Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb. 29, 1992 and 1996 Leap Day

Bonus Day!  Read more about February 29 here.

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1992 - Still recovering from chills, etc. after return from Holy Land

Thursday 1996 - School Board awards contract for new New Vienna [Elementary] school building at 4MM [million].

Feb. 28, 1987-99 Elevator Buttons and Happy Birthday, Mary!

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1987 - [Arizona] 2 nights spent at Stage Coach Inn in Patagonia, $64.95/night.

Tuesday 1989 -We received 2 dozen lovely red roses from MV -- her 25th birthday.  Also Anna McCann [?] birthday, she is 59 today.  I felt lousy, chills, etc. so stayed home.  I can play Happy Birthday [on piano] from memory.

Wednesday 1990 - [Florida]

Thursday 1991 - Open house program and reception for Gene Williams celebrating his 30 years as Scoutmaster -- 17 Eagle Scouts in those years.  Called MV for her birthday, they are having trouble getting license [?] for their Honda

Friday 1992 - Back in the office after 10 day trip to the Holy Land through E.O. [?].  Still having chills, lots of phlegm in my throat.  G.G. leaves for Florida tomorrow.  GHU is the same, didn't register that we had been gone.  Dusty Irish spoke at church.

Monday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Tuesday 1995 - Called Annie [?] in Florida.  Rose [?] also went.  New Denver airport opened today, 18 months late and several billion over cost estimate.  Congress voting on balanced budget bill today.  Jean went to the dentist in AM

Wednesday 1996 - Dr. office called [after physical yesterday] and said I was in good shape medically.  Catherine also went to the Dr., we called and she said everything was OK.  Wendy said she and Tom had broken up.

Saturday 1998 - Went to Wilmington College, saw the play "The Rose Tattoo" by Tennessee Williams.  Stor of a gal whose husband was unfaithful -- he gets killed and she goes batty.  Later falls for a guy that has a rose tattoo and has a happy ending.  Made hotel reservations for Shepherdstown, WV and also at the DC Hilton for 4/3/98 [HH & JWBU's 50th Anniversary].  Jean got new battery for her watch and is typing up recipes for UMW.  In the WNJ about our Police Chief being arrested in conection with the bank robbery in New Vienna.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky]  Christian under the weather so Jean stayed with him.  Ginny told me I shouldn't use the church elevator since I wouldn't know what button to push, but to use the stairs.  We had reservations at the Comfort Inn, room 317 at $51.95.  Ginny loves the pool.  For supper we went to Kroger's salad bar at $3.29/pound.  MV and Don get in about 8:30 and they decided to take Christian to the hospital.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb. 27, 1987-99 Grandma's bones

Notes from Dad's Diary 1987-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1987 - Catherine had interview at Tempe Public Library.

Tuesday 1990 - [Florida] Took GHU to Palm Beach Medical Center.  X-rays showed compression fractures on 3 vertebrae, mass in right lung and 50% bone loss, also osteoporosis.  She has never complained, but now "Oh Me" concerning her back pain. 

Thursday 1992 - [NYC to Ohio] Mary [MUH] and Roberta walked around midtown NYC with us, had lunch at the Plaza, cheapest entree was $12 for a salad.  Roberta and Mary met Roland (Joe's friend) for lunch then went to JFK airport for Delta flight.  Bill flew from WPB and met us

Saturday 1993 - [home from Guatemala]  Back from Gautemala -- see notes.  Round trip from Miami to Cincy was $273 including tax.  G.G. had gone to Florida today so we drove their Oldsmobile home.  Parking was $7 (the max per day) in the short term lot.  About 8" snow on the ground.

Sunday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii] 

Tuesday 1996 - Got our annual physicals at Main Medical.  Took flowers to Virginia Hildebrant, she's staying with her daughter in Wilmington.

Thursday 1997 - Back from London.

Friday 1998 - Clarence Graham retired from WNJ as Editor.

Saturday 1999 - [Kentucky] Got haircut at Barber Shop near Walmart for $7.  Ginny attended a birthday party so didn't see her until about 3:30pm.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 26, 1989-99 Kate says NO

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Lunch at Ponderosa, went to [Wilmington] College Library, then Emmaus community meeting.  Had light skiff of snow last night.  We have a time getting the up and down temperature changes on our thermostat.  State Senator Dave Hobson was a pilgrim on the walk.

Monday 1990 - [Florida]  Donna Sears died [at age] (63), married Bob in 1945.

Tuesday 1991 - [Texas to Ohio]  Visited Alamo again after breakfast at the Hotel and the King William district.  Flight left at 1PM and we were in Cincinnati at 6PM

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel to NYC]  Hotel wake up call at 2:30 and we left for airport at 3:30.  What a long day with plane to Athens (2 hours), then a 3 hour wait to board big plane to NYC for 10 hour flight.  R[oberta] had reservations at Best Western on 45th St, $75 for the 3 of us.

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke of communication, the story of the polar bear and the pallbearer.  He didn't want to sit on the ice and eat fish.  John, Julie and Kate came about 1:30 for dinner and stayed until 6:30.  We walked down to Wells and saw the new rooms.  Still hard for me to believe that the total cost was 10M [thousand].  Kate can say "No" and also said "bye" when leaving.  John said they hope to take a group to Mexico City in September for mission repair work.  Had evening meeting at church.

Monday 1996 - [referring to Sunday 2/25/96]  Social hour after church.  We met the Goodings at 1pm at Der Dutchman in Waynesville.  Meals still $6.95, had 30 minute wait, then talked until 4pm.  Bev had just had an operation and they are signed up for an E.O. [ElderHostel?] trip to Genteel England this August, going with Lisa's pastor at the big church in Dayton.  Jim as moved across the street to a 5-story house.

Wednesday 1997 - [London]  Visited the British Museum

Friday 1999 - [to Kentucky]  Left for Somerset as Don was gone and MV and four other women were going to B...... TN for a weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb. 25, 1974,1989-99 Miss Emma

Dad's Diary 1974, 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1974 - Emma Woods passed away, born December 21, 1888.  She was my Sunday School teacher.  [I remember being in her house a few times, her white hair and calling her "Miss Emma".  Was that her parents house?]  Rev. Rider had the funeral.

Saturday 1989 - Jean to Wilmington UMC at 6:30am to work for Emmaus breakfast.  Went for bike ride in PM.  John called regarding Mary Virginia's address for sending flowers for her birthday.

Sunday 1990 - [Florida]

Monday 1991 - [Texas]  Drove out to the Gulf, up through Port Aransas and to the bird sanctuary [Aransas National Wildlife Refuge], the whooping crane winters there.   Had late lunch at Dairy Queen in Goliad.  Visited a mission and a church [Mission Espiritu Santo in Goliad State Park] lots of history there.  Then drove back to San Antonio, had reservations at Alamo Plaza Hotel (Emily Morgan Hotel), converted from an office building four years ago.  We are in Room 1104, great view of the Alamo.  $73 rate and we parked on the street.  Large room with a suite bath, large sliding doors with a whirlpool tub. 

Tuesday 1992 - [Israel]  Nathan Hale's 75th birthday.

Thursday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Friday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Saturday 1995 - Walkers leave for Naples, Florida.  Lions Club Pancake lunch and supper, I worked as cashier from 4-7, time went by pretty fast.  Roger Behr called about greeters, he spoke at the last prayer breakfast -- while we were gone [recent trip to Kentucky] he turned 47.  Beautiful day, washed the car.  Gerald Bernard is quitting active farming.

Sunday 1996 - Flowers and rhubarb popping through the ground.  Read article in Lions [Club] Magazine  about friendship hosting by a district in Victoria, Australia.

Tuesday 1997 - [London] Early start in London as we arrived at 6:30 AM.  Piccadilly Line [train] goes direct from Heathrow to Russell Square.  Had nice snack at coffee shop of Hotel Russell.  Saw Museum of London

Wednesday 1998 - [North Carolina to Ohio]  Had breakfast in room with Serena.  Jean forgot watch so five miles extra each way.  Came up [US Route] 25E to Corbin [KY] and had lunch at Cracker Barrel, beans and greens are $3.99.  Got gas for 86.9c.  Called Sankers and met them at Mariemont.  Ice cream at Graeter's, small cone was $1.50.  408 miles from Asheville to New Vienna. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb. 24, 1989-99 Wendy loses wisdom (teeth)

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]
Friday 1989 - Went to Hillsboro to witness Power of Attorney for Mabel Bailey (Russ Powell's sister).  Had waffles for supper.  Meeting at church re Unquenchable Fire.  Decided to have free will chicken noodle dinner on 4/2.  Carolyn Thornburg and Joan Gruber to be co-chairs, Charlene McCoppin [corrected per Mary's comment] on publicity.

Saturday 1990 - [to Florida]  Visited Don and Martha Ann Bernard, he has had a knee operation, then non-stop to West Palm Beach to meet GHU and Roberta who arrived form Phoenix.

Sunday 1991 - [Texas]  Went to UMC in Harlingen, great crowd, lunch at Luby's then drove to Corpus Christi.  Stayed at La Quinta, visited art museum, convention center, and Public Library which was open until 6pm on Sundays.  Went to H-E-B grocery and got bread and milk for supper and breakfast.

Monday 1992 - [Israel]

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Thursday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Friday 1995 - Wendy had all her wisdom teeth pulled.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa to London]  Left Johannesburg for London.  Had great room at Penn Club #1 on first floor and with large electric heater.  [This must have been written later as they don't actually arrive in London until 2/25 according to tomorrow's entry.]

Tuesday 1998 - [North Carolina]  Serena came over, went for a swim and then had lunch at place near craft store.  Went downtown to what was the Kress store, now an "antique mall".  Parked in lot behind library.   Walked into several other shops and then had a vegetarian supper at Laughing Seed.  Serena had to work at J Crew at 7pm so we went to health food store across the river, a lot of bulk stuff.  Then to Books-A-Million

Wednesday 1999 -  Another "Day" hearing.  Had lunch at Samuel Walkers, problem with discount coupon.  Reading the New Cumberland papers that Jeanne Sanker brought up.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb. 23, 1989-99 Eyes, ears and 9.2% CD

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Had hearing aid test in Wilmington, both OK.  We both have had our eyes checked and Jean got new glasses.  Exam was $30 and the glasses $170.  Met Jean Liggett at the WPL and we ended up going to the Chinese place for supper with them.  Got new bike gloves for $24.95.  Got BIG check on sale of RJR stock.  Put it in 3 month CD at 9.2%, 6 months was 9.4%.  [Those numbers sound great compared to today's paltry CD rates.   Our credit union best rate on 6 month CD's is currently 0.35%.]

Friday 1990 - [Georgia to Florida]  Called Helen Kuntzman, then church was having a Missionary Night and potluck supper of foods from countries where the missions go.  Enrights were among guest speakers, a nice treat.  Aldersgate UMC in Seminole Florida.

Saturday 1991 - [Texas]  Drove to South Padre Island, lots of traffic on the beach.  Had lunch at Sea Ranch Restaurant, $3.99 special.  Sat with Carol and Don Stout from Worthington. 

Sunday 1992 - [Israel]

Tuesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Wednesday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Thursday 1995 - Went square dancing.  Ed and Dorothy Bailey there.  Leadership Clinton meeting.  Joni [?] Streber [Stuber?] quitting Ferns and staring work with Morris B.... in Yellow Springs

Sunday 1997 - [South Africa]

Monday 1998 - [Kentucky to North Carolina]  Left Somerset after taking Ginny to school and Christian to babysitter.  Had lunch at Regas Restaurant in Knoxville.  Still good.  On to Asheville where we had a reservation at Grove Park Inn.  Room 6035, (200 steps from lobby) past the room where George Bush spent a night.  Serena had made reservations for dinner at Richmond Hill, 3 of us was $115, then Jean was sick.  Called the Zooks -- Mary's younger sister in Missouri had passed away so they were going there.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. 22, 1989-99 Risk takers, care takers and under takers

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Key event study at church lead by Virginia Walker.

Thursday 1990 - [leaving for Florida] Leave for Florida, to have lunch with MV in Lexington and to "get fitted" for the tux for the big event.  We drove until 10:30 [PM] and made it south of Atlanta.

Friday 1991 - [Texas]  On to Harlingen where the Ralph Elliotts are staying and the Aaron Harpers are visiting.  Staying at the Holiday Inn there for two nights, we went square dancing.

Saturday 1992 - [Israel]

Monday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Tuesday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Wednesday 1995 - Busy day at the office.  Helen Hamilton's grandchildren were in about getting that estate started.  Serena came with her washer and dryer and found we needed more parts to get them hooked up.  Two new office rooms at Wells finished up.

Thursday 1996 - Went square dancing, after 20 years with the Clinton County square dancers, Jim Erbaugh is retiring and moving to the Port Charlotte, FL area.  Jean went to Wilmington to work on the Sc... [looks like Scidl] and I had leadership Clinton, this is 10th year for that.  Enjoyed talking with Grant Boris [?] at square dancing.  He got rid of his Airborne stock at $26.

Saturday 1997 - [South Africa]

Sunday 1998 - [Alabama to Kentucky] Had breakfast at the UMC, regular price is $2, really organized.  Great sermon - Will the church be ready for the Millennium?  There are risk takers, care takers, and under takers -- where do we fit in.  Lots of rain, got back to Somerset about 7:30, 450 miles.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21, 1989-99 Mary & Don in the WNJ

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Got new adding machine and typewriter at Watsons.  A lot of static about Tower's nomination for Secretary of Defense.

Wednesday 1990 - Mary Virginia's and Don's picture in the WNJ

Thursday 1991 - [Texas]  Left for Laredo, town full of visitors, stayed at Motel 6.  Walked across the border, same old stuff.  Ate at Luby's, where the LuAnn plate is $3.89, a great value.

Friday 1992 - [Israel]

Sunday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Monday 1994 - [Maui to Kauai]  After a buffet lunch at our motel (East West Restaurant) we flew to Kauai where Senior Ventures met us.  This 9-day program was $1480 each plus our getting there.

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Pauline Simpkins funeral.

Friday 1997 - [South Africa]

Saturday 1998 - [Alabama w/MV]  Big day at the church.  Morning program with Wes Steele from Bethel UMC in Columbus.  Bethel has a dining area that could seat 1M (1000) people, this seminar is limited to 600 people.

Sunday 1999 - Went to Health Sense for Seniors at CMH, program by Chris Strawburg [?] about stress management, laughing more often.  We had invited the Sankers and they seemed to enjoy it.  They stayed until about 6:30 and then we went to Martinsville for study program.  Russ and Edith Deegan (?) were new in our SS class.  Helen Kuntzman called.  Tom and Emily Salisbury were there, a week early as far as mission program.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 20, 1989-99 More Maui

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 -

Tuesday 1990 - [Philadelphia to Ohio]  Decided to take train to airport ($4 vs $8 on bus) and senior citizens ride free. 

Wednesday 1991 - [San Antonio TX] Visited Alamo, Rivercenter, Market Square, Public Library, etc. 

Thursday 1992 - [Israel]

Saturday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Sunday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  Went to church across from old court house, 95% visitors, then drove to Hana, 50+ one lane bridges + 600+ sharp curves, went on beyond to Lindbergh's burial place, a flat stone.  Born in Michigan in 1902, died in Maui 1974.  The site was covered with stone.  Had supper at the Pain at the Corner [?] restaurant, a busy place.  We had located a Safeway grocery near our motel which was handy.

Monday 1995 - [Kentucky to New Vienna]  Jean has a nasty cold.  Left Burnside about 8:30 and made a stop at Office Max to look at chairs for new office space.  Had lunch at Boston Chicken.  Got gas for 95.9c.  Kroger's had old milk at 99c/gallon.

Tuesday 1996 - Went to Dayton on legal business (Edna Campbell).  Had lunch at King Cole, a 3-star Mobil rating, most entrees were $8.95.  [According to this article in the Dayton Daily News, King Cole morphed into Olivia's and then in 2009 became Michael's Dining and Jazz.]  Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary election with 28%, Dole 27%, Alexander 23% and Forbes 12%.

Thursday 1997 - [South Africa]

Friday 1998 - [Kentucky to Alabama]  Left for Montgomery about 9:30 with Ken and _________ Comm [?] and Mary Virginia.  He is an insurance adjuster and she is a High School teacher and sings in MV's choir.  We stayed at Suites Plus.  The church has about 7M [7000] members and 4500 attend Church on Sunday.  They have these seminars twice a year on church growth.

Saturday 1999 - Lions Club Pancake day $4 and $2.  Went to Wilmington.  Had long conversation with Rose Cooper, she is 60.  Ate at Bob Evans, talked with Jim Foland [?].

Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 19, 1987, 1989-99 Leaving New York

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1987 - Morgans moving to Phoenix

Sunday 1989 - S.S.  dinner (?) at Wendy's, Super Salad Bar $3.19, then to Extended Care, CMH, Kroger's, Walmart (what a crowd) where we bought a telephone answering unit, then Bob and Carl's.  Made out an order to Performance Bike Shop.

Monday 1990 - [NYC to Philadelphia]  Took bus to Philadelphia, walked to Quality Hotel [Inn] $70.  Walked over to Independence area.  Amazed at the number of bedrolls on porch at FRB [Federal Reserve Bank].  Had lunch at Arby's, saw visitor's center, Franklin Court and old P.O.  Jeanne Huber's [?] (her husband died about 15 years ago) son Rick, with Fireman's Fund, took us out to her house.  Had late supper (8pm) as dish was not thawed in time.  He brought us back about 10pm. 

Tuesday 1991 - [NYC to Texas]  We flew to San Antonio, had Alamo rental car, $97/week with free mileage.  Reservations at Sheraton Gunter, $69 + 13% tax +$6 for garage -- very nice.  Can ride streetcar bus for 10c.

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel]

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  We were up on Ohio time, 5 hours different, and drove to volcano where the bikers were ready to coast downhill.  It was cold and we could see snow on the higher peak on the island of Hawaii.  Had breakfast at the Sandalwood, on the road up there where the bikers also stopped.  Drove over to the other side of the island, much more touristy.  Had supper at Mama's Fish House, near Paia.  Very nice and expensive, entrees in the high $20s

Sunday 1995 - [Kentucky]  Went to 9:30 service with MV, then to SS and Church at Burnside.  MV fixed lunch, Ginny and I walked down to the piers, the church and back.  Went to MV's evening service then had bean soup afterward.

Monday 1996 - Called MUH, she has a new 30" TV set.  

Wednesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Thursday 1998 - [to KY] We leave for Somerset.  Had lunch at Boston Market, supper at Rockin Robin's Cafe.  We were to babysit while MV goes with a group to Fraser UMC in Montgomery, AL.  They had a cancellation so I went with them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 18, 1989-99 Back to Hawaii

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - A really sunny day but in the 20s.  About an extra hour of sunshine in the evening now.  Mary Virginia home to get dress, she is to be a maid-of-honor at wedding.  Mary [MUH] called.  Mother wanted us to check on Joan and Elaine. 

Sunday 1990 - [NYC] Went to Episcot [?] first.  Wow!  and then to silent Friends meeting.  Went to Museum of City of New York -- interesting at 104th and 5th Ave.  Rode the bus for half price.  Nice roast beef dinner at Penington House. 

Monday 1991 - [NYC] Went to Javits for the [toy] show, had late lunch.

Tuesday 1992 - [Israel]

Thursday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Friday 1994 - [to Hawaii] Flew to Maui via San Diego and Honolulu.  Had a car/motel deal for $50/night at the Maui Palms in Kahului, which was very adequate.  Car was through Budget.

Saturday 1995 - [NYC to KY] Went to Javits Center, an hour there was enough.  Went to Mumbles for lunch -- very poor.  Took Newark bus from Port Authority Building ($7), got to Cincy about 6:20pm and then drove to Somerset.  Article in yesterday's WSJ aboaut the small seat space in the Boeing 757 plane.

Sunday 1996 -The Wolframs [?] were at church.  Went to CMH program, still $2.50 each for dinner and the program was on prostate problems.  Then to Extended Care and Sabina to see Evelyn Bernard -- she has failed -- keeps phone off the hook, and Louise Bloom [?].

Tuesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1998 - We went to Wilmington, had tests to determine if our arteries were clogged, etc.  Each of the three [tests] are $35 or all three for $95.  To Martinsville [for evening church], story of David and Goliath, we have to stretch if we are to be successful, a limp rubber band is worthless.  Had lunch at [Nancy's] Little Giant.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb. 17, 1989-99 New York City

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]
Friday 1989 - GG out with the flu -- her sister, Anna Louise also does a good job.

Saturday 1990 -[NYC] Went to Javits Toy and Variety Show, really a waste of time.  No Saturday PM meal at Penington House so we ate at Japanese Restaurant at 1st Ave. and 16th St. with chopsticks.

Sunday 1991 - [NYC] Went to UMC on 62nd St. [Lexington United Methodist Church], met 90-year-old Irene Ayres who volunteers at Mission on 3rd Ave and 14th a couple times a week.  We went there and found quite a turn out of men.  They give them a bag of food at the end.  Met Florence ? [looks like Itoh?] for lunch at the Dorset, buffet was $25. 

Monday 1992 - [NYC to Israel]  Went to Ellis Island, surprised at the crowd.  Our plane for Israel left at 10:15PM.  The Baileys were there, Mary (MUH), and seven from Phoenix that Roberta got.  Fare on ticket to Israel was $866.

Wednesday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Friday 1995 - [NYC] Bruce showed up at 7:30.  He is staying in the City for the show, their daughter just turned 2.  Met Jean at 1PM at Bailey's, walked from 23rd St. & 5th Ave. to City Hall, that was quite an experience and the $35 seemed modest for our two hours there.  We came back to Madison and 36th for a quick trip to the Morgan Library.  In the evening we went to the Strand Bookstore where Jean bought a book for $1, by Billy Graham's daughter that had originally retailed for $24.95. 

Saturday 1996 - Article in the WNJ that the Wilmington P.O. is looking for a new location, present location built  in 1929.  Also the proposed 73 Bypass is #9 in the state.  Jean went to Columbus to UMW meeting.  Prayer meeting at church this AM, Keith substituted for Greg Linkhart

Monday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1999 - Bob Ballantyne called re family reunion in May in New Hampshire.  Had eye appt., still 20/20 so no change in glasses.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. 16, 1989-99 Toy Shows continue

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Our first square dance in a month -- nice Valentine theme.

Friday 1990 - [NYC] At the toy show, lunch with Bruce.

Saturday 1991 - [NYC] Went to Barneys, WOW the prices.  Had lunch at China Square Restaurant, good.  Visited Holography Museum [which closed in 1992, so good choice visiting in '91] and then saw movie "Iron and Silk" in Chinese.

Tuesday 1993 - [to Guatemala]  See notes [referring to travel journal I assume]

Thursday 1995 - [NYC]  Jean met Louise Robinson at the Hilton.  She had come up for the day from Washington DC and they went to the Metropolitan Art Museum.  I met Duke for lunch, ate at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on 6th & 22nd.  They are getting ready to open one on Union Square.

Friday 1996 - Russ Powell passed away at 84.  He retired 23 years ago. 

Sunday 1997 - [South Africa]

Monday 1998 - Shawnee UMC is at Exit 120 on I-75 [Lima, church of Rev. Bishman, mentioned yesterday].  Message tonight on "what we have", not on "what we don't have" about the disciples worrying about only having a loaf of bread.  Jean met friend at Chinese Restaurant in Hillsboro for lunch.  Her "H" [?] is cutting circles out of plywood "when you get around to it."

Tuesday 1999 - Plenty of work at office.  Jean had UMW at Joann Gruber's.  Serena goes to Newark.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb. 15, 1989-99 Inspired by Rev. Bishman

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Weekly church meeting on the Key Event we are having in March.

Thursday 1990 - [to NYC] We leave for NYC from Cincy via Delta.  Took cab ($18 + 2.50 toll) to Penington Friends House at 215 E. 15th St. It is a large room with 1/2 bath.  We went with the group to the play To Kill A Mockingbird, between 6th and 7th on 23rd.  The fellow at our house was the lawyer in the play.

Friday 1991 - [NYC] Bruce came for breakfast, then I went to toy show.

Monday 1993 - Movie passes in NYC are $7.50.  Met John and Julie for lunch in Hillsboro at Magees.

Tuesday 1994 - Went to Wilmington.  Jean is bordering on being diabetic, going on 1800 calorie diet.

Wednesday 1995 - [to NYC]  Flying to NYC, will use up our 8 Delta tickets since October.  This is 1st day above 32 degrees in 12 days we have been home [since returning from Colorado ElderHostel.]  Rode Q33 bus from LaGuardia airport to end of line where we got F train to 14th Street and an easy transfer there.  Walked over to the building [toy show?] and got book ($10).  Jean went dow to the World Trade Center, but even the twofers [to see show] were $30+.

Saturday 1997 - [South Africa]

Sunday 1998 - Great church speaker from Lima, Rev. Joseph Bishman speaking on "Where is your Treasury?" Full of life.  Went to CMH for hospital meeting.  Dr. Alexander spoke on the eyes.  Honda turns 46,000 miles and yellow light came on.  Had potluck before evening service on Zacchaeus.  "Come down" and reach out to the more churchful. 

Monday 1999 - [Georgia to Ohio]  Had lunch at Regas Restaurant in Knoxville.  Got gas for 67.9c in Georgia.  Got to Cincinnati about 5pm.  Went to Joseph Beth bookstore at exit 6 then had supper in Mariemont.  Tonight was Lincoln Day Dinner, Senator DeWine spoke.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb. 14, 1989-99 Sankers have fancy dinner party

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Jean got me a small heart box of candy, took it to Wells.  Jean had UMW at the parsonage.  I can struggle through playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano.

Wednesday 1990 - Jean had Dr. appt at 8:15, then on to Dayton to get wheel chair lift in new van.  Hard rain.  Dropped the van off at the Body Shop then had lunch at Ponderosa.

Thursday 1991 - [to NYC]  Took Hortons to airport, they got on standby on next flight to WPB and we flew to NYC, staying at Penington Friends House @$90/night

Sunday 1993 - [NYC back to Ohio] Went to John St. UMC, oldest congregation in U.S., then to South Street Seaport where Jean got some marked down Christmas earrings.  Left on Delta from LaGuardia.

Monday 1994 - The Walkers went with us to Wilmington, Mystery Night, $25 each, which Judy Gano spearheaded.  They had a buffet dinner at the municipal [?] building, then part of a trial in the C.P. Court Room, then about 20 stores where clues were buried.  Finished with dessert back at the M building.  Nice day for a change. 

Tuesday 1995 - We went for our physicals.  My weight is 152 pounds, down 7# in 10 years.  Went to CMH for x-rays, net cost was $24 for each of us.  Had lunch at Ponderosa.  Jean took Joanne Gruber to Emmaus meeting. 

Wednesday 1996 - Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena.  Ohio Treasurer Ken Blackwell spoke, mostly on the flat tax idea.  NV had a table, $15 each.  In Newark its's $30 each. 

Friday 1997 - [South Africa]

Saturday 1998 - Sankers had us and five other couples down for an evening (travel things like picture of Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. all around).  After dinner a quartet called the Dixie Kings showed up.  One couple from Vandalia 45377 have had a house at Chautauqua for 23 years.  Others included the Bradshaws, a German couple, and the Fryes who had taken the Palace on Wheels in India.  Looks like Meyers [?] is about to open.  Gas = 91.9c/gallon.

Sunday 1999 - [Georgia]  Visited Carter Center in Atlanta.  Had supper at Cafe Tu Tu Tango [now closed].

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb. 13, 1989-99 Liver and Onions

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Let Jean out at Dayton Library meeting, a wet day, then met her in Wilmington for supper at Frisch's.  Senior citizen liver and onions is $3.25. 

Tuesday 1990 - Took Orville Harner to Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena, 2 for $25.  Bob Taft spoke.  Sat with Hagemeyers and the Hubert Peeles [?]. 

Saturday 1993 - [NYC]  Went to Javits Center then to _______ for lunch, $28 each, very nice, pretty pictures of the Basque countryside.  Too much dessert so they wrapped it up like a basket (chocolate cake mousse) and it did taste much better that night.  Went to Strand bookstore and then had supper in the room.

Sunday 1994 - [home from Newark]

Tuesday 1996 - Dow Jones hits 5600.  Virginia Hildebrant in extensive care. 

Thursday 1997 - [South Africa]

Friday 1998 - Dow Jones hits 8300

Saturday 1999 - [Florida to Georgia]  Had lunch at Atlantis Country Club with Roberta and Sid.  Left at 1:30 and had supper at Lake City at a Mexican Restaurant, quite a crowd there.  Drove on to Valdosta, stayed at Hampton Inn near a mall with a cafeteria.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 12, 1989-99 Lunch at the Breakers

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - [Peoria IL to Dayton] Went to Arcadia Avenue Presbyterian Church, then had lunch at the Raintree (Regency Hotel) [neither Raintree or Regency currently listed in Peoria], they were not busy.  Drove out to Serena's library.  Left for home, supper on 16th St in Indianapolis, stayed at Knights Inn on York Rd (Dayton North) for $26.  NVUMC attendance = 82.

Monday 1990 - Jean takes van to Dayton to get wheel chair lift put in and go to library meeting.  Roberta called, GHU in great pain, got new medicine @$117 which she thought was terrible [both the medicine and the price probably]. 

Tuesday 1991 - Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena, $15 each or 2 for $25.  Bob McEwen spoke.  HQT, AW Hause, Ed Johnson, Stan Hannah and I went.

Friday 1993 - [NYC]  Busy day at the Toy Building.  Bruce came over for breakfast and saw most of the salesmen.  We went to the theater just off 3rd Ave on 13th to see Scapin by Moliere.  Quite enjoyable, about a belligerant father and his son getting married, a lot of audience participation. 

Saturday 1994 - [Newark] Had brunch in Granville with John and Julie and Julie's parents.  Then we stopped at the so-called Bargain Barn of Huntington Clothes, did buy a necktie for $5.  Newark was a sea of ice, much wose than NV and Shaw Drive was really bad.  John took our car in and out of the driveway.  First time in two years than Denison canceled classes.

Sunday 1995 - Met the Goodings in Waynesville for lunch.  $6.95.  Bob has been busy helping Jim on his "new" house.  We then went to Xenia Library.  Returned John's call, he is going to Mexico City with their minister on Thursday and returning Saturday in regard to Mission.  More zero weather though great sunshine.

Wednesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Thursday 1998 - Taking pictures at church for the new directory. 

Friday 1999 - [Florida]  Eight of us had lunch at the Breakers -- an experience.  Tip was 19% and entrees @24.95.  An interesting dessert was the 1/2 coconut filled with ice cream, etc.  Then they took the coconut back and sliced it for us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feb. 11, 1989-99 Kate tears the wallpaper

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 -[Peoria IL]  We changed rooms at motel so we could have a tub.  The three of us went out to supper at cafeteria.  Serena had jello and bread.

Sunday 1990 - Had 91 at church today.  Sermon on honesty.  Went to Wilmington to see movie "Driving Miss Daisy" $2.75 before 6pm.  Had soup at Carolyn's yogurt place for 89c.  Mary Virginia came in to go to mission meeting tomorrow. 

Thursday 1993 - [to NYC] Flew to NYC, staying at Penington Friends House @$90/night with breakfast and supper. 

Friday 1994 - [to Newark] Met John and Julie at Granville Inn for a nice "banquet", about 60 from their church, Spring Hill Baptist.  Had "people bingo" to get acquainted, e.g. who had ridden a bike across the U.S.  Kate is really crawling and likes to tear the wallpaper at the corner of the living room and hallway.  They have put down new wood flooring in their kitchen, dining room and 1/2 bath.

Saturday 1995 - After returning lampshades to Walmart, we went on up to Fairfield Mall near Wright State, new things going up all round there.  Ate at Red Lobster.  Came down I-675 to Pharmore and got some 1/2 price birthday cards.  Nice book store near Pharmore.   Got gas for 98.9c.  Jean got book Border Music by Robert Waller. 

Sunday 1996 - Flew home from Bermuda.  Car turned 20,000.

Tuesday 1997 - [South Africa]

Wednesday 1998 - Delayed Lions Club tonight.  Doris Caldwell spoke of the Women's Center.  Still recall her husband Floyd telling of his experience at the Columbus airport in meeting exchange student.  Two appointments today:  Morton and Linkhart.

Thursday 1999 - [Florida]  Joe had opening of art show (27 paintings) on Lucerne Ave.  Lots of people but no buyers.  Spoke with Lorraine Marco B.....[?] she is diabetic, travels with a non-handy [?] male friend.  Visited Whitehall Museum in Palm Beach.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 10, 1989-99 Grandma's House sold

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - [Peoria IL]  Lions Club Pancake Supper at ECHS @$2.50/each.  Serena didn't feel like doing much, very little appetite.  We ate at Ponderosa.

Saturday 1990 - Lions Club Pork Chop Dinner, $4 and $2.50.  I was in charge of publicity and ticket committee.  Mary, Bill and I went to see GHU.  While we were there Vivian (79) and Mugs (85) came to visit also.  We ate at the Hickory House [near Hillsboro?  only ones I found were near Columbus], liver and onions $5.15.

Monday 1992 - Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner @$15.  We took the Jacque Laymons and HQ Thornburg, about 400 present.  Mike DeWine spoke, they are expecting their 8th child, oldest is 23.

Wednesday 1993 - Kroger had strawberries @99c/pint.  Bible study wind up on Book of Acts.  Another McKay Hearing. 

Thursday 1994 - Dinner and dance for square dance group, catered by McCoys, $10/each.  Still very icy out.

Friday 1995 - Article in NYT about Berkshire Hathaway, whose stock is now selling for $24,500 a share (30 years ago it was selling at less than $20/share.  Closing comment was that Buffett's book @$24.95 was a better buy than the stock.

Saturday 1996 - [Bermuda] Walked the old RR right-of-way in St. George area.  In PM went to Perfumery, nothing too exciting.  Then to ______ where we saw a lot of interesting animals and a BIG eel.

Monday 1997 - [South Africa]

Tuesday 1998 - Wayne Hagemeyer turns 77.  Finally had closing on GHU house @$70,500.

Wednesday 1999 -[Florida] Went to Lake Worth beach and had breakfast at John G's, no line at 7am.  [Roberta reported on 1/28/10 that "John G." had recently passed away.]  Out to Rob and Cindy's future home site and BIG house, near west end of Hypoluxo Rd.  Had nice visit with the Barbers who now live at 1025 North. B St.  Surprised to see North grade school leveled.  Lunch at Toojay's in Lake Worth, 419 Lake Ave.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feb. 9, 1989-99 New K-Mart

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - [Peoria IL]  Took Serena to the hospital (Methodist) for ourpatient procedure at 11am.  Had lunch in the hospital cafeteria.  We all left hospital at 5pm.  Serena had temperature of 103, we bought a new thermometer.  Stayed at Towne House Motel $27/night. 

Saturday 1991 - Vivian Hiestand called us about her two extra tickets for "harp" program.  Very good.  Also Lions Club Pork BBQ @ $4 and $2.50.  Saturday profile on John Waters (new County Commissioner). Why are a coach and a politican alike?  Because they are smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it is important. 

Sunday 1992 - Wilmington M.C. meeting at West Chester, the Salisburys took us.  NV had 9 people there.  Went to Carol S. Webster's house in Sharonville.  Bob Salisbury had just gotten back from Japan.  It was 10pm when we finally got home.

Tuesday 1993 - GHU in great spirits today

Thursday 1995 - Had letter from Eloise Satterfield about wanting to move back to Hillsboro.  New K-Mart opened in Hillsboro.  We took Joan Gruber to square dancing and Valentine Dinner Dance.  Dan Quayle announced his withdrawal from the 1996 presidential race

Sunday 1997 - Overnight flight to Cape Town South Africa

Monday 1998 - Lincoln Day Dinner at Roberts Arena @$15, lots of steak, green beans, baked potato, cherry pie and salad.  State Representative Ed Kasputis spoke, told story about having facts straight, but drawing wrong conclusion.  He was born in 1961, a Case Western Reserve University law graduate. 

Tuesday 1999 - [Florida] Had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Daytona Beach, near race track where car races would soon be held, arrived in Lantana and had supper at Marianne's in Boynton.  Same guest room [at MUH's] as previously.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb. 8, 1989-99 Peoria, Amelia Island

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - [to Peoria IL] Jean had Womens Club lunch at Ponderosa, supper at MCA [?] in Indianapolis on 38th Ave.  Jack Perry special (small piece of meat, 2 vegetables and roll for $2.75).  Staying in Days Inn in East Peoria. 

Thursday 1990 -Went to Wilmington, got 3 estimates to repair van.  $700+.  Went square dancing, first time in a couple months.

Friday 1991 - 2nd annual Estate Planning at the Ohio Center Holiday Inn.  Saw Stu CFO [?] from Park National Bank and Tom from the Lancaster office.  Had supper at Cracker Barrel on way home.

Saturday 1992 - Lions Club Pancake Supper $3.50.  Don Liggitt called about this fall Asian trip.

Tuesday 1994 - Ice storm.  Special election for childrens services.  Cooper Snyder to be speaker at both the Highland and Clinton County Lincoln Day dinners.  UMW canceled because of the weather.  Jean went with Valeta [?] to Wilmington to work on the scroll. 

Thursday 1996 - We ate with the Spencers (from Birmingham AL) at Tillingham [?] Dept. Store in Hamilton.

Saturday 1997 - Had nice email from Wendy, she's taking 13 hours in college and hopes to graduate in 2002. 

Sunday 1998 - Sermon topic, teflon or velcro.  Boy Scout Sunday, 119 present.  We went to Frisch's about 2:30 [or $2.30?].  Serena called and told us of reservation at Grove Park Inn [in Asheville NC]  for $89.  Talked to Paul and Virginia Rulon [sp?], his face seemed puffy.  Went to College Library, not much activity.

Monday 1999 - [Perry GA to Amelia Island FL]  Drove out to Carvella [?] Hdqs -- this was their big week [Chocolate?  Chinese New Year? Grand Opening? -- not big enough clue for me to guess]  Then to Andersonville where the Civil War POW camp was.  Had lunch in Plains GA.  Parked where Jimmy Carter would have SS.  Had reservation at Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island.  Had asked for cheapest room, $139, but got beautiful south facing ocean, plenty of room.  Their rates go up 3/1.  Had supper downtown at Beech Street Grill.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feb. 7, 1989-99 New Van

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Got new heel and toe plates on my square dance boots $9.50.  MUH had biopsy.  Jean goes to  Mothers Club at Leona [?] Wolfe's.  Special election for Laurel Oaks.  Headlines about Buzz Lukens "problems".

Wednesday 1990 - Got new blue Ford van at Bill Marine's.  $17,500 including tax, he had started at $21,000, list price of $24,000.  Jean went to visit the Sankers.  Lions Club program by ______ Davis (Joe's son) on his far east tour.  Jean backed into tree with van at Sankers.

Thursday 1991 - Met John at Hilton East Hotel in Columbus where we stayed overnight, $41/night + 15% tax.  We ate at the hotel, think 4 others were there. 

Friday 1992 -Went to Concourse Hotel near airport  for 7 hour legal meeting.  John was also there.  Jean met Ruth May and they had lunch at Stratford Inn in Lithopolis -- a B&B [now listed as a Tea Room and Bistro].  Ruth left her binoculars in the car so returned them and then had soup and sandwich at Yummers [Yunan?] in WCH.

Sunday 1993 - Went with the Salisburys, Carolyn Thornburg, and Keith Rankin to West Chester.  Ate with the Baileys at Bill Knapp's [appears ALL Bill Knapp's were out of business by 2002] at King's Island.  Got book "Love is a Choice".

Monday 1994 - Administrative Board Meeting.  Jim Pinkerton is the new chairman and Jeanette Laymon is m...[?] su...[?].  Got literature from Sr Ventures, a nice spiral bound schedule of the Havana trip. 

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Wilmington and had "supper" at Taco Bell, cost $3.24.  Anna Louise brought over our lunch from the Chinese Restaurant $2.50.  Bought four lamp shades at Walmart.

Saturday 1998 - Went square dancing at Hillsboro.  Had to reload the internet program.  Got new muffler and tailpipe on '90 Honda.

Sunday 1999 - [Leaving Somerset KY, to Perry GA] Left after church, lunch at Dinner Bell in Sweetwater TN (south of Knoxville).  Plenty of food and fat people.  Stayed at New Perry Inn, Perry GA, same management for 50 years.  Had supper there.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Feb. 6, 1989-99 Christian gets first haircut

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Jean went to Columbus to the Book Circle Store.  Six month car insurance was $492, unleaded gas 85.9 cents/gallon. 

Tuesday 1990 - Jean has program at Mothers Club, book review on Barbara Bush.

Wednesday 1991 - Gary Kersey had program at Lions Club on the paper in the print on the Emancipation Proclamation.  Jean and Mary [MUH] went to Hillsboro to see Mother, she had been up in the wheel chair, they met Vivian.  Bill's brother Cris passed away.

Thursday 1992 - Keith Rankin here "re-gluing" the ceramic tile in the guest bathroom.

Saturday 1993 - [Lexington]  We went to the Target store (used to be Gold Circle), then to Darryl's for lunch.  Went to Bookstore, got Mobil Tour '93 Big City Book $15, plus Spanish book and book on Guatemala.  Then to Sam's Club, lots of people handing out food samples.  Back to Cincy, stop at Mexico Mall to get chair, then to see Ed Fite at Bethesda North.  He came home sick from AZ.

Sunday 1994 - Boy Scout Sunday at church.  We met Serena at Books and Co. in Dayton (big bookstore), Arthur Frommer spoke, he started in 1957 on those $5/day books, now I think it is $60/day.  Had supper at Mark Pi's.  Jean bought shoes at Roderer's.

Monday 1995 - Mothers Club canceled because of the snow.

Thursday 1997 - [to England]  Left for London on Delta non-stop from CVG, at the Penn Club.  Delta uses North Terminal at Gatwick.

Friday 1998 - C[ontinuing] Legal Ed at Wilmington 9-3, then appointment with Dr. Lawley, had a cystoscopy exam where they put tube up penis to look at bladder -- very quick, said I was fine, just an enlarged prostate.  Jean had mammogram at CMH.  Ate at Bob Evans.  Saw Donna Cornelius there with Don ______.  Winter Olympics starting in Nagano, Japan. 

Saturday 1999 - [Somerset] Breakfast at Days Inn is kind of a joke, just 2 chairs there.  Drove over to Liberty KY and ate at this restaurant run by a childrens group.  Christian got his first hair cut.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Feb. 5, 1989-99 Trips to KY

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Church collection $1300+.  Honda turned 5,000 miles.

Monday 1990 - Put signs on Pontiac "For Sale" -- within 30 minutes had buyer, Rose Roades [?], asked and got $800.  Bill Donnelson [?] (car dealer) had offered $500.  MV called us this AM, change in wedding date to 5/12/90.  Wrote Homer and Rona [?] Thompson a note about visiting them.  They have a conflict as going to see her sister in the hospital.

Friday 1993 - [to Lexington] We left after the monthly Bar Luncheon, a stop in Lebanon at Star Printing to get corrected printing for UMC, then to Hilton Suites in Lexington.  $70 for the 5 of us.  We met MV, Don and Ginny for supper then went to their Emmaus meeting.

Sunday 1995 - Surprised to get a "beat up in the mail" resolution from Mary Kay McMillin [?] about my being Secretary-Treasurer of the Clinton County Republican party for 20 years.  It was dated 6/5/86.  She found it in going through T...'s [?] things, said they were pack rats.

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Club Meeting.  Bob McCoy had the program, 1948 pictures of a farming operation and people leaving a service at Fairview Church.  We went to Dayton to file papers in the Helen Wilson estate.  Had lunch at Pheasant Stork [? no such restaurant currently listed], an $8.95 and $7.95 special.  Went to Books & Co., got [computer?] book on 3.1

Friday 1999 - [to Somerset]  Serena came and we left for Somerset.  Took Don's class ring back.  Ate at Mexican Restaurant.  Had reservations at Days Inn at Hwy 27 & 80, could hear trains at night.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feb. 4, 1989-99 GHU to Heartland

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 - Went to Hillsboro with Rev. Ed Johnson to church meeting on Unquenchable Fire

Sunday 1990 - Took Salisburys and Carolyn Thornburg to UMC meeting at Williamsburg.  Good program on conflicts.  Had supper at Lake Manor Restaurant, south of Mt. Orab on 68.  The bakery had 1# loaf of apple walnut bread for $1.89.  Fannie Moore is 93 [probably she is 94, as on 2/3/91 is the celebration of her #95 birthday.  Think she was trying to seem younger?]

Monday 1991 - Got a call at 11AM that Mother had been discharged from CMH and they had a room (#204) at Heartland in Hillsboro.  What a hassle in getting her "out and in".  Regular rates are $77 and for skilled care $105/day.

Thursday 1993 - The Nathan Hales invited us over for supper (lamb), Betty and Jack Liggett were there, on their way back from Illinois [?] to NJ.

Friday 1994 - Went to the Bar Meeting in Wilmington.  Jean looked at new floor covering for our kitchen, plus appliances for the kitchen.   Also looked at the Ford Taurus.  Had supper at Ponderosa.  Interesting TV show on Alaska.  Kathy Mahanes is having a going out of business sale in Wilmington.

Saturday 1995 - [Denver] Spent the AM at the big Tattered Cover Book Store then had a nice lunch at Sorenson's at 315 Detroit St. [no restaurant currently listed at that address, or by that name], before leaving for the airport which is to be replaced on 2/28/95 by the new DIA, which has had several postponed openings.  [From Wikipedia: DIA finally replaced Stapleton on February 28, 1995, 16 months behind schedule and at a cost of $4.8 billion, nearly $2 billion over budget.]

Sunday 1996 - Ray King was telling me the financial problems of the church.  We leave for Columbus to meet John, Julie, and Kate at Cookers I-270 and Main St. near the big Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Wednesday 1998 - Achor appraisal.  Woke up this AM with snow on the ground.  Lions Club meeting canceled.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Front porch

Front porch before the full railing across had been installed.
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Feb. 3, 1987-99 Campus Crusade & Libraries

Notes from Dad's Diary 1987-1999
Tuesday 1987 - [going home from Phoenix] Left Phoenix, flight 8:55AM-2PM

Saturday 1990 - John called, thinking of leaving the Bank and joining Campus Crusade

Sunday 1991 - Had SS lesson, MT26.  Open House for Fannie Moore's 95th birthday.  Mother seemed better tonight.  Daniel 5-6 at Bible Study.

Monday 1992 - [Home from Newark]  Left Newark, spent an hour at Lithopolis Library where they are building a large addition.  Lunch at Terrace Lounge in WCH [no info on internet, gone?], soup and salad bar $3.50.

Wednesday 1993 - Lions Club, gal from Southern State spoke re displace homemakers.  Betty Terrell called re gal that worked for her and stole things.  She's hard to get off the line.

Friday 1995 - [Leaving CO Elderhostel] Left the Y and drove around Breckenridge, what a small public library.  Lunch in Frisco at Claim Jumper [not part of the chain].  Toured the Coors Brewey in Golden.  They passed out different labels of their brand to separate the tour groups.  A big place.  Room 716P at Loew's Georgian Hotel [now Loew's Denver Hotel], a 4-star hotel @$89.  Very nice, covers on toilet paper rolls, goodnight chocolate kiss on our bed, terry cloth robes.  Ate in their restaurant "Tuscany" 3-stars, $41.  Servings were more than we could eat.

Saturday 1996 - Wilmington City budget in the newspaper

Tuesday 1998 - George & Imogene Shaffer in Phoenix, saw Roberta and Catherine.

Wednesday 1999 - Great night at Lions Club, had 15 guests.  I took Duane Terwilliger [?], he is Asst. Manager at a heavy equipment place in Mason OH, has the big brick house on the corner.  Talked to Charlie Ely [?] who starts work at 2:30AM.  Got international driver's license, $17 in Hillsboro.  On our recent visit to Columbus PL they were advertising how they were #3 in US as far as Public Libraries.  #1 was Naperville IL PL and #2 Johnson County Library in Shawnee, KS.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb. 2, 1989-99 1030 Shaw Dr, NV School History

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Wilmington Walmart opened today.  Jean leaves with Jean Liggett for library meeting in Columbus.  Had flat tire on van en route to Wilmington, it's a job on the van.  Minor ice storm but it's really been a nice January.  Vera McFadden passed away, she worked for me before G.G.

Friday 1990 - Went to dentist, nothing except cleaning $46.  We looked at big vans.  Had supper at Frisch's.

Saturday 1991 - Sadie had the day with Mother at CMH so we went to feed her.  She now has the 3rd roommate.  Supper at Arby's, 99 cent roast beef sandwich.  Up in the 50s, washed the car.  Cris with his parents left for Steubenville.  Bill's brother Cris is critical.  They will return tomorrow.

Sunday 1992 - [to Newark] Drove up to see John and Julie and the house at 1030 Shaw Dr that they have contracted to buy.  Julie fixed chicken with poppy seeds, broccoli, salad, rolls with sherbet and cookies.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean had Mothers Club here and Esther S. had the program on health.   Note from John regarding B&B in St. Clairsville, "My Father's House". 

Wednesday 1994 - Bob Johnson spoke at Lions Club on the NV School.  First school in 1812, nine one-room schools in Green Township.  In 1838, 68 pupils in township, spent $15 each on education.  The school lot was sold to the Catholic Church in 1860-65, and a new building was built in 1878 in the present location, replaced in 1917 with new building at a cost of $70M ($70,000].  G.G. and Kelly were the sole chefs.

Thursday 1995 - [Colorado ElderHostel]

Friday 1996 - Legal work in Wilmington in PM, we ate at Bob Evans.  Ike and Dorothy (his friend) were there and Dale Cahill [?], also Dorothy Moore and her Mother. 

Sunday 1997 - Goodings came down, we ate at Highland South Restaurant in Winchester, recently reopened.  Drove through Mowrystown, then to Maple Syrup place near 136 and 62.  He had all these lines running directly from the trees into the building.  Takes 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. 

Monday 1998 - Went to Dayton to start Wilson estate, then Morton estate in Wilmington.  Jean had Mothers Club meeting at Betty Thompson's.  Letter from Moana Loa Hotel hoping we had a great visit and sent rates for return visitors.  Krogers has strawberries at 89 cents/quart.  [or 1.89?]

Tuesday 1999 - Went over to parsonage and helped Mary Bahr and Sharon Henderson Rider help fold the church newsletter.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Feb. 1, 1957,1989-99 Dear Dies, Wendy gets driver's license

Notes from Dad's Diary 1957, 1989-1999

Thursday 1957 - Jean's Mother [Lucie Sarah Brown Ballantyne, known to her grandchildren as "Dear," born May 23, 1880, died February 1, 1957 at the age of 76] passed away.

Wednesday 1989 - Jean went for eye exam.  Bob and Carls having special on bananas for 19 cents/pound.  Linda Compton spoke at Lions Club.  January water bill was $16.80 (525 cubic feet), trash $3.30.  Meeting at church re Key Event.

Saturday 1992 -  MUH called worried about clothes for the trip.

Monday 1993 - Long meeting at the UMC Board Meeting about buying a copier.

Tuesday 1994 - Talked with the Crowsons, think Don's blackout was from high blood pressure.  Wendy called us that she has her driver's license.  Jean had Randy Riley from CMH as speaker at Mothers Club.  Had our bathroom faucets repaired.

Thursday 1996 - Article in NYT about the mod Wegman's supermarket in DeWitt NY (near Syracuse).

Saturday 1997 - Got haircut at Gary's $7.  Letter from the Greenbrier Hotel, annual meeting 4/16-4/20, per person double rate is $1130.  In 1994 the rate per person double was $680.  Two motels in Wilmington nearing completion.  WNJ article says the Wilmington bypass was #15 on the state's projects list.  Saw ad in WSJ, Southwest Airlines $99 one way to Phoenix.  Went to Lynchburg to see the new library, very nice.  Went square dancing in Hillsboro, Topper McGuthy [?] was the caller, he keeps you moving.

Items from Uible photo album