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1974 Roberta letter -Mar31

Roberta writes a letter on the misprinted stationery from Burdine's. Transcription follows.

March 31, 1974
Dear Family,

It's hard for me to beleive [sic]  that a week ago today I was in the snow and cold weather of Ohio, and now I sit in my air -conditioned house!  Cris just took Donna (more details later) out to the airport to catch a plane back to Atlanta tonight.  She wasn't able to get a reservation so is stand flying stand-by.  Time will tell . . . . . . she may be back here to spend the night!!!

We got a call from Cris sometime on Wednesday saying that him and Donna would be driving down, bringing a u-haul for all his stuffxm  Well, fridxThursday night they got here with a big ole u-haul on the back of the car.  If you could see all the stuff he brought home with him you would know why it took such a big one.  He had figured up his gas mileage and he said it was between six and seen miles on the gallon!!!!

Cris did take a job with Eaton.  Maybe you have heard all this before . . . . . I'm not sure.  Anyway it's a training program and he will be in this program for fourteen months, during which time he will be in four of their plants.  He's to start work the fifteenth of this month.

I had started a letter to you all today at work, but didn't get very far one [sic] it.  I really showed up the ones that were in my department for the Sundays I was gone.  For last Sunday they did $37 and the Sunday before that only $24 and today I sold 127 dollars worth.  But I sold a backgammon game for forty dollars which really helped the cause out!!!!  For the next two weeks I'm going to be working quite alot at Burdines's.  As my manager went on vacation just this past Friday for two weeks.  I'm going to work fur days a week.  It's much better now to be working that much than later on in the quarter.  Besides this way I can get behind right in the beginning!!  (ho, hum)

So far my classes are really going good.  My Population and Urbanization class seems pretty hard, but I'm not sure what I had expected there.  Every page seems to have about four names and six theories and also some dates throw [sic] in every now and then!  Very exciting to sayx the least!!!  I think I'm really going to enjoy my one criminal justice class.  It's the one that was supposed to meet on Monday and Wednesday nightsxx but instead meets on Thursday nights at the junior college.  It's a five hour class supposed to befx from five till ten in the evening; but last week the prof told us that it wouldn't be starting till six from now on and that we would be out by nine.  Also we aren't suppose to have any tests whatsoever, just discussion and also a paper to help make up for the time that we won't be in class.

Dad, I went around to two bakeries asking about buying milk, with really no luck whatsoever.  So Thursday I called up several wholesale grocers, and Friday went to pick up my fifty pound bag of milk for 39.00!!!!!  Compared to 1.10 a pound in the grocery that's a good price!!!!  The twenty quart container of Quik chek brand went up to a new high of 4.39 a box!!!!!  One of my girl friends who works in a grocery is supposed to get me some containers now to store it in.  Tonight I opened up one of my big cans of tuna fish . . . . . the half gallon size.  I now have 21 bags of three ounces (lunch portions) weighted [sic] out, and put in the freezer.  That should probably see me through the quarter, or close to it.

Friday we went to see Godspell at the Palm Beach Playhouse.  John Murphy has been working over there so he got all of us free tickets.  We were sitting next to all the really well-to-do.  The price of our tickets would have been 9.50 if we had paid for them!!  And we went to the matinay [sic] well, that's not how it's spelled, but that's the way it sounds!  It was pretty good, I enjoyed the music especially!  But I would never have paid 9.50 to see it!!!!

We have enjoyed all the mail this past week from John, Mary V. and Mother.

I have been pretty upset the last couple of days because of what the scales have been telling me!!!  I have gained somewhere between eight to eleven pounds depending on when I weight [sic] myself since I have started taking all my medications regularly.  So I am going to try and be patient for a couple of more days then I'm going to call Dr. Schnebly up person to person and collect!!!!  I've been laying on the fish and spinish [sic]  lately so maybe that will help some.  As to Weight Watchers I only have the one lass at the moment, on Friday mornings since the others conflicted with my school schedule.

Grandma went back to the doctor on Friday and Aunt Mary mentioned something about Grandma going to Hawaii and the doctor told her to go ahead and make plans to go.  So since then I have heard alot more about her going.  She told me that she could take her bed-pan with her just as she did when she went to Maine.  Also said that she thought she would buy a new dress before she goes.  (she really thinks ahead!!!!!)

I was wondering if someone could ask Mickey Collins when they see him next about Wright States summer school program.  I would appreciate esp. the dates, whether it is one regular quarter (say nine weeks long) or if it is several baby quarters of three or so weeks.  I have to take a science this summer one way or another.  I had hoped to be able to be able to take an upper division science this summer in order to get credit towards my four year degree but my counselor says with my background in science I would never make it, so will have to take a basic EASY science course of some sort. (simply to fulfill junior college requirement)

Well, I better be going . . . . . It's getting late; as if you couldn't tell my [sic] this bad typing.  Mary V. I will answer your letter soon; and John, I'm so glad you wrote your grandmother the nice little neatly typed letter that you did!!!!!  John – have you had any donuts lately?  Last nite Cris made a mulberry pie . . . . . of course I didn't taste it but everyone said that it was really good!!!

Love, Berta

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1994 Roberta's letter -Mar.30

Roberta writes a letter / Anniversary greetings on a NVUMC notecard.  Transcription follows.
United Methodist Church • New Vienna, Ohio 1876-1976, front of notecard

Hi! & Happy Anniversary!

No time to go out & buy one of those special cars – so I pull out by box & look what I happen upon!  We have been out spending $ – Sr. Village's last month under the generous county budget – as of April 1st – different story!  I've been having to break the news of rents going up July 1st – up $75 for double rooms – up $175 for private rooms ––quite an increase – will probably have some that may have to move – will be a tough time!  The county will keep their people here for $875 which will allow them to continue the private rooms – only 8 county people left – 3 of them over 90!  County hasn't picked any new ones up for Supervisory care since Oct. 87!  Enuf about S.V.!

I'll be anxious to hear of your visit w/ Miss Ginny & her parents!  Next time I'd like to get there to see them – but then will be seeing them at Estes!

Outback Steakhouse now in Phx – we haven't been there – yet!

My plane arrives 4:50 pm – Cont. #1174 from Houston – April 6th – Wednesday.  I leave following Wednesday 10:35 AM to Cleveland - PHX.  Great flight get here at 3:20 pm.  Change twice – extra frequent flyer miles – HA!

You two are great parents – I'm thankful we were raised in the New Vienna United Methodist Church – Thanks for all – Tho we will probably never have a feature 2 hour TV movie about us – or be on Oprah!  HA!  Since we didn't have a sensational – (but functional!) childhood!

Love, Roberta

March 30, 1954 Genoa Cathedral

Enjoying their hours in Genoa, HH and Jean still find time to write to their relatives at home.  Next stop Sorrento.
Genova [Genoa] San Lorenzo Cathedral* postcard sent March 30, 1954 to M/M CJ Uible
March 30, 1954 Genoa postcard to M/M CJU
Arrived here today (3/30/54) about 3:30 and will be docked here til noon tomorrow. 
Saw birthplace of Christopher Columbus and several cathedrals including this one (San Lorenzo) where the remains of John the Baptist are kept, having been brought by the early Crusaders.
The ancient part of the city with its narrow streets (about 8' wide) and tiny shops are fascinating.  Found the equivalent to Woolworth's (Upim) but no jack sets at all – huge marbles.  
Received your letter here – its good to hear always and enjoy clippings [too.  --HH & Jean]

Genova [Genoa] Panorama postcard mailed March 30, 1954
Genoa postcard to Catherine & Roberta - March 30, 1954
Spent this afternoon & evening in Genoa and will be here til noon tomorrow.  
Here is a picture of Genoa including the place where the boats dock.  Don't think the Saturnia is in the harbor in the picture.
We certainly enjoyed hearing about you in the letter to Barcelona and we are looking forward to another letter soon.  Hope you are all better.  We're forwarding them on to Dear & Grandma.  Certainly miss you but know you are being well taken care of.  Love, Daddy and Mommie

*Cathedral of San Lorenzo, or Genoa Cathedral, begun in 1155 with construction of walls and completed between 1307 and 1312.  Construction ended in the 1600s although the dome and medieval parts were restored in 1894-1900.  The city was shelled by the British on February 9, 1941 but the Cathedral suffered only minor damage, unlike the opera house which had major damage.

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1964 Jean's obstetrician visits

Was Dr. Yantes also the obstetrician for Serena and John's birth?  Next year we will be reviewing Serena's birth records and John's in 2017.  And was $105 the total cost?  The statement below indicates one visit in October, November and December with an office visit (oc) every week beginning about six weeks prior to Mary's birth.  There is a hospital visit the day before the delivery, and four hospital visits follow.  Thirteen years later when Wendy was born, the Dr. charged $600, which was payable $100/month.

Genoa Skyscraper March 30, 1954

Lots to see and do in Genoa, but always time for a few postcards to the folks back home as HH and Jean spend Tuesday afternoon, March 30, 1954 through Wednesday morning in this seaport in northwest Italy.
Genova [Genoa] Grattacielo [Skyscraper] Panorama postcard mailed March 30, 1954

March 30, 1954 Postcard to Hortons from HH & JBU
Thanks so much for your letter to Barcelona.  We are trying to soak it all in so we can remember as much as possible.
Never saw so many washings hung over balcony railings, etc.  Took some pix which we hope will show them.  This is 1st city we've seen any skyscrapers.
Ate in a delightful little Italian restaurant and became acquainted with man at next table.  Born in Italy but now from New York and on visit here since Dec. – cousin of Julius de Rosa.*
Went to La Scala _______ and saw opera "Amahl" in war devastated building, partially restored.  Love, Harold & Jean

*Julius La Rosa (b. 1930) was a singer who became famous as a regular on Arthur Godfrey's radio and television show in the early 1950s.

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1984 Ashland Postcards - Mar 28

Same pictured card sent to Grandma and Hortons in Florida and Wendy in Oregon in March 1984.  The break-in mentioned in the card to Wendy was not the one in which Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary were tied up and which made the newspaper – that occurred in 1988.  
Ashland postcard - mailed 1984.  Captioned: "Ashland," Home of Henry Clay from 1811 until his death in 1852.  Located two miles east of downtown Lexington, Kentucky on U.S. 25 South.  Open daily.  Color photo by W.M. Cline Co.

1984 Ashland postcard sent to GHU & Hortons -Mar28

Extremely interesting & beautiful home.  Enjoyed this stop immensely.  Situated on 20 acres originally 514.  Grounds outside were too wet to enjoy but another trip to see formal gardens.  Walnut paneled library was outstanding.  Sorry this is hard to read but writing as we travel north.  Thanks to you & Hortons for such a nice visit.  Hope things are quieter now.  Love to all, H&J
1984 Ashland postcard sent to Wendy -Mar28
Writing in car!
Real interesting place.  Had nice visit w/your relatives in FL & Aunt Roberta.  Plenty of excitement & activity (Break-in).  Panama (esp. canal) and Costa Rica fascinating  Will show you pix in June.  Saw people bringing milk to dairy on horseback – roads really bad.

Visited Nat. Library in San Jose, C.R.  Outside beautiful but inside unimpressive.  Love & OXOXOX, GD & GMU

1974 Action Singers -Mar.28

1974 Action Singers of the New Vienna United Methodist Church 
Invitation to Parents Recognition Night -Mar.28

Invitation is postmarked March 20, 1974 with a return address of Mrs. Donald Anderson, Route 1, New Vienna.

Genova Piazza de Ferrari 3/30/1954

After an overnight on board the Saturnia from Barcelona, the Uibles arrive in Italy – first stop an overnight stay in Genova, 530 miles by car via Marseille and Nice, however a straighter line by ship across the Mediterranean Sea.

Genova [Genoa] Piazza De Ferrari* postcard 
to Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne mailed March 30, 1954

Thanks for letter to Barcelona and here.  Arrived here about 3:30 today and will be in dock til noon tomorrow.  

Fascinating city – nearly all the buildings in the modern part of the city are covered by buildings overhead and you walk behind the large arches (pictured here).  

Saw the birthplace of Columbus – several cathedrals and one built in the 13th century and contains the remains of John the Baptist which the Crusaders brought back from the Holy Lands.  Found a 5&10 [as variety stores such as Woolworth's selling things for a nickel or a dime used to be called] but my Italian is terrible and they couldn't understand what I wanted.  All our love – Jean and Harold

*The Piazza de Ferrari is the main square of Genoa.  Below is a different postcard [not in my collection] view of the Piazza taken from a different angle.

Ferrari, in addition to being an Italian automobile manufacturer, is a common Italian surname that etymologically means "blacksmith."

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1974 Catherine's letter -Mar.27

Wednesday morning
March 27, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

I hope you don't wait forever to enlighten us about where John will be going to school next year.  Also, John, we are still counting on your spending the month of July with us.  We don't want to disrupt whatever the other plans you may have for the summer, however you're [sic] presence here would be much appreciated.

Yes, the Ballantyne clan does seem to be settling in this area.  Evidently the prime factor in the Walkley's move is that he was tired (after 12 years) of stockbroking.  He was also interested in a business of his own.  I guess he investigated several possibilities including a lumber yard.  The printing business here seems to be thriving and has been located here for about 25 years so it is fairly well established.  He knows nothing about printing but I guess he will learn.  We saw the house in Kennebunkport (built in 1792) that they put an offer on but we don't know if the offer was accepted.  Tom's only brother moved to Claremont, New Hampshire a few months ago.  He bought a furniture store there.

I'm glad to hear that the floral people are on the ball.  Also glad that Grandma is home again.  Does she have any plans to return to New Vienna?  I had already heard the news about Marianne directly from her, last week sometime.  I'm glad you're not "upset or jealous".  I'm sure Marianne will buy much nicer maternity clothes and baby stuff than I ever would so this way maybe I can just borrow her stuff later.

I'm sorry I missed the bargain on water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.  Here they are 50¢ a can.  How about bean sprouts does Strebers carry them?

X is at Kiwanis now.  I'm going to have to rush to get ready for work as it is so I better be signing off.

Nothing new on the land situation.

The puppies are going strong.  They are tottering now instead of crawling.

Love, Catherine & X

1974 Anniversary card from Roberta -Mar27

And on second thought, I just got you this card!
Happy Anniversary!

[postmarked 27 March 1974]

We'll all be thinking about you all this coming Tuesday –

I'd write more but it's 7:29 A.M. & in order to be at school on time I have to leave at 7:30!

So – more to come –– Later

~~ Love, Bert [on inside]

Leaving Barcelona March 29, 1954

Time for one more card during the seven hour stop in Barcelona, before the Saturnia reboards and heads on to the next port – Genoa, as we follow HH and JBU on their European trip in the spring of 1954.
Barcelona "Holy Family" Temple* postcard mailed March 29, 1954

March 29, 1954 Barcelona Temple Postcard sent to Roberta & Catherine

Monday – in Spain
Do you like the stamps, Catherine?  How are lollipops?  We went to church yesterday on the boat, the sea is real green now.  Had turkey for dinner last night.  We had taxi ride around town and saw this church, but they have just finished the front part of it.  We are now in restaurant and Mommie had chocolate ice cream.  We get to Italy tomorrow and maybe we will see Uncle Calvin.  – Daddy & Mommie

Stamps?  Yes they're nice -- sorry Dad, if I didn't tell you that before.  It's the postcards I like more though! I'm beginning to understand where my interest in collecting postcards may have started.  Also my love for correspondence.

I think the lollipops were a "treat" left by Mommie and Daddy for us to enjoy during their absence.  Not surprised to read about Mother having chocolate.

Staying with the Johnsons was an experience in many ways, but the getting of the mail, was a highlight of the day.  Playing post office with old envelopes and magazines was a way of passing the time when Roberta and I were required to stay inside and keep out of trouble.  Keeping Roberta entertained in those days was more difficult as she didn't have her million other interests and connections to occupy every moment of her day.

Elizabeth's player piano was also a source of entertainment but required Elizabeth's supervision which made it a more limited and special event.  In an upstairs bedroom there was also an old hand cranked Victrola an ancient record player c1920s.

We'll delve more into the farm work part of the stay in a later post.

*The church, started in 1882 by Catalonian Architect, Gaudi (1852-1926), who also designed La Pedrera, the apartment building, which we saw pictured in a postcard in this post, was less than 25% complete at the time of Gaudi's death and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War, resumed intermittent progress in the 1950s and passed the half way construction point in 2010 with anticipated completion in 2026, the centennial of Gaudi's death.  Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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1954 Menu & Letter from Europe to CJ/GHU -Mar.26

1954 Saturnia ship menu -March.  Two week trip NYC to Naples $200 each

Dear Mother & Daddy Uible & all,

We are having a marvelous trip and wish you could all be here to enjoy it with us.  Today we land in Lisbon for 10 hours.  The schedule says 5:00 but we will arrive about 2:00 & have arranged to take the tour around the city and up to Estoril, the resort town about 10 miles north of Lisbon.

The first few days went slowly but now they are going really fast since we have met congenial people & hate having them leave us.  When we first looked around we thought we were the only Americans traveling in the Tourist Class & all the rest were Italians who spoke little or no English.  But later comparing notes with other Americans they felt the very same way.  Probably a good half of them are Italian or that descent but there are others – sightseeing Americans like us – perhaps 80-100 – many Spanish people – French Canadians, Canadians, Turkish people – Arabs and a few of everything else.

Every evening there is either a movie or dance (The Spanish people aboard really .... up the dances).  There are concerts in the afternoons and impromptu entertaining all day long from the tourists themselves.

The food is excellent but way too much of it & so many courses (about 9 altogether) starting with some sort of juice (variety), then appetizer course of boiled ham or some cold cut, olives peppers, cold salad – fish then choice of soup, then spaghetti or something similar at noon, fish in the evening – then the entree – meat potatoes, vegetable, tossed lettuce with a vinegar-olive oil dressing.  Then dessert – a pastry – some cheese – fruit – apples, oranges, pears or tangerines then Italian or American coffee or tea or milk (tastes like a comb. of canned & _?_ & never cold).  There is always a roll, butter, jugs of water  & wine on the table & you may have as much or as little of any the above things as you wish.  We eat at the 2nd sitting which is 8:00, 1:00 and 8:00 but breakfast never has to be too punctual.

Yesterday we took a tour of the engine room which was very interesting.  They carry 2000 tons of diesel fuel and 3000 tons of water & replenish at every stop.  All their drinking water comes from Naples & the other water from Halifax & New York but is brownish.

[now switches to HH writing]
Better adjust your glasses now – with me writing.  Our room is about 8x9 – two bunk beds, washbowl & mirror, two small closets, 1 folding chair & 1 rug.  When we weighed in at the Columbus airport we had 38# of luggage, we sent home from N.Y. about 8#, so think we are travelling as light as anyone.

There are a # of small children & infants on board, who do a good job of keeping their parents occupied.

Have taken very few pills – maybe 4 & have felt A1 except for two days.  My nose & forehead are red from the sunshine from being on deck.  We each have a deck chair (cost $1.50).

There are 1200 passengers on the ship & a crew, etc. of about 500 so a small town afloat.  With an experience like this you marvel more like the adventure of C. Columbus in his small ship.

Am sending Joe a picture card of the ship & the front, lower deck is where the tourist class is allowed.  Perhaps they will enjoy reading this letter.

Wonder when you are going to N.V.?


1984 Panama -Mar.24

Following the Costa Rica trip HH and Jean spent a few days in Panama before returning to Florida.  This Panama City hotel receipt documents their two night stay at the Hotel Executivo also known as the Executive Hotel, which is still operating under that name as a Business "Boutique" Hotel, with rates starting at $95.

1974 Roberta's Letter -Mar.25

March 25, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  Didn't know if I should have called last night or not – but did get into W.P.B. at 7:37 as originally planned.  There were about 20 people on stand-by basis for the 4:00 flight – and only _3_ of us made it on!  One man really made a pest of himself & he got on – then another man & I got on to.  It was all according to what time you checked in at the Delta Airlines Ticket place – I was lucky to have been right there!

The Atlanta airport was such a big mess – people everywhere – especially alot of college kids!  Oh – the 4:00 plane didn't leave till about 4:30 so I didn't have any too much time to waste in Atlanta!

The supper deal on the plane was pretty funny – you know I had ordered a "low calorie" supper – well – when it came it was 3 vegetables, a roll & a piece of cake.  Well – somehow there was a mistake & instead of low calorie supper I got the Vegetarian supper (too bad Serena wasn't there(.  In the end I kept the three vegetables plus got a medium sized stead & salad from First class.  I ended up eating better than anyone around me!  All the other "tourists" were eating lasgana [sic](sp?) & potatoes (not baked).

Uncle Bill really likes the coffee pot – he put it alltogether [sic] last night & this morning tried to get me to drink a cup!  But – I didn't even have time this morning to drink a cup of hot tea!  I got up about 6:45 and had to leave by 7:30 in order to make it to school by 8:30.  I decided I'd rather get up early twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays) than drive to Boca on Tuesday nights – and not get home till after 10:00 p.m.!  So now I'm taking 20 hours – 15 hours of sociology here & 5 hours of criminal justice – the course being held at the junior college.

Mary V. how did your program go last night – I hope you all made it back home in plenty of time & all.  John – did you get an 'A' on your Biology report?

Everyone liked all the misprint shirts – Rob took the Recreation Counselor one and Uncle Bill took the Calloway (sp?) Gardens one.  Grandma sure enjoyed your letter Mary V––

Well, I've got about 10 minutes before my 2nd class starts – which is Population & Urbanization – so better go & get this in the mail.

Thanks again for everything ––

Love, Berta

Barcelona Catalonia Plaza 3/29/1954

HH and Jean continue their whirlwind seven hour tour of Barcelona, Spain on Monday, March 29, 1954.
Barcelona Plaza de Cataluña [Catalonia Square]

Card sent to Mrs. N.W. Ballantyne - March 29, 1954
Dearest Mother – 29/3/54
We have about seven hours here.  Hired a taxi and really saw a lot that the ship excursion didn't take the tourists to see.  Now eating in Barcelona restaurant and our first taste of Spanish food.  Get around OK considering our lack of knowledge of foreign languages.  Took subway (1.25¢) and street car (1.5¢) here and really see the people.  Baby girls with pierced ears, saw two bull rings, orange and lemon trees in the heart of  the city. Please save these cards for us.  All our love, Jean and Harold

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1954 Elizabeth Johnson letter to "Dear" -Mar.25

March 25, 1954
Dear Mrs. Ballantyne,

The girls want me to write to "Dear" and let you know they are in the Country.  Catherine is fine but Roberta has a cold but not to seriouse [sic].  She ate a bowl of cream of wheat with raisins, 2 glasses of orange juice, 1 glass of milk, ½ slice of toast & butter & jelly and 2 spoons of tapioca pudding for her breakfast this morning so I think she will be O.K.

I have a house cat and both girls are quite fond of it.  Roberta spends a lot of time talking to the cat.  Sometimes the cat hides from them and now whenever they can't find the cat they say she has gone to see "Dear."  They talk about you every day.

We got a package from Harold & Jean yesterday, some things they didn't want along, a hat, pair of shoes & etc.  They said Harold bought
a Beret to wear on the boat & Catherine is anxious to see her daddy in a womans hat.

We went to New Vienna yesterday and Roberta wand wanted to stop at home.  She is just a little homesick for Mommy & Daddy.  Catherine understands they are on a trip and is quite happy.  They keep busy helping me.  We have a new baby calf, and of course there are chickens to feed and eggs to gather so the days are full.  They fight over who shall feed the cat & dog & gold fish.

Well I must hurry they want lunch.

The Johnsons & Uibles

1984 Costa Rica -Mar.12-23

Wilmington College Costa Rican Experience
March 12-23, 1984
Roy Joe and Ruth Stuckey, Leaders

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1974 Catherine's letter -Mar19

Tuesday morning
March 19, 1974

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  Glad to get your letter of 3/13 yesterday.  Hope Grandma is better, I sent her a card today.  We'll be anxious to hear where John decides to go.

I suppose the big news here is about Mary Ellen and Tom.  She called us again on Sunday (3/10) and said that Tom was coming to Sanford the next day to look at a printing business that was for sale in Sanford.  So come he did, spent the night with us and we showed him our "general tour" of Sanford.  He didn't seem to be real impressed with the housing available in Sanford.  He was looking for something in the above $60,000 range.  He also looked at housing in Kennebunkport (which has had such notorieties as Booth Tarkington and Kenneth Roberts as residents) and found more things to his liking there.  At any rate he left on Tuesday not having decided to buy the business.  But the very next day he and Mary Ellen (who had flown to Boston in the meantime) arrived.  They finalized the agreement to buy Lincoln Press (the actual transaction will be on April 14) and they made an offer on a house in Kennebunkport.  So within a month they should be all moved up here.

Kuman ended up having 12 puppies.  Four of them didn't exactly thrive so we now have 8 puppies.  They are growing very rapidly although they don't have their eyes open yet.

We had some nice weather there for awhile but it is now snowing and has been cold for several days.  I've really been noticing the lengthening of the days lately.  I guess spring will be here tomorrow.

X had the perc test taken on the land last week and it failed.  They think it might have been because the ground was too frozen so they are going to try again.

We're getting all hepped up at the library for National Library Week in April.  We're going to have adult forums on local issues and films and story hours for the children.  The Portland Press Herald is aldo [also] going to do a special Sunday supplement on libraries in the area.  Somebody from Massachusetts gave us a nice gift of about 300 good hard back books both fiction and general nonfiction.  I am also trying to get alot of previous gifts processed or discarded.  Some of them date back to 1967 and they had just been collecting dust in the basement.

Well, I've got to get the house cleaned up as we're having some friends over after work tonight.

Love, Catherine & X

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1984 Sid's Letter -Mar.24

In March 1984 Roberta goes to Florida to meet HH & Jean on their return from Costa Rica and Panama and to visit the Hortons.  Sid writes a letter in her absence.  Transcription follows.

Saturday, 3/24/84
Dear Jean & Harold,

Well I am surviving in Roberta's absence.  I am sure she has mentioned the various crises that have occurred in the few days she has been gone.  My respect for Roberta's managerial skills has increased ten fold (not that I lacked any respect prior to her departure).  It takes a great deal of ability to juggle the paper work, recreational demands, health demands, satisfying a number of bosses, as well as keeping thirty or so elderly prima donnas happy.  I will certainly welcome her return.

I want to thank you for the two books you sent me for my birthday.  Peter Jenkins (& later Barbara) [Author of Walk Across America] had experiences that few of us will ever have but it is good to be able to read of their walks.  Their account of the many  varied peoples & cultures they encountered certainly is a reminder of what a magnificent place our country really is.  Thanks again, I really enjoyed the books.

I was really happy that Roberta could visit in Florida.  The fact that she could visit my Aunt Blanche was a little "frosting on the cake."  I would like to have accompanied her but "some other time."

We are already making plans for the trip East, sometime this summer.  We both have many thins from the past we want the other to see.  I am looking forward to visiting in New Vienna.

Serena and I are about to tackle what will become a monthly task – the Newsletter.  Our little publication should have about the same amount of material as the March "News and Views."  However, down the live motivation may be a problem and this is an area where Roberta excels so I don't anticipate too much difficulty.

Roberta may have mentioned our trip to Yuma and San Diego in early May.  I am a delegate to the State Convention of the Arizona Federation of the Natl Association of Retired Federal Employees at Yuma.  Roberta will probably join me there & we will go to San Diego for a few days.

We are approaching a record for the number of consecutive dry days – 80 as of today, and we are entering what is traditionally a dry period.  The dryness only seems to remind us all in the Valley of the Sun that water makes the difference between a Phoenix and the Sonora Desert.

Sunday PM I must take some of the residents to the funeral home to view Margaret Masters.  That will be a trying time.  Margaret was well liked & had been one of the 'charter' members of Senior Village.  Roberta & she were particularly close.  There will be no memorial service here at S/V.

'tis time to begin work on the newsletter.  Much of the "reporters" work needs considerable rewriting.  Serena's typewriter does a spectacular job in the final copy.

Thanks again for the books.  They were most interesting.

With love, Sid

1974 Joe's letter -Jan25

January 25, 1974

Dear Uncle Harold, Aunt Jean and Family,

Your nephew has finally got into action and "la voice" a letter!  During the Xmas holidays, I had little time to write to anyone.  Horton's Tours were in full swing.  It was quite an experience.  Marianne had a hard time.  She was sick practically everyday.  She would never make a P.C. Volunteer.  Cris was even sick once for Xmas.  Robert was the bulwark of the group.  He took everything in good stride.  It's been a long time now since we walked that road in noon-day heat to Sanga, Mali.  I don't think I've every been as ambitious on a Horton Tour as ours.  I tried to show you everything.  Tomorrow I'm going to show Roberta's slides of Mauritania.  I plan on being here in Dakar next year so please think about visiting me.  We ought to do something like the Horton Kenya Tour next Xmas!  What do you think?

My parents sent a cassette with Cris for me.  I've been enjoying music ever since.  I don't know how I managed without it.

Well, you can see I've fallen in love with Senegal.  Will I ever leave?  One reason I stay here is that I love teaching, my job.

Strawberries are in now.  I can buy a box for 75 cents downtown.  There's a big store in town that has gardens outside of town where they grow strawberries.  I make homemade yogurt and put strawberries on top.  Yummy!  I've also borrowed an ice-cream mixer and we make it form time to time.  I can't seem to make the same tasting ice-cream that I've eaten at the Uibles.  Aunt Jean, could you send me your secret recipe for vanilla and strawberry ice-cream?  I'd sure appreciate it.  Thank you.

When I'm home this summer I'd like to take a trip around the USA by train, Am-Track  Do you know anything about Am-Track?  I'll probably be home for vacation around the end of August like I did 2 years ago.

What are your plans for the summer?  Hoping to hear from you soon and wishing you a belated Happy New Year –

By the way, last weekend I took a trip to a National Bird Park and saw some interesting things: camels, wild boar and many unusual birds.  When you come back, the Park will be on the itinerary.  So long for now.

Love, Joe

Barcelona, La Pedrera 3/29/1954

The Saturnia docks in Barcelona and the Uibles have about seven hours to see the sights and mail postcards to those waiting to hear from them.  Transcriptions follow each card.
Card sent to Catherine & Roberta from Daddy & Mommie
Monday 29/3/54
Eating our lunch just down the street from here.  The first actual meal we've ordered since New York.  We've walked or taken a taxi to sightsee all morning so are mighty hungry.  They park cars on top of this apartment building.  Hope to hear you're being good girls.  Please save postal cards for us.  Love, Daddy & Mommie
La Pedrera* [architect: Gaudi] - same card sent to both recipients

Card sent to M/M CJ Uible from Harold

Monday – had no rain since leaving NY.  Dance every other night on boat.  Here we are in Barcelona, took a 2 hour taxi tour of town for $3, now riding streetcar & subway.  Lots of beautiful buildings and parks.  We use map and sign language to get around.  Save the cards for us.  Received your letter in Lisbon.  Had horse & buggy ride in Gibraltar.  No rain yet.  Streetcar costs 1.5¢.  Had big time in restaurant with our lack of Spanish, about a block from here.  –Harold

*Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera (Catalan for 'The Quarry') was completed in 1912 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1964 Roberta's Baptism -Mar.22

Roberta has a middle name!  –– at least on this baptism certificate.  Love the creative spelling of Ballentine & Heston too.  RBU-KW could be a distinctive license plate.

1994 Bernard postcard -Mar9

Love the humor about this being their latest picture – new food and new faces!
China Postcard - mailed 1994.  Captioned: Village women outside Kathing Walled City
1994 China postcard from Donald Bernards -Mar9
Dear Jean & Harold

This is our latest picture!  Yes, after traveling here to Hong Kong - then to Singapore and to Bangkok!

Having many new experiences - new food etc!  A big change from Florida!

Traveling Friends Love, Donald & Martha Ann

Friday, March 21, 2014

1994 Louise Robinson postcard -Mar14

Louise Robinson, friend of Jean's at WVU, traveled the world for pleasure and possibly for work as an employee of National Geographic.  When she writes "Finally made it here" we have to guess whether she means it was a place she had not visited before, or if the journey to get there was an adventure.  Transcription follows.
Marrakech postcard - mailed 1994.  Captioned in French: Maroc Infini - La Koutoubia domine la ville de Marrakech tel un phare protecteur - Le minarte termine au Xleeme siecle a une hauteur de 69 m (comme les tours de Notre-Dame de Paris).  Google translates this as: Morocco Infinity - The Koutoubia overlooks the city of Marrakech as a protective Lighthouse - The minarte Xleeme century ends at a height of 69 m (as the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris).

1994 Marrakech Postcard from Louise Robinson -March 14

Mon. 3/14 [1994]
Finally made it here – weather unseasonably chilly.

Have been to Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Agadir, & here – many fresh fruits/veg. due to irrigation from Atlas Mts.

Roses are cultivated for export – Toured a processing area –

Food is FritMaroc [??] ––  LAR

March 21, 1954 Europe Trip

Our travelers, Harold and Jean, are now enjoying a trip across the North Atlantic, having left NYC on Friday, March 19 for a two week trip to Naples.  The fare to Italy was $200.  The postcard below was written on March 21 but is postmarked March 27 in Lisbon. Transcription follows.

Saturnia and Vulcania were cruise ships of the Italian Line used as Hospital Ships during WW2 – here's a picture of them with their [red?] crosses from

Vulcania in foreground and Saturnia in background

History from George Glazer Gallery which had paintings of the ships -- sorry, no longer available for purchase, but you can view them here:
The Saturnia and the Vulcania were built by Cantiere Navale Triestino in Monfalcone, Italy, and entered service in 1927 and 1928 respectively for the Cosulich Line. They sailed the North and South Atlantic. In 1932, Cosulich was merged with two other lines to form The Italian Line. Both ships survived World War II, and were returned to Italian service around 1946-47. They continued to sail into the mid 1960s, when two new ships replaced them. The Saturnia was scrapped and the Vulcania was renamed the Caribia and sailed for another line for several years, until it too was scrapped, in 1974.
Saturnia/Vulcania Cruise Ship c1950
Postcard to Catherine & Roberta from Daddy & Mommie
Postmarked Lisboa [Lisbon] March 27, 1954
Sunday, March 21, 1954
We are rocking back & forth like we are in a huge cradle Y we can see the rough sea thru the portholes. Daddy loves to go up on deck & watch the big waves wash over the ship.  The tables are anchored to the floor & some times you really have to hold on to keep from falling.  All our love, Daddy & Mommie

* * * * *
HH adds that the fare from NYC to Naples was $200. An ocean voyage in the 1950s was not a "cruise," just a ship to get there.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

1984 Mary Virginia letter -Mar20

pm 3/20/84
Dear folks –

Greetings from Ohio!  When I left Newark this morning, it was beautiful - high 50's and sunny but by 11:00 it was raining and has continued to do so all day – Now they say down in the 30's tonight and tomorrow and a possibility of flurries tomorrow!

John & X were fine.  I went to a Bible Study with them and Monday night they hosted a Chinese Dinner at their house for about 12 people.  Everything went well.

Friday, Mie Young went out with friends while I held the fort down and on Saturday we both went to Hannah's for the evening.  It was a nice surprise to have Roberta & Serena call on Saturday morning.

Saturday after I had a special choir practice at Port William, so that petty well took care of the day.

Friday the fruit trees arrived, so I planted them late Friday afternoon.  The ground was so wet – I would dig the holes, and they would fill up before I had a chance to get the tree in the hole and covered up.  I heeled in the rose bushes as it was much to early to plant them.

I am finally just about over my severe cold – It was really bad last Wednesday and Thursday – I kept stuffing myself with Orange Juice, Vitamin C, and aspirin.

Leslie Fansler (the girl with Quaker missions from California) is supposed to be here Thurs. – Fri. – and Saturday, but as far as getting together I'm in the dark!

I stopped by Herm Oliver's again today, and he fed me this line about how he would have the car done Thursday or Friday.  It has been sitting in the same spot for nearly two weeks.

Will probably move back to school Saturday in order to save going home after church Sunday.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Florida sun.

Love, M.V.

Grandma – Have you decided where you'd like to go this summer?!

March 17, 1954 Europe Trip

Spending a few days in New York City before crossing the ocean to Europe, Harold and Jean visit relatives but pass up the chance to be TV stars.  Transcription follows.

Captioned: Close-Up view of Statue of Liberty, New York City
The Statue of Liberty, Hostess to the World, in a striking view.  The Statue, designed by August Bartholdi, a gift of the French People to the USA, stands on Bedloe's Island* in New York Harbor.
Postmarked March 18, 1954, New York, NY
to Catherine & Roberta c/o Oscar Johnson

Weds. Mar. 17
Mommy and Daddy almost got on "Double or Nothing" today if we had been staying over thru Friday would have.  Went out to Cousin Luna and Bob Herron's for dinner tonite.  Also with their 3 children.  Real windy here and our winter coats feel extra good.  Getting things in order to sail in the big ship on Friday.  Love & Kisses, M&D
Double or Nothing was a TV game show which aired 1952-1954, and was hosted by Bert Parks.

In 1956 an act of Congress changed the name of Bedloe's Island to Liberty Island.

Items from Uible photo album