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May 1, 1989-99

May 1, 1989-99 May Day

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - April water = 425 cubic feet, $10.62 + $3.64

Wednesday 1991 - Adrian Roberts spoke at Lions Club on the history of Green Township, how we were once part of Rock. County, Virgina [possibly Rockingham, although I can't find any confirmation of this, see Virginia Historical Counties for historical maps or Ohio Historical Counties to zone in on Clinton/Highland County.  Change the year in the upper right corner to see the changes through the years], then Hamilton County, etc.  First house was near Snow Hill (named after Snow Hill, MD) and nearest place was was about 5 miles away, on what is now Rt. 72 and Carl's West's current home.

Friday 1992 - Water = 617 cubic feet, total $43.91, trash $6.50, sewage $18.32.  Took Larry Lyons to 12th District Court of Appeals meeting in Middletown.  Planted flowers at GHU's and at Wells.  Put Christmas poinsettia out, wonder if they will do any good.  Called Liggetts about going on the trip to the Far East on 10/6/92.   (The Liggetts were connected with Wilmington College through whom we met Kim.  They retired to WA and were killed crossing the street.)

Saturday 1993 - [Cleveland]  Made a visit to the library at noon, they gave me gloves to look at the old pictures.  We had lunch in the Arcade.  After the day's [Family Life Conference] session we drove over to W. 25th, the flats (government housing where we lived in the spring of 1949), around the Western Reserve and East Cleveland.  Had supper at That Place on Bellflower [closed], then went out Mayfield Road to I-271 to Marc's, they closed at 9PM.  Came back through Shaker Heights and ended up on Woodland Ave., hardly the ideal place.

Sunday 1994 -  Open Houses in Hillsboro, one was the Historical house where GHU was born.  Had a board where Ira H. had written "This House is occupied by my wife and I and 3 children, Harry, Luna and Dorsa, 1886, age 13, 11, and 9.  Cost $2500.  The traction line [Electric Railway] in front of their house lasted 14 years.  [GHU mentioned going to Cincinnati by traction in her postcard of September 2, 1910 -- see Grandma takes Traction for more information]

Monday 1995 - Water = $3.67 + $9.18, sewer $16.95 and trash $6.50, total = $34.30.  DPL bill was $72.09, used 751 kwh.  (Late pay was $73.17, on water late pay was $37.74.)  Went to CMH for Power of Attorney execution of Lowell Cowman and he passed away 12 hours later.

Wednesday 1996 - Dale Hertlein of the Clinton County Farm Service Agency spoke at Lions Club program, he went on the Philmont trip in 1972.  The prayer group met here, G. Hannah really excited about the Emmaus experience this past weekend.  Still wet and cool.  Catherine called (each Wednesday), Wendy had to go to the hospital -- gall stones.

Thursday 1997 - [Williamsburg to Washington VA] Up Route 3 to T[?] Inn, a nice place -- Catherine is in charge of the reservations.  [What???]  Oh yes we had breakfast buffet in main dining room, [still at Kingsmill Resort, I think] $11.95 each.  Just had yogurt for lunch and got to Washington VA about 5:30, staying at Heritage Bed and Breakfast, $105/night.  We are in Amish room, had reservation for a dinner at 6:30 at the Inn at Little Washington, what a 20 year rise they have had.  5 stars for both Inn and meals.  We were there two hours, they "gave" us a little bowl of sweets in leaving.  Meal was $88 each and the rooms start at $260.

Friday 1998 - [To Newark] To Newark for Kate's birthday.  They had 4 large pizzas.  [Julie's sister] Cathy has 3 children and an indifferent (?) husband.

Saturday 1999 - Hard to get to mowing [moving?] from Wells.  Jean made granola, took 6 packages of rhubarb at 3# each to church market.  Visited Ruth Shoemaker at CMH.  Had sandwich at Burger King and then to Sabina for Bernard auction sale, house built in 1912, sold for $70,000.

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April 30, 1989-99

April 30, 1989-99 Checking out Williamsburg

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Monday 1990 - Evelyn Brown here to help Jean.  Mary Virginia here for "shower" in Wilmington.

Thursday 1992 - Riots in Los Angeles after jury found the four policemen innocent of excessive force in the Rodney King case.  [They were later found guilty on federal charges of violating his civil rights.]

Friday 1993 - [to Cleveland]  Another McKay hearing, the wind-up unless appealed.  Drove to Cleveland for Family Life Conference at Sheraton Hotel.  $69/night, tax was additional $10 plus $4 for parking.  It was a great experience, theme was on "oneness".

Sunday 1995 - We went to Milford for UMC Vision 2000 program, then to Micro Mall, got new monitor, then met Serena at Borders Book Store.  Went to White House for supper but too long a wait so went to Windjammer, where there was no crowd and used entertainment card for first time.  They had a $8.95 early bird special.  News is still focusing on the Oklahoma City explosions [April 19, 1995].

Tuesday 1996 - John, Julie and Kate left about 10.  Went to Hillsboro, title job for Roger Achor, then in afternoon to WCH for Howland.  Learned how to replace words on computer, i.e. change all "us" to "we" etc.  Picked a bunch of rhubarb for John and Julie. 

Wednesday 1997 - [Williamsburg VA]  Walked around Williamsburg and made reservations to eat at the Williamsburg Lodge for supper that night.  One of the gals at the Williamsburg Inn showed us their fancy restaurant.  Had breakfast in the Cascades, see why it is rated just 1 star.

Thursday 1998 - Got haircut at Greg's, $7.  Jean worked at Senior Citizens.  Marjory Kilpatrick is now head cook.  Got ABA entertainment form.  DuPont raised their dividend.  More rain.  Went for physical, got pneumonia and tetanus shots, boy, was my arm sore.

Friday 1999 -  Jean went to garden place between here and Hillsboro, couldn't get it all in the car, the big tomato plants are $2.99 or 3 for $7.  Put the flowers out in the flower bed, plus marigolds in the garden area.   Roberta said she has been accepted for Ragbrai this July.  Jean got a loaf of Ezekiel 4:9 break for $3.29/loaf.  Found out part of roof on 2-story part of Wells had blown off.  WSJ had interesting article on a $500 room at 10 different hotels in the US, really liked the Four Seasons in Chicago, but down on Opryland Hotel with a Murphy pull down bed.

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April 29, 1954

April 29, 1989-99 Cherry trees and rhubarb

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - Worked at Wilmington UMC , 14th Emmaus Women Walk.  We helped the Everett Baileys, he has been having cancer treatments, a busy man as a preacher and a Kroger's employee.  Just had Mother up once last night at 4AM.  Bob and Carl's have flowers and plants for sale.

Saturday 1995 - Jean had Day of Joy at Otterbein Home.  Trimmed the shrubbery at the parsonage.  Planted bing cherry tree at parsonage as well as GHU's.

Monday 1996 - Dental appointments in Wilmington, both of us have to go back for a filling.  John, Julie and Kate arrived.  Kate likes beads [beets? belts? balls?].  John and Julie liked the music on the computer.

Tuesday 1997 - [Asheville NC to Williamsburg VA]  Serena joined us for breakfast at the Hampton Inn and then she was off to work at Mission Hospital.  We had lunch at Duke University in Durham, interesting sandwiches.  Got to Kingsmill [resort in Williamsburg], place is spread out.  Ate at the Golf Club, 1/2 portions for 1/2 price which suited us fine.

Wednesday 1998 - Took rhubarb to Mary Smith and Eileen Cline [not related to Randy].  Walls on new Staples store in Wilmington are up.

Thursday 1999 - Serena called us, she is talking of going with Mares and the younger generations of Kintners to the Carolina coast.

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April 28, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - First sign of asparagus in the garden.

Sunday 1991 - Picked large handful of asparagus.  Took the bells to Otterbein Home for the annual affair.

Wednesday 1993 - Worked garden for first time.  Planted onions and peas.  Little pear tree in bloom.  Bible study on Romans.  Ron Gotherman [see 1996 below] got out of the hospital, gave him 3-4 months.

Thursday 1994 - Jean has appointment with Dr. M, "things look good"

Friday 1995 - Larry Lyons and I went to the 12th District Court of Appeals meeting  in Middletown.  That Sorg House was sure an old beauty.  Bought 2 rose buses and 2 cherry trees at Rhoads Garden Center, each $12.95.  Put out flowers in front of parsonage.  Jean and I inserted [?] four sheets for Day of Joy -- final count was 316.  Jean went with Jo Harner and Esther to Hillsboro for flowers for their Mothers' Club.

Sunday 1996 - Only 64 at church.  Had evening service, we all sat in the choir loft.  We ate at Midland.  Liver and Onions $4.50, less 10% for seniors.  Jean had chicken on a bed of rice (lots or rice).  Learned how to "cut" and "paste" on the computer.  More rain.  Roberta called.  Lisa Gooding got her something at Mug's sale.  *[1993]  Saw Ron G. the other day, he is doing real well, they plan to move to Florida this fall.

Monday 1997 - [to Asheville]  Left about 6AM and had breakfast at McDonalds.  Foggy.  Met the Zooks for lunch at Piccadilly Cafeteria.  He has been retired for 8 years.  Her back is better.  Daughter at  Columbus supposed to graduate this spring.  On to Asheville, had a very nice room at the Hampton Inn.  Serena seems fine.  Ate at the Greenery.

Tuesday 1998 - Spiraea is coming into bloom.

HH added in 2010: On Monday in 1997, the Zooks do have a daughter in Columbus, she had at last report had a medical practice. Guess that kind of work was to much for him, for recall that he soon bought a carmel corn franchise and moved to Johnson City TN. from Toledo Ohio.

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April 27, 1989-99

April 27, 1989-99 Court of Appeals Day

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Friday 1990 - Went to Middletown to Court of Appeals Day at Manchester Hotel -- nothing downtown there at all.  Went to see Creative Packaging re new Wells Catalog.   Visited Middletown Public Library, very nice.  Also library in Waynesville, then supper downtown, Chicken $7.95, onion soup $2.50.  Bought gas for 93.9¢.

Saturday 1991 - [Hershey PA to New Vienna]  Left Hershey at noon, a RUSH trip to the Emmaus meeting in Wilmington as Jean was sponsoring Carolyn Thornburg.  

Monday 1992 - More rain, [first name?] Meade appointment in Martinsville.  Mother in good spirits.  My hands are always cold to her.  It's interesting to watch her look at people as they come into the social room.

Wednesday 1994 - [Gatwick England to Ohio] Lots of red tape clearing customs, while in line got talking with Jim Ritchey of Newark who knew John.  Got gas at the airport 52.9p for a liter or about $3/gallon.  We were in row 37 F and G and had an extra seat so flight went well.  We landed in Cincy in the new terminal and had a LONG walk, train starts next month.

Thursday 1995 - Jean had dental appointment in Wilmington then we went on to Otterbein for Jean's meeting and I saw Mrs. [first name? husband's name?] Finch.  Took extra music books to Kate Sheppard and a couple of stops at the Court House (Norma [last name?] told me that 4/28 would be her last day, she wants to enjoy life now that she is 60.)  Then to Micro Mall, took the old computer back and got a new one with scanner.  Met the Sankers at Boston Chicken.

Saturday 1996 - John Z [Zurface?] auction sale -- $2700/acre.  Jean had UMW meeting in Hillsboro.  Felt a little dizzy this AM.  Planted grass seed over at church.  The Kings brought their bird over while they sprayed their house.  Into the language section of the Encarta.  Mary Horton called re plans to come up and perhaps move into a smaller place in the Lake Worth area.

Sunday 1997 - [Somerset KY] Don's class was studying Revelations.  We ate out at the Lake.  Don had the evening service.

Tuesday 1999 - Annual meeting of CSX at Greenbrier, 3 night rate of $919 per person, additional night $236 per person + service charge + tax.

John added in 2010: 1994 Jim Ritchey who they met in England still asks about Mom and Dad. He ran the social security office here in Newark and his mother is a trust customer of mine.  I had forgotten how they met.

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April 26, 1989=99

April 26, 1989-99 Traveling Bookcases

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - Carol Wilbur, the County Public Health Nurse came.   Her best suggestions were to try and keep Mother active.  Had to make 3 stops before we found where Lou Peters [?] lived.  Got almonds for Emmaus Walk then square dancing.  They had 266 people at the All Nighter. 

Friday 1991 - [Hershey PA]  Went on tour of Hershey plant, library lecture started at 11:30 with box lunch continued until 3PM.  Very good.  Jean met me and we drove to Lebanon PA, no more Lebanon Ball Company.  Jean's friend Natalie [?] called and they have made dinner reservations for us at the Union Canal House in Hershey.  They are real sports (basketball) fans. 

Tuesday 1994 - [Salisbury to Gatwick England] Went to Longleat House, had wheel chair available and a lift so were able to see the whole house.  Also an electric cart for touring the grounds -- tight corners on some of the buildings, even took a boat ride.  Then drove through the extensive safari animal area.  Had reservations at the Gatwick Hilton and they had a wheel chair.  Room had 3 phones. 

Wednesday 1995 - Planted pansies in front of our house, at Wells, and at GHU's.  Esther and I looked over the parsonage as the Mitch and Jane Strattons' are moving to their new home near Rocky Fork Campground. 

Friday 1996 - 15th Annual 12th Court of Appeals day at Middletown.  Took Larry Lyons, he has lost about 15#. 

Saturday 1997 - [to Somerset KY] Leave for Somerset in Pick-up with bookcases.  It was a non-eventful trip.  We ate at Mexican Restaurant for supper.

Sunday 1998 - [Newark to New Vienna] We went to early service, lasted 1.5 hours, lots of singing, then to a provocative SS class -- if the Bible is so important why do we spend so little time reading it?  Julie had lasagna for lunch with salad and home made bread.  We went to Freedom Years Program, about 1.25 hours, lots of loud country music.  We were in the first row of tables.  Intermittent heavy rain coming home.

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April 25, 1989-99

April 25, 1989-99 Onions, cabbages and broccoli

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - Mother seems to "shake" her arms and hands more.  Planted white onions (180 to #) for 79¢.  Also 6 cabbage (79¢) and 6 broccoli (79¢).  

Thursday 1991 - [Baltimore MD]  Had nice breakfast conversation with an English couple.  Visited Lovely Lane UMC and Museum, the Mother Church of Methodism.  Then to B&O Railroad Museum, quite a collection of engines in the roundhouse.  Had nice lunch at the Brass Elephant, 924 N. Charles [closed in August 2009], then drove to York PA, visited the McCrory headquarters and store [all McCrory stores out of business by 2002], China outlet and the York Galleria Mall which is one year old.  Got on the wrong road en route here but have very nice room at Days Inn.  Went to open house suite -- what a layout, then grocery store for breakfast provisions.

Saturday 1992 - Met the three Hughes' (Fred and Gwen's sons) boys at their late Mother's home and divided things up.  It went better than I expected.  Went to see GHU -- she was very sleepy but ate pretty well.  Then we drove to Hamilton to see Serena, looked around Oxford and then had supper at Jakes.  I had a heavy gumbo soup for $11.95, pretty hot.  We saw where Mary Ellen K. (Mrs. Hadley's daughter) lived, also Serena's apartment.  Serena looks good.  Florence and Paul Christy now at Heartland.

Sunday 1993 - Mother complaining of her back more.  She drinks her 2 glasses of milk but not much else.  She loves the strawberries though.  More rain.

Monday 1994 - [Cornwall to Salisbury England] Drizzle all day.  Drove to Salisbury, 213 miles, room #1 at the Milford Hall Hotel.  Got food and groceries including dry soup which we warmed up on the "tea service" in the room.

Thursday 1996 - Lilacs showing white blossoms.  Long Leadership Clinton meeting, everyone wants things done, but no one wants to do it.  Lock box opening on Richard Dailey.  Roberta called. 

Friday 1997 - Bar Meeting in Middletown, went with Gano and Bill McCracken.  Gano's getting a new van.  Sat next to Mike Dougherty, a new attorney with Legal Aid.  He wants to open an office of his own.  What a mix up on meeting Terrells in New Vienna rather than Wilmington.

Saturday 1998 - [to Newark]  Jean had UMW meeting in Hamilton then met her in Wilmington.  John and Julie went to dinner -- Park Bank Employees and Stockholders get together*.  We took Kate to Wendy's, so surprised to see Clark Morrow [?] there and the gal -- Roberta Richards (?) that had been on an Elderhostel to Iceland three years ago. 

Sunday 1999 - Took rhubarb to Eileen Glass, then to [for sale?] open house at Evelyn Bernard's, drove around Sabina cemetery, to Walmart and got lamp for over piano for Sunday School, then to Extended Care where Howard Page seems in bad shape.  Oh what a heavy meal they were having.  Then to CMH where Leon S. is getting along fine.

* John added in 2010: 1998 was the last time we had one of those Park employee/stockholder dinner meetings I believe.  Must have been too expensive to continue the tradition!

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April 24, 1989-99

April 24, 1989-99 Strawberries

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - D.M. Fife dies at 72 in Arizona.  Taking down storm windows, disked the garden.

Wednesday 1991 -  [Baltimore MD]  Breakfast here [Shirley Madison Inn] -- juice and muffins.  "Irene" quite talkative, a native of Poland.  Just a block to the MD History Museum, then to see "stacks" (five balconies) at thePeabody InstituteWalters Art Gallery, Goodwill Book Store, lunch at Woman's Industrial Exchange Lunchroom on North Charles, then walked on to the National Aquarium, $8.50 for Seniors, we were there 3 hours, saw the dolphin show -- five levels, rain forest, etc.  Enjoyed seeing the big turtle swim around.  Had supper at Louie's, combination book store and restaurant.  Visit to Enoch Pratt Library where a real loud voice announced, "We close at 9PM exactly."

Friday 1992 - We went to Wilmington and I got my new glasses, lunch at Ponderosa where we saw Lou Hale [sister-in-law to Nathan Hale, MD], she had been to Hawaii and was worn out from the long trip, no more overseas for her.  Kroger's had strawberries 99¢/quart.  Mother didn't want any food today but was ready for strawberries.  Jean Liggett called about their upcoming Far East trip.

Saturday 1993 - Went to Middletown for Court of Appeals meeting, made rounds in Wilmington, had supper at Chinese Restaurant then went to Farm and Home Show at fairgrounds.  Rails to Trails exhibit.  Denver House Restaurant and Bar to close and will become a Bed and Breakfast.  Went to Villars Chapel for spaghetti, really a 6PM deal for $3.50.   Alma Barnes Sword* and Leonard, New Vienna class of 1950, were there.  Then to Murphy Theatre, an old timer about [or with] Bogart.  Sat with Donald Bernards and Alan McKay.  Don commented that in Florida 7PM is a bad time for programs as people there need to go to the bathroom, go to bed or take their medications.

Sunday 1994 - [Cornwall England]  Drove to Lands End, etc., some of the roads are really one lane, but then on the motorways people would zoom by us when we were going 70.  On Sunday the hotel has a buffet, only thing hot was the soup.

Thursday 1997 - Went to the College, heard Tammie Schnitzer from Billings MT speak on "Not in Our Town".  Story of how she was harassed because she converted to Judaism because of her husband, a Doctor.  Talked about how to get rid of hate groups, community needs to stand united for tolerance and a hate free community.

Friday 1998 - Middletown Bar meeting again, took Jim Williams and Joe Dennis, 12 years today since his Dad (Max, my age) passed away.  13 there from Clinton County.  More looks at the Thompson house.  Still nothing definite with Shy [Sky?] Lady back from NY.  Always have to get answers from Terry [Firm Air?].  Upcoming Mothers' Day Buffet at Manchester Hotel [presumably in Middletown where the Bar meeting was held] is $16.95 and $14.95 for Seniors and $7.95 for 10 and under.

Saturday 1999 - Worked with Quicken.  Transplanted some rose bushes to our front flower bed which we had cleaned up.  Planted onions, beets, cabbage and broccoli seeds in the garden plus 3 hills of squash with six seeds in each hill.  Got Otterbein magazine "Come Grow With Us".  First time I had worked the garden, pleasantly surprised that the tiller started with old gas in it.

*MV added in 2010: 1993 name is Alma Barnes who married Leonard Sword after they were both widowed. Older (obviously) couple from Villars Chapel UMC I knew well at the time.

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April 23, 1989-99

April 23, 1989-99 Arts and Culture in DC

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1991 - [Silver Springs to Baltimore MD] Breakfast in our room [Econo Lodge] then we walked to Silver Springs Metro Stop.  Rush hour (until 9:30) $1.55, while non-rush hour is $1.10.  They have a $ changer with a +/- registering of amount of $ you have put in.  Simple after we learned how.  [Like many things in life.]  We met Louise [Robinson] at Woodward and Lothrop, then to National Portrait Gallery, National Building Museum, had lunch at National Art Gallery where we bought a couple of framed paintings.  Drove to Annapolis, early bird supper at Treaty of Paris, $16.95, four courses, very good.  Bought pair of Timberland "weather proof" shoes at Timberland ($145), then to Baltimore where we had reservations at Shirley Madison Inn [now Biltmore Suites -- not quite as historical sounding], room #26 with button for hotter water.

Thursday 1992 - Went to Milford with Marvin Chamberlain, Keith [Rankin?] and Gene Gibson [related to Polly or Tom?] to get deed signed by Dorothy Howell to Westboro UMC.

Saturday 1994 - [England] Got to Housel Bay Hotel on Lizard Peninsula [Cornwall], Room #4, a great view of the ocean, but oh the wind.  John* and Julie had stayed there two years earlier, also Murray had suggested this place.  We had so much breakfast, we saved the ham for lunch at G.... Park, what a lane/road to get to it, but very nice and Jean bought some cook books there.  Two nights at Housel Bay Hotel, total $166 [or#] The big room right over the Dining Room quite drafty.

Sunday 1995 - We called John, they decided not to come down, so called about going to the hospital dinner.  Dr. Von Stein spoke on orthopedic surgery, lots of illustrations and even a t-shirt.  We took Virginia Hildebrant with us.  Forecast of hail tonight so covered the tomatoes.

Tuesday 1996 - Jean worked at UMC District office.  Busy day at the office.  Ray King was over and got the screen saver on the computer.  John, Julie and Kate return from Florida.

Wednesday 1997 - Pauline Cameron came over and listed Elsie Satterfield's big house.  [and?] Preskells [Prickett's?] big house in Wilmington.  Loaded up book cases from GHU's to take to Crowsons.

Thursday 1998 - Looked at regular pick-up -- a '91 Chevy that they wanted $7200 with 38,000 miles.  Gloria Collins around on petition vs. Ed Brown.  Dow up to 10,700.  Put out notices about Wells shutting down in stages starting in two weeks.  Called salesmen, auction companies, etc.  Down to 33 degrees tonight.  Talked with the Zooks, he is having trouble with disintegration of the spine and her back problems have "moved to the other side".  Called Ed Jones and got recorded message.  Jean had long conversation with _______ in Bethesda, MD.

*John added in 2010: [Regarding 1994] Julie and I remember the Housel Bay Hotel in Cornwall with very fond memories. We did not have the ocean view, but enjoyed some of our best meals in England in their dining room.

Huffman Clothing, Bill Huffman and the NV Class of 1948

The recent discussion of Bill Holmes brought lots of comments and questions about the history of the store, most of which were answered by the following ad/article from a 1960 clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal.  [Transcription follows.  To read the full article on Bill Holmes, click here.  (Comments are at the bottom of the article.]
Huffman Clothing (History) New Vienna Ohio  - WNJ 1960
1960 [exact date unknown]
Shown above is one of Clinton County's most famous clothing stores.  For 62 years, this store was known as the Phillips Bros. Clothing Store.  Owned first by Harley Phillips.  Later Harley and his brother Cliff formed a partnership.  People from all over the county came to buy their clothes at this store.  In 1958, this store was purchased by William Huffman, former star athlete for New Vienna High School.  "Bill" as he is known by his many friends, is married to the former Gretchen Fullerton and they have two fine sons, Mark, age 3 [or 8?] and Scott, age 4.  A staunch figure since 1917 in the store has been Bill Holmes, who has been associated for 43 years, with both Phillips and Huffman.

From this article we learn that the Phillips Bros. store opened for business in 1896 and that Bill Holmes started working there in 1917 when he was 33 years old, prior to that Bill was a clerk at the M.R. Harris Grocery in the Iron Building [later Daye Hardware].  Bob Johnson later bought the store from Bill Huffman.  Not sure when it closed.

Moving on to Bill Huffman, he was a 1948 graduate of New Vienna High School and an athlete as mentioned above.  The following pictures are from the New Vienna High School Memory Book 1881-1963.
New Vienna Ohio High School - Class of 1948.
Top Row: Margaretha Baumann-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt, Thomas Rudisill-Fac and Kathryn Tolle-Fac.
Fourth Row: Daryl Hunter-Fac, Sara Swartz-Fac, John Hughes-Fac, and Martha Tolleson-Fac.
Third Row: A.F. Roush-Fac, Richard Carey-Pres, Jean Rolfe-V.Pres, Mary Lou Berwanger-Sec'y, Robert Streber-Treas and Glenn Bernard.
Secord Row: Harold Burns, Donald Hite, Jack Hoopingarner, Bill Huffman, Jacque Laymon, June Pence and Kathryn Mobley.
First row: Jean Rachford Barrett, Joellen Rulon Streber, Carolyn Saunders Thornburg, Betty Smith (Hoffer?), Harold Thornburg and Della Turner.

Many of these names are familiar.  I know there were at least two weddings – Joellen Rulon married Bob Streber, and Carolyn Saunders married Harold Thornburg.  Please help me out with who else married who and what happened to them.  Here are links to obituaries: Jean Rachford Barrett (2010),  Glenn Bernard (of Parkinson's in 2010), Carolyn Saunders Thornburg (2011)
1946 Basketball Team - Homecoming Queen & Attendants - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Top Row: Bill Flint, Glenn Bernard, Carey Streber, Donald Hite, Carrie Custis, Carolyn Saunders Thornburg, Esther Roush, Raymond Walls, Oren Butcher, James Akers, Robert Minzler and Glenn McElwee-coach.
Middle Row: David Blackburn, Jack Preston, Herbert McKenzie, Harold Burns, Tom Carey, Dan Fox, Andy Cluxton, Roger McKenzie, Lowell Prickett and Bill Huffman.
First Row: Dale Cluxton, Donald McKamey, Hugh Heizer, Hoyt Penn, Jimmy Allen-manager, Leonard Sword, Howard Thompson and George Stevenson. [Picture from the NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, page 76]

1947 Baseball Team - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Back row: Glenn McElwee-coach, Lowell Prickett, Dale Cluxton, Glenn Bernard, Roger McKenzie, Raymond Walls, Howard Thompson, David Blackburn and Hoyt Penn.
Kneeling: Tom Carey, Herbert McKenzie, Jim Mongold, Dan Fox, Jim Allen-manager, Bill Huffman, Bill Flint and Donald McKamey. [Picture from NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, p.76]

1946-47 Track Team - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Standing: Lowell Prickett, Glenn Bernard, Bob Streber, Mr. McElwee-coach, Alfred Kendall, Melvin Rhoades and Danny Fox.
Kneeling: Andy Cluxton, Harry Allen, Don Hite, Bill Huffman, Harold Burns, Tom Carey and Roger McKenzie. [Picture from NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, p. 75]

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April 22, 1989-99

Leaning to the right

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - Mother leans to the right in her wheel chair, virtually on the railing.  So much pain when we move her.

Monday 1991 - [Pittsburgh to Silver Springs MD]  Very nice Continental Breakfast [at the Priory Hotel], choice of 2 juices, melon, strawberries muffins, apple strudel, coffee cake, cereal, etc.  Also USA Today.  Left at 9AM with picnic lunch at Bethesda where I went to this law office to check on Tak-A-Toy* deal.  Then to Econo Lodge in Silver Springs where we had reservations  ($52 less 10%).  Jean called Louise Robinson and met her at O'Donells in Bethesda.  Then we went to her apartment and she really drove us around the town.

Friday 1994 - [England] Got to Exeter -- 183 miles -- and used their luggage cart to get Jean to the room and dining room.  A lady joined us who had been helpful in opening doors, etc.  Exeter is certainly a hard town to drive around.

Saturday 1995 - Spaghetti supper at UMC, sponsored by the Boy Scouts for their trip to Philmont.  Mowed the yard, it needed it.  Evie Johnson, Joann Gruber and G. Hannah left for Fort Myers today.  Joann had had eye surgery earlier this week.

Monday 1996 - Got mailing on our trip on 6/1/96 [ElderHostel in Eastern Europe].  Betty Adams and Linda Pinkerton here to do cleaning, put up screens.  Got mailing from Robert Hinshaw, he and Linda were married 2/96.

Tuesday 1997 - They put down the new black top at church.  $4700, went to both Wilmington and Hillsboro on legal business.  Cleaning out bookcases at Mother's.

Wednesday 1998 - All Zurface checks back in.  Jean went to Samuel Walkers for CMH Volunteer Night.  Andy _____ here from Dragon BBS to get our email back on computer.  Picked first asparagus.  More rain.  Got the CMH Foundation publication of gifts for 1997.

Thursday 1999 - Our first square dancing (workshop) in 1999.  Pastor going to Ichthus gathering in Wilmore KY.

John added in 2010: Glad you sold Wells when you did, Dad. To have waited would not have worked to your benefit.  Ohio Art had a beautiful brick building in Bryan, OH which reminded me of Wells'. They have been in business since 1908.

HH added in 2010: Remember the [England] trip well. Driving in England takes extra luck with manual shift, left hand lanes and one way streets that are not straight.  Louise Robinson is one of your Mother's old time college friends, who worked for National Geographic.

Added in 2011: Tak-a-Toy (1991) was a private label customer of Wells who sold a lot of stuff and eventually ended up bankrupt.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 21, 1989-99

Manure and Poetry

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - John Harner brought us a load of manure, about 35 wheelbarrow loads.  Jean stayed with Mother after 1PM and Joann came at 11PM.  We both have colds.  Hard to get her to take her pills.

Sunday 1991 - [St. Clairsville OH to New Cumberland to Pittsburgh] Called up Mrs. Carter Thornburg - 211 E. Main, St. Clairsville, daughter Jane answered the phone, her Mother had had a stroke (she is 83) and was in the Forest Hill Retirement Community.  She [Jane presumably] is also a librarian from CWRU [Case Western].  Came up through Steubenville, historical paintings on side of some buildings.  New Cumberland Presbyterian meets at 11.  Pastor Jeff Siemon has been there four years.  Lillian Williams is still gussy.  Jean had called Virginia Marshall (house built in 1878) yesterday about going to lunch today, but Mary Margaret [daughter?] warned us after church that she (Virginia) gets confused.  Anyway we stayed about 1.5 hours, went up Ballantyne Hill Road to ? then back to Rt. 8, to New Manchester where we got a sandwich and bananas for lunch.  Got to the Priory Hotel [Pittsburgh] about 4:30, Room #103, $85.  Went to Station Square for supper at Rim Cafe, a pleasant experience.

Wednesday 1993 - Had Holzmarket [?] hearing at 8:30, then legal work at the Court House until 11:30.  Left at 2:00 to take Roberta to the airport.  I-670 is finished down to I-71 at Leonard Ave.  We made several stops in WCH on return, bought Botany white shirt at Fisher's going out of business sale for $9.  Had supper at Yummers, small soup 99¢, 2 pints of ice cream for price of 1, total $2.19.

Thursday 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.

Friday 1995 - Russell Terrell passed away at 80.

Sunday 1996 - Teresa Hatch resigned as choir director.  Virginia Hildebrant [back?] in church.  Leon Salisbury has had shoulder operation.  Met Serena at Rookwood Pavilion for lunch at First Watch.  Bought computer book at Joseph Beth store.

Monday 1997 - Jean got permanent and went to Books and More in Wilmington where Helen Weeks read poetry.  She left Wilmington seven years ago.  More email stuff from Sid through Mary Virginia.

Tuesday 1998 - UMW Guest night at New Vienna Senior Center.  Jean had Jennifer Levo [John Levo's daughter] and Sharon Rider speak on their mission trip to Jamaica.  On the committee were Esther and Marjory Kilpatrick.

Wednesday 1999 - School shooting in Littleton, Colorado [Columbine] -- 15 killed.

Blacksmiths and Kenny Williams Gas Station in New Vienna Ohio

The first blacksmith shop was operated by John Spears about 1820.  Spears is listed as the "principal blacksmith" in early New Vienna according to the History of Clinton County, published by W.H. Beers and Co. 1916.

A general description of a blacksmithing firm's mission in the 1800s: to give prompt attention to horse shoeing and all general blacksmithing, job work and repairing, guaranteeing first-class work in all departments of this business.  Blacksmiths were practical and skilled mechanics of a city worthy of notice, and were often wagon makers and machinists also.

Common occupations necessary anywhere in the early 1800s included those who could employ themselves as carpenters, coopers, harness and saddle makers, hatters, cabinet makers, chair manufacturers, shoe makers, gunsmiths, locksmiths, blacksmiths, brick and stone masons, plasterers, in fact, mechanics of every calling, though nearly all, upon settling here, turned attention chiefly to farming.

HH remembers four blacksmith shops from the 1930s.  Two in the same block of the CJU house – one in the front of the warehouse where CJU and W.A. Hodson kept their road equipment (and in the back there were gooseberry bushes), and one further down the block across from the New Vienna Senior Citizens in the now empty lot next to the Derivan House (see 1920 census information below) on the corner of 2nd and Main Streets.  The Schuler blacksmith shop pictured below, and Joe Ryan's (also in 1920 census) at the corner of Pearl and RR Streets.  Joe was famous for being a very strong man – there's a story that he picked up and threw a refrigerator at someone in anger.  His wife, Mary, ran a small garden business at the same location, selling seedlings, flowers, etc.

J.F. Schuler, Blacksmith c.1930?, became Ken Williams Texaco/Sunoco, New Vienna Ohio South St. (SR73) - Image courtesy of Mike Whited
Williams Garage, New Vienna Ohio c1960 - Image courtesy of Mike Whited

Kenneth D. "Kenny" Williams died June 16, 2003 at the age of 92.  H was born October 6, 1910, the son of Grover Cleveland and Lena Grace Dick Williams and moved to New Vienna in 1944.  He and his wife, Helen M. Sollars Williams (1907-2007), were married March 28, 1937.
At his death Kenny was survived by his wife, his daughter, Barbara Ellen (Roger Grey) Blackmore of New Vienna; and a grandchild, Tonya Rae Blackmore.  He was preceded in death by three brothers and three sisters.
Kenny Williams Sunoco repair truck, New Vienna Ohio c1960 - Image courtesy of Mike Whited

Other historical trivia about blacksmiths and early New Vienna history:

From History of Clinton County c1890:  In 1810, Charles Harris, father of Elisha Harris, of Snow Hill, bought the land now owned by Jonathan Leeks, and settled upon it, and commenced the work of improving it. About the same time, the land now owned by Carey Clark and Hezekiah Hildebrant was settled by Thomas Cox, grandfather of Vincent Cox, blacksmith of New Vienna; and Joseph Anthony settled the land now owned by Messrs. Levi Miller, Dr. E. M. Woodberry and Henry Nordyke. William Noble, Sr., settled south of the Harris farm, and Aaron Cox where William Elliott now lives. Elisha Noble settled the Thomas Nordyke farm. Charles Harris built the "Snow Hill House," and opened a tavern there, probably the first in the county. His brother-in-law, Samuel Wasson, near the same time, built a house near where Cyrus King now lives, and commenced to entertain travelers.

The village has also two harness, three shoe and three blacksmith shops, all of which are in a prosperous condition. It has two wagon shops, and one buggy and carriage shop, one sash and blind factory, three livery stables and one furnishing and undertaker's establishment. The stables are owned and run by Nordyke & Sons and Homer Hussey; the blacksmith shops by the Hunt Bros., Vincent Cox and H. Deriven; the carriage and buggy shops by Samuel Hixon & Son; the wagon shops by S. Hixon and Allen Dennis; the shoe shops by S. Hetherington, J. Eakins and T. Dowden; the sash and blind factory by James Nevin & Son. It has two mills, both of which grind and saw. One is owned by C. C. Lazenby & Co., the other by Benjamin Baker. The post office is located on Main, between West street and railroad, west side.

According to a 2010 bicentennial history of Clinton County published in the WNJ,
1874 – Hooktown, located at the intersection of Clark and Steel Road, had a blacksmith shop and general store and tannery. The town was destroyed by a tornado and never rebuilt.
A blacksmith by trade, Paton Mowrer  was born December 06, 1827 in Highland Co OH., and died December 03, 1865 in New Vienna, Clinton Co. Oh.. He married Amelia Dorsey Sellman August 27, 1846 in Brown, Co. OH., daughter of John Sellman and Hanna Reynolds. She was born May 26, 1822 in Brown Co, OH. Jackson Twp., and died March 13, 1896 in Chicago, IL.

Paton was discharged from the Army with a disability on 22 Jan. 1863 in Gallatin,TN. Paton Mowrer is found on the 1850 Brown Co. OH. Fincastle Twp. census, age 27-b.1823 born in OH., blacksmith with wife; Ameldia D. age 27-b.1823 born in OH. with son; Ethan A. age 1 b.-1849 His brother; Samuel age 18-b.1832 born in OH., blacksmith, is living in the same household. Pay Mory is found on the 1860 Clinton Co. OH. age 32-b.1828 born OH. blacksmith, with wife; Almelia age 37-b.1823 born in OH., Children: Ethan A. age 11, Erie (John) age 9, Sarah age 6, Nancy age 4, & Rufus age 1. Payton's brother Samuel is living several households away on same census. After Payton died in 1865 his widow Amelia Mourer, is found on the 1870 Livingston CO. IL. and on the 1880 McLean Co. IL. census, age 58, she and her parents born in OH. with children; Sarah age 26, Rufus age 20 (clerk in Dry. G. Store), John (Erie) age 29 (R.R. Conductor). John's wife; Mary A. age 25 and their children; William age 5 & John P. age 3.

Information from census records includes:
1850 Green Township (looked at page 179-185)
John Myers, 48, blacksmith, wife Lucinda 43, sons Stephen 21 & Joseph 17 farmers
Leo D. (?) Wilson 31, blacksmith wife 35, Bertha Nordyke 14, Martha Wilson 6, Samantha 5, John 1, Robert Houle 16
Washington Page, 26, blacksmith lived with Elisha Harris 42 innkeeper

W.L. Sheppard-33 blacksmith, wife unreadable, 26, daughter  ? 8, ? 6, John, 5, Louise (?) 3, Mirabelle 2
Pey Mowrer-37 blacksmith, wife Amilia 37, children Ethan 11, Eric 9, Sarah 6, Marey 4, Rufus 1
John Brewer 35, wagonmaker,
Caleb Sainther-21, blacksmith lives with John B & Samuel Mowrer 25, blacksmith, wife Mary 22, boarder Frank Austin 13

1880 Census - very difficult to read
Thomas Hand 31, blacksmith, wife Sallie 29, daughter Corda 8, brother William also blacksmith - Green Twp
Vincent Cox, 34? blacksmith, wife Martha 28, sons unreadable 13, Willie 4?
Unreadable maybe James Nevan, age 47, blacksmith, wife Jennina 37, children Dick 17 carpenter, Fanny 8, Frank 2, mother-in-law Margaret Clancey 65
David Green  blacksmith, 33, wife L...29, daughter A... 11, Catherine C... in-law?
William Bell, 44, blacksmith, wife Nancy 42, children Edward 20, farm worker, Grant 15 farm worker, Jessie 12, Ida 8

1900 Census
Thomas Wright b. Nov. 1881, blacksmith, son of John T., b. 1851, paperhanger and Mary E. b.1856, siblings: Bertha b.1876 Milliner trimmer, Edith B. b. 1878, teacher, Flora b. 1885
Albert Lytle b. 1869, blacksmith, wife Althea b. 1873, children Lizzie b.1894,  Ray b.1895, Ruth b.1897, Leonard b.1899
Merion Wilson b. 1866, blacksmith, wife Florence b. 1870, mother Nancy b. 1842
John Gilliland (partly unreadable in 1910, but legible in 1900), b.1862, blacksmith, wife Laura., children: Keley (?) F. b.1885, Mary b. 1899
John Schuler, b. 1871 in IN, blacksmith, wife Jessie b. 1872, daughter Helen b. 1899
Allen Gilliland b. 1867, blacksmith, wife Ollie b. 1870 in IN, chlden Harvey b. 1890, Bertha b. 1872, Blanche b. 1895, John b. 1898

1910 Census
Benjamin Dorke (sp?), 26, blacksmith born in IL, wife Myrtle 19, daughter Cassie 1, brother-in-law Clarke Davidson (?) 17
John F. Schuler (spelled correctly in 1910), 39, blacksmith shop, wife Jessie 36, Helen A. 11, Ivan J. (John I?), 7, sister-in-law Minnie Good, 26, dry goods saleslady
Alvin B. Gilliland (partly unreadable in 1910, but John Gilliland is blacksmith in 1900), 43, blacksmith shop, wife Olive., children: Bertha 17, Blanche E. 15, John 11, Mary 9
Thomas E. Wright 28, blacksmith, wife Jessie 26,
Fred M. Deck, 20, blacksmith, son of Frank D. 49 and Callie M. 41, siblings: Harry R. 18, Etta M. 16, Lucille 14, Mildred E. 11, Nellie J. 6
Eugene Edwards, 42 blacksmith (in 1900 listed as wagon maker), wife Edna 32, Bonnie 13, Grace 11, Kathryn 2

1920 census
James O. Stoops 42, blacksmith, wife Mary 32, children Earl 13, Harry G. 12, Ethel 9, Olive 6, Elmer 3&8/12, Donald 1&2/12
Harley Gilliland, 51 blacksmith shop, son of Elizabeth 79
Joseph Ryan 20, blacksmith shop, father Richard Ryan 65 was draying laborer, mother Margaret 57, sister Mary 18
John F. Schuyler (spelled Schuler on shop), 49, blacksmith shop, wife Jessie 46, Helen W. 21, John I, 16, sister-in-law Minnie Good, department store clerk
Hubert J. Derivan 62, blacksmith shop, wife Susan I., 58, Joseph F. 28, veterinarian, Mary S. 24, Hubert 21, John E. 18, Harry J 27, Civil Engineer shop
Jess Shoemaker 27, blacksmith shop, wife Vilma 24, Dolores 2, Harlan 2/12

* * * * *


  1. From HH: Steel road today is Steele Rd, and there is a Leeka road, while you mention a Mr Leeks. Reminds me of the story how Cleaveland Lost an "a" because there wasn't room for all those letters in the headline.

    My response: Of course Steel could have been misspelled in the WNJ where I got the info on Steel(e) Rd and Hooktown. Which remind me of "Huff" town. I need reminded of the history of that term. Was that the same section of NV that was also sometimes called "Canada"?

    There is a Henry Leeka mentioned as a member of the 149th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the "War of the Rebellion", and it's Jonathan Leeks (according to the Clinton County History of 1890) who bought the land encompassing (?) Snow Hill. However in checking the census records, there is no mention of any Leeks in Green Twp or Clinton County in the 1800s so that is a misspelling. Very good!

    The 1880 Census records show a Jonathan Leeka as a farmer, age 59 with 3 sons, Harvey (29), Alphonse (27), and Sylvanus (23) and a daughter Ellen (16), all at home on the farm in Green Twp.

    Sylvanus is shown as living in Logan County in 1900. The 1920 Census shows 4 Leeka's in Clinton County (3 in Green Twp), but they are all age 65+, so younger ones must have moved away....
  2. Catherine--
    Very likely they are the same person...I've found (especially in the older census records) that spelling of names can be sketchy: either the taker was in a hurry, wasn't sure how to spell or possibly didn't care? Of course, there's always the assumption they knew how to spell a name and really didn't. If it's only off by one letter, I'd say you got the right person.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 20, 1989-99

Jim Gooding's House

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Friday 1990 - More rain.

Saturday 1991 - [to St. Clairsville OH and beyond]  Left here about 2PM via Zanesville where we got an ice cream cone ($1.25) and got a loaf of raisin bread, 90¢ at Nickles Day Old Bakery, pretty good supper.  Went to McClure Hotel in Wheeling, turned out everything was booked, some country music program on.  Went back to St. Clairsville and got room at Hospitality Inn, Exit 218 for $47.  Went square dancing in Bethlehem WV, $6 a couple.

Monday 1992 - Still wet, put out broccoli and about 1/2 of the new trees, mostly across the street near the road.  Picked a big hand full of asparagus.

Tuesday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]  Darren Stricker is 54 today.  We went via Hamilton to see Serena then we went on in 2 cars to Jim Gooding's house on State Ave. in Cincinnati for supper.  Jim has really made it a show place. in a player piano -- fancy -- he likes loud music.  What a rain en route.  Bob, Bev and Lisa came.  Mother complains of pain which is rare for her.

Wednesday 1994 - [England]  Went to Bexhill, lost the bank card in the machine -- wrong # -- met Virginia in the Public Library and then tea when I ran into her on the street.  She was nice to come to the hospital to see Jean and brought flowers.  Cynthia and Murray also came several times to the hospital. Trying to get Jean to use the elbow crutches or a walker, she likes the latter.  The hospital was free but for the walker and the x-ray.

Thursday 1995 - Went to Leadership Clinton board meeting, then went to Micro Mall after going back to NV, the repair job was done but not the new unit.  [?]  Had supper at Boston Chicken with the Sankers.  We were there 1.5 hours  Did get the old computer hooked up.  Got sundaes at Blanchester McDonald's, 95¢.  Got gas for 106.9¢, saw it as high as 118.9¢.  Article in NYT about church architecture, i.e Willow Creek Church, Barrington IL; Rehoboth Baptist, Tucker GA;  Holy Spirit Chapel Hill Harvester Church [has since changed name to Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Decatur GA.

Saturday 1996 - Jean and I cleaned up sticks in back yard.  Made hotel reservations for our Canadian trip.  Greg Linkhart spoke at AM Men's Group.

Sunday 1997 - Mike Cowman spoke at church, then we went to CMH for monthly meeting.  Dr. Charles Mesh [?] spoke on vascular surgery, clogged arteries.   Went to College Library.  Marjory Hale had a collection of bookmarks there.  Saw new habitat house on Hawley Ave.

Monday 1998 - Busy day at the office.  Trying to use the software program on Ohio Estate Tax.  Got quarterly report on ABA retirement, big gain this past quarter, also report from Equitable.  Mowed some of the grass for first time.  More trouble with Dragon Internet.

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 19, 1989-99

End of Wells

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta leaves Ohio]  Went to Columbus, Ohio Center, for O.L.C. [continuing education] on Bankruptcy.  $115, 6 hours.  Jean and Roberta had lunch with John, then Roberta flew back to Phoenix.  She has been a big help with Mother.  Her [GHU] blood pressure is 100 over 40.

Friday 1991 - Went to Middletown, 10th annual 12th District Court of Appeals Meeting.  $35 fee for four hours credit.  Car (Honda) turned 13,000 miles.  Road to Hillsboro is closed for 45 days for realignment where Careytown Road comes out.

Sunday 1992 - [Easter] 148 at church, we brought GHU here for lunch.  She is doing real good.   Always problems with the Nusbaums re: keeping the front church door open.  Mie Young called.  [I always think of her father at Easter time as I remember that being the holiday where we first got to know him.]

Monday 1993 - Pot luck dinner at the church honoring Gene and Hilda Williams for their 30+ years in Scouting.  We walked out to the Cemetery and made a stop at Arlene Curtis's.

Tuesday 1994 - [England] Walked out to the hospital and then in the afternoon took bus T105 to the old town and then walked back to the hotel.

Wednesday 1995 - Got $48 worth of flowers and vegetables at Hughes' (Tim) on Roundhead Road, with one big tomato plant a smaller one with a tomato on it.  $12.50 a tray.  Meeting with PPR at the church with DS.  Voted to have full time person.  Called Mary [MUH], they plan to leave Lake Worth on 5/11.

Friday 1996 - Trees at church coming into bloom.

Saturday 1997 - Jean had Day of Joy in Wilmington, hit high spots in yard with mower.  Got up to date with Quicken.  Spent about an hour at the [Square Dancing] All Nighter -- what a crowd.  Jim Erbaugh having tough adjustment in Florida.

Sunday 1998 -  Kevin [?] and Diane (a friend of MV's) spoke at our church.   Went to CMH lunch, sat with Jim and Trudy Rany [?], he told us of his experience with Dragon BB.  Program on Humor by Virginia Stowe [Stone?] from Newark:
H - Heart Stimulator
E - Endorphins reduce pain
A - Airway expansion
L - Laughter producer
T - Tone muscles
H - Healing power
Y - Youthful

H - Helps people connect
U - Understanding
M - Motivate
O - Opportunity
R - Relieve tension

Opportunity is nowhere -- what do we see, the "no" or the "now".   [Example of humor]  Mary called in dead today, she has used all her sick time.

Monday 1999 - Broke the news to the office staff about Wells quitting business.  Spent $10.60 at Karen [? McKenzie's for bike tune up.  Had flier from Wandering Wheels about ride around America, $12,000, 5.5 months, 8500 miles.  Bob and GG gave us New Vienna School memory book -- interesting.

Montana Library Postcards

Some of you may have wondered if the Library Postcard project got buried in New Vienna and all the excitement over New Vienna history and European travels in 1954.  Never fear – Carnegie Libraries are still alive and well and we'll now move on to another "M" state after previously featuring Maine and Massachusetts.
The Carnegie Library, Great Falls, Montana c1908
Captioned: Great Falls, Mont. The "Cascade City" on the upper Missouri, Population 22,000.  Seat of Cascade County.  Head of navigation on the Missouri River.  Has unsurpassed natural resources of all kinds. [unmailed]

Great Falls, located in north central Montana on I-15, is the county seat of Cascade County, with a 2010 population of 58,500, received a Carnegie grant of $31,700 on June 21, 1901.  Although visited by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805, the city was not founded until 1883 as a potential industrial city due to the falls on the Missouri River.

According to Wikipedia the Great Falls Library was replaced in 1967 and was later demolished.  Previous to the Carnegie Library, the City's first library, the Valeria Library, named for the mayor's wife opened in 1890 and charged $1.00 per family.  The City took over in 1892 and the library became a free public library.  Great Falls is also known as having the first black Public Library Director in Montana, Alma Jacobs (1916-1997) who was Director from 1954-1973.
Carnegie Public Library, Dillon, Montana [Uncaptioned]

Dillon, the county seat of Beaverhead County, received a Carnegie grant of $7500 on January 22, 1902. In 1900 the population was 1,530 and more than doubled by 2000 to 3,752.  Dillon is home to the University of Montana Western founded in 1893.  Dillon is located in southwestern Montana, south of Butte, on I-15.

The Carnegie building, located at 121 S. Idaho St., continues to operate as a library.  The library's website states the following about the history of the building: "The Romanesque Revival structure was completed in 1902.  A steep gable, octagonal tower, semi-circular arches and carved faces lend a medieval quality to this dignified library."

Carnegie Library, Miles City, Montana c1905
[Card was mailed to Miss Irene Clureman in Green Bay WI - August 6, 1915]

Miles City, 2000 population of 8500, is in southeastern Montana on I-94 and is the county seat of Custer County.  They received a $10,000 grant from Carnegie on June 21, 1901, for this library located at 1 S. 10th St.  The town later dropped the Carnegie part of their name when they decided the City has provided more funds for the library than had Carnegie.

The architect of the Carnegie Library (and the Miles City Ursuline Convent) was Charles S. Haire (b. 1857), of Helena.  Haire was born in Hamilton County Ohio, and after graduating from Cincinnati schools and working in Ohio as a draftsman, took a job with the Union Pacific Railroad and later the Great Northern Railroad Company, which led him to Montana.  He also designed the Billings Library, which is not a Carnegie Library.

In 1965 the library was renovated and expanded to 8000 square feet from the previous 4000 which still serves as the community library today.  The architect of the Carnegie Library (and the Miles City Ursuline Convent) was Charles S. Haire (1857-1925), of Helena.  Haire was born in Hamilton County Ohio, and after graduating from Cincinnati schools and working in Ohio as a draftsman, took a job with the Union Pacific Railroad and later the Great Northern Railroad Company, which led him to Montana.

Miles City was the site of a fort created by the U.S. Army after the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 and was named for the commander, General Nelson A. Miles.   In 1900 the population was 1,938 and reached a peak population in 1960 of 9,665.  Estimated 2010 population is 8,100.


In other library postcard news, I found a blog called Library Postcards, which has lots of library postcards on display.  One of the more unique Carnegie Libraries is the Lee Wall Library in Crawfordsville, IN.

Carnegie Libraries in Montana = 17
Catherine's Collection = 3 (18%)

Total blogged to date = ME, MA and MT
Carnegie Libraries = 83
Catherine's Collection = 6 (7%)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 18, 1989-99

New Vienna Forestry Department

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1988 - DPL 1988 = 19.2 KWH;  1989 = 22.9 KWH $55.30;  1996 = 22.5 KWH  $68.82

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Mother seems to be asleep most of the time.  She leans to the right so much in her wheel chair.  A slow process in getting her to eat, she loves grapes and strawberries.

Thursday 1991 - Jean spoke at Blanchester UMC on our trip to China.  Put out 12 broccoli plants.

Saturday 1992 - Got 30 trees in Wilmington but too wet to put them out.  Everett Bailey spoke at our UMC Men's Group.  They are planning a trip to Israel in 1994. 

Monday 1994 - [England] Moved to the Chimes in Silver Hill area of Hastings.  Had nice front room over the dining area for 15# per night and also more choice for breakfast.  Peggy Pealle died at 69, retired 9/93 after 24 years as County Treasurer.

Tuesday 1995 - Moving day at Wilmington District UMC into old Sears building.  We helped a little, there were plenty of people.  MV and John both called.  Ate lunch at Chinese Restaurant, special was $2.75 and beef salad $3 (strips of beef over lettuce and that over noodles).  Got strawberries at Kroger's for 99¢/quart.  Picked nice bunch of asparagus in the garden.  Planted onions.

Thursday 1996 - We were in Wilmington at 7:30 for Jean's colonoscopy, she didn't remember a thing.  Ground breaking at WPL for new addition.  Got 25 red maple trees and 25 red oak trees.  [New Vienna must be getting heavily forested by now.]  We had lunch at Ponderosa.  Gas now 123.9¢

Friday 1997 - Jean had appointment at Christ Hospital, had lunch at Olive Garden at King Auto Mall exit.  Had soup, salad and rolls for $4.95 each -- supposed to be free refills but waitress did not offer.  Made stop at Warren County Probate Court for [Donald?] Lynch Estate.  Jean got stuff at Ace Hardware to clean up surplus pill containers.  Cleaned up sticks in back yard.

Saturday 1998 - Breakfast at Church.  Paul Kari [Vietnam POW] spoke, as prisoner his weight went from 173 to 103#.  Morton auction sale in Lees Creek.  Senior Citizens pancakes for lunch.  Joke of taking couple up in plane for free if they didn't talk.  They made it.  Pilot surprised.  Man: "I almost said something when Ethel fell out of plane."  Had supper at Ponderosa.

Sunday 1999 - Pastor had children's services on foreign objects in water and how we can strain the particles out.  Same way with prayers, etc. in our lives.  Got us out 4 new toothbrushes for each of us.   Delta -- Escape Weekends:  Newark $99, Denver $149, Chicago $79, Portland $179, Philadelphia $89, Toronto $119, Milwaukee $79, Little Rock $79, Grand Rapids $69.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 17, 1989-99

Aunt Mary out of whack

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]  Dr. Bath came over to see Mother.  Sent in reservations for ABA meeting in Chicago.  Registration fee $250 and hotel deposit is $130.

Wednesday 1991 - Jean Richardson to resign as County Recorder on 4/30/91.  She has served since 1954.

Saturday 1993 - Mother very good today.  Always love strawberries.  The Los Angeles trial [Rodney King] of the policemen ended today.  We called Mary Horton, sounds like her sleeping and waking schedule is out of whack.  [She did like to stay up extra late, not an early bird like some of us.]

Sunday 1994 - [England] Cynthia rotates around to 19 churches on the circuit.  She had the service at the church near the library in Bexhill, then in the evening at the Springfield Road [Christchurch Methodist] Church in Bexhill.  They were having their annual meeting at 6:30, plenty of snacks.  Enjoyed talking with Virginia _______, who had been to Romania on a mission trip and had stayed on because of illness of daughter's boyfriend.  They put a plate on Jean's ankle and also a pin.

Wednesday 1996 - Jean could only have apple juice, etc. [colonoscopy next day].  MO earnings released, up 17%.  Trust Department moving into quarters on ground floor of National Bank*.  New international catalog on Elderhostel came.  New program in South Africa.  Enjoyed the "songs" on the Encarta on the computer.

Friday 1998 - Dragon BBS here on Internet, change over 4/17/99.

Saturday 1999 - Pancake breakfast at Senior Citizens $4.  Damp cold day.  Jean working on organizing the files.

*HH adds in 2011: It is part of NB & Trust, they had been on the second floor, the relocation put them right off the main lobby of the main office in Wilmington.

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 16, 1989-99

Cracked Ankle

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]

Tuesday 1991 - Went to see GHU at breakfast time -- she is wide awake then and eats well.  Furnace people put in replacement boiler in our basement.  Found first asparagus in our garden.  Worked out in the yard, first time this year after supper.

Thursday 1992 - Had our Easter cantata with 25 people at UMC.  Put out new employee handbook.  Mother is fine.

Friday 1993 - [to Newark and back]  Went to Extended Care to have George Whitmer execute a Power of Attorney, then to Lithopolis for lunch at Stratford Inn, on to John and Julie's.  They have the crib room fixed up nice.  Saw the picture of the Grand Canyon.  Picked our first rhubarb and asparagus.  Made a stop at Yummers Ice Cream place in WCH, big cones for 97¢.  Heard from Elderhostel about our acceptance on 8/1 for the program at Ashland, OR.

Saturday 1994 - [England]  Drove to Canterbury, about 5:00 we were at Battle Abbey and coming down the steps from the museum when Jean's ankle cracked.  They were having a convention of M.D.'s in Hastings who were visiting the Abbey and were helpful.  They took her by ambulance to Conquest Hospital in Hastings, actually St. Leonards-on-Sea.  After x-rays she was put in a 6-unit ward in Cooker Orange Hospital just two years old.  We had tickets for the evening program, but....

Sunday 1995 - [Easter]  Sunrise service at 7am, which was sunrise time.  Ed used illustration of Tom Sawyer and friend coming back to life.  Nice breakfast by the young people.  115 at church plus an overflow for the childrens' service.  We went to Ponderosa with the Johnsons, Ed, Eric, Don and Rita and some of the children.  Eric is now a Senior and plans to go to Miami.  He is at Myrtle Beach now.  Afterwards we went to Extended Care and to Sabina.  Then changed church bulletin board and walked out to Strebers and made the loop.  Rita's mother, Maria, was born in Naples, Italy.  Rita starts new job tomorrow with Greene County Health Dept.

Tuesday 1996 - Jean worked at Senior Citizens, lunch $2.

Wednesday 1997 - Went to Dayton dermatologist, all OK.  Had lunch at the French Restaurant -- L'Auberge, $8.95 per entree, onion soup $3.95.  Got book on Quicken software.

Thursday 1998 - Lots of rain, men putting soffit on house.  Replacing toilet in guest bathroom.  Can see asparagus.  Got new tube on back bike rim. 

Friday 1999 - Saw Leon Salisbury in CMH.  Cold damp day.  Called Cris Horton, still only one customer.  Called MUH, could hardly hear her on the phone.

Items from Uible photo album