Saturday, July 13, 2013

1983 Norway postcards

Norway Kjofoss waterfall postcard mailed to Wendy 1983. 
Captioned: Norway: Kjofoss waterfall, by the Flåm railway.  Foto: Normann N-8-13 
Bergen, Norway
We've seen lots of waterfalls, big lakes (fjords), interesting places here in Norway.  One day we were on three trains, four busses and a boat seeing the beautiful scenery.

There is lots of daylight - we are so near the north pole that there is little darkness.  The sun doesn't go down 'til about 10:30 PM.  We are with a real nice group for three weeks – people from all over U.S.  Do say "Hello" to your Mother & Dad.  Hope to see you in CALIFORNIA.  Love, Grandma & G'Dad

Norway Viking Ship postcard mailed 1983. 
Captioned: Oslo, Norway.  The Viking Ships Museum, The Oseberg Ship.
Great Weather

Hi - This ship goes back to 900 A.D. - 32 oarmen.  Had whale & reindeer meat for supper here.  sure can't write on the bus.  Long drive here from Bergen.  NARROW road & 1 ferry ride, on to Sweden today - near Gothenberg - then Denmark on Saturday.  Bought yogurt & fruit for lunch today.  They always have cucumber, tomatoes, nuts & boiled potatoes at each meal.  Town full of people at 11:30 P.M. and still light.  J&HH

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