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1973 Catherine's letter - July 27

Catherine and X are in the process of moving from their country apartment to a rental house in Sanford, Maine. Transcription follows.

Friday morning,July 27, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary, 

Hi!  It was a surprise to get your letter from Florida.  Hope John is all better by now.

We are in the process of moving so things are rather hectic.  We've got about half of our stuff here and half at the other place.  We have to be out of this apartment by August 1 so we still have a few days to haul the rest of our stuff into town.  Most of what we have left is furniture.  I hope that we can be more or less settled by the time you come.

Speaking of you coming, are you flying to Boston or Portland?  Please send the details so we can be there to meet you.  I am still unclear as to whether you want me to get a wheelchair for Grandma or will she be bringing hers?

There is an opening for the a librarian at the High School in Biddeford which the librarian at then high school here suggested that I apply for, however I decided i D didn't really want the job.  The hours would be far different from X's plus it would be a 15-20 mile drive from Sanford.

Friday afternoon

As I mentioned before about things being hectic here, X found out today his budget for next year is due on the 15th, he's scheduled to speak at the Kiwanis on the 8th, and he has some major policies to make before the next board meeting on the 9th.  There is the one advantage of both of us working there that I can keep the everyday things going while he works on the more major stuff.  It's getting harder to keep the everyday things running smoothly as one of the staff is out with ulcer problems (she has been out since July 1 and won't be back until September at the earliest), another of the staff, (the children's librarian) has strep throat and has been sick all week, plus the lady who is in charge of adult circulation is going on vacation.  Just hope that nobody else gets sick.

Saturday afternoon

Well, I think maybe we'll move the typewriter now so I better finish.  The chair that was here is already gone.  Write soon and give us the details of your plans.

Love, Catherine and X
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