Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1973 Peru Postcard - July 7

HH, Jean, John and Larry Martin have arrived in Peru.  HH sends a postcard to GHU.  Transcription follows.
HH, Jean & John arrive in Peru 1973 - Image courtesy of Larry Martin
1973 Peru llama postcard HH to GHU - July 7
Captioned: Peru Llamas en reposo (resting)

7/7/73 Dear Mother
Staying just a block from the ocean - the weather is cool and very damp.  We had dinner at Grace's home last night - a real treat & have talked with the folks that Serena stayed with.  Hot water is a big luxury here.  Grace & her Mother drove us around today and met us at the airport.  We also made the trip downtown on the bus - about 8¢.  They have no fuel [or no beef?? – looks like beef but fuel fits the context better] here the 1st 15 days of each month - but lots of auto traffic everywhere.  Love, Jean, Harold & John

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