Monday, May 30, 2016

1986 MV's College Graduation -May

1986 MV's Wilmington College Graduation -May

1986 MV & Jean – MV's Wilmington College Graduation Dinner

Saturday, May 28, 2016

1986 Jean & Harold at NVHS Alumni Dinner -May

1986 Jean & Harold at NVHS Alumni Dinner - May (Bill Horton in background)
Jean was probably not thrilled by this picture as written on the back are the following words:  N.V. Alumni 1986 by Don Trop.  Jean wore the same dress in 1987 – when we got the picture.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

1986 Catherine's letter -May 22

May 22, 1986
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  What's new?  Did New Vienna have it's usual Memorial Day parade? Or do they still do that?  We are having company from Madras for the weekend.  They are bringing our lawn mower which our previous tenant had used but the present tenant has his own.  Then we will be able to mow the trim that we are unable to do with the riding lawn mower.  Gerry mowed all the barnyard area last weekend -- it really looks nice.

Wendy has made her list of things she wants to take to Arizona and is really getting anxious.  She went to her friend Pam's house yesterday in honor of Pam's 9th birthday.  Hard to believe she and her friends are getting so "old."

The library has finally hired two new part time people to replace the two who are splitting Jack's job.  Jack has applied for a job at the university teaching "newswriting" (must be an all media approach).  He is a former editor of the Lewiston paper so that might be more in his line than library work.

I started signing kids up last week for summer reading and have 90 signed up so far!  The program doesn't start until the last day of school – June 5 in Moscow.  Wonder if we'll beat last year's record sign up of 910?

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

P.S. Please pass enclosed note from Wendy on to (her) great-grandma!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1976 Roberta to John -May 26

Dear John,

So my little brother is graduating this Sunday morning from P.E.A. – hours before EC's graduation!

I asked Donna about getting off and she said that there was too much work to be done for me to take off – no seriously she said if it was closer she would like to go to!

Actually I've started moon-lighting.  Times are hard – overtime will be over after this week.  So I went on the search of a part time job – will be working for "the Doctor" Monday & Thursday nights, plus Saturday mornings.  He's a riot to work for, has a whistle that belongs out on a baseball field and blows it everytime he wants me.

I'm sorry to miss your graduation but Grandma & I will be thinking about you Sunday morning, then after Church we will eat out to help celebrate the occasion.

Also I felt it a good idea to stay home so Grandma won't be by Herself.  This way too you all won't have to rush back.

We'll be heading East in just over 3 weeks.  I hope you are happy about having Vince up there.  It will be nice to have a friend there, especially in the dining room (Kitchen – food!)

I'll see you when you return home – by then a full fledged Exeter graduate.  I hope they pronounce your name right –

My congratulations –

Using this paper to remind you of your high school days.


P.S. Dad says Saturday not Friday
 [Jean writes] R's quote not Dad's [about the following sentence]: Enjoy your last days at the Rich School.

[following paragraph written by Jean]
Looking forward to seeing you Friday evening or at the latest Saturday AM.  Sorry that this isn't fancier since this is the last letter to you at Exeter but happy you had the opportunity of going there to school – not just for the educational advantages but am sure the friends you have met and ideas you have received will be with you for a lifetime.

Love from all of us –
Dad & Mother

Sunday, May 22, 2016

1956 College St. House Timeline - May


5/7 Church board voted on parsonage 8-3 (R.C., G.H., J.E.) [assume these are initials of those voting against]

Work stopped on parsonage til voted upon by the congregation (Rev. Schamaun found fine print in Discipline).

May 10
Footers were poured

May 11
First blocks laid.  Did four corners & four high on short ends of basement (Bill Achor, Bill Stricker & Floyd Crabtree)

May 21
Brick (1st load) arrived for parsonage.  Man came from Morrow to look over ground for septic tanks.

May 22
Congregational meeting + quarterly conference.  The latter voted 6-4 in favor of parsonage.  Congregation 20-18 against so fell through.

Friday, May 20, 2016

1986 Family Letter -May 20

Tuesday, May 20, 1986

Dear Family:

The Hortons arrived in New Vienna this evening, spending one night en route in Georgia.  Aunt Mary is to be the spokesman for her class of 1931 at the NVHS Alumni this Saturday evening.  They plan to be here two weeks.

Last Wednesday afternoon we left for Cincinnati . . . had a dinner invitation with a lady who use to live in Wilmington and now lives in a fancy retirement home in Cincinnati, with a dignified title "New England Club."  The next night we ate with the Sankers at a new restaurant and came home Friday evening.

We had meetings all day Thursday (including a tour of the IRS headquarters) and Friday on various legal matters.  We have reservations to go to NY for the ABA . . . some of you will recall our staying at the Waldorf Astoria at the last ABA meeting in NYC.

Two weeks ago Sunday the Goodings invited us up for dinner and a hike.  Lisa continues to have serious health problems.  Oh yes, while in Cincinnati we looked up Jim Gooding who is restoring an old house in an old neighborhood . . . he has lots to be proud of.

Last Sunday evening was Recognition Night at Wilmington College – both MV and MY were recipients of awards . . . and special recognition.  MV is all enthused about her upcoming trip and the support for the cause . . . which includes a $1,000 from the Port William Church.  (Wish New Vienna would give but it is most doubtful for they are not mission-minded enough).  Prof. Haskins really praised MV for her musical ability – being able to sing tenor, alto and soprano as well and all very well.  She had him put in jail last week (benefit of the American Cancer Society) and raised $300 I think to have him bailed out – charges were crazy conducting.  He also referred to this and said that was the only way such a group could be conducted.  To our surprise he announced that she would be conducting an orchestral group to music that she had composed at a Sunday evening concert June 8 – wish you could all be here for that.  She was also recognized for being chosen for Who's Who Among College & University Students.  Mie Young was the recipient of several awards including the Leadership Award as was Bill Kincaid – both announced for the first time that night.  Four other East Clinton students were recognized so our school was well represented.

[Love, etc.]

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1976 GHU letter to John -May

[May 1976]
Thurs. evening
Dear John,

Wile I am watching TV program which is a repeat there will be time I can keep my mind on writing – perhaps.  It is the Walton picture where there is a lady air pilot & John Boy thinks she is the "one."

This writing paper has a good "Heading" for my Lilies of the Valley are in bloom.  As your Dad came across the yard Mon. he stopped long enough to pick a nice bunch.

I am glad that I came home early this year for the trees, flowers, asparagus & rhubarb are all ahead of themselves coming forth so early.  Even the spirea is in full bloom & in a couple of weeks will be ready to trim back again.  I notice there seems to be a lot of little tiny cherries trying to grow, but wonder if they will hang on to ripen after all the cold weather they may begin to drop.  May be a pie, later on for the lady – Mrs. Rankin, who is working for me this year says she likes to make pies.  Perhaps you know the Rankin boys.  I believe Randy graduates this year.  Robbie has been doing some yard work for me after school now & then.  He is so involved in track practice that his time is short for working.

I had several sugar trees cut back last Sat. & they had a mill or ? that ground up the limbs into saw-dust & blew it into a truck.  I need several fruit trees cut back but this is not the right time of year.  Next thing I am having done is a ramp built starting at the far end of the porch & going to the narrow walks by the bedroom on the south side. Mr. White is to start Mon. to build it.

I don't like the change of time.  Too dark in the morning & I forget about supper time since it is so light.

I will be thinking about your graduation but the distance is simply too far for me.  It takes too many things for me to travel unless I am staying for awhile & have some room for every thing.  When you reach New Vienna I will have a gift for you.  I am sure you have enough things to bring back as it is.  So have a Happy time.  Aunt Mary wrote that she & Uncle Bill enjoyed the golf tournament in Augusta GA & their visit in Lancaster Pa.  Uncle bill seems to be quite taken with golf but it seems to me a lot of walking for what ?  I like to see something accomplished.  Every one to their own I guess.

Wishing you a good month during May.

Love, Grandma

P.S. Maybe I can get up to Dennison [sic] to see you when the time comes.

Monday, May 16, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -May 19

May 19, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta, and Mary,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delayed in getting this letter off to you.  Things have been pretty hectic here.  The new librarian has started so things are pretty confused at work.  Also Gerry and I are trying to get our stuff together and decide what to take, what to toss, and what to store.  We got a new car – new to us anyway, to get us to California.  It's a bronze 1970 plymouth duster.  We also bought a tent, a cooler, and our wedding rings.  At the moment we are planning our marriage for June 11th, which is also our last day of work.  Then we plan to leave Sanford on the 12th and arrive in New Vienna during the latter part of the 13th. I'm not sure how long we will be staying as we want to get to Denver either Friday of that week or Monday of the next.  I can't say as I am enthused about a reception.

At any rate, I am looking forward to seeing you all in Sanford on Saturday.  I don't have to work so I should be at home.  Gerry and I are planning on coming to Exeter on Sunday for the graduation. Also Gerry's sister, Debbie, will be coming with us.  It doesn't really matter to us about dinner – wherever is convenient for you ––  We should make reservations on Saturday though since there will be a number of us.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -May 17


We have had a great time – but 3 days always goes to fast!  Ended up in a nice R.V. park in Apache Junction – as County park was closing (at $6.00 per night they can't afford to be open w/ air conditioners going!  We did do some hiking – but really too hot for desert hiking!

On Sunday we met George Ketchem & his girl friend for Brunch at Gold Canyon.  Remember when he came out & worked for me so I could go when you folks were here!  They enjoyed!  We went out to see Hamiltons – she is going to teach 2 classes at local community college – along w/ her job at News paper.

I'll see you all in a month!

104ยบ today!

Love, Roberta

Friday, May 06, 2016

1946 Jean's library promotion -May 14

Jean changes jobs – according to a wage report on March 1, 1946, she was working at the Glenville Branch of the Cleveland Public Library and her salary was increased from 81¢ per hour to 93¢.  If she worked 40 hours/week (which is doubtful) that would come to an annual salary of $1934.40.

According to this notice (May 1946) she has been appointed assistant in the Main Children's Room at the East Cleveland Public Library at a salary of $2000 per year beginning July 1.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

1996 Family Letter -May 12

May 12, 1996 (Mother's Day)
Dearest Morgans,

It is early Sunday morning and I wanted to write before the family got up and this seemed to be the best time.  But without my glasses to read the symbols on the computer I could do nothing.  Of course I wakened Dad when I went back to get them but think he'll go back to sleep.

We really enjoyed Wendy's papers and have shared them with all the family.  We could especially see various members in the tightwad one but did get some good laughs out of it.  No one took offense but thought them all very good.  Had to use the dictionary for one of them but that's good for us too.

I want to thank you too for the Mother's Day cards.  They were lovely and Wendy's was the first one I received.  It's always good to hear but as you know Dad says a special card is not necessary.  I got one in the mail addressed to "Grandma Bubble" but luckily it had the box number on it so the post office knew to whom it should be delivered.  Kate calls herself "Kate Bubble" or as sometimes she says "Kate Ashcraft."

It was good seeing so many of the Estes Park reunion together though we did miss the Morgans being there.  Bob, Beverly and Lisa Gooding as well as Betty and Jerry Ashcraft came and of course John, Julie and Kate Uible.  Mary and Cris got there too as they arrived from Florida just the day before.  When we got back Angela was at Grandma's house with Laura and Will.  I forgot to mention that we all met at Young's Dairy Farm and Ginny and Kate not only enjoyed the food there finishing off with ice cream but got to go out to the barn and saw the cows, pigs, sheep and also the goats.  They sold goat food (pellets) and Ginny and Kate finally got brave enough to feed them.  The goats would only eat if you held the food that was in your hand and they would lick it off.

Jim Gooding wasn't able to come as he had to go to a funeral of a young friend of his but the others all talked about the experiences of rafting, hiking, etc. at the Y in the Rockies mentioned how they were sorry that the Morgans couldn't be there with us yesterday.

We had originally planned to go to a fancier restaurant in Yellow Springs but the numbers and children coming kept increasing so though some were disappointed (adults), we know the children would have been more comfortable at Youngs.

Serena met Roberta at the airport when she came from Phoenix (which you probably had heard was to happen but John and family were there too and then they all had dinner together.  We met them the next day for brunch after attending church with J, J & K.  Then that afternoon was the big #3 birthday party for Kate with the Sr. Ashcrafts and two of Julie's sisters, her brother and all their children (and spouses minus one).

Even Joan was there with her 15 day old baby Abigail which only Joan and her husband were allowed to hold.  I didn't even see G'ma Betty holding her.

We did enjoy having Roberta here and seeing a little more of Serena, even taking her to the airport Tuesday when she took off for London and other parts.  We would like to get a card from her but that's rather doubtful.

I have been going on and on but will leave some space for Dad to add a note.  I wasn't sure the computer would work after Ginny, Wil and Laura kept fighting over whose turn it was to use it last night.  We are all to have lunch together at the Elks and then we will be on our [way] to the airport with Roberta with a possible stop at one of the two outlet malls on the way.

Wow, "Luscious" wears me out to think that she typed all this while I was resting. Anyway I better not hit the wrong keys to erase all this work she has put into this long letter.  Seriously, we do enjoy all the faithfulness that you all show in calling and writing.

[love, etc.]

Monday, May 02, 2016

1956 College St. House Timeline, April-May

April 23, 1956
Harold went up to see Raymond Deck about selling his vacant lot behind his house.  Wanted to think it over.

April 25
Dickering on a price – Raymond thought $1000 an acre (about 3 acres) but measured little over 2 acres.

April 27
Decided on price & he took off $100 in case of building parsonage.

April 28
Staked off lot – Daddy Uible & V. Huffman

May 7
Man from Hillsboro here & dug basement - Used to work with Daddy Uible  (Urick and Colliers)

May 8
Finished our basement & started on Schamauns [parsonage].

Items from Uible photo album