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1982 Roberta's letter - July 20

Roberta sends a letter to New Vienna in July 1982, prior to HH and Jean returning from their trip to Europe with the Sankers. Transcription follows.


Dear Family,

According to my calculations the Uible population in New Vienna ought to be doubling soon – just yesterday got a card you all had mailed on 5th July.  I'll be anxious to hear about the trip.

We've had alot of excitement - right in our back yards.  Someone – car & all landed in the canal last nite – about 6:00 AM this morning.  The car got out sometime mid morning - but they haven't found any body yet!!  So there has been lots of officials & onlookers around!!

I've had some luck in Renting out the cabin – last 3 weekends had it rented.  But then I've had to board Charlie out – so I'm still not getting RICH QUICK!!

Thursday I went out & picked up Charlie & took both to the groomers – Didn't have enough time to get Charlie back to his home away from home that night so kept him - he did fine - till about 7:00 AM next morning – when he jumped the fence!!

– Now Sunday PM – thanks for calling this aftn.  Hope it won't take too long for both of you to get aught up on your sleep!!

I'm enclosing some more pictures – perhaps you could mail the BALL GAME pictures on to the Hortons.  Also maybe John/X would like one of the pictures taken outside Grandma' house.  I'm glad to have some good pictures of Grandma – in everyday type clothes!!

Mary Virginia – Remember REBA - she moved out today.  IT was her decision - Tho - I didn't try to talk her out of it.  She was a real character = always told me she had socialized w/lawyers & attornies! (sp?)

There has been alot in the news lately about the Board of Supervisors - Budget Time – so everyone is playing chess.  The news is out that there will be no raises for employees in fact a 35 hour work week is being discussed.  Final budget deadline is 9th August.  Senior Village did get approval for some 50 Thou Reserving $ – most of that is Ann Pre... salary – that's outside the general budget.

Why don't you all give pictures of Wolframs to them –

I've ordered reprints for myself of the group of picture - so you can keep them – just don't file them away in a shoe box.

Gotta go – Love, Roberta
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