikes.

Each piece of lumber is full-sawed, meaning if it was to be a two-inch thick by 10 feet long piece, it was exactly that.

Wooden pins make dismanteling [sic] easier.   Wallen will drive the pins out and take the building apart piece by piece.

When Wallen and his crew began tearing down the second story of the depot they found some interesting papers.  Telegrams that were sent as far back as the year 1891 and freight tickets from the same year were also discovered.

Hundreds of these tickets and telegrams bearing such well-known names in the area as Derivan, Swingley, Bernard, Nordyke, Rice and others were stored in the top of the railroad-owned structure.

The telegrams were everything from business to personal.  Some told of arrivals of grain or coal shipments to local merchants.  Others informed local residents as to what the stock market was doing.  One personal telegram read, "Dear wife, Missed train, arrive tomorrow."

The Cincinnati Enquirer was shipped to the Commercial Gazette in New Vienna by train.

The depot in New Vienna was of X-style architecture and consisted of a waiting room, office for the station master, baggage room and a covered dock area.

Most of the train depots along the miles of track have been closed and only main stations such as Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland remain in operation.  The depot, the telegrams and the freight tickets are a link with the New Vienna of the past.  The restoration of the depot will keep alive a part of yesterday's America.  [--end]

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Jan. 22, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Minister gave sermonette on the hidden treasures in every young childs head.  Drove out to Auburn Church then road bike to Rax [Roast Beef] in Hillsboro.  Each of us had the soup and salad bar, $6.47 together.  Many people have sweat shirts on today about the BIG Bengals game in Miami with the 49ers.  [Cincinnati Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers  in Super Bowl XXIII, 16-20.]

Monday 1990 - Jean and I went to Art Blooms to witness their wills.

Tuesday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Mother about the same but is eating better, even the pureed meat.  Her roommate, Ann G hardly touches her food.  Bob Current called about his mother.  (2011: Bob is a Green Townshp Trustee and is now in charge of the NV cemetery, as the IOOF was down to two members and were broke.)  Had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Dr. Brown the lung specialist looked at Mother.

Wednesday 1992 - After Jean saw Mrs. Hadley (while I was at Court House), we went to Lebanon to file papers on Haun [?] estate, we got Serena and had lunch at Maisonette for Serena's Birthday.  Stopped at Jungle Jim's grocery in Fairfield on the way back.

Friday 1993 - Jean went with Mary Hale to 6&20 Club in Wilmington.  I was a pall bearer for Bill Stricker, he was 88.  It's been a wet week.  Article in WSJ about a bed and breakfast in Maine, having a contest to "give" the place away.

Saturday 1994 - Up in the 20's, a "real heat wave".  Bought a bag of lentils at Strebers for 65 cents, peas are 45 cents/pound.  Dottie Clifton sale in Blanchester, Jean got some sample wallpaper from the so-called outlet store, then we visited the PL, supper at Rod's Capricorn Inn on 730, really a short order place, BIG sandwiches, total bill for two = $6.  Bought a small electric heater at Walmart, 16 oz. bubbles 68¢ from Chemtoy and #161 was 97¢, ran into Debra Brumley Carey.  Her folks have bought a condo in North Fort Myers.

Sunday 1995 - Bob Hodson spoke again.  Bev Grover [?] sang.  We had lunch at Bob Evans, sat with Lorene Williams (Secretary for UMW Wilmington District for years) and her daughter Cathy, a senior at WHS, then went to Little Women at theatre.  Hard to keep everyone straight. 

Monday 1996 - Wendy now going to Glendale Community College, thinking of being a psychiatrist.  Woke up real dizzy and upset stomach.

Thursday 1998 - [Hawaii] Drove down to Pier, walked through King Kona Hotel where we stayed before.  Took noon sub ride, down to 100 feet for $69 each.  Saw lots of fish, nice experience.  Visited PL, supper at rib place near B&B.  Visited old church down town.

Friday 1999 - [to Columbus] Went to Columbus on legal business, early supper at Engine House #5, $13.49 including soup and dessert from 4-6pm, went to Loft Book Store, then to Comfort Inn at 161 & 71 $49.95.  The Fire House cost $15,000 in 1892 when it was built.  Hilda Williams found out she has is malignant cancer.  [Following added in 2010-11: Hilda Williams passed away some 5-10 years go. Her husband Gene was a great manager at Wells for about 10 years. They were both very active in the Boy Scouts. They have four children, one is a RN, one a MD in cancer research, a daughter married to a Dutchman and the youngest is in construction work in LA.]

Catherine in stroller update

Catherine on sidewalk along New Vienna's Third Street with CJ Uible's (Grandma and Granddad) house in the background. Back of photo, in Jean's handwriting, reads: Catherine Jan 15, 1950 in back of house. The sunporch on the corner is our former boudoir. This may have been shortly after the HH Uibles moved to their "new" apartment -- or they moved to a different bedroom.

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I posted this previously but the image seems to have disappeared from the previous post so I'm trying again....

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Jan. 21, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 - Jean went to last pre-Emmaus meeting and I went to the library. Had lunch at Ponderosa and I rode bike home. Dug a row of soil in the garden for peas, planted oak tree by Ron Smallys lot. Got more literature about the Wandering Wheels trip.

Sunday 1990 - [Peoria IL to home] Went to 8:30 service at 1st UMC, then to brunch at Wildlife Prairie Park for $8.25 each, they have cabins for $75/night, caboose for $60. Visited Alpha Park Library. Drove virtually straight home, were not hungry. Pontiac did fine. Also Sid King's birthday, 2 of his daughters surprised him. [Roberta, was that the time we went to Ralph's Pizza?]

Monday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Tuesday 1992 - Busy day at the office, Mother in good spirits.  Watched Merrill Lynch video on equity investments.

Thursday 1993 - Clinton's nominee for Attorney General, Zoe Baird, withdrawn after it was found she had hired illegal immigrants.

Sunday 1996 - [Columbus to home] Went to NW UMC, just south of Henderson on Riverside Dr., where John Hickman [?] is pastor, his 2nd year. Church is 3 years old. Ate at Wein....[Weir....?] on Fray [?] Ave., great senior selections for $8.95. [Thought this might be Wienerschnitzel, but $8.95 for hot dogs seems high]. Looked at Concord UMC (2517 London Groveport Road, Grove City -- must be a small church, one of 3 in the Grove City area, this one has no internet presence) where Ray King was pastor. Had a call that Mugs has gone into Heartland.

Tuesday 1997 - Hearing aids came from Price Club, $805 for two of them.

Wednesday 1998 - [Hawaii!] Up at 6:30 to get 7am shuttle for 8:50 flight to Dallas-FW, then change for flight to Honolulu. Ate part of breakfast we brought with us. Got 4:30 flight to Kona and drove to Merryman's Bed and Breakfast, Perry and Don hosts [now Areca Palms Estate B&B], big room for $115, 2 miles south of airport but hard to find. Got there at 6:30 just dark, 5 hour time change from Ohio.

Serena, Catherine & Roberta 1955

Happy Birthday, Serena! Glad I didn't drop you as it appears I am being a serious care taker, but not sure enough of my skills to hold you up for the camera.

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Jan. 20, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1986-1999

Monday 1986 - [while visiting Colfax WA] Went to Quinn's Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana with the Morgans.

Friday 1989 - George Bush sworn in as President, great TV coverage

Saturday 1990 - [Peoria IL] Serena's 35th Birthday!  Went grocery shopping at Thompsons, also got Serena a microwave, $199.  Had supper at a Japanese Restaurant (Shogun) where they cooked right in front of us.  Had Room 231 at Jumer's [since closed see From-Castle-to-Courtyard] $69 with 10% off + $7.62 in tax.  High drapes at front of bed, bathroom nothing extra.

Sunday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Serena's Birthday, also Ed Johnson and Marty G.  119 at church.  Met Goodings at Der Dutchman in Waynesville.  Menu dinners start at %5.45, beverage 70¢, pie $1.10.  Mother is sleepy, doesn't object to the oxygen mask.  First prayer meeting at church, 20 present.

Monday 1992 - John & Julie left, Mother very alert today.

Wednesday 1993 - MV called this AM, Ginny's first two teeth came in last night. 

Thursday 1994 - We went to Wilmington, filed apps for guardian for Tim Woods, real estate closing at 5pm then visited Carlos Achor at CMH and the Smiths land contract release.  Had supper at the Chinese Restaurant.  Talked to Serena last night re her birthday and have talked to all of the children the last few days.

Saturday 1996 - [Phoenix to Ohio] Flew home from Phoenix on SW Airlines and stayed overnight at the Cross Country Inn near the airport, between the noisy heater and the toilet flushing it was OK.  John, Julie & Kate met us at the airport and we had supper at Boston Chicken on E. Main St., Julie had trouble convincing the clerk she wanted white, not dark chicken, then had ice cream across the street at Johnsons.  Visited B&N bookstore.  Parking at the airport was $35, the rd lot the cheapest of the two.  Roberta sent us 15 packages of fig newtons and lots of pads.

Monday 1997 - Jean had hospital meeting and mix up in meeting Marie Cooper.  Met John, Julie, and Kate at Wendy's at Jeffersonville Mall.  Kate is getting more talkative.

Tuesday 1998 - [to Cincinnati in preparation for trip to Hawaii] After UMW meeting drove to Holiday Inn at CVG.

Wednesday 1999 - Called Catherine, Wendy has moved back home.  Jean is going through old Christmas cards.  Up to 55 today.  After UMW meeting drove to Columbus airport, staying at Holiday Inn.

Buggy to Buggy

Page 3 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar

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Picture captioned: Chariots of Quakers: Yearly Meeting at the college; buggy-to-buggy traffic

Winter 1879  Over 14,000 hogs are killed and butchered in the town's three packing plants.  They average 330 pounds and put $331,000 in the pockets of farmers ($24/hog) Hog butchering ends when the B&O Railroad, in 1884, offers direct service to the Cincinnati packing houses.  Local residents breathe easier.

January 15, 1870  The heaviest rainfall in Wilmington's history.  Low, rolling, summer-like clouds move in; temperatures warm dramatically.  Nine inches of rain falls in 24 hours.  Howard Townsend, carrying the mail from Wilmington to the train at New Vienna, [NV had train service before Wilmington!, but evidently Wilmington was served by B&O by 1879 to ship the hogs] abandons his team and wagon in a field and wades seven miles back.  The rain fills bottomlands, washed out mill races, bridges and railroad tracks.  All transportation comes to a stop.  There is no mail for two weeks.

January 16, 1950  The water of Lake Cowan reaches the spillway, making a permanent lake of George Austin's boyhood home and covers forever one of his prize archaeological sites.  Only the tip of one hill on his farm remains above water, to become known as Austin's Island.  Dr. Austin, a freethinker who worked in his garden with his tie on, excavated 256 sites in his day, accumulating more artifacts that the Smithsonian.  [And what did he do with them?]

January 19, 1870  The Great Quaker Revivals begin, a direct result of January storms and the death of Robert Douglas's young son.  Robert's brother, John Henry*, comes to the funeral and stays in town because of high water.  He visits every home and business in town and holds a meeting each night for over seven weeks.  As a consequence, Wilmington becomes a Quaker town and Wilmington College, a Quaker school, is begun a year later.

*  The Douglas brothers, John Henry and Robert and their families move to New Vienna in 1863 from Bloomington.  John Henry is a famous Quaker Evangelist and travels to Europe on a speaking tour in 1866-67.  According to the Southwest Ohio (Geneological & Historical) Research website the first two Friends Quarterly meetings in 1869 were "held in two schoolhouses near the home of John Henry Douglas outside of New Vienna, Ohio. The Quaker revival, which was open to non-Quakers too, was held in the Hoskins School on Bernard Road near Tilton Road about two miles east of New Vienna. These candlelight meetings lead to the establishment of Fairview Meeting of Friends. In November of 1869 the first meetinghouse was built and opened with 119 adults and 33 children as members."

John Henry Douglas moved to Wilmington in 1874, to Glen Falls NY in 1878, Iowa in 1886, Newberg Oregon (where George Fox College -- which Roberta attended -- originally named Pacific College was started in 1891) in 1893 and then to California where he died in 1919 at the age of 87 in Whittier.

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Jan. 19, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Called Serena, she mentioned about her new coat.  We were greeters at Square Dancing.  Our caller, Jim, has a hard time going without his cigarette.

Friday 1990 - [to Peoria IL] Supper in Indianapolis, cut across on 38th St from I-65 to I-465 to I-74.

Saturday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Left for Wilmington at 10:30, Roberta fed GHU lunch.  We had lunch at Chinese Rest, then to WPL and back to the hospital for GHU's supper.  Serena arrived and we all went back to NV.  Serena was in Chicago last week, interested in a reference librarian job.

Sunday 1992 - Lunch in Leesburg, new management.  Mother really asleep today.  Open House at Marty Gillespie's (old Nordyke place).  John & Julie came after having brunch at Palm Ct in Cincy and had seen Serena the evening before.

Tuesday 1993 - Bill Stricker passed away.  He had been in Extended Care a short time.

Thursday 1995 - Betty & Herschel Arnold had us over for supper along with their Indian Friend who rents an apartment from them.  He works for Mead Paper in Chillicothe and is from near Goa.

Friday 1996 - [Phoenix] We walked down to Barnes & Noble where Catherine & Wendy picked us up.  Drove out to Lake Pleasant, lots of room out there, Peoria just annexed that area.  Ate at Applebee's.

Sunday 1997 - We took HQ and Carolyn Thornburg to Waynesville for lunch.  Had exchange minister from Wilmington Nazarene Church.  Linda Pinkerton told us that this is her 2nd marriage, she quit Milton College [Wisconsin?] in her 3rd year.

Wilmington Ohio Main Street 1930

Page 2 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar

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Picture captioned: Going to Town, Circa 1930:  Time came to standstill in 1948; truck smashed the bank clock  Looking west from South Street, with General Denver on the far right side of street.  This street is now one-way east bound and in addition to State Routes 3 and 73 is also US Route 22.  According to Wikipedia, US-22 was extended in 1932 from US-40 to Cincinnati as it is currently, replacing Ohio State Route 10 and following preexisting State Route 3.

January 6, 1851  Local youth changes residence to California....  After an altercation in a one-room schoolhouse near Lees Creek, John Dale strikes teacher Artemus Morrow in the head with a stick of firewood.  That evening, Mrs. Morrow "shrieks as she becomes a widow."  The next day when the sheriff visits the Dales, the lad has disappeared.  "He was a big strong boy," says the father, and he's gone to the land of milk and honey."

January 7, 1867  William Cleveland has finished his unusual Swiss chalet on Main Street beside the old Friends Meeting House and moves his wife and daughter here from Yellow Springs.  A working architect, his work includes the Main School, [old]city hall, the Farquhar Building, the Hildebrant house [and more].  

January 9, 1940  A lone bandit, Forest Miller, a thin, unemployed day laborer from Bowersville, threatens Port William Banking Company employees with nitrogylcerin and flees with over $300.  After his auto overturns on a curve outside of the village, and a posse begins to move in, the nitro goes off and blows him to bits.  Some surmise the desperate young man killed himself.  [Elizabeth Johnson adds a note to this entry: Dear Jean, The Forest Miller that robbed the Port William bank graduated from Reesville in 1932 in my class.  Thanks for letting me read the calendar.  I found it interesting --Elizabeth]

January 11, 1918  Terrible blizzard hits Wilmington.  No trains, mail, or newspapers for four days.  Temperature is minus 17 degrees and remains there for 36 hours.  New Burlington is isolated until the 24th.  Snows continue until the end of March.

January 12, 1912  Foster Ellison leaves his horse hitched on Mulberry Street more than five hours, Marshal Will Sliker cites him for overparking.

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Jan. 18, 1987,89-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

1987 - Golden Corral opened in Wilmington

Wednesday 1989 - DPL bill, $65.40, 848 kwh.  Went to the open house at East Clinton School Library, checked out several books, one on bikes.

Friday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1992 - DPL $68.33, 861 kwh.  Saw movie "Father of the Bride," at $250 a head who can we cancel out [about the movie]?   Bob McM [McMillen? McMullen?] (the egg man) born in 1916 was the speaker at our church breakfast meeting.

Monday 1993 - Had expected our computer friend down from Columbus, the couple we met at White Oak B&B, but they canceled out so Jean invited the Harners in, Orville having trouble with his teeth.  Mother asleep today.

Tuesday 1994 - Down to -15, wind chill at -30.  We did go to Hillsboro on legal business.  John Woodmansee in hospital with heart attack.

Wednesday 1995 - At square dance tonight Alonzo and Margaret Gibbs said they are moving in June (when she retires from teaching) to Aiken SC near where their son lives who works for Westinghouse. 

Thursday 1996 - [Phoenix] Ate at the Dial for lunch

Monday 1999 - Mixed up coats with Janice McCoppen [?], she thought it was Jean's, actually mine, so I took hers, glad we didn't lose her keys.

Gas and power prices mentioned between January 1-18:

Gas Prices
85.9¢ 1/6/89, 1/12/89
87.9¢ 1/12/92 WCH UDF
89.9¢ 1/8/94
93.9¢ 1/7/92 WCH
98.9¢ 1/17/93
99.9¢ 1/7/95 Wilmington
112.9¢ 1/2/90  Newark UDF
118.9¢ 1/17/91

DPL Bills
1/18/89   $65.40, 848 kwh
2/89        $53.91, 665 kwh, 21.5 kwh/day vs 26.0 in '88
3/89        $54.37, 674 kwh
1/18/92   $68.33, 861 kwh

Lonely Truck

From "A County Seat Calendar   The talk of the town of Wilmington, Ohio, day by day, through one hundred and seventy-five years – Three hundred and sixty-five short tales of triumph and disaster, crime and detection, great expectations, sober practices, extravagant follies, coincidence, passion, thrift, politics, hogs, patriotism, sentimentality, heroism, and love.  

January 1, 1824 – Jeremiah Reynolds, a Chester Township schoolboy who grew up to be called the Father of American Exploration, publishes the "Wilmington Spectator."  It lasts only a year because Reynolds prefers making news to writing it.  A convert to Symmes' Hollow Earth Theory, he sails for the south pole to prove it, missing by eight degrees when ice blocks his way.

January 2, 1830 – Fire department comes cursorily into being with ordinance appointing two men to examine fireplaces.  One of these is Warren Sabin, whose tavern is a common resting place for survey hunters.  [Surveyors and hunters?] Sabin adds four or five log cabins to his tavern whereupon it is described as "a strange looking hotel," and one of Wilmington's first.  Mr. Sabin will later be summed up as a man who "had the organ of hope very largely developed."

The picture below from the first January page (it's a weekly calendar) is captioned: Colossus of Roads: This lonely item said to be first truck in Clinton County.  Other items from that week include:

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January 3, 1883 – Jacob Spicer Leaming, the Clinton Countian who was the first real corn breeder in America, publishes his delightful narrative, "Corn and its Culture, by a Pioneer Corn Raiser with 60 Years Experience in the Cornfield."  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan. 17, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Getting several orders on our FAX machine.  Another beautiful day, had waffles for supper, got 500 business cards for $20.90+tax

Thursday 1991 - [Roberta arrives] Jean went to CMH Guild meeting and I went to Court House then to Columbus to meet Roberta.  Mother seemed a little better, we ate at the hospital, gas 118.9¢  Big jump in stock market today.  Everett Bailey (69) retired from Krogers today.

Sunday 1993 -After seeing GHU we met Serena and John (Julie was going to a shower) at Mayas, 9749 Kenwood Rd in Blue Ash for lunch [Now a Qdoba at this location], then to Barnes and Noble and mall - John got a new pair of shoes (Rockport).  Had supper at Trio's across the street (7565 Kenwood Road), very popular.  Got gas for 98.9¢.

Monday 1994 - About 8" snow this AM.  There is a bird in our typing room, must have come down the chimney.

Wednesday 1996 - [Phoenix] We went to Scottsdale Culinary Institute, most meals were $8.95, it is a one year cooking school, great experience.

Saturday 1998 -  [MV, Ginny and Christian visiting]   Shane Rider spoke this AM at UMC Breakfast.  He had been on a mission trip to Jamaica over the Christmas holidays.  Christian is very wide-eyed.  Ginny and I went over to the school playground.  Had fire in fireplace, first one this year.

Sunday 1999 - Pulpit exchange Sunday.  Gave to the Walkers the Internet weather forecast for Salamanca.  Had lunch at Dee's here in NV, Jean had roast beef at $5.49 and I had too much pasta.  Fun night in Martinsville but not a fun time coming home -- we offered to bring these 2 gals to NV, then one of them said she had left her glasses in the other car, so we went to the house where she would be stopping and got stuck their yard.  Had to call a wrecker and then the guy called the Sheriff about all the yard damage.  What a wet place.

Catherine's bath 1/15/1950

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Catherine bathing in Grandma and Granddad's kitchen as you leave the hallway.  One of the last baths in the bathinette.  About January 15, 1950.  at Grandparents – Not quite a year old.  Main St., New Vienna
Top picture back says "last bath 1/16/1950"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan. 16, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Heard from Joe Hiestand in NZ today, his wife has cancer.  Jean made a big crock of onion soup, she is a great wife in every respect.  Church Trustee meeting, voted to buy new stove for parsonage and for brighter lights in the church.

Wednesday 1991 - What a day -- Iraq invaded, claims from Strombecker about "magic wand" use, computer becoming obsolete.  Mother seems better, got call from CMH about her home care.  Oh yes a letter from Welfare about Joyce Grooms working.  Jean washed my brown top coat twice as it turned out there was lipstick in a coat pocket.

Sunday 1994 - MV called about Ginny going to the bathroom on her own.  Ed Johnson spoke on 1 Samuel 3  - Are you listening?  We ate at the NV Restaurant, had a $10 gift certificate.  Dinner is $4.95, entree and 2 vegetables.  Wilma went with us to see the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" in which a couple splits up and then he gets a job as a nursemaid for the children under the guise of being an older lady.  Kroger is having a promotion with Delta, $100 purchase = $100 discount if ticket is over $498 or $50 discount if less.  It was 10 degrees this am.

Monday 1995 - [Newark to home] We got along fine babysitting Kate.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel.   Cris and Angela called.  They have decided not to come to Wells.  Paved new sidewalk on east side of 73.

Tuesday 1996 - [Phoenix] Drove up to Sedona, visited the chapel in the rocks and the shopping center with Spanish name [Tlaquepaque], had lunch thereat Rene's, not cheap but nice.  Beautiful library, Jean got some cloth books there.

Thursday 1997 - Jean had therapy at CMH and worked at noon at Senior Citizens.  Really cold wind.  Borrowed $ for Elsie S, oh the bank papers.

Friday 1998 - [MV, Ginny and Christian arrive] Another call to IRS re Zurface.  Mary Virginia, Ginny Christian & Mickey (she is 43 and has one daughter who is in Japan with her husband who is in the service) arrive.  Empathy for Don Waters grandson.  Barry Williams here re our electric deep freezer problems.  Also Nolan TV here.  Another long email from Sid.

Saturday 1999 - Morning breakfast at church, Kim Armentrout didn't show up so Pastor Mike spoke on Habitat.  Went to Wilmington PL, had quite a conversation with Rita Crandin [?], she really takes the books to Prairie View, etc.  She is going to NZ and Australia next month then to the NM school in October.  Ended up getting a Big Don at Donalds for $4.19.  Phil Dirt and the Dozers at the Murphy.

Items from Uible photo album