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1972 Roberta's letter - July 29

Roberta continues her summer Europe tour. Transcription follows.

July 29, 1972

Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got about a half hour before we leave on the 2nd half of our sight-seeing so thought I would at least get this started.

The "other half" of sight-seeing was last yesterday morning.  We didn't get out of the bus too often tho because it was really raining hard!  Yesterday we saw St. Stevens Cathedral, Hofburg Palace and the University of Vienna.  I really like Vienna - but right now the city is really a Big Mess because they are building a subway system.

St. Stevens was really pretty – especially inside – was built in something like 1147.  We also visited a petit needle point factory - I couldn't believe it - something like 2000 stitches in a square inch!  The purses were so beautiful there – ranging anywhere in price from $50.00-$250.00 !!  They said the women could only work about 2 hours a day or there eyesight would go terrible.  I guess I wouldn't mind those working hours !!

Hi - (again) just got back from the Strauss Waltz Concert – it was really nice - really a fancy place.  We made the mistake of ordering cokes – without asking the price - well - they cost almost $1.50 in American money.  I thought I was going to die when the waiter told us – we made those cokes last a LONG time !!  It was really something just to sit back and listen to the music, and think where we are, etc.

This afternoon we went to the Spanish Riding School – we got to see the horses & also the hall where they show the horses - but no special program because the horses are on "vacation" for the summer.

We also went to Schonbrunn – really beautiful.  Reminded me alot of Versailles - but the room in it were furnished more.  The gardens were really pretty too !  A nice summer palace !!

They (our tour guide & other I.S.E. people) have got us all scared about going into Czechoslovakia tomorrow.  Like they will probably search us, our suitcases, etc. etc.  Also they told us that men will be standing there with machine guns, etc.  OH!  My picture for my visa were NOT accepted so I had to go to the railroad station today to get others.  But the RR station isn't far from where we are staying and the pictures were pretty cheap.  Quite a few of us had to get other pictures.  As usual I've got to repack - I'll sure be glad to get home - I'm getting tired of living out of a suitcase !  Of course what-ever you need is always at the bottom of the suitcase !!

I hope John you are feeling much better !!  I'll see you in less than two weeks!  Whoop-dee-doo !!  (Spelling?)  I hope everyone is fine !!

I'm not going to change any money over in Czech so no mail for the next couple of days.  The Communists aren't going to get any of my money !!!  Love to all, Bert
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