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1973 Catherine's letter - July 10

Catherine sends an aerogramme from Maine to Peru, evidently forgetting that MV stayed in Florida. Transcription follows.

Tuesday morning, July 10, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  We got your postcard from Florida yesterday.  Thanks for sending the birth certificate, too.  We are having our fifth nice day in a row which is a record for the year.  It was extremely hot Sunday and yesterday but it does cool down at night so at least it isn't uncomfortable sleeping.

X had alot of trouble with his ears last week.  One was functioning improperly and he couldn't hear out of the other one at all.  He finally managed to get a doctor and have them blown out or something.  They seem to be alot better now although he is susceptible to infections for two weeks.

I went to the Maine Mall Saturday - a big shopping center in South Portland.  I actually bought a new dress and a pant suit.  I wanted to get some shoes but I didn't have any luck there.  Couldn't even find a place that sold narrow sneakers.  I guess I'll have to order a pair from Sears.  The mall is about 30 miles from Sanford.

We've had an ad in the paper to try to sublet this apartment.  So far we haven't had any luck.  There will be only 3 months left on the lease but we would like to get somebody else to move in so we won't have to pay double rents.

In checking the vacation calendar for the month of August, I found out that we won't be able to take the week that you plan to come.  It might be possible for us to get a day or two off during that week but I can't guarantee it.  The week after would be even worse but the week before might be better.  You are still more than welcome to come the week of our anniversary you'll just have to do more on your own, which I'm sure you could manage.  I don't think you ever said if you want me to reserve a wheel chair for Grandma.  Please let me know.

We drove all over the countryside on Sunday looking at different lands that are for sale.  I managed to get a moderate case of poison ivy on my left hand.  Every piece of property we've looked at so far seems to have a problem:  swamps, no electricity, no road, no trees  etc.  Not to mention the cost.

-Bought a wringer washing machine for X$5.00 over the weekend.  Can't use it until we move in into the house though.

Working at the library has become much more of a routine now that we have gotten used to it.  It is a bit of apinch [sic] when people go on vacations though trying to fix the schedules.  There is one girl who is working just for the summer so she more or less takes the place of avacationing people.

We're waiting to hear from South America.  Write soon!

Love, Catherine & X
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