Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harold Uible--Pillar in the Community

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Grandma's sayings

Whistling girls and cackling hens always come to some bad end.

If you keep shrugging your shoulders, they're going to fall off.

Girlie . . .

It's too bad you can't stay longer, but I know you have other things to do (said after non-family visitors overstayed their welcome).

You can't take it with you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost October

This is Roberta the blogger looking for blogs! I do have some news and that is that we have the windows open in the house now! Can anyone else say that? We were also out on the bike this afternoon for an hour ride, and came back quite proud of ourselves! Looking forward to dining in Wendy's honor tomorrow night with the Uible Morgan delegation at a restaurant I can't spell or pronounce, BUT,,,,,it is near IHOP and SKYE Restaurants and less than a mile to COSTCO, which means we will stopping there on the way back!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nashville and beyond...

Had a good visit with Jeanne Sanker this afternoon and arrived south of Nashville for the night with no major pitfalls other than a u-turn or two! I would upload pictures of the folks and Mrs. Sanker but my memory card doesn't fit this computer and the usb cord/camera are in the car and I am in my pajamas. So, an update will be coming. The new car got about 32 mpg on the way south! :D


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Honoring HH

Everything went very well tonight and everyone was kind and generous with their comments about Dad and his service to the community! More on the picasa web album when I'm not using dial-up to post pictures!

September 17, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roberta - the anti-protest protester

Nursing moms to protest Applebee's breast-feeding policy

The Applebees that they went to had nothing to do with the protest - there were no protesters there. (If you were expecting this to make sense, remember, this is Roberta.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a new one

Just checking in and that we are off to see some local National monuments. Last night ate of the local Applebee's where there was no protesting going on. In fact we had quite the surprise, soon after we got there this gentleman brought over a $20 bill and told us to put that toward our meal. I protested a bit, and then told him we would "pass it on".........

Friday, September 07, 2007

KC - 9 months old

KC turned 9 months old this week. Wendy took him to the Dr. yesterday for his well baby check. He now weighs 26 pounds five ounces and is 30 inches tall.

He loves to stand up, pulling himself up at every chance. Meanwhile he's still perfecting his crawl, loves to clap his hands and is a cheerful happy baby.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rocking chair

This is the "new" rocking chair we got at the thrift store. I decided to go ahead and snap the photo while the chair was still in the garage since the living room is still relatively full of patio furniture - I brought in that furniture so that the sun wouldn't beat down on fabric, etc. all summer when it is too hot for sane people to sit out on a patio anyway. Probably should have turned the chair around so that I could have taken the photo with the sun at my back - I just thought since it is a relatively cloudy day . . . Oh well.
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This photo was taken in the AL garage - those wooden doors enclose large storage areas.

"New" electric sit-up chair

This is the chair we got at Sun City West thrift store. Although you can't really tell from this photo, it is one of those chairs that the seat slowly rises up to put the person seated into an almost standing upright position by the time it is done rising - in this photo the chair is in the eject position. It does have some wear - which you can see on seat cushion bottom where the back of one's knees are in contact with the chair - other than that it looks great.

I'm not sure about the positioning of the chair. The problem with furniture in this house is that there are so many windows and they all have those lovely and useful plantation shutters. However, if one wants to be able to open and close said shutters, one can't place furniture within several feet of the wall. And this chair is HEAVY. It is less easy to move on carpeting than one might think. Anyway, for now the chair is in the master bedroom.
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Red Top Mountain photos

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Has everyone seen MV's photos from the Red Top Mountain trip? This is one of the photos - the album can be found here. Unfortunately, at least at this point, one can't copy a photo from another's web album and put the photo in a blog. One has to download it, then upload it into your own album and THEN you can post it in a blog. I have a number of guesses as to why they make you do it that way, not sure if that will change or not. Anyway . . . gotta get going, thrift store opens in 25 minutes.

Link to Red Top Park, courtesy of MV.

Cool morning in SCW

It is only about 83 degrees so far this morning, so I've been able to open all the windows and the front door to air out the house some. By this week-end I may be able to go back to the Spring routine. Leave air-conditioning off during the day, turn it on at 9pm to cool down the house - electricity rates are lower 9pm - 9am and weekends - like long distance. Turn off the AC when I go to bed, then open up the house in the early morning to air it out and cool it off again. Then by about 8am - the house has to be closed up again because of the rising heat. The house actually stays pretty cool with the shutters closed.

Since about June 1st, this is only the second time I've wanted to have the windows open - it is usually in the 90s - if not the 100s - even EARLY, EARLY.

Well, I've had my breakfast first course - a "shake" with berries, carrot, spinach, banana, cinnamon in it. I'm working my way through a Costco bag of spinach - 40 oz. I'll be ready for a new bag of it soon. Next course is coffee with milk.

By the way, I was reading an article recently about super healthy foods and one of the foods mentioned was lima beans - which I still hate. That, and raisins, were the two foods on the list that I just don't eat. (Spinach, carrots, berries, cinnamon and bananas were ALSO mentioned - and I "invented" my shake before I read the article.)

I'm meeting Pat Odom this morning at Chez Nous - we're going to go pick up her Rec Center card at the administration office, then I'm going to show her Beardsley and Palm Ridge Rec Centers. She is interested in the indoor pools. Also, today is supposed to be the re-opening of the SCW thrift store (it was closed last week) and I've heard rumors of a great sale, so I'm going to hit there first.

As far as when Monika is here . . . I know I had suggested breakfast, but another possibility is pizza. I'd make pizza dough and sauce

Anyway, time to get going . . .

Castro is still alive, but Franco is still dead

The joke MV referred to in email was actually about Franco - described in Wikipedia here. MV would have been too young to stay up to watch Saturday Night Live back then.

Remember how John used to love to quote Chevy Chase, "I'm Chevy Chase . . . and you're not"?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

School Bus Stories

Mary, what is the first day story? Is that the one where you got up super early and then still missed the school bus? Personally, no interesting school bus stories happened to me that I can remember. That was a big topic at our reunion though

Just checking

And looking for the next new post, Roberta who can't think of anything to write, but could talk for hours........

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