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1974 Roberta's Letter to G'ma - May 26

May 26, 1974
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  This is the last Sunday I'll be working for awhile – as I told them I didn't want to work next Sunday and since Wells doesn't work their employees on Sundays!

We haven't been busy today or yesterday – everyone must be gone for the Memorial Day Weekend!

Marianne went up to see Storm for the weekend – guess they had some things to work out about the wedding, etc.

Yesterday I took 2 dresses to the woman I met through weight watchers who did all the altering on my clothes in March.  Guess what she said – she told me that she could tell I had gained weight – esp. in my face.  (I think she said that to make me feel better!)

After the above experience I decided I would write the dear doctor and tell him I was going off my medicine – because they aren't doing what they are supposed to do & all they have done is to put 10 pounds of ugly fat on me!!  After I tell him I'll ask for his permission.

My girl-friends mother gave me about 6 beautiful mangoes the other night.  I put in "an order" for you & she said she would give me some to take up to you.  Also there might be some from the Hortons tree – but they are a different variety – this way you will have 2 kinds.  Mangoes don't have salt in them – do they?

I hope my clothes make it till I get home – how would you like a few jobs?  I've got a blouse that's torn under the arm, 2 buttons off a dress, pants with a ripped seam, etc. . . .  Nancy's sister Barbara is making me some tops & shorts – I thought they would be nice to wear at the shop this summer.  One pair of the shorts are bright red & the other pair is bright orange – you'll be able to see me coming & going!

I went to see Aunt Sara [her husband, Howard Horton 1885-1959, was a brother of  Uncle Bill's father, Joseph Horton 1884-1926]  this morning & took her some Butterscotch candy.  Did I tell you that she gave me some money for my birthday?  That seemed to really surprise everyone!  She appreciates everything people do for her – I invited her to go to Church next Sunday – told her I'd come & get her, but she said that she was out of the habit of going!

The store is really dead today – it's almost 1:30 and I've had _2_ customers – they just bought cards – less than $1.00.  I shouldn't complain – I've got my Juvenile Delinquency book & notes here to study – the the BIG EXAM is on Wednesday!!

Hello to all the family – I'll be seeing you soon!

Love, Berta

Monday, May 26, 2014

1974 John's (draft) Resignation Letter -May 23

There is a slightly different version of this letter on the other side of this draft. I have "merged" them to show the side that also has a message to Serena. Transcription follows.

May 23, 1974
Mrs. Stubbs, Circulation Manager
Wilmington News Journal
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Dear Mrs. Stubs:

As of Saturday, May 25 John will be no longer handling the News Journal.  The new agent, Greg Dodd will take over as of Monday, May 17, 1974.  Please bill us only through May 25, 1974.

ALL News Journals for New Vienna are to be left at the Dodd house and the paper should list GREG, BETH AND CHRIST DODD as CARRIERS.

It has been an interesting and worthwhile experience for our children to deliver the News Journals for the past ten years or so.


* * * * *
Hi, Serena.  
So glad you are home –––
Love, Mother

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2004 Family Emails -May 21

The two emails on this page are reversed to put them in chronological order. Some typos are corrected, others not.... Transcription follows.

From: HH
To: Family
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 6:52 PM
Subject: Friday May 21

HI Everyone:

MV, we appreciate the pictures - it will be college time before you folks know.  So sorry that we will be gone over the weekend of June 4th while you are here.  Welcome to use the house.  Glad that your next scheduled trip will be before July 3rd when we leave for Chautauqua.  Oh yes the AC man is coming this next Monday to check out the unit, for you may recall the difficulty lat summer when you were here.

John, there is a positive article on home schooling in today's WSJ on page W15.  According to the schedule we return to Newark on Wed. June 9th at 5 PM.  We leave on June 4th from the Eastland office.  What are the chances of going out for supper with us on the 9th?  We will come back to NV that evening.  Hopefully the shoe lady will call you re the shoes and brief case.

Serena . . wish we had something to report.

Roberta, sounds like you are super busy getting all the pieces put together.  Your Alice Springs article brought back memories.  We had supper out at the telegraphy site.  The Sr. Citizens are desperate for a program as we are to speak there on June 26th.

Catherine, what library experiences you have.  Wonder how much gas is in CA.  Speaking of old times gas was around 16 cents gallon when I was in High School and penny post card was still a penny  So that 25 cents an hour for mowing grass went a long ways.

Wish you were all closer for more frequent visits, but also to share in the garden bounty.  Each morning we have about 30 pieces of asparagus to "harvest", plus the rhubarb.  The first broccoli came in today and soon the peas and the raspberries will be ready.

Doris Martin has been having her troubles, makes us appreciate our parents more.

[Love, Mother & Dad]

* * * * *
From: John
To: HH
Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: Friday May 21

Mom and Dad,
June 9th for dinner is fine for us.  Rachel from the shoe repair shop already called and I picked up the items WEd.  Total came to $60.80.

Do you want to leave your car here while you are on your trip?  Kate has her recital this afternoon and Andrew receives his soccer award at 2PM.  Love, John

p.s. We leave Tuesday morning for Philadelphia and should return on Sunday.

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1984 Catherine's Note -May 24

Catherine goes to Colfax for a job interview and house hunt. Transcription of this short note follows.  [This note may look familiar to those of you who subscribe by email as I accidentally hit publish before setting the publication date.  Here it is again in proper sequence.]

Thanks for your letter and the $$ which we rec'd today.  We'll be able to discuss repayment after we are settled.

I am leaving for Portland this afternoon and then on to Colfax tomorrow.  Then our raft trip Saturday & Sunday so Monday will be our day of rest.

I hope this itinerary is OK with you folks [probably re Wendy's traveling to Ohio? or maybe not.  Perhaps Serena remembers!].  I have another copy to send to Serena.

I am enclosing the $20 for the difference in the tickets.

Love, Catherine

Thursday, May 22, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -May 22

May 22, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  Gee – can't believe that in 2 weeks my exams will be all over!  John – I'm anxiously awaiting to find out your plans as to coming South!!

I'm "moon-lighting" again tonight – babysat both last night and tonight.  It's really a good deal for me because after about 8:00 p.m. this place is so quiet you can hear a pin drop – so I'm able to get alot of studying done, etc.  The only part of the job I dislike is that I have to make ice cream cones for the kids every time – right before they go to bed!!

Nancy stopped in last night to see after she had been to W.W. – this week was her 16th week as a W.W. and she has lost 52½ pounds.  Needless to say she is quite happy!

Oh – Sunday night she had me & some others over for diner.  She fixed a really good W.W. dinner – sirloin steak w/Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, etc.  It was really good!  She even fixed rice w/it – had all my favorites!  Then afterward they gave me a white lacey think to go over a bathing suit and also a big white hat! ( – as late birthday presents.)

Monday I had quite an experience w/ the Buick.  On my way to school I "lost" some of the pipes that go w/the muffler – well – on my break I decided I would go to Delray Beach to the Midas place and get the situation checked out.  By the time I got to Delray the Buick was making more noise than a semi-truck.  So I got to Midas and they put the car up on the racks and what you could see looking up at the car was a sight to behold.  Well – they told me it would be $75.00 – (everything was "going or gone" as far as the muffler goes) and I only had $40.00 worth of Traveller Checks w/me!  (which I was lucky to have)  Also – out of luck – I had a Burdine's paycheck for $60.00.  I went around to all the banks in town trying to cash it – finally one took pity on me & did cash it.  Some _4_ hours later  left Delray – no longer sounding like a semi – but purring like a kitten.  I just went on home – didn't go back for my afternoon class!

Tuesday Aunt Mary, Mares & I all went to Fort Lauderdale shopping.  I spent some of my birthday money – bought a new bathing suit, also a blue blouse w/big white animals on it – or maybe it's white with big blue animals on it!  I still have a few dollars left so I'm planning on buying a dress this Friday when I'm at the Mall – at Fountains.  I've had my eye on it for some time – just hope it's still there.

Hi – now Thursday evening – this morning got my hair cut – just short the usual way.  The woman who cut it said I had some grey hairs coming in – school must be doing it – HA!

Then this afternoon I went to the beach for about an hour – would I have liked to have been out longer but w/exams coming up . . . . .

Mom – got your letter today – was happy to hear that J.B. is making his plans to come down – but was wondering if he might be able to come down either the night of the 29th (Wednesday) or come down after 8:00 PM on the 30th.  As I'm going w/Rob to Tampa on the day of the 30th – also Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill will be at Lakeland next week for the Church conference so they wouldn't be able to pick J.B. up either.  Make your plans John – then let me know – ok – but it would be dynamic if you could go to Tampa w/us!  Rob just has to go for an audition for the band.

I'm afraid we won't be able to leave till Thursday – the 6th of June.

Mother – Marianne was wondering if she could borrow any of your maternity clothes & if so could John bring them down?

Mary V – we all enjoyed your letter yesterday – once we were able to get it opened!  You are really getting the sponsors for your bike ride!

Grandma – your weight is really down – f all that is because of not using salt – maybe I should quit using it!

John – please get all the routes, etc. straight w/Dad before coming down.  I think I have all the necessary maps.  End of next week I'm going to have a check-up on the Buick in preparation for the trip – one thing we shouldn't have is muffler trouble –

Please make a dental appointment for me – before June 28th if at all possible.  My teeth have been hurting me for 2 weeks now –– I think I lost something in my mouth – maybe just a filling ––

Love, Berta

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -May 21

The trip being referred to in the first paragraph is to Supai, Arizona, part of the Havasupai  Indian Reservation within the Grand Canyon (west of the main tourist sites on the south rim).  Access is via an 8 miles trail, mule or helicopter.  The main tourist site at the bottom is Havasu Falls.  No clues about the homemade items mentioned in the second paragraph. Transcription follows.

Hi Mom & Dad!
All plans are made ––
for Mom to come & go by helicopter (7-10 minute ride) vs 4 hours on the horse!  In order to coordinate we moved up hiking 1 day earlier – helicopter runs only on Fridays / Sundays.  Actually that works out better for rest of us w/ work schedules - etc.  I'm really looking forward to the hike & time at the bottom.  Spoke w/ Catherine & she is happy you both will be able to make the experience!  We will all fill a bag to go w/ Mom down & back up!  Maybe we should chip in on the air-fare!

The enclosed are a home made item – can you tell what they are made from?  Something you eat – quite often!  Do you want the recipe?

We have a group of scouts here today – 1 of them getting Eagle (sp?) Scout – really doing lots – landscaping & park benches that are bolted into concrete – last two sets stolen!

I would have called back but in the mail came telephone bill – let's just say it was bigger than Christmas month.  Sid & I are both capable of [upward arrow] phone bills.  We actually don't mind – I'll just cut back a day or two.  HA!

Went to the pool again today – after eating out w/ my friend Margaret Raps – her husband died last September while I was in NYC.

Spoke to Sid who is happy to be in Northampton – has been taking walks there – It would be an interesting town to walk in.  Sara lives w/in walking distance of Smith College.

I've been cleaning out closets – trying to locate the quilt that Elizabeth Johnson gave us the year she died.  Haven't found it yet – but have found lots – some I had forgotten about.  We haven't thrown out much!

Our church had a special music program – college singing group complete w/ orchestra from Amarillo Texas – about 40 total in the group.  It was a night of play-off games for Phx Suns Basketball – only 11 people there and 2 of them were parents of one of the students.  I had intended to leave early – had not had any supper before I left.  But I didn't have the nerve to walk out!

Mom – how does it eel to be w/out cast & able to take a bath?  Have you been able to drive?  Just let me know if you want G'ma's light wheel chair in Colorado.  Might bring it for Aunt Mary or whoever.

I broke my glasses – trash can lid hit me.  Had been thinking about getting new ones – just about 2 years.  I go to the place that has DES contract but they also take $ paying customers.  I think exam/glasses cost me $50 last time!  Such a deal!  Now that my glasses are in 4 pieces, I'm motivated to get new ones!  Do have extra pair – about 5 years old!  These old eyes have changed!

Oh – I saw Wells Combo for $2.49 in the Fry's Store.  Yeah!

Gotta go –––

Much love, Roberta

2004 Roberta's Email -May 20

Roberta needs to enlighten us about where she was working in 2004 – someplace with a new building. Was this Royal Oaks?  [Update: Roberta reports this was the remodeled space for Chez Nous.]

From: Roberta
To: Family
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 9:10 PM
Subject: My next job

I want to work based on a school calendar!  Actually every day brings new headaches with this new building.  Now we have to have things replumbed for the ice maker and the refrigerator doesn't pass code, there is no electrical outlet near where the sound system is to go, and the fire extinguisher needs to go right where we were going to put in a paperback exchange . . . . and and and . . . . . .  I told my boss today I might start losing my hair!  Then when I got home I find out the local book store that was going to do book reviews once a month just went out of business.  Guess I should count my blessings . . . . .

I am hoping that Wendy Jean would put out for all of us to see her recent diverse scenario that I got to read last night.  It was so good . . . . . I was telling her she should go out on the circuit and do some diverse training for non-profits  . . . . or for profits . . . . . I just know more about non-profits and the need for diverse training.

More later.  This house looks like it got professionally ransacked.  I need to organize the Sr. Center piles of papers.  Right now I have them scattered over three rooms and it is beginning to even bother me!  Almost
Friday, Love to all, Roberta

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1984 Catherine Letter -May 20

May 20, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Gee, how many months has it been since I last wrote a letter?  I'm going to have to improve on that.  Of course, for the next few weeks I will probably have less time than usual, but typing does make a nice break from packing and cleaning.  That is what I spent yesterday doing -- sorting out things in the garage to go to the dump, the thrift shop or to take with us.

Today Wendy and I are going to try to pack up her books and most of her toys.  Wendy wants to have a garage sale but we really don't have that many things that would be worth selling to go to the bother.  I figure the thrift shop is a good alternative.

We think we might rent our house instead of selling it.  There are more tax advantages that way and right now it is very difficult to sell a house in Madras as there are so many up for sale.  Within two blocks of our house we know of four houses for sale.  And Wendy's friends the Cooks (who hope to move to Eugene where he already has a job and is commuting on weekends) is for sale in Madras Ranchos which might be considered a higher class residential area with 2½-5 acre lots.  Not only is their house for sale but the one across the road from them and the one next door are for sale.  Anyway, we showed our house to some prospective tenants last week and they are to let us know by Wednesday.  They are willing to sign a lease for a year and we know them so that makes it easier.  She is a school teacher and he is assistant district attorney with no children.  Right now they are renting a house about 20 miles out of town and are tired of commuting.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will take it.

I am going to Colfax this Friday for a job interview.  It is for a clerk position in the Whitman County Library.  I think they are worried about my being over-qualified for the job.  I fell [sic] that it would make a good starter job and would help me get my foot in the door of the library community.  If it doesn't work out then I will probably spend those two weeks that Wendy is in Ohio, looking for a job.  If I do get the job it starts June 25 so it would mean that the first two weeks on the job would be while Wendy is gone so would give me a chance to get a babysitter lined up.

Speaking of Wendy and Ohio, I did change her reservations so that she will be flying from Spokane to Columbus, still on June 23 and returning on July 7 only now it is via United Air Lines with a plane change in Chicago.  We are to pick up the tickets on Tuesday so I will let you know the times and flight numbers after that.  A travel agency just opened in Madras a few weeks ago so I went through them.  You will be getting a $20 refund either from Frontier or we will send it to you if it comes to us.

I forgot to mention how I am getting to Colfax.  I think I am going to drive to Portland and then fly from there to Pullman.  The plane leaves Portland at 7:00 a.m. and then I will return at 8:45 p.m.  I will probably drive over Thursday evening and stay all night with our friends who live in Portland.

Gerry brought home a whole bunch of boxes from the co-op so I have spent the weekend packing things that I hope we won't miss for the next few weeks.  Wendy and I got most of her toys and books packed this afternoon as well as extra dishes, pots & pans, etc. that I think we can live without for the time being.

Next weekend Gerry and I are gong on an overnight rafting trip down the Deschutes on Saturday and Sunday.  Wendy will be staying with the Cooks.  Several other couples are going rafting with us so that should be a fun experience.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Yesterday the temperature was in the mid 70's but there was also a 55 mph wind.  Today there wasn't much wind but the temperature didn't get above 60.

I borrowed the library's typewriter to write this as our good typewriter is not working and after getting used to a good typewriter the portable electric seems a bit primitive.  I am in hopes of getting the other on in the repair shop for an estimate before we leave so I'll know whether it is worth taking with us.  Someday I'll have a word processor.

Well, I better close.  It's almost dinner time.  I'll try to write again soon.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

1984 Family Letter -May 20

Sunday, May 20, 1984

Dear Family:

Rain again today . . as they say if it rains on Easter there will be rain for seven consecutive Sundays . . . . yes it is running true.  Anyway, it comes late in the afternoon so no problem in getting Grandma to and from S.S. and Church.  Both your Mother and Grandmother appreciated the Mother's Day Cards and notes. .

We have had plenty of newspaper reading today after being in the Cleveland area for three days this past week for the annual meeting of the Ohio State Bar Association.  Going to these meetings drives home the point that there is so much more yet to learn and how overcrowded the legal field is, with half of the attorneys having graduated in the past ten years.

The beavers have been busy on a small stream behind the Auburn Methodist Church and have built quite a dam with an area as big as our back yard now under water.  The "construction" is quite a tourist attraction in the area – also on TV.

The Morgans gave us BIG news just before leaving for Cleveland.  They are moving to Colfax, Washington . . . a county seat town of some 2500, 60 miles so. of Spokane.  Wendy still plans to come to NV for two weeks starting June 23rd and part of the trip may coincide with Serena's return to Chicago.  Roberta also plans to be here for 1 wk.

Haven't heard a thing from Elderhostel about schedules except the trip departs from NYC on July 11th for three weeks.  The Hortons never got a reservation thru Elderhostel so have signed up for a trip in Austria.  They are leaving L.W. this next Wednesday and will be Thursday and Friday, before going on to Bill's home area for a 50th wedding anniversary for his brother on Saturday.  (Their trip to Austria is in August.)

Last Tuesday night was the retirement dinner for Virginia Walker at the Golden Lamb - real nice.  Patty & Jim Ryan were there as well as Betty Ann and their aunt (Va.'s sister - Betty).  She wanted Jack invited but he was not there.  Jack and Patty and her little boy are leaving the 29th for a visit with Nancy - The latter two for two weeks but Jack for perhaps the whole summer.  Guess Virginia will go after Jack gets back.  I had first heard it was Jacalyn [spelling corrected] but heard it is definitely Jack, her father.

Shirley Bernard and her husband Jim now have a daughter Elizabeth Bernardette who weighed 9# 10 oz.  Clever name I thought.  They live in Dayton.  The baby was born May 1.  Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier, Catherine

Hope that John and X have a nice vacation in Florida at Sanibel.  They were flying down last Thursday, the 17th, I believe.

As Dad mentioned I sure did appreciate the Mothers Day cards and notes.  MV and Mie Young joined us for dinner at the Buckeye Lodge.  MY is going to Korea this summer - possibly her last chance while her parents still live there.  MV is planning to work at the college 7:30-4:30 this summer.  M.V. and Grandma have reservation for a cruise trip to Bermuda for a week, leaving NYC on August 25th.

Roberta is to be here for a week . . June 19 to 26th.  Also Sid & Bert will be here later this summer.  Glad to hear that John is getting some experience at the Bank outside the Trust Dept.  Personnel work sounds more to his liking and abilities.  Plan to see them (John & X) on the day we pick up Wendy in Columbus, if all goes well.

Monday, May 19, 2014

1994 Kate's Thank You Card -May 16

Good chance Kate had some assistance in writing this thank you card following her first birthday.  Transcription follows.
1994 Kate's Thank You Card -May 16
Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thanks so much for the book, Goodnight Moon, and the money.  I'm so glad you could come to my party and go on a lil trip with us.  Grandma, I really like your walker.  I want my parents to get me one :)

Mommy & Daddy tell me I'll get to see you in a couple of weeks.  Yipee!  Maybe I'll walk a little for you.

Love, Kate

1974 Roberta's letter to MV -May 18

1974 Roberta's letter to MV -May 18
May 18, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  was nice talking to you on my birthday – it was funny that I had gone to bed (mainly because the lights were out) and you were still up!!

How many more weeks of school do you have?  I have three weeks of school left – but only 6 days left – and 3 of those 6 days I'll only have 1 class the whole day!  Pretty good, huh?  I'm really looking forward to a "leisurely" summer!  We'll have to go to Kings Island – even if the price has gone up $1.00!!

I meant to thank you for the 2 articles you sent me awhile back – about the woman wanting to lose weight so she would look good in her casket – also the police woman article.

Today was the W.W. seminar.  I really enjoyed it.  I got a necklace and also a certificate of accomplishment for working for them.  I was one of the youngest there!  I even got my picture taken – imagine that?  We had a really good lunch – ½ cantalope [sic], then salad, green beans, carrots & peas, ½ of a broiled chicken, and then for dessert we had W.W. Ice Cream!!  Also bunches of stuff to drink – all kinds of diet pop!

Please tell G'ma that Uncle Bill's friend – Mr. Kline – died today.

Love, Roberta

Sunday, May 18, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -May15


Here's a collection of Reading material – we have been to Mediterranean House w/the Morgans – it's on the one side of list of Restaurants & then for the soup recipe.

Thanks again for the delicious looking Birthday Card & the check.  Now I know why we put off getting new drapes – Now thinking of going w/ Vertical Blinds & something light just to "dress" up the windows in 2 of the Rooms!

Talked at great length to Aunt Mary tonight.  She is already worried about what clothes to take to Estes!

I'm enclosing a copy of Hike plan that a friend of a friend did last year at Havasupai –

Morgans got me a sports watch – 2 pair of hiking socks & a cat puzzle for my Birthday.  Also got a gift certificate for Trader Joe's – my favorite food store.  Smitty's just bought out by Calif. company.

Mom – do you have any pictures of you w/cast – walker – etc.  John told me how Miss Kate enjoyed riding w/you in wheel chair.  Seems like a dream now that Miss Wendy enjoyed riding in Grandma's Wheel Chair!

101ยบ today – so I was at the city pool – lots of kiddies there – fun for the first hour!

Sid just called – he's finding NYC very expensive – he had treated 5 to supper meal at one of many Sara's FAVORITE Restaurants.  She isn't known to be conservative!

It's late & haven't done my minimum 20 minutes on stair climber.  Gotta be in shape for Estes!

Thanks again for card & check.  We also appreciate getting Guideposts every month!  Much love, Roberta

1974 MV's Invitation to Mom -May16

Mother's Invitation from Mary to the Fourth grade Mother's Tea.  Excellent handwriting and nicely decorated.  Transcription follows.
1974 MV's Invitation to Mom -May16

New Vienna School
New Vienna, Ohio
May 16, 1974
Dear Mother,
The Fourth grade is having a Mother's Tea Wednesday May 22 at 1:30 P.M. in the Music Room.  We hope you will come and share this event with us.

Your daughter, 
Mary Virginia

Saturday, May 17, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -May15

May 15, 1974
Dear Family,

My!  Just looked at the calendar and realized that my first exam (juvenile delinquency) will be just two weeks from today and my other exam three weekds from today!!!  I've got things pretty much under control now since I'm all done with the criminal justice course . . . . . I gave my presentation and also handed in the paper last week even though the actual paper didn't have to be in till May 30th.  It's a good feeling to have it over with, I was in the first group to give their reports.  Now, I can go tomorrow and next week and simply sit back and listen to the others!!!!

I had a very nice birthday.  I appreciate the card, the money, and the phone call.  I hope you realize that the order I put things in is unimportant.  (ha)  I've been busy thinking just what I'll buy with all my money . . . . . . . you don't need to worry about it going to waste!!!

Today was the day that Rob and I were to go to Miami.  Well, he left on the bus this afternoon.  I called the bus station up yesterday for the first time to get all the information, etc.  That was when I found out that it takes four hours plus to get from W.P.B. to Miami by bus.  So, if I had gone I would have gotten down there about six tonight, and would have to have left Miami on the 12:20 but in order to get back here for my critical justice course which starts at six.  So I didn't think it was worth it -- just to be down there for that short amount of time.

I also changed my mind about taking the independent study this summer -- mainly because I found out Monday how much it would cost me.  If I feel so possessed (sp?) I could work on it this summer anyway, but I'm not registering for it.  It's sixteen dollars per hour (credit hour) which would be 80.00 then they stick on a part-time student fee.  Oh--when I got my registration packet I was classified as a senior--doesn't that have a good sound to it?????

I started to tell you all earlier that I got a B on the Social Psych test I took on Monday.  It was the lowest possible B you could get, but it was  a B--which I'm thankful for!!!

Mary Virginia your card came today--thanks--it was nice getting another card after my hard day at the office.  You know me well--I really liked all the pictures of the food!!!!!!

This Saturday Weight Watchers is having a seminar, I had planned on not going until last week when they gave me this big deal about not going.  Tonight I found out--by mistake--why they wanted me to ---you will never believe this but I'm to be one of the ones that is to be honored.  Isn't that a riot?  The seminar is to be at the Squire Inn--it's a new place out on Lake Worth Road and the Turnpike.  I've never been there.  It's supposed to start at 9:30 and last all day . . . . . we do get a free lunch!!!  Burdine's I think was a little put out about my missing work on a Saturday; but I don't feel too bad since I've never missed a Saturday unless I was on vacation.

I've been kinda put out with Burdine's myself.  One week they give us a little raise and then the next week they increase everything for us!!  We now have to pay 75¢ a day to park; 25¢ if you want a cup of tea or coffee with your lunch (I take my lunch always--or that would be more money out!  They wanted me to work four hours on Thursdays but I told them it wasn't worth my while; also they want you from eleven to three so that kills the day as far as going to the beach, etc. (unless you want to go right after breakfast or before dinner) I'm looking forward to working at the shop for the summer!!!

I was sorry to hear about Aunt Virginia--have you heard anything about her lately?  I'll try and send her a card.  I got a nice card and letter from Ruth Shoemaker.

I'm glad Betty Ann Walker is planning on going to Eastern Kentucky, I know she didn't want to go to U.C.  I wrote Nancy a letter a while back but haven't heard anything from her.

Well I know I'm running out of space so I better close, we go out tonight to pick up Mares.  I'm sure she will have the baggage!!!!!

Love, Berta

[P.S.] John --- Keep me Posted!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

1974 Cris's Letter -May12

Cris writes a long letter to Grandma – a special treat for her. Interesting to read about his early homemaking skills. The letter was obviously passed around as on the back in Jean's handwriting is written "Please send this on to Catherine."  The return address is listed as 13451 Philmont Ave, Apt. D-42, Philadelphia.  Postmarked May 13, 1974.  Transcription follows.

Mother's Day
1974 [May 12]
Dear G'Ma,

Please do not faint, it is really your Grandson Cris – all things are possible, right?

First of all did you get home alright?  Did you ever get your tickets I reserved for you?  Was "Delta Ready When You Were?"  I hope I didn't complicate things – I apologize if I did.

G'Ma a month has expired since I saw you last and I must say, I've made some radical adjustments – from independence to dometicity [sic].  In other words life is one big "hasselle." 

Actually things are finally beginning to settle. I don't know whether anyone told you about my apartment, so . . . .   Well the rent is $150.00 for two bedrooms, living, bathroom and kitchen.  Rooming with another trainee from Cornell, so that helps the rent expense.  We are only 8 minutes from work so that's convient [sic]. Also there's a Methodist Church ½ mile away (only church in the immediate community)!  There is a nice Pantry Pride (Grocery store) near by for food.  That's another story and a half!  Across the street from the apartment is a nice baseball field, so I can start running again!  From where I live, I can be at Mares' House in 1:15 minutes.  Of course we're right by the railroad transit to down town.  Very lucky – too bad I'll be picking up stakes in another 3-4 months.

You'll be interested to know between the classifieds in the newspaper, friends and action's Clark (my roommate) and I furnished the apartment for $360.00.  That includes 1 sofa, chair to match, 2 living room chairs, 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables, 2 desks, kitchen table (2 leafs), 5 chairs, 2 twin beds, 2 dressers, 1 night stand 2 pole lamps, 3 rugs (2 oriental), and last but not least a "Boston Rocker."  I told my boss what I had bought for my apartment and he wanted to move me to the Purchasing Dept.  Ha!  I guess he wanted me to help beat rising prices.  The Boston Rocker is my most "Prized Possession."  I just refinished it this week, it's beautiful!  I stained it dark oak.  G'Ma between that Rocker and the loaves of bread we made in Florida I don't know which I enjoyed working on most.  Ha!

That brings me back to my cookin'.  G'ma I need a woman, excuse me a wife that is.  The time I get home from work, cook, clean up, and do my house chores it's time to get into bed. I don't even hardly have time to read the Wall Street Journal in the evening.

Anyway, my first three meals (attempts at cooking) included, tuna-fish casserole, lamb chops, and ham with a raisin pineapple sauce.  Mom would be amazed!  And you know the food even tasted good.  – Everything is possible.

Also I have registered (or will be) at LaSalle College for a course in French.  The Company flips the bill so why not ($300)?  Hope I can speak a little French when Joe gets here in August.  Will also try to brush up on a computer language (Fortran IV) and do alot of reading between some Philadelphia Orchestral concerts.  We'll see.

Hope everything is fine.  How is your Hawaii trip coming?  Surf's Up!!??  Let me know when you're leaving.  Don't forget to take your surfboard G'Ma.

Take care and would enjoy a letter.

Love, Cris

P.S. Hope the Uible Family is still in A+ condition.  G'Ma your [sic] fortunate, not too many people rate a 4 page letter from me!  Ha!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter to MV -May10

Is Roberta's handwriting easier to read upside down? – not that much harder actually.  Note the cute writing of her name at the bottom of the picture.
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks alot for all of your letters – how did you take your finger print on that one letter?  We got all kinds of neat stationary in at work – I was going to mail you some but then I found it cost more to mail it than it actually cost!  So maybe I'll bring you home some in June!

How do you like this stationary – did you notice the name under the picture?

I've been super busy – last night I had to give a presentation in my criminal justice class – I'm sure glad it's over – I'll find out next week what my grade is!  If its's good – I'll write and tell ––BUT–– if I'm quiet about it – you'll know what happened!!

How's school going w/you – it must be nice to be on the honor roll – we saw your name in the paper!  Monday I'm having a BIG test – I'm really dreading it – we have some really smart people in the class & I don't even think they understand the stuff!

I went to the beach last week & got a little tan but this week I worked all week – so my tan is disappearing fast!!  Write again soon – we are all among the living down here.

Love, Berta

PS – appreciated the newspaper articles!!

2004 Roberta's email -May11

This email ties in with the Cleveland Library postcards viewed previously on the blog.

From: Roberta
To: Mom & Dad
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for both your birthday card and note . . . . . and the check too!  Just two weeks ago we spent that much . . . . . almost to the penny on outfitting Patience's daughter bedroom.  The biggest "investment" was for the new mattress and box springs.  So for now I will say thanks for covering all those purchases, so you should feel good like we did as to helping them out.  Patience now has her LPN degree so she is working two days a week making fairly good $$$ which helps out their financial picture alot.  She needs to continue to be a full-time student due to her student visa.  Patience is working at the same nursing home that INEZ, the West Virginia lady that will turn 105 years old this week.  She was telling me the last time, she did hope to make it to 105, and then she wants no more birthdays.

Enjoy Cleveland . . . . . where are you staying?  What was the name of that neat Paint company bed and breakfast where we stayed?  I spoke to Marcia the stock lady, she was telling me about the bone disease that her daughter has.

We are headed down to the office, Friendship Office . . . . . I can't wait till someone else inherits those files.  Love, Roberta

Monday, May 12, 2014

2004 Cleveland Library postcard -May14

Postcard Cleveland Public Library, Main Library -Louis Stokes Wing.  Captioned: 352 Superior Avenue, Cleveland Ohio 44114-1271.  When seen lit at night the crystalline shape of the Louis Stokes Wing represents the symbol of the Library, the lamp of knowledge.  It's a library building that looks to the 21st century. Photograph by Cervin Robinson.
2004 Cleveland Public Library postcard to Morgans -May14
[from Jean] This is the new C.P.L. Was here this AM & meeting Dad for dinner tonite after the bar mtgs are over.

Had too big a dinner – feel really stuffed now – but room for ice cream.  [from HH] The old P.L. is more like a mauselim (?) - a 1922 bldg. Staying @ Holiday Inn Ex - ½ price compared to convention Hotel.  Love, Mother & Dad
Postcard Cleveland Public Library, South Facade. Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  Captioned: Landmark building opened May 6, 1925, a part of the Daniel Burnham Group Plan for Cleveland.  Renovated, 1997-1999. Rededicated, May 22, 1999. Walker and Weeks, Architects. -Mailed 2004 
2004 Cleveland Public Library postcard to Wendy -May14
This is the first CPL still in use along with the new one right beside it.  Much different than I remember it than when I lived in Cleveland (1945-49)

Your Granddad is attending the Ohio Bar meetings here from last Thursday til tonight & then we'll head home.

Sorry I don't have your address to send it to you direct.  Much love, G'ma & G'pa Uible

Sunday, May 11, 2014

1994 Jean's Postcard from Roscoe Village, Coshocton OH -May10

Postcard Roscoe Village, Coshocton OH -mailed 1994.  Caption: Roscoe Village in the Mid 1830s.  This famous Canal scene, from a mural by Dean Cornwell, located in Bank One, Coshocton, N.A., is being recreated in the restoration of Roscoe Village. 
1994 Jean's Postcard to Morgans from Roscoe Village, Coshocton OH -May10
Tues. 5-10-94

Such an interesting restored village where we had Mother's Day Buffet before overnight at Atwood Lodge and visit to New Cumberland yesterday.  Super full weekend.  Love to all the Morgans from G'dad & G'ma Uible

Saturday, May 10, 2014

1965 John's Mother's Day Card

Originally had this undated card marked as c1964 but decided based on the cursive signature that it was more likely 1965 or even 1966.  In 1965 John would have been seven-years-old on Mother's Day.
1965 John's Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day
Mother's are nice
A lot better than spice
Happy Mother's Day

Your son John

1974 Catherine's Mother's Day postcard

A non-verbose postcard – straight to the point.
Hinge to Pulpit Door, Old Walpole Church, Bristol, Maine - postcard mailed 1974.  Captioned: Non-denominational community meetinghouse, built 1772.  Nails and hinges hand wrought, likewise boards and shingles hewn by hand.  Each window cost a cow.  When repaired, 1872, the original shingles were found to be better than the new ones.  Some of the old fashioned, square pews are still held by descendants of the first occupants.  When the Plymouth Pilgrims so nearly starved the first Winter, it was to this settlement, already several years old, founded 1607 then Pemaquid Patent, now Bristol, to whom they came for the aid which kept them starving. 

1974 Roberta's Mother's Day Card

Only the front and back panels are scanned of this six panel card sent to Mom on Mother's Day 1974.  Roberta accompanied Aunt Mary to the banquet mentioned according to a previous 1974 letter.

Happy Mother's Day Mom –––

Had a really nice banquet last night down at the Church – paying tribute to our Mothers – too bad you weren't down here!

Enjoy your day and I'll be thinking about you ––

Friday, May 09, 2014

1994 MV's Mother's Day Card

1994 MV's Mother's Day Card

Sorry we were not able to be with you even on Mother's Day we but know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, especially for your speedy recovery.  We're so glad you're back home, safe and sound.

Ginny is doing fine and is inching her way toward toilet training.  We've sung Happy Birthday more times than I care to count to more people and things (todays objects we sang to were her slippers and car seat . . . .)  Wouldn't candid camera have fun with that!

Our Mother/Daughter banquet was tonight at Somerset, wish you could have been there.  They did a hat theme with awards plus hats off to mothers with tributes to 6 prominent women in the group by their daughters and/or granddaughters.  The Methodist Men always cook & serve the meal – tonight they had Romaine salad, mixed fruit, chicken cavatine, gnocci [sic] & bread sticks, eggplant permesan [sic] (could have left that off!) and cherry cheesecake.  One of the men is quite a gormet [sic] and heads it up each year.

I was at a loss as to what to get you for Mothers Day as I was trying to think of something that might be useful while you recuperate (if Dad ever lets you be still . . .) I am enclosing two blank books.  You may use them however you like – a suggestion might be to record your life story for your own enjoyment and to pass on to your children and grandchildren et al.  I would be glad to type & Make copies for each child, but I think (know) it would be very meaningful and helpful to us.  Especially regarding your parents/siblings whom J.B. and [I] never knew and the oldest three ever so briefly.  This is just a suggestion.  It is your present to do with as you like.

Well, it is late & I better close.  Sorry not to see you this weekend but hopefully soon.  We go see our new parsonage (and church) 5/17.  Address forthcoming.

With all our love ––
Mary Va, Don & Ginny

PS [Paragraph about a suicide victim who had recently been arrested is not included here.]

1994 John's Mother's Day Card


We so much appreciate your coming up for Kate's 1st birthday bash and family confab.  I think you are doing marvelously well getting around with your cast.

We are so glad you can spend Mother's Day with us.  Our hope is for you to enjoy the day.  You are so special to us and do so much for us.  We want to begin to do a little for you.

You are a wonderful Mom.  I praise God for you, Mom.

All our love, John, Julie & Kate

Thursday, May 08, 2014

1974 Catherine's Letters -May 7

Two letters, probably included in the same envelope. Certainly gave Mary enough questions to answer in her next letter.

May 7, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John, and Mary,

Hi!  It's a rainy day here so we're not hauling rocks at the moment.  Sure hope it doesn't rain too much during the coming months, especially July since we will be camping out then.  Tom came for lunch today.  He flew to Pittsburg [sic] this past weekend and in another three weeks he will be going there for a whole week in which they will sell their house and get their stuff packed up to take off.  He said that Aunt Virginia had a stroke which paralyzed her right (?) side.  I guess they don't know yet if it's permanent.  Had you heard anything?  Their oldest boy is four years old.  He goes to nursery school, I think his name is Mike, and the young one is Jeff.  Tom is staying at a motel in Wells

They finally finished digging the basement.  I guess they dynamited twice to get the larger boulders broken down.  We have been hauling rocks every time we have the chance.  It takes awhile to get the muscles in shape to throw rocks around.

One of the ladies at the library has got some sort of bladder infection so she has been out for a week and a half.  She's supposed to see a specialist on Friday.  I have to work several mornings a week to cover the hours she is normally there.  We got our new Encyclopedia Brittanica [sic] last week.  Did you say that Wilmington is getting it?  The salesman said that if you read it eight hours a day it would take one year to get through it.

We got one of our puppies back.  The landlord wouldn't let them keep it.  She's one of the cutes ones.  It seems strange thought that I didn't have any trouble giving all of them away before and now we can't find anyone who wants a puppy.  Meanwhile she eats more every day.

I went to the doctor to have two warts removed from my fingers.  He put some sort of acid on them and now it looks like I burned them very badly.  They are beginning to scab over.  Fortunately they don't fell [sic] as badly as they look.  I guess they have to heal over before the doctor will be able to tell if he killed the roots of the larger one.

I thought I'd follow Roberta's example and lose some weight.  I was at 130 and in 6 weeks I have not gotten to 119.  I hope to get to 110.  I burn up lots of calories hauling rocks.

Love, Catherine & X

* * * * *

May 7, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Thank you for your last letter.  Is that an orange flare that you wrote it with?  I'm glad to hear that you don't have too much more school.  Do you think you'll pass into the fifth grade?  I had Mrs. King when I was in the fifth grade, is that who you'll have?  Or is she not teaching anymore?

Have you planted anything in the garden yet?  People around here have stuff in their houses (like little tomato plants) but nobody has anything outside yet.  The trees are just beginning to bud.  Have you mowed your grass yet?  Ours is about high enough to be mowed.  Especially where the sun hits it the most.

I got an orange flag on a pole for the back of my bicycle.  Do you know what I mean?  Do you have one on your bicycle?  The day after I put it on I almost got hit by a pick-up truck, so I guess even orange flags don't make bicycles 100% safe.

Have you done any more cooking lately?  We just got a new kids cookbook at the library.  Does Wilmington Library have very many cookbooks?

Speaking of books did you ever finish that book you were reading when you were here?  Are you reading something else now?

It's about time to go to work so I've got to hurry and change my clothes.  Write again soon.

Love, Cathy

Final Stop: London, May 1954

A few travel quotes to finish off our trip and some thoughts from HH:

From HH: La Tour d'Argent - Paris Restaurant postcard which I sent to Mom and Dad after they sent to me with postcards from their Europe trip. Dad's comments re that card:  Yes, we were there for lunch. It was too formal for us, but still an experience. We have eaten and stayed at some of the worst and and also the other extreme places around the world. It's always cheaper (and more enjoyable) than being in the hospital.

One year we met the Sankers in Paris and drove around Europe. They liked to stick to the cheap places, like McDonalds. Bill as an engineer with GE travelled around the world at GE's expense. One meal
in Paris was at a place called Flunch and one serving of brussel sprouts had some 20 sprouts. What an overkill. Cheap, but hardly variety.

When touring Paris, Calvin would irritate Jean by getting off the subway a "zone" before their stop as the charge was paid depending on how many zones were traveled.

Do recall Naples in 1954 as still having war destruction areas to be cleaned. We had a general idea of the areas we wanted to visit, but no advance reservations and we hadn't heard of credit cards then, just had travel checks and cash and two suitcases w/o wheels.

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. ~Francis Bacon

The rewards of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor. ~Unknown

Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more. ~Unknown

Not all those who wander are lost ~J. R. R. Tolkien

1954 Europe Itinerary:
Monday March 15 - flew to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA, saw Bob Ballantyne
Wednesday March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Friday March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
 - First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
 - Second stop at Gibraltar
Monday March 29 - Barcelona Spain
Tuesday March 30 - Genoa Italy
Wednesday March 31 - Sorrento Italy
Thursday April 1 - Monreale Sicily
Friday April 2 - Palermo Italy
Saturday April 3 - Capri Naples Italy
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome Italy
Friday April 9-12 - Florence Italy
Tuesday April 13-14 - Salzburg Austria
Wednesday April 15-19 - Vienna Austria
Monday April 19-21 - Zurich Switzerland, side trip to Lucerne on 4/20
Wednesday April 21 - Frankfurt Germany, stopped in Karlsruhe for lunch
Thursday April 22 - St. Goar Germany
Friday April 23 - On the Rhine River Germany
Saturday April 24-27 - Amsterdam, Volendam, Hague Netherlands
Wednesday April 28 - Brussels Belgium
Thursday April 29 - May 5 - Paris with Calvin Smith
Thursday May 6-12 - London
Tuesday May 18 - Return to New York City

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey & County Hall, London 
sent to Mrs. NW Ballantyne - May 9, 1954
 Sunday, May 9, 1954
On our way to Windsor today after seeing the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
There is so very much to see here and so little time to do it in.  Clothes aren't very expensive here but cut  so oddly.  Decided to shop Sat. afternoon but all stores were closed but one.  Men's suits are cut even more differently.  We leave Wed. (May 12) and arrive in New York May 18 but don't know when or how we leave there.  Staying at the Regent Palace here and the breakfasts are immense.  All our very best love – Harold & Jean
Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret's Church & Big Ben, London 
sent to Catherine & Roberta - May 12, 1954
See the double deck buses.  We like to ride on top in the front seats and wish you could enjoy the views with us.
We leave today (May 12) for the ship – take a special train at 4:00 (10:00 AM your time) and then we'll really be on our way home.
Had a very pleasant visit and supper with Mrs. Mary H. Terrell's sister and brother-in-law Monday.
Mommy and Daddy really eat big breakfasts here.  We'll tell you all about it soon. Love and XXXXX, D&M

Thus concludes the 1954 European Tour, the last "big trip" before settling down in New Vienna and sending Catherine, Roberta, Serena, John and Mary off to school.   Thanks for all the trips of a lifetime, Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

(Happy?) Dutch Family - May 5, 1954

Soon to be leaving Paris, but one more Dutch card to send first. MV asked in a recent comment for a reminder about Calvin's stay in Paris. He received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the University of Paris.  By the timing, this would have been after his graduation from Capital University in Columbus.  In 1957 he received a PhD from Duke in Literature, writing his thesis on English poet, John Milton (1608-1674).  Milton spent several years abroad and time in Paris 1638-39.

Refer to Calvin Smith Family and New Vienna Church of Christ for more information about Calvin and his family.
Dutch Family Postcard sent to Al Smith - May 5, 1954
[Wednesday] May 5th, [1954] Paris
Al, this is a picture of a Dutch family on one of the islands.  Spent 4 days there and the bulb fields very beautiful – like an open air greenhouse.  Spending a week in Paris, and then to London.  Glad we are not [on] a conducted tour and can stop and go as we please.  Hope things are fine with you.  – Harold Uible

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Paris - May 1954

Paris card sent to M/M CJ Uible - May 2, 1954
Calvin is really showing us Paris and all its surroundings.  
Today we went to the American Church in Paris, the first American church established in Europe [in 1814].  Very nice service.  We also went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, not quite as tall [1063 feet] as the Empire State Building [1250 feet], and got a wonderful view of the city from all sides.  Saw Napoleon's tomb.  We really appreciate bed by nightfall.  Love, H&J
Napoleon's Coffin Postcard sent to M/M CJ Uible - May 4, 1954
[Tuesday] 4 May 1954
Calvin has been simply wonderful to us here.  Last night we went to his Apt. and met M. & Mme Balters [?] and they are so lovely.  See why Calvin chose to live with them and they think so much of him.
Received 4 letters here from you + others; really hit the jackpot.  On to London tomorrow.  Will write from there about when we'll get to New Vienna, all depends on New York and customs!  Love, Harold & Jean. Charles – received your letter here.

Note on address side of card about The Principia in St. Louis appears to be written in Jean's handwriting, but not sure it has any significance to this card otherwise.  The Principia is a Christian Science college.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Dutch Children (sent from Paris) - May 2, 1954

Dutch Children card sent to Catherine & Roberta from Paris - May 2, 1954
[Sunday] 2 April 1954 [Should be May, not April]
These are some more Dutch boys and girls in the clothes they wear on Sundays.
We're starting our 4th day in Paris and Uncle Calvin keeps us busy all the time so we'll see everything.
We have a picnic every noon for we buy bread and cheese and ham and some fruit dessert and either eat it in our room or in a park.  Wish you girls were here to be with us.
There was a little girl 3 years old in front of us at church today.  It was her first time and she was so quiet. Love and lots of XXXXX, Daddy and Mommy

Is there some implication in the last sentence that perhaps Catherine and Roberta are not always quiet in church?  Or a reminder perhaps that we should try harder to be quiet!

* * * * *
Comments from original post:
Mary Uible Crowson said...
LOL----I know the remark was NOT aimed at Catherine!!!
Catherine said...
HH adds: Do recall RUK getting the giggles in church and then the bench would move and then more giggles, but we survived. There is a saying in the guest bathroom in NV the effect that "children are great in our old age and they help you reach it sooner." It is the old story, we reap what we sow, and all of our children turned out fine.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

1994 Roberta's Mother's Day card -May 2

Hi!  Always great to talk w/you on the phone – MOM – miss not being able to be in touch w/ you when you travel!

The UM Homeless Shelter for children is a wonderful place – I'm happy to support this program.  How different these children live than Miss Kate  & the talking Miss Ginny!

Love to you & Dad! – Roberta

Items from Uible photo album