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1982 Letter from HH and Jean to Family - May 31

Last letter from the month of May 1982. Transcription follows
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Memorial Day - Monday
May 31, 1982
Dearest Family -

The parade here is over - Mary Virginia marched with the band here and then goes to Lees Creek to march there this afternoon and then to a party at Bill Kincaid's. His little brother has chicken pox but isn't very sick - saw him after the parade but does have some signs on his face.

Mie Young's parents arrived Thursday afternoon and left yesterday (no Saturday).  They were stopping off in Los Angeles and also Tokyo as neither MY or her mother had been there.  Dad wheeled G'ma in the parade and we saw Mrs. Phillips' daughters from Ft. Lauderdale, Marjean Packard and Opal Robertson and her husband.  (Sorry – I thought I'd started a new paragraph!)  The group was unusually attentive and Mike Wood - the new minister at Mt. Olive Church of Christ gave the address.  It wasn't too hot but real pleasant.

The Sankers are coming this afternoon - we had planned to meet them for dinner after seeing the Kims off at the airport but Jeanne was feeling under the weather so invited them for today instead.  We tried to go to Pigalle's but said they couldn't take us til 9:30 PM - the place was empty except for one couple.  We asked about going in right then but they said "Sorry."  So we tried the restaurant just down the street – MV had taken the Kims there on the way back from the airport Thursday and recommended it.  It used to be the old Federal Reserve Bank where Kim used to work.  It is now called the Last National Bank – a sociable eatery – and they have it in the basement fixed up with vaults, teller's windows and all kind of bank memorabilia.  Had a good dinner there and would recommend it – perhaps more than Pigalle's but haven't yet eaten there – noted for their fine French food and wine.  The latter has 4 *s in the Mobil Tour Book where Last National Bank hasn't any but was recommended on the Ohio Bar restaurant list when we were there for the convention.

Talked to Aunt Mary on the phone this morning and they are leaving for Charleston this week for the Speletti Festival there and then on to Cris'es and then up here by the end of next week – around the 10th.  Rob still isn't sure whether he is going to get here for G'ma's birthday.  Aunt Mary said in "twenty more years we can celebrate her birthday."

The rains are continuing here – everything is green and wish all of you were closer so we could share the strawberries with you.  We picked about 20 quarts this weekend.

We had our first sail boat class on the water – went better than I expected and even tacked into the wind, etc. etc.  Going on Tuesday night we have the place to ourselves.  Hope some of you will be brave enough to go out with me when you are here in June.  (Yes, we do take life jackets.)

Today was the last day for MV in the ECHS Band and she has graduated from being the Sunday School pianist.  She leaves next Friday for Phoenix and will be driving back with them around the 14th.

The Sankers have quite a trip planned leaving Cincinnati for Lynn's graduation from Harvard Business School on Thursday, June 10 and then they leave for Cairo (also David, Lynn's husband) where both men have business but will fill you on more of the details later as it is too complicated for here now.  They won't be back in the states until the latter part of July.

We were surprised to learn that John had given up the idea of going to law school but know they are in the best position to judge and want them both happy.  Sorry that Piper was unhappy and not eating while they were gone but imagine he is about back to normal now.

Hope that Charlie is feeling better now – too bad he cut the trip to Payson short.  Can't say that we are ready to take on any pets to take the place of our empty nest.  Glad that you enjoyed your trip to Sedona and hope the trip to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff goes well.  May be MV will enjoy it more with the senior villagers than with us.

[Much love, etc.]

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1942 HH promoted to Grade 12

1942 end of the school year brought report cards and I'm glad to report that HH successfully completed the 11th grade and Mr. Fenwick, Superintendent of New Vienna School, put his signature "R.W. Fenwick" on the Certificate of Promotion to Grade 12 on May 26, 1942.

The following credits were earned:

  • English III - 1 credit
  • Latin II - 1 credit
  • Geometry - 1 credit
  • Economics - ½ credit
  • Phys. Ed. - ¼ credit
  • Physics - 1 credit
  • American Government - ½ credit

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1992 Roberta's Letter to the TODAY show - May 8

Roberta (with Sid's assistance?) writes a letter to the TODAY Show about GHU's 100th Birthday. Transcription follows.
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3509 W. Vogel
Phoenix, AZ 85051
May 8, 1992
The "TODAY Show"
c/o NBC, New York City
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York

ATTENTION:  Willard Scott

As a regular view of the "Today Show" as seen on NBC affiliate, Channel 12, KPNX, of Phoenix, I am making what is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime request.

My grandmother, Gladys Uible (pronounced U-BL, "U" as in utility) will attain her one hundredth birthday, the BIG One-Oh-Oh, on June 22, 1992.  She is residing in Heartland Nursing Home, Hillsboro, Ohio, but on that important day will be at the home of her son, Harold Uible, in nearby New Vienna, Ohio.

It would be most appreciated by her many relatives and friends in southwestern Ohio and elsewhere, if Weatherman Willard Scott could include her name among those other centenarians to whom he will extend congratulations on June 22nd.  In addition, a photo of Mrs. Uible is enclosed herewith for whatever use your deem appropriate.

Thank you.  The mention of her name and the display of her photo on the "Today Show" will mean much to a "chronologically gifted" lady who has survived 100 years of life in these United States.

If you should need to contact me for any reason concerning this request, I can be reached at [phone numbers no longer relevant].

Very truly yours,

Roberta Uible-King

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2002 Letter from Catherine - May 28

Catherine and Gerry hike in preparation for the Appalachian Trail near Dahlonega Georgia. Transciption follows.
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May 28, 2002
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I got your post card from Cuba today!  I see the card is dated 4/14, the postmark says 06 05 02-18 – May 6? or May 18?  But they were about right with the six weeks part.  Where do you think the big delay is?

We had a good weekend in Flagstaff.  Hiked 4½ miles of the urban trail system on Sunday, and 12 miles yesterday at the Grand Canyon – 4½ miles down to Indian Garden plus 1½ miles to Plateau Point, a viewpoint overlooking the Colorado River and then an equal six miles back to the top.  All the national forests around Flagstaff are closed due to EXTREME fire danger.

Time to head back to work – I've been home for supper.  Talk to you soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maud Beaumont Ballantyne 1872-1958

May 27, 1872 in West Virginia, Maud Beaumont Ballantyne was born.  She married the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins' grand uncle, James Freeman Ballantyne (1873-1957), younger brother of Nathaniel "Nat" Wallace Ballantyne (1868-1949).  The daughter of Godfrey S. Beaumont (1837-1891) and Nancy Ann Campbell Beaumont (1840-1929), she was seventh of eleven siblings and grew up in Hancock County, West Virginia.

Maud and James were married April 9, 1900 and the 1900 census shows James as the head of the household with wife, Maud, in New Cumberland.  Also living with them was his mother (our great-grandmother) Irene Freeman Ballantyne (1840-1906) and his brother (our grandfather), Nat (1868-1949).  Both Nat and James' occupation is listed as Clay Dealer.

Second Avenue in New Cumberland is shown as their address in the 1910 census with their son James Jr. (1906-?).  James is listed as a General Store Merchant.   At this time the family has a live in housekeeper, Lizzie Knox, age 17, from Ireland.  A daughter, Helen, was born November 3, 1905 but unfortunately, died on March 3, 1910.

In 1920 they lived at 1113 Bannock St. in Boise, Idaho, where James was a General Store Merchant.

The 1930 census shows them living at 897 Borthwick Ave. in Portland, Oregon with James working as a Service Station Attendant and son James, who lived with them, as a Hotel Bellman.

Jean's biography tells of a train trip west in 1939 when they visited her uncle's family in Portland, Oregon.  At that time Nat had not seen his brother for about 25 years, which would coincide with James' family moving to Idaho in the 1910s.

James died on July 26, 1957 in Multnomah County, Oregon.  Maud died the following year on November 5, 1958 at the age of 86.

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1992 Roberta's letter to her parents - May 21

Roberta writes a letter. Transcription follows.
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Dear Dad & Mom,

Thanks for calling – sorry to have missed your call – esp after getting our phone bill today – lots of calls to Cynthia in England.  Sid is probably one of very few that when he takes a trip he takes 50 pounds of tools with him!

I've been out spending $$ lately so pick your choice what you would like your B'day $ to go towards: 1) 2 new pair of glasses – 1 being prescription sun glasses.  Dr. did not recommend glasses like yours that get dark since they must be glass and with my eyes being so BAD would be too thick/heavy.  2) went thru emissions and now to get new license for Taurus (the pain of a new car! – 1 year old).  [AZ car licenses are a % of the car's value, thus new cars are more expensive to license than old ones.]  3) got a new perm & new 1 piece top-shorts outfit.

Thank you very much for B'Day $$!  I'll consider the glasses bought w/your $$.  Actually I just thought perhaps I should say I'm using your B'day $$ for my mini-vacation – did I tell you I'll be at the Hilton near Fiesta Mall in Mesa for $28.50 w/entertainment card discount.  Such a deal!  I've got all my meals except 1 planned with friends.

– Now Friday PM –  Listening to Focus on the Family – tape of talk Dr. Dobson on strong-willed children.  And would you consider me a strong willed child?

Meant to tell you all about the Memorial service at Mesa Sr. Center for all who had died since 1979 – when center was incorporated.  More than 200 names on poster boards in front.  BIG CROWD there – I'll enclose copy of what I said [transcribed below].

Better feed Sid's outdoor CATS –

Much love, Roberta
* * * * *
Roberta's written version of her speech at the Memorial Service for those who died 1979-1992 and had connections with Mesa Senior Center.

Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of this special Memorial Service.  As I look around, it's great to see new and familiar faces dating back to the time when I was privileged to work at what I have always referred to as THE BEST Senior Center.

I want to thank you folks present and pay a tribute to the memory of those departed persons who had frequented our Center for the great influence you all have had on my life since 1979.  My relationship with you at that time has caused my horizons to expand and has strengthened my appreciation of the joys and sorrows of life.  For your help and assistance, I thank you.

Those of you who know me well, know that public speaking is not my specialty but I would like to quote a few lines of a verse that seems very appropriate to me:

  • "O, Lord, of all beginnings and endings,
    All meanwhiles and in-betweens;
    Remind us we'll never have more time
    For loving and caring, giving and forgiving
    Than we have right now."
We can not underestimate the influence our lives had had on others.  Each one of you has made a positive difference in the lives of those who have gone on before.  Thanks again for your loving, caring, giving, and forgiving.

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1992 Donny Crowson's Master of Divinity Degree - May 24

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Donny Lee Crowson
Masters of Divinity

The President
Faculty and Senior Class 
Asbury Theological Seminary
announce the
Conferring of Degrees
at the
Southland Christian Church.
Harrodsburg Road (U.S. 68)
4½ miles south of Lexington,
at Brannon Pike
Sunday afternoon, May twenty-fourth
Nineteen hundred and ninety-two
at four o'clock

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1982 Letter from HH & Jean to Family - May 23

Excellent job keeping up the weekly letters to family in 1982, Mom and Dad! We appreciate your writing the letters so regularly and keeping them for us to re-read 30 years later.   Transcription follows.

1982 HHU/JBU letter to family - May 23
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Sunday, May 23, 1982

Dear Family:

A BIG day today for we can now say that all of our children have graduated from High School.  The ceremonies were held on the football field and had a few anxious moments as several drops of rain did fall at the start, tho it did turn out well.  The girls had gone overboard in sending out announcements on the graduation and we had an invasion of people this afternoon – well over a hundred and it was after 7 P.M. before things quieted down.  The Goodings were down ... Bob has had some health problems and has been off work for seven weeks.  Jim's employer is moving from Eaton to Cincinnati.  We hope that they can come back again in four weeks to see the rest of the family.

Yesterday was yard and house work (naturally).  M.V. has a big flower bed int he shape of U I B L E and as sure that it will look great in June.  We didn't have the stamina to write "Welcome Home Everyone" etc. etc. in flowers.  One of the gifts that M.V. got today was a rose bush.  We are glad that she enjoys working with flowers.

Also yesterday, M.Y. had a call from Korea and now her folks are coming this next Thursday for several (?) days from Korea, so we will have to play their visit by ear.

Friday night we went to the play at Wilmington College "The Man Who Came to Dinner," which was excellent and we all had a lot of laughs.  Thursday night M.Y. was in a style show at the High School to model clothes that the students had made during the year – their teacher is Cynthia Bean Saylor, who was in Serena's class.  She modeled a camisole blouse, lined jacket, and her prom dress which you will have to see a picture of to appreciate the work that went into it (56 pattern pieces).

Glad to talk to you three girls on the phone this past week.  Serena's WATTS line has been busy too for she has made a number of calls to various members of the family.  Glad that John and X got to see the Hortons while in Florida.  Anxious to hear how law school goes as he starts classes tomorrow (Monday nite).  So many people asked about all of you and if you were able to come for graduation.  Hopefully you will get to see some of them when you all are home.  I also would appreciate it if you would go through some boxes of things that have been here and sort things out.  Mie Young is beginning to store things too so we will have 8 people's collections.

Beryl Ruth Shoemaker and Eileen Cline helped serve this afternoon.  I had asked Jean Ames to help and get someone else but she hadn't.  I mentioned it to Opal [Nusbaum] but she thought Jean would rather not have her help – she may have been miffed that I hadn't asked her first.  Opal has had so much sickness in her family and David is getting married so felt she might prefer not to help.

Bill Kincaid was the valedictorian and spoke as well as another boy who was the salutatorian and the new minister at Mt. Olive gave the main (but short) address.

[love, etc.]

Thanks for the lovely book on Machu Picchu – our first one.  It is an outstanding place. [written by HH in the side margin to who ever gave them the Machu Picchu book.]

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1902 A.W. Brown's birthday letter to daughter Lucie - May 22

Lucie Sarah Brown, daughter of Adrian Wilmer "A.W." and Mary Virginia Morrow Brown was born May 23, 1880.  In 1902, A.W. sent the following letter to Lucie on the occasion of her 22nd birthday.

The letter is in excellent condition with the ink showing up well on the paper.  The letterhead is interesting in that it demonstrates that the Brown's were associated with another business in addition to the Independent newspaper.  We can assume that J.D. Brown, President, and R.C. Brown, Secretary, were relatives of A.W.  His father, John D., died in 1860, and had six sisters and one brother.  His mother, Lucie Hewlett Brown, died in 1886.

The envelope is addressed to #136 Willey St., Morgantown, West Va.  Transcription follows.
1902 Letter from A.W. Brown to his daughter, Lucie Brown Ballantyne in honor of her birthday - May 22 -page 1
page 2
page 3
[Letterhead: The Specialty Supply Co., manufacturers and jobbers of Porcelain China and Decorated Ware.  sole Owners of Ben-Hur Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, New Cumberland, West Virginia.  J.D. Brown, President; A.W. Brown, Treasurer; R.C. Brown, Secretary]

May 22, 1902

My Dear Lucie:

I am reminded that tomorrow is your birthday. It has caused many reminiscences of the past. I well remember a little girl six years old in white, on the lawn at home, 16 years ago, all in white happy in joyous childhood glee, as she celebrated her 6th anniversary. How delighted she was with the little presents the girls and boys brought her, and how tired and happy she went to bed that night.

Full well do I remember how I used to carry the same little girl in my arms up the steep hill and put her down on the table beside me. How swift the passing years have made a woman of my little girl. But the tender grace of those clean days of sweet childhood live in my heart today and are the sweetest and tenderest ties in my life. Those childhood smiles and the childhood clasp of those chubby little arms around my neck are the dearest memories of my life.

It is a great and indescribable joy to me that so many charms of childhood have been preserved, and that the tender grace of childhood are now engrafted in the sweet character of womanhood.

More precious than gold it is to me, to be the father of such a daughter, who has never caused a real shadow to fall upon my life, but has given me bright sunshine and loving smiles. May you live many, many years.

And with such a daughter and such a noble boy as Bert with a wife and mother whose loyalty and devotion is not exceeded in this world, I am grateful indeed.

I send you a world of love. It is all I can do, except to send a trivial remembrance to your [man....?] for you.

Ever your Loving & Devoted Father, A.W. Brown

[PS] The press is going. I have snatched a moment to write this.

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1752 Capt. Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown, the 4th great-grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins, is the great grandfather of Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown (1855-1906), who married Mary Virginia Morrow (1857-1890) and were the parents of Lucie Brown Ballantyne (1880-1957) and Robert Morrow Brown [this link also has info written in 1923 on A.W. Brown, political graveyard info on J. Scott Brown.]  Google search of more on A.W. and The Independent.

Adrian started a newspaper in New Cumberland named "The Independent."  He married Mary Virginia Morrow, daughter of Alexander and Sarah Morrow in 1876.  Two surviving children were Robert Morrow Brown and Lucie Sarah Ballantyne.  After the death of Mary at the age of 33 [1890] he married Ola Moore in 1892.

Lucie married N.W. Ballantyne in 1906, in a quiet ceremony six months after the death of her father, and they were the parents of Robert Brown Ballantyne (1910-1956), Virginia Irene Dailey (1914-1983) and Jean Wallace Uible (1922-2011).

This picture and some details following were originally posted by MV on 7/31/06.

Tombstone of Capt. Oliver Brown - Wellsburg, WV

Buried at the Brooke County Cemetery Lot #27 Sect C.
His tombstone reads as follows:

Captain Oliver Brown
Born at Lexington, Mass 1752
Died February 17, 1846 at age 94

Captain Oliver Brown of the Massachusetts Line, Rev. War.
-- He stood in front of the first cannon fired by the British on the Americans in the affray at Lexington; witnessed the tea party in Boston Harbor; was at the battle of Bunker Hill; Commissioned by Congress January 16, 1776; commanded the volunteer party that bore off the leaden statue of King George from the Battery of New York and made it into bullets for the American army; bore a conspicuous part in the command of artillery at The battle of White Plains, Harlan [Harlem] Heights, Princeton, Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. After serving his country he enlisted in the armies of the Son of God, and surrendered to the last enemy of on the 17th day of Feb. 1846 in full assurance of a never ending peace.

Hancock County [New Cumberland is county seat] was created out of Brooke County territory in 1848.

Oliver Brown (1752-1846) was a third generation American, his great-grandfather John Browne moving to Lexington, Massachusetts from Suffolk, England prior to Oliver's grandfather, Joseph Browne's birth in 1677.  Joseph's son, Benjamin Brown (1720-1802) was the father of Oliver.

Oliver married Abigail Richardson (1756-1832) in 1776 and they had 11 children between 1776-1800, the second child and oldest son was John Brown (1780-1852).  The family moved to Brooke County, VA (now WV), about 1790.

John married Eleanor Doddridge (1780-1852) in 1806 and they had eight children with A.W.'s father, John Danforth (or Doddridge) Brown (1821-1860), the second youngest, who was a merchant in Brooke County (then Virginia) and died of typhoid.  He was the grandfather of Lucie Brown Ballantyne.

To summarize: 
John Browne 1631-1697 → 
Joseph Browne 1677-1766 → 
Benjamin Brown 1720-1802 
Oliver Brown 1752-1846 → 
John Brown 1780-1852 → 
John Danforth Brown 1821-1860 → 
Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown 1855-1906 → 
Lucie Brown Ballantyne 1880-1957

June 20, 1940
[Re] BA-J AWF Oliver Brown S. 8088

[To] Miss Winona W. Pfander
1644 North Glen Oak
Peoria Illinois

Dear Madam:

Reference is made to your letter in which you request the Revolutionary War record of Oliver Brown of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and who after the Revolution settled in Virginia.

The data furnished herein were obtained from claim for pension, S. 8088, based upon service of Oliver Brown, in the Revolutionary War.

Oliver Brown was born in the month of June, 1753, [a year later than the tombstone states] in Lexington, Massachusetts, and was in the militia in the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, and served until the end of 1775, as a noncommissioned officer in Colonel Richard Gridley's Artillery Corps.  He was commissioned January 18, 1776, 2nd Lieutenant in Colonel Henry Knox's Artillery Regiment, and was commissioned, January 1, 1777, Captain Lieutenant in Colonel John Crane's Artillery Regiment, and resigned his commission Mary 23, 1779.

He was allowed pension on his application executed May 23, 1818, at which time he was a resident of Brooke County, Virginia.  He relinquished this pension, and was granted a pension under the Act of June 7, 1832.

Oliver Brown referred to his wife, Abigail, in 1820, as ages sixty-five years, and to his daughter, Elizabeth, aged twenty years.

Oliver Brown was still living in 1845, in Brooke County, Virginia.

A grandson, William Brown, was alive in 1845.  [Possibly the father or brother of Adrian Wilmer Brown who was born in 1855]

The papers on file in this claim contain no further discernible family data.

In order to obtain the date of the last payment of this pension, name and address of person paid, and possibly the date of death of Oliver Brown, you should apply to the Comptroller General, General Accounting Office, Records Division, this city, and furnish the following data:

Oliver Brown
Certificate # 334009
Issued December 23, 1845
Rate $400 per annum
Commenced March 4, 1831
Act of June 7, 1833
Virginia Agency

Very truly yours,  A.D. Hiller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator

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2002 - Email from MV - May 17

From MV to Family - Friday, May 17, 2002 - Subject: Happy Weekend!

Things are winding up quickly with the end of the school year coming tomorrow....Ginny's piano recital was tonight and she did terrifically well.  I don't think I am biased, but she was one of about 3 (of about 17) who had her music memorized and made only one mistake out of two songs.  I wish I could take credit for her good playing but I try to stay away when she is practicing – it is like putting a match to gasoline!!

Christian had a t-ball game tonight; he has one on Saturday morning and then his last one is next Tuesday.  He will miss it terribly I am afraid!  It is one thing he REALLY looks forward to.

Tomorrow I am going to the funeral of the grandmother of a choir member and practicing with the local high school folks for their baccalaureate that will be held at Pine Forest on Sunday.  Saturday night we are going to a local concert down at the theatre and Sunday we will go to Evergreen where Don has been preaching 1-2x/month for their potluck and ground breaking.  They are starting on a new fellowship hall and Sunday School classes.  He will continue to preach there as needed because their service gets over in time for him to get to the church he will be at each Sunday, so he can do both as needed.

To say Ginny is excited about getting out of school is an understatement....she is getting to the age school is not as "cool" plus she and her teacher didn't see eye to eye on a lot of the things – the biggest one was the amount of talking she be permitted to do in class!  They did have awards day this week and we were THRILLED that she got honor roll award for 5/6 grading periods and 4 honors for accelerated reading including being the top reader in her class!

Still no word from Verizon on who they are hiring to work for them who has been on Cell One's staff, so hoping to hear about that soon....I have only one musical left and then no choir rehearsals per se until [fall? – here ends the copy of the email but we can assume there would be a closing paragraph wishing us all well wishes and love, etc.]

Friday, May 18, 2012

1992 Roberta's letter to Grandma - May

Roberta writes to her grandmother, Gladys Hiestand Uible, in May 1992. Last page scanned below. Transcription of entire letter follows.
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[May 1992]
Dear Grandma,
Wish we could be there on Mother's Day – but we do look forward to being in Ohio in June for your birthday.  SID is looking forward to seeing you too!  I just hope you aren't disappointed that the CATS are not coming!  It's been a long time since Sid was in OHIO – of course you have seen him when you would come to ARIZONA!  But now it is much easier for us to come to OHIO to see you!

Our Church attendance was way down today – many empty pews.  Easter Sunday it was so crowded! After Church we ate out at PICCADILLY Cafeteria – they have a special for $4.99 – you get a salad of your choice plus meat, 2 vegetables, roll, drink & your choice of dessert.  I had Chicken Livers w/OKRA & cooked cabbage.  My salad was a dish of strawberries – I thought of you!  For dessert I had apple pie.  Sid had ham, sweet potatoes, & lima beans, for a salad he had carrot salad and lemon meringue pie for dessert.  I ate all mine and part of his.  I must start my diet – maybe next year!

I talked with Aunt Mary on the phone – they should be in OHIO soon!

See you next month – GRANDMA.

We think of you often and hope this finds you doing very well – do say HI to SADIE for me!

Roberta, Sid & of course the CATS Beethoven, Mozart

Thursday, May 17, 2012

1992 Wendy's letter to her Uible Grandparents - May 17

In 1992 Wendy is about to wrap up 8th grade – her final year with Glendale Elementary School District.  She's been to several of the countries she mentions but still has the rest to which she can look forward.
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May 17, 1992
Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Hello! How are you? I am great. I'm sorry it took me so long to write you back but I have been very busy. My parents are playing golf today in El Mirage. I did register for high school about two weeks ago. I will be taking Algebra, Journalism, Honors English, P.E., Spanish and Science. I wanted to take French but it was the same hour as Journalism and I really wanted to take Journalism so that I could get into yearbook my sophomore year. Only one of my friends is going to Centennial, her name is Tyanna.

I also had a chorus concert last week. We sang songs from plays.  My graduation (they call it promotion) is on May 28, I already got my dress.  I have two tickets for you if you decide to come. It will be on T.V. so I will tape it and make a copy to bring to Ohio.

I am very excited about having Mette (our exchange student) coming to live with us.  It will be a lot of fun.  I would love to go to Denmark!  But I would also love to go to all of Europe, Asia and Australia.  I would really really love to visit any of those places, especially France, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

Last week was culture week at my school and in homeroom we had to say from what countries we were from and what nationalities we were.  I was French, Canadian, Indian, Scottish, Irish, and German.  Well, I've gotta go.  See you next month.

Love Wendy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1982 Letter from HH & Jean to Family - May 16

Chronicles of 1982 continue....

1982 Letter from HH & Jean to family - May 16, page 1 of 2 
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Sunday Evening May 16, 1982

Dear Family:

Summer has arrived with a BANK, but still have had very little rain to make things grow. M.V. has been faithful in watering the garden, etc. etc. She will have things looking great for the two big events coming up – their graduation and Mother's birthday "party."

Last Wednesday Dad was a pallbearer for Mrs. Matthew's [Blanche Miller Matthews Feb 1, 1886 - May 9, 1982] funeral – her grand-daughter flew in from United Arab Emirate for the services but none of them from Phoenix made it. The grand-daughter told us that Roberta was such fun, etc. etc. (This was Diane Lowry).

Thursday morning we left for Cincinnati for the Ohio Bar Meeting and heard Woody Hayes [1913-1987] (a grad of Denison Univ.) and famous for his football career.  I love the way he intertwines (?) history in his remarks which lasted for a short hour.  That evening we went out to the new Univ. of Cincinnati Law School and for the 10 million cost they have quite an impressive building.  We wound up the day by going to a play on the river boat theater.  (Fantastiks)

We always enjoy the Friday morning complimentary (at least in some ways) Law School alumni breakfasts, which was deluxe.  We saw the Morrows there as well as Friday evening when they sat at our table.  Mr. Morrow (he is on the bank board where John works) told us of John's promotion, tho we are in the dark as far as details.  He thought it was great that you were starting to law school.  Nex year will be his 50th year.  One man at the meeting was given a 65 year certificate.

Yesterday was Industry Day at Wilmington for the country industries – Wells had a jar of balls – a $10 prize for the closest guess which was 457 out of a perfect 458.  Glad we had no ties.  Gave away complimentary balls and it is interesting to see which color balls people take, etc. etc.

Last night was a pot luck dinner at the Church for the MYF present and former members . . . so we were ready for bed last night.  Today for Church we had a group from X and John's area, called "Celebration" presents "Believer" and another pot luck dinner.  After all these meals we felt the urge to go for a walk this afternoon plus after supper tonight we went for a six mile bike trip.

Did you all get letters about the MYF supper celebration?  They read letters from (at least said that three had replied) – one was from Jacalyn Walker Sharp who lives in Colorado – one from Sarah Powell Dodds [1915-2005] who had to go to Kentucky to attend her granddaughter's graduation, that is Judy Brite's daughter if any of you recall her – and Wayne Ames here in NV.

We would have liked to be in Madras to attend Wendy's dance recital but hope to see pictures of her in her outfit.  Glad that Catherine and Gerry had a nice weekend at the Elks Convention – we were glad to receive postal cards from there – G'ma shared hers with us – we remember looking over Salishan which looked so deluxe – Mobil 5*.

[page 2] Hope that John and X are enjoying their two weeks in Florida.  We are having hot weather here so they should have HOT weather there.  Wish that you could all be here for MV and MY's graduations but realize it would be hard to get here for both occasions coming up.

As it stands right now we will probably go to Lytles (former name) now the Village (Friendly) Inn and then have a reception at our house that same Sunday afternoon – 3-5.  We would have liked to go to someplace real nice but no place could give us the convenience of Leesburg and the room – don't think any of you have seen the new place since they have moved – the old Wilknit Factory remodeled.  Thought the Hiestands, Carrs, etc. might like to meet us there and we would have a little better chance to talk than wait until later at the open house.  Wish that everyone could stay over through Tuesday at least of the next week (G'ma's actual birthday).  Guess all our girls will be here and Hortons and Marianne but fellows have to get back to their jobs but do let us know if it is possible and we will include you in the Tuesday plans.

Talked to Roberta on Wednesday night before her birthday as we were going to be gone on the 14th.  She is filling the houses and they have three more – totally ten that will be under her care.  Glad to hear the sale of the frames has gone so well.  Think that the ones you sent G'ma are really pretty and am anxious to learn just how to do it.

The play which the MYF had planned to put on has been postponed so MV will be going to Phoenix earlier – like Friday the 4th of June.  Hope this works in with Roberta's and Marion's plans.  She now is going to fly Delta and gets in much earlier like 10:52 AM but she will be writing more definite plans.

I enjoyed the spouse's activities at the state bar meeting – the style show at Shillito's [bought by Lazarus in 1930, became Shillito Rike's in 1982, operated under Macy's name since 2005] was a little far out – Casper Wineburg's (spcollection only one that looked worth buying.  The tour of Peterloon and luncheon there was very nice.  The tour of Peterloon and luncheon there ws very nice.  This was the former home of the John Emery family – money made for Emery Candles, Carew Tower, etc.  Mrs. Emery was the daughter of Charles Dana Gibson so there were many of the children's pictures drawn by the famous Gibson Girl artist.  It had been a 1400 acre estate but now is only about 1200 acres including a 12 acre lake.  It was just as the family had lived in it and not normally open to the public except for groups such as this.  Three were 12 bedrooms, 19 fireplaces and they had 18 servants to take care of the whole estate.  It has only been open for a few years as the 2nd Mrs. Emery is still living in another house on the estate.  A daughter also lives nearby.  It is just off Montgomery Road not far from Chester's Road House.

Buddy Ebsen [1908-2003] spoke at the banquet but he was very brief as it was about 10:00 when they got to his part of the program.  A judge form Franklin whom we had sat with at the Woody Hayes luncheon and had gotten to know had a yearbook with Ebsen's picture.  He was a star football player at Orlando FL HS back in 1926, I think.  He brought this out in his brief talk – did a soft shoe dance and that was about it except for a few off color comments on California and Hollywood life.

Mary Virginia is lining up possibilities of a photographer for a family photograph and so do hope that everyone can be here as early as possible on Saturday (June 19). [The infamous tree-hugging pictures]  John, do you think you could come to Morrow on June 22?

[Sentences written on left margin of first page are mostly illegible but have to do with bringing golf clubs in June and MY flying to NYC en route to LA as cheaper than flying direct to LA.]

[Love, etc., Mother and Dad]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1982 HH WNJ Clipping as County Commissioner - May 17

Clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal:
1982 HH in clipping about County Commissioners - WNJ May 17

INDUSTRY HONORED . . . Clinton County Commissioners, seated above, left to right Harold Uible, David Bailey and D. M. Fife, and Wilmington Mayor Robert Moyer, standing, left, proclaimed Saturday, May 15 as Industry Day in Clinton County.  Also pictured is Al Wiseman, vice president and airport manager at Airborne Express and chairman of Industry Day.  The special event was sponsored by the Wilmington Area Chamber of Commerce.

Monday, May 14, 2012

2002 Postcard from Catherine - May 10

Globe postcard from Catherine - mailed May 10, 2002
Captioned: President Lyndon B. Johnson dedicates the National Geographic Society's new headquarters in Washington, D.C., January 18, 1964.  "Today in this house of exploration," he said, "let us invite exploration, by all nations. . . .  What greater challenge can there be than for the . . . Society to take the initiative in this endeavor?"
Thought of you when I saw this card.  How many countries have changed names or boundaries since 1964 do you think? – good reference question!  Wendy starts her first class at ASU West on Saturday.  I haven't talked to Roberta about celebrating her birthday next week.  Mette, our exchange student form Denmark who was here in 92-93 is coming to visit in July just before the [Dahlonega] reunion.  Love, Catherine & Gerry

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roberta & Catherine 1966

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Dad wrote on back of picture: 12/24/66 Roberta showing Catherine how to make smock cushions.  She has made a red and is now on brown.  Roberta wrote:  If I knew he was going to take it I would have at least combed my hair.

Roberta, I forgot how to do this. Can you show me again?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1942 Letter from Jean to her parents - January 9

In January 1942, Jean would have been 19, a sophomore in college at West Virginia University.  The stationery shows her address as 506 N. High Street, Morgantown, West Virginia.  According to the street view on Google Maps, this is part of the WVU-Downtown Campus and is on the corner of North High St. and Prospect Street.  Appears to be an older building, the front part of which has been turned into a canteen/lunch place, across the street are more modern university buildings.  Transcription follows.
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January 9, 1942
Dear Mother and Daddy,

I suppose you got my card and know I got here safely enough. It won't be long now 'til exams.  They begin a week from today and are over on the following Saturday, January 23rd.  Classes don't begin until January 28th, Thursday – so I might drop in again for a few days.  I can hardly believe I was home now it seems so long ago.

I haven't called the Langers [?] but plan to very soon.

We can pre-register again this year so I'm trying to work out a schedule.

I got your letter and the only thing I can think of that I left was my blue scarf on the bookcase (I believe).  Of course, I left those 2 pair of pajamas.

I tried to get Harriet a nightgown at the same place I got the other one but they only had size 40's.  I finally found another at the Quality Shoppe but it was only 34 so if she doesn't think that will fit I can exchange it.

I've already sent for Fortune so you'll just have to try it for a year.

We had a shower for Millie Ferrell (another Chi O) who plans to be married Jan. 24th.  She's from Spencer.  Virginia may know one of her sisters that were here a few years ago.  We had the shower at 12:00 and all the pledges and other Chi O's stayed all night.  They were all over the house 3 to a bed and the downstairs was full – looked something like the flood only they didn't even have cots.  Millie got some awfully nice things.  We (Mary Ann, Louise and I) gave her a pair of white kid gloves (short) and she seemed real pleased with them cause she had just written her mother to buy her a pair.  It was a personal shower so she got some lovely slips, gowns, panties, comb and brush set, cologne, soap, etc.

Bette Downs Barrister, the girl who got married during Christmas didn't have such a wonderful honeymoon.  They had a fine time in New York but on the way home he got pneumonia (not awfully bad), had to go to the hospital and have his leave extended for a week more.  So they really got to be with each other longer.  She didn't come back until Monday.

I just finished Moby Dick.  I didn't have to give a report on it 'til tomorrow.

Give my love to everyone and I do hope Blaine is much better - also that you are taking your medicine and I do mean REGULARLY.

Love, Jean

Friday, May 11, 2012

1982 Family letter from Aunt Mary - May 11

Aunt Mary was not a person to waste an empty space when writing a postcard or a letter.  Love her trademark humor, !!! and Ha! insertions.  Transcription follows.

Letter from Mary Uible Horton to extended family May 1, 1982
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Tuesday - May 11 [1982]

Dear Family:

I've been at the typewriter for the last 2 hrs writing notes, etc., trying to catch up on the correspondence, which will never happen so keep peckin' along!!!  Jean and G'Ma ... did you have an enjoyable Mother's Day?  We were to eat out with Rob and Cindy but we had a conflict in getting together so Bill and I told them to go and 'do their thing' and he and I would go eat out.  Which we did!!  Went to the TuTu (burned out but now renovated and under new management ... surprised ... there weren't many people there so at lest didn't have to wait and the food was very good.  Mother, we'll have to try it out next winter.  Reason for the conflict of interest [with Rob and Cindy] was that the nursing home had invited us to come down to their open house at 2 o'clock.  We did put in an appearance and I helped some of the ladies serve refreshments.  The inmates [!] had voted earlier and chose a Queen and King of the May.  Before we got there I guess the group from Church of God had led the singing, etc.  (Glad we missed that ... have heard them when we dropped in on another Sun).  They had the Q and K ceremony ... put a garland on the Queen and a very HIGH HAT on the King.  Someone had made a pretty May Pole.  The man is "nutty" but at least in fairly good physical condition and seems to be liked and the Queen was 84 or thereabout and attractive.  Her 2 daughters were there with their husbands and some of the grandchildren, or I'm just supposin' ...ha....  They took a lot of pictures.  The establishment served punch, cookies, nuts, etc.  But most of the inmates in the 'rec' room are pitiable sights.  Aunt Sarah [widow of Uncle Bill's uncle, Howard Horton] was wearing a pants suit (wonder where they pulled that one from?)  She is getting real forgetful ... she didn't know Bill at one time ... which Horton is this, etc?  But she knew "Mary."  That got him!!  Ha!!  Every time we go down, she is in the activity room, so I think she's adjusted to her life style there.  She got a plant from her son but hasn't had a LETTER in months.  That's disgraceful!!!!  We stayed about an hr.!!

This morning I played for S.S. THEN accompanied the Jr. choir in church.  They really did a good job!!!  Last time until Fall.  I'll get some rest from practicing, etc.  Have the music this TH at General meeting, VIA's every Mon. thru May.  We go sing at the nursing home on A St. last Mon.  The preacher talked about families, their life style, etc.  The family as we know it is sure in the minority ... statistics were startling; compiled by the census bureau!!!

Last Fri. went to Lakeside to Church Women United.  25th anniversary!  It was a good program and I got to see some women that I haven't seen for years.  Ones that left Cavalry when they built the new church out there.

This week:  Bill goes to Methodist Men tonight; tomorrow we got to BRDT [Boca Raton Theatre?] to see the musical, "Shenandoah" ... the writeups have been great so looking forward to that ... play at UMW on Thurs ... going to the Dr. on Fri for my 6 mo "usual (the cystitis problem) ... uncomfortable for a couple of days!!!  In no time flat we'll be leaving for Charleston!!!!

[original letter may have ended with above paragraph - the following looks like original rather than carbon copy]
JEAN & HAROLD this is a REALLY BUSY TIME FOR YOU BOTH111  Can you believe that you have TWO GRADUATING SRS. in your household???  Wish we could be there but too close for the June affair.  G'Ma has a c/c of the above so no need to share.  Re your ltr of May 2nd: I will write invitations to the Hillsboro cousins, Wib and Helen and invite them to join us for dinner at your stated time and place.  Does this include open house too?  Or either, if they can't make the dinner???  I thought I would make it that way on the invitation.  I hope this is okay????  And I think I'll write Follmers re open house???  The PICNIC sounds great for Sat. PM.  Doubtful if Rob gets to come ... conflict with his summer job as they have workshop that same week-end ... wait and see???  I'm planning on buying her a 'roaster-toaster-oven.'  for all she eats I don't think the micro-wave [continues at top of page in margin] justifies the output and I don't think she'd want to be bothered with it ... at least she's always saying that !!!  But she did say she'd like a "toaster like mine ... thought she could use something like it."  The pressure cooker she cannot manage ... TOO HEAVY ... you're right on that score.  Use your own judgment!!!

[on left margin] Mares and boys will be at NV for a wk so it's great that Catherine is coming.  How about Gerry???  Going to be rally great having so many HOME for June 19th, etc.  Can hardly wait to see EVERYONE!!!

[handwritten on left margin] May 17th - John and X here Sun. PM.  Nice couple with them.  Had a nice time!!

[on right margin] Jean, can I be of some help when we get there about a week before???  I hope so ... you always have all the responsibility!!!  [handwritten] Forgot to mail this.  Love, Mary & all

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

1982 Family letter from HH and Jean - May 9

HH starts sailboating lessons, Jean masterminds a UMC Fellowship Day program in Sabina and an update on Melba among other topics.  A poor photocopy or the ink has faded over the years, but still always enjoy a letter from home.  And to make it more interesting the first few paragraphs are written by Jean, then HH writes a few, then back to Jean.  Transcription follows.
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Sunday - Mothers' Day
May 9, 1982
Dearest Family -

Just got back from having lunch at Whitacre's Oak Hill restaurant - actually called country and golf club but isn't what I think of as either of those.  [Is this still there?]  We did have a very nice dinner and hope to take the group there on Grandma's birthday on Tuesday, June 22 - as many as can stay over for that day which is her actual birthday.  Wish that everyone could be here then but lucky if many make it for that Sunday celebration on June 20.  We did have a very good meal - they can only serve about 40 there so we should have the place to ourselves.  We ate at the 2:00 seating and only one other group was there then but heard the 12:00 and later seating was filled.

Talked to Serena on the phone Friday - she had a WATS line available to her so made the most of it.  She has traded her bike in for a super light Japanese one which she seems to be enjoying.  Hope it doesn't bother her legs too much but the lightness of it should help.

Tried to call Roberta and Catherine - sorry to miss your call, Roberta - but all the lines were tied up today.

After the meal today we walked around the area a little and got talking to one of the couples that were there and it turned out they had only been in the U.S. for three years and were from the Union of South Africa.

This weekend was the State Convention of Square Cancers in Dayton, we did get away from N.V. around 5 PM after a day of odds and ends around here and the shop.  We enjoyed the new experience of doing what is called "contra" dancing ... it reminded us of the style of say, Thomas Jefferson, and that era.

Last Tuesday night was the first class lesson on sail boating - there are eight in the class ... another attorney from Wilmington, two couples and two other ladies.  Your Mother was "tied up" on too many Tuesdays to take the class ... it runs for six weeks, with the first three in the classroom and other three at Lake Cowan - out in the sail boat.

Wednesday night was Lions Club ... enjoyed the speaker, who spoke on "Positive Attitude," and the importance of having a "Goal."  Self-direction is important in life for we become what we thing about.

Thursday night was attendance at the Wilmington Council meeting as the matter of rezoning the use of our business building [the business building being the County's with attendance as a County Commissioner?] was before the group.  Hopefully it will have a happy ending.  Then there was a political meeting to choose the new Asst. Highway Supt.  Did make a quick stop at Kroger's at their surplus counter for their dated things [are marked] down after 9-10 in the evening.

Glad to have May Fellowship Day program over Friday - 90+ women came to Sabina from all over Clinton County and I had charge of the program for the whole day minus the business meeting.  Our minister's wife - Roma Thompson spoke on "The Power of Words."  Had four special musical numbers including one solo done to an interpretative dance which was most effective.  Stan Fawley, the minister, spoke briefly in the morning.  Melba Harner came for the afternoon program but is to be back in the hospital next week in Cincinnati.  (Dad and I go to the State Bar meeting there Thursday-Saturday next week.)

[Love, etc.]

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

MV's High School activities and future plans 1981-82

Senior year of High School is a busy time, especially nearing graduation. Always forms to fill out and here are a couple that summarize MV's high school experience at East Clinton.

MV's High School Activities & Senior Questionnaire 1981-82
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Here's what can be gleaned from the forms:

  • The high school program of study was College Prep, Music, Spanish, English
  • Wilmington College is the school of choice where she planned to study agriculture and speech therapy with a goal to become a Clinical Speech Therapist and a Landscape Designer
  • The home room teacher was Mr. Henry
  • She was a member of the Spanish Club
  • Other activities included Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, Fall Play, OMEA [Ohio Music Education Association] Ratings, Spanish Play, Senior Superlative

Monday, May 07, 2012

1992 Roberta's letter to Folks - May 7

Here's Roberta writing a letter in 1992 on the fancy Foundation for Senior Living note paper.  Transcription follows.
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Dear Folks,

Want to get this card [?] off in the mail – go ahead & keep it and if you can use it for any restaurant – go ahead!

I don't think I got around to telling you all that the Dr. thinks I've got a severe case of allergies – so now I take shots & pills & feel very normal (great!).  I'm hoping next few weeks to quit both & see how I do.

We really enjoyed Bye Bye Birdie – the play.  Catherine wants to go w/ when we see Choras Line – at ASU Grady Gammage.  We are very lucky to get these tickets.  Sr. Village goes next week to see David Copperfield – the Magic Man.  Gotta go – off to UMW – Unit Meeting – I'm to give program next week to 1 of circles.  – Re Senior Village.

Love, Roberta

Saturday, May 05, 2012

1952 Florida postcard sent by Jean to M/M CJU - March 25

Three weeks after the post card that reported HH had flown home on Safeway airlines, another post card was sent from St. Petersburg to Lake Worth.  Wonder if HH flew back to Florida or if Jean and Lucie drove home together.  Stella Brown may be a cousin –  a Stella Brown was born in West Virginia in 1880, daughter of William A. Brown and Florinda Ward, but haven't found the connection to Lucie yet.  Transcription follows.
Lucie Brown Ballantyne, Roberta, & Catherine
Madeira Beach, Florida, March 1952
Sunrise over Tampa Bay and Recreation Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida - postcard mailed in March 1952
1952 Florida postcard from Jean in St. Petersburg to M/M CJU in Lake Worth - March 25

Thought Mrs. Rulon and Reatha [Ruth?] had passed us by.  But yesterday while I was out, they stopped and left a note saying how they had enjoyed their stay with you.

Catherine keeps hoping you'll come over and see us again.  Realized after you left that I forgot to give you the bacon.

It's pouring today!  Hope you have a pleasant trip back.  We'll not be far behind.

[Note written on picture of card]  Yes – saw Miss Stella Brown and friend this AM.  Both are fine.  Have nice room not far from Mother.  [The picture sides of the two Florida cards got confused.  This is actually the picture on the card which was on the blog previously and vice versa.]

Friday, May 04, 2012

MV's Prom Picture 1982

The picture of MV and her prom date, Ed Roberts at the East Clinton Junior-Senior Prom, April 23, 1982.
MV and Ed Roberts - East Clinton Prom April 23, 1982

Thursday, May 03, 2012

1952 Florida postcard sent by Jean to M/M CJU

Jean, Roberta and Catherine had a month in 1952 with Jean's mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne, in Madeira Beach, Florida near St. Petersburg.  Virginia Ballantyne Dailey and her four or five children also "stopped by" to visit according to the Dailey cousins.  Tom, her fifth child was born in 1952 but on an unknown date.  Based on this card we can assume that HH, Jean, Catherine & Roberta drove to Florida and then HH left the car with Jean and flew home.  Transcription follows.
Lucie "Dear", Catherine & Roberta, March 1952, Madeira Beach FL
Welch Causeway - Between Madeira Beach and Bay Pines, Greater Gulf Beaches, Florida  postcard mailed March 4, 1952
1952 Florida postcard from Jean in St. Petersburg to M/M CJU in Lake Worth - March 4

We found an awfully nice cottage on Madeira Island - about 20 minutes from St. Pete.  Harold left today for Cincinnati and home - flew by Safeway [see more info below].  Plane was delayed 1½ hours dur to bad weather in Cincy.  The girls are certainly enjoying the sand and water.  The [words crossed out] Gulf is only across the highway.  Haven't been successful in finding Miss Stella Brown yet but will try again.  Thanks for everything.  Our cottage sits back at end of court - other children [are here too?]  [Love, etc.]

According to the Safeway Airline brochure linked here (and above) of an unknown date, Safeway was headquartered in Chicago and offered the following flights.  The brochure does say that fares are subject to change and does not include 15% federal tax.

  • Chicago to Miami via Cincinnati, St. Petersburg $43 - 5½ hours
  • Chicago to St. Petersburg via Cincinnati $39 - 4 hours
  • Chicago to New York via Philadelphia $24 - 6 hours
  • Chicago to California via Kansas, Burbank, San Diego, Oakland $69 - 13½ hours - departed 7pm, arrived 11:30am
  • They also flew from Chicago to Seattle $79 and Cincinnati $9.
Flight Services states "Whether it is a glass of orange juice, a cup of piping hot coffee, or a tasty snack, your charming hostess has it for you at all times.  Just call for "galley service."  There is no charge and no tipping.  Your hostess is a well trained "mother's helper."  Whether it is warming the baby's bottle, a baby blanket, or what have you [changing diapers?], she enjoys helping.  She likes to serve you.

In Cincinnati the airlines was headquartered at The Sinton Hotel, named for industrialist, David Sinton whose daughter, Anna, married William Howard Taft.  When Sinton died at the age of 93 in 1900, he was Ohio's richest man.  His home is now the Taft Museum of Art.  The hotel which was located on the SW corner of Fourth and Vine was built in 1907 and demolished in 1967.
Sinton Hotel

Items from Uible photo album