Saturday, March 30, 2013

1983 Catherine's Letter - March 28

Catherine's last letter from March 1983. Transcription follows.

Monday, March 28, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Since I didn't get a letter off to you last Thursday on my usual writing day I'll try to write something in the few minutes I have now.  Last week and the next few weeks will be especially busy for us as we try to get everything wrapped up at the Elks.  Gerry has decided not to go as an officer after all so they found someone else to become Leading Knight for the next Lodge year.  That will give us more time to do some things we haven't had a chance to do for the last two years   We are looking forward to getting this Secretarial and bookkeeping work finished up so we will be done with it.  It will certainly make a major difference in the amount of free time we have.

The public schools are on spring break this week so Wendy also has the week off from pre-school.  It doesn't seem much like a vacation to her though since she still has to go to Day Care.  Tuesday & Wednesday she will be going to a babysitter though so that will be a little change of pace.  Wednesday night will be the Elks birthday dinner.  At Day Care on Thursday they will be coloring Easter eggs and on Friday they have the "hunt."  The Elks also have a large scale Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of Easter, have you gotten the book I sent you yet?  That is an Anniversary present, so "Happy Anniversary."  I hope you have another 35 years of marital bliss!

How is Grandma doing?  I assume she is all settled in by now and back in the New Vienna routine.

It's time for me to get to the Post Office and then to work.  Sorry this is so short but better than nothing right?

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

1993 John's note - March 28

John writes a note after the Grand Canyon hike trip. Transcription follows.

Roberta, Mom & Dad,

Thanks for the "memorable" and enjoyable adventure. The hike was a great experience and Julie had fun on the rim shopping and shuttling.

We appreciate you making it possible.  Give our love to the Crowsons, Morgans, Serena and Joe H.  We didn't get to say goodbye to Joe or Ro.... [Roberta? Roland?].

Love, John & Julie
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Monday, March 25, 2013

1983 Family Letter - March 27

Here's the late March family news from 1983. For the record M = $1000. For more information about the history of the Wilmington Public Library check out this website:  Transcription of letter follows.

Sunday, March 27, 1983

Dear Family:

We took the girls back to Wilmington College this afternoon as their last quarter begins tomorrow.  The Wilmington Library had a ground breaking ceremony this afternoon for an alteration to the present facility that will cost  100M+ (the original building in 1904 was $12M)  Oh yes, in the "old days" the librarian's salary was $250.00 per year.

Dad was gone Friday afternoon and Saturday to a hospital meeting on "Strategy for the future of Clinton Memorial Hospital" in which they had four outside speakers on various aspects and the problems of keeping a small hospital viable.

Mary Virginia had the special music at Church today and Mie Young has been busy making a new dress for her S. W. Miss Ohio pageant which is coming up next weekend.  The gals in the contention has dropped from 70 to thirty some.

Roberta is moving down the street a little - her new address will be 3645 West Vogel, Phx., AZ. 85202  Guess this will make their operation a little smoother.  The new place also has a pool . . . . sounds interesting.  She and the aides also have to take 30 hours of lifesaving!

The John Hughes have returned from their Mexican trailer trip - some 10M miles with fifteen other "rigs"  The card we got from them was over a month en route.  Laura mentioned that another party had an experience in the card taking over a year to get back to the USA.

Serena, are you helping in the next Chicago election?  Jane Byrne [first female mayor of Chicago served from 1979-1983] has been in the news.  We talk about going to Newark, Chicago and points west to visit with all you but we have not gotten into "gear" yet.  We are looking forward to having X and John overnight for two nights in April and hopefully Serena will make it home for Easter.  Roberta plans to come for Cris's wedding and we do plan to see the Morgans in Florida next December.

Grace Long passed away last Thursday at the age of 71 of cancer.  You may remember that she brought us fruit cake so regularly at Christmas time.  There were no calling hours and the funeral was private so I haven't seen any of the family but Dad took a dish of tapioca and saw Beth, he thinks.  It is sad though for don't think they really got to enjoy their retirements with her not feeling good for so long.

Sorry I missed your call Roberta but glad Dad got to talk to you as I am usually the only one home when you call.  Had nice chat with Catherine, Gerry and Wendy last week but seems like a long time ago now.  They are beginning to enjoy more free time now that they are relieved of the Elks' secretarial duties.  It was like a full time job in itself!

Hope John and X enjoyed their week at L'Abri and Boston and hope to hear more about it and the conference in Dayton which they as well as Mary Virginia plan to attend the week immediately after Easter,

[Love, etc.]

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

1993 Roberta & MV's postcards to G'ma - March

Roberta and MV chose the same card – or the only one available – to send to Grandma from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Transcription follows.
Ribbon Falls - Grand Canyon National Park - postcard, mailed 1993
Captioned:  Ribbon Falls.  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.  Photograph by Doug Carlson.  These falls are one of the idyllic microenvironments of Grand Canyon.  They are near the Cottonwood Campground on the North Kaibab Trail.
 "Mailed by Mule at the bottom of the Grand Canyon - Phantom Ranch"

[From MV]  Hi, Grandma! We made it down – Dad in the [best] shape, I in the worst!  For going back up I've borrowed Catherine's extra shoes & Roberta's special socks.  I hope it's easier going up than coming down!  Love, Mary Virginia

 [From Roberta]  Hi, Grandma! We all made it to the bottom – Dad puts us all to shame – he is in such good shape – Mom did not hike down!  Joe Horton hiked too – along with Catherine  John & Mary Virginia!  Five of your grandchildren altogether!  Love, Roberta

Thursday, March 21, 2013

1973 Sarah Hinerman Letter - March 21

Have to transcribe this letter to find out whether it is worth sharing – the handwriting takes some effort to interpret, since it is unfamiliar, so have to share it because of the effort involved, regardless of the interest.  Names may be spelled incorrectly.  (Is his name Clancy, Chauncy or Chancy??)  Transcription follows.

Hi All,

Whatever you're saying about me I deserve!  Glad to get your letter this a.m.  We did so enjoy Mary and Mrs. Uible's "pop call" but they couldn't stay long.  We wanted them to stay to eat but they said they had to get back.

I was having some pains in my left rib cage and that is one reason we came home a little early.  I went up for appt. with Dr. Castro Monday and had many x-rays, blood test, – not a word form him.  I was sure I'd have to have some more treatments but he hasn't phoned yet.  The pain has diminished and maybe it will just disappear - not yet, however.

We stopped in Atlanta en route home for one day with the Kyrees' Chancy's limit for visiting) they love Atlanta altho it's too big for me!  They have a lovely home in an area of beautiful homes and the Dogwood Festival is coming up next week which will show off their dogwood bushes.  The "younguns" are doing fine in school, – all like it except Leslie who gets homesick for Shelbyville.  The younger ones adjusted easier.  They all have gotten actively involved in Church work (St Luke's Episc.) and made many friends there.

I surely would love to come to New Vienna some time and surely we can make it for one of your "affairs."  They told us about Catherine & X's move – pretty cold up there!

Hope all is well with all of you.  I think of you all so often & what a nice family – The Uibles.

Love to all, Sarah  – Chancy sends regards
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1983 Family Letter - March 20

Transcription follows.

Sunday, March 20, 1983

Dear Family:

Activity has picked up on the home front with MV and MY now here . . . sure glad that we have more than one bathroom.  MY fixed a Korean dish for us Thursday evening and had her sister in also.

Thursday morning the Farm Bureau had invited the Commissioners to have breakfast with them with the cost to be the farmer's share of what a breakfast at a restaurant would cost.  They figured the meal at the local restaurant would be $3.80 for eggs, sausage, juice, toast and jelly, rolls and beverage, and the farmers share would be 35¢.

Friday evening we went to Montgomery for supper at the Stage Door Restaurant, which is run by the Evelands from Wilmington and the waiters, etc. are students at the U.C. Conservatory and all take turns in singing, etc..  The evening was a double birthday celebration of MV and Jeanne Sankers' birthdays.  It was the first time we had seen both of the Sankers since last July in Paris.

Got the furnace system at Mothers going yesterday and glad that everything went well .. she will be home on the 29th. We are glad that Serena had an uneventful trip from KC back to Chicago with the car.  Roberta was quite enthused about attending the Creative Management Symposium at Schuller's Church in Garden Grove, CA.  We haven't heard from X and John since they went to the meeting in Boston this past week.  We were sorry to have missed the Morgan's call last night as we went to Hillsboro for the square dance.  After four years we are feeling more confident in being able to do most of the calls at the dances.  Next Thursday night is graduation night for the lesson class.  Last Thursday evening Orville Harner had some of the group out to his house for a St. Patrick Day party.  Orville does keep busy in going to dances and that was one of Melba's wishes before she passed away.

Wendy had big news for us and all - she has lost her first tooth AND now sleeps in her own waterbed.  We have talked to them since we started this letter - makes distance seems so much closer and always glad to hear.  Sorry we missed their calls earlier this week.  Did talk to Serena - I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday in order to have some out-patient surgery done at the hospital on Thursday.  That's the way to have it done - in and out the same day - doesn't seem like you've had any at all.  Didn't go to the dance until late and then to Orvilles for a little while that same night.  In good shape now.

Anxious to hear more about John and X's trip to Boston and L'Abri.  MV led the music again at Port William this morning and Mie Young accompanied her there.  Their youth are really super active.  (All ages!).

Much love from us all here,
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Monday, March 18, 2013

1942 Lucie Brown Ballantyne - Florida Journal

State Mutual Life Assurance Co., of Worcester Mass, Inc. 1844, Frank A. Johnston, General Agent, Pittsburgh, PA., graces the leather bound cover of this small journal evidently distributed in 1927 or 1928.  Though there are scribblings from Jean, and a few copies of Virginia's autograph, primarily this journal was used in March - April, 1942, as a journal of Lucie Brown Ballantyne and her husband, Nathaniel "Nat" Wallace Ballantyne's trip to St. Petersburg, Florida.  Partially transcribed below [with my notes in brackets].  The Ballantynes often stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel.
1942 Lucie Brown Ballantyne Journal (sample page) from Florida trip in March-April

March 6th [1942] Fri.  Agnes [Morrow] Scandrett surprised us by coming from Palm Harbor.  Nat took her out to lunch and I was going to a tea party as Mrs. Geo. Wilson's guest at the Cordova. [Agnes, 1869-1953, 1st cousin of Lucie, whose book about trip to Africa was posted here or about Agnes' father, James E. Morrow, here.]

Met Mrs. Cadmon of Toronto Ohio and Mrs. Reese a sister of Pelt.

Played cards in the eve. with Emma and Mrs. Powell.  Had dinner at Detroit.  [The first hotel in St. Petersburg, the Detroit, was built in 1888 and a restaurant was added in 1926.  It has now been converted into condominiums.  Postcard views below]

Sat. March 7th. [1942] Style show at Huntington Hotel.  Met the queen of W. Va Lenora Deemer of New Cumberland  Terrible Mob. 1800  [St. Petersburg hosted a Festival of States beauty pageant, and each state was represented by a queen.]

Detroit Hotel, St. Petersburg FL - postcard views from Florida Memory website

St. Petersburg hotels.The Huntington, a resort hotel of merit - Saint Petersburg, Florida

Sunday, March 17, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - March 17

March 17, 1983 - Thursday, St. Patrick's Day

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  We have been trying to call you for several mornings now - Wendy has big news, she lost her first tooth!  She woke up Monday morning an said it was really loose and by lunch time it was gone.  I think she must have swallowed it as it disappeared while she was eating her sandwich.  We all have lunch together on Mondays before she goes to he Ballet class.  It didn't bother her that she didn't have the tooth she was so excited about having lost it.  And of course the tooth fairy still came.  She used the little pillow that you gave her and then she took the pillow to show and tell on Wednesday.  [KC now uses the same "tooth fairy" pillow.]

I called the travel agent about changing our destination to WPB but then I decided not to change the reservations as it would cost us about $175 more than to Orlando.  Don't you think we can get back and forth from Lake Worth to Orlando for less than that.  Let me know what you think.

Did I tell you we picked out a waterbed for Wendy?  It is to be delivered on Saturday.  Now we have to try to get rid of the bunk beds.  Her water bed is called a super single, it is a little wider than a regular single bed I think by 8".  It has a "captain's pedestal" underneath which consists of four drawers and a cupboard space equal in size to two drawers so that will give her some room for her things.  She is very excited about getting it.

We went to an "album party" last Sunday where the incoming Elk officers fix up a photo album for the outgoing exalted ruler.  We were able to take Wendy so that was nice as alot of times children are excluded from events like that.  It was at Gary Burtis's house who will be the next Exalted Ruler.  He and his wife have three daughters and the middle on is in Wendy's preschool - her name is also Wendy and their youngest daughter is named Katherine!

Time for me to go . . . . .


Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

1982 MUH Letter - March 16

An Aunt Mary letter a year out of sync but don't want to save it until 2022. Transcription follows.

March 16th - Tues. [1982]

Dear Jean, Harold & Family:

This '25th' ltr never got in the mail.  HA!!  I had hoped to add a P.S. which never got done!!!  And ;my activities ltr read about the same every wk . . . . at least on a monthly routine basis . . . .  Really, letter-writing to me is a CHORE . . . . . (right now I SHOULD BE OUTDOORS PICKING MULBERRIES . . . . there is laundry to do . . . the house is a COMPLETE MESS . . . . on and on . . . )  And I sandwich G'Ma in between . . . she can think of more things "that ought to be done" . . . . . . HA!!!  And she and Bill are at each other most of the time . . . . it is a real riot around here!!!!

What I want to know . . . . . . what can I do about G'Ma's 90th in the WAY OF HELPING?????  Jean, after she leaves here, how about a note expressing your opinions.  Have you and Harold decided on just what we're doing and the date???  Am I right, that WHATEVER is to be June 20th????  The Hortons are trying to coordinate a family routine around are stay in Ohio.  ????  If there is anything I can do I WANT TO BE AVAILABLE AND TO HELP YOU.  Did you give up the idea of the GOLDEN LAMB? As far as I know now, Mares and family are planning to be there on the 19th and also Cris.  Probably NOT for Rob.  Have you decided rather on AN OPEN HOUSE?  IF, so, are you sending out any invitations . . . . and do you need me to write any?  I'd be HAPPY TO!!!  (Like to the nieces, nephews, etc.????)  We want to share in any of the expense . . . . and how about the gift???  Could we share in that . . . . and any ideas.

I think I'm already messed up on the date . . . . . . I was thinking yo said the 19th and that is on a SATURDAY instead of SUNDAY . . . . so next time yo write straight me out so I can keep the Horton "kids" informed.  HA!!!

I try to keep G'Ma on the move and she has been out quite a lot this winter and done some fun things . . . . the winter has been one of our BEST!!!!  She keeps you all up to date . . . . she write faithfully every week . . . . I admire her "guts"!!!  She's got her suitcases out airing this AM and will begin packing.  She looks forward to returning to Ohio.

Congrats to MV on her tenor solo!!!  (They've NEVER asked me to do a solo . . . . ha . . . . and NO WONDER . . . . my voice CRACKS when I get above middle C . . .ha).  But I enjoy singing tenor part and am called THE TENORETTE . . . . we only have 3 male tenors.

Had an interesting ltr from Joe yesterday with several pictures.  He had gone on a trip in Feb. to visit some Arab students and stayed at the Marriott Dhahran Hotel.  Went 500 kilo south of Jeddah to Baljershy (sp..??) arab tribe of Ghamdis.  It is Spring time there and the peach trees were in blossom . . . they had a lot of rain so things were green and streams running . . . . rare for S.A.  He took many photos to be used for future oil paintings.  Neat experience . . . . stars at night in the desert with no outside lights . . . so cold at night that he used his car heater (didn't realize he had one).  On return trip took a student and he said it took for ever as he had to stop frequently to PRAY and to smoke hubbly bubbly.  Should xerox his ltr as it is most interesting.  Since Bill doesn't go to the office regularly isn't too convenient for that deal.

That piano number MV was going to do . . . . . was relieved that she didn't do it . . . . was of College callibre . . . . . maybe another time . . . . .Are you gong to take any more piano???  It's a bore sometimes . . . . just practice, practice . . . . . . I enjoy playing church hymns and 'pop'.  Ran out of paper and I have to write to the kids . . . . bye for now
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Friday, March 15, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - March 15

Catherine prepares to move to Maine and visit New Vienna one more time before heading northeast.  Can't believe there is a paragraph about TV shows.  Transcription follows.

7:45 Thursday Morning, March 15 [1973]

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  it's been like summer here too.  Yesterday it rained all morning and then the sun came out and it got up to 70 in the afternoon.  I heard somebody say yesterday that there isn't going to be any more winter.  It seems hard to believe that we had a winter.

We missed the latest Geographic special.  Let us know sooner about the next one!  Do you watch the America show that xerox sponsors?  I think it's really good.  Did you see the NBC show called First Tuesday --it's on the first Tuesday of every month and they sml show someiinteresting things.  Part of the last one was on the enrichment of factory jobs.  Also saw an article on that in the recent National Observor [sic].

I think instead of going to Williamsburg and Charleston that we will come to New Viennan next weekend  --that would be March 22 or 23.  We have a test the evening of the 22 but we hope to be able to get out of wit by taking it early so that we could leave Thursday afternoon.  Otherwise we would leave Friday morning.  Is this all right with you?  If not, you can call us before 9 A.M. or after 9 P.M. and let us know.  Assuming it is all right (which we will unless we hear from you) could you make a dentist appointment for me either late Friday or Saturday.

We are still making progress on the packing.  All but a few of our books are packed up and most of our clothes except for a few things to wear between now and then.  We got a letter from SMrs. Sheltra saying she had heard of a really nice house to rent only they want $250 plus utilities a month.  Sounded pretty stiff but we have written for more information.  If we don't find a house to rent before we go then I guess we're going to have to sell Kuman [dog].

Well, unless we hear from you we will see you either Thursday or Friday.

Love, Catherine & X
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2.30 - next Sat. [written in Dad's handwriting, possibly the time of the scheduled dental visit.]

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1993 Family Letter - March 14

Written on the computer and cleanly printed on what evidently was a piece of "scrap" office stationary.  One day and ten years have passed since the letter posted yesterday.  Transcription follows.

Mar.14, 1993
Dearest Family'

I'm still trying to use this computer but it either erases too much or won't go back to where I want it to go.  We have had some real winter weather the last couple of  days as we heard the Crowsons did too – their first though – snowed in their driveway so Don cancelled his church services.  We don't know how M.V. could get to Somerset.

Today we went down to the Westboro United [Methodist] Church; they were dedicating their new addition and the new bishop had been invited to speak but she postponed her trip for two weeks and our district superintendent spoke instead.  Their new addition is really gorgeous.  They have done much of the work themselves.  The sanctuary stayed about the same but they have quintupled the space in the back with three or four Sunday School rooms, kitchen and a big room which can be used for fellowship hall, basketball court or whatever.

We did remember to give the Nichols the picture you, Roberta had taken of the musical group that played for the Hortons anniversary.  We said when the Hortons got to New Vienna we'd invite them (Grace and Walter, [1913-2007]) to see the video of the part of the orchestra especially of Walter and the children (Laura and Wil Horton) and Nancy Henderson's daughter.

After the service was over we went up to Hillsboro to see G'ma who is doing real well.  She had the equivalent of three glasses of milk plus soup and crackers and a fresh grapes we had taken to her a few days ago.

Your Mother has hit all the high spots.  We did splurge (Ha) last week and saw the movie "Homeward Bound" which was unique and it was a bargain at $1.50 admission charge.  It was in the paper recently that they are going to add three more theaters to the two in the shopping plaza at Wilmington.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Phoenix by Wed., March 24. and we also (at least I) will see the Crowsons this Wed. as she is going on the Emmaus Walk this coming weekend.

With much love to all of you,

Dad and Mother
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1983 Family Letter - March 13

Details about most of the family.  Transcription follows.

Sunday –
March 13, 1983
Dearest Family -

This is the first Sunday we have been home for about six weeks to attend both Sunday School and church.  Wendell Mahanes asked us to be the greeters so we felt like we were reintroducing ourselves meeting everyone at the door.  There were eight in our junior high Sunday School class which is more than we have had for a long time.  We are making plans to go to La Comedia to see The Sound of Music for just the play (not the lunch before hand as it is just the musical only that afternoon.)  But think they all just happened to come the same day; and there's still a couple who often come but weren't there.

Someone brought daffodils they had picked along the wayside that make the church look real springish.  They said they were just growing wild – most people's aren't blooming yet.  Also saw some forsythia in bloom the middle of last week.  The snow we had Friday morning would have coated everything but didn't stay too long.

Jeanne Wolfe [1936-2002] had pneumonia and was in the hospital.  She is not allowed to finish the school year and must lose 100 pounds if she hopes to be around more than a couple of years.  She is on an 800 calorie diet which is hard on her but should help the whole family as they are all overweight.  Jacalyn Walker Sharp had been substituting for her and has taken over her class through the rest of the year.

Mary Virginia was here to borrow the car Friday to go to a wedding in Columbus – she and a friend stayed with John and X – MV played the piano & Jeanne Liggett called afterwards to say that she had done a good job.  Then last night she went to Port William to attend another wedding of Elise Delaney who used to live in New Vienna.  MV didn't stay too long when she returned the car but reported that John and X are fine.  They are having company so won't be down for Easter but we hope to see them & another couple when they stay overnight Thursday and Friday nites after Easter while they attend a seminar in Dayton.  I'm sure their time will be limited then if they don't get here til late and leave early the next mornings.  But it will be nice seeing them.

Serena called from Kansas City last week which was a surprise – perhaps she will have news on the job situation there.  She had had a problem with the radiator pump and hopefully that is the only problem she has but the car is getting age on it.

Catherine and Gerry are counting the days til they give up their secretary's work with the Elks.  They won't know what to do with all their spare time though Gerry is to be installed as the 1st in line for the head of the local Elks group.  Wish that we could be there for it but a bit far but glad of the honor for him for he is very capable.

Roberta wrote that is or was going to attend a seminar given by Robert Schuller – don't know if it was in Phoenix but hadn't heard it was elsewhere.  That should be interesting.

Mie Young is to come here for spring break this Wednesday and Mary Virginia is coming Thursday – Mie Young has to prepare for the Miss SW (Southwestern) Ohio contest which is to be held Apr. 1st and 2nd.  She plans to sing for her talent part of it.  She says that there are about 70 contestants so glad she is taking part but wouldn't want to have to judge that many – more than they have ever had.

Last Friday evening seven of us went to Washington C.H. for a square dance raid and yesterday was the annual Lions Club Pancake Day – attendance was not too great, but did see some new faces.  The weather was very cooperative.  We have ground staked off across the street to be plowed for M.V. expanded flower/tree bed.  Dad spoke to two classes of the 7th grade – it was a question period.. so all had to be awake.

[Love, etc.]
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1973 Serena's College Admission Letters

In February, March and April of 1973 the mailbox often contained a college acceptance for Serena welcoming her to the Class of 1977.  Her choices included Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania; Earlham College – where she did enroll as a freshman, moving on later to Park College in Missouri; Indiana University in Bloomington; Hope College in Holland, Michigan; and Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

From the appearance of these letters, Earlham was not chosen on the basis of the acceptance letter though it does state the Admissions Committee had unanimously approved her application which reflected "their full confidence in the strength of your preparation and in your future success at Earlham."

Congratulations, Serena!

The other high school senior in a "3" year – HH – has no college acceptance letters on file that have been located yet, but college admissions may have worked differently in 1943.  Dad, any memories of how that process may have worked?
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter March 10

Book reviews for the Madras Pioneer newspaper on the reverse of this letter.  New books at the Jefferson County Library that week included Savannah, an historical romance set in Georgia; Partisans, a WW2 novel by Alistair MacLean; How to Make Your Own Teddy Bear; Cowgirls, Women of the American West; and Lifeprints: New Patterns of Love and Work for Today's Women.  If you're looking for a good book now I'd be glad to recommend something newer since there have been lots of good books published in the last 30 years.  Transcription of letter follows.

Thursday, March 10, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  We appreciated your phone call – it's always good to hear from you.  Glad to hear you had a good trip to Florida.

Not much is new here – just more of the same it seems like.  I finished the Club's profit and loss for February yesterday so now I will have just one more month of that to do plus the Lodge's quarterly report and I will be done with the Elks bookkeeping!  After April 1st a professional bookkeeper will be doing it so that should work out well.

I haven't gotten back to the travel agent yet about changing our reservations to West Palm Beach instead of Orlando but I will probably do that in the near future.  We are certainly looking forward to the trip even if that is still quite a ways off.  Our next trip will be to Seaside the second weekend in May.  [Also unknowingly waiting for the announcement of Roberta's wedding which will change the plans from Florida to Arizona.]

Things at the library are going fairly well.  I am getting several volunteers trained which hopefully will relieve a little of the strain.  We seem to get busier all the time and we can only be so efficient.  Our February circulation of 6004 is up from 4843 in 1982.  Last summer we were really overwhelmed with business so I am in hopes of having these volunteers all trained and ready to meet the onslaught (sp?).

Wendy's friends Karah who lives down the street is moving to Klamath Falls the end of this month so Wendy loses her closest playmate.  Since her grandparents live here I'm sure she will be back to visit.

It's time to get to the post office so I better close.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S. Got your letter & article.  Thanks.  Gerry will be "Leading Knight."
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

GHU Hawaii Caricature

A caricature of Grandma from an unknown date – possibly 1983 – done in Hawaii while traveling with Roberta.
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Friday, March 08, 2013

1973 Catherine's Letter - March 7


March 7, 1973  1:30 P.M.
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter, it arrived Monday.  Glad you had a good time in New York, sounds like you had a busy time.  Have you seen any reviews of Ann Morrow Lindberg's new book?  Hour of Lead, Hour of Gold I think is the name of it.  I saw it reviewed in the Chicago Tribune last Sunday and also in the NYT book review magazine.

We had our "spring break" this past weekend with Thursday and Friday off from classes.  We spent Thursday and Friday at the University of Chicago Library.  Spent Thursday night in a dorm room which a girl we knew from K had fixed us up with.  This girl, Peg Corwin, is going to library school at U of C and it was interesting to talk to her.  They get an A.M. degree instead of M.L.S. and they have to take hours worth of comprehensive exams plus write a thesis, I had enough of that in college, I wouldn't want to go through it again.

I hope Mary is all recooperated (sp?) [where was my dictionary?] by now.  X and I haven't been sick all winter although it seems his mother has got some kind of bug 98% of the time.

It is possible that we might be able to go to Williamsburg.  We would have to miss some classes so it would depend on whether any of our teachers would be planning tests for then and what other school demands (i.e. papers) we have at that time.  How many of you are going?  We don't want to drive our car that far, but we also don't wnat to crowd you.

We are doing pretty well in getting things organized here.  We made a trip to the dump this morning with the car packed.  We also go to Sears every few days and pick up empty boxes.  We are going to leave some stuff in storage here and some we are going to try to sell.  It's alot of work but it does weed out alot of stuff that is unnecessary to our existence.  We have checked with U-Haul and some other rent truck-renting places.  U-Haul is the only one that we can turn in in Sanford the others we would have to backtrack to someplace in New Hampshire or Boston.  If we can I think we'll sell X's Mom's car and tow our behind the truck.

We never heard of Louis C. Hall.  However, his name is in the phone book.  It says his business is relatively close to down-town while his residence is way south of town on Westnedge.

I'll try checking on the Michigan law regarding leases.  We'll let you known on the details.  Will you accept goods in payment?  Powdered milk maybe?  I haven't found any recipes yet for soap bubbles.  What kind of recipe are you using now?

When X was in Sanford he stayed at Allen's Motel which is across the street from the library.  Is it in your AAA book?   Mrs. Sheltra has written me concerning a full time job in Sanford.  I would be making a rather "unprofessional" salary but that's more than I would get doing nothing.  In fact, I think the only way I could make more money would be to get a professional library job at Nasson College which probably aren't available every day.  She is also helping us secure a place to live in Sanford although she keeps recommending places that are for rent sale instead of for rent.

I forgot to mention something about our trip to Illinois last weekend.  On Sunday we went to a state park near Ottawa called Starved Rock.  It was a really nice place with lots of trails and a camping ground although we didn't see the latter.  It's on a river, the Illinois, I think and there are lots of gullies and bluffs.  Have you ever been there?  If not, be sure and put it on your itemmy itinerary for your next trip that direction.

Love, Catherine & X

P.S. Yes, Gina know Joe.

* * * * * * * * * *
On the back side of this letter was a copy of Catherine's resume, partially scanned below.  Roberta, Serena and John, though unnamed, get credit for being "subordinates" on the paper route!

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

1953 Jean's Postcard - March 7

Jean, en route to New York City, writes to her mother who is in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Transcription follows.
Hershey Community Club, Hershey, PA postmarked 1953
1953 Jean's postcard to her mother - March 7
[postmarked March 7, 1953]
Staying here our 1st nite out.  Left home at 6:30 A.M. so got a good start.  Saw alot of snow around Cambridge 8" but never snowed on us.  Hope to see the Hotel Hershey tomorrow – too ritzy for us.  Have very nice rooms at the Community Inn – right beside what's pictured here.  All our love – H&J

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

1983 Family Letter - March 6

Did not try to recreate all the original typos, but I'm sure there are some new ones included by accident if not on purpose.  Transcription follows.

March 6, 1983

Dear Family:

This past week has been a fast one-starting with our return trip from Florida last Monday morning and Mary Virginia met us.  Our bag of oranges and grapefruit were mixed up . . . in Dayton we found waiting for us a bag of each, with names of people in Cincinnati on the one and Celina for the other, so we hope it was a fair swap.

We have had "great weather" since we have been home.  Worked the garden over one evening and planted some peas.  Compared to what we have been hearing about California we have really been having unusually good weather - dry sunny and warm!  It has been in the 70's since Wednesday - can't complain about that.

We have heard from all the family this past week - either by phone, letter or both.  Aunt Virginia called just a few minutes after we got back from Florida and was glad to talk to her.  Maureen has set the date for her wedding - and it is on the 25th of June, the very same day as Cris and Angela's!  Of course we would like to go to both places to be on hand for both celebrations but it just doesn't look too possible.  That's taking it for granted we will be getting invitations to both the weddings.

The Salisburys (Leon and Esther) left for Florida Thursday by way of Alabama and they hope they will get better mileage on their camper than we got - gas is cheaper and they won't have to run the furnace like we did.  They could carry water in the tank without fear of its freezing at this time too.

We really enjoyed the Horton's hospitality, all the fresh fruit and good food - we ate too much and found the scales on the heavy side.  Thought it was the Florida scales but found ours were registering the same thing.  The oranges and grapefruit are especially good this year due to the cooler damp weather they have had.  We were sorry not to get to see Rob and Cindy again or talk to them before we left.  They are both busy teaching overtime but did get to see them twice - the first weekend we were there.  They have a nice apartment and are moving into a lovely complex not quite finished yet but they are busy getting things ready for it.

Dad and I went over to Port William Methodist Church this morning for Mary Virginia was leading the music in the choir director's absence.  She did real well and they have such an active and alive church.  So many mentioned her talent and personality and how happy they are that she has become part of their group.

It was nice getting to see Roberta but she didn't have too much time to relax and rest while she was in Florida.  She visited a number of senior facilities similar to Senior Village all over the state and they kept giving her more names and addresses to contact.

Appreciated Serena's call - sorry that she has had the flu but is better now - wasn't able to take the LSAT because of not feeling well but perhaps another time.  In the meantime she is working at Roosevelt University and having interviews.

John was promoted to Assistant Trust Officer at Park National and he and X are going to Boston the middle of March to L'Abri for relection and study.  This was founded by the Francis Schaeffers.

[on left margin] Gerry is next in line for the head of the Madras Elks - can't think of his official title but he will soon be relieved of his secretary's duties which have been quite time consuming and kept them both super busy.  Wendy talks so plainly on the phone and is thrilled with her new duties as the librarian's helper at the pre school.  They are making plans to go to Florida for next Christmas which sounds exciting.

G'ma is doing real well and has her reservations to come home March 29th which will soon be here and she and Roberta are thinking about a trip on the Mississippi River before Cris & Angela's wedding.

[Love, etc.]

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Monday, March 04, 2013

1953 Jean's postcard - Mar. 4, 1953

1953 Jean's postcard to her mother - March 4
Wed., Mar. 4, 1953
Dearest Mother,
Had letter from Daddy Uible & Mother U. has had her other eye operated on last Friday – we thought she was going to wait but evidently changed her mind.

We're getting packed up – hope to leave real early Friday AM.  Taking the girls out to the Johnsons tomorrow eve.  Hope to get to Hershey, Penna Fri. nite.  I put my address on the last letter so we'll be there thru the 18th or 19th.  Love – our very Best, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

[in HH's writing on left margin of back] Just reached Hershey, Pa at 5:30 will reach N.Y.C. tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - March 3

Madras Oregon in March 1983. . . .  This letter was written on the back side of the Friends of the Library flyer.  Transcription follows.

  Thursday, March 3, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Another month and I see it will be your anniversary.  Has it ever been on Easter before? I heard a rumor you might be coming out this direction in the near future?  Is there any truth to that?  We'd love to have you anytime.  Several people have asked if any of our relatives will be coming for the Elks installation of Officers which will be April 2nd.

We had a pretty good turnout for the Friends of the Library meeting.  The regular scheduled board meeting was held at 12:00 so all the Board Members were able to stick around for this.  We sent out about 60 invitations plus printed it in the newspaper and probably had a turn out of 20.  They appointed a Chairman and a Secretary and set up several committees to get started on different projects.  I was very encouraged by the response.

I am taking Wendy to the Doctor today for the third time in about six weeks.  She is not sick (she is very healthy actually) but she this [sic] constant runny nose and congestion which must be either allergy or asthma.  The Dr. said it should be treated like a cold first and then go on to other measures if that didn't work so we'll see what happens today.

I am now working on the Elks Club books for February and feeling very encouraged that I will only are have one more month to go.  At the end of March I will also have to do the quarterly report for the Lodge and all the quarterly payroll forms but then I will be done!!!  The last Club report will be due April 19th so I will be completely finished with Elks book work by that date.  I'm looking forward to having some extra time.

I need to be getting to the Post Office so I better close.


C, G & W

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

1983 MV's postcard - March 4

MV sends a postcard from Wilmington College.  Transcription follows.
Dear Mom & Dad –
Just wanted to drop you a card to thank Dad for speaking to the class.  I overheard a couple of the girls saying how impressed they were.  I got a birthday card yesterday from Marion, Charlie, Tobey, Joshua, and Roberta.  It had two dogs on the front, of course.  Choir practice didn't go real well Wednesday night, so it's just as well you aren't coming on Sunday.  Maybe some other time. Pete Cade is taking me to pick up my stereo out at Radio Shack tomorrow morning.  Thanks for the money.  I hope the flowers still look half way decent.  The flowers that arrived in the box; just make sure they stay watered.  They are to be Easter gifts.  One is for you, one for Grandma, and I'll find the owners of the other five.  Love – M.V.

Friday, March 01, 2013

1973? MV's Trip to Chicago

MV writes a school report about a trip to Chicago. I'm guessing this would have been in 3rd grade but could have been 2nd?  Transcription follows.
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My Trip to Chicago
By Mary Va Uible
Last Friday I left early from school to go to Chicago.  First We went through Indiana and had supper on the way.  Then after we got over the State line of Illinois, we were practiclly (sp?) in Chicago.  We got off at the Lake St. Exit.  Then we went to the John Hancock Center where were staying.  We were on the 52 Floor.

The next day was very cold.  So we took the buses to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We stayed there till about noon.  Then we went down the walk and across the street to the "El" (elevated (sp?) transit).  We took it to Randolf St. and got off.  Then we went to Stoffers (sp?) for lunch.  After that we went to Marshall Field, One of the biggest Department stores in the country. Then we went back to the John Hancock center for supper.  Then we drove around and had Ice cream.  Then we went back went to bed then left the next morning.

[Teacher's note]  
Sounds like a very nice trip.  Take time to use the dictionary when necessary

Items from Uible photo album