Friday, July 15, 2011

July 16, 1989-99

Wendy as Candle Lighter

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy leaves]  MV sang at Church.  Wendy was a candle lighter.  Jean fixed lamb for dinner.  The Hortons came with us to take Wendy to the airport.  Visited Sawyer Point, a nice place along the river.

Tuesday 1991 - Went to Cincinnati via Hillsboro, oh the red tape at the Hamilton County Probate Court, had a visit with the Sankers.  There is now a bike path between Morrow and Milford.   [Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail is a "Rails to Trails" bike trail]

Thursday 1992 - [from SLC to Florida, not sure when/how/where they got to SLC but assume they put the 1200 miles on a rental car.  This makes me wish I had all the family postcards in order by date, a project I have not yet started, other than to remove them from location order, anyone want to volunteer to be my assistant?]  After a night at the SLC [Salt Lake City?] Hilton and 1200 miles on the car we flew to Orlando and Key West.  [See comments for more details.]

Friday 1993 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to home, Ginny arrives] Returned home from O.N.U.  MV had left Ginny with Georgialia earlier in the day as she was en route to St. Olaf for a choir get together.

Saturday 1994 - [Ginny visiting]

Sunday 1995 - [Ada OH for School of Missions to Lakeside] Left Ada, via Carey, OH.  BIG Catholic center, St. Mary Shrine.  The Otterbein group is building a retirement home, just west of Lakeside entrance, $8/day per person to get in [to Lakeside] + $1.50 for the car.  The top room at the hotel is $69.  We had a snack at the Patio [where Catherine worked during the summer of 1967, and Serena worked 1974].  Visited the Mulders, met them in '72 at Mexico City Lions club convention.  They are going to go into the new home.

Tuesday 1996 - Dug up our onions.  Went to Wilmington, snack at Taco Bell.  Harold Schautz was here to help on the computer.

Thursday 1998 - We went to New Carlisle for [Donald] Trop [NVHS 1940] lock box opening, then on to Springfield to file the will.  Visit to the Springfield library and had late lunch at Youngs, 1 dip $1.40.  Really pretty busy.  Jean didn't seem herself when leaving there – no pep and very sleepy, didn't even want to get out of the car at Aldi's and went to bed when we got home.  Heard that Rob Rider [son of former pastor?] had a heart attack and passed away at 44.  [MV added in 2010: Mother's symptoms are classic for glucose intolerance (aka diabetes and sugar overload).]

Friday 1999 - [to Ada OH for School of Missions] Left for weekend School of Missions.  In room #8, Roberts Hall.  Studies about aging and the Bible.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

I would be more than happy to help you organize the postcards. Don't know if you want to wait until RUK sees me in Nov?

Catherine said...

Mary, thanks so much for your offer. Actually I have the time to be my own assistant, I just go off on tangents dong other things. I'll get them done eventually! When I pulled the postcards out of geographical order I did separate most of the cards from the 1960s and prior for historical purposes. Now I need to get back to the rest. My estimate is that there are probably 1500 of them, not including ones I've sent myself.

Another job on my "assistant" list is transcribing newspaper article, as I hate to post them without adding the transcription.

Did I mention I recently joined after using the library's version for several years.

Catherine said...

per HH: The 1992 trip included a flight to Boston, then to Billings MT from where they drove to Bismarck ND for an Elderhostel program then drove on to Manitoba, Saskatchewan before going back to Billings. Then they flew to Florida. Not sure what the SLC stands for, but there is a Hilton in Billings.

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