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1983 MV's letter - July 5

MV mails this aerogramme to Sweden where the folks are on a Scandinavian Elderhostel trip. Transcription follows.

July 5 [1983]

Dear Folks –

Greetings!  I am trying to get in the letter habit for your trip – Hope this reaches you okay –

Got back at 2:50 yesterday afternoon so I got in the full 8 hours [of job at Wilmington Extended Day].  I got written up because there were three sets of dentures left in the patient's mouths – 2 sets I forgot, the other she wouldn't give us her teeth.  So tonight I made doubly sure I got all the teeth.  Hazel Penn [1896-Dec. 1984] seems to be under the weather quite a bit.  She says she is paralyzed and can't swallow.  They put her on a puree diet (baby food type).  They also took a urine specimen, etc.  Should know a little more when I work Friday.

The weather has cooled down considerably.  Probably wasn't much more than 75 today around 60 tonight.  Hope to remember to pick raspberries tomorrow and check on the garden if the weather is good.  Picked three roses today, several still coming.  Mrs. Moore has already asked Grandma if we had any extra beets.

You got a postcard form Sankers' – Esther was trying to package up the new yo-yo's with paddle balls and jump ropes or bubbles??  Didn't look too bad.

Well, I think that's about it – Grandma had me buy aerograms, so I got a couple extra – Hope all is well.  Don't forget, I like stemmed glassware!

Love, M.V.

P.S.  Grandma got a birthday card from Marion (Magill) today.

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