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1905 Nat to Lucie Letter -Oct.3

Some new pieces of information in this letter beginning with the letterhead of the stationary indicating that N.W. Ballantyne was Secretary of the Standard Porcelain Company, located in New Cumberland, W. Va.  According to a list of companies put out by the Insulator Research Service, Standard Porcelain operated in New Cumberland from about the 1890s until the 1920s.  Names associated with the company were Ballantyne and Brown, though A.L. Dyke, listed as general manager on the stationary, is mentioned as the founder of the firm.  Dyke was former manager of the Akron Insulator & Marble Co.  The other two names mentioned on the letterhead are John A. Campbell, Pres. and James Porter, Treas.

As mentioned previously, Nat and Lucie were married December 6, 1906.  The health of Lucie's father, Adrian Wilmer "A.W." Brown, born November 1855, died May 16, 1906, is discussed.  At the time of this letter he would be approaching his 50th birthday.  In a January 1905 letter A.W. mentions that he is "feeling very much better . . . looking better . . . [and has] gained two pounds . . ." 

Also mentioned in this letter is "Bert," Lucie's brother (Robert Morrow Brown 1877-1946) and Mrs. Brown (Ola Moore Brown 1862-1926), step-mother of Lucie and Bert, who married A.W. in 1891 after the death of Mary Virginia Morrow Brown in 1890 at the age of 32.

[This being the second letter from Nat recently transcribed I was prepared for the "t" at the end of words not being crossed and looking more like an "n" but in this letter, which was perhaps written more rapidly, he seems to insert random periods and then continue on with the sentence.  Also certain words seem to be capitalized despite not being at the beginning of a sentence.  Apologies for any misinterpretations or errors.]

[P.S. is added upside down at the top of the first page but is transcribed at the end of the letter.]

Oct. 3rd 05 [1905]
My Dear Lucie

Your letter arrived yesterday and found it on my arrival home from the City

Now Lucie am sorry that you are led to worry about your father for really have been somewhat alarmed about him my self but he seems to get over these attacks very quickly and seems as bright and cheerful as ever.  Would have written to you about him my self had I known that the folks were not doing it.  However Lucie do not think you should be alarmed for he does seem to me to be more active than when you left but does not in appearance seem to have gained any.  Now to tell you the facts about his illness last week so far as I was able to get there from my own observations was this On Last Tuesday I went up to the Office with some bills Leads to be printed and he was there and just seemed to be in his usual spirits.  Bert said he didn't think he could get them out for us that day but would do his best to.  Your father spoke up and said if the form was set up he would do it and this was the first time I had seen him take any active part.  Fearing he would worry over matters just told Bert that the next day would suit me so arranged it that your father would'n take a hold (which it seems was and is his desire to do) of any of the work there.  The next morning heard that he was not feeling well and didn't come up to the office or up town at all.  I called down that evening and he was still in bed and seemed to want to sleep or as you know was in a drowsy stupor which is characteristic of his disease.  Mrs. Brown called to me to come up and see him so when I went up found him feeling pretty well so he said and we talked about everything in general and really you wouldn't have taken him to be any worse than usual then.  He said he had been very sick during the night vomited and other than a nausea feeling he felt about the same as usual.  He asked me to get him a package in Wheeling as I was going down the next day, so when I came home, called down and he was sitting in the Parlor and was or seemed to me feeling fine.  He's been out driving most every day since.  Now Lucie will write and tell you hereafter all about him and do not think I was keeping anything from you because I didn't say much about your father for my dear had I known you had not heard any word from home for so long would certainly have kept you posted.  but really Lucie was not aware and do not think that your Father's case was or is alarming but you know none of us know what might happen any day with any of us, and if your Father only would gain in flesh and get stronger would feel so much more encouraged. but he does seem so cheerful on the street and when you are talking to him. and if he is not gaining do not think he is failing so am hoping he will continue to improve and will soon be himself again.

I have some news about the Auto again. It is really a shame that Mac has such bad luck but it is to funny too for After I got out at the Office on Sunday afternoon he took his wife and his mother who is visiting him and the Machinist who helped him get it fixed. out to Fairview for a ride.  The(y) were just in the act of turning it around when the engine went up with him. and he was compelled to walk back home and get his horse and 9" back for them.  Now isn't it a shame.  And you should see Mrs. Mac she takes it so good naturedly  Am afraid he has been duped by buying a second hand machine.  Think your folks have bought Jim's horse and you can have a good time when you come home taking us all out driving.  She is certainly a fine horse and has such good sense.  So you went to the Card Party and won the Prize.  Well, am not surprised as you had such good tutoring last winter.  Yes Lucie we will miss the fine games we all enjoyed last winter.

So you think I'm mistaken in saying "You owe me two letters.  Yes believe I am and should have said twenty two., Shouldn't I?

Yes we moved the Porcelain Offices down last week and George & I are trying to look after both of them.  Now Lucie we let Eric & Walter [?] both go.  Mr. Dyke secured his old Stenographer and she is worth a dozzan [sic] of both of them.  And you have heard from Mif [Mrs?] Ridgely.  Bert never says a word about her.  Am pleased to know she remembers me so you can tell her I wished to be remembered to her. and will look forward to her visit next summer.

Would like to see one of the Games of foot ball. presume they are quite interesting especially when you are connected with one of the team.  Presume Cincinnati be to Huntington like Pittsburg is to us up here.  Every one goes to Cin when going to the City.

Lucie there isnt much new here as you know nothing much happens to make news.  Our Organ man came in to see me this morning and I made out the subscription paper and he started out for subscriptions.  Just came in again and has over $300.00 on it already and it looks as though he will raise it all before evening So you see we may have the organ after all.

Now my dear hope you will excuse this scribbling as I am writing this in a hurry and hope you can make it out.  Can't say what my plans will be for a day or two yet but am looking forward to seeing you in the very near future so will say Good bye hoping I have explained everything satisfactory for the present and I sincerely hope my dear girl that you wont refrain from asking me for any information you may want from time and assure you for the bottom of my heart that I will be only to glad to enlighten you and hoping I will hear from you in the near future will say Goodbye as ever.  Affectionately Yours  Nat

P.S. Did you receive the "After Dinner Soda Mints"  Am mailing you a little blotter just received Think its appropriate this time.

  * * * * * * *
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1965? Serena's School Work

More undated school work, this from Serena, accompanied by art work.  One clue is the mention of "little Mary V." which would imply MV is not a baby but probably a toddler.

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1965 Roberta "Young Republican" Clipping -Sept.17

During the Presidential Election of 1964, a sign similar to the above decorated the lawn at 66 E. College St., causing much discussion in New Vienna regarding the exchange of real estate and other implications of the interpretation of the sign.

At a meeting of the New Vienna Women's Republican Club held at Polly's Restaurant [now the location of Stephanie's Restaurant] in September 1965 and attended by over 100 people, Miss Roberta Uible was invited to speak and "told of interesting experiences she had when displaying her unusual sign, "This House Is Sold on Goldwater."

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1975? MV's School Work

Not sure of the date or year of this homework but found several items of interest:  "Happiness is being me;" and the kitchen improvements section.

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1975 Catherine's letter -Sep. 26

September 26, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary.

Thanks for the last letter.  It arrived on Tuesday Wednesday which I thought was record time until I read where Dad was taking it to New York.

I haven't got hold of John to set up our dinner date.  Thanks for the check that ought to fees us both very well.  I am still hoping to get down to New Hampshire on Monday or Tuesday of next week which is when the New England Library Association meeting is.  If I am not able to go then I will probably go down to Exeter on either the 4th or 5th.  I won't really know until X gets back which will be tomorrow or Sunday.  I'm supposed to pick him up at the airport.

Did I tell you I'm taking Bookkeeping II this semester at the high school?  I had my second class last night.  There are about 10 of us in the class.  I have my schedule arranged so that I have Thursdays mornings off at Stop & Go so that I can work 10-5 at the library and have the evening off for my class.

I talked to a person yesterday about the possibility of sharing an apartment.  This guy is a school teacher and has a beautiful big apartment for $200/month.  However I don't think I'm ready for such luxury or economic commitments.

As you can see from the clipping there was a fire here in the apartment behind mine.  The building was evacuated for awhile but that was the only inconvenience to me.


* * * * *
The bookkeeping class was useful in later chapters of my life when I did the bookkeeping for the Elks Lodge in Madras and then for Best West RV in Glendale.

My recollection is that the rent on my one bedroom apartment in 1975 was $60, it was 1/2 of the upstairs of an older house and was nothing fancy but was close to the library.  It was unique in that the shower was in a corner of the bedroom, while the toilet was in a small "closet" off the kitchen.

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1975 Catherine's letter -Sep. 21

Sept. 19 21, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, Mary Virginia & Roberta,

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have written.  X has been on vacation this past week & won't be back until the end of this week so I have been busier at the library.

It was quite a surprise to see Aunt Mary and Joe.  They got a whirlwind tour of the sights around Sanford including the beach and the mountains.  I assume thought that you heard all that from them.

I am still planning to go to Florida at Christmas.  It looks as though I may be going with a friend – probably driving.  New Vienna isn't on the agenda at the moment but plans may change during the next few months.

Thanks for John & Serena's addresses but I still need John's phone #.  I may be going to New Hampshire next week so please send it soon.

Just reread your latest letter & realize Mom & Dad may be gone, if so, Roberta please send me a post card with John's #.


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1965 Jean's Letter to Roberta -Sep.20

Dearest Roberta,

I couldn't sleep tonight thinking of some things I would like you to know but can't seem to tell you face to face.

I do regret losing my temper with you so often and wonder myself why I seem to pick on you more than the others.  It certainly isn't because I love you any less for I don't.  Perhaps its because we are so much alike and I don't want you to take on any of my bad faults.  Oftentimes I know I am just tired and what you happen to do just seems to be the "straw that broke the camel's back."

You have so many wonderful qualities and I don't want to belittle these.  You have such a wonderful personality and friendliness about you and alot of "spunk."  So many people see this in you and perhaps that's why you seem to be better known than Catherine & why they sometimes call her Roberta.  You have a distinctive personality and life would be quite dull without you around.  We've found that out when you are away for you seem to be "the life of the family."

We love each one of you children for various reasons – each one of you are different (and that's the way we want it) and when one of you is gone it seems like there what happens when some spokes are missing in the bicycle wheel.  It just doesn't run smoothly.

Aunt Virginia and I used to tease each other.  She's say "You have the brains but I have the personality."  Of course I wasn't brainy but she wasn't a top student by any means.  But I do believe personality is alot more important than brains; but neither should be neglected but developed to the fullest.  Friends are far more important than grades and will last you a life time.

So do be yourself and try to be patient with you "old mother" and try to understand that her temper tantrums in no way mean she loves you any less – perhaps just the opposite.

LOVE ! ! !

P.S. The sheets and bedspread look real good.  I couldn't have gotten the grape juice out as well.

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1975 Catherine's letter to GHU -Sep. 21

Sept. 21, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Thanks for your letter.  I'm sure you heard from Aunt Mary and Joe about their visit to Maine.  It was good to see them  The last time I saw Joe was six years ago in France.  I wonder where we'll each be in another six years.

I can see where my splitting up with X may be hard for you to understand.  There is the possibility that we may get back together again but for now this is for the best.

It sounds like you had a good time at Kings Island.  As you may have heard a friend and I are planning to go to Florida at Christmas time.  If so we're going to go to Disneyworld.

When will you be going to Florida?

It is always good to hear from you, Grandma.


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1965 Uible Carriers for New Vienna delivery of WNJ -Sep.8

The era of Uible children delivering a newspaper begins for a new generation.  Previously, HH had delivered the Cincinnati Enquirer during his childhood.  The September 3, 1965 Wilmington News-Journal showed Larry – Garry – Bill Akers as the carrier.

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1935 Jean's 7th Grade class picture - New Cumberland WV

1935 Jean Wallace Ballantyne (Uible) in 7th Grade Class Picture, New Cumberland, WV.  
Others pictured include: Front Row left to right, Jean Turley (Clark), --, --, Dean  McAtee, Mary Smith, --, Helen Kralovic, --.  Middle Row: Becky Cullen, Mary Margaret Graham, Laura Biparovich, Betty Ward (Miller), Jeanne Campbell (Sanker), Margaret Young, Catherine Smith (Foster), Jean Ballantyne (Uible), Madeline Cullen.  Third Row: only one identified is second from left Dean Stentz.  Teacher (in rear), Melvin "Bill" Thayer.
Back of 1935 7th Grade Class Photo

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1975-76 6th Grade Class Photo – MV

Here is a photo of Mrs. Wolfe's 6th grade class in 1975-76.  Only three of those pictured can be positively identified by me – all in the top row:  Mr. Luck, Mrs. Wolfe, and Mary Virginia Uible.

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1905 Nat to Lucie letter - Sep.13

Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne (1868-1949) and Lucie Sarah Brown (1880-1957) were married on December 6, 1906.  The following letter would have been written during their courtship and is scanned and then transcribed as follows.  The stationary is from "The Russell House" in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and according to Wikipedia was "the most high profile hotel in Ottawa for many decades.  Built 1875-1880, it closed in 1925.  He is traveling in Canada on business, presumably the fire clay business.  In the 1900 census, when he and his mother are sharing a house with his brother, James and wife in New Cumberland, his and James profession are both listed as "Clay Dealer."

"Nat" writes a wonderful letter, full of descriptions of his travels, and his desire to see Lucie again soon.  He also has distinctive handwriting full of flourishes and a tendency to not cross his t's when they end a word, yet add "tails" to other ending letter, especially k's, g's and y's.  Hopefully not too many errors have been made in the transcription.

The letter is addressed to Miss Lucie Sara Brown, Huntington West Virginia, with "Marshall College" – where Lucie taught elocution – written in the left bottom corner of the envelope postmarked Ottawa Canada Sep 13 1905 4–PM. with 2¢ Canadian postage.  On the back of the envelope is another postmark,  stamped "RECEIVED" Huntington W VA Sep 15 1905 2–PM

Sept. 13th 1905
My Dearest Lucie,

Not until I reached Montreal yesterday did I grow lonesome and when going up to the Desk and asking for my mail and none then, did it come over me, Why I didn't have you write again this sort of puzzled me when thinking about it but of course did'n [sic] expect to be so long on this trip.

No one [?] could have covered the ground I've gone over in much less time when it was all new to me but now could make it in one third the time.

Forgot to tell you in some of my other letters that I had [page 2] met a fellow from Wheeling who was traveling alone and we had become very close friends.  He knew people I knew in Wheeling and found him to be alright so we managed to be together as both got the same stateroom together and from this we became fast friends.  He was on a pleasure trip exclusively and as I only had one Customer to call on in Qubec [sic] we met after getting through and took in the City.

For the novelty of the thing we hired a "Caleche" and had a tour of the sights of Qubec and it really was worth the money ($1.00 apiece).  He took us up and in the Fort where a British Soldier showed us all through the old Citadel and it was a great sight.

While going through the [page 3] grounds we found an old Cannon kept there as a relic and marked as being captured at Bunker Hill in 1776.  It was certainly an object of curiosity.  Told the Soldier that while he had the Cannon we still held the "hill" and you should have seen his look before he spoke.

We then went out to the Plains of Abraham where Wolfe and Montcalm fought and also saw the house where Wolf was laid out & was  in the old which is well kept.  Also saw where Montgomery lost his life and where he went over the precipice and [page 4] was killed.  From there we went to see the Old Martello Towers, and past some of the finest parks and Buildings, and surely other people here in the Country take pride in these Parks and Fine buildings.  Went up to the Parliament Building and we went in to see the interior of it and it is furnished in the finest upholstery and furniture.  A guard took us down to the French settlement of the town where it is spoken exclusively and all the stores and business houses speak and write French only.  This was quite a sight too.  As [page 5] it was nearing time for our train we went back to the "Frontenac" and getting our Grips started for our train.  And bye the way you should see the tags that the boys have put on our Grips.  It is a Fad and they were almost covered with them.  You will see them (mine) when I go down.

As the train was a Portland train and we go with in 40 miles of Maine it seems strange to think how in traveling you get over so much Country.  When at Richmond Jct we parted and he said he felt as though he had known me for [page 6] years and he seemed the same to me.  So bidding him good bye took my sleeper and awakened up in Montreal this morning.

As I was leaving the Hotel got a little souvenir for you in the way of a paper cutter and will enclose it in this letter.  The little souvenir from Qubec will deliver in person and my dearest how I wish it would be on my return by Huntington you can put it down that I would make it that way for it does seem that I do not come to go back not find you there.  Heaven [?] will arrange to go down just as soon as I can and you can look for me.  I think of you Lucie and often and as I look over the big corridor full of people as it is, that should you happen to walk in would feel like taking [page 7] you in my arms and giving you a good hugging.  I know you wouldn't blame me for haven't seen anyone I knew for so long and would be only too glad to see a familiar face and should it be yours would be unable to control my feelings.

However, cannot say that if Love allowed it, being [indecipherable] to interfere with my enjoyment of my trip for there has been so much of interest to see that have not had time to get lonesome only when I got in my room and have the time to meditate and think of it.

Now am about to leave here and have not found nicer people here who have made it interesting to me in telling me about the country here and love the promise [page 8] of some nice business here in the future.

This is a fine Hotel and if you could see some of the English nobility who come here and their manners and dress.  And in the Dining room it is a sight to behold to see some of the Ladies in their evening dress and the men too in their full dress as I saw them last evening for dinner.  The Fair is going on now and people are here from all over the Dominion and as it is a National affair the best people of the Cities are here.  The town is full of people and the Decorations along the street are fine King Edward's Pictures and bunting and Flags of the Country are in evidence every where.

Now must say good bye again and will leave for Montreal from here I leave tonight for Toronto and expect to be home [closing page] by Saturday so you will see Love had two weeks traveling and the longest have been away from my business since I was with it I believe.  Head everything in shape though and heard from the boys often so know that everything is moving along O.K.

Will look forward [to] a letter from you on Saturday eve on my return so don't forget my dearest that am expecting it.

Will say good bye with much love and hoping you are well and enjoying yourself I am from one who thinks of you often though far away

Yours Affectionately,


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1935 Elizabeth C. Morrow note to Lucie Brown Ballantyne -Sep.12

Deacon Brown's Point, North Haven, Maine was the summer home of Dwight Morrow 1873-1931, former Ambassador to Mexico (1927-1930) and U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1930-31).  His father's youngest sister, Mary Virginia Morrow Brown 1857-1890, was the mother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne 1880-1957.  Thus, Dwight was first cousin to Lucie, and a first cousin twice removed from the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins.  

Dwight's wife, Elizabeth Reeve Cutter Morrow, 1873-1955, wrote the following note to Lucie in September 1935.  Transcription follows.

September 12 '35

Dear Cousin Lucie, –

How kind of you to send us that large and luscious box of candy!

Raymer's is a name to conjure with : the box is full of my favorites and I ate more at luncheon than is good for a grandmotherly figure.

We all send you a warm thank-you for such a generous present !  This is a sweet-tooth family – just the kind to appreciate your gift.

I'm glad that your trip was a success.  You sent me such a kind note about our little visit.  The pleasant day we were all together is marked in the guest book with the group picture.  I will see you [sic] that you get one later.

Ever sincerely,
Elizabeth C. Morrow

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1955 1st Grade School Letter -Sep. 6

1955 1st Grade School Letter -Sep. 6
1955 Shirley Carey (McKamey) hired as First Grade Teacher at New Vienna School
Wilmington News-Journal July 8, 1955 p.3 Clipping 
1955 Catherine starts school – since there was no Kindergarten in New Vienna in the 1950s, school began with First Grade – for the first time in the school history there were two first grade classrooms, Mrs. Fenwick taught first grade in New Vienna from 1945-1966.  Miss Carey who became Mrs. McKamey during the 1955-56 school year, later became a kindergarten teacher.

The lunch hour was longer than it is today – possibly to accommodate in-town students who were allowed to go home for lunch though that rarely happened in the Uible family.  It also allowed time for students to eat all their food which some teachers insisted was necessary.`

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1975 MV's "My Summer" Report - Sept. 4

My Summer

In June we went New York City and New Jersey to take my sister to her summer job.  In July I went to Church camp and I had a lot of fun there.  Then we went to Chicago and Minneapolis - St. Paul.  There I got to see St Anthony Falls, and the lock.  In August I got to New York City & Montreal.  We were in Montreal for the A.B.A. Convention.  In Montreal I got Billy Graham Autograph, I saw Kissinger, and I saw the Expos play the Giants.  We got box seats.  I also went to Kings Island.  I played softball and was in two 4H clubs.

By Mary Va Uible

[following added by Jean]
Read to Mr. Roger Murphy's History Class (6th Grade) Sept 4, 1975  This is the first year the 6th grade was included in change of classes with junior high – now called Middle School.

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1975 Catherine's Letter - Sep.3

Sept. 3, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  Hope John & Serena got off all right and Roberta made it home.

Things are going well here in Sanford.  I had to work at Stop & Go last Saturday but I did have Sunday & Monday off.

Is John still in Browning House?  Please send me his phone number as I seem to have lost the one I had.

I have two weeks vacation this year but I'm still planning to use them in the winter to go south.  I have made plans to go with a friend.

The library addition has been started.  They tore up the parking lot and have dug for the footings but they haven't poured them yet.

I guess you might send me Serena's address in case I wrote [sic] wrote to her.  Did I tell you  I did send Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker a birthday card her 88th) and I got a letter in return.

I have gotten some more furniture and the TV so the place looks a little more filled.

Stop & Go has some school supplies but they are not a big item.  Business has picked up some due to the return of the college students.  [Stop & Go is now a 7-11.  Nasson College, founded in Springvale ME in 1912 as a women's college, became co-ed in 1952, closed in 1983.]

Love, Catherine

Items from Uible photo album