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1975 GHU Letter -Dec.30

I have taken the liberty of adding paragraph breaks to Grandma's letter – she has a rather stream of conscious style and probably wouldn't have wanted to waste space for new paragraphs.  

Dec. 30 [1975]
Dear Family –

The old year of '75 will soon give way to the New.  Perhaps it is well to have a new start now an then.  

Mary, Marianne & R. just left to do a little shopping as Mary is getting ready to have a bridge party New Years Eve.  Mary & I made a box of cookies (lemon) this afternoon which turned out real well.  Marianne, Cris & Bill were playing golf.  Bill left work for a change.  Larry returned north Sun. night or rather Mon. morning at 2: A.M. & arrived home in time to report for work.  He called M. Monday evening.  He had worked for some time trying to make a reservation to get home.  

Bill has gone to the hospital to see Aunt Sarah.  She was to come here Sat. evening for an evening meal for Mary had invited Cris, Larna, & their son Glenn wife & 2 daughters who are here for 2 weeks visit.  Aunt S. for some reason said she had gone to the door on Fri & blacked out & don't seem to recall what happened but she hurt her jaw & her back.  Perhaps injuring a vertebra & has a contusion of the back.  The nursing home called here & of course it was up to Bill to arrange etc. for her.  He in turn called her son Sat. so that is about all of the story so far.  

Our little boy [oldest great-grandson, Robert Kintner] is a real good little fellow & at this age to be busy getting into things, as he walks everywhere.  Robbie & Cris left right after supper, where I don't know although they said something about seeing a movie.  

We had a letter today from Joseph & he said Catherine arrived safely &      ?      was taking her around during the afternoons while he was busy with his art exhibit.  She will likely tell you more about that.  He only sent a note but had sold several paintings & was to play the organ for a Catholic Mass N.Y. eve.  He & C were planning a trip for the weekend.  

Thanks for all the Christmas notes & especially Mary V. will keep in mind your special gift certificate.  The rest of the family thought they were all clever ideas for Christmas.  

John your letters are always welcome.  Sounds as if you are going to be busy during the New Year.  I am sure the Corner lot is taking on a new look & hope you are not doing too much.  

A very "Happy New Year" to you all.  

Love – 

[added on separate piece of paper]

Thurs. – Here it is N. Years Day & since my letter was rather a hurried note didn't get mailed in time yesterday.  I will make a try to-morrow.  But a letter came from Roberta so will enclose it as something might be different from your letters rec'd.  She seems to be getting along nicely.

We worked all day yesterday getting ready for the party last night.  There were 17 guests.  I went to bed at 10:30. I am not interested in bridge even though several wanted me to take a turn.  I am out of practice and never did like to play very much with that game.  

We had a few rather warm days but turned cool last evening.  The boys went deep sea fishing yesterday & Cris came home rather upset for he had been some what sea-sick & no fish to their credit.  

Cris will leave us to-morrow afternoon I believe he said.  The boys have been to the beach several times & they said traffic was crowded & people everywhere. 

It seems as if trailers have had a hard time in this vicinity to Key W. to find accommodations for parking etc.  Everything filled up.  It may be different after this week. 

Julie Norton & Stone & with their husbands each called during 2 afternoons.  Each couple had a dog.  Today parades & football.  

Love to All – Mother

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1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record

In January of 1895 Cecil Uible turned 12, and it appears his school year ended in February.  A later picture (March 1899) of Sycamore School on the Blanchester-Westboro Road is included in this post also.
1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record - Cover
The Common School! Oh, let its light 
Shine through our Country's story
Here lies her wealth, her strength, her might
Here rests her future glory
The Public Schools
Sub-District No. 2, Jefferson Township, Clinton County, Ohio.  Monthly, Term and Annual Report of Cecil Uible –  Grades for the School Years, 1894-1895

1895 CJ Uible School Promotional Record with David Uible's signature

1899 Sycamore School students including Cecil & Serena Uible (spelled incorrectly as Ubile).  Front row left to right: Truman Donahoo, Harry Donahoo, _____ Straw (boy), Stanley Hammer, Cecil Garner, George Hammer, Harvey Daugherty, Elva Straw, Eldridge Straw, and Guy Berger. Second row, Leslie Hudson, Eugene Hudson, Estus Hammer, Bertha Daugherty, Viola Berger, Ethel Conner, Verna Greene, Ocie Daugherty and Maude Cochran.  Third row, Cecil Uible, Carl Moon and teacher Lora Lindsey Creamer.  In doorway, Serena Uible, Lily Cochran, Louis Hammer and Otto Daugherty.

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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Dec.31

Dec. 31, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm in Hyderabad and I like the beginning of the South – though it's a good thing no-one asked me at 5:20 AM Monday when I arrived here!

1st of all I was sound asleep on the train & the conductor shakes me and tells me we are in Hyderabad!  I quickly gathered up my things and found the train station a small scale of the station in Calcutta.  I walked out of the station & got bombarded by taxi drivers, rickshaw drivers, beggars, etc.  I finally got in a rickshaw & asked for hotel Taj Mahal – well to make a long story short it was full and so were the next 5 I checked out.  I got a phone finally & called 4 more places.  The last one had a double room empty for 14 Rupees.  So I went there – getting there about 7:00 AM!  It was dirty, bugs on the floor & bed (on the floor I can tolerate but not on the bed) and the bathroom down the hall had Eastern style plumbing and smelled like a bathroom just walking past it.

There were no locks on the doors – but I took the room in desperation against my better judgement!  Not wishing to face the room again just yet I went out to have some breakfast.  I found a small restaurant nearby & sat down to eat.  A table of 3 men (about 60 & older) asked me to join them.  I did & found them all to be retired gov't officials.  One of them – Mr. Magda invited me over to meet his family & have tea – he has 3 daughters here – 1 in last year (intern) of Medical school & 2 still studying in college – both in pre-med.  I made plans to meet him at 5:00 – having the day to hopefully find another place & get tour arranged, etc.  I walked to the tourist office & made my reservations for yesterday.  The tours that the gov't have are excellent & very reasonable.  They cover all the main points & give good background etc.  Yesterdays tour (more details later) was from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM & cost 10 Rupees – about $1.25

The man at the tourist office gave me some more names of hotels to check out.  I walked past the Ritz (at $12.00/night) & was considering it.  The reason for the hotel problems is that right now in Hyderabad there is a sporting tournament going on – that over 100 schools are taking part in.  The town is full of people in gym-suits!

So I was on my way to check out 1 more hotel & walked past a BIG school that had in big letters METHODIST on it.  I walked inside & was put in touch w/ the head master. (an Indian) I asked him about possible hotel ideas & he told me to go & see the Meth. Bishop – he sent me there by car.  The Bishop greeted me w/ open arms & got me some tea & snacks.  I asked him about a hotel & he said that the Meth. Guest House had 1 empty room – till Wed. and by Wednesday he would work something else out for me.  (I have reservations to go to Bangalore on Friday.)

Even though I had paid the 14 Rupees I didn't mind the idea of going to get my things & moving in to the Meth. Guest House that day.  The Bishop insisted I do it when he heard where I had checked into in desperation.

So the driver took me there – I got my things & went to the Guest house.  So I never had to sleep w/ the bugs or use the bathroom there!  The Guest House had about 20 rooms – mostly occupied by Meth. (Indians) & some retired missionaries from the states.  It was very nice – well located & very clean!

I stayed there till this morning when I got moved (by driver) to Hotel Emerald – a very luxurious hotel – at 35 Rupees I have a BIG room, telephone, 4 channel radio, fan and a private bath w? a sit down toilet and HOT & cold water!  This is living!  It is very well located & about a block from Meth. school & 3 blocks from Bishops house.  Just 1 block of of "main street" in town.

The Methodists (Indians) have been so nice to me – I've had all my meals w/ them – except for yesterday lunch when I was on the tour.  Tomorrow night I'm invited to the head masters home for dinner – guess he is having a number of people in.  The Bishop (Indian) has had me for 2 meals & the rest I've had at the Guest house – there is a cook & 2 servants there.  I paid 10 Rupees a night there & the Bishop told me if I couldn't afford to pay that was OK – this morning before I left I tried to give $ toward the food but they (at the guest house) wouldn't hear of it.

Back to Mr. Magda – I met him as planned on Monday p.m. – his family – all who spoke excellent English was very nice.  He had invited me for tea – which turned out to be 2 pieces of chicken, rolls, sweets, bananas, oranges & tea.  Mr. Magda also has a son in Toronto & a daughter in Texas – both doctors!  Mr. & Mrs. Magda hope to come to the U.S. next summer.  They walked me back to the guest house & I had told them I would eat supper – which is served at 9:00 pm – but even by then I wasn't any too hungry!

Tonight I am going to a Hindi movie w/ the Magda daughters and then to have supper w/ them.  Tomorrow I'm to eat w/ the schools head master.  (Oh – I'm repeating myself!)

This morning at 10:00 I had made plans to see the school – when I got there they gave me a wreath of flowers to put around my neck welcoming me to India.  I took some pictures of the school – it has 3,800 students – also had a picture of me & alot of the staff taken.  I hope it turns out so you see the flowers!

While I was at the school the Bishop called & he has made arrangements for me to stay in Bangalore at the Baldwin Girls School – I imagine it is Methodist.  He apologized for making me move out into the hotel & wanted to know if I could afford the 35 Rupees a day charge.  There is a Meth. conference starting her tomorrow or I could have stayed at the guest house or w/ one of them – but because of the conference they had taken in all they could handle.  But I'm fine here ––– I forgot to mention there is also a run on the floor!  I've got to admit – I'm enjoying the luxuries!

The tour yesterday was good – but I made a mistake for wearing my sandals.  The Golconda Fort had 370 steps in each direction – and when you refer to steps in India you aren't talking about nice even steps!  Also there was alot of walking around the tombs!   We went to the Mecca Musjid [?] – which is one of the biggest mosque in Asia – can hold 10,000 people!  Spent 2 hours at the Salar Jung Museum – and I can say wasn't bored!  The museum has 40 rooms & the Childrens rooms were by far the most interesting!  Also visited the zoo & Chan Minar [?] – I held back from buying any bangles (bracelets) but there were literally thousand of them!

I wrote G'ma an air-ogram this morning.  I really have had very little time for writing.  I hope you send this letter on down to them.

From Bangalore I plan to go to Mysore City then to Ootocamund [?] – a hill station.  When the British were here they 'developed' the hill stations because they couldn't take the heat!

I plan to spend about 2 months at the most in the South – being back in Bombay by the end of February at the latest.  I hated to leave Bombay but I knew I wanted to see the South & had to allow myself enough time.  Before I left they made sure all my clothes were clean, that I have telephone #'s of people in the South to call should I have trouble & packed me both a lunch & supper for the train trip.

When I got on the train they made it a point to find someone who spoke English & told them to look after me.  2nd class is such an experience – an American – especially when it's one travelling alone who is a young female is the center of attention!  It's a weird feeling to look up & realize everyone is looking at you!

I'm going to close before I start another page – hoping all is well with everyone.  I'm starting the new year tomorrow in good health & good spirits –

Love, Berta

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1965 Ohio Hotel -Wooster Dec.29

$13 for a room plus 3% tax – rates have changed in the last 50 years.  "Checked in here when Catherine was looking at Wooster – breakfast on the honor plan.  The college seemed better than the family's pronunciation difficulties with the name, but didn't make the final cut.  The Ohio Hotel in Wooster no longer exists, at least under that name.

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1975 Roberta's India letter -Dec.27

December 27, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Wanted to write to you & let you all know I had a nice Christmas – though not the traditional type!  With 7 people at home it must have seemed like a full house!

I'm leaving Bombay tomorrow after a very enjoyable time here – I was here for 12 days which went by very fast!  I'm going to Hyderabad – then to Bangalore.  Probably from there I'll go to Mysore City – but I'll just have to play it by ear!  I'm travelling by train to Hyderabad – 2nd class – only takes 18 hours!  Leave at 12:50 p.m. thus getting there early in the morning!  After the 1st of the year I won't be eligible for the student discount on the train so I plan to rough it this time on 2nd & will go 1st class from Hyderabad on.  2nd class to Hyderabad w/ discount is just 18 Rupees – about $2.25!

John – as you can see I made it to the post office for you.  Also I got some 1st Day Covers (is that what they are called?) which I'll either mail later or give you in March.

I'll miss the Indian hospitality I've had here - it has been a good experience staying w/ an Indian family.  They have had all kinds of excellent home-cooked Indian food for me – w/ every meal I've ––

Back again – for a few lines.  Television here runs just in the evenings from about 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 – or 10:00 p.m.  The schedules are always written up in the papers – there is only 1 channel.  The Jhangiana family waited 6 months for theres – then it was stolen after 3 months!  One day when hey were in the back room someone came in the front room & cut the wires & took off w/ it!

John – should you want more of a certain stamp – or any specific requests let me know & I'll try to accommodate.  It costs 25p to send a letter inside India.  You can buy fold up type (like aerogram) for 20p.

As to American standards things are cheap here – but when you think how much Indians make I don't see how they do it.  Benergee who is an engineer (has  year degree) w/ a good company makes 1200 Rupees a month – about $150!  He gets benefits – travel expenses, etc. on top of this but still . . . .  His dream is to come to the US to study – he's got the get up & go and someday he will make it.

Again – I'll close for now – Wishing you all the best – I'm heading South tomorrow – the MAGIC LAND of India!

Love, Berta

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1975 Roberta's Elephanta Caves Postcard -Dec.26

1975 Elephanta Caves Postcard from Roberta to Wells –Dec. 26
The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri in Mumbai Harbor, according to Wikipedia.  More information about this World Heritage site can be found here.  

[postmarked 26 Dec 1975]

Hi!  These caves are right near Bombay – they date back to the 7th century!  The city of Bombay is very modern – alot of skyscrapers and industrial places!

Bombay has a beautiful park where all the bushes are shaped like cows, monkeys, giraffes, etc. –

Wishing you all the best in 1976!

Love, Roberta

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1955 Christmas card Catherine

Proofreading must not have been included in the first grade curriculum as I would not purposely spell my name Cath-erne.

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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Dec.22

Dec. 22, 1975
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, & Rob ––

Hi!  Was sure great to get all  3  of your letters yesterday – finally was able to go & see the Mehta people – whose daughter goes to Wilmington College.

I'm really enjoying Bombay – so much I've found little time to send postcards or write letters – which though in a way is good because I didn't come over to do such things.  Bombay is very modern – alot of tall buildings here – people tend to dress & act more western – more time conscious.

I'm glad C.W. was able to spend Thanksgiving at my house – I spent it in a bus getting from Darjeeling to Calcutta.  Christmas I'll be here in Bombay w/ my friends I met in Delhi.  They are Hindu – not Christian but I think they still plan to celebrate somehow as they all plan to take off from work.

When I came over I had 3 pairs of long pants – now I've had 2 dresses made & wear them constantly  Find them so much cooler – also I seem to be treated w/ alot more respect.  There are alot of young people traveling here that look pretty BAD – dirty & ragged old clothes – most of them come from the U.S. or Europe.  They give the U.S. a bad name which is pretty sad.

I'm finding things pretty cheap here – unless I try to purchase the luxuries I'm accustomed too!  Food is especially cheap but full of starch!  I've been eating & staying w/ my friends here so that is really a nice change from hotels!  Being right near the sea we've had alot of fish.

Yesterday afternoon we went to see an American movie – the Poseidon Adventure – cost us 3 Rupees each (36¢).  Rob, have you seen it?

Any letters you can send here – then they can be forwarded on to me.

How was John's premier?  I feel bad about John – as I got him something just a few days before I left but in all my rushing forgot to send it.

I know you all will have a nice Christmas holiday w/Mares & Robert & C.W. there.  It's good that you all can get together – yes, I was quite surprised about Catherine going over to visit Joe but I'm glad she is going – it will be a trip I know she will enjoy!  Joe is such a good host!

Rob how is school – I often find it hard to believe that just a year ago I was down in Florida sweating it out in school.  I'll never forget statistics – and know you all won't either for awhile!

I'm getting along fine – please don't feel that I'm suffering in any way any.  I can't believe I've been here about 6 weeks now.  After the 1st of the year I plan to had south – it is suppose to have a special magic about it.

I think of you all alot & wish you the best in 1976.  Hopefully when I get back to the U.S. I'll have the $ to come to Fla for a short vacation before I settle down – OR – will I ever settle down?

Love, Berta

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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Dec.19

[First three lines are typed]
December 19, 1975
Dear Family,

Got your aerogramme today written Dec 3rd . . . . think the one mailed later got here quicker.  I had thought it would be quicker to type this out but now I have my doubts.  I'm too spoiled as to electric typewriter!

I did receive your 1 letter in Calcutta –Zakhania [?] said I had another one but they lost it.

I was quite surprised about the news of Catherine going to see Joe.  It will be a good trip for her & I know she will enjoy it!  What will Serena do the month of January?

Now Sunday AM – did not go on cave trip as they thought maybe too much for me – I do feel fine but I find myself getting tired & must get plenty of sleep.  I've been taking naps usually in the afternoon.

Bandra [note return address] is about an hour from center of Bombay – by bus.  There is also good local train service which can get you to town in about 40 minutes but both times we have gone downtown we went by bus so I could see more of the sights.  It cost 70p to get to town.  (100p makes 1 Rupee – 1 Rupee is 12¢.)

I had 2 dresses made at a tailors and now wear them instead of the pants.  So much cooler & easier to wash out.  Since I've been here the maid has been doing all my clothes – which I've really enjoyed!

Bansrgee [?] lives w/ the Jhangiani family – they have 2 children – a girl 14, boy about my age.  Also have a daughter in Japan.  B. has a motorbike which is quite handy in getting around.  He works as an engineer for a factory which is not far from Bandra – but also has an office for the same factory downtown.

Did the pictures turn out OK?  I know I messed up on alot of them by not having the Indoor/outdoor thing right – I'm careful now – but of course too late for the 1st bunch.

Its been so nice staying here – the family is typical Indian – make you feel right at home.  When I wake up I'm served tea – then later a good breakfast – about 2:00 lunch – About 5:00 tea & snacks. Supper usually isn't till 9:00-9:30.  We've eaten a few meals out but most of the time eat here.  On Thursdays they have no meat or egg!  They do not eat beef or port – but do eat lamb, chicken & lots of fish.  We usually go about 7:00 PM to buy the fish fresh.  At night they sell it super cheap – because it cost too much for ice to store it.  For the 6 of us we usually pay 3 to 4 Rupees for the fish.  The Bombay Dock [or Deck?] is excellent.

As I said before  – keep sending letters here – they will forward them on to me – Address again is [same as return address on envelope.]

I'm making my plans for after Bombay – will try to keep you posted.  Tues. we are going to Nagpur – B. has to go there on business.  Going to go by train – more details later –

Again – thanks for the letters – I'm glad everyone is fine – HOT here – esp. during the day –

Love, Roberta

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1975 Roberta's Letter & Hospital Medical Report -Dec.16

December 16, 1975

Dear Family,

Alot has happened since I wrote you yesterday morning.  When the girls came to see me they gave me the news that the 1st train I could get would be on December 27th!   Right after they left I contacted the Church Office to confirm my flight on the 20th.  At 1:30 I found out that the 1st flight to Bombay I could get would be after Christmas.  Then the chaplain came in to see me & I was telling him my situation & how I wanted to spend Christmas w/ my friend in Bombay.  Well he thought he knew someone that would be able to help me.  So he got busy & about 3:30 p.m. I was told that I had a reservation to leave this morning to Bombay.  I'm up in the air now – its all happened so quick its hard to believe it!  Yesterday afternoon they let me leave the hospital to go to the hostel – settle up my account & pack my things – I had to be back by supper.

This morning I got dismissed from the hospital q/ a clean bill of health.  Right now I'm tired but that is to be expected.  For  7  days I lay in a bed!  I know I'll have to take it easy for awhile – they kept telling me that this morning.

My flight left at 10:45 – at 8:30 three girls from the hostel came to go w/me to the airport.  As we were standing on the street (trying to catch a taxi) just outside the hospital one of the doctors came along that worked in the clinic.  He was on his way to the airport to pick up someone & would we like a ride.  We all piled in.  It took 50 minutes so we save alot of $.  The girls were able to see me off.  I had a $91.00 bill to pay at the hospital  $72.00 – plane ticket (WOW - but I'm enjoying every minute of it.)  $17.00 hospital bill, and the rest for telegrams I had sent out – I hope to be met today but I don't know - - - - -

In a way I hated to leave Calcutta today – there were some things I had hoped to do this last week – but I knew I didn't want to be there another week & a half.  I'll add a note when I get to Bombay – the Hollywood of INDIA!

I like Bombay – so clean.  My friends met me at the airport – now at there house.  Got letter from Ruth Shoemaker ––

Good flight here & so glad I'm here.

Love, Roberta

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1975 Roberta's India Letter -Dec.15

December 15, 1975
Dear Family,

Here it is December 15th and I'm still in Calcutta – you must think I like it alot here.  I'll explain the events of the last week.  On Monday I was on my way to the post office to mail your letter w/ 2 other girls.  Before I got down to the street I started feeling very sick I went back upstairs and slept most of the day.  That night the Capt. (woman in charge of hotel) came in & took my temperature – it was 103º but I was freezing cold.  Tuesday afternoon I was taken to a doctor down the street.  He told me I had a temperature (which I already knew) & to stay in bed. (which was all I felt like doing.)_  He charge me 30 Rupees which is very high as to Indian standards.

Wednesday I was no better so they took me to another Doctor.  He was much more helpful & only charged me 6 Rupees.  (Both doctors had given me medicine – the 1st cost 3 Rupees; the 2nd 8 Rupees.)

On Thursday I still had a temperature of 1043º so upon the advice of the Capt. and because I felt very sick I came to the Assembly of God Mission Hospital.  Since I've been here my temperature has gone down – in fact this morning it finally hit 98.6º  I hope to be out tomorrow.  It's a small hospital only 12 beds.  All are full.  They also operate a Doctors clinic.  The nurses, aides, etc. have been very good to me.  A doctor has come in 3 times a day to see me since I've been in.  At 1st all I ate was toast & tea but now I'm eating bland Indian food.  For the bed, meals & doctor call I'm charged 15 Rupees a day – that is $1.88!!  My medicine will be extra, it might be expensive but even so I will still come out 'cheap'!

My fever was caused by some of the greedy bugs that bit me in Puri.  The 1st thing I'm going to do before I got South is to buy a mosquito net!  Calcutta has alot of crawly bugs but none of the flying biting kind.

On Wednesday the girls at the hotel cancelled my train reservation to Bombay – which almost killed me as I had wanted to be well enough to make the trip.  I only lost about 80¢ by cancelling.

I sent my friends a telegram Thurs. morning simply saying – SICK. ARRIVAL DELAYED.  I can be very brief when I pay by the letter!

That night a telegram came back from them saying to get better fast & to fly to Bombay.  Which I had decided to do already (both get better & fly!)  It's going to cost alot more than riding the train 2nd class but it will be worth every petty.  It's a 2 hour flight.  (40 hours by TRAIN!)

The girls at the hostel have come in groups to see me – morning, afternoon & evening.  They say their school is not far from here.  I've had more company here than all the other patients put together – And I'm the only "foreigner" here.  I have flowers on my table & cards also.  It's not that I've been totally neglected!

Please do not tell anyone I've been sick.  Especially Grandma, the Hortons & Dr. Otterland.  It would give Uncle Bill & Dr. Otterland to much satisfaction; and it would just worry Grandma.

I've been in India – now over a month & have enjoyed myself – except for the last few days.  I miss some of the luxuries & conveniences I'm used to.  I get tired of washing out my clothes by hand.  Twice I sent out to be washed – both times they came back in alot worse shape.  I don't know how much longer I'll be here in India – I'll just play it by ear.  Right now I want to go to Bombay very bad.  I've told the nurse to make reservations for me on Tuesday night – I hope I can them.

Please take out a health insurance policy on me – should I come down w/some strange disease when I get back.  I'm saying this as a precaution – because I've heard of it happening some – not because I plan to be sick.

Because of the price & the benefits it would be nice to get a deal through the shop.

It should be about Christmas time by the time you get this.  I'm sorry this news has to hit you at this time.  But I assure you at Christmas I'll be in Bombay in excellent health enjoying myself.

I hope each one of you have a nice Christmas.  Serena I'm especially sorry I'll miss seeing you as I haven't seen you since ?

I know JB & Mary Va are well into it.  John you could do me a favor – put the chrome piece on the Buick.  I want to keep the car in Top Condition inside & out.  I have the feeling it will be like Ruth Shoemaker's "Chevy."

I don't think I've mentioned before but it is quite the expected to have 3, 4 or 5 power failures in Calcutta in a week's time.  Sometimes they are in the middle of the day – just for a few hours – other times it starts about 8:00 pm and lasts till early morning ª4:00-4:00 am).  The worst part of it is that the trams also stop.  They block traffic in the worst ways possible.  Horns blow – people shout at each other – it is quite a circus.  Some say the blackouts are on purpose – just to conserve energy  When they do happen you can see little fires burning up & down all the streets.  That have been 2 since I've been here (in the hospital).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!  However you celebrate it.  Since I've been here I've been listening to Christmas Carols and there are some small decorations in the hall.  The chaplain has been very nice – he is from Vancouver, Canada.  He has sent me in books, etc.

Since the mail won't go out today I'll wait & add more later.

Also John – as the year comes to a close my thoughts turn to you and the Internal Revenue.  I trust I can count on you again this year as in years passed.

It's 8:30 AM – the Dr. was just in – I also got the news that the 1st flight to Bombay that I can get is December 20th!  So now my mind is messed up as to what to do.  As to the trains – you have to reserve in person – I might try to go 1st class – it is not at all bad.

The man across from me is dying –I didn't think he would live this long.  I get to hear all the noises & conversations as instead of doors there are curtain type doors – Red & White check material.  Also the walls between the rooms don't go all the way up – whatever happens – everyone hears it.  I'm the only young one here.  Yesterday I got up & sat out in the sun awhile – it felt so good because except when I was taken to the Drs & here I had not been outside since the following Sunday!

Right now I feel better than I've felt since I left home – I've been eating 3 square meals a day.  I get hot tea when I wake up – served in bed.  I also get it w/ crackers in the afternoon.  At night before I got to bed I get a glass of hot milk.  My temperature is still normal – they just want to "watch" me another day!

Jacy (Tracy?) and the girls are here so will mail this by them.

Man died across the way.  

More details ––

Will write you in Bombay ––


Love, Roberta

Sunday, December 13, 2015

1975 Catherine's Postcard -Dec.13

Well, I'm leaving for Boston shortly.  X is giving me a ride down today, then I'm staying all night with a K College friend before leaving for Dakar tomorrow.  Got your pills yesterday – thanks.  I got a camera & a bunch of film, plus I'm taking Joe about $50 worth of art supplies he wanted, canned food, cookies & candy.  Over half the stuff I'm taking is for him.  Anything special you want me to bring you back?
Love, Catherine

Saturday, December 12, 2015

1955 Christmas Card

Roberta, Serena & Catherine
The book is a nice touch but too much of a diversion for Roberta
And the winning picture is the one with all smiling and bright-eyed
Roberta 4½, Serena 11 mo., Catherine almost 7, Harold & Jean Uible

Friday, December 11, 2015

1924,1965 Best Mother in the World

1924 Jean Wallace Ballantyne (Uible), Daytona Beach FL – taken in front of house where they spent part of winter 1923-24, Aunt Leora Scott Brown (wife of Lucie's brother Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown) on steps, Lucie Brown Ballantyne in car.  Leora 1880-1944, Lucie 1880-1957, Jean 1922-2011

A sentiment shared by all of us.  
Especially missed and fondly remembered 
on her birthday.  
We love you, Mom!

Monday, December 07, 2015

1985 HH & Jean in India

No long descriptive letters from HH & Jean's October 1985 trip to India – compared to Roberta's trip in 1975, but the following pictures are evidence they were there.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Dec.7

December 7, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi!  I'm back in Caluctta again – after a very busy  enjoyable time in Puri.  I really saw some sights there – which I'll go into detail later.

I stayed at a youth hostel there – very nice – only had been open two weeks.  Price was 4 Rupees if student – 8 otherwise.  There were 8 beds in the room I was in – but I had the room to myself (and the mosquitoes) except for my 1st night when a girl from Sweden was there.  Total capacity there 45 beds – but only about 15 students were there.  It was nice – except for the fact that most of the kids there were using drugs – also they all seemed to enjoy making fun of the Indian people while at the same time taking full advantage of them.  Luckily I met 3 nuns on my tour and then spent very little time there at the hostel.

The nuns (Sisters of Charity) hoovered (sp?) over me like old hens.  They constantly fed me – all delicious home made things – most of which was fattening!  They also made it a point that I really see Puri – both pleasing & unpleasing sights.

I saw the "school" that they run – on the day I was there one of the Sisters was teaching Indian girls how to cut hair, other practical type knowledge.  Then one day at lunch time we went to where they fix & serve Rice for alot of the old people & alot of blind people & children who have no one to look after them.  Never had I seen such BIG pots of rice.

Also they showed me the part of the beach that is called Swarga Dwar – which means Gateway to Heaven.  It is used as a cremation grounds!  The Hindus believe that anyone who dies at Puri will go straight to heaven.  Near the cremation grounds is a temple where food is placed for all the crows.  Mother & Mary Virginia – it's a shame you missed it.  I saw almost more than I could take ––

Puri itself is a big fishing town – one afternoon we went out & watched them bring in ALL the fish.  Alot they sold by the bunches – to be taken into Calcutta – etc. – The Sisters got some & was it ever good – Where they were selling the fish you could see all kinds – prawns, lobsters, tortises (sp?) (Look like turtles).

Now – I've saved the worst till LAST – one day a doctor, Cath. Priest came in a jeep and took 4 nuns plus myself out – just a few miles from Puri to a Leprosy camp.  They go out there twice a week.  I had been warned & prepared for the worst – but it was worse than ever I imagined.  In about a 2 block radius there was about 300 people – all affected w/leprosy.  The nuns go out & bandage the open sores, try to fix them up w/ devices so they can walk – homemade crutches – or homemade wagons so that they can mainly go to the temple in town to beg.  On their hands they would have short sticks for fingers – or none at all.  In alot of them I couldn't see how they could use theirs hands at all.

We were there about 5 hours – and what pitiful sights.  There were a few small children there – unaffected – the lepers begged the nuns to take them before they too get affected.  The nuns have already gotten most of the children out of there.

Before we left they gave out 2 50 pd. bags of rice (uncooked).  There was a little spilled on the floor & the children made sure every grain was picked up.  It was a very touching experience to see all this in person.

I'm glad still I got to go – but it was very unpleasing!  You can read about it in magazines but there is nothing like seeing it in person.  ORISSA - the state Puri is in is suppose to be where most of the leprosy in in India.

I think I forgot to mention but I have seen several jeeps – also hospitals which have a big sign up – Supported by Unicef money.

I also forgot to say that when we got back that afternoon they made sure each of us – esp. me – have a thorough wash w/ this special kind of soap.

As to the tour I took it was good – alot of beautiful temples – some of which we (the nuns & I) were not allowed in because we're not Hindu.  That's how we all got talking outside the temple.

The Sun temple in Konark was by far the highlight of the day.  In fact it has been said that had it not been really discovered till 1902 it might have taken the Taj Mahal's place as one of the 7 wonders of the World.  It was built in 1255 and the story is that it took 1,200 men 12 years to build.  There are alot of interesting stories that go w/it.  One being that the guy who directed all the men to build it – Sibai Santra – tried to elevate the structure – but could not do it.  He was very upset & went to the beach & fell into a deep sleep.  When he woke up an old woman brought him a plateful of hot food,, so he dipped his fingers in the middle of the plate & burned his fingers.  Then the old woman said "That s how Sibai Santra tried to build the temple – but it didn't work – you must start from the edge & work into the middle!  So then he went back & directed the men to put the temple up that way.

The temple is shaped like a huge chariot – w/ 24 big wheels & pulled by 7 horses.  Most of the wheels & horses though are not complete and because of its age.  It was beautiful – bit piles of sand all around it – and you could hear the sea in the background.

The tour took over 12 hours and we covered some 188 miles.  Really saw alot of the countryside.  I had an excellent view – as I sat up in the front next to the drive – I think they put me up there because I was the only one who didn't speak Hindi or Oriya.  At every stop the driver bought me something toe at – all starch & sweets!

So far I've only cashed in $150 of T.C.'s [traveler checks] – and know – unless I buy an awful lot here I'll have more than enough to last me till I get to Bombayl  I have bought nothing so far as souvenirs, etc. – because my suitcase is too heavy now.  I spent more money in Delhi (mainly for room) & then ticket to Calcutta (1st class) than anywhere else – 2nd class on the train is very cheap – but very uncomfortable.  Also on the train 2nd class it is hard to find anyone who speaks English – where on 1st class everyone seemed to speak English.  My ticket to Bombay is 2nd class – 2 nights & 1 day sitting on a bench – at night you get to lay on a bench – they stack them up 3 high – not enough room for you to sit up!

Mother I hope you had a nice birthday – what did you do?  When will John & Serena be home for Christmas?  I have not seen or hear _1_ thing as to Christmas here – but I understand that here at the Salvation Army Hostel they will be decorating, etc.

I was glad to get back to Calcutta – it reminds me alot of N.Y.C. – the traffic here is like NYC – if you substitute cows & rickshaws for cars!  There is good public transportation here – my tram yesterday got in at 5:30 AM – the train station was packed 2/ people – most of them getting up – beginning to fix their breakfasts.  This time I took a rickshaw to the hostel – so I really got to see the sights of the city.

It was good to get back here – to see the girls I had met before – they have planned out my 4 days here.  This morning I'm going to see the school where 2 of them go – then this afternoon we have tickets to see a Hindi movie.  Tonight we are to go to a Thai Restaurant – 1 of the girls is from Thailand.

Tomorrow I am to meet the Chakrabarti family – the Botany Prof. I don't know yet what is on the agenda.

I like Calcutta but sometimes I feel like maybe I should be spending my time elsewhere for this Saturday * will have been here 1 months & only been in Delhi, Calcutta, Darjeeling & Puri.  By Saturday I will have spent 8 nights on train or bus, plus 2 nights on the plane getting to Delhi if you want to count that!  I must be going it's about time for breakfast.

I'm enclosing a letter that one of nuns wrote to her cousin who is in Akron.  Please mail it on to [address included]

Should you want to send some $ to a good cause sent to Sisters of Charity [address included].

Do NOT send much though as they get spoiled & expect alot in the future.  I know this from hearing them talk.

I'm doing fine – have alot of mosquito bites – but I feel good & eat well – except too much starch!

Hope all of you are fine – I'm looking forward to being in Bombay w? the friends I met in Delhi.

Please sent this on to G'ma as I have little time to write letters. – Also the Rupees ($) involved.  HA!

Love, Berta

Friday, December 04, 2015

1965 Serena's Letter & Christmas Program

1965 Calvary Methodist Church, Lake Worth Florida -Dec.1
Christmas Program with Serena as Mary, Cris Horton as Storekeeper
[postmarked 6 Dec 1965]
Dear Everybody (including M.V.)

Please put the program in my file (after you look at my beautiful name).  Mr. pathethitic [sic] (David Starr) was so busy being nervos [sic] he forgot to act up and (I was to busy being nervos (too) I forgot to remind him).

Very, Very sorry to say thought but anyway I didn't have any normal cold I had a gigantic one so at the end of 2 weeks I was completely over with my cold.

Your unhomesick daughter or sister,
Serena (Uible)

P.S.  Be seeing you soon (I hope).  We saw Snow White (at a movie) details later.
P.P.S.S. I can play Silent Night on the organ and I am working on the chords and pedals.  Aunt Mary want to keep me to teach me to play the piano.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

1975 Roberta's Darjeeling postcard -Dec.4

Railway Station - Darjeeling (New Elgin Hotel) -postcard mailed 1975


I'm enjoying Puri – the Youth Hostel where I'm staying is right on the sea – the sunrises & sunsets are beautiful!  My train ride here was like going to a basketball game that lasts 14 hours – seats were like benches – no backs to them.

Went on tour yesterday – really good – especially SUN TEMPLE at Konark.  Met 3 nuns stationed here in Puri – from South India.  Am to meet them this AM – they run a school & drug dispensary here –

Yesterday saw alot of RURAL India – Love, Berta

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

1975 Roberta's Darjeeling Postcard to John -Dec.

Darjeeling Market Scene - postcard mailed 1975 
[December 1975]

Hi – in Darjeeling I made good use of your jacket – it was freezing cold.  But now in Puri  – a town on the sea – about 300 miles South of Calcutta – warm & nice here – about 80º –

Calcutta was astonishing – people everywhere – after 6:00 P.M. it was almost impossible to walk on the sidewalks – as the people were cooking their supper & getting ready for the night.

You'll be out of school soon for Christmas holidays.  Enjoy yourself.  Going to work?

Love, Berta

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

1975 Catherine's postcard to John -Dec.1

Union Station and Sky Line, Kansas City, Missouri.  As seen from atop the Liberty Memorial Monument - postcard, mailed 1965 

Dear John,

I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner – too bad you don't do the same at Christmas.  I made it back OK – got pretty wet.  Called Mom & Dad & told them you were doing fine.

Love, Catherine

1975 Roberta's Letter Oct.19

This letter was overlooked in October, so think back to before Roberta left for India, while Mom & Dad were on their New Zealand trip. Serena was at Park College, John was at Exeter, and Catherine was in Maine.  Ruth Shoemaker was in residence with Roberta and MV.

October 19, 1975
Dear John,

Hi!  Wanted you to know that all of us are acting like respectable young ladies while the folks are gone!

I'm making progress as to my trip – now have my plane ticket – also have got the back-pack out & going to make some practice runs (um - walks!)

Down at the factory we are punching jacks – I hate it – I'm slow and it hurts my fingers!  We're super busy now – Elvis Wiget was put in the hospital last week – kidney stones or something of the sort.  If you have the time drop him a card – he would surely appreciate it!

You are missing alot of good cooking – Ruth's pumpkin pies, chicken – Am I making you hungry?

How's work?  Last week on the Waltons John Boy got a job in his school library.

I was up at the Goodings this last week – they all said hello & all that.  Jim might go to Morehead KY to school.

Crop me a note & let us know how hard you are studying!  Ho, Hum –


Monday, November 30, 2015

1975 Roberta's India Letter -Nov.30

Nov. 30, 1975
Dear Family ––

Hi!  It's only 6:15 AM but the sounds of the city below woke me up so I thought it a good time to do some writing.

I had a great time in Darjeeling – it is known for its tea.  We (a Canadian girl I met there) walked around a good deal – we saw a tea estate where the ladies were picking the leaves & putting them into big straw baskets on their backs.  We did NOT go to Tiger Hill – because you go there to see this fantastic view & the entire time we were there it was very foggy!  We went to what is called the Tibetan Refugee Self Help Center – there you could see everyone busy at work – metalworkers, weavers, etc.  Also there is a community kitchen where all the food is fixed for some 700 people!

I also went to my 1st Indian movie – it wasn't a good movie – but it only cost 25¢!  Called "What a Lovely War" – about World War I.

The bus trip back was as bad as the one there.  In fact I can now say I got sick in India – going from Darjeeling to Siliguri I was in a jeep – packed full it would have held 11 people – but there were 17 people, 2 chickens & a few pieces of luggage – that did not fit on top.  I picked this time to get car sick!  The mountains were something else!  Darjeeling is some 7,000 feet above sea level.  When I got to Siliguri I had about 2 hours to wait on my bus back to Calcutta – so I tried to get my stomach in order again.  Drank some hot tea & had some bread.  I had a very uncomfortable trip back but was not sick again!

Arriving in Calcutta I took a tram (.20p.) – about 3¢ to the Y.W.C.A. – where I found out my room had been filled & also all beds full.  They had taken in a group of 20 or so – so my reservation went out the window.  I called the Salvation Army hostel – they referred me to their  new Salvation Army Hostel for Women.  It's new – not the building.  I consider myself lucky to be here – 10 rupees for bed & good breakfast.  Dorm style – I am in a room w/ 4 other girls – 1 a nurse from France, 2 students from Thailand & 1 an airline stewardess from a small town about 200 miles away.  Last night she came in from a flight & brought us all back candy –cotton, pens, etc. – compliments of Indian Airlines!

We have a bath-tub here – only cold water but you can buy a bucket of hot water for 50p. (6¢) I considered that a bargain.  Took my 1st bath in 2 weeks!

Last night I had dinner w/ Banergee's [Bombay host] cousin here in Calcutta.  He is a Botany prof. at the Calcutta Univ. – just got back this last summer from spending 5 years in Australia teaching.  He is married & has the cutest 7-year-old daughter.  Also his father (more on him later) & his sister (23 years old) was there.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  Their English was good – just the accent a little different.

As to the grandfather – he reads palms & wanted to do mine. 1st he said I had had a minor operation about a year ago as concerned w/ my stomach – but no good results came from it.  He went on to say that in 4 years I will have another operation as to the stomach & I will be in the hospital 3 weeks – I asked him several questions – one about Catherine & he said she has not been getting along w/ her husband – that they will lead their own lives & that in 2 years Catherine will remarry. He said I will be married at about 33 years old, have 3 children & that the 1st will die at birth.  I asked him about Grandma – he said she will live at least 2 more years – have alot of pain & trouble w/ legs – but will be good mentally & physically (except for legs).  He said I will like India alot & will hate to leave, that I like to travel & meet new people.  His English was very good & I tried to write down everything he said when I got home – so we'll see how it all comes out.  [Can't say about Roberta's stomach operations but can add that Roberta got married at age 32, Catherine remarried in one year, correct about Grandma living at least 2 years – she lived an additional 18 years. Roberta's love for traveling and meeting new people seem obvious.]

I had only talked to Mr. Chakrabacki [the cousin?]  a short time last week before going to Darjeeling.  Next week I am to go out again for supper & also to see the Univ. & visit one of his classes.

The meal was really something – started off w/ soup – then tomatoes, cucumber, onions, & radishes, fried rice w/ prawns (like shrimp) a meat dish – w/ goat meat, potatoes, sweet & sour mangoes (excellent), and for dessert yogurt & 2 "sweets."  The yogurt was also delicious!

As to the Zakhani's [?] – they are still busy w/ after wedding festivities – I stopped by their office & got your letter yesterday Dad – written the 20th of Nov.  They said that there had been another letter but it got lost in all the excitement of the wedding.  Thanks anyway for the letter – I also enjoyed the articles – what a contrast – $4000 dinner vs pork & beans. I was glad to get the latest shop news – I know JB was happy to get home – was he in good or bad spirits about his safe?  What did he do with his stamps?

As to stamps – please send me lots of U.S. stamps to Bombay.  I made a BIG mistake as to bringing U.S. coins here – everyone is afraid to take them – they say that should their house be raided & the coins found they will be in serious trouble.  Right now what is called Emergency measures are happening in India.  I don't understand it too much but I know for a fact that there are uniformed police EVERYWHERE!  On every bus, every train car, every street corner – I don't mean just 1 – but several police together everywhere.  I also understand there are lots of un-uniformed police.  There is a terrible Black market here for $ – every time I walk down the street I am told I can get a good rate for my $ (much better than the Banks),  But I do stick with the banks – safe in the long run.  Also you must show your exchange slips from the bank at all hotels, and also I'm told when you make a purchase for any amount at all in a store.

I leave tonight at 8:00 pm for Puri – just 300 miles away but a 13 hour train ride.  I'll be going 2nd class – guess the main difference is in the bathrooms.  I have reserved a sleeper – that cost 3 Rupees extra – I do enjoy certain luxuries –

I'm actually beginning to like Calcutta – I find that hard to believe myself.  When I 1st got here –– I thought that the ghettos of NYC would look good to me!  But now I am meeting girls here at the hostel & have called upon several people I met at the wedding.  I'm learning the trams & am better located now than at the Y.W.C.A  I'm w/in 2 blocks of the Oberoi Grand Hotel – also near Dalhousie Square.  There is a tram stop right in front of the hostel – which by the way occupies the 2nd & 3rd floors of the building.  You know the 1st floor here is always 1 flight up!

I've even been thinking of cutting my time short in Puri to come back to Calcutta earlier.  As planned now I will be back in Calcutta the 7th to 11th of December.  I imagine I would not be able to get new reservations (as to changing sooner) to Calcutta from Puri.  Puri is suppose to be very nice – also alot of nice side trips – to Kanarak [Konark] & Bhubanershar [Bhubaneswar]. I'm leaving alot of my things here at the hostel – locked up – my heavy clothes, extra film, etc.  If I never wear my heavy underwear again – I'll still be glad I had it in Darjeeling – I had on 5 layers (minimum) of clothes on all the time there!

Tonight a family I met at the wedding will come after me at 4:00 – I'm to go to their house for dinner & then on to the R.R. station.  They have 5 children – boy 18 collects stamps – I gave him JB's address.

I have seen jacks here – called 5 stones – they are plastic – made here in India.  Sell for about 5 rupees (60¢)

I also met a lawyer & his family at the wedding – was over at their house (HA – flat!) yesterday.  His office is in his bedroom – or vice versa.  He is young – only been practicing for 5 years – He hopes to buy his wife a small stove someday.

I have not been to Zakhanis but once – as they ask me too many questions.  How much $ I have w/me, how much $ I have at home in the bank, how much my father makes, how much Dr. Zakhani makes, on & on & on.  They are NOT satisfied w/ a joke or a laugh for an answer – they want THE ANSWER!

I've had my breakfast now & am planning to go to Church services w/ some girls here.

Hope all of you are doing fine – Mary V –I'm sorry you were sick & what a shame to be sick when J.B. was at home – you missed out on alot of extra teasing.

Is it getting COLD – the Buick will have to be winterized.

I mailed the film yesterday – cost me enough $ – I just hope it gets there!  I wish I could be there to explain the pictures – but that will have to wait.  In Delhi – Banergee is the one in the suit at some of the tourist places.  He is lighter skin than Raja – from South Africa.  I'm being more careful now in making sure the settings are right on the camera.

Mother – have a nice Birthday – I'll be thinking about you & will be sending you something.  Eat a piece of cake for me – also some raw lettuce leaves – haven't had any since Marquis (sp?) Nov. 12th!  NO – TANDOOR – Nov. 13th.

This turned out to be LONG – my greetings to everyone.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

1975 Roberta's India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Nov.30

Nov. 30, 1975
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Hi!  So how does it feel to be back in the "sun shine state" again, Grandma?  It is hard for me to believe that this time last year I was also there – struggling my way through school!

I've been in Calcutta for the last 2 days – will be going to Puri tonight at 8:00 pm & will get there tomorrow AM.  The trains here are very comfortable – but I cannot say that for the buses.  I went to Darjeeling & back on the bus.  Took 15 hours 1 way and the only padding under me was my own!

I'm staying now at the Salvation Army Youth Hostel for women.  It is very clean – well located just 2 blocks from the Oberoi-Grand.  Also there is a bath-tub here – all for $1.20 – which includes a good breakfast!

At 1st Calcutta was too much for me – the beggars haunted me & the city itself scared me – but now – and I even find this hard to believe I'm beginning to like it.  I've met many nice girls here at the hostel – also at the wedding I met alot of people so I've been busy visiting them – etc.  I'm getting good at riding the tram.  Only 20p. (about 3 cents).

Last night a man – father of man I met – read my palm – he said I would marry at age 33 – will have 3 children – the 1st will die at birth.  That I will have a very successful career but that I'll never be rich because I spend too much.  (THAT'S TRUE) Well – at least I didn't have to pay for it.

Please write me in Bombay – I'll be there 13th of Dec. to Christmas.  I'd appreciate it if you would send me U.S. stamps – to give to people I meet here.

I'm learning some Hindi ––

Hello to John M & Aunt Sarah –

Saturday, November 28, 2015

1975 MV's letter to John -Nov.

Dear John,

I finally got to read your letter after it had been lost for approx. 2 days.  On thanksgiving day we went out to fallsville with Cris.  WE only drove past button springs.

As you can see I am finally learning to ty- xxxx pe on my own.  I know it needs somework.


Items from Uible photo album