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1973 MUH letter - July 26

Aunt Mary writes a letter to Grandma and provides a peek into the past for us readers of today.  Many compliments to Roberta and MV, and references to HH's energy level included.  Transcription follows.

THURSDAY - 5:45 PM [7/26/73]

Dear Mother:

Bill goes to Lion dinner tonight, so there is only Rob and me to cook for and as we had a good lunch we're going easy this evening with ham and eggs.  Roberta has tucked in her WEIGHT WATCHER'S DINNER and she is all set for a meal . . . . . she has lost 31 lbs and has set her goal for 20 more pound loss (Going to size her up as to LOOKS . . . . she now wears a FILLED-In 14 . . . or so she says . . . . . . I think she looks great . . . . she's used only to the 'maternity-look' . . . . more or less my 60-ish style . . . . ha).  [Aunt Mary is about two weeks shy of her 60th birthday at the time of this writing.]

A new LHJ [Ladies Home Journal] came today which I'm dying to read but have got to only2 or 3 articles . . . . . . LAZY DAYS and I don't start early enough in the morning to do all I want to do . . . . ha!  But I'm getting a good rest!

Really enjoyed the UIBLES.  That Harold has unlimited energy and Jean isn't far behind!  They enjoyed their trip to Peru.  Would like to see their pictures.  I would never have made the 3 mile hike (buses on strike) up to Machupicchu, Incas ruins in the mts.  Saw some of their postcards on this.  Beautiful!  You'll have to get them to tell you about all their experiences.  While they were here they went to the beach, did a lot of bike riding, toured Flagler and went thru the Boca Hotel grounds, and Sunday night we all went to Auditorium to a 'pop' concert with the Miami Philharmonic and DISNEY WORLD CHARACTERS . . . . tracing Disney's 50 yrs. in song . . . .VERY ENJOYABLE   We paid $2.00 for seats and at intermission moved down tot he $4.00 ones.  The tables, seating 8 on the ground floor (with red table cloths), were $5.00.  Outside of being close to the animals when they paraded around the tables I would rather be up higher.  FUN!

I enjoyed MV a lot too.  She is a doll and so smart.   We played all kinds of games . . . . . Roberta took her to see "Mary Poppins" and she and I went to see "Sound of Music."  Enjoyed that as much as the first time.  She did real well practicing the piano too.  Has talent and IF SHE'S PRACTICE could go places.  Her teacher has taught her chords and she really knows them!  Had a blast Sat. night eating at Chinese restaurant near Del Ray, SUN WAH.  We ordered EIGHT different foods and then took dabs of each.  Some were better than others.  HA!  (Mares we should have stopped there the night Fred Cline treats us) . . . . .  H and J are so HELPFUL and always dragging in groceries that it was a lot of fun having them with us . . . . . . first time since they were married . . . . .I do believe . . . . for any length of time!  Invited anytime!

Here it is FRIDAY NIGHT!  HO-HUM!  Might say, too much Water Gate????  Stayed up later than usual last night listening to re-tapes of the day session over Educational TV-channel 2.  . . . isn't Ehrlichman a riot?  I get a kick out of listening to his alibis, stories, etc. what-ever they may be . . . . . he has an interesting vocabulary and the Senators are interesting to listen to also . . . . their questions and comments  . . . . . Ehr . . . seems to be able to out-smart the whole panel.  (Live soap opera, eh????_

Had Aunt Sarah for dinner.  She seemed to enjoy her meal . . . . must be quite a contrast to her bill of fare at Eason's.  Got her shoe stitched again when I picked her up.  She looked nice but needs some soap and water . . . . Chanel No. 5 wouldn't 'cover-up'!  Breaks the institutional monotony!  Had baked chicken, mango jello salad, fresh squash, Brussels sprouts, orange sherbert with the orange Duncan Hines cake I make.  Not bad.  Mother, I froze some mangoes so maybe you can have a bite when you come down.

Are you excited about going to see Catherine?  That will be a good change for you . . . . . new territory and happy to see Catherine.  I enjoy hearing from her indirectly . . . via ltrs. to Roberta and the family while they were here.  Sounds as tho they're all set!

Did you a c/c from Marianne?  IF NOT, I'll send you her last ltr.  Larry goes in to the hospital for his eye operation on the 30th of July.  He was 25 on the 26th.  M would like for me to come up the end of the month  but don't think I'll try it at this time.  Will have to try and phone her once in awhile that week.  I'm sure he'll get along OK . . . . at least we are optomistic [sic], eh?????

Mother, enjoyed all of your clippings!  Especially Bishop Sheen . . . . . . Serena should have the one "Fattening Fifteen".  I haven't tried JUNKET for a long time . . . must do!  Guess we'll clear our throats together . . . . . I'm always full of mucous . . . . so we can have a duet!  For your sake, hope your condition does clear up.  Frost????  Well . . . . sounds like [continued in the top right corner after the bottom line] prescription remedies for Arthritus.  HA!  Sounds as tho you are eating well.  I bet Jean has a lot of 'gardening produce' to take care of . . . . UGH!

[Hand written on left margin]  Does Jean want any of the things mailed?  Found MV's P.J.'s & white shirt, her doll & travel Lit. !!?

Love, Mary, Bill & all
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