Sunday, June 30, 2013

1993 MUH postcard Branson MO - June 30

Aunt Mary went along with Mom & Dad and a group of New Vienna folks to visit Branson, Missouri.  Uncle Bill did not go.  This card does answer the question of Sadie's last name: De Hass.  Transcription follows.
Branson MO postcard mailed 1993.  Captioned 76 Country Boulevard, Branson Missouri.  Every evening, 76 Country Boulevard in Branson becomes a "light and sound show," with spectacular building and sign lighting providing a dazzling setting for the many music stars that perform.  Branson has more than 50,000 "music seats"; indoor theatres and outdoor amphitheaters, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, including country, comedy, bluegrass, gospel, pops, etc.  Highway 65 crossing on Lake Taneycomo, and College of the Ozarks Airport visible at top of the photo.  James Blank Photo.  1106/C91 Ozark Postcard Publishers.
1993 MUH postcard from Branson MO - June 30

Wed. 6/30 - Branson: –

Hi "You Two"! – Sadie, plan a Trip here sometime --- another 5 yrs or so, The Town Will have grown --- construction going on everywhere.  Heard Wayne Newton last nite.  Loud, but he's very talented w/a Band, an orchestra and 5 girl singers.  Took Duck Ride this A.M.  More on that.


Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Thanks, Catherine, good releases about all of the family.

Speaking of events that have a connection with a "3" was the death of Rev. Kuntzman in 1983.

Looking back on that Branson trip wonder if Uncle Bill was feeling bad (he passed away the next year) or perhaps he thought the cost was too much. We went on a second Branson trip with the travel group with Park National Bank, which was more flush than the NV Sr. Citizens, Still remember the long "rest stops," needed for 40 plus people using the bath room.

I do know that as we age we get less efficient, but I have no desire to just sit at home and watch TV. In fact we have no TV, as I would much rather read and/or do things...

SGreyes said...

Sadie DeHass was hired by the Uible family as an additional caregiver to Gladys while at Heartland of Hillsboro Nursing Home. Sadie was with Gladys there, almost every day, and there the day Gladys passed away. If memory serves me correctly, Gladys passed away at age 104 years. I believe that Harold hired Sadie to look after Gladys. Names escape me over the years...I think it was Joe Uible, ???, the artist, Arizona...he gave Sadie an ink drawing of a doorway somewhere overseas...Middle East I think. It is still in the family's possession.
Sadie is my mother.

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