Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter - July 24

Roberta writes a quick letter to Grandma to send with the family traveling back to Ohio from Florida after they returned from South America. Transcription follows.

July 24, 1973 

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thought I would write you a few lines . . . . since I can get this sent free, compliments of the family   I've been just fine, pretty busy, but fine.  Mary Virginia will have to tell you about everything we did while she was here.

I really enjoyed going to Disney World.  We will have to plan on going there this coming winter.  I know you will enjoy it.  x

While Mary Virginia was down here she went to Weight Watchers with me.  We just went this morning.  I've lost about . . . . . well exactly 31 pounds now, as of this morning.  I just lost one pound this last week . .  I've got an idea that it's going to be slow from now on.  (Sorry to say)

Work is going great.  I'm not working as much now, but that's quite all right with me.  X  Especially this week since I have that paper duehx  a week from today.

My plans are now to come home about the 3rd of September, for about two weeks.  I will be able to get a week's paid vacation then from work, and then I'll just take a week's unpaid vacation.

Well, I better be signing off.  Daddy and John are busy carrying the suitcases out.  Aunt Mary says hello and that she will write either this afternoon or tomorrow.

See you in September –

Love, Roberta

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