Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Email from MV - Jan. 31, 2002

From Don and Mary Crowson
To All
Sent Thursday January 31, 2002
Subject: finally a personal email

Hello, family!

It has been hectic here and I have good intentions of emailing, but obviously have not gotten it done!  Right after Christmas Ginny started playing basketball in the county youth league, and that has been interesting----they play twice a week, so we have spent our share of time at the gym!  It is more competitive than the other sports she has participated in thus far, but she really seems to like and wants to do it next year.  She has two games left ---Tues and Thurs. next week!  I will be sure to take some video to share!

Today Miss Ginny is home sick with a bad upper respiratory infection.  She woke up this morning with upset stomach and temperature, so we went to the Dr. and now she is taking a nap.  She'll probably go back to school tomorrow.

This morning when I dropped off Mr. Christian, his teacher told me his immunizations expire TODAY, so we will be traipsing off to the health department this afternoon to get that taken care of.  No telling what I'll have to brimb him with to let them give him the shots..... On the bright side, he is now toilet trained!  A couple weeks ago he just seemed to get the hang of it and has been doing fine ever since, which there has been GREAT REJOICING over!  His language is doing well--- so well that he knows to blame Ginny when he gets in trouble for something!

Don is doing fine; he has started some Physical Therapy to see if that might help his mobility, etc. a little bit, and quite possibly anticipating being assigned to a church this June (that would be in close proximity to Dublin).  Things at Pine Forest stay moving quite rapidly and I think most days I am keeping my head above water.  Getting ready to start up a Women's Ensemble soon and this fall want to try starting a Youth Handbell Choir again.

Hope this finds everybody doing well and staying healthy.  Love, MVUC

Monday, January 30, 2012

Letter from Mom/Dad Jan 30, 1992

End of January, 1992 typewritten letter from Mom/Dad of which I have scanned the first page below.  Transcription follows.

Letter from Mom/Dad 30-Jan-1992
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Friday -- Jan. 30, 1992

Dearest [family],

It's been a long time since we have written to the family.  You'll have to excuse the mistakes for the correction fluid/tape isn't working and I'm sure there will be a lot of other mistakes as well as I have been writing.

It's hard to know where to start.  We've been busy since Christmas - with Roberta here and seeing John, Julie and Serena all three a couple times.  Serena was here overnight while Roberta was here; we saw John and Julie the afternoon we took Roberta to the airport.  They were also overnight before Martin Luther King Day and we picked up Serena at the library in Hamilton and went to Cincinnati for lunch at the Maisonette which was a real nice experience in honor of her birthday.  Noon is a nice time to go price wise and the food was even better than I had remembered it.  Serena had to go back to work that afternoon so didn't have too long in THE CITY but did get to stop at Jungle Jim's Market near where she lives and got some unusual things there like the exotic fruit and cheese that she had brought for Christmas.

Do hope that Wendy continues to feel better and is able to stay in school all day now.  It didn't seem to affect her grades this report card which is very good.  Both she and Catherine have been practicing the piano so we are looking forward to a concert from both the next time we are together.

We had a long letter from Mary Virginia and Don written on their new computer printer which they are making good use of from Serena.  Don's sister, Linda, has had her jaws wired shut not to lose weight but because of other problems.  This was done in Gainesville and her mother will be with her there for two weeks.  We hate to think about them having to move in June with everything else happening but guess things will work out for the best.  It is a lot to ask Don's congregation to all tithe - not to much to ask but not too realistic.  Just hope MV doesn't overdo it by teaching at Lindsey Wilson so late at night.

We are planning to go to Newark this Sunday.  We will be leaving for New York on Thursday, Feb. 13 and meet the group there going to Israel on Feb. 17 and will return on Feb. 27th.  Meeting Bill ad the Cincinnati airport (Mary will be returning from New York with us.)

We will be in Jerusalem Feb. 22-24 at the Mount of Olives at the Seven Arches Hotel.  The other days in Tel Aviv (FEb. 18 and 25) and Tiberias (Feb 19-21) we will leave leave the addresses and telephone numbers at Wells.

Sorry that this margin is acting up now - the tape (correction) seemed to fix itself but now the margins are off.

I've really been studying the Operation Manual to learn what I've been doing wrong and then seem to get in more trouble....

[Love, etc.]

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ginny sends email Jan. 29, 2002

To Uibles
From Ginny
dated Tuesday, January 29, 2002 8:18pm
Subject: Re: Ginny

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
My basketball season is almost over.  We have lost our last three games by one point.  I really like playing though.  We have a good team and the girls are nice.  I play defense really well.

Are you in Panama right now?  When will you be home?

I have already read enough books to get all my AR (Accelerated Reader) points for the whole year.  Mom and I are almost done reading The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We only have one more chapter and it is 36 pages.  I really like those books!

I gotta go to bed.  I love you!  I miss you!  Ginny

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grand Canyon Hermit Trail postcard

Transcription follows.
Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon postcard sent 2002
Captioned: Riders on Hermit Trail enjoy the vista at 1,700 feet below the rim in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park.  Hermit Trail is the easiest way to the heart of the canyon and is about nine miles west of El Tovar.
Postcard to Wendy from Catherine 01-17-02 Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon
Hi, Wendy!  Thanks for the post card – Tortilla Flats is a long way to go to mail one but the postmark is special and the Garfield "never too busy" card is very cute.  What a thrill to get two in one day – 3 in two days.  Wow!  I've lost my envelope that I keep stamps & return address labels - hope it shows up soon.  Congratulations on finishing the first week of school - only 15 more for the semester and all kinds of holidays and breaks to look forward to also.  We had chicken cacciatore for dinner with pasta - I had a veggie chick burger.  And I spent 3 hours working on bookkeeping, still more to do though.  Love, Mom

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tortilla Flat postcard from Wendy

Wendy's friend Jannika, a German girl who she met at Evergreen, is visiting.  Transcription follows.
Tortilla Flat, AZ – Captioned: Tortilla Flat, AZ, Pop. 6.  Tortilla Flat is the only authentic stagecoach stop to survive the 1900's along the Apache Trail.  A remnant of the old west, and still serving adventurous travelers of the mysterious Superstition Mountain area.  Located 18 miles N.E. of Apache Junction on S.R. 88.
Tortilla Flat postcard to Catherine from Wendy written 1-12-02
Hi Mom!  From Tortilla Flat.  We're out taking Jannika on a scenic AZ Tour!  Lots of people out here and the weather's beautiful.  Thanks for dinner last night.  Tonight we're eating w/Terry & Amy.  They have live music here.  X & Jannika say Hi!  We ate @ IHOP for breakfast.  Hi to All.  Hope you enjoyed LV!  love, Wendy J

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transportation, especially historic types and old roads, has always been of interest to me.  Here's an interesting picture on a postcard sent from Catherine to Wendy on 4-Jan-2002.  Transcription follows.
Postcard sent to Wendy from Catherine 01-04-2002. Captioned: A Swedish postal coach from the first part of the 1880s.  The coach carried mail and passengers.  Owned by the Post Museum since the beginning of the 20th century.
Postcard to Wendy from Catherine 01-04-02, Swedish Postal Coach
Hi, Wendy!
What's new?  Are horses a theme of postcards for 2002 – NO – so far the theme is transportation so that we can include yesterday's hot rod.  We even watched a kind of hot rod movie yesterday, "Crazy Mary, Dirty Larry" (or reverse the name) with Peter Fonda in 1974 back roads of southern California.  Have you worked out recently?  What are you reading?  Love, Mom

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Letter from MV and Don to Mom and Dad, written January 24, 1992. Transcription follows.

Dear Mom and Dad –

This is my first time to use our computer;  Don is watching a basketball game so I thought that I would take advantage of being able to use it.  The layout of the keyboard is different than the one at the church, but it is nice to be able to use a computer at home.  I'm sure that we'll get lots of good use out of it.  We're also very pleased with the way that the printer (print) looks; it is nearly letter quality or equivalent.

Don got his Deacon's Orders done and in the mail on Wednesday, so he is quite relieved; he is already beginning to worry about his interview/oral defense.  I think he will do just fine.  After more thought, he has decided that if Simpson Memorial is unable to come up to minimum salary, then it is okay to move.  For awhile he did not want to move period.  A full time salary for both of us would relieve financial stress, especially once the baby is here [only 5 months until Ginny's arrival].  He is planning 2 sermons (this Sunday and February 2) in which he will talk about commitment and tithing in preparation for the congregational meeting on 2/2 where they will vote whether to "dig deeper."  At this point, he thinks that if everyone were tithing, it would not be a problem to have a $25-30,000 budget (which would include full time salary & benefits).  At this point less than 10% of the congregation is tithing.

My class at Lindsey Wilson is going fine; I am thoroughly enjoying it except for the late hour and the drive to and from.  At this point, I'd like to teach at the college level again but change the above things -- and get a raise of course.  If we get moved, maybe it will be near to a small/private college.

Our pole light was installed today on the drive way and the garage door opener has been in use for a week.  We are really enjoying the garage door opener -- they did put some more gravel by the garage ledge to that it would be level.  We just need to move things over to the side so as to be able to put a car it it.

I think I told you last week that Don's sister, Linda, had surgery on her jaw sockets last week in Gainesville that was successful; her jaws are wired shut for 6 weeks (?), which will greatly impair her eating.  When we called her, we were amazed that she could talk so well without opening her jaw.  She and Geneva will stay in Gainesville for a couple more weeks until she is released from the Dr's care.

We were surprised to talk to John and Julie last Sunday when we called; I'm sure that you enjoyed having them down.  I did call Budget about the car rental; according to the gal I talked to, there was not a $70 rate (at least not when we'll be there) but we did get a better rate than from the travel agent.  We have made plane reservations and will probably get the tickets next week.  [MV will have to enlighten us as to where they were going or we'll have to wait for further communication.]

Don has asked to be an Assistant Spiritual Director on the upcoming Lexington Chrysallis (2/15-17) and will do the talk that is equivalent to Prevenient Grace--all the talks at Chrysallis have upbeat names for teenagers.  The Spiritual Director is Ken Schenck, Don's best man (from Florida) who is ordained in the Wesleyan church but teaches Greek at ATS.  He will finish that position (2yr "tenure") this summer and is hoping to go on to Doctoral studies at one of the Ivy League schools.

Don's UMYF is coming over for a Super Bowl party on Sunday; we are all stocked up with hot dogs, chili, chips, etc.  He even rented a 26 inch TV to watch the game on (at the expense of the youth fund, of course).  He's expecting about 15 kids and 3-4 adults.  I have to be at my church, but the Super Bowl is not on my top 10 list any way.

Well, I better get started on my lecture for Monday - we are currently on the Baroque Opera and Oratorio (Handel's Messiah is an oratorio).  An oratorio is basically an opera that is unstaged with a sacred theme.  For more information, see your nearby encyclopedia.  [Or today's equivalent, Wikipedia.]

What is exact day you take off for Israel?  You're planning a trip to Kentucky when you return?  Don is sure enjoying getting in shape (upper body only) at the gym--meaning he can't do much of anything with his legs.  I may start going with him and walking on the treadmill, getting in shape for Grand Canyon '93!

Love, MV & Don

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1982 Letter from Mom/Dad - Jan 24

Letter from Mom and Dad, appears to have been written by Mom, with more news about Melba Fawley Harner, Roberta's new job in Mesa, MV and Mie Young's doings and more.  Transcription follows.  [My comments in brackets and italics.]

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Sunday evening - January 24, 1982

Dearest Family –

It seems like such a long time since we last wrote a letter to you all but we did have such a nice little trip to visit Roberta and the weather was really wonderful compared to Ohio's deep freeze.

Mary Virginia took us to the airport in Cincinnati last Saturday (1/16). The weather was so bad in Ohio that we didn't want her to drive down especially after her friend cancelled out because her parents' objected. But Phoenix had temperatures in the 70's. It continued beautiful until just about a half hour before we left when they had some rain.

Roberta is really busy looking after her little ladies [the first Senior Village type place in Mesa, Roberta please correct me if I'm wrong] - three of the houses are occupied (not counting hers) and others are waiting to come in as soon as the red tape untangles for them. We were amazed in what good shape the houses are in and all furnished with donations. Two nurses aides are on duty (more will come as the need for them with more people), and a registered nurse visits. All the little women are precious and you can easily see how much they think of Roberta. She sees that they do as much as possible for themselves - working well with them as well as the people on the staff. The cook who had been hired was a constant source of conversation as her experience even cooking for her own family was questionable. This will work out but going through the red tape of government hiring and firing is mind boggling.

Both Roberta and Marion are fine and have a lot of room in their house, which is in the middle house of the row of county houses. Charlie the dog loves to chew and fortunately they have an enclosed back yard, where he can run loose.

We are always amazed at the number of BIG and little stores in the Phoenix area and wonder how there are enough customers to keep them all open.  Dad spent one day at the downtown government complex and sat in on one of their county commissioner's meetings.  On the social front we went square dancing one night ... there are lots of clubs there to choose from.

Mary Virginia and a girl friend from Sabina met us Thursday evening at the airport, as Mie Young had practice that evening.  The non-stop flight each way to Phoenix makes flying there extra easy.

Today we celebrated Mie Young's birthday by going to the Golden Lamb for dinner, luckily we had a gift certificate from a legal client.  Very few people were there, wonder if it all could be attributed to the Bengal's football game today?  [Super Bowl XVI, Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers, SF won 26-21.]

On the home economic front we have been interviewing applicants for the Dog Warden job and was really surprised at the number of people that are interested in a job like that, pays less than $10,000 per year.

Yesterday MV had a full day as fourteen of their musical high school group left at 6 AM for Ohio Wesleyan for contests and returned at midnight ... nothing like youth to keep up the pace.  Then she read the scripture in church as well as had the special music this morning.  She is responsible for every 4th Sunday of the month for music.

Melba Fawley Harner is still undergoing tests in the hospital.  She was to get out Friday for the weekend but they did a liver biopsy so kept here there.  We do hope and pray that she gets good news but it isn't too encouraging at this point.  Stan Jr. and his wife are or have been in San Francisco visiting Marvin and his wife this past week - having planned the trip some long time ago.

Trying to type this and watch the football game - the Bengals are doing better but will have to come back in a hurry now to beat the 49ers.  There has been so much hoopla about the Bengals in this area - real excitement for Cincinnati win or lose.

[Love, etc. as always]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Galloping through the year(s) January 2002

"...racing to the next big event in our lives"  Transcription follows.
Turf Paradise, Phoenix Arizona postcard sent 2-Jan-2002 to Wendy from Catherine.  Captioned: The thrill of horse racing will take your breath away and may make a dream or two come true.  Arizona's premier racing facility, Turf Paradise, offers racing from October through May.  Known for its friendly atmosphere, beautiful Clubhouse and Turf Club and panoramic infield lakes and gardens, Turf Paradise is a "must see" on your next visit to Phoenix.

Turf Paradise Postcard to Wendy from Catherine 01-02-02 

1/2/2 Hi, Wendy!
Here is a visual of us galloping into the New Year, racing to the next big event in our lives whatever that might be.  Should we go to Enoch's next New Years Eve?  Thanks for spending the holiday with us.  We had a fun time with you and X.  Love, Mom

Sunday, January 22, 2012

MV accepted to college 1982

Along with graduating from high school in a few months, come the college acceptance (or otherwise) letters. MV received this letter in January 1982.  Perhaps this is a copy sent to the High School?  Seems strange that it is not on letterhead, contains a typo in the date on the top line, and is not signed.  Maybe that's why she decided not to attend.  At least they were smart enough to accept her!

College of Mount St. Joseph is located in Cincinnati.  Transcription follows.

MV's letter of acceptance to College of Mount St. Joseph 1982
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January 22, 1982

Miss Mary V. Uible

Dear Mary,

I am pleased to offer you admission to the College of Mount St. Joseph as a full-time student in good standing for the fall semester of the 1982-1983 academic year.  We welcome you to the rich heritage of a fine education, to the varied resources of the faculty, and to the dynamic student body that makes the Mount a special college.

In order for us to prepare for our fall class, we ask you to confirm your initial plans for enrollment with a deposit of $50 for tuition and another $50 for room and board.  This deposit is due within thirty days and is very important.  Should your current plans change, the complete deposit is refundable until May 1, 1982.  If this is a burden on either you or your family, please get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help you.

I wish you good luck during the rest of the year at East Clinton H.S.  I know you have the ability to do well in college and I look forward to having you here both as a student and as a person.  Once again, if I can help you in any further way, please feel free to call on me.  Individual attention at the Mount starts now!

Sincerely yours,
John Briggs
Director of Admission

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not in Boxes

Email from Roberta to everyone
Sent Thursday, January 24, 2002 12:54 AM [Ohio time?]
Subject: Swimming and

not in Boxes!!!!  But first things first, we are thinking of Cynthia and Murray as they travel back home today after being a HUGE help to us in getting settled in.  Tonight is our first night here [Sun City] – and we celebrated by going to first the walking distance recreation center where Sara was coaching us on different exercise equipment.

Then we can home – to where our pillows are now and went through a box or two and then were off to the indoor pool about 2 miles from us where Sara got coaching about the right ways to use the walking lanes.  You walk on the lines and in the direction of the arrows and and and.  WE have much to learn ... like reading the signs posted near the swimming pool.

Sid did have a very nice birthday, complete with fresh flowers from South Bend and their helping out the local economy.  It is a beautiful large arrangement with some flowers I know and many I don't.  Someone added some fresh roses from our bush out front.

We are making progress as we got the truck in the garage today and later got the car in too but then I couldn't open up the door to get out of the car.  So more work to be done in that area....  We had said earlier that the passenger could easily get out before getting in the garage but um ... how does the driver best exit.  Might need to rethink our plans on where the work bench goes and and and.

Now for the surprise news.  Sara and I will be up before 8 AM and off to the estate sales.  Now the news is not that Sara will be making public appearances at 8 AM – but Sid did say tonight that we should look for a pair of swimming trunks for him.  So stay tuned....

Thanks for the emails and most of the forwards and hope to hear more personal news.  Sid did find his glasses today and then yesterday he got his favorite keyboard out for the WebTV.  Beethoven is now out for a tour of the house.  We now have a cat door out to the garage and hope to move out his food and etc dishes out there.  And to think that Garage looked so big when it was empty....

My pillow is calling me – I think it likes its new home.  Actually we bought some new pillows ... where else but Costco?  Love, Roberta and Sidley too – he may by writing the next email!

Friday, January 20, 2012

No hassle with luggage

Freedom Years Panama Canal Cruise in January 2002, began in Miami.  Transcription follows

Miami Beach postcard sent by HH/JBU to Morgans 20-Jan-2002

Uneventful trip yesterday - no hassle on the luggage.  John took us to the airport as the snow started.  But nice 80°+ here.

Nice group of people – many of whom know John so we have to be on good behavior.  DeFevre's [?] daughter is very nice, sat beside her and her husband at dinner last night.

Love and xxxxx to all

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1841 instead of 1842 and the "2" years

As you may have figured out by now, with my new "10-year plan" the focus of the blog this year is anything that happened in a year ending in "2" and/or anything else that rises to the top of the pile that warrants publishing now rather than waiting until the right year comes along.

This has helped me "organize" our family files and decide what should be published when.

For those of you who haven't read the comments about Alexander Bell Ballantyne, which you can do by clicking on "View Comments" at the bottom of this page, I've added the following information:

Just discovered in reading through family reunion notes done by Mary Frances "Fran" Cline Pizzella Gavey, grand daughter of C.A. Ballantyne (1875-1957, brother of our grandfather Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne) that Alexander Bell Ballantyne was born 25 Feb 1841 rather than in 1842.

Mary Frances (born 1928) is one of eight children of C.A. (or "Alex") Ballantyne's daughter, Anna Irene Ballantyne Cline (1904-1981) who married Clarence H. Cline in 1926.  They lived in New Cumberland.  She did two extensive booklets for their family reunions in 1999 and 2000, much of which focuses on the Cline family, but also contains information about the Ballantyne family.

If we condense all previous "2" years into one year, as we're doing on the blog, we have the following rearrangement of the order of the family in January:

  • Serena and HH were in First Grade
  • MV – Second Grade
  • Roberta – Fifth Grade
  • Ginny and Jean – Sixth Grade
  • Catherine – Seventh Grade
  • John – Ninth Grade
  • Serena and HH were Juniors in High School
  • MV – Senior in High School
Family and local history events that happened during "2"years:
  • Gladys Hiestand Uible was born, got married, celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary and her 90th & 100th birthdays
  • Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible was born
  • John became an Eagle Scout
  • Ginny was born 
  • The trip west for the Seattle World's Fair
  • NVUMC  struck by lightning
  • Lots of other things, big and small which make up our history.  

Suggestions, comments, corrections, or complaints are always welcome!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last minute errands?

From Catherine
To Mom and Dad
Email dated Thursday 17-Jan-2002
Subject: Last minute errands?

Good Morning!  I am little closer to my regular morning routines today after a shorter morning yesterday.  The next few days will probably mess me up again though as I have Friday off, work Saturday and Sunday and then have Monday off for MLK day.  The book review about Beethoven in today's WSJ didn't inspire me but I enjoyed the article on the front page about nasdaq becoming a verb "A market's woes..."  and the personal technology article about the new i-Mac on the front of section B.  I just found out yesterday we are getting one of those at work.  Have a good last full day in January 2002 in New Vienna [they leave in two days for a Panama cruise.]  Love, Catherine

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roberta's excited

To Mom and Dad
From Catherine
email dated Wednesday 16-Jan-2002
Subject: Roberta's excited

Yes, the check came, sorry not to have mentioned it.  Thanks so much.  I will have the paperwork for the loan done by the time you get here if that is OK.  I enjoyed today's book review about brain research and the article in the NYT about Jane Brody.  I need to concentrate on bookkeeping for Best West for the next few days in what might otherwise be idle moments so back to work.  Love, Catherine

PS Roberta just called me all excited (she does get excited) about the address for Serena.  I tried to tell her not to get too excited yet as we have not yet seen or heard form her but I'm sure she will come up with someone she knows who can go check out the address.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan. 15, 2002 email to Wendy/Ginny from Uible grandparents

Thanks for Writing
To Wendy and/or Ginny [though mistakenly sent to Ginny, then forwarded]
From Granddad and Grandma Uible
Dated January 15, 2002 10:15pm

[First a message from MV]
Mother – You may want to resend this to Wendy – I think you accidentally clicked on Ginny's name.  Ginny will enjoy your (other) new email in the morning!  Thanks for writing!  We have had a busy week with School of Christian Enrichment and tomorrow night regular church.  More later when I have more brain power.  Hope this find you all doing well and having a good week.  Love you, MVUC

[Now to the original message]
Dearest Wendy,
It was so good hearing from you and so glad that you finally were able to get my message.  It wasn't that good a letter but I had been trying to send it for such a long time.

I'm getting ready to have the Methodist Women's meeting tonight but waiting now for the kitchen floor to dry so decided to try to send another message while I'm waiting.

[This is the part that seems to have been written to Ginny.]  We will be seeing Kate and Andrew on Friday for we are to stay at their house all night and then Uncle John is driving us to the airport the next morning.  Any message you want us to give them?  Just before we come home we will get to see Aunt Catherine and Uncle Gerry, Wendy and also Sid and Aunt Roberta where they will be living.

Do write back real soon and tell us what you and Christian as well as your mother and dad are doing.  Lots of love and kisses to all of you, Granddad and Grandma Uible.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

13-Jan-1992 letter from MV

MV teaches a Music Appreciation Class to help cover upcoming expenses for the birth of Ginny.  Just the beginning of the endless but oh so rewarding expenses of parenting.  Transcription follows:
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1-13-92 [Monday]
Dear Mom & Dad –
Thanks for the quick service on the calendar and on the Walker's condo – and I don't think we had thanked you for all the gifts at Christmas and your generous checks.  Thank you for taking such good care of us.

We originally spent the Christmas $ on a printer for our "new" computer.  When we started having problems with the hard drive, we took the printer back.  We found out Friday that the motor on the hard drive was about to go, so we've now bought a used (1 yr) disk drive to put with the monitor we got from Serena and another printer.

With all this confusion on computers, Don has not been able to start typing his Deacon's Orders which are due 2/1 – so he's taking exegesis in the spring instead of J-term in order to get that finished up.  Hopefully now he can get started.

A lady in my church gave me a starter for that  Amish Annamon [Cinnamon?, aka Friendship] Bread (Julie brought at Christmas).  I made my first batch Saturday when we had company (Jean & Kerry Davis from Tex) and it is gone already – less than 18 hours.  I will send you a loaf from the next batch.

Last week I started teaching a Music Appreciation class at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia (1 hour west).  They have a non-traditional program for people who work full time (blue collar jobs) and these folks can earn an Assoc. or Bachelor's degree just by going at night.  The class is 8 weeks long, 2x/week for 2½ hours and is worth 3 hours.  The students can choose from about 20 classes, taking 2 (first session is 5:30-8:00, 2nd session is 8-10:30 (central time).  Unfortunately I have the second session.  We meet on Monday & Thursday so I get home about 12:30 Eastern time.  The pay (what little there is) should pay my deductible and most of my out-of-pocket expense for the pregnancy/delivery.  [Ginny due in June 1992]

We are having lunch tomorrow with the DS to discuss possibilities on appointments  Don wants badly to stay here, but I don't think his church will come up with the extra $ to meet minimum salary.  They did decide to put in an electric garage door opener for us and a pale light in the back yard because if it being so DARK.  They realized when they came for the open house how DARK it is in the driveway – I was hoping they'd notice that the curtains don't fit the windows!

Sorry it has taken me so long to return the library card – I was surprised to find it in my bill-fold!  Hope you haven't done without.  I'm also enclosing the latest newsletter from the Murray's who are active in Russia.  I believe you might have sent them $ last year.

Hope you'll plan another trip to KY soon – probably after Israel I suppose.  Thanks again for everything.  Don is especially thrilled with his tie and shows it to everyone.  Hello to Grandma.

Love, MV & Don

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan. 13, 2002 email from Roberta

Subject: Yes but
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad
Dated January 13, 2002, 11:38pm

Thanks for your email.  That is the correct address for the Comfort Inn.  I did goof in mixing it up with the one that is near the Cracker Barrel.  That is the Beau... Inn.  The closest restaurant to the Comfort Inn is a Village Inn, and also a new Texas steak house and a Krispy Kreme donut place too.

Sorry I have not made a copy of the deed YET.  I thought of doing it everyday but....  Can it wait until you are here, Dad?

YES – we are moved in.  Or rather our furniture is moved in and great progress is being done to get the stuff in place.  Cynthia and Murray got here fine on Tuesday night.  They stayed the first night and then a couple more at 3501 W Vogel.  But the bedroom they were in was right next to 35th Ave.  And the noise was too much for them.  So they have been staying out of 103rd which works out fine.  We are continuing to camp out here until the 23rd.  At this point we have moved some of the furniture that had been out west that we donated to SV back in here so not all that uncomfortable.

I did talk to the neighbor man whose house is going up for sale.  He wants to sell it himself – without realtor and says he will wait until February 4th.  Its really a very nice place – blue chip property.  They do have a screened in patio which we don't have.  The house itself is a little smaller but the utility area is bigger and they have it fixed up with a desk, etc.  Of course we are hoping you will be thinking ahead and seeing yourself in the Sun City lifestyle.  It is within walking distance of the library.  And the swimming pool – well, the outdoor one, and just the right distance of driving to the heated pool and and and.  NOW – one of the best features is the neighbors and esp the neighbor to the south – has had experience caring for the elderly.  AND husband is very handy and a good cook too.  [I believe Roberta is speaking of herself and Sid.]

Another fine point is that it is within walking distance – 5 blocks to a very nice Safeway and a bread bakery that has their day old for $1.  Sid loves their excellent pancake size cookies.  We have tried many of their breads that have already had their birthday – and of course some of the cookies too in the name of research.

We were at the Sun City UMC last night for their 5PM Saturday service and then today at Trinity.  Tonight Cynthia and Murray are at My Fair Lady with Ruth and DC Black.  They went to another program with them at Grady Gammage on Thursday night.  The free tickets are a thing of the past but does work out well that Ruth and DC wanted to go to these programs as far as Pars going too.

The bunny rabbits sure come out at night in Sun City.  Its really neat to look out and see them.  Let me know if you want me to be on the lookout for a golf cart for you all.  The Civic is close enough to one for us.  Our auto insurance went down $600 a year just by moving there – and the fact that we have a garage there too.  Did I tell you of the surprise we had in the Civic being higher to insure than the Odyssey???  Was told it was one of the most popular cars to steal.

Gotta keep going.  Thanks for your email.  We did get your phone call but got back too late last night.

We did save some furniture if you folks want it – but its ok if you really want all new furniture.  Love, Roberta

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Words via email from Catherine 12-Jan-2002

The game of life is a game of boomerangs.  Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy. –Florence Scovel

To Family
From Catherine
email dated Saturday 12-January-2002 8:32AM
re: Hope this helps

Good morning!  Here I am again.  Thanks for the info on Wordsmith.  I was able to subscribe and I sent a gift subscription to Wendy – must be a generational thing.  I also copied below some quotes about words that I liked.

The bargain postcards were actually more of a bargain than the price indicates.  Those marked 2¢ and 5¢ I found at a booksale at the AZ Historical Museum.  There were three boxes of postcards marked thusly and I offered $10 for the whole lot which I estimated was about 750 cards – so that makes them what?  about 1.333¢ each.  Also included were maybe 15 of those packets of pictures about the size of postcards that come in long strips with pictures on both sides.  Not much use to someone who wants to mail the.  I'll give them away.  Perhaps 20 of the postcards had been received instead of purchased and they were addressed to a lady in Alhambra, California.  So, if you ever see any boxes of postcards at an estate sale or book sale, bargain on my behalf!  I'm still looking to enlarge my collection.  [This may no longer be true.]  A postcard for every occasion or destination is my goal.  I hope the postage rate doesn't go up so high that I can't afford to send them!  Pick some up in Panama [HH & Jean leave for Panama on 19-Jan-02} since I don't have any from there!  Several years ago I started my collection with about 300 postcards that I bought for $5 at a flea market from a lady who was selling them 10/$ and after I picked out 50 I offered her the $5 for the whole lot and to my surprise she agreed.  I sometimes think of Roberta in her younger days haunting the souvenir stands (for postcards?) on our travels.  I was probably too cheap then to spend much money.

I think we are passing today on the North by Northern walk.  We've had too many late nights this week which is difficult for those of us accustomed to more sleep.  Last night we went out to dinner at Tutti Santi with Gerry's folks and Wendy and a couple of her friends.  It was very LOUD, and the service left a lot to be desired.  We won't be going back there for awhile.  Hope you weren't planning to go there.  Plenty of other restaurants to try!

Tomorrow morning we are heading northwest for Las Vegas and will return Tuesday in time for me to work at 5pm.  Unless we have to sell the car to support our gambling habit and return via Greyhound.  Ha! Ha! as Marianne would write.

We are in the planning stages for a trip to Florida during late February/March.  thinking of flying to WPB and spending a couple days visiting Aunt Mary and the Hortons and then going to see Gerry's sister in Port Orange, just south of Daytona.  Anybody else have travel plans for Florida?

Have a good weekend and hello to everyone else in the family.  Love, Catherine & Gerry

  • Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. – Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • A word in mind is worth two in the book. –Anu Garg
  • Here is a gift to cheer you up after my triumphant victory in Scrabble.   Maybe, with a little help from Wordsmith, one day you'll beat me.  Enjoy it and better luck next time. –Ana Banana
  • The word 'abstemious' has all the vowels in order.  Do you know any other such words?  (facetious, arsenious, adventitious)
  • What is the word for the number one followed by 100 zeros? It is 'googol' as I learned in A.Word.A.Day
  • What is the word for throwing for someone out the window?  The answer is 'defenestration' and you will learn more such fun words at A.Word.A.Day
The above email was sent in response to the email below:

To Catherine
From HH & JWBU
email dated Friday 11-Jan-2002 
Subject – Hope This Helps

[From HH]  Hi:  Let us know if this really does help locate wordsmith.  Must confess that I had never heard of "ebola" until you mentioned it and in today's WSJ.  Enjoyed the item about Dave Thomas on the editorial page in today's WSJ.

Yes we hope to see the Fosters, but nothing definite.  No problem in going by ourselves for we may want to see some other people in the area.

Curious where you that real buy on the postcards?  Do appreciate your writing to us.  

[From JWBU]  I looked off and on all day for a message from you but found nothing but Dad found one written this morning.  Its always good to hear from you on postcards, email.  Its always good to hear from you.  Much love to all of you, Dad & Ma
  • Education: That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding. –Ambrose Bierce, writer (1842-1914)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11-Jan-1982 letter from Mom and Dad to family

A newsy letter written on a cold January day in 1982 which includes the expected family names like Mary Virginia and John, but also Aunt Virginia and mentions health problems of Melba Fawley Harner, marriage of Elvis Wiget's father and Treva Fisher's mother, the opening of Wendy's (which we already about here) and other exciting news of the week.

From the style and wording of the letter we can determine that this letter was written primarily by Mom.  Transcription follows.  [My notes in brackets and italics.]  Additional notes at the end.

Letter 11-Jan-1982 from Mom and Dad to family - page 1
Posted by Picasa
Letter 11-Jan-1982 from Mom and Dad to family - page 2
Monday morning - January 11, 1982
Dearest Family -

There is no school today and VERY COLD outside with a windchill factor of about 70° below zero. Don’t know of any school in the area that are in session. I was supposed to go to Dayton for the monthly meeting of Dayton Public Library Children’s Librarians plus these in the area but Jeanne Liggett and the Children’s Librarian from Wilmington thought it was much too cold and unnecessary to go so I cancelled out too.

We did go to Columbus yesterday after church and dinner at home. There weren’t too many out for services; electricity was off for three hours nearby which didn’t help attendance. We met John and X and had dinner with them at an unusual restaurant near the airport [94th Aero Squadron?]. But they were having their problems too. They said their thermostat was set on 80° but we thought it was because of all the windows it was so cold but just as we were finishing (having eaten with our coats around us) they told us they had a water problem and the restaurant was closing. The fire department arrived and they were most anxious to get everyone out. Mary Virginia wants to go back there to celebrate her birthday - it was fascinating - seeing mammoth planes from the Columbus airport whizzing by the window just ready to take off or come in - a wonderful place for plane buffs with a lot of memorabilia of early days of aviation inside the restaurant built to resemble an air force post.  They did have about four fireplaces located around the rambling rooms but unless you were right in front of them you didn't feel much heat.

X's grandmother is in the hospital with a blood problem - perhaps anemia so do hope that she is soon out and feeling much better.  John is in the process of filling out the applications to law schools.  It may be Ohio but the way the weather has been lately the temptations toward climate would have to be on his mind.

Keep going backward - Mie Young performed Friday night with the Drill Team between halves of the Clinton Massie East Clinton basketball game and did a very good job - it was their first performance with the pop band (of which MV is a member).  The drill team had worn their new uniforms and gone through their routine the night before at the Freshman game but understood they did much better Friday night having had a dress rehearsal.  They wear long sleeve red blouses, white shorts and boots shiny gray sequined hats with red band and shiny silver gloves.  It was the first game we had been to in two years and the girls said that the place was filled at 6PM.  There was a large crowd there from Clinton Massie and the visitors were ahead most of the game but the Astros finally pulled ahead and beat them the last quarter of the game.  It was one of the most exciting games that I have seen EC play.

Tuesday night was the pre-opening invitational gala for the VIP's as the guests of Wendy's in Wilmington.  It is really pretty with a lot of stained glass and seems larger than others we have been in.  Instead of the usual ribbon-cutting the mayor cut through a length of real money ($256 representing that many ways that you can get a hamburger there).  The money was then presented to Multiple Fibrosis chairman of the county.  They did serve champagne and soft drinks before the ceremony and then
kept passing more all through the time we were there to anyone who wanted more.  We sat with the Dave Baileys (pres. of the co. commissioners) and he practically had the full menu - chili, salad, triple (¾ pound) burger and then admitted he had forgotten he was coming there that night and had had lunch at the Washington Court House Wendy's.  Their salads are way above average - the salad bar that is.  Betty Fife admitted it was the first time ever in a Wendy's, she is the wife of the other commissioner.  The place was really packed and rated much higher than the opening of McDonald's a few years ago according to others.  Baileys said their children were really jealous.  One couple even took a bag home to their children - 16 and 19!  We thought that took quite a bit of nerve, for it was no small bag!

Aunt Virginia called last week and sounded so good - was hoping that something would work out for her to get some sort of a job - perhaps in the nursing home to occupy some of her time.  It would be a great idea!  Do hope and pray that something works out as her doctor is also receptive if not the instigator of the idea.  Mary Ellen and Tom Walkley like living in South Carolina - think they are both in the real estate business, I know that she is.  Just checked their Christmas card and he is in business for himself.  They sent a picture of their family in a hammock with a big dog in front of the four.  Her two boys are really growing.  It was so good to see all the Daileys at the wedding of Joe last February.

Melba Fawley Harner [see notes below] hasn't been feeling well for quite a while and went in for tests again after Christmas and down to Cincinnati where they found in a scan - four shadows - two in the brain area, one in the esophagus, and one in the lung.  Still don't know what it is or causing it but cancer specialist at Holmes Hospital told her she has indications of cancer without any symptoms - whatever that could mean.  Hope to hear good news soon.

Some of you may remember Ruby Davis - Treva Fisher's mother.  She and George Wiget - Elvis's father, were married New Years Eve. [see notes below] They are living out on Route 73 toward Wilmington but she is keeping her house in town - behind the old Baptist Church just in case she may wish she had it - a place in town sometime.

We leave Saturday for Phoenix and to see Roberta for a few days.  It is between Dad's Fridays so he won't miss any meetings of the Co. Commissioners' meetings (Monday is a holiday in Ohio for school and county as well as state people.)

[No closing, as this is a copy of the original letter.  In 1982, Morgans were living in Madras, Oregon.  We moved to Phoenix in 1987.]

  • Melba June Young Fawley was born 14-Jun-1926.  She died 18-Sep-1982.  
  • Melba married Orville Harner 21-Nov-1979.  
  • Orville David Harner born 2-Jan-1915, died 6-Nov-2003
  • Stanley Leroy Fawley born 26-Mar-1919, died 5-May-1979
  • Anna Louise Matthews Harner born 1920, died 18-Jun-1978

  • Ruby Moon Davis Wiget 1897-1984
  • George Samson Wiget 1895-1989, he married his first wife, Gladys Armstrong (Elvis and Floyd's mother), in 1916.  She was born 1899, died 1984.
  • Elvis Wiget 1919-1997  His wife Dorothea survives, she was born 1919 also.
  • Treva E Davis Fisher 1919-1987.  She married Norris "Glenn" Fisher 1916-1995 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alexander Bell Ballantyne 1841-1885

Alexander Bell Ballantyne, father of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne, grandfather of Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible, is the great-grandfather of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.
Alexander Bell Ballantyne 1841-1885, father of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne 1868-1949, grandfather of Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible (1922-2011)

His parents Nathaniel and Sarah Wallace Ballantyne were born and married in the Paisley area of Scotland and came to America in 1836 on their wedding tour.  In the U.S. Nathaniel and Sarah lived and died in Pittsburgh.  Sarah was a descendent of the noted Sir William Wallace (?-1305) who was one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence which began in 1296.  Wallace was also the subject of literary works by Sir Walter Scott and Jane Porter, and of the film, Braveheart.

Alexander Bell Ballantyne:
  • born in Pittsburgh on 25 Feb 1841 
  • son of Nathaniel (1815-?) and Sarah Wallace Ballantyne (1815-?) 
  • died on 20 April 1885.  
  • He was the third of eight siblings (though Men of West Virginia p. 761 states there were 10 children)

    His siblings who would be our great grand aunts/uncles: :
  • Mary (1835-?)
  • David (1837-?)
  • George D. (1843-1900)
  • Sarah (1846-?)
  • Agnes (1849-?)
  • Annie (1852-?) 
  • Margaret (1855-?)

Virginia Irene Freeman Ballantyne (1840-1906) mother of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne (1868-1949), grandmother of Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible (1922-2011)

Alexander married Virginia Irene Freeman, our great-grandmother (1840-1906) and they had five children:
  1. Virginia "Byrd" Ballantyne Walmer Daley (1865-1947) - She married George Walmer (1856-1930) in 1890.  she lived in Chicago (c1910), and Salt Lake (c1920) before settling in San Bernardino, California by 1930, where she died in 1947.  After the death (?) or George Walmer, Byrd married Jim Daley (1877-1933, not to be confused with Jim Dailey, 1910-1965, who married Irene "Virginia" Ballantyne, daughter of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne).  Byrd had one son, George Ballantyne Walmer, Jr. (1893-1970).
  2. Nathaniel Wallace, our grandfather (22 Dec 1868- 28 May 1949)
  3. Alexander Charles (also referred to as C.F.B, Charles Freeman?, and A.W.B. (Alexander Wallace?) who died in infancy 1872, though a note I have from the New Cumberland cemetery shows CFB 1873-1874.
  4. James Freeman (1873-1957) married Maud Beaumont (1872-1958) of Hancock County WV.  In 1920 lived in Boise, Idaho, but by 1930 until his death in 1958, lived in Portland, Oregon.  He had one son James Ballantyne, Jr. born in 1906.
  5. Charles Alexander (1875-1957) - married Mary Conely (1880-1930) and had three children: Anna Irene Cline (1904-1981), Mary E. (1906-?) and Natalie Virginia Kessel (1909-?) mother of our 2nd cousin, Kenneth Karl "Pat" Kessel Jr., born 1928, who still lives in Hancock County.
Alexander was engaged in the glass business in Pittsburgh, and died at the age of 44 in 1885.


Additional information received from Pat Kessel: 
Mary Francis Cline is my 1st cousin and was the daughter of my mother's sister Ann Ballantyne Cline.  Ann's Husband was Clarence Cline and they had 8 children.  I have a sister Gretchen Lee Kessel Malloy who is three years younger than I and lives in Bethesda, MD.  My grandfather was Charles Alexander Balllantyne and he was married to Mary Conley Ballantyne and they had three children, all girls, they were Ann, Elizabeth and Natalie (my and Gretchen's mother).  My grandfather, who was called "Alec" and "C.A." and your grandfather "Nat" were partners in the clay grinding business when they retired.  My aunt Elizabeth, who everyone called "Tat" was a school teacher.  She was married to Fred B. Fisher and they had 4 children.

I think l'm the only descendant of the Ballantyne Clan still living in Hancock County, WV.  I was born in New Cumberland, in the house next door to where your grandfather Nathan and grandmother Lucy lived for many, many years.  I still live only 4 miles away from that home.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Jan. 9, 2002 email from Roberta

Subject: Fwd: Amazing story of Delta Flight 15
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad
Dated Wednesday, January 9, 2002 1:20 pm

Thought you all might enjoy this one.  Thanks for the forward earlier today.  Had an interesting phone call this AM from the place I had applied and he wanted to know if I wanted to go into management and I said no, then he wanted to know if ok if he gave my name and all to one of good friends who is an admin of a brand new assisted living place.  I said where and he said, just outside of Sun City.  It would be about 2 miles from where we will be living.  So could be interesting....

Cynthia and Murray got here fine.  Long day for them.  They came US Airways through Philly with over 3 hour layover there.

Gotta go.  Love, Roberta

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Jan. 7, 2002 email from Catherine to Dad

Subject: First Monday
From Catherine
To Dad
Dated Monday, January 7, 2002 7:35 AM

Good morning!  Wow 3% sounds great.  I think we are going to need $$  [during the ups and downs of Best West we frequently needed to borrow $$ during the downs, but fortunately were able to pay it off during the ups.  Certainly appreciated having someone we could easily borrow money from.  Thanks, Dad!] but I should get more details in the next couple days.  I'll let you know ASAP.  10 years is no problem – we'll aim for eight.  Today's book review in the WSJ doesn't sound like one I would rush to the library to get – a critical look at American cities.

Happy Monday!  Love, Catherine

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Jan. 7, 2002 email from Roberta

Subject: Re: news
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad
Dated January 7, 2002 7:34pm

Hi, just got this now–not sure what time it actually got here.  Now both of you need to stay away from those close encounters with the floor!!!!  This could change Mabel's life. [Mabel Collier? who must have fallen.]

Had a meeting today with my big boss and they asked if I would be interested in doing marketing for the Foundations and esp the day cares (for elderly) and Senior Village.  I might be....  Also was asked if I would consider doing fill in for directors of adult day cares when they are on leave for medical and or long vacations.

Right now Sid and I have the truck packed for the second time today to head west. [Moving to Sun City.]  Probably will stop at Luby's coming back.  Cynthia an Murray get here tomorrow night.  We have tickets for them for 2 different cultural events.  One is My Fair Lady.  The other is a group that "played" in London for 20 weeks to sold out crowds.  The group is called BLAST.  Ruth and DC are going.  The tickets are $60 each.  I hope they remember how much they liked the show longer than I remember how much the tickets cost.  ha!

Gotta go.  Love, Roberta

Friday, January 06, 2012

Mrs. Uible's Program on Senegal a "delight" 1972

Wilmington, Ohio News-Journal Clipping - January 7, 1972, transcription follows.
 Mrs. Uible's Program on Senegal Delights New Vienna Women

Posted by Picasa
Mrs. Harold Uible delighted the New Vienna Mothers Club Tuesday evening at the home Mrs. Ernest Cochran with her program, The Safari.

Mr. and Mrs. Uible visited their nephew, Mr. Joseph Horton, in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, where he is serving in the Peace Corps.

She gave the following facts:
You can lay the map of the United States three times on the map of Africa and still have space left.  It is the second largest continent on earth.

The country of Senegal is on Africa's west coast and borders the Atlantic Ocean.  This point in Africa is closer to America than any other point of Europe or Africa.

When you fly into the country it is like entering a different world.  The people are dressed in native costume which Mrs. Uible showed with dolls and slides as her visual aids.  They speak French and seem at ease with tourists.  Malaria is still the most common disease.  One third of the children die before they are five and the average life span is 42 years.

The women wear their hair short with turbans around their heads.  They wear long tunic like dresses and carry their babies on their backs while they work.  They carry heavy baskets on their heads.  Even the little girls carry small baskets on their heads.

The women do most of the work and still pound the millet into flour by hand.  Beautiful weaving is done by the men.

Senegal is a flat warm country.  Snakes and monkeys are everywhere.  The chief crop is peanuts.  They are shipped all over the world in 220-pound bags on large barges.

Most of these people are Muslims.  They carry prayer beads with them and have a prayer ceremony three times daily no matter where they are or what they are dong.  If you are riding in a taxi and your driver is a Muslim, when prayer time comes, the taxi is stopped, the driver gets out, kneels, and prays for 15 minutes or so.  Only about 1-20 [5%?] of the people there are Christians.  Many people still use donkeys and carts for transportation.

Mrs. Carl West, president, opened the business meeting by asking that the roll call be answered with a New Year's resolution or a favorite Christmas gift.

It was decided to conduct the March of Dimes canvass Jan. 24.  Members will meet in the music room at the New Vienna school at 3:30 p.m.  Boy Scouts will help with door to door collections.

Mrs. Charles Hildebrant presided at the tea table beautifully decorated for the New Year in the recently remodeled kitchen and eating area of the residence.

Other members present were Mrs. Aaron [Charlotte] Hause, Mrs. Paul [Betty] Eltzroth, Mrs. Joe [Jean] Eaton, Mrs. Eugene [Margaret] Drake, Mrs. Floyd [Laura] Carey, Mrs. Gerald [Helen Jean] Bernard, Mrs. Donald [Martha Ann] Bernard, Mrs. Orville [Anna Louise] Harner, Mrs. John [Laura] Hughes.  Mrs. Linley [Florence] Moore, Mrs. Lawrence [Pauline] Terrell, Mrs. Warren [Mildred] Terrell, Mrs. Wendell [Virginia] Walker and Mrs. Vinton [Leona] Wolfe.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jan. 5, 2002 email from Roberta

It's not too late to celebrate Christmas or mail those packages!

Subject: Re: #788
From Roberta
To Mom and Dad

Thanks for your email and I hope to get the deed in the mail next week.  We (I) still have some Christmas packages to mail yet too.  Didn't want to fight the crowds.  Ha! Tonight is the SV [Senior Village] Christmas party.  I am making a fruit salad and heating up some Costco lasagna.  Many of the things – parties or get togethers we have been to of late look like the catering comes from Costco.

The doorbell just rang so will write more later.  Love, Roberta

Jan 5, 2002 email from Dad

Subject: Re: Now Happy Saturday
From Dad
To Catherine
Dated Saturday January 5, 2002 8:29 AM

HI:  Yes, we had lunch in Wilmington yesterday, the bar meeting is a luncheon, it is catered for 30 people and about 12 were there yesterday, so no lack of food.  Peaches was very down to earth in eating at White Castle.

Yes, the loan offer is still on, but current interest rate is 3%, but lets not go out over 10 years.  [I'm pleased to report the loan was repaid well before then.]  –Dad

Jan. 5, 2002 email from Catherine

Subject: Now Happy Saturday
From Catherine
To Mom and Dad
Dated Saturday, January 5, 2002, 8:11 AM eastern time

Hi!  Thanks for your message.  And did you have lunch out while you were in Wilmington?  I did find a small book, hardly more than a pamphlet, about US-70 between Phoenix and Lordsburg, NM.  But as I mentioned in a previous message, I have several non-road books in progress now.  And the end of the year bookkeeping [for Best West] is looming quite close on the horizon.

It appears Gerry's sister, Debbie, is getting closer to finding a house.  I mentioned to you before that the plan is that we will buy the house and she will make payments to us.  Does your offer of a loan at 5% still stand?

Talked to Roberta late yesterday afternoon.  They are in the countdown mode for getting things ready to move and getting everything ready in their new house.

No WSJ today of course and I'm not finding much of interest in the local paper worthy of mentioning.  WE are going on the North by Northern walk this morning and then I am working today and tomorrow.  Have a good weekend!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

1982 Wilmington opens Wendy's Restaurant

If you look very closely you can see HH in profile on the far right, about second row back wearing glasses.  I presume it is Jean's hair that can be seen slightly behind him.  Transcription and notes follows:

Posted by Picasa

Wilmington News-Journal January 5, 1982, photo by Dana Dunn
Area residents now have a new restaurant choice available to them as Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers opened its restaurant in Wilmington at 10:30am today.

Wade Hufford of Wilmington became the first customer shortly after the restaurant opened its doors for business.

On Tuesday evening, a group of area persons were guests at a VIP-Preview Opening at Wendy's newest business located at 1160 Rombach Avenue.

Above, Wendy's area director Doug McDaniel talks to the group.  Other Wendy's officials in attendance were area supervisor Doug Bostick, along with store manager Tom Thompson pictures at the left rear, and co-manager Mark Bell.

Representing the 256 different ways a Wendy's hamburger can be ordered, Wilmington Mayor Robert W. Moyer marked the store opening by symbolically cutting a ribbon made of $256 in cash.

Following the ceremony, Moyer and McDaniel present the money as a gift from Wendy's to the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The multiple sclerosis society will also receive 10 percent of money received from all soft drink sales during the restaurant's grand opening week.  The group was selected to receive the donation because of the charity's extensive involvement in the Wilmington area, as well as its worldwide research efforts to aid the millions of persons who suffer from the disease.

Wilmington multiple sclerosis executive director Michael Flanigan accepted the donation on behalf of the society.

The new restaurant features a traditional Wendy's menu offering such items as 100 percent pure beef hamburgers, french fries, chili and Frosty dairy desserts.  The hamburgers come in three sizes and are pattied fresh daily at the store and are never frozen, a Wendy official said.

According to McDaniel, the Wilmington restaurant will also offer three of Wendy's newest menu items, a boneless all white meat breast of chicken sandwich, a children's Fun-Pak, and an all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Each Wendy's restaurant features a turn-of-the-century design with tiffany lamps, bentwood chairs, rosewood paneling and tablecloths printed with reproductions of 19th century newspapers.  Wendy's also includes a pick-up window with a separate grill and preparation area.

The new store is part of Wendy's International, Inc., which began in Columbus in 1969 when R. David Thomas, now chairman of the board of Wendy's opened his first restaurant with the motto, "Quality is our recipe."

According to officials, the company has grown from one store to become the fifth largest food service company in the world with more than 2,000 restaurants in the United States and six foreign countries.

Notes:  Dave Thomas was born 2 July 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and died 8 January 2002 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The first restaurant opened in Columbus on 15 November 1969.  Headquarters were moved to Dublin, Ohio in 2006.  As of March 2010, Wendy's was the world's third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,650 locations.  McDonald's has 31,000+ and Burger King 12,000+.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jan 4, 2002 email from Dad to Catherine

Subject Re: Happy Friday!
From Dad
To Catherine
Dated Friday, 4 Jan 2002, 10:46pm

Hi.  The food article in the WSJ too much for us.  Must be some book to weight in at 8#.

We were in Wilmington this morning at 9:00.  Peaches was a volunteer at the hospital, while I can always find things to do at the Court House.  Right now I have a case where the folks used a drug store type will and really messed up.  The judge has us down for an hour hearing this next Monday afternoon.

The first Friday is also the monthly meting of the Lawyers.  If I use the word "Bar" there often arises confusion.

We have had great weather here – virtually no snow and usually pretty sunny.  it has been down in the 40s for the Walkers in Florida.  Her two week absence really makes me appreciate her contribution in the office.  After 21 years she knows the routine AND the answers.

We have not had any experience in checking library books out on the computer.  Are you still reading any books on Route 66, or other old roads?

Love, Mother and Dad

4-Jan-1992 letter from Catherine

The first Saturday in January found Catherine and Wendy at the mall, one of Wendy's then most favorite places, but on our way to Roberta's.  Roberta left for Ohio on Tuesday, 7-Jan-1992.  The letter is written on the back of receipt of Wendy's recent visit to the Dr. where she got a flu shot and some cold medicine.  Transcription follows.
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1-4-92 [Saturday]
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Wendy is trying on clothes at Robinson's right now so thought I'd try to get a letter started to send back with Roberta.  We have some things in the car to drop off at her house so hope to go by there on our way home.

I had the cyst on my chin removed on Thursday.  They put this humongous bandage on it – made me look like I had half my chin removed!  I have to go back to have the stitches removed on Monday afternoon.

I finished packing up all the Christmas decorations this morning and put them back in the garage for another 11 months.  I've also been trying to go through long-ignored drawers and sort things out to get rid of.  I keep up on my closet stuff pretty well but the drawers are easier to avoid.

Now we're at Dillard's – making our way through the dressing room of the mall!  It's 12:45 so we'll be able to take a break for lunch soon.  The stores are not crowded at all today.  The post-Christmas rush must be over!  A lot of the clothes are marked down too.

Thank you for the Christmas gifts.  We hope to go out shopping for the futon later this month and we also want to get a floor lamp for behind the piano.  The calendar from Russia with the picture of the doll I'm going to put up on the wall at work.  Wendy likes those decorative spoons.

4:10 PM – now at Roberta's so I'll close.  Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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Jan. 3, 2002 Email from Roberta

Subject: Feb 3
From: Roberta to Mom and Dad
January 3, 2002 7:34pm

Hi, just wanted to find out your flight #'s so we can call the airport and check on the ETA.  We will plan on meeting you outside at the baggage area.  If its Delta I think the door on the North side is the closest.  f not we can figure that out.

I have just today begun breaking the news [that she is leaving Senior Village] to the resident families and they are very upset.  Several said IF I was going to work somewhere else so let them know and they would move their family member there.  I don't think so....

Sharon is here and want to help her find a bargain of an airfare.  When do you all leave on your travels?  Love, Roberta

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Uible Christmas 1981

Visiting the Sankers in Cincinnati was the scene of this picture taken on Christmas Day 1981 as mentioned in the letter Mother wrote on January 1, 1982.  The picture is dated December 1981 or Jan 1982, but according to Mother's letter they visited on Christmas Day.  Mother is looking especially snazzy, but the picture is a good one of all five.  MV's sweater is one of my favorites.
MV, HH, Mie Young, Serena and Jean - Christmas 1981 at Sankers

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1982 New Years Day letter from Mom and Dad

Read the "original" copy or the transcript follows:
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NEW YEARS DAY 1982 [Friday, 1-January-1982]

Dearest Family –
We are more than a few days late but have either talked to you in person or on the phone – all except Aunt Virginia who we haven't been able to reach but plan to try again real soon.

Serena got home on the 18th of December – just two weeks ago today – (seems like a year ago now) and in spite of the ordeal she had gone through seems to be very much on top now.  In fact except for her face and soreness in her shoulders we feel she was most lucky.  It was so good having her here for longer than she had originally planned.  We took her back Sunday discussing various possibilities but she shocked us Monday when she told us that she had given her notice at Smith Bucklin and plans to leave there as of Jan. 29 with Columbus as her next move.  We had hoped that she might have something in mind for this spring but once she makes a decision she makes a whopper.

We had a nice Christmas – rather quiet but ended up less so.  We all went down to the Sankers.  Lynn was there (her husband was in Washington DC to present a paper before some convention of economists.  I am sure that they have a more illustrious title but don't know what it is.)  Lowell has graduated from ASU.  He has been carrying a low grade fever so planned to go to Cleveland Clinic to find out what might be causing it.  Bruce had gone out to Phoenix to help him drive home.  Lowell has had a number of interviews but nothing has come of any of them as yet.

After Church on Sunday we left for Chicago, with a BIG lunch stop in Hagerstown, Indiana.  Our previous stop there was some six years ago [~1976] when John and Nick Wallen and the family had been to Chicago.  Monday we drove some thirty miles west of downtown Chicago to the new Ben Franklin store that we had heard of, which features a new layout of areas.  The management calls it a more profitable unit, or in another sense there were more things that one really didn't need.

Monday evening we went to a Korean Restaurant, where our "family guide" is a big help, as some of their food is very HOT.  We managed fairly well with our chopsticks.  Tuesday noon we met Serena at work – very nice offices in the Illinois Center No. 1 then walked over to the Hyatt Hotel for lunch in Mrs. O'Leary's restaurant.  For a tie-in with history it was the O'Leary cow that started the Chicago fire.  In the afternoon we took in the Museum of Science and Industry, which we always enjoy even after all the visits there.

Wednesday morning we were on our way to New Vienna, with lunch at a cafeteria in Indianapolis.  We came through Eaton, Ohio where we knew that Jim Gooding worked and were somewhat surprised when he seat us us to our dining table.  The restaurant is called, "Antiquity House" and the decor is consistent with the name.  Jim asked about all the family.

Last night our Square Dance Club had a New Years Eve party, which was well attended.  Even had a little hoedown calls, we couldn't take too many evening of hoedown for we get dizzy too easily.  One of the girls' friends had invited them out for last night so things are in slow gear today with brunch and supper on schedule for the first day of the year.

School doesn't begin until Tuesday, Jan. 5 for the students as the teachers have a work day on Monday.  Mie Young has dril team practice but M.V. and I may go to Washington Court House as Wade's Shoe sale begins that day.  (Dad has Commissioners Meeting that day so we are freer to take off.)

[Love you all and hope to hear from you soon – or something in that vein, closing sentence not shown on this page.]

Jan. 1, 2002 email from MV

Subject: re: [John's] new email address
From MV
To Mom and Dad, etc.
Tuesday, January 1, 2002 1:30am

JB– Thanks for your email today.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!  We had dinner with 4+ couples at 7, then came home and had our friends, Rod and Cheryl (they have a 4 yr old daughter, Becca) over and they just left and we put the kids to bed.  I don't think Ginny [who would have been 9] has ever been up that late and Christian [then 4] had no clue what time it was.  Certainly got some good footage on the video camera of him singing with his new guitar to welcome in the new year!

No we do not have a Target in Dublin – I wish we did.  Even a super Wal-Mart would be nice!  Why do you ask?

Thinking of Sid and Roberta and their packing [for their move to Sun City] – hope it is going well!

Tomorrow we have a quiet day planned at home with nothing in particular to do.  Will try to make some phone calls after we get good and awake to say Happy New Year to all of you!  Sorry to miss your phone call tonight, Mom and Dad!  Much love – MVUC

Items from Uible photo album