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William Arnold Horton 1914-1994

Uncle Bill is one of the few relatives I can think of that were born and died in a "4" year.  The following is from some typed notes that may have been turned into his obituary, but since his birthday comes earlier in the year this will serve as a summary of his life.

* * * * *

William Arnold Horton was born January 31, 1914 in East Springfield an unincorporated village in Jefferson County, Ohio, the son of Joseph and Selina Weals Horton.  He was the third of four children.  He grew up in East Springfield and graduated from Amsterdam High School in 1932.  Amsterdam, a town of about 500, is about five miles from East Springfield.

Bill attended Indiana University at Indianapolis in Business Administration.

On June 24, 1942 he married Mary Uible at Columbus, Ohio.  They met at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio in Civil Service 5th Corp. Area Medical Corp.

A veteran of World War II, he served as a Master Sergeant in the Medical Unit in Calcutta, India.  Upon returning to the States, he resided in Hillsboro, Ohio for seven years.  In 1952 he relocated his family to Lake Worth, Florida and this remained his home until his death.

The last five years of his life he enjoyed his summer months in New Vienna and he was an active member in the Senior Citizens Center and the Methodist Church.

He became licensed as a stock broker for the Brokerage Security Firms of Sutro Brothers of Palm Beach, Hirsch and Co., and DuPont, Glore, Forgan, Inc., of Lake Worth, and Dean Witter of West Palm Beach, Florida.

He was an active member of Calvary United Methodist Church, serving as lay leader, member of Board of Trustees, Finance committee and other leadership capacities.  He was a life long member of the Masonic Grand Lodge, F. & A.M. of Florida and was also a Past President of the Lake Worth Lions club.

He enjoyed playing golf and was a member of the 9 Hoelrs of the Lake Worth Golf Course.

His family included his wife, Mary Uible Horton (1913-2012), three sons, Joseph Uible Horton, Cris Weals Horton (Angela), and Robert Hiestand Horton (Cindy) and a daughter, Marianne Horton Kintner (Larry); born between 1947 and 1956; and six grandchildren.

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1994 Roberta Letter -Jan.30

Dear Folks,

Don't panic – but then don't get in the habit of hearing from me twice in 1 week – thru the US Mail!  Actually I'm still in shock over our most recent phone bill.  Between Wendy's last week in 'BRIT' – as she says & Christmas our phone bill hit an all time high!

We just got recent pictures of Miss Ginny included w/ a birthday card for Sid – She sure does take a great picture – I had forgotten how blond she is.  She is a happy & smart looking child.  I sure appreciate Mary VA & Julie keeping me supplied w/ recent pictures of young generation!  I'm looking forward to the photo opportunities we will have at Estes! 

Cris H called today – he wanted to know final Amt – tho not due till end of June he wanted to send now so that July would seem closer!  I told him he could keep it in his Acct – instead of mine – so we'll see.  They bought a new (to them) car – 88 Buick – so they will drive to Estes.  Still unsure about Angela's graduation date!

Do you remember my friend Margaret Kaps – she & her daughter were at our wedding.  Her husband a serious diabetic – toes would fall off.  He died while I was in NYC in September.  She always wanted me to go to Garden Grove [also known as the Crystal Cathedral, which is now owned by the Catholic Church] to Schuller's conference –  well, to make a long story bearable – we are going to all day conference March 10th.

I called the 800# & it was unreal all the prices & seatings, meals – etc. available – from $49 to $225.  We went with $79 seat but  NO meals, not the $30 breakfast w/ Zig & $50 lunch w/ Larry King – or the $15 reserved parking.  We will take the bus down & walk to the AZ Center for lunch (under $5).

Guess who the last speaker of the day is?  George Bush!!  We feel like it's great value to hear all the speakers for $79.00.  Besides I can use it for business expense.

It's late – Love, Roberta

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1994 Sid Letter -Jan.30

This January 1994 letter from Sid is partially condensed and transcribed below.

January 30, 1994
Dear Harold and Jean,

I want to thank you for your most generous birthday check.  I am glad that the "94" refers to the year, not my age.  Thanks very much; it makes the inevitable birthday far more enjoyable.

I walked the canal today and Roberta talked [walked and possibly talked too] to Metrocenter a couple of times. 

I am busy getting out my bi-monthly NARFE newsletter.

We are certainly looking forward to the Estes Park reunion [of both the King and the Uible/Horton family].

It's about time to feed my cats.  One or our residents, Grace Clark, takes great enjoyment in feeding our resident Tom; i.e., Gorgeous George.  She was quite dismayed a few days ago when he appears at her doorstep with a lacerated ear.  Roberta feels her interest in pets has brought about a definite improvement in her condition.  She is 92.  

Again, I want to thank you all for the birthday check and Christmas check and gifts.  They are much appreciated and will be put to good use.

With love, Sid

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1984 Naylor's Furniture receipt -Jan.28

A sale on mattresses may have prompted this purchase at Naylor's Furniture of the new Serta Hotel perfect sleeper mattress & box spring.  The back side contains a variety of notes:  library call numbers, a hotel address in King of Prussia, PA, some magazine references, and an address of a company in Blue Ash.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

1974 Catherine Letter -Jan.28

 Monday morning

January 28, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,

It was good talking to you all on Saturday.  I was paying the phone bill and noticed how inexpensive the calls to NV were so . . . .

We went to look at the 10 acres I told you about again yesterday.  It isn't ideal but it's alot better than most other things we've seen.  We have the option to buy until Feb. 2 and then somebody else will probably snap it up if we don't want it.  X has a couple other pieces he wants to see before making up his mind.

We got birthday cards from Roberta, Grandma and a card and a note from Oscar & Elizabeth.  Roberta also sent us a belated birthd Christmas present –– sheets & pillowcases in bright designs.

Did I tell you X is taking an auto maintenance course in adult ed this semester?  It just started last week.  I thought about taking upholstery but it interfered with other things.

Our typewriter has been at the repair shop for 3 weeks.  They're not known for their snappy service.  At least when one broke down at the library they gave us another to use in the meantime.

Yesterday we set a high temp. record here.  It got up to 57º.  This morning it is 20º.  Alot of the snow has melted.  What's left looks pretty grungy.

Well, I've got things to do.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Love, Catherine & X
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

1974 Roberta letter -Jan.27

 January 27, 1974

Dear Family,

Hi!  Another slow Sunday at work – so it looks like a good day to get caught up on some of my correspondence!!

Mary V – thanks for your last letter – I know by now that you must have gotten Grandma;s cookie order.  How many boxes of cookies did you sell altogether?  What was the most popular one ordered?  The Mint ones were always my favorite _ Have you been out selling them at the bank & places?  Last Monday night in front of the Weight Watchers meeting place in Lantana there were 2 girls selling cookies – but I made them move their table l& all down.

I won't be home for Feb. 11th, Mary V. –– what's happening then?

This Wednesday I have my first slew of tests.  Of course, – I'm really looking forward to them! (HA!) Especially the Social Psych one – the criminal justice courses don't scare me too much!

I've really been on the stick this last week about applying for summer jobs. There was an article in the school newspaper about this Service called Student Overseas Services (S.O.S.) that will try & place you in a summer job in Europe & also arrange for your room & board.  So I wrote them a letter (It said in the article that there is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT).

Also wrote a letter to the man that I guess is the administrator of the Weight Watchers Summer Camps.  One of the women at the main office has been after me to apply so I finally did it!  W.W. has 4 camps – maybe 5 – for fat little kids.  One up in Canada, one in New York mountains, one in California and I'm not sure about #5!  The camp is for 8 weeks and costs the kids $1500 apiece.  Imagine that?  Anyway I've written to the man about being a camp counselor.

If everything (as far as jobs go) falls through for summer I guess there's always school.

Last night I went to the South Florida Fair – it's somewhere West of WPB.  Seven of us went all- together – 3 from FAU and 4 others.  Yesterday was the 1st day and the place was really packed. I was thinking this morning that you could go to Disney World almost cheaper than the fair – because it cost $2.00 to get in.  Then all of the rides were 75¢ - except for the kiddie rides – they were only 25¢.  And there's sure no comparison between D.W. and the fair!!

It's now 2:20 – I've had a total of 7 customers – maybe $10.00 if I'm lucky!!

Grandma had alot of trouble lately w/her legs & feet swelling.  She didn't go to Church today because she couldn't even get her shoes on.

I went to early service again today – the crowd was much better than last week ––

Well, got to go & get on w/ my other correspondence!!

Love, Berta

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

1994 Roberta Letter -Jan.26

Dear Dad & Mom,

Gee – where should I start?  I've had this envelope addressed since just after Christmas – & keep putting this & that in it!

Did have breakfast w/ JONES – including their Denver daughter & her 3 year old lively son.  Babs – ex Continental flight attendant – whose husband is a pilot w/ Continental.  Guess where we ate?  At McDonalds in Scottsdale – mostly for the pleasure of the grandson.  Enjoyed meeting them – they have had quite a stay in Arizona – of course reading every day the OHIO temperatures.  They have 2 sons here – 1 a teacher – 1 very well off.  That's the one that owns the condo where they have been staying & even has season tickets –Box– for Phx Suns (Basketball) people almost lie for those – lots of court cases – etc. concerning them.

Ed Jones is going deaf – well – he could benefit from a hearing aid.  I'll enclose a card I picked up at a recent meeting – casual test for such!

We had planned to go out to the Superstitions in the trailer – but turned cold – 60's – predicted RAIN – for the weekend.  We had beautiful weather everyday when Sara was here.  I'd sure be crying the blues if back in Ohio w/your recent snow & – zero!

We have had lots – maybe too much – cultural activities lately.  This next week 2/1 Travel Film – Venice at the Sundome – 2/5 Oklahoma - the musical & a Phx Symphony.  I'll go to the first two!  We also have a play at the Herberger an Aftn on the 6th.  I did goof up & didn't take orders for play – Shadowlands – life of C.S. Lewis.  Heard later how good it was!

A friend of our got us the words to In His Time – Inez thrilled – didn't realize it was such a new (especially for someone born in 1899!) hymn!

Did I tell you I got a nice note & Sympathy card from G.G.?  It's so much nicer than just getting a store bought w/signature alone!  She mentions Cy & Ellen & we have plans (Revolutionary new idea for Hortons!) to see them on Friday – Feb. 11.  I'll try to write GG soon but if you would mention how much I appreciate!

Spoke to Miss Wendy tonight – She seems to be ailing.  Must be rough being 16!  We have dinner tomorrow night w/ Morgans – going Greek for Catherine's B'Day.

THANKS!  For the generous Christmas check – it's going to good use in travel area since I've just gotten the bills for both my Feb – FLA trip & my April – Ohio trip!  I love the George Fox College Shirt w/hood & of course you know me & socks!  The cow socks from Ben & Jerry's are sure unique!

I just got my Christmas package from Serena [or Sara?] – 2 really nice pair of Blue (which I requested) ear-rings & also 2 pair of socks – 1 being Christmas pair & 1 being a combination slipper-socks (for our cold nights!)

We also like our BIRD tapestry from ?? alot – we had just the right place for it by the door in the bedroom.

Our February Guidepost just came today – we thank you for that too!  We both enjoy it.

Thanks too for your recent letter and for enclosing the long – well written obit for John Hughes!

Have you been in touch w/Cynthia?  I asked Wendy if she had written Cynthia & I think you know the answer.  I have to remind myself how FAR I have come since being 16 – and how very patient my parents & grandparents were with me!

When do you see Mary Virginia & family?  You might mention to them I'd be proud to let Miss Ginny have my frequent flyer ticket to get to Denver or maybe she could use it to come see us in AZ next few years.  That would mean all would have to fly on Continental.  Price RT to Denver from Phx $180.00 for July.  A Bargain as compared to those coming from the EAST.

Better go – get on the stair climber & do 3,000 steps!!

Much love, Roberta
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

1974 Roberta letter -Jan.23

 January 23, 1974

Dear Family,

Hi!  Monday was sure a good mail day for all of us - as we got your letter, Mary V's letter, a letter from Serena, and one from Mares.  OH - and also heard from Cris - but he doesn't the use the U.S. Mail - he uses General Bell instead! (HA)  Thanks for the article on diets - way of life.  I've started keeping a folder on articles I can use - so if you ever see anything - especially on W.W. or otherwise I would appreciate it!

I'm glad you all had such a good trip to Chicago - it must have been neat staying on the 52nd floor!  [Was this the first use of the suite in the John Hancock building?]  Wasn't it just last year that I went to Chicago w/you all and we met Catherine & X there?

Inventory is all over now - thank goodness - till June!  We really had a time w/all the cards - but everything else went pretty fast!  We had so many drawers of cards & gift wrap paper to count!  I came home lat night hardly able to see straight – HA – and I'm sure I counted in my sleep last night.

I guess you all have heard the news about Dupont-Walston [A brokerage firm that collapsed in 1974].  Needless to say Uncle Bill hasn't been in too high of spirits lately.  Oh - you all know his birthday is coming up the 31st of this month.

Kress's the 5&10 cent store downtown W.P.B. - across from B's is going out of Business.  Poor downtown WPB seems to be dying!!

One thing that I have to do while I'm home in March is to go & see Doctor Hause.  If I should need an appointment will you please make me one.  I lost part of a filling Monday but I'd rather wait & see Dr. Hause instead of going to a dentist down here.  I did make an appointment about a week ago to see a gyn (sp?) doctor.  The appointment isn't till March Feb. 5 – but it will be here before I know it!!

How's the new minister and his family doing?  We noticed in the WNJ where the name had been changed in the Church news.

I've been thinking of having the Buick painted while I'm home in March.  It really needs it – also I think it might run better if I got it painted  HA!  You know – like you feel better when your hair is clean!

Nancy & I and sometimes 2 others are carpooling it down to school now.  The only thing I dislike about the set-up is that they like to get here about 9:00 in order to get a cup of coffee, and a donut somewhere.  But - it does save alot of money w/gas and also it's nice having company – especially Wednesday nights - our class is usually over between 9:00 & 9:30 p.m.  We're all in the same evening class - but each one of us has a different 9:30 morning class!

My Monday evening W.W. class of 23 people lost 69½ pounds last week!  That really looked good on our tally.  I'm just real proud of them!  W/ the holidays over they are really buckling down to program.

I wish I could brag as much on my Friday morning class – oh – they are a bunch of characters.  Most of them either from Century Village (a Jewish Community near the mall) or from Palm Beach.  Every week they have about a 1001 questions and they have all the answers before they ask the questions!!  Alot of them are here from New York – and we do things alot different than the N.Y. franchise which causes some problems.  We are much stricter.  All in all it makes for everything to be pretty exciting!!

School is going right along!  Since I'll be done March 6h this is really a fast quarter for me.  OH –– Teresa (a girl from B's) and I are making plans to go to Florida State Univ. and visit – probably the 2nd or 3rd week-end in Feb.  When I say week-end I mean leave on Thursday and get back on Saturday.  Fla. State is supposed to have one of the best law enforcement programs in the country.  Why not add another school to my list??  (Ho-Hum!!!)  Everything I've done here would transfer there w/ no problem.  The only thing is that I would hate to go that far North - might get cold up there.  HA – but that's what Teresa says.  Right now she's a Soph. at the Junior College.

Well - I better close for now & look at my books for a few minutes before I go to class ––

Love, Berta
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1974 Catherine letter to Mary -Jan.22

January 22, 1974

Dear Mary,

Hi!  I hope you had a good time in Chicago.  What did you do there?

We have been working hard at the library lately as Mrs. Adams got some sort of infection in her legs and hasn't been able to work.  I think she is to come back today so it should be a little less hectic.

Tell Mom that I have mailed the top back to her.  If she wants she can exchange it for a medium sized one.

It is a real nice day here, the sun is shining and the temperature is about 45º.  The snow is turning to slush.  Last night it rained quite a bit.

Sanford is building a new YMCA.  About four years ago they raised $400,000 but they found out that wasn't enough – they put up the walls and the roof and then they ran out of money.  So now they need $649,075.28 more.  Since we don't know people very well to go and ask them for money we get to help count the money as it comes in.  So far they have gotten $44,000.

I have to get ready for work now.  Write again soon!

Love, Cathy
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Monday, January 20, 2014

1974 Frank R. Uible obituary Cleveland -Jan.20

Frank Rutledge Uible 
January 10, 1895 - January 20, 1974

In addition to his obituary, scanned and transcribed below, can be added the following information, some of which was found on wikipedia:
  • He graduated from New Vienna High School in 1912, the first of three Uible graduates of NVHS, followed by cousins, Mary in 1931 and Harold in 1943.  His name is listed in the 1912 class list as Rutledge Uible.  
  • His parents predeceased him: William David "Will" or "W.D." Uible 1869-1942 ; and Ida M. Stouder 1871-1920.
  • He was survived by a younger brother, Russell Lionel Uible, 1896-1983 who lived in St. Louis.
  • Stepmother, Verda May Burton Barger Uible, 1879-1966, Will's third wife, lived in Leesburg, where she and Will moved in the 1920s.
  • Frank's childhood was spent in New Vienna, until a fire destroyed his father's livery business; they later moved to a farm near Cuba, Ohio, in Washington Township.  Frank may have boarded with another family in order to finish school in New Vienna.
  • He served in the US Army during World War 1 as a First Lieutenant in the Third Officers Training Camp; received an honorable discharge December 18, 1918.
  • His college years were interrupted by WW1, but he graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in 1919; graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1927, and began practice in Cleveland.  He opened his own office in 1930.
  • In 1932 he was elected to the Ohio House of Representative, serving on the Judiciary Committee.  He was reelected in 1934, and was Democratic floor leader of the House, and reelected again in 1936, serving as Speaker of the House for two years.  In 1938 he was a candidate in the primary election for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.
  • Frank married Laura Michalske of Cleveland, on July 30, 1932.
  • He was a grandson of Sarah Elizabeth Smith, 1841-1890; and David Uible 1845-1926.  His father, Will, 1869-1942, was the oldest of their seven (or eight) children which also included Frank C. Uible, 1871-1953; Mary Louisa Uible, 1873-1893; Ennis Harris Uible, 1877-1910; George (Clyde?) Uible, 1880-1906; Cecil J Uible, 1883-1969; and Serena Uible Reynolds 1884-1963.
  • Frank R. was the oldest of 14 grandchildren of David & Sarah Smith Uible:
Grandchildren of David & Sarah Smith Uible include:
  1. Frank Rutledge Uible, 1895-1974 (son of Will)
  2. Russell Lionel Uible, 1896-1983 (son of Will)
  3. Mary Serena Uible Sterrett, 1901-1990 (daughter of Frank C.)
  4. Frank C. Uible Jr., 1904-2001 (son of Frank C.)
  5. Earlene Ennis Uible Lumley, Jan.1909-2007 (daughter of Ennis)
  6. Howard Perin Uible, Apr.1909-2010 (son of Frank C.)
  7. Helen Reynolds Hancock, 1910-1963 (daughter of Serena)
  8. Marjorie M Reynolds Guild, Jun.1912-1994 (daughter of Serena)
  9. Richard Clyde Uible, Dec.1912-2007 (son of Frank C.)
  10. Mary Uible Horton, 1913-2012 (daughter of Cecil)
  11. Serena Reynolds Pugh, 1914-1968 (daughter of Serena)
  12. Lucile A Reynolds Hunnicut Ito, 1916-2009 (daughter of Serena)
  13. Leslie C Reynolds Jr., 1922-1998 (son of Serena)
  14. Harold Hiestand Uible, 1925- Living (son of Cecil)

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Frank R. Uible dies, arbitration lawyer

After serving in the Ohio Legislature from 1933 to 1940, Frank R. Uible went on to become one of the better known and respected lawyers in Greater Cleveland.

Mr. Uible, 79, died Sunday at his Shaker Heights home.

He had been a Democratic representative in the Ohio House and was speaker of the House in 1937 and 1938.  He was a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University and the Western Reserve University Law School.

Mr. Uible was a member of the Cleveland, Ohio and American Bar Associations, the American Arbitration Assn. and the executive committee of the cuyahoga County Democratic Party.

His wife, Laura, also a lawyer, died in 1971.

He is survived by sons Frank R. Jr., of St. Louis, and David R. and daughter Mrs. Anne Birnbaum, of New York.

Services will be tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the Memorial Chapel at Lake View Cemetery, 12316 Euclid Ave.

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1974 Roberta letter to Mary -Jan.19

The back side of this letter is an advertisement entitled: Love For Sale: Come Pick-A-Pet at Burdines Pet Plaza, courtesy of the Animal Rescue League. Love the reference about age 40 and age 80 – here we are about half way between the two.  Transcription of this two page letter from Roberta to MV follows.

 January 19, 1974

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How's everything with you?  Right now I'm at work – and you would never believe the excitement right outside our door.  As the back of this paper says – there are all kinds of cats & dogs for sale.  There are lots & lots of people all around – especially alot of children.  It's pretty noisy – dogs barking & children yelling!

We got your SHORT letter – but you know when your write such short letters you have to write more often.  When you can you should try & write Grandma – she always enjoys from you – so do the rest of us but we can all read the same letter!

You all have really gotten out of alot of school this winter – due to the nasty cold weather!  Will you have to make any of that up?  That's one thing the kids can't do down here – miss school due to snow & ice!

I'm glad you got the doddle [doodle?] board – I got one for myself too – except I got myself a fish one – since I eat so much fish!  HA!  I use mine as a lap board when I write – you know kind of like a clip board.

What do you do to make money now that you don't deliver the News-Journal anymore?

OH – now the people are beginning to walk through the department w/their new cats & dogs.  What an interesting day at work!!

Did Serena come home for her birthday?  How old is she now – 19 or 20?  We're all getting so old – can't you just me at 40 – I'll probably still be in school – HA!!  Or how about at 80!!!

Have you heard from Catherine/X lately?  It's been a LONG time since I have.  Of course – I probably owe them a letter!!

Well – I better go – say hello to everyone for me – and do write me when you can!!

Love, Berta
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

1954 HH appointed to NV Bank board -Jan.14

 (Wilmington, Ohio) The News-Journal, January 14, 1954

Two Banks Elect Officials
Vienna, Sabina Banks 
Hold Annual Meetings

The New Vienna Bank elected one new director and reelected officers and The Sabina Bank reelected directors and officers at the annual stockholders and board meetings held Wednesday at the banks.

Harold H. Uible, attorney, and secretary and vice president of the Wells Manufacturing Co. was elected a director of the New Vienna Bank to fill the vacancy created by the death of Dr. W.T. Matthews.  H.N. Penn was reelected president; H.D. Wright, vice president; H.G. Williamson, cashier; Miss Ethel Johnson, assistant cashier.

Charles Johnson is chairman of the board of directors and other directors renamed are Penn, Wright, Howard Page, J. Gurney Terrell and H.L. Carey.  Mrs. Chester Ledford and Mrs. Russell Powell are tellers and bookkeepers.

The Sabina board of directors reelected Roy Staubus chairman of the board; P.J. Keane president; Harry E. Nunn. vice president; Jack M. Burkett, cashier, Harold Hite, assistant cashier.

Directors renamed are Staubus, Keane, Nunn, Burkett, W.E. Powers, Virgil Young and W.H. Gray.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Jan.16

 January 16, 1984

Dear Dad & Mom,

THANKS!  For your generous Wedding check and for the many purchases, etc. you both made out here.  We sure appreciate all your help – financially & emotionally!!

I'm just sorry that the time went by so fast while you all were here & that you two got stuck with some of the "dirty" jobs!  Maybe that's part of the joy of being a parent!!

Thanks again for all – the check (we'll let you know how we spent the remaining) & the support!

Love, Roberta & Sid
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1984 Catherine's Oregon postcard -Jan16

Little Mac’s Motel, John Day, Oregon postcard mailed 1984.  Captioned: Little Mac's Motel, East Hwy 26 Downtown John Day.  Free Coffee - Phones - TV and Ice - Tubs and Showers - Individual Heating and Air Conditioning
1984 Catherine's Oregon postcard -Jan.16
Hi!  Thanks for your postcard.  You probably heard thru the grapevine that we made it home after an unexpected night at the Airport Sheraton in San Francisco due to a fog in Portland.  It took Wendy a few days to readjust to the school routine - she's been talking about her next trip to Ohio.  School will be out on June 6th.  I noticed TWA has a flight to Ohio from Portland but haven't ckd on any others.  Love, Morgans.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1984 Family Letter -Jan.14

HH and Jean have returned to Ohio after Roberta & Sid's December 31, 1983 wedding.  Transcription follows.

Saturday, January 14, 1984

Dear Family:

The past four weeks (since we headed west) have been full of happy memories.  WE are glad that all of the family were able to share in the joyous wedding occasion and to become acquainted with Sid and his daughters, and all who are most congenial.

Yes, we are getting back to normal here in NV and can virtually write "84" without too much thinking.  Several people have been in the office about doing their 1983 income tax returns.  The Ohio tax return even has pictures on the cover showing some of the recreational opportunities in our State.  On the news last night they told about going skiing near Bellbrook, Ohio.  The ground is covered with snow now, but no particular problem.  We were so lucky to have had cooperative weather on our trip.

We spent part of one morning looking around Albuquerque (one of their jokes at the square dance club where we visited is "Have you been [here] long enough to spell the name of the city).  How I wish now that I had kept some notes of our fist trip there in 1935.  We were impressed by the number of people waiting to get into the downtown library at 9 A.M.  Intelligent looking unemployed - saw two later having a big chess game in the corner of the children's room.  There were a number of signs along the highway extolling the "Free 72 oz. steak dinner in Amarillo" and then in much smaller print "if you eat it all in less than 1 hour."  Driving the van was much easier than the motor home, especially when we took an extra two days each way.  Wish that we could have stayed longer but coming back leisurely was much better than rushing back as we did last year.  It wasn't hard to put in the time - did get Schuller's book "Tough Times Never Last - Tough People Do" read aloud plus other things.  If we'd had a tape player we could have heard MV's tape that she made us for Christmas.

We carried a number of things out which we brought back with us like the Christmas letter we sent to others so hope you don't mind getting it late - any suggestions for next year would be gratefully appreciated.  We would have liked to write more about each one of you but know how some letters we have received go on and on and on.  Dad just came in to report that some of the things which we thought we had left in Arizona he found in the various nooks and crannies of the van - like the camera instruction book,his shoes but the little bird feed bags haven't - did want to share them with Elizabeth and Ruth.  Dad did give Eliz. a grapefruit.  Ruth's Brother [George R. Shoemaker 1913-1984] passed away in Grove City - I talked to her on the phone Tuesday but haven't seen her yet.  Fannie Moore got a letter from her daughter-in-law and son who attended the wedding so she read it to her Sunday School class.  The write-up got in the paper last night - know we had forgotten to verify names of Sid's parents so want to correct that before we send it to the South Bend paper - how far off were we, Sid???  Virginia Peterson changed it around so it was hard to check but think she got most of what we sent in and a number of people have commented on what a nice wedding from the article they'd read.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

1974 Roberta Letter -Jan.13

 January 13, 1974

Dear Family,

Hi!  Here I am at work - a dead Sunday - no business at all!  There have been some rumors going around that the store might start being closed down on Sundays, but I really can't imagine that!

Grandma & I got up early - had breakfast and then went to the 8:30 church service.  There were alot less people there this morning than last week!  We stayed for Sunday School - the attendance in Grandma's class is really down this year.  We got home just in time - before a big rain!!

Rob & Aunt M and Uncle B will be back sometime this afternoon from Daytona.  Did you all know that Rob lost his job – I guess the county is doing away w/ alot of their part time people.  From what I understand Lake Worth was the only office that had a clean-up boy - so out went Rob.  He was quite upset at first - but now he seems to be enjoying his leisure time!

Last Tuesday afternoon Rob & I went swimming in the ocean.  Once I got used to the water - it was really nice - but at first - the water was sure cold!  Aunt Mary gave me her bathing suit to use.

As for school - I think I'm going to like all three of my classes.  I've got lots of reading to do though in all of them - especially Social Psychology.  The Prof in there is assigning reading like it's going out of style!  It's funny but all the tests for all my classes fall on ALL the same days – MY LUCK!  The first batch is January 30th.

But- one thing I'm to be thankful is that all of my exams are on March 6th more than a week before the quarter is officially over!  so I'll have a nice long vacation – Spring quarter doesn't start till March 26th.

I was talking to a woman at work yesterday about flying home in March & she told me I ought to be calling the airlines about reservations.  So I did – and can you believe that the flights North in March are already filling up??!!  I couldn't believe it!  I have made tenative [sic] reservations on a Delta flight - March 7th - getting into Cincinnati at 11:28 AM.  No night flight this time!!  Would that be convenient for someone to meet me - if not let [me] know – NOW!

I think Grandma had a good time at Disney World.  The evening after we were there we heard on the news that they had laid were going to lay off close to 2,000 people.  Alot of part-time help but some 700 full-time people.  There just weren't to many people there at all - nothing like when we were there Mary Virginia.

John when are you coming down?  You and Nicky will have to make plans to come down.  I'm sure Dad will let you drive the big luxury car down. (HA!)

Dad - I got my income tax booklet – but you know I'll need help w/it all!

All of us that work on Sundays in this building (just 4 of us) have a system going.  We've got instant coffee & tea bags – and make hot water in the radar-range* – just takes about 1½-2 minutes.  That way we fight inflation - HA - and still get our afternoon drinks!  Have you all gotten a micro-wave oven yet?  I think they would be pretty nice.

W.W. classes are really filling up now – after inventory at B's (the 20th of January) I've decided to just work 2 days a week at B's – and have 4 W.W. classes – or maybe just three.  I've got to study sometime - HA!  I really do enjoy working for W.W. – it's the most unusual job I've ever had - NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!  Love, Berta

* * * * *
*From Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication and Computation (SMECC), article about Microwave Ovens: Radar-range was an early name for microwave ovens.  The first domestic microwave oven was produced in 1967.  Earlier versions, made for commercial purposes were 6 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds, costing about $5000 each.  By 1967 a smaller, safer and more reliable model was available for $500.  in 1975, sales of microwaves exceeded the sale or gas ranges.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

1954 NV Woman's Club program given by Jean Jan.13

Wilmington News-Journal January 13, 1954. Transcription follows.

New Vienna Club Has Program 

on The Wish Book

New Vienna Woman's Club members and guests were received by Mrs. Robert J. Custis for the first meeting of 1954 Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Walter Drake, president, presided during the business meeting.  She read an interesting story titled "New Year's Resolutions" written by Daniel Poling which has been published in the Christian Herald.

Mrs. Harold H. Uible, program leader, had as her subject "The Wish Book," or mail order catalog.  She gave the history of each of the four larger mail order houses.

Montgomery Ward is the oldest of the four, being established in1872, she said.  The first picture catalog was published in1878 and contained 24 pages.  In 1921 Montgomery Ward established its first retail store.

Sears Roebuck & Co. was next mentioned.  Mr. Sears began the present day huge business by selling a shipment of watches that would not be accepted by a jeweler in North Redwood, Minn., where he was the station agent.  Mr. Roebuck, a watch repairman from Chicago, became a partner some years later and today they are selling everything, the leader said.  In 1925, the Sears-Roebuck retail stores were organized.

Spiegel's was established in 1865 as a furniture store and developed into a mail order business in 1904, and Alden's ranks next to Sears Roebuck in their public relations program while they are considered the best in their stockholders' relation program, Mrs. Uible said.

Mrs. Custis invited her guests to the dining room where she served a salad course from a table that was covered with a homespun cloth and centered with an arrangement of red candles in a brass holder.  Mrs. Glenn Southerland poured.

Mrs. Wendell Walker and Mrs. O.F. Boyd, of Wilmington were guests of the members present:  Mrs. Charles R. Blackburn, Miss Mary Blackburn, Mrs. Homer Bohl, Mrs. Ralph Carey, Mrs. R. W. Cornelius, Mrs. Harry W. Curtis, Mrs. Mabel O. Davis, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. A.W. Hause, Mrs. George Neffner, Mrs. Howard N. Penn, Mrs. Geneva Phillips, Mrs. Harley Phillips, Mrs. Thomas M. South, Mrs. Southerland, Mrs. J. Guerney Terrell, Mrs. Paul Terrell, Mrs. Uible and Mrs. Homer K. Williams.

* * * * *
Montgomery Ward declared bankruptcy in 2000 and the original company became defunct in 2001.  The last Wards catalog was issued in 1984.

Sears, founded in 1893, was purchased by K-Mart in 2005, which renamed itself Sears Holding.  The last "big book" catalog was issued in 1993.

Spiegel filed for bankruptcy in 2003, reorganized and assumed the name of one of it's units, Eddie Bauer.  In 2009 they became a Lynn Tilton company.

Aldens became part of a conglomerate of retail chains operated by Gamble-Skogmo, closed 1982.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1974 Mary Letter to Serena Jan.11

The search for a prep/boarding school has started the visitation phase for John, accompanied by his parents and youngest sister. MV gets a chance to have some personal time. Transcription follows.

 Jan. 11, 1974

Dear Serena,

Hi!  Mom, dad, John went to Western Reserve Acadame (sp?) I wanted to stay and I did.  We took a tour of the Acadame yesterday.

Thanks you for the tee-shirt and ink pens.  We are going to stay at the John honcok (sp?) center.

It's fun to be by yourself while it lasts.

I here the maid.

Write soon.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

1974 Catherine's Letter -Jan.10

Thursday A.M.
January 10, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  We're really enjoying everything you sent us for Christmas.  The pants & jacket fit fine and I've worn them several times.  X has also been wearing the sweaters.  The colors coordinate well with the rest of his clothes.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to sending the top back.  I'll try to do it today.  I wonder if you can return it though, if it had tags on it they must have been thrown out with the wrappings.  I'm not sure what we'll use the money for – maybe an excursion to Boston.  The TV guide hasn't started yet but we did get a notice that it would soon.

Things at the library are going OK.  Today is the monthly board meeting and it is also the annual meeting where all the reports are given, officers elected, etc.  I spent two days this week trying to get the circulation figures to balance.

Our 5% wage increase has begun but I guess it won't make too much difference in our take home pay.  Could you please send me the price we bought the following checks stocks: Eaton, Jewel, DP&L, Upjohn and Foremost McKesson.

I don't think I knew Nancy Bernard but I wrote the address down.  Thanks for the NZ address.

I guess you could send the gift from the Fenwicks either that or bring it when you come.  Yes I would like the plastic bags.  Save them until you come if you want.  I've got enough to keep me going until then.

Just out of curiosity what jelly are you thanking us for?

It's been down near 0º the last few days but today it's up to 16º.  We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and more is coming down now, the forecast says it is to change to sleet later today.

Next week X and some of the board members are going to Brunswick (home of Bowdoin College) to see the new $550,000 addition to their public library.  They don't think they could get more than $200,000 out of Sanford.

Our typewriter is in the repair shop.  I guess it needed cleaned – the last time was 3 yeas ago.

Well, I've got to get ready for work.

Love, Catherine & X

Thursday, January 09, 2014

1994 John's letter -Jan.9

Sunday evening Jan 9, 1994

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for driving up to see us Thursday night.  We enjoyed the visit and wish you could have stayed longer.

Mom, you were a big help on Friday watching Kate.  I am glad you were willing to babysit as both Julie and I want Kate to grow up knowing you both and spending as much time as possible with you.  Neither Julie nor I worried a bit about Miss Kate last Friday.  And Julie had such a good time at Applebee's with you.  thanks for treating her.

Dad, thank you for filling up the gas tank on the Dodge Omni and for bringing up the bookcases.  I know it wasn't easy to part with the National Geographics.  We appreciate you hauling them up last week.  We plan to set it up in the guest bedroom.

We just received the additional shares of Lincoln Telecommunications.  Thats for that gift as well, Mom and Dad, you both are most generous.

We have still been considering the possibility of going to Mongolia this summer.  I am writing our missionary friends this week to see if it would work form their end.  We need to pray more about it and check into the cost.  If we decide to go, would you have any interest in going with us?  Think it over and we'll be talking to you.  Stay warm!

Love, John, Julie & Kate

P.S.  We do not intend you two to pay any part of our travel expense if you decide to go with us.

P.S.S.  Mom, I believe you left your toothbrush.  --John
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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

1944 Jean Letter to Parents -Jan.7

Jean wrote this letter to her parents, Nat and Lucie Brown Ballantyne, in January 1944, shortly after returning to West Virginia University, where she graduated in January 1945.  She lived in the Chi Omega sorority house.  There is reference to Uncle Bert, Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, who would have been 66 years old in 1944; he died October 4, 1946.  His wife, Aunt Leora Scott Brown, born 1880, died in July of 1944.  The reference to cousin John could be referring to their son, John Scott Brown (1911-1956), though I thought he went by "Scott."

Jean Ballantyne Uible's letter to her parents, January 7, 1944.  First and last page of 4 page letter.
Note the Chi Omega stationery.

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Friday, Jan. 7, 1944

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I have been so busy that I have not had time to write to you until now.  I called the Dime Delivery when I got in Monday at 4;30 and they said they would deliver my bags.  But I waited until Wednesday night and they still had not brought them so I went down after them myself and came back in a taxi.  I guess I should have done that in the first place.

Mother, are you taking a long nap in the afternoon and also your medicine?  I surely hope so.  Let the house work and cooking go.

What is new in New Cumberland?  It is time to pre-register for next semester.  I went to see Dr. Stathers today about it but he was busy so will have to wait until next Tuesday.

Margaret Matters, one of the girls who lives here in the house, lives in Athens, Ohio and her father raises turkeys.  He sent us a great big one and we had it last Wednesday night.

Junie told her grandmother she wanted a Bible for Christmas and so she gave her one and it turned out to be exactly like mine.  Her grandmother had her name put on the front of it or we would not be able to tell them apart.  It certainly is a nice one for in the back are notes about each book that helps me to study my Bible Literature.

I finally got the news for the Eleusis written but haven't got a whole lot.  Exams will begin a week from tomorrow.  Mine will all be over on the following Thursday -- that's two weeks from yesterday.  Next semester classes don't take up until the Next Thursday so I will probably be seeing you.  I may stay here until Friday in order to get a night's sleep caught up.  If you can go to Florida soon, don't let me interrupt your plans.  I can help you pack perhaps.

Was the package I had for Catherine Smith mailed?  I just had a little trouble with the typewriter - I couldn't get the tape on.

It is awfully cold out tonight.  I noticed snow off and on all day.  Did it snow at home the day I left?  The girls that live in Sistersville left at 12 noon and didn't get here until midnight because of snow and icy roads.

Next Tuesday night we are all going to the University play in a body.  The name of it is "Cry Havoc" and our new president, Janis Henderson has the leading role.  It is about seven nurses on Bataan.

There are no boys in it.  I guess Dr. Boyd had such a hard time finding enough boys for the last one and trying to keep them in it that he decided to try this.

How is Uncle Bert feeling now?  Bob and I stopped before we left but Aunt Leora didn't seem anxious for us to go in and see him.  How is she feeling now?  Is Cousin John able to move his arm yet?

I had planned to get to bed early tonight but it is already 1:00.

I hope you have both fully recovered from your colds.  Mother, please take a couple of hours off in the afternoon for a nap.  Forget about the work that could be done.  You can always find something like that to do, especially in New Cumberland.  Let me know your plans, please.

All my love,

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Cecil Uible, 1939 & 1962

In honor of CJ's birthday, January 7, 1883

CJ Uible: 1939, age 56 on left; 1962, age 79 on right

Monday, January 06, 2014

1974 Roberta Letter Jan.6

January 6, 1974
Dear Family,

It's quarter of ten---really only quarter of nine--and I just got back from early Church.  This is the first Sunday they had had it xxxx---of all morning to start it-----when the country starts Daylight Savings time.  Ha.  There were quite alot of people down there, I was kinda surprised.  [From Daylight Saving in WebExhibits Early Adoption in law: On January 4, 1974, President Nixon signed into law the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973. Then, beginning on January 6, 1974, implementing the Daylight Saving Time Energy Act, clocks were set ahead. On October 5, 1974, Congress amended the Act, and Standard Time returned on October 27, 1974. Daylight Saving Time resumed on February 23, 1975 and ended on October 26, 1975.]

My vacation is quickly coming to an end.  I heard last night on the news that most students at F.A.U. would have to reregister because alot of the classes and scheduling had been changed.  Since its a commuters school the gas shortage and price has really affected its enrollment.  So tomorrow I will have to go down and see if things have changed any for me down there.

I guess by now that Serena has gone back to school.  The house must be getting quiet again with only the four of you there again.  Just wait till March when Serena and I will both be home again.  I think my vacation officially starts around the fifteenth of March; but I hope to be done before then.

Work at Burdines is slowing up.  Right now though we are busy getting ready for inventory which is--I think--the 22nd of this month.  All the imports in the department have to have purple price tags on them,/, which reads something like "Imported by Burdines"  I guess when we inventory all the imports have to be listed this time.

I got a Christmas card yesterday from Grace.  I couldn't read what it said but I could tell by the picture that it was a Christmas card.

I finally got around to getting my Florida drivers license.  Went out and too the test this last Wednesday.  The test was very easy, I think ten multiple choice questions----- like they showed a picture of a stop sign and then wanted to know what it meant.  I got my drivers license that morning too----just had to wait a few minutes on it.  And it even has your picture on it---makes a good ID.

We got your long and newsy letter Friday--Thanks.  I appreciate the prescription [sic] to Weight Watchers Magazine.  It's a good magazine--I enjoy the stories and recipes alot.  I've started passing some of the older ones I have around at some of my classes, I'll be lucky if I get them all back, but I guess that's life.  I saw in the WNJ the picture of the woman for "recipe of the week" that is also a WW lecturer.  She sure didn't look any too frail and thin to me.  I cut the article out to take into the main office the next time I go in for supplies.

I've been trying to try some new and different WW recipes so I can tell my classes about them.  I did try a soybean loaf--with cooked soybeans, mushrooms, green peppers, tomoto [sic] juice, carrots, celery and other stuff in it.  It was all for me and it really made up to be quite alot.  Grandma told me I should cut it in half and only eat half of it.

I go in to work at eleven thirty this morning......but after today I don't work at B's until next Saturday....since I'm getting off so that Grandma and I can go to Disney World.

We got to see Cris's slides last night of what he took in Africa.  I'm afraid he had too much camera equipment!!!!  Alot of his pictures did not turn out.  I wish you all could have seen all the special gadgets he took over for his camera.  We talked to Marianne the other night on the phone and she is more than happy to be back home.  She made the statement that if Joe wants to sleep his life away in Africa that was one thing but she intended to stay in the U.S. and enjoy luxurious living.  Rob really got alot out of the whole deal . . . It's a riot to hear him describe the trip, especially things like the slave house, etc.

This weekend-Thursday through Sunday, Rob goes to Daytona to play in the State Band.  Only two people got it from Lake Worth High School and only six people made it in the whole county; so it's quite an honor.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary are driving him there and also staying for all the activities.  Gee--I don't know what my problem is this morning but I seem to be making an awfully lot of mistakes.  [There are a few type overs which have not been recreated in this transcription.]

Friday night I went to Swede House--the place you can eat all you care to eat.  Friday night is supposed to be about the best night to go because they have crab meat, shrimp, etc.  Six of us went from work--Burdine's---NOT Weight Watchers.HA.  I ate just as much as anyone else but didn't go off WW-- I want to prove to my classes that it can be done.  They are always telling me that it's impossible to eat out or travel when on WW........

Did I tell you all that Catherine and X sent me a really pretty towel and washcloth for Christmas?  It's hard to describe--has all sorts of colors in it --- purple, red, pink, etc.  The White Sale is on now at Burdines .... and everywhere else.  Terry, one of my best friends at work works in that department and she says it's unbelievable how some people are buying up.  She had one customer yesterday that bought close to 400 dollars worth of sheets, blankets, towels, etc.  She said she was grabbing stuff like it was free.

Well, I better go.  I've got to eat yet along with other things that should be done.  OH!!!!  I know I didn't tell you all what I ate last week....Sunday to be exact.  I ate one ounce of xcheese....the one slice of bread, two ounces of fish, cheese and tomato juice.  It was surely good!!!!!  I seasoned it all up and it was quite tastey!! (spelling?)

Love, Berta
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Saturday, January 04, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Jan.6

1/6/83 [actually 1984, following the wedding]

Dear Dad & Mom,

thanks again for ALL –– life is still hectic on Vogel street so I apologize for a short note.

Sid is taking Sara to airport now – I'll be leaving w/Morgan family in an our or so.

Enclosing some pictures – most of the roll did not come out great!  We did take another roll in – so will send more as we get them.

Hortons went to Tucson Thursday AM – will return Saturday.  Wednesday nite ate out at Bobby McGee's – Uncle Bill's treat.  Sara ordered one of the more expensive dinners – good thing Uncle Bill likes "the girls."

Hope you all had a safe trip home – thanks again for all you both did.  All the residents here kept the printed napkins / bird seed bags!  Have had many comments about what a nice / unusual wedding!

I love you both!  ––Roberta
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1984 Jean's Westminster College, Fulton MO Postcard to Morgans -Jan.8

On the way home to Ohio from Arizona after Roberta's New Years' Eve wedding to Sid, HH and Jean are enjoying the sites and writing postcards.  Transcription follows.
Winston Churchill Memorial & Library, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri postcard mailed 1984.  Captioned: Winston Churchill Memorial & Library, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri.  Christopher Wren church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, with museum and library in undercroft.  War damaged ruins of church moved from London in 1965 and rebuilt as memorial to Sir Winston.  (Photo by Gregory A. Lawrence).
1984 Jean's Westminster College, Fulton MO Postcard to Morgans -Jan.8
Sun 1/8/84
Enjoyed visiting here yesterday.  Now at New Harmony, Ind. where Robert Owens had communal settlement in early 1800s.

Hope you had a safe trip back home after seeing something of the Phx area beside W. Vogel.  If we had planned to all go to Arcosanti (which we had talked about originally) we had a stop there for minor repair.  We are near the town of Santa Claus - it's a popular place at Christmas time.  Love, G'Ma & G'Pa  PS We like to hear from all of you.

Items from Uible photo album