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November 1, 1989-99

Expecting Kate

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - My PERS check is now $115.13 from $111.96.

Thursday 1990 - Jean had appt. at Main Medical.  Linn Woods had called us about getting some fish which he wanted to share with us, they were very small but we tried to accept them gratefully (he is windy).  Had lunch at Chinese place, lunch special is $2.75.  In September (while in China) we used 105 cu ft of water or $2.62.

Sunday 1992 - [Kentucky] Spent day in Somerset at UMC, MV got a 10% raise to $18,500.  John and Julie called about their BIG news for 5/93 [expecting Kate].

Monday 1993 -  Ed Johnson wants to retire next June.  Charlotte Hause is in the hospital.  My retirement [see PERS entry in 1989] raised from $161.24 to $164.41.  Jean's is $253.14/month.

Tuesday 1994 - What a cold damp day, water bill for 366 cu ft was total of $33.11.  In 1990 it was $22.45 for 105 cu ft.  Ending reading was 038147, now 59202.  Trash was $4.75 now $6.50.  Retirement is now $172.08 per month.  Article in WSJ about Men's Clothing – S&K Menswear [bankrupt and closed 2009], Today's Man [bankrupt 1996, out of business 2003] and Men's Warehouse [still operating, listed on NYSE under MW].

Wednesday 1995 - Roy Vance spoke on Children's Services at Lions Club.  Josephine Harner brought supper into Jean.  Halpin auction sale, house brought $56,500.  Jean went to Dr. Kim, had catheter taken out.

Friday 1996 -  [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Saturday 1997 - County UMM (15th Annual) in Wilmington, 9 from our church.  Dan DiBiasio, President of Wilmington College since 1995 spoke on integrity.  [He left Wilmington College in 2011 to become president of Ohio Northern.]  I had the benediction.  NVUMW dinner in the evening, Marg Kirkpatrick headed up the kitchen.  Made reservations to fly to Phoenix next March to coincide with Mexican train ride.  Bob Carey went on at great length about his father-in-law's illness and the problem of taking the FFA to KC, MO.

Sunday 1998 - Helped with the bells at 1pm, then went to Wilmington.  Diabetes exhibit at the Y, then to see Ruth Shoemaker, trouble with blinds, while showing her the moon.  Bell Choir concert at 7.  Streber's gas is 95.9¢.

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to home] Drove back from Somerset.  Lunch at First Watch at Harper Station (on 22, just north or rather east of I-275.  Jean went to Mother's Club at Ponderosa in Wilmington with Virginia Walker as hostess.  Problems with Tom Gibson and taking care of Elsie.

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October 31, 1989-99


 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Mother doesn't seem to be herself, no appetite and dizzy.  Ed Johnson (our pastor) told me of his plans to retire.

Thursday 1991 - Hortons left for Lake Worth.   GHU seems very good, even "yoo-hoo'd when the paper came.  Burned the first leaves of the fall at Mothers.  Lots of Trick or Treaters this evening.  [Second entry, same date, possibly first part of this is 1990.]  Used the lawnmower to mulch the leaves.  Our last night on the ⃞ dance hospitality committee with Bob and Pat Miles.  Jean went to Wilmington to work on Hospital Twig Cook Book.

Saturday 1992 - [Kentucky] Went to Williamsburg KY museum.

Sunday 1993 - Wade and Jan [Joan? or Lori?] Roby moved out of parsonage, no forwarding address.  Amazing that as a Dr. (PhD) he could not find a job, that he thought was a living wage, owes $800 for two months rent.  [According to 9/13/93 post he was 59 and was either over qualified or too old for any job.]

Monday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ to home] We all had lunch at the Dial Building, the rounded edge building near McDowell on Central, very pretty and reasonable.  We visited the P.L. until time to leave, they are to open new Central P.L. [now called Burton Barr Library] this next spring, a big contrast to the present one which opened in 1952 [which is now the Art Museum].  [The Carnegie Library operated as a library from 1908-1954, 46 years, then 43 years in the "old" library will make Phoenix due for another new library in about 2040!]

Tuesday 1995 - Saw ad in paper about cheap fares to Phoenix, $239 RT so made reservations for week of 1/13/96.  SW also had $19 fare to Chicago.  Got dark brown pair of Sass shoes from Roberta, $58 from factory outlet.  Got a bunch of Sunday NYT travel sections from Catherine.

Friday 1997 - GG and Carolyn really dressed up for Halloween – "Always wanted to see what I'd look like as a blond reading the book The Millionaire Next Door."

Saturday 1998 - [to Columbus, Newark, home] Flint's tree trimming should be here per his visit on 8/26/98.  Went to Columbus, Jean had meeting at Shrine Temple for UMW.  I went on to Newark, 11am ground breaking for new library.  Board had on one color of hard hats, the library staff another color, etc.  We had lunch at McDonald's downtown. They took a TV out in the country, a lovely secluded spot in the woods [John reported in 2010 that the TV was taken for repair].  They are still thinking of that travel business.  We met John, Julie and Kate at Easton Mall still more building going up.  Kate seemed very friendly.  Had supper at Cookers.  John got a big wall map for his birthday, located in Kate's "school room."

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] After church went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch.  Susan joined us as Rudy was on one of his 24 hour shifts.  Ginny went for a swim in the pool, we were in Room 107 at the Comfort Inn.  Back to church at 6pm where a Baptist group was also present.  Then went for a snack at Wendy's.  Somerset UMC budget is $462,922.  Director of Music gets $34,280.

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October 30, 1989-99

Discount at Luby's
 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - 5th Annual CMH Alumni dinner at General Denver, about 50 there. Sat with the Hamiltons, Dr. Girk, Dr. Metaske and Dr. Buchanan. CMH has raised $700,000 for the remodeling program. Called Serena, she had a D&C yesterday as an outpatient.

Tuesday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Jean, Roberta and I left about 10:30 to meet Serena for lunch in Greenville, ate at the "Dots" Restaurant, lunch special $2.98 for ½ sandwich and soup. Her apartment looks "lived in." They were delivering her new desk. Roberta had a good deal on her ticket at $169 R.T. to Phoenix. Ate supper at Cracker Barrel, 4 veg. and biscuit for $3.95. Car turned 5,000 miles. At Dayton Airport cheapest parking is $3.50/day.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother seemed real good, enjoying the trick or treaters at Heartland.

Friday 1992 - [Kentucky] Got new battery for my watch, should last a year.

Saturday 1993 - A surprise wet snow, 2/3" but not sticking to road. Jean took Ann Bailey to UMW meeting in Columbus. GHU really uncooperative. Had fire in fire place.

Sunday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] We went to church with Sid and Roberta at their UMC then ate at Luby's. The Lou Ann Plate is $3.99 and Roberta had coupon for 20% off. Had supper at Catherine's. She had spinach into a hamburger patty.

Monday 1995 - Went after Jean at CMH about 11am and had vegetable soup that she had fixed earlier. Julie fixed supper, chicken casserole and then left about 6pm. Had to go back to Wilmington and get prescriptions for Jean. Gas 98.9¢

Wednesday 1996 - Met John Julie and Kate at Jimmy's Upstairs at 595 S. 3rd St. in Columbus, very nice. That cut up bookstore is a block south, got a book on South Africa and also London. Joe's place next to bookstore, we had ice cream there. Jean went to Main Medical she has been having a pain in her left side, Eddie Bath thought it was an infection.

Thursday 1997 - Jim Erbaugh here for ⃞ dance calling. Still digging up streets for new 8" water mains.

Saturday 1999 - [Kentucky] Had outdoor picnic in the evening with Susan and Rudy there. He took a lot of kidding about his "home made" baked beans. We all drove around Somerset, where Ginny went Trick or Treating, oh the candy she got.

Gladys Hiestand (Uible) - High School pictures

Recently obtained a copy of the 1908 Hillsboro Ohio High School magazine, The Trident, published at graduation time in 1908.  Although there are class pictures of the high school classes of 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1911, unfortunately none of them have the students identified.  Based on Gladys' graduation picture she is fairly easy to pick out in her class picture.
Hillsboro Ohio HS Class of 1911, as freshman in 1908.  Students are not identified in this picture printed in the HS magazine, The Trident, Commencement Number 1908.  Gladys Hiestand is 2nd from left in top row.

Gladys Hiestand (Uible) - High School Graduation 1911

1911-1913 and 1925 were important years in the life of Gladys and our lives today.

  • 1911 June High School Graduation, Hillsboro Ohio High School
  • 1912 June Marriage to Cecil J Uible
  • 1913 August Birth of Mary Uible Horton
  • 1925 October Birth of Harold Hiestand Uible

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October 29, 1989-99

Ginny rolls over, Christian hollers
HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - 89 at church, Helen Drake baptized. Nellie Thornburg put in birthday $$, she is 89.

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]

Thursday 1992 - [Kentucky] Met MV and Don at Outback Restaurant in Lexington. Ginny is growing, she can roll over by herself. We both got sleepy driving on to Williamsburg.

Friday 1993 - Went to Lebanon (Otterbein) to see the Finchs on legal business. 741 is torn up south of the Home. We ate at the Golden Lamb, early bird special was $7.95, plenty of beans. Went to Big Bear for groceries.

Saturday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Went to Scottsdale to see the play "Oleanna" about a male professor and a girl student. He is charged with sexual abuse. We went early and got the tickets and then Roberta came with some folks from Senior Village. We enjoy going to the S.W. Grocery, a strong Mexican influence. We visited the Heard Museum. They were also having "Dia de los Muertos." [Officially celebrated on November 2 in connection with All Souls' Day.

Sunday 1995 - Jean is up and walking around. John, Julie and Kate came about 5:30 and we had a snack at the hospital. Julie's brother-in-law is a therapist there. Georgialia joined us for supper, Stan is 57. She said the daughter-in-law from Kenya is more like her than her two daughters, one has been taking movies of local scenes.

Wednesday 1997 - Took the afternoon off, put up storm windows and planted evergreen and the red maples around the yard, mostly on far end across the street. Roger Bahr came over and got our email icon back on the screen. Ed Johnson is pastor at Belfast, Folsom, and ________ UMCs.

Thursday 1998 - Flu shots today. Jean worked at the Senior Center. Hinshaws came about 5, we had expected them at 4 as we had made reservations at Murphin Ridge for 5:30 so called them again. We did get there about 6 and had a very good dinner. $68 for the four of us and we each had cider (refillable) for $1.50 each, plus we had a total of two desserts. They had been hiking in the Edge of the Appalachia Preserve near Lynx - Buzzardroost Rock.

Friday 1999 - [to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset. Halloween party at UMC. MV went to activity at Richmond. Christian can really holler when his Mother leaves. We spent the night there, a real challenge to get to the bathroom with all the clothes hanging on the door.  [MV added in 2010 that she had forgotten about the half bath off the laundry room in Somerset which doubled as an obstacle course.]

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October 28. 1989-99

Never trust a skinny cook
 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - The Harners and I had the program at the NV Senior Citizens on our cross country bike trip. Orville: "never trust a skinny cook." Painted Valleys (first time) on our roof. Put dirt before our new planter wall.

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Had 94 at church, had pot luck dinner, then song fest in the PM. Nellie [Evans] Thornburg [1900-2002] had open house at Wilma's for Nellie's 90th birthday. Serena and Roberta had great time looking at pictures of 30+ years ago.

Wednesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts ends]

Thursday 1993 - We took the Nathan Hale's to Murphin Ridge, he kept commenting about all the buzzards. Mother seems a little better. Going ⃞ dancing instead of opening the door for all the trick or treaters.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ]

Saturday 1995 - Winterized GHU's house, since Jean was running a temperature, she will not get to go home today. Mowed the high spots in the yard. Got a sub at Wendy's for $1.99, usual $2.75. Jean had her first regular meal tonight. She wrote a card to Ann Bailey, who has a part in Emmaus walk this weekend.

Monday 1996 - The new stove came from Steinberg's.

Tuesday 1997 - Went to Blanchester P.L. for program on internet, it was a fast session. Eleanor Powell Pelfry works there part time. Her Mother Sarah is at Twin Towers. We have lost our icon on the CRT. McFadden closing on land K.

Wednesday 1998 - Went to Wilmington to Court House then to hear Robert Heinecken [artist and photojournalist who died 5/19/06 at age of 74] talk at 3pm on Guatemala. [His most recent work is an] Article in NYT on 10/18 re: New Delhi. At 7:15 Julian Bond spoke on Civil Rights: then and now. He is active in NCAAP. This was all part of the Wertheimer Peace Symposium. Christine Hadley Snyder was at the Heinecken talk. College Library has NYT Sophisticated Traveler.

Thursday 1999 - Got flue shot. Republican presidential debate at Dartmouth. Prediction in WSJ about easier machine coming in 2000 to use the internet. Talking to Elizabeth Ellen Carey [1914-2008] at Senior Center, she is 86 and wants to keep her mind working, speaks so highly about Doug helping her.

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October 27, 1958, 69, 89-99

Happy Birthday!
 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1958

HH 1958

Monday 1969 - We left for Ohio Bar Trip to Mallorca Spain.

Friday 1989 - #64 [birthday] Had cake at the office, went to Wilmington, had May [Ruth?] court hearing at noon. We ate at 94 South. They had a special for $4.95, onion soup was $2.50. Had Mother up for cake and ice cream. Jean gave me bike sweater. Roberta sent a tape (Dobson), "Where's Dad?"

Saturday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] GHU joined us for Senior Citizens Pot Luck Dinner, Wilmington Librarian spoke. John came about 3, house sale is iffy. He gave me a Woolrich shirt, Jean several Ohio books. Serena arrived after supper. Kathi McIntosh called up, she plans to quit, doesn't get along with Joyce. Hortons returned from visiting Cris and Angela in Auburn IN.

Sunday 1991 - [Gatlinburg TN to home with Gullets] We left Gatlinburg at 8:30, ate at Peoples Restaurant in Berea, buffet $5.95. Stella had two big pancakes. At Boone Tavern the cheapest entree was $13.25. Next stop was Friendly Ice Cream, $1.15/dip. Got home about 5pm. Roberta called about her qualifying for a $300 E.O. discount plus a free trip for getting 3 people.

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts to home] Depart Bangkok for Cincinnati via Los Angeles

HH, Jean Uible and Liggett Group at Thailand Palace includes Ed & Mary Wells, Nathan & Marge Hale, Jack & Betty Liggett, Miriam & Bud Roe, Linda & Bob Hinshaw, Don & Jean Liggett, Grace & Ed Seamonds

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Roberta is promoting a trip to China in 9/95, she got us complimentary tickets for the symphony, pretty deep stuff. We ate at a Greek place at the AZ Center.

Friday 1995 - GG and Carolyn went on a bus tour to Nashville, they left at 7am. Had to be at the hospital at 6:30am, operation was at 7:30 with Dr. Kim. Jean was still groggy at noon and had a liquid supper. Stan Hannah is in the next room with a hip replacement. Serena came up in the PM, she is trying to replace our computer. Jean gave me a pair of gray slippers, turtle neck shirt and a potato spade. MV gave me a shirt: "Better to be dead than extinct."

Sunday 1996 - Went to Frisch's for lunch then to Owen and Mary Smith's 50th anniversary reception. Calvin was there, didn't recognize him, he is wrinkled and his wife, Jean, looks so matronly. They met at Duke in grad school and were married 8/57. Then to see Elvis at Extended Care. Then CMH where we helped the Harners bring Josephine home. At 6:30 had program at church, story of the song, Amazing Grace.

Monday 1997 - Dow Jones drops 550 points, Jean gave me an MQ belt and DQ shirt.

Tuesday 1998 - Got our recycle card and a digital thermometer. Catherine made her usual call. GG had pumpkin cake and Carolyn the hot cider.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean gave me tie with geography symbols. She worked at CMH in AM and then on cabbage and broccoli. Gore and [Bill] Bradley in NH debate [for Nov. 2000 presidential race].

October 1950 Postcard from Grandma

"These roads in the east keep one guessing for there are so many that go over, under and around.  Parking is nil ... and traffic is a continuous stream."
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company c1945 postcard
Gladys to M/M HH Uible sent Oct. 1950 while visiting CJU's sister 
Serena and nephew Leslie Reynolds
As you can see Grandma wasted no space, writing in three different directions except for the direction of the addressee.  Transcription follows:

Sat. 9PM.  We are now in Cambridge Mass.  Left Serena's at 7:45 came by Providence R.I. arriving at Leslie's at 1 PM.  Had quite a time finding his street.  We have a very nice room 4 blocks away.  Leslie and Joan took us out to see the school etc. this afternoon.  There are many historical places near.  These roads in the east keep one guessing for there are so many that go over, under and around.  Parking is nil unless you know and traffic is a continuous stream.  Give Catherine [and think of her yet unborn siblings] a hug for us. Love, Mother  [Written on top upside down:] Dad has your letter.  [Written sideways in addressee part:] Mrs. Ballantyne have a good visit with J-H. [Lucie with Jean, Harold]

Serena Uible Reynolds 1884-1963, sister of CJU, married Leslie Clinton Reynolds 1878-1924.  Leslie Jr. 1922-1998, had four older sisters: Helen (1910-1963), Marjorie (1912-1994), Serena (1914-1968), and Lucile (1916-2009).

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October 26, 1989-99

Luby's closing at Metrocenter

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Bob and Pat Ballantyne leave]

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker out for lunch.

Saturday 1991 - [Gatlinburg TN] We walked up to the P.L., met Gullets at 11:45 , drove down to the Visitor Center, bumper-to-bumper traffic, then up to Pigeon Forge, parking lots also full.  Ate at Apple Tree Inn Restaurant after confusion if it was the Apple Barn Restaurant as it was 1/4 mile north of city limits.  Was going to ride the trolley up to the ⃞ dance place, but missed the "starting place."

Monday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Depart Indonesia for Bangkok, Thailand via Kuala Lumpur.

                                                      Jean, HH - Sumatra 1992
Tuesday 1993 - Business is very slow at Wells, so many of our customers are going broke, can't compete with the Walmarts, etc. Heard from the Don Liggets about a trip next Feb., but we have plans to go to the Big Island in Hawaii with Senior Ventures. Heartland called, Mother having high temperature problems and not doing well. Went to Wilmington and had supper at Donatos Pizza. We went out to see John Hughes, said he can't get out of bed by himself and his medicine is stronger. His mind is great.

Wednesday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Supper at the Morgans. Wendy has a phone job calling people for donations [that job didn't last long]. Bought new pair of Rockports, light colored at Famous Footwear (8085 W. Bell) [still there], size 13N. Price was $49.99, cleaner $4.99 + 7% tax. [Tax in 2010 is 6.6% state, 0.7% county, 1.8% Peoria, 2% Phoenix, 2.2% Glendale and Surprise, making the total between 9.1-9.5%] Thanks to ball orders business is good at Wells.

Thursday 1995 - Had our flu shots at NV Senior Citizens, no charge for those on medicare.

Saturday 1996 - Three men (Paul is one, has been doing this for 46 years) put down the new flooring in our kitchen. They had spent two evenings doing the recreation room and the other bathroom. Elvis [Wiget, not Presley] is at Extended Care. MV sent another shirt – Joe Cool.

Sunday 1997 - Calling hours for Dorothy Adams (76) in Sabina (Roy Adams 1919-2004). Visited Evelyn Bernard [from Sabina] and Ralph Trenary at Autumn Years. Bananas at Krogers 19¢/lb, milk $1.29/gal.

Monday 1998 - Card from MV, also Ginny and Christian. John called, their library ground-breaking is this Friday. Roberta called re reservations in Phoenix for 11/18 and for week of 11/24. Luby's at Metrocenter has closed. Picked some yellow tomatoes near the house.

Tuesday 1999 - Had ice cream and cake at Wells. Four new stocks in DJI [Dow Jones Index], SBC [now AT&T], Microsoft, Intel and Home Depot, replacing Chevron, Sears, Goodyear and Union Carbide.

Added in 2010:

Catherine said re 1998: Also found a bankruptcy document for Luby's dated 11/27/2002 that the one at 1933 W. Dunlap was scheduled to be closed. That whole corner, including the site on the southeast of the parcel that was once an Ethiopian Restaurant, then Mexican, then Chinese has been demolished and is now covered with gravel, awaiting the next development. The last Luby's in Arizona, the one in Surprise/Sun City West closed in 2009.

From Dad re 1994: At Wells there were several good ball years, one customer used them in a gizmo for a back massage, like 15 balls in each unit and he sold a lot to folks who wanted the latest.

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October 25, 1989-99

Bob and Pat visiting

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Bob and Pat Ballantyne visiting]  The four of us left about 3 for Lake Cowan.  To Lebanon (early bird dinner at Golden Lamb was $7.60) but ended up eating at Spillway Lodge, then to Cincinnati Symphony at Wilmington College.  Don McCoppin finished laying up wall to our planter box and poured a section of new walk in front of the parsonage.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean, Roberta and Serena drove to Dry Ridge KY to meet Don and MV.  MV came back to Wilmington as she is the song leader for Emmaus meeting.  We stayed over for Kiwanis Meeting to which the Harners had invited us.  Program was by Christine Hadley Snyder  (who was on our trip to Costa Rica) spoke on her recent trip to Cuba.  The physical therapist was to see GHU.

Friday 1991 - [to Gatlinburg TN] Left for Gatlinburg with Mitch (he is 80 but doesn't seem it) [1911-2000] and Stella [1917-2011] Gullet.  Met opposite the S...ville Library.  Oh the traffic.  We had reservations at River Terrace $80/night, room #7-480.  ⃞ dancing at Convention Center, the 6th annual.  Quite a walk up there.

Sunday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Lake Toba, Parapat, Indonesia 

                                 HH & Jean - Lake Toba Excursion, Sumatra - 1992U

Tuesday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Visited old [Carnegie] Library on W. Washington St, nice exhibit on the Harvey Girls.

Friday 1996 - Isaacs have "torn up" their apple orchard.

Saturday 1997 - [Columbus to home] Jean of to UMC meeting at Aladdin Temple (very near Morse Rd.).  Met her again at 2pm.  Visited library at Whitehall and Bexley.  We went to the new Easton shopping center, long ways to go.  Got a super sports store there, rock wall to climb.  Met John, Julie and Kate at Hoggy's at 62 and Morse Rd., Julie said her Dad was having trouble with his legs.  John and Julie are talking of adopting an oriental child.  Stop at Lutheran Village to see Homer and Rona Thompson, she gave us this list of furniture that they left with the Davis's [?] some 13 years ago.  He went there in 1/96.  Got gas for 106.9¢.

Sunday 1998 - Minister appreciation at Church.  Had list of 14 families (etc.) to "Build a Bridge," who came to the Fun Fest and who had no church home.  We have the name of Tyler Brewer, age 14 of 200 Rollins Lane.

Monday 1999 - Heard from Mares re Shenandoah reunion in 2000.

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October 24, 1989-99

John and Evelyn Spencer

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Bob and Pat Ballantyne arrived en route to Laconia NH from Memphis. The four of us rode bikes over to Leesburg for supper, chicken pie was $5.95. They are also going over to Airborne for the tour at 12:30 AM.

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta flew into Dayton and Serena brought her down. Mother doesn't seem to remember being in the hospital this past week.

Saturday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Sumatra, Indonesia
HH and bike with side-car - Sumatra - 1992

Sunday 1993 - [UMC Laity Weekend at Proctor Center to home] Came down the back roads to Cedarville hiked up the trail to see Williamson Indian Mound [Williamson Mound State Memorial], then to Xenia to P.L., spoke with Lenore _____ as library was closing. She is working on genealogy of her family.

Monday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Got rental car at Alamo

Tuesday 1995 - Spent the day at the new Wilmington Playground development, sure not used to pounding nails, solicitation from Wilm. College. Met at Allen McKay's re Cincy project.

Thursday 1996 - Busy day in Wilmington. Leadership Clinton, cut the plate order back to 250 pieces. Walt Ewing realty closing. Then "house calls" on Maxine Z. and Flora Daniel. When we got home found the Spencers, John and Evelyn, had called about our meeting at the Golden Lamb so we there about 6PM and came back about 9. They had a Dole sticker on their car. They were married 10/9/1948 and birthday 4/16 and 4/30 (hers) 1920. They have a grandson in Boys Choir in Princeton NJ and had gone to the Cloisters in April, courtesy of their children.

Friday 1997 - [to Columbus] In Columbus at 4pm for Mary Murphy (Phyllis Flint's sister) real estate closing. Had reservations at Signature Inn [now Ramada Inn] at 6767 Schrock Rd. near I-270 and Cleveland Ave for $66 + tax. Room 206. Ate next door at Schmidt's [no longer at that location]. Had ice cream near [Mt. Carmel] St. Anns hospital and walked around the Meyer store. Item in WNJ about G.M. Rice Furniture (since 1909) going out of business.

Saturday 1998 - Beautiful day. Marie Cooper called about 8am, bringing chicken to cook for Bell Choir Dinner. Planted trees and shrubbery. Mowed grass and cleaned up garden. Hit the high spots on shrubbery. We ate at the school (carnival) sat with Paul Eltzroth [1923-2003]. He has had cancer for 14 years. Then went to Wilmington to put up signs about our church bazaar at Walmart and Bob and Carls.

Sunday 1999 - Sermon: we come into this world with nothing and that's the way we learn. Fun days at church set up time at 2pm, then 4-7pm. Really went very well. Two people with balloons, coin toss, basket toss, face painting, wagon rides, bean bas toss, free cones, pop and hot dogs. Sid forwarded us a picture on the internet.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 23, 1989-99

Seligman AZ

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - Jean had prayer meeting at 7.  Picked beans in the garden.  Chas Lewis finished up painting Mother's home., some $2900 for labor and some $500 for paint.  Gas bill 58 CCFS for $30.01.

Wednesday 1991 - Still very nice weather.  Reading WNJ about David Striker.  He does need his head examined.

Friday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Depart Penang, Malaysia, arrive Sumatra, Indonesia

Jean and HH en route to Sumatra from Malaysia, Liggett group 1992

Saturday 1993 - [UMC Laity Weekend at Proctor Center]  Fast Day at Proctor Center.  Hayride in the evening.

Sunday 1994 - [Havasupai to Phoenix AZ] Hiked out of the canyon and drove back to Seligman for lunch.  The couple that run the barber shop and the Chamber of Commerce are old timers who remember when US-66 was the main route [replaced by I-40 in 1984] and was also big as a train stop [last passenger service in 1984 also], a Harvey Restaurant. [El Havasu Harvey House. Built 1897 by A&P. Last ATSF passenger service 1971. Last Amtrak service 1984. Demolished, 2008.]  Roberta had transmission problems with her Taurus in North Phoenix so had to have car towed in.  Luckily the warranty covered it up to 50 miles, it was 47.

Monday 1995 - Had dental appointments then Court House and ate at Frisch's for supper.  Gas 98.9¢.

Wednesday 1996 - Men arrived to lay carpet in recreation room and bathrooms as well as the linoleum in the kitchen,  They are putting plywood down first.

Saturday 1999 - Went to Festival of Sharing at Clark County Fairgrounds.  Don M. [Milburn?] was there, also Edwin [?] and Katherine from Martinsville.  Had ice cream at Young's (1 dip $1.40) then to Yellow Springs Public Library, old magazines are free.  Had supper at Sunrise Cafe in YS, Jean had Rack of Lamb, they cook on the grill out in front, it was $10.  I had vegetable shish-kebabs.  Cold wind.

Friday, October 21, 2011

October 22, 1989-99

Havasupai Indian Reservation

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - What a beautiful day!

Monday 1990 - Brought Mother home from the hospital, got along very well. In PM represented Vaughn Reynolds at zoning meeting from H-2 to H-1.

Thursday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Malaysia

Friday 1993 - [to Proctor Center for UMC Laity Weekend] We left for Proctor Center [an Episcopal family center], on R-38, 8 miles south of London OH.  Had Room #1, Cottage 3.  $70 for each of us.  Dinner at 6pm.  UMC Laity Weekend.  Rev. Carl Ling [1926-1997 former UMC pastor in Hillsboro, died of pancreatic cancer] was opening speaker.

Saturday 1994 - [Havasupai AZ] Hiked on down the trail, several beautiful waterfalls.  Ate supper at Jan's, a private home just as you walk into town.  It was really like a 3rd world down there.

Sunday 1995 - Joann and Keith Rankin here for lunch then at 1pm we left with Ray King to go to Mission 2000 at the Dayton Area UMC.  Jean was at Fairborn, Joanne at Exit 7 on I-670 and the rest of us on Salem Ave.  The big church was built in the early 1920s.  My speaker, Rev. Saler was from the Brainard [?] Ave. area UMC Church, very inspirational.  Article in today's NYT about low cost places to stay in London.  Morgans Hotel is in the British Museum area.

Thursday 1998 - Bob and Bev Gooding came about 10:30 am, we had a peanut butter sandwich before leaving for Pike Lake.  Serena had left previously.  We walked the lake trail, .4 of a mile, then the wildcat trail, 1.2 miles some steep places, but very nice.  Drove into Waverly where we had planned to have supper at the Emmitt House, built in 1861.  [Now listed as permanently closed.]  Nice P.L. across the street.  Dinner didn't start until 5, so we had supper across the street.  We would go there again.  Bob spoke of a restaurant in Covington, OH, "Buffalo Jacks."  Bev had fried ice cream.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 21, 1989-99

Don & MV at Villars Chapel

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Had letter from Catherine re our AZ reservation [for Christmas reunion].

Sunday 1990 - Don and MV had services at Villars Chapel, he spoke on Acts 3:1-8.  Personal example of when he was flat on the ice in Lubbock TX and people never offered to help.  Travel article in NYT re South India.

Wednesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]

Thursday 1993 - Hortons leave for Lake Worth.  Flu shots at NV Senior Citizens.

Friday 1994 - [Seligman to Havasupai AZ] 90 mile drive to Havasupai Lodge trail head then eight mile hike.  A lot of the walk was in a dry creek bed.  About four hour walk down.  The Cafe there was very basic and strong on beans.  The motel was nice but dog eared.  Front of drawer off in our room [plus the hot water was off for most of the day].  Met father and daughter from Australia.  They were having a cake walk and one of group "won" the cake.  Jean and Roberta came down by helicopter as Roberta had hurt her foot.

Saturday 1995 - [to Columbus and back] MUH leaves with Cris to go to Auburn, then after Laura's birthday they will head for LW. Met with the Glasses at NB&T Trust Dept then to see Art Bernard's sister [Berneta Hackney? 1908-2006] at Extended Care.  Had lunch at Lumberton, ½ order of liver and onions for $3.  Then ice cream at Young's.  single dip was $1.20.  Then to Columbus P.L., met John, Julie and Kate at Gottlieb's.  My jambalaya was too hot.  Coach from EC spoke on his building trip to Bolivia.

Tuesday 1997 - Jean had UMW meeting at Virginia Hildebrant's.

Wednesday 1998 - Serena sent us an email that she would be here in 7-8 hours, which she was.  She worked on our computer.  We called Goodings back and forth about going to Pike Lake on 10/27 for hiking.  Becky Grooms is now on Village Council.  [on 11/2/99 Becky was elected NV Clerk/Treasurer.  Is that position now called "Fiscal Officer?"]

Thursday 1999 - [Columbus to home, Roberta leaves]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 20, 1989-99

Ruth Shoemaker

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - Margaret Ross estate, big sale.  Annual book sale at County Fairgrounds.  Cincy Reds win World Series in 4 straight games over the Oakland A's.  Pennsylvania turnpike opened in 1940, New Stanton [Carlisle, SW of Harrisburg actually] to Irwin [east of Pittsburgh].

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]

                       HH, Jean at Golden Sands Resort - Shangri-la Penang Malaysia - 1992

Wednesday 1993 - Mother still sleepy and very uncooperative as far as eating and taking beverages.  Dorothy Clifton of Blanchester passed away at 71.  She was sure active as a Republican.  EC and teachers agree on a new two year contract.  Starting teachers with a BA degree get $19,003 and next year $20,475.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix to Seligman] We leave with the Morgans and have lunch at Murphy's in Prescott.  On to Seligman for the night at Canyon Shadows.  Ate across the street at Copper Kettle.

Friday 1995 - Went to Phoenix place in Cincinnati for OSBA Trust Meeting.  Parked right next door, $4 fee.  New P.L. addition underway.  Arnoff Center [for the Arts] opened today.  Talked to Mary at 7:45, she hadn't had her supper yet.

Sunday 1996 - Went to CMH for monthly program, relationship of medicine to one another.  Did get our flu and pneumonia shots (unsure whether we had one earlier or not).  Got milk at Bob and Carls for $1.78/gal.  Charlotte Hause in CMH.

Wednesday 1999 - [to Columbus, Roberta visiting] Roberta went to Wilmington and got Ruth Shoemaker and then took her to Hillsboro to see some of her relatives.  Bert got 500 envelopes for me.  She and Ruth ate at Long John Silvers.  Bert also took papers to both Court Houses.  At 3 we all left for Wilmington, then on to Columbus (got gas at 105.9¢), ate at Gottlieb's East [closed in 2000, last of the 55 Restaurant Group to close].  [Everett] Penn family in, it went much better than I expected.  Honda has 74,995 miles.  No word from Serena.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 19, 1989-99

First snow

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Snow on the ground this AM.  [First snow date in Ohio is similar to the last 100 degree day in Phoenix area.]

Friday 1990 - Mother didn't seem so good today.  She did sit up in the chair.  We ate at the Wilmington Chinese Restaurant.  Tami Cain waited on us.  Gas 136.9¢/gal.

Saturday 1991 - Spoke on the USSR at the 7am Men's Church breakfast.  Had supper at school Carnival. ⃞ dance tonight, Bill Everhart, 127 present, $3/person.

Monday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Depart Chiang Mai Thailand, via Bangkok arrive Penang, Malaysia.  Golden Sands Hotel Batu Feringgi Beach, near George Town UNESCO world heritage site, oldest colonial city in the country.

Tuesday 1993 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta to Columbus airport, a damp and very cloudy day.  We drove back to Yummers for supper and were home at 7:50 for the last question on jeopardy.  Roberta is a great help in going to see Grandma.  Bought entertainment book at Yummers, now $35.

Wednesday 1994 - [to Phoenix] Fly to Phoenix on the 7:20 pm non-stop flight from Cincinnati.  Had reservations at Plaza Suites, SE of 33rd and Peoria, $41/night, in room 126.  Cincy parking is $3/day for first week, then $2/day for second week.

Thursday 1995 - Allens had auction sale across the street, moved there 57 years ago today.   House brought $32,000 + 10%.

Saturday 1996 - Painted the toe boards in kitchen.  John called, they have bought a computer.

Sunday 1997 - Minister used a hot pad (used when picking up hot things) as in illustration of trust, it may wear out, but not the Lord.  Drove through Beavercreek, a very nice library on old US-35, interesting book on Counties.  Then had lunch at 3:30 at Cookers in Fairfield Mall.  Back to Wilmington for 1st Annual Bell Choir (5 different ones) at Laurel Oaks.

Monday 1998 - [Auburn to home] Drove to Indianapolis to see Brian Davidson of Pay-Lo, a slow pay, he is west of I-465.  Then to Westin Hotel to see Mie Young, Greg, and Hannah, she will be 2 the end of month, seems very grown up.  Feeds self well and used napkins.  Had on a black outfit with a black hat.  We ate at a Chinese Buffet place in 900 W Indiana block, $5.25/person.  Walked around downtown Indianapolis, looks very nice.  Big Nordstrom store.  Stopped at Eaton library, very crowded, then home via Gratis, Germantown, etc. with supper at Waynesville.

Tuesday 1999 - [Roberta visiting] Jean had UMW meeting here, Virginia Hildebrant was cohostess.  They served apple crisp.  Helen Roberts problem with her P/A.  Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker to Waynesville for lunch.

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 18, 1989-99

Think positive, stay alive

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Detroit to home] Rubber Show again.  Jean rode the Monorail, we met at Baskin Robbins, 5 oz. yogurt is 99¢.  Had lunch at Dutch Pantry in Bowling Green after Bob Evans did not have charbroiled meat.  Ate supper at Lofino's, east of Dayton, soup and salad bar for $1.99/lb. Oh yes, also a stop at US Plastic place near Lima.  [Listened to] Swindoll tape on death and the church, as long as we have positive thoughts we are alive.

Thursday 1990 - Went to St. Clair College in Dayton for OSBA credit, Malpractice and Substance Abuse.  Had lunch at Peasant Stock, 424 E. Stroop [Town and Country Shopping Center].  Mother seemed much better.  Went to meeting at Elks by National Bank.

Friday 1991 - Had ice cream at Wells – Boss's Day.  Went to Murphy Theater, National Theater of the Deaf "Treasure Island," used strobe lighting, instant flashes.  Beautiful day.  Probate Court Judge Herman Cartwright announced his retirement, think he still has a drinking problem.  He has been Judge 7 years.

Sunday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Court hearing on Streber eviction, tenant and mobile home tenant.  Mother seemed better tonight, but not really awake.  Jean went to a meeting in Butlerville.  Hortons leave for funeral for Laura [one of Bill's relatives?] in Amsterdam, OH.

Wednesday 1995 - We went to Wilmington on legal business and met Bill and Mary Pat Dailey at Wilmington Inn at 5:30.  They are en route to Springfield IL where she has family.  They seemed to enjoy the lake – they have a 36' sail boat – and then we had supper at Spillway Lodge.  Came back to NV, saw rubber room in operation and got them back to Wilmington at 10:30.  Bill is 58, Blaine 56.  Jim Dailey died in 1965.

Sunday 1998 - [Chicago to Auburn with Cris and Angela] We went to Chicago Temple, parked in garage nearby.  After the church tour, ate at Italian Village.  Empress Theater having open house.  Back to Auburn in 3 hours.  Stayed at Auburn Inn, Laura waited on us.  Wil told us he made the hockey team.

Monday 1999 - [Newark to home, Roberta visiting]  Met the 3 Goodings at Restaurant in Waynesville at 5:30.  We were there for two hours talking or perhaps I should say listening.  Goodings are going on a 7-day trip to Munich and Austria for $1798 each in December.  They have made plans for New Year's Eve to got to Shakertown KY with two other couples.  Bob said he weighs 220.  Still a Harley-Davidson fan and still rides.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 17, 1989-99

Kate and Andrew are dedicated

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [to Detroit] Left about 10:30 for Rubber Show in Detroit, had lunch in car from things we brought.  Got to Cobo Hall about 3pm.  Had reservations at the Red Roof in Troy, where Cris came about 5:15.  They have nice apartment on Coolidge Hwy in Troy.  They are real proud of their "bike" trailer.  Ate at the Sly Fox in Birmingham.  $75 for the four of us.  They pay $2.50  for baby sitter.

Wednesday 1990 - Went to Wilmington about 4pm.  Jean fed Mother, all pureed – meat, mashed potatoes, tomato soup and peaches, she ate everything, but so quiet. [GHU went to the emergency room on 10/15 with extra high blood pressure, admitted to CMH.]

Thursday 1991 - Jean went to dentist, then to Dayton Mall area where I got 2 pairs of 13AA shoes, had supper at Wing Wok Chinese Restaurant, 101 W. Franklin in Centerville, [now Las Piramides Mexican Restaurant at that location] 2nd dinner ½ price.

Saturday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Empress Hotel Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta visiting, to Newark and back] Serena, Roberta, and MUH went with us to Spring Hills Baptist Church (very new), just east of Granville.  Katherine Elizabeth Uible was "dedicated."  She was really dressed up.  We had a buffet dinner at Granville Inn and then went to John and Julie's house, all the children gave me two tennis rackets and now if we could play the game.  Made a stop at the mall at I-71 and 35, Jean got some children's books there.  Had message on our answering unit that they had taken GHU to the hospital, we went over, they were not going to admit her.  She is "out" more of the time.  Sid is spending the weekend in Massachusetts as his daughter [Sarah] is celebrating her 50th birthday.

Monday 1994 - Jean meeting Serena for lunch, then spending the night with other UMW Women in Hamilton.  [Same day another entry reads] Jean returned from her overnight meeting in Milford.  Mary is in a tither about getting ready to go.

Friday 1997 - Put up storm windows at GHU's.  Really cleaned out our garage, planted two trees and four evergreens across the street.  NYT now comes with colored picture on front page.  Learned how to center the internet screen.  UMW breakfast, McCune spoke on Ephesians 5, husband and wife relationships.

Saturday 1998 - [Auburn IN to Chicago with Cris and Angela] What a wet day but really not a problem.  Went first to new P.L., lots of history exhibits on the top floor.  Then to art museum, had lunch in the cafeteria.  Then to Cultural Center where we joined a tour group.  Then to Marshall Fields and back to Library Gift Shop.  Had dinner reservations at the Pump Room, very nice.  We were there 2½ hours.   Cris and Angela went to see "Beloved" at 9:30, a 3+ hour movie, said it was terrible.

Sunday 1999 - [Newark, Roberta visiting] Dedication service for Andrew [interesting that both he and Kate were dedicated on the same day, six years apart] plus four others at 8:30.  John took a # of pictures, then took them to Target for one hour delivery.  Julie had a brunch about noon.  We got a shrimp tray and a vegetable tray at Big Bear ($67).  Jeff and  Lori have four boys, age 9 to 2.  In PM drove out to Longaberger "basket" headquarters, then to Industrial Museum, lots of stuff there.  At 7 we went back to church where Kate had a practice session for singing.  Then John and Julie went to Open House at Stu's for new trust people.  Kate can carry Andrew around.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 16, 1989-99

Cris is enthusiastic

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - A.W. Hause and I went out to Gene Williams and he had marked some trees for us to get to plant around the church, planted 10 and were all done in less than 2 hours.

Tuesday 1990 - Had eye appointment ($35 for the exam) then to see Mother, looks better but little communication.

Wednesday 1991 - Hortons leave for Lake Worth.

Friday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Depart Bangkok arrive Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Serena and Lisa Gooding (she is 38, born 1955) came and they and Roberta went to Hillsboro to see GHU.  Mugs (she is 91) [Georgeana "Mugs" Hiestand Scarborough born April 14, 1905, died Jan 25, 1996.  She was the daughter of GHU's brother Dorsey, 1876-1959.  She had 3 younger siblings: Aileen (married name?) 1907-, Doris (Hilliard?) 1909-, and Frank 1911-1979], ate at the Chinese Restaurant and went to Odd Lots.  We ate supper at the Halloween Carnival and Rose Vesper (our State Rep) came and sat across from us.  She had been to the dedication of the new CMH office wing.  The Crowsons called us up, Don is thinking of taking a medical leave.

Sunday 1994 - Another great day, we walked out Cemetery Road picking up trash, by the time we got to Germann turn off our bags were overflowing.  Betty Lou Germann took our trash and gave us new bags, which were full again by the time we reached NV via S.R.-73.  The walls on Strebers grocery are about half up.

Wednesday 1996 - Went to Cincinnati airport, had lunch at the Radisson.  Met the Morgans at 1:30 and they left at 3 for Baltimore [en route to Lewistown PA for RV meeting, Wendy and Petra then took the train to Lancaster to visit Marianne].  Petra [exchange student from Switzerland] and Wendy seem to get along fine.  We were glad to see Serena.  She plans to move to Asheville NC.  We visited Media Play and had supper at Red Lobster  Catherine brought a BIG bunch of Sunday NYT travel sections.  Parking close to terminal is $1 each ½ hour with maximum of $7 per day.

Thursday 1997 - Went to Wilmington, calling hours for Jack Hatch.  Ate at Walkers Restaurant, $21 and each of us had soup and a sandwich.  Got porch fixed at GHU's.

Friday 1998 - [Fort Wayne to Auburn IN] Looked around Fort Wayne Library, 2 blocks away.  Then to Hortons at 11am at their suggested time.  Seems like they had a multitude of things to do, like go to the bank and see about car insurance, etc.  He showed us his new place of business.  Supposed to deliver an order by Election Day and has yet to get equipment in to turn the stock for gears.  He is enthusiastic, so lets be hopeful it will be a success.

Saturday 1999 - [to Newark, Roberta arrives] Don Chafin spoke on Habitat at our UMC breakfast.  They have dug the footer so Don said we are building families, etc. and not just a house.  Having our piano tuned by Bob Beck from Wilmington.  He was at WC with MV.  Going to Columbus airport to meet Roberta and then on to Newark.  Had supper at the Barn, just off Rt-16 on York Road. [In 2010 asking $329,000, now reduced.]

Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible school class pictures

Class pictures from fourth, eighth, and twelfth grade school days in New Cumberland, West Virginia.
1932 4th Grade New Cumberland WV School: Second Row first on left Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible, Third Row second from left Jeanne Campbell Sanker, Teacher (not pictured?) Tatt Ballantyne

1935 (Oct) 8th Grade New Cumberland WV School, Top Row: Unknown, Helen Kralovic, Unknown, Betty Ward, Jeanne Campbell Sanker, Margaret Young, Madeline Cullen, Middlow Row: Dean McAtee, Stanley Radeski, Alex Spiluki, Tommy Krena, Eddie Marshall, Dean Slentz, last 3 unknown, Bottom Row; Mary Smith, Becky Cullen, Jean Turley, Unknown, Jean Ballantyne Uible, Laura Bysarovich, Unknown

1940 12th Grade New Cumberland WV School, Front row 2nd from right, Jean Ballantyne Uible, Middle row 3rd from left Jeanne Campbell Sanker

Friday, October 14, 2011

October 15, 1989-99

Wendy thinks of retirement

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Pot Luck dinner at church honoring the SS teachers and officers.

Monday 1990 - Hard to get Mother awake, though she did have breakfast, she seemed to be getting less and less communicative.  Doesn't seem to know one is there, called NV Emergency Squad.  Blood pressure 208/80.  Called Eddie Bath, took her to CMH Emergency Room.  She didn't want the oxygen in her nose.

Tuesday 1991 - [Clarence] Thomas finally approved for Supreme court, oh the mud slinging.

Thursday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Bangkok, Thailand

Friday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1994 - We went to Eastgate mall, i.e. Office Max as machine need a new ribbon, circuit City next door.  Looked at appliances, then to Mall and got music book at , Bostonian #GP 57.  Had supper at Boston Chicken on 28.  They are just finishing up on the by-pass there.  We had a variety side dish plate and a chicken sandwich.  Spoke this AM at church at the Men's Group on A Happy Ending, we reap what we sow.

Sunday 1995 - [Crowsons visiting] 66 at church, walked out Cemetery Road, put out a lot of odds and ends at GHU's.  Helped MUH tear up some surplus checks.  Wendy called us, talking of buying stock for her retirement.  Tom [her then boyfriend] is to graduate later this week from trade school.

Tuesday 1996 - Purtee lock box opening.  Her house is a MESS, so much stuff in the bedroom one can hardly get the door open and we haven't found the original will yet.

Wednesday 1997 - Opened Norman Brown lock box.  Article in WSJ about the new Basket Building for Longaberger in Newark.

Thursday 1998 - [to Fort Wayne IN] Left after lunch for Fort Wayne, visited St. Marys [OH] Library, nice place.   Had supper at Cap Jones ½ portion for ½ price + $2, which we both had.  Had room at the Hilton.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 14, 1989-99

Roberta leaves and returns

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Mother enjoyed watching Lawrence Welk.  Roberta took her shopping this past week, she got a new London Fog coat, 3 dresses and a new hat.  Spoke with Hilda Williams in Charlottesville, their son Mike has cancer in one eye.  Elderhostel acceptance for our trip to Turkey in May 1990 came.

Monday 1991 - [Columbus Day, Roberta leaves]  Went to John and Julie's for lunch, rice, peas, pork, salad and apple cake, good and lots of silverware.  They showed us a house they were interested in buying.  Took Roberta to the airport, then to see Thelma Holmes, she is now in St. Anne's hospital, north of 270 on Cleveland Ave.  Got ice cream at Knights nearby, quite an assortment.

Wednesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Bangkok, Thailand

Thursday 1993 - [Roberta arrives] Met Roberta at Columbus airport, supper at Applebee's #611, chicken fajita $7.99, soup and ½ sandwich, $4.99.  A stop at Jeffersonville Mall on the way home.  Roberta brought a lot of data on our future Estes Park trip [July 94] and asking for deposit for the first night.

Saturday 1995 -  [Crowsons visiting] Tall Stacks Day in Cincinnati and damp with light sprinkle.  [Evidently the Tall Stacks music and arts event takes place every 3 or 4 years, last held in 2006.  Now postponed until 2012 in hopes the economy will pick up enough for corporate sponsors to part with $$ by then.]  Ginny seems to think she has to have her Mother right now, we did make it down to Wells and back walking.  The Kings were over to see Don and MV. [HH added in 2010: We went on that Tall Stacks four or eight years ago, not worth it. The room on the boat was so small that one of us had to get on the bed for the other to get to the bathroom and it was not cheap.]

Monday 1996 - [Columbus Day] At CMH for CAT Scan, about 10 minutes, actually an x-ray of your chest down.  Rather painless.  We walked over to new school site, it is taking shape.  Bought new battery for the truck, 50 month guarantee.  Visited Vida [or Violet?] Thompson, she has been at Tom Gibson's (he is 62) for two years.

Tuesday 1997 - Jack Hatch passed away, he was 44, had been at Bob and Carl's for 28 years.  [He was married to Teresa Miller Hatch on 8/2/1975.]  Oh the experience with Kim Daniels and that piano.  [HH added in 2010: Kim was the Executor of her Mother's [Flora] estate, she had this old piano (appraiser thought it was junk), anyway Kim wanted Wilmington College to have this piano and she thought it was worth $5,000 (probably thought it was a good tax write off). Wonder what the college did with it. We will never know.]

October 4, 1958

We are a bit late for John's first birthday party, also late for all his succeeding birthdays.  Next year will be one of those ending in a 5 so we'll wish him a belated Happy Birthday for 2011 and best wishes for the year between now and the next one!

Serena, Roberta and Catherine celebrate John's first birthday, Oct. 4, 1958

The birthday boy would have been nearby in his high chair -- the same high chair that I saw in the basement while we were in New Vienna.  Buried in the archives I may have a picture of John on that day, but we'll save that for another day/year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 13, 1989-99

St. Deiniol's Library

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1986 - Back from the business trip to the Orient, Jack Schylling, Salem MA on trip.

Thursday 1988 - Got new Honda from Honda East, Cincy.  List price, $13,520, 20-25 mpg city, 25-35 on highway.  A place that sounds interesting is St. Deiniol's Library in Hawarden, North Wales.  [The UK's finest residential library.  Has a restaurant and room accommodations.]  Written up in the Enquirer 8/30/87.

Friday 1989 - [Roberta leaves] Got haircut at Greg's, $4, about 9 weeks.  Had lunch at the Winds in Yellow Springs, met Lisa Gooding there.  Visited some of the shops there, then to Columbus City Center, small yogurt cone, $1.39, 3 hours of parking for $1.  Lots of construction out to the airport, when Roberta left for Phoenix.  Then up to see Thelma Holmes (she is 85) [She passed away Nov. 20, 1991].  She would like to have a non-grape popsicle.  Had supper at Captain D at exit 100 on I-71, baked fish dinner $3.9.  Grocery stop at Uhl's.  Wendell is rebuilding our chimney.

Sunday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] GHU to Sunday School, then home for a nap, then we all went to Wooden Spoon, had the buffet for $5.95.  Jo Ann can't work because of back trouble, all help at $5/hour except Elaine at $4.  I started drinking lots of water to get over my runny nose.  88 at church.

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Thailand

                                                 HH, Jean - Elephant ride - Thailand 1992

Thursday 1994 - We went to Wilmington for legal business, then had supper at Bob Evans, ate with Donna Cornelius and her daughter, Kathy, who teaches art in Blanchester.  Donna has been on a 3-week Senior Citizen trip to Europe with 43 people.  Also saw Howard Page and Tom Carey there.  The Cincy magazine has the best and worst places again.  Cris and MUH got off about 11am today.

Friday 1995 - [Crowsons visiting] Went to Denver Williams park for a picnic, nice slides.  Reds lose 3rd straight game to Atlanta Braves [National League Champion Series].  Tanya [or Tammy?] Thornburg got married.

Sunday 1996 - Ate at Golden Corral, went to movie, First Wives Club – ugh.  Calling hours for Aleda Purtee.  Frank Young will be 91 next week.

Monday 1997 - [Columbus Day] John, Julie and Kate arrived about 12:30, we ate at 3:30, quite windy today.  Talked with the Morgans, they have new carpet and ceramic tile in their house.  [Still have the tile but replaced all the carpet with laminated wood which we like much better.]  John  brought his birthday book.  Park CEO Bill McConnell is new ABA (American Bankers Assoc.) president.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean had Women's club at Virginia Hildebrant's.  Everett Penn passed away [born 1913].  Women's Club program by Wilma Wood on "Valuable Books."  Had some corn for supper that was frozen on 9/96.  Dug footers for new house across from tennis court.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 12, 1989-99

Jack Walker passes

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Roberta visiting] Jean, Roberta and Grandma went to Dayton Mall to shop.  GHU bought a hat.

Friday 1990 - Went to Hillsboro, got new gas can.  Emergency squad had dinner at the Lions Club.  At Isaacs got gallon of cider for $3, and half peck of apples for $3 (16 apples).  Doris [Martin?], on Chinese "E" trip called us.

Saturday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Went to Hillsboro at noon.  Roby's moving in next door.  We went for bike ride, 7 miles around Powell Road.

Monday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Depart Hong Kong arrive Bangkok, Thailand.  Royal Orchid Sheraton.
HH, Jean at Baan Thai Restaurant, Bangkok, Oct. 12, 1992

Tuesday 1993 - Hard to get more than a yes or no from GHU.  Jean went to UMW meeting at Evie Johnsons house.  Christmas seals are in the mail.

Wednesday 1994 - Jean spoke at Women's Club on Leadville CO and Evelyn Furman who runs the place, who we met back in July.

Thursday 1995 - The Crowsons arrive at 11pm.  Roberta called about CSX increasing their dividend and 2for1 split.

Saturday 1996 - Zurface auction sale date, 628 acres @$2480 [or $248?] an acre.   Met with Dayes re their property exchange.  Planted 12 trees and/or evergreens, four on street right away across from tennis court.

Sunday 1997 - Stan Fawley preached at UMC here, he is now 2nd at Wesley Glen in Columbus OH.

Monday 1998 - [Kentucky to home] MV was up early, went for a walk with Susan at 6am.  MV says she is on a diet.  After breakfast we hauled two loads of limbs over to a sink hole near Rudy's house.  Left Somerset about 10am, with a German language tape to listen to.  Had lunch at Cracker Barrel at Exit 126.  A grocery stop at Mayers, saw milk for 99¢/gal.  Really too big a store to walk around in.  Elderhostel International catalog came.  Goodings called about getting together next week to see the leaves at Pike Lake. 

Tuesday 1999 - Cape May board meeting, have sold two units this past month, still 13 units that are vacant.  Clara Sears here to help with windows in getting ready for UMW meeting.  Jack Walker [born Wendell E. Walker, June 12, 1920] passed away suddenly this evening.  Parsonage has new windows like ours.  Mowed the grass.  Got new 2000 summer catalog from Elderhostel, a big 234 pages.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 11, 1989-99

MV sings Shaker Music

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Roberta visiting] Jean, Roberta and Grandma went to Wilmington.  GHU bought three new dresses and a new coat (½ length).  Recoated our driveway, plus GHU's, B. Thompson and Wells small area.  Ordered tickets for trip to Phoenix at Christmas time.

Thursday 1990 - [Kentucky to home] Breakfast at MV's, she had made banana bread and baked eggs, etc. for us.  She is working two days/week at Shaker Village (double room $45-85) in the Meeting House, where she sings.  Admission is $6.50, though we got in free (later) because of MV.   She sings on the hour and tells about the Shaker music.  Had lunch at the Summer Kitchen (pie $2).   Stopped at Cincy Court House, called Sankers and supper (Chinese) at Midland, really pretty good.

Friday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Went to Yellow Springs and met Serena, ate at Sunrise Cafe, four of us for $25.  The Winds Cafe was crowded and meals there started at $12.95.  Long senate hearing on Judge Thomas for the Supreme Court.

Sunday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Hong Kong
Jean Uible - Macau with Liggett group Oct. 1992

Monday 1993 - [Columbus Day] John, Julie and Kate stopped on their return after a weekend with the Crowsons with the last night at the Beaumont Inn.

Tuesday 1994 - [Hocking Hills to home] Went for a walk in the woods across the street.   Oh yes, the room was $90/night.  Made a stop at Ross County Court House, also Hillsboro and had lunch at Magees in Hillsboro.

Wednesday 1995 - Had Hyer [?] guardianship hearing in Wilmington, ate at Bob Evans, Jean had Women's Club meeting at Jo Williams [1910-2007].  Bible Study in PM, 9 present.  Sheila King went for interview at Liberty Bank.  Bill Baugh [husband of Jean Minzler Eaton 1921-2003] died at 72.

Friday 1996 - Jean saw George Rice re our new kitchen and recreation room flooring.

Saturday 1997 - Tore out the ramp at GHU's.  Went to Wilmington.  Milk $1.19 at Aldi's.  Ate at Taco Bell.  Got haircut at Greg's, $7.

Sunday 1998 - [Kentucky] Ginny woke up with a temperature of 105° and Don took her to the hospital at 5am.  Don and I went to monthly Men's Meeting at church.  The basketball star from U.K. who has turned evangelist spoke.  Don was preaching elsewhere so I went back to church on my own.  Jim Byrd is the new pastor.  Ginny improved as the day wore on.  MV and Susan got back about 7pm.  [MV] Saw a lot of Serena and said she looked great.  Serena sent us a lot of granola and MV brought us bagels and a book, Don't Forget the Popsicle [?].

Items from Uible photo album