Thursday, July 11, 2013

1973 MV's Letter - July 11

MV sends a letter from Florida to Peru.

9:30 to 11:10
July 11, 1973

Dear Mom and Dad and John,

"Hi" I am going to see at leath least 2 no moivies while I am down here.  Vanessa, Xxxxx Dianna, Bert and I went to see Marry Poppins yesterday, instead of renting bikes because it was raining, and We Aunt Mary, Bert, and I are going to see the Sound of Music!!

We are going to a ballg game tonite. and go to X, am disn Disney World at 5:00 a.m.!

Bert is going to drive up and Vanessa and Dauainne are going to drop Bert and I off at the Bus Station and they are going to leave from there.

My bug bites are geting so bad that Aunt Mary put some Save Salve ont on it so it wont ich.  But its when I go outside I get more.  Aunt Mary is going to get some spay to spay on me when I go At outside.

We got a letter for from you Grace Saturday.

Have to eat lunch,


Mary V.
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