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1995 HH & Jean - August photo

The needlepoints on the wall makes me think of Roberta & Sid's house at Senior Village, where we can assume this picture was taken.

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1985 Catherine's letter -Aug. 29

August 28, 1985
Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi!  Here is a copy of Wendy's school calendar so you can see her spring vacation is the week of March 31 - April 4.  I don't know how this will work out with your plans but it would be a good time to plan a visit!

Wendy's teacher this year will be Mrs. Largent, a young oriental lady.  I don't know her but Gerry knows her husband who is a farmer.  She was Wendy's first choice so Wendy is really pleased.  There will be 17 in her class, 10 boys and 7 girls.

Yesterday we did the last of the before school shopping, buying a pair of shoes which she desperately needed.  We had a hard time finding a pair of velcro tennis shoes in size 5, finally ended up getting a pair of 5½'s at Sears.

Things have really slowed down for Gerry at work.  Harvest is all over, several weeks ahead of schedule due to the hot, dry weather.  This week he is back on his regular hours and says that business is especially slow.  The farmers can't do too much now until it rains and then they could prepare to do the fall planting.

Not much news from the library, especially since I am off this week.  School was to start in Moscow today for both the public schools and the university.  Construction is under way on the library here in Colfax with the expected completion day of October 15.  Also under construction is part of the highway closest to Colfax between here and Pullman.  This has been adding 10-15 minutes to my travel time in the morning as they have two sets of flagmen holding up traffic while trucks haul dirt around.  It will be nice when its done!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1975 Roberta's letter -Aug. 26

August 26, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was just thinking that I better drop you all a note now – or as slow as mail is you won't be getting it till after I get back home.

1st – I am planning on arriving via Grey hound in Columbus at 9:40 AM Sept. 2nd.  Now – since I got your letter and J.B. is talking about flying out of Columbus that morning this should work out.

I should hope my big box, pillows, etc. made it to New Vienna by now.  I.T. & Marion must had had car trouble – as it seems they should have made better time.

Tomorrow I'll be on the 6:30 A.M. bus to NYC – I am planning on eating breakfast at the Hudson Guild Senior Citizen club – for 25¢ they serve a full breakfast – but no meat.  Only people over 60 are eligible.  (I'm special!)

Mr. Ream has really been short-handed.  He's had me make alot of trips to Netcong – etc. for the farm.  I enjoy it – and it gets me out of the dining room more.

I want to go to China Town tomorrow & also look around Greenich (sp?) village.

Have heard from the Hortons – Joe should have gotten in today.  I would like to go to Florida w/them.  I've never been to Florida since 1973 when I'm NOT working or going to school.  I'd like to go down – strictly tourist!

The farm had a good write up in the Newark Newspaper & as a result we've had alot of people "drop in" to see the place.  It was good publicity.  They interviewed Louise & she said – "I'm 72 & wear false eyelashes – they give me a lift."

Serena – will I miss seeing you – when are you leaving for school?  J.B. – I'll just be missing you.  As you are leaving Columbus look down for a Grey hound & think of me.

Got to go – need my sleep for my big day off tomorrow –––



* * * * *
Also included with this letter were two pictures which will be posted soon, and a flyer with a list of activities of the New York City Asia Society.

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1975 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 25

August 25, 1975
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Thanks for the letter.  I was beginning to wonder if you'd made it back to New Vienna.  Thanks also for all the clippings.

X got a letter from David and he evidently left Montreal on the Friday before you got there.  He didn't come to Sanford due to lack of time and money but may make a trip out here later this year.  As far as I know X is still planning to spend at least part of his vacation out in Illinois visiting Bruce, Beth, David, etc. [all friends from college]

My vacation is still pretty much up in the air.  Now that summer is almost over I'm even more convinced I want to save it until winter time but the question is when and where.

The tomatoes ripened up nicely and were delicious.  I have since also gotten some from a friend so I have been enjoying some summer produce.

X and I are planning to initiate the divorce proceedings fairly soon as we keep running into more and more problems like what to do about car insurance, mortgage, etc.  If we can get the property settlement worked out to our mutual satisfaction then we should be all set.

Yesterday a friend and I went down by the ocean and bought up alot of good seafood (lobster, clams, and crabs) and came back and cooked them all up.  It made for a good dinner.

I've been keeping Kuman here as she has been in heat and X didn't want her to run loose.  I'll probably be sending her back the middle of the week.

It's time to sweep the floors and get read to go to work.  So . . . 


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1975 Hudson Guild Clipping - Aug. 22

1975 Hudson Guild Clipping - Aug. 22 "Summer camp mingles you and old (but young at heart) - [Newark] Star-Ledger, Friday August 22, 1975
[According to the U.S. Social Security Death Index, Camp Director Curtis R. Ream was born in Pennsylvania in 1914, and died in New Jersey in 2006.]

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1985 Catherine's letter -Aug. 22

Aug. 22, 1985
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I was going to call you this morning but decided I probably had time to write instead.

Gerry's mother arrived Monday at the Spokane airport so my mornings are a little less hectic since Wendy is staying home with her this week.  Next week I have off from work and then Wendy starts to school the day after Labor Day when I go back to work.

The tomatoes are sure slow in ripening, possibly because the weather has been so cool.  Highs have only been in the 60ºs this month and an night it gets down to 40º.  It's unusual to have such a cool August.  Plus we've had a couple days of rain this month.  Alot of the tomatoes that are turning are rotten on the bottom.  We have had green beans, several eggplant and there are lots of squash.  I've eaten and frozen quite a bit of applesauce and we made a microwave apple pie that turned out quite well.  After 10 min. in microwave, it bakes at 450º for 10 minutes to brown the crust.

Wendy and I have both been to the dentist this month.  she had her first filling and is going to have two of her bottom (baby) teeth pulled to make room for new ones, hopefully to avoid crowding.  I have a filling that needs re-done.  Gerry has about 10 more days of working extra long hours.  I've got storytimes planned through Dec. 18, staring Sept. 4 with school booktalks starting Sept. 5.  I will send you Wendy's school calendar next week.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1975 Roberta's letter -Aug. 21

August 21, 1975
Dear Family –

Hi! Feel like I had a walking tour of N.Y.C. today!  Right now it's 8:15 p.m. & I'm plopped up in bed – dead to the world.  1st I took a 6:30 A.M. bus out of Sparta & got into Port of Authority at 7:45.  I walked down 42nd street to 1st Avenue.  Past the United Nations buildings – at 44th street & 1st Ave. was the place I had to get my student card I need for my upcoming trip.  Then I walked to 62nd street (right where Maxwell plums is!) and back over just a half block off 5th to the India Gov't building & got my visa.  By 10L45 I had done what I was afraid would take me all day – or longer.  So then I walked down 5th Avenue & ate at the Tandoor Restaurant.  OH – I walked down 4th (I think) for a couple of blocks – went into the Waldorf Astoria (to sit down & use the pay-phone) Looked at their breakfast menu – for $4.00 you could get 1 egg, fruit juice, toast & coffee!  Wow!  I had a good lunch at Tandoor – ate upstairs buffet style.  Different stuff than when Dad & I was there.  Had alot of different kinds of melon & fruits all mixed up in a carved out watermelon.  As to meat – a lamb dish, chicken and some type of beef curry (on Hot side) Also this delicious stuff – they said it was home made cottage cheese.

When I got my student card I was only able to get it till December.  The new ones come out in October º but since I'm not going to school this fall I will not be eligible for one in October.

There were lots of Indian people where I got my visa.  It was so close to where we stayed [arrow pointing to the letterhead – Marriott's Essex House].  From the restaurant I slowly worked (walking all the way) my way to the bus station.  I got there about 2:00 So instead of going in I kept walking down to 34th street – all around me were men pushing racks of coats, etc. (Garment district) & over to Macy's.  Was just there a short time & then back to the bus station to meet my 5:35 bus.  Was back to Netcong at 6:55!  Both coming & going the buses were packed – full of men w/ their briefcases!

I saw alot of sights & everything in the city today – but next week I'm going to use the bus tokens!  The boys I work w/ gave me excellent directions as to how to get where I had to go – where to catch the buses, etc – wait till they hear I walked it all!  On my way to United Nations went inside the old train station – walked past big library & building w/ trees, etc.  growing inside.

Now – I checked w/ the Greyhound people & the best deal for me would be to get a 4:00 PM bus out of Netcong – which gets me to N.Y.C.  at 5:15 PM – a bus leaves for Columbus at 7:30 PM & arrives in Columbus at 9:40 A.M. Tuesday AM.  Would this be convenient for you all to meet?  I could get a bus to Wilmington but there is at least a 3 hour lay-over.

This bus is by far the best for me – as I leave NYC at a decent time – also arrive in Columbus at a good time.

I'm now the only person on the 2nd floor.  As Sid the program director left yesterday.

OH – guess what I did Wednesday & will be doing again this afternoon.  Driving people into Netcong to the grocery in the van.  Mr. Ream is really hurting for help since the driver left & also 3 of the 4 counselors.  Driving the van I don't mind at all.

I had a letter from Aunt Mary about the possibility of my coming to Lancaster.  But I feel it too much via bus.

I've got to do some laundry, etc – but wanted to tell you the good news as to my visa – etc.  I really feel like I'm going now!

This next week when I go into the city – just shopping!  Not going to walk from one end of the city to the other.

Hope all is well – please let me know about 9:40 Sept. 2nd.


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1975 Roberta's letter to GHU -Aug. 20

August 20, 1975
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter and for sending me Aunt Mary's letters.  Joe will be home tomorrow – and before too long he will be in Ohio.

Right now I wish I had the money to travel out West with Joe – but I have all my money set aside for India.  Tomorrow I'm going into New York City and begin to get some of the things I need to get worked out for my trip.  I'm going in on the 6:55  A.M. bus so I'll have a full day in the city.

Dad – I got your short note & tokens which I'll be using tomorrow.  Thanks.

Mary Virginia – how was your time at Lakeside?  What all did you do?

I'm curious if Marian & I.T. made it to New Vienna Monday night.  If they did it must have been late.  Because of my sending so much home w/them I'll have it easy come Labor Day.

The camp program here for children is falling apart – as the director let yesterday.  As far as I'm concerned though I'm glad he left.  He was always complaining – whatever we had to eat – he didn't like.

I'm enclosing an article about India a girl friend sent me.  Please save it.  Will send you a post card from the city.


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1965 Serena's letter -Aug. 21

A cryptic letter from Serena with the return address of the Dailey family on Morrison Dr. in Pittsburgh.  

[postmarked Pittsburgh PA 21 Aug 1965]

Dear Everybody,

I ate 1 hot sandwich the other fell on the floor so I did not eat it.  I got a cold glass of milk I had 15 min for we saw Joey's bus pass us.  We got at the the bus staion [sic] Well have to say good-by.

You daughter

Serena Uible

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1965 Roberta's Postcard -Aug.19

1965 Roberta's Postcard to Serena -Aug.19
1965 Roberta's Pen Pal Postcard to Serena -Aug.19 Captioned: The Parker Pen Pavilion where Nekoosa papers are used exclusively, New York World's Fair "peace through understanding through writing."
[postmarked New York NY 19 Aug 1965]
Got me a pen pal they could not find someone for mother and you had to be 12 to get one.  Wilma having alot of fun.  We got her her breakfast this morning I hope you get this for I get home.

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1965 Catherine's Postcard -Aug. 19

New York Stock Exchange postcard - mailed 1965.  Captioned: The Nation's Market Place.  Be sure to visit the Stock Exchange when you are in New York City.  See the vast trading floor, almost as large as a football field – and dramatic displays of America's great industries.  Open from 10 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Free.  Own your share of American business.

Thurs. [postmarked New York N.Y. Aug 19'65]
Guess where we are?  I loved the fair.  Wish we could have gone back again.  This place (stock ex) sure is different from the way I remember it.  Hope everybody is OK.  See you Sunday.
Love, Catherine

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1965 Roberta's Postcard -Aug. 18

Unisphere Night Scene New York World's Fair 1964-1965 - mailed 1965.  Captioned: The Unisphere is the theme symbol of The Fair.  Its top is 140 feet above ground level and the globe is 120 feet in diameter with an open grid of latitudes and longitudes supporting the land masses.  The reflecting pool beneath 
is 310 feet in diameter.  It dramatizes the interrelation of peoples of 
the world and their yearning for "Peace through Understanding."
[postmarked New York NY 18 Aug 1965]
HI!  tell John & Serena Hi!  Too tired to write Serena. I am having a delightful time didn't come home from fair till 9:30 tonight. Going to see Sand Piper Friday morning.  Rob.

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1965 Catherine's Postcard -Aug. 17

Catherine and Roberta went with a church group to the New York World's Fair during August 1965.  Wilma Croghan was among the other participants.
University Union Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio 
postcard - mailed 1965
[postmarked New York, NY 17 Aug. 1965]
Tues. morning.  Hi!  Didn't get in till 1:00 last night.  How to start off a week!  I walked down to the information center this morning at 43 (?) but it wasn't open.  I think we are gong to eat at the automat for breakfast! We have a nice room but it is small.  Roberta says she will write tomorrow.

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1985 Family Letter - Aug. 18

[Some of the typos have been corrected and others have probably been added. . . .]

Sunday, August 18, 1985

Dear Family,

It was nice to have a large part of the family here for a brief period during this past week.  X and John had to return the same afternoon, while Serena rode with Rob and Cindy to Indianapolis where she caught a bus for Chicago . . . . getting back laste [sic -- late or last or both] Monday evening.  The rest of the Horton clan left yesterday morning with Joe riding with the Kintners to the Columbus airport.  Grandma "weathered" all the company in great shape.  She also saw the Doctor who gave her a good report.

Mary Virginia was in and out several times and one of the highlights was when she and Joe had some "joint" music.  Joe is going to Taos, New Mexico later this month for painting and plans to go to Indonesia in February . . . we kidded him in saying what extent people go to be out of town when we plan to be in New York.

Roberta plans to be here for a week staring [sic] September 17.  Serena plans to come back again and we want to get together with X and John while Roberta is here.  We were pleasantly surprised to get cards from Cindy (should say Cynthia) and Wendy.  Hopefully she will have some memories of her trip with her great grandmother and her two aunts [actually only one aunt, Serena, went on the trip] this past July.  Roberta has already invited Wendy to Phoenix next summer.

We are getting caught up from our trip . . . . we do appreciate the spaciousness of our home, especially after five days in a small cabin on the QE2.  We enjoyed the public areas of the ship as much as those who had paid six times as much as we had.  Cunard also has standby fares which run about half of the regular fare.  Going by ship is such an event compared to flying.

Dad has written much and I am not used to this typewriter - tried to correct some of his words and never did fight the right keys or lines.  It was good to talk to each of even if briefly - wish that all our family might get together as the Hortons did but it was hectic too at times.  Cris and Angela and Rob and Cindy stayed with us but insisted and having breakfast at Ginny's Restaurant with the rest of the young people - am sure the restaurant will miss their business each morning.  They went canoing one day, to the State Fair another and golfing a couple of times.  We never did see Robert or Wes swim - they never went to the Y but swam at Snow Hill a couple of times.  Joe went to Cincinnati on Friday and saw Melissa and her husband who are remodeling ah home that cost a million to build and they are making into a music school - they have outgrown their present one.  The stained glass (Tiffany) windows alone have been valued at $900,000.  Joe says that she is the mastermind behind the school. He also looked over the conservatory where he went and downtown Cincy.

The raspberries have really been prolific - just picked and left Dad to pick more as the bugs were getting to me.  We had hoped that someone would pick while we were gone but there were so many on the ground!

School starts here a week from tomorrow and I hate to see summer over but it has been a hot one and humid!  Miss Shirley (McKamey) is taking a year's leave of absence and there will be 3 first grades and only one 3rd so they didn't get a replacement for Va. Hildebrant.

Grandma went to the eye doctor and Dr. Hamilton both Friday and got good reports.  The eye doctor can't help her eyes to read any better but said that she would never go blind.  Dr. H. says he can't see that the stroke she had has affected her at all so both encouraging.

The friend of Mary Virginia's where she has lived this summer has been painting the eaves but it is a long slow process.  She starts as principal of Town & Country school soon.  Kay Dick is working out well as Dad's asst. atty.

[Love, etc.]

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1965 Wells Clipping & Laura Hughes Letter -Aug. 13

The clipping that Laura Hughes mentions is scanned and transcribed following the letter.
Dear Jean & Harold,

Imagine our surprise one morning to open the Enquirer and find New Vienna making headlines (with something other than a cloudburst.)

Believe you were gone the week it appeared and thought you might not have seen it.

Congratulations, too on Serena winning an award in her cooking project at Fair this week.  With families like yours and ours 5 (plus 2) what's handier to have around than another good cook in the family?

So cheers to Serena, and keep it up honey.


Laura H.
1965 Wells Clipping from Cincinnati Enquirer about 
Korean orphans learning to play jacks.
That Old American Game of Jacks
Finds Eager Fans in Korean Capital

NEW VIENNA – Orphans in Seoul, Korea, are learning the old American childhood game of jacks, thanks to the Wells Manufacturing Co., of New Vienna.

The jacks were sent to the Soldiers and Policemen Children's Home in the Republic of Korea capital city.

The situation developed after a Korean janitor at the Yongsan Education Center in Seoul had obtained a set of jacks and asked an Army sergeant to teach him how to play.

After seeing the game, the janitor asked if he would write to the company and obtain the rules.  The janitor wanted to teach his own children how to play after having the rules translated.

Sgt. Robert D. Hiatt, with Headquarters Company, Special Troops, Eighth U.S. Army, which sponsors the home, wrote the letter and also asked if the company could possibly send several sets of jacks to be given to Korean orphans.

The Wells firm responded with a boxful of jacks and balls, along with the rules of the game.

"Actually, the Korean children knew the basic idea of how to play jacks as they have a somewhat similar game played with small rocks," Sergeant Hiatt related.  "However, there are several versions of the game in the rules we gave them."

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1985 Roberta's Letter - Aug.13

August 13, 1985
Dear Dad and Mom,

Today is the big day!!!  The walk-thru for our new building and it sure looks good!  I'm not sure what I did with my days before this . . . lately its constantly filled with contractors, subcontractors, and the architect.  I told you all about Lou, the architect . . . . . he knew of JOE in Dakar . .  . was also in Senegal with the Peace Corps.  This conversation came up one time because we had both worn shorts to a meeting.  (that is called dressing for the weather!)

Had a great visit with Mary Greene -- she is a struggling business woman in Taiwan.  Talked about how some 2,000 agents-traders (I forget the right word) open and close their doors for good each working day.  Survival is the key.  They are going to start a door to door business this coming January.  While Mary is in the states she is trying to contact alot of businesses that are successfully doing it here . . . . AVON, AMWAY, MARY KAY, etc.  I wouldn't mind getting into direct sales again some day myself.

Dorothy Stubbs came over this past Monday night and brought over a big box of fresh peaches.  They aren't so big but real good.  We try to get together at least a couple of times each summer and this was the first time this summer.  She went to my water exercise class with me.  It was a bit too much -- too fast for her.  I'd sure like to get into the area of exercises for the "not so young, not so fit" group.

I've been reading lots on nutrition lately.  The more you get into it the more interesting it is!!! Picked up JANE BRODY (with NYTimes) book on Nutrition on sale for $3 --- lots of good reading there.

How was the big day on Sunday ----- and just how many people were around the table at the Golden Lamb??  I had wanted to call but it was go,go,go, while Mary was here.  Mary left early Monday morning -- had to send her to the airport in limo (word used loosely) because I could not find anyone to be here at 5:00 AM.  Called up the limo service and for a buck more would come to the door . . . instead of getting her over to the Westcourt Hotel.

Back to the Uible-Horton gathering . . . what were some of the highlights????  Sounds like at least 3 Uibles were there for the occasion.  Hope John and X can come to New Vienna when I'm there in September.  I've got reservations to fly in on the 18th -- paying a little bit more ($16.50 each way more) to come on a direct flight.  Arrival time in Cincinnati is 2:25 P.M.

Now 8/15 - will rush this off & write again . . . . .

Much Love,


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1985 Wendy's Postcard -Aug. 8

Disneyland Hotel postcard - mailed 1985.  It's a resort. It's an experience.  It's the only hotel directly on the monorail to Disneyland.  With 16 restaurants and lounges.  A tropical beach. Three pools. Ten tennis courts. And "Seaports of the Pacific," a waterfront playground and entertainment center for the whole family.
Hello to all the Hortons!]
Hi Grandma and grandad I miss you how is Ohio?  Colfax is great  We might go to splash down [a water slide place] love Wendy

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1975 John's Letter - Aug.6

Wed. August 6, 1975

My Dearest Ones Away from Home,

I decided it was my duty to write a lovely letter to my loved ones.

Everything here is quiet, except the poker games and wild parties until 2:00 a.m.  Grandma said to say she is fine.  I mailed out her 200 jack letters this morning.  In matter of fact, Phyllis was writing in the bulk rate slip when you called her, but I didn't want to interrupt a business call.   Dad, I hope you got along alright with the gang at Silver-Berke [?].

My jiggers have spread more, but do not seem to be bothering me.  On Grandma's advice, I have been using amonia [sic] on them.  Mr. Hessler showed me his arm with jiggers.  He told me Charlie Gibson was covered, too, and all they did was stand on the lot ten minutes for the auction.

I have just reached the point where most of the leftovers are gone.  Now I am anxious to try Miraculous Momma's pre-packed, assorted treats.  Garden is overflowing with food.  Some meals I eat a whole tomato.  Since Mary Va. is gone, someone must inherit your (her) tomato appetite.  I hope Mary Va. and Roberta are able to get along without my heavenly guidance.

The weather has been cool and cloudy, but not too much rain.  Mom, I think I remember you saying for me not to work too much.  So I am trying to stack my dirty dishes neatly in the sink for you to tend to on your return.

Gilliland's Garden Group brought beets last night, but I sadly informed her that her boss was on his 17th honeymoon to Czeckoslavokia [sic] with wife and two daughters.  I think they can bring more beets at a later date.  I hope all of you are having a good time at the Cold-Turkey Convention.

J. B. Uible

PS Last night, or I mean this morning at either 2:30 a.m. or 3:30 a.m., I received a collect call from Jackie Brown for Miss Uible.  I know I wasn't dreaming, but I can't remember much about the call.  I was tired after another big party.

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1985 Roberta's Letter - Aug.3

August 3, 1985
Dear Folks,

WELCOME BACK!11  I've got another letter started . . . from about three weeks ago, will try to find it and send along.  Thanks for the postals as you travelled along.  Sounds like you sure enjoyed Scotland.  I was talking to someone last night who had just gotten back from England two weeks or so ago.  You should have heard them talk about all those blank blank lawyers that arrived in London and how it should be against the law to have so many lawyers in one place at one time!  I was short on time so didn't say a word about you all being part of the group!  Besides the guy was doing some volunteer work here for me . . . . fixing some electrical this and that --- all that's gone wrong since Sid left.

It doesn't look like I will be making the Colorado scene . . . . lots of changes and I need to stick around.  Also there is no food service contract as of August 12th and that needs to be worked on next week.  George Ketchum is responsible for it -- and that should be interesting . . . . .

Also changes have been made on who we can --or have to accept.  we now have to take any adults over 18 -- as long as they have a health problem that prevents them from living alone . . . but not needing nursing home care.  We are getting lots of referrels [sic] of young mentally retarded patients (mild) (supposedly)  All this really turns off the older people who are here.  I can pretty much put my foot down and say no -- as long as I'm here.  We can also now take people with money (up to 30 thou total assets) and they will just pay a little higher rent -- now this presents no problems.  It will be something to watch tho once they are here.

I've had a real disaster this last week.  The whole thing was my fault which did not make it any easier to deal with.  I did two things -- both of which I have done many times before -- never with Sid here -- since if he were here he would have done both -- tho not at the same time.  I had made a gallon of sun tea and had it out by the pool.  I started to water the back yard and thought about taking the sun tea in then, but, I thought I'd change the sprinkler location first and get it going.  You can guess what happened . . . . I whipped the hose around and wham zam the gallon glass jar went right in the pool  There were some big pieces of glass but mostly small ones and lots of slivers of glass.  This all happened about 11:00 at night, so I didn't get much sleep that night!!!  I've had the pol service we use out and he tells me to be completely on the safe side the pool needs to be drained and then done with a wet vac (or is it dry vac).  So I've been without a pool since Wednesday . . . . and I'm sure anxious to get the pool back in "working condition."  I will never again make sun tea out by the pool.

I have gotten this big interest in nutrition -- especially the importance of fiber.  Have you heard of the F PLAN DIET?  (it's a book also) I have been reading it and it is quite good.  Trying to increase my fiber intake to about 40 grams a day.  Most Americans only eat about 15 grams a day.  In order to get it up to the 40 I've had to eat bran cereal (FIBER-1) everyday for breakfast and beans, peas, or baked potato . . . along with an apple and an orange and other vegies [sic] with fiber every day.  All this fiber really does wonders for the old digestive track . . . if you know what I mean!!

Our new dining room is to be completed by the 9th of August . . . another reason why I need to be here next week.  I can't complain since I've only (ha) been gone 4 weeks since the 21st of May!!!

What do you know – just when I'm getting warmed up on the typing – I've loaned out the typewriter – to Mary Reed – mother of Roberta & Catherine (Wendy's playmates).

Items from Uible photo album