Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 1989-99 Adoption from Black Sea area

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Picked 3 quarts of strawberries.

Thursday 1990 - [Turkey]

Friday 1991 - We both went to the dentist, only needed teeth cleaned ($48 each), started with McMullen in fall of 1981.  Faris brought us a mower loaner.  Went out to Rhinehart and got love seat couch reupholstered.  Picked 3 quarts of berries.  Tomatoes are starting to turn red.  There are so many rabbits in our yard – saw 4 little ones with their mother. 

Sunday 1992 - Barnabas program at NVUMC, umpteen singing groups, started at 6:30 and we got home at 10:20, had lots of refreshments.  The Harners had invited us out for lunch, what a feast, even "filo" dough with ? inside.  Orville had made a contraption to keep your boots dry, what a pain.  The Donald Bernards were also there.  Josephine has lots of scrap books.  We went directly to Hillsboro at 4:30 and then to the Church.

Monday 1993 - [Roberta visiting, Memorial Day] A cool damp day, so Memorial services at the school.  Roberta and I went to see GHU at breakfast, then Roberta and MUH went over in the afternoon and visited with Mugs and Vivian.  Mother very wide awake.  Made reservations at Rocky Mountain "Y" for next July 1994 for 8 rooms.  Trimmed shrubbery, front and back.  Hortons here for supper, then played Uno.  Bill blames Mary's health for not wanting to go anyplace.  They liked the homemade bread. 

Tuesday 1994 - Mildred P. appraisal in Leesburg. 

Wednesday 1995 - Catherine called.  Wendy has quit her job with the Indian Mission [which involved fund raising], she and her cousin [Gina who now lives in VT and has two children, at that time Gina was living with us and working at Best West RV] are taking the bus from Phoenix to Maine and then driving back.  They leave Phoenix at 4AM.

Saturday 1997 - More rain.  Serena got here about 4:30pm after she spent night in Somerset with a flat tire en route.  Went down to Mother's and got a few things for her.  She enjoys looking at those 1909-1912 postcards.

Sunday 1998 - [Bennington VT to Lenox MA] Had nice continental breakfast [at Four Chimneys], went up in tower [Bennington Battle Monument] $1.50 each, then to Old First Church for service, all seats in small rectangle on three sides and the door on the fourth side.  Visited Bennington Museum, lots of Grandma Moses stuff there, Jean bought some books.  Lunch at Friendly's Ice Cream.  Had reservations at the Wheatleigh in Lenox and we were in Room B.  Bathroom in need of renovation but nice large room.  Supper was an overkill at $68 each + 18% tip. 

Monday 1999 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting]  Memorial Day.  Kate rode her bike out to the cemetery.  Flo Brumley was there.  Talked with Bruce Kinzer, he has a blood clot in his leg.  Brought up bookcase from Wells.  John and Julie pointed out place on Black Sea where they hope to adopt a boy.  Serena called, plans to be here week from Friday.  John, Julie, and Kate plan to go camping at Caesar Creek.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 1989-99 Kate rides unassisted

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Picked first strawberries – 2 quarts.  Rototilled garden for first time.  Kroger's having cantaloupe for 29¢/lb.  Jean got our flag back from school.  We purchased it in 1961.

Wednesday 1990 - [Turkey]  [But on the home front...] Pick & Save Discount Grocery opened in Wilmington.  East Clinton was formed 25 years ago.  [However consolidation began in 1963 when NV combined with Lees Creek and Reesville to form Simon Kenton HS 63-64, name changed to New Kenton for 64-65, then consolidated with Sabina in 1965 to form East Clinton.]

Thursday 1991 - Worked at Ball Park, they sell water for 3¢/cup. 

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Potluck at church for graduating seniors (3) – Kevin Carey, Sarah Hill and Trisha Truitt, good turn out.  Minister's sermon: Is there any wind?  Acts 1:1-21.  They have a new 28' Motor Home.  Serena and Roberta went to Lebanon to meet Lisa, then we drove down later to get Roberta.  Had house advertisement in Realtor's window at $330,000.

Monday 1994 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting, Memorial Day]  Parade at 9:30.  We all went out except for Bill.  John, Julie and Kate left about 1:30.  We had Ann Bailey's lasagna left over from last November.  After they left, Jean drove for the first time in six weeks [since her cracked ankle in England in April.]  Went out to see the Harners, he is having trouble with his eyes.  Honda turned 75,000, washed and waxed the dirty spots on the car.  Roger Dalton – right track in the wrong place.

Tuesday 1995 - Jean and I made the cemetery loop and picked up the trash.  Harold was over and worked with GG on learning the new computer.  Bulbs at Jeani Florist are 25% off, put out 1 dahlia and a box of gladiolas, also 6 pepper plants.

Friday 1997 - Opened Henry Edwards lock box, unchanged in the 3 years since his wife passed away.

Saturday 1998 - [Williamstown MA to Bennington VT]  Visited Clark Art Museum, a beautiful piano there.  Lunch at Chef's Hat on Rt 7 North, good value.  On to Manchester, visited Robert Todd Lincoln's [son of Abraham] home and drove to top of Mt. Equinox.  Had a snack at McDonald's and reservations at 4 Chimneys in Bennington VT.  Walked to cemetery and visited Robert Frost's [March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963] grave.  A Ballantyne in an adjacent plot. 

Sunday 1999 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  Kate can ride bike without training wheels.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29, 1989-99 Class of '43

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [John and MV visiting, Memorial Day]  We all walked out to the cemetery at 9:30.  Ed Johnson spoke.  MV and her friend Sandy left at 7:30 as MV was to be at work at 11am.  Had hot dogs for lunch and John left about noon.  Made yogurt ice cream.  Oh yes, couldn't find our flag.  Jean recalled loaning it to a teacher at school.

Tuesday 1990 - [Turkey]

Wednesday 1991 - Tomatoes turning red, broccoli forming.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] We met Roberta at Heartland, then a 44 mile drive via 136 to Moyers [near Manchester].  We were there at 2:30 and the outside was well filled.  It was $19 for the 3 of us, tax included.  Came back via Ripley, 53 miles that way.  Went in US Shoe outlet store in Ripley.  Got back to NV just as Cris and Angela were arriving.  Fast afternoon as we were to be at school at 5:30 as the social hour [for NVHS Alumni] was from 6-7pm.  Of the 18 in our class [1943], 5 are deceased and 5 were there – Virginia [Wayland] Rulon, Aleda Purtee, Bruce Kinzer, Darold Whitmer, and myself.  We left during the dance and visited with Cris, Angela, Laura and Wil.  They are en route to NC to try and sell these lots, subdivided into 12 lots.  Wilbur Cline and his quartet had the program tonight. 

Sunday 1994 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting]  Cris and Angela, Laura (7) and Wil (5) were here.  He is especially active.  Jean had a super dinner for us. 

Monday 1995 - Memorial Day, Sid Clay spoke, said he used to be a drill sergeant.  MUH was here for lunch and left after ice cream for supper.  Jean and Joan Gruber went to Emmaus walk in Hillsboro on the 5th Monday. 

Wednesday 1996 - Went to the dentist - McMullen, for a filling - been going there since '81 when Dr. Hause retired.  Bible study at Hannah's.  Keith Rankin telling us how his first job out of HS was as an orderly at Christ Hospital.  Jean went to Hillsboro for Anderson Estate Tax.

Thursday 1997 - Leadership Clinton meeting, more rain.  Had lunch with the Baileys at the Chinese restaurant.

Friday 1998 - [Flew to Hartford, on to Williamstown MA]  Had Delta Weekend Escape tickets to Hartford.  Visit to Northampton [where] Public Library and Calvin Coolidge Library/Museum [share a] duplex, Also Deerfield, then on to Williamstown where we had a nice room at the Orchards Hotel.  Very few there for dinner.  Had detour en route because Rt. 2 was closed from fallen trees on the highway.

Saturday 1999 - Cleaned up at Wells, then trimmed shrubbery around the front of the house.  I was tired.  Alumni Banquet.  Marjory Kilpatrick was President.  We bought 10 of the small saucers – liquidating the school's china.  The Rankin family (7 altogether) sang.  We sat next to Don and Helen  [Roberts] Dean, Class of '29.  Bob Bernard ['34] and his new wife were next to them.  He went into great detail about his career.  Paul Eddy Rulon is sure slowing down.  Don T... seems to have new life, told of taking ballroom dancing in Florida and meeting the gals.  Sat across from Marie [Linkhart] T... ('61) and her son Dan, who received the scholarship.

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 1989-99 John falls off bike

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - John came down about 5pm, we went on bike ride through Careytown (he fell off in crossing NV RR tracks).  MV also here, on way back to Asbury from singing at a wedding in Canada.  Took flowers to cemetery.  GG brought us cantaloupe and melon.

Monday 1990 - [Memorial Day]  Our peonies at cemetery are in bloom.  John is taking us to Columbus for plane trip to Turkey.

Tuesday 1991 - Heartland raising semi-private room rate from $77 to $85 per day.  Cleaned out part of fence row at GHU's, oh the poison ivy. 

Friday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta said Grandma was great today.  We were on the Alumni Committee so worked over there. 

Saturday 1994 - We went to Wilmington and Jean got a pair of size 9 and pair of size 6 shoes at Walmart to fit her swollen foot and her regular left foot.  [Cracked ankle on 4/16/94.]  NVHS Alumni Banquet, 3 hour program.  Paul Rulon was wordy again.  John, Julie, and Kate came.  Kate is quite a walker.

Sunday 1995 - More rain, Mary beat me to choir practice, went to Walmart.  Sign up for the new Duke gas station at east end of Wilmington.  Mary Bard has been at Extended Cared since 4/3/95.  Had our first head lettuce out of the garden.

Tuesday 1996 - Down to 54° this AM.  Jean had poor luck running Print Shop on computer for a graduation card.

Wednesday 1997 - Town meeting re: Keith Collins.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 1989-99 Memorial Rain

 Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 -  New Vienna High School Alumni – $7.50 each,  Anna ?? [nee Johnson], a 1914 grad was there.  We went with Mother and the Hortons.  Paul Rulon spoke for the Class of 1939, oh he was windy.  Enjoyed talking with Doris Eaton Jones (her 50th year also), their daughter is Sallie Wendt whose husband is Bob Wendt of Channel 10 (NBC) in Phoenix.  She is with 1st Interstate.  Bought weed eater from Tom Young with blower attachment, total $200.

Sunday 1990 - Graduation Day at church, 5 graduates.  Minister spoke on power of prayer.  Went to Wooden Spoon for lunch buffet $5.95.  John came.  He is thinking of joining "frontiers", a group to convert Muslims.  Cris called Hortons, he is hep on new job in Auburn IN, have bought a 5-room house next to the library.

Monday 1991 - [Memorial Day]  The parade didn't materialize, a rainy day.  We ate at Frisch's in Hillsboro – liver and onions with soup and salad bar is $4.75.  Did pick 6 quarts of strawberries.  Trying to compose a letter re: Paul Steele, our pastor from 1951-1954, who is retiring this year.

Wednesday 1992 - Trimmed spiraea.   Julie is recovering.  Got fancy invitation from Cris re: Bill and Mary's 50th Anniversary.  Mother in good spirits.

Thursday 1993 - Went to Columbus to meet Roberta, then on to John and Julie's and got home about 11pm.  Kate was mostly asleep. 

Saturday 1995 - Put out 5 trees across the street.  Yard looks nice.  Had meat from the Crock Pot.  Went to NVHS Alumni with MUH, we sat with the class of 1940.  Jean Eaton B.... (Bill is not well) [nee Minzler? '39] and Ralph Elliott ('39).  Lyle Sheffield '53 [he died 1998 in highway accident involving a deer] was President, lots of trivia.  186 present.  Invited us to take home the surplus food.  Fred Matthews was the oldest present, class of 1920. 

Monday 1996 - Memorial Day, lots of rain, took MUH to CLC for flight to Albuquerque.   Had lunch at Grand Cafe at the Commonwealth Hilton [in Florence KY], out of soup, got salad with dressing.  Jean saw Miriam Sch... at Christ Hospital, then visited a "Taste of Cincinnati" on Central Parkway.

Thursday 1999 - Closing on Evelyn Bernard's Sabina property, built in 1912.  Trimmed shrubbery in back yard.  GTE repaired our phone.  Clara Sears here again.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 1989-99 Sophisticated Traveler

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 -  Jean went to the dentist.  We had supper at Ponderosa, a dinner for the 6th grade teacher.  Kroger's had cantaloupe for 39¢/lb.

Saturday 1990 - NV Alumni event, $20/couple.  Gretchen Huffman, President.  We also went to to NV Senior Citizens for lunch.  Harners had program with collection of people's most embarrassing moment -- ours was Catherine's using the bathroom [display] at Snyder's Hardware. 

Sunday 1991 - Senior Recognition day at church – Doug Carey, Markus [Marsha?] Smallridge and Hazel Gruber.  Jim Marshall has been our pastor for past 3 Sundays.  Serena called us from Houston.  Also John called, they are "thinking" of a [wedding] date.  Roberta called, they traded in the Lincoln and have a Mercury Taurus.

Wednesday 1993 - Trimmed shrubbery in front of house, especially the tall evergreen to below the gutters.  Checked Sophisticated Traveler out from the library.  Hard to get GHU awake, though she does well on strawberries and candy. 

Friday 1995 - Took flowers out to cemetery.  Trimmed shrubbery near GHU's garage, mowed the grass.  Taste of Cincinnati on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Complained to the Police about the red pick-up in front of her house for 3 weeks, which is being repaired.  They did move it. 

Wednesday 1999 - Put new surge protector on the computer line.  Went to Wilmington, had supper at Wendy's, $4.44 for the two of us – 3 sandwiches, chili and a frosty.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 1987-99 Aunt Mary NVHS Class of '31

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1987 - Had letter from Ed Jones, he is 70 and blamed his nerve problems on not meeting us in Columbus for the Ohio Bar meeting.

Thursday 1989 - Went square dancing, $5/couple.  Buz Lukens trial dragging on.  Jean got silver bracelets from Kate Foster in Green Valley AZ.  We called John.  MV called us, she is going to a wedding near Toronto Canada this weekend.

Saturday 1991 - Saw GHU at breakfast time, spoke at NV Senior Citizens at noon on our trip to China.  In the PM worked the garden over and put some mulch around the trees.  NVHS 110th Alumni meeting, 176 present, $25/couple.   Virginia Wayland Rulon, Virginia Ludwick(not in our graduating class but attended school with us then moved away), [17 graduates in 1943] Bruce Kinzer and I there from my class.  MUH's class of 1931 was the honored class [which had 19 graduates, Aunt Mary is only surviving member of that class]. 

Monday 1992 - [Memorial Day, Kentucky with Serena to home]  Couldn't get any of the family to eat any of our breakfast.  Jean and I did use their indoor pool, it was too cool to use the outdoor pool.  Had lunch at Daryl's then Jean went with MV and Don to look at baby furniture and Serena and I went to the BIG bookstore at Lexington Green.  Heavy traffic on I-75, so we came part way on 25. 

Thursday 1995 - Jean and MUH went to program at CMH.  Josephine told Jean how poor Orville feels.  Cleaned out asparagus patch.  Leadership Clinton meeting at noon, lots of paper.

Saturday 1996 - Finally got weed eater to work, it's great.  NV Alumni event, $25/couple.  Willard McKenzie went on at great length, he was in the class of '31.  Marty Gillespie, the President had a group of Alumni in a choir.  Bruce Kinzer, Virginia and myself were there representing the class of '43.  Virginia spoke of Paul Eddy having prostrate cancer.

Sunday 1997 - John, Julie and Kate left about 10AM, it was Park National Bank day at King's Island, as Kate was not feeling good so they headed for Newark and gave us their tickets.  We drove down there and had lunch at Perkins.  Back to Lebanon, wandered through antique shops.  One gal was very talkative, her granddaughter had just graduated from Granville College at 19 with a 4.0 average.  Ice cream, $1.25/dip.  Saw Esther Salisbury at CMH with a hip replacement.

Monday 1998 - [Memorial Day] Pastor Mike spoke at service at Cemetery at 9:45.  John, Julie and Kate arrived at 1:45 after spending the night at Murphin Ridge.  They enjoy tennis, left around 5:30.  Went down to Wells to take down the flag, then rode bike out Careytown Road a short distance.

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 1989-99 Kate chases tennis balls, Don's graduation

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Jean fixed onion soup.  Getting new roof over jump rope area at Wells.  Took GHU to the Doctor, had lunch at CM Hospital.

Thursday 1990 - Serena has job interview in Houston TX.

Sunday 1992 - [to Kentucky] Left after church with Serena to go to near Wilmore for Don's graduation.  We had motel reservation at Harley [Hailey's?], with Entertainment card $39, room @101 and 105.  Had dinner at Griffin Gate, entrees $19-$27 each.  We were there for 2¼ hours.

Wednesday 1995 - Jean and MUH went with E.E. Carey to program at Miami Trace

Friday 1996 - Rubber mill broke down.  Bruce G. is unhappy.  GG went to Dr. in Columbus.  The Kings [preacher?] got locked out of their house, wonder about their 17-year-old son, they don't want to leave him alone.

Saturday 1997 - We went to Wilmington and got Ruth Shoemaker and had lunch at Walker's Restaurant.  Ruth seemed to enjoy that, then to Public Library, then a tour of new subdivision on 68 North.  In the AM John and Julie got marble top "chest," some glasses and silverware.  Kate does great job chasing tennis balls.  Gas bill 91 CCFS used, $51.14.

Sunday 1998 - More rain.  Had lunch at New Vienna Restaurant, quite busy, entrees $4.95, large servings but very basic.  Then went to Martinsville UMC.  Don and Barb S. and ?? spoke on their personal problems with mental illness.  Did make reservations via Delta's Escape Plans for this coming weekend to Hartford CT ($99) and also made reservation for rental car and three different hotels.  Other plans were Boston $109, Washington $89, Portland $179, Chicago $79, Norfolk $89, Ft. Lauderdale $139, Philadelphia $89 and Phoenix $159.

Monday 1999 - [New Hampshire with Roberta to home] To airport for 9AM flight, had light breakfast en route.  Oh yes, Gayle Long was along [?] with Roberta.  She is very congenial and has condo at Northern and Central.  Her daughter lives in Montana and has a child that has problems.  Parking at Red Parking Lot is $5/day or $30/week.  Stopped to see Homer Thompson.  Rona was not there.  He had just gone to bed.  To Cracker Barrel for early supper, then to Mall at I-71 and US 35, did buy a pair of Levi's for $28.  Also a small umbrella for $9.99.  Called John, they have a notice of a 9-month-old child in Russia.  [Andrew, we've been waiting for you.]

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, 1989-99 New Vienna High School Alumni

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1991 - Went to Columbus to Banc Ohio Trust School at Aladdin Temple on Stelzer Rd.  Jean saw Thelma Holmes, had lunch at the Cooker on Cleveland Ave. near I-270.  Had complimentary fudge brownie with ice cream and sauce (regular $3.25).  Visited Meijer store, then to Columbus zoo.  Home via London (library visit, fancy marquee), then ice cream in Wilmington, one dip, 95¢, on North 68.  Took material for bedroom drapes to lady at 28 and Quigley Rd.

Saturday 1992 - Went to NVHS alumni event.  Cris and Angela just found out that Angela was accepted for the 2-year dental hygiene program.

Sunday 1993 - Took the bells to Otterbein Home for program.  Barnabas Concert at New Vienna Park, then ice cream and cookies.  Ed Johnson spoke on 3rd Class (in the stage coach), they are the ones who do the work, 2nd class gets off and looks while the 1st class just sit. 

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Wilmington, Court House, Public Library and had supper at Bob Evans, then got some tomatoes (yellow and red), put 3 out at the parsonage and cabbage plants.  Worked the garden over.  Still 3 broken vehicles out front.  Doris Martin was telling Jean how bad both the Allens are.  Brina (at Wells) had all her (28) teeth pulled (she's 39) and has new false teeth, cost her $2300. 

Thursday 1996 - Went to Wilmington for Leadership Clinton, lunch at Bob Evans ($3.16) then eye appointments for both of us, then square dancing before we came home.  Jean's Mother would be 116 years old today.  Item in WNJ about bypass around Wilmington, 73N to 68S.  Joan and Dick back from Branson MO. 

Friday 1997 - John, Julie and Kate arrived.

Saturday 1998 - 117th [1881-1963, in the 83 years a total graduation of 1,182 students, 625 girls and 557 boys.] New Vienna Alumni, 172 present.   Jo Williams, class of 1928 spoke, Betty Thompson, Class of 1938,  Darold Whitmer of our class [1943] spoke, he lives in Trotwood.  [Bruce] Kinzers will be married 54 years on 6/3/98.  Sat next to Willis and Edith Davis, their daughter Debbie Roe works for Community Action.  Had nice card from Leggitts, their 50th was just two weeks before ours.  More rain.

Sunday 1999 - [New Hampshire with Roberta] Quick visit to the ?? area, where the swirling water shows its work.  To Laconia to Roger and Betty's house, he really has the family history.  Plenty of meat plus Pat had made lasagna.  Bob and Pat left early as he goes to be at 3PM and goes to work at 11PM.  What a life.  Pat's Mother works part time at the hospital in the kitchen.  Bob is really a fan of this Riding High Ranch in NY.  Both boys have taken treatment for cancer.  Roger has a beautiful Harley-Davidson bike.  Drove back to Manchester and went to Applebee's for a snack.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 1989-99 Mt. Washington COG RR

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

1988 - DP&L, 26 KWH

Monday 1989 - DP&L, 21 KWH, $52.74 ($1.70/day)

Tuesday 1990 - We went with the Hortons and GHU to Leesburg.  The Chicken Pot Pie is $5.95.  Roger Littleton brought over the "hoists" to try out.  Bev Gooding called wanting Serena's phone # as she had news on the Greenville Library job.

Friday 1992 - DP&L, 23.3 KWH, $58.94

Saturday 1993 - GHU sleepy again, the bright sun did not faze her, weight = 98#.  Bought a rocking chair for $25 from David McGrath, the Fairview Friends minister, plus more books.  They are moving to London, England, have been here 3 years.  Cleaned street and sidewalk at Wells.

Sunday 1994 - Had lunch in Hillsboro, the old Parker House Hotel, Laura Hughes had raved about the place but really quite ordinary buffet.  The Hortons got here about 2PM.  Barnabas program at church tonight.  Trying to do more extra walking, yesterday I walked the loop around Cemetery Rd and today around block twice, 7 minutes each time. 

Monday 1995 - Trimmed shrubbery along the fence and also in front of the house.  Our ElderHostel tickets came today via Fed Express.  Jean went to dinner at CMH, program on dialysis machine. 

Wednesday 1996 - Still working on the brief for the Z case.  Had Bible Study at the Salisburys.  2 Samuel 12.  Esther is sure having trouble getting up and down.  Catherine called, think Best West will buy the lot.  Funeral for Connie Smith.

Thursday 1997 - Henry Edwards passed on.  Article in WNJ re Malcolm Bean planting 1260 walnut trees, mostly north of Port William, will mature in 25 years.  Planted 2nd crop of beans and beets.  Lots of kids are using the church parking lot.  Sent out the Purtee checks, $33,000 to 8 different charities.

Saturday 1999 - [New Hampshire with Roberta] Went on the Mt. Washington COG RR trip.  Pat's mother, Lydia, was in the dark as to this as she would have said no.  It was a noisy ride up but beautiful weather on top, how lucky.  Just there for 20 minutes, total trip 3 hours.  $44 each, less 10% for seniors.  We had picnic lunch on way down.

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 1989-99 Don gets PhD

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - The five of us went to Leesburg for lunch.  Fish tail was $5.95, standard 2 vegetables.  Planted plants in garden, have had them for a week, it has been so wet.  Called Roberta.  Mary Virginia called.

Monday 1990 - [Kentucky to home]  Went to Target, the Bookstore, got map of Turkey.  Lunch at Ryans Steakhouse in Florence and was in NV at 2:30.  Thought I had lost my billfold but found it in the van.

Tuesday 1991 - Took Roberta to Columbus for flight to Phoenix, went via Greenfield, saw M. [Myron, Miriam?] DeHaas there, she had a stroke last Sunday.  Supper at Cracker Barrel, Ham and Greens $2.69.  Don and Martha Ann Bernard came in to make plans on going to Alaska this July.  Serena had interview at Hamilton Public Library today.

Thursday 1992 - [Michigan with the Baileys] Breakfast at Ar... Cafe.  Tried to visit ??? near I-75 and I-475, no luck.  Had picnic lunch just south of Bowling Green.  A stop at the plastic place, then through downtown Lima.  A visit to the [Neil Armstrong Air and] Space Museum, $3.20 for senior citizens.  Supper at Friendly's in Xenia.

Friday 1993 - Spaghetti supper at the Lions Club by the Boy Scouts.  Talked with Bill Kincaid, he's MV's age, works at a theatre in Williamstown MA in the summer and in Sarasota FL in the winter.

Saturday 1994 - MV called: "The Hortons just called from the gas station in Williamsburg, to stop for the night."  They had originally told us they would leave Lake Worth on 5/23.

Sunday 1995 - Cris brought his Mother back, she had a good report on her gums at Angela's dentist.  Had pot luck at church for Senior Eric Johnson, he is going to Miami as a pre-med and Rob Schuler, Cherri Laymon's son-in-law (what a contrast).  Barnabas meeting at Mt Olive, 120 present and collection of $900+.  Had long "visit" with Glenn Daye.  Hardware store has been closed since 1988.  Talked with Roberta, she is really excited her Robbins and Myers stock has gone up.  Mary here for supper, she enjoys the Encarta program.

Thursday 1998 - Don Crowson e-mailed us that he has received his PhD degree, through correspondence.

Friday 1999 - [Montreal Canada to New Hampshire with Roberta]  Ate breakfast at snack bar in building then walked down Sherbrooke St to McGill College where Roberta got some socks.  In Newport, VT for lunch at East Side Restaurant (right on lake), good value.  Had reservations at Wayside Inn, just east of Bethlehem NH.  Bob and Pat Ballantyne are great friends of the owner there.  Bob had tickets for the 21st annual Culinary Dinner at the Mt. Washington Hotel for $45 each, what a crowd, ice sculptures and LOADS of appetizers.  We were there from 6 to 10.  Roger Ballantyne came up for dinner, his wife had a graduation for her son.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 1989-99 Mary's Graduation

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Toledo to home] Left at 9:30 via the Lake route, not much open.  More rain.  Had lunch at road side park near Attica – the rest of our breakfast cereal, bananas and milk.  Visited Ed and Jim [June?] Jones, after 40 years he has "retired" to an office behind his house.  He is 72.  They are having a family wedding in July.  Supper at German Village at Beck and Mohawk Sts. in Columbus, rated #2 in Columbus magazine – French Onion soup $2.95, Bean Soup $2.75, Grouper $15.95, Linguine $9.95.  Honda turned 10,000 miles.

Sunday 1990 - [to Lexington KY] Drove to Lexington for MV's graduation at 3:30, one man in her class was 88.  Had reservations at Red Roof, room 138.  We went to restaurant in the French Quarter Hotel (on Richmond Rd.), a fancy place.  Honda now has 33,000 miles. 

Monday 1991 - Picked first berries, 2 quarts, very nice, but oh the thistles.  Hughes closing in Wilmington with Peelle and Rose.

Wednesday 1992 - [northern Ohio to Michigan with the Baileys] Visited the Ford Museum, walked over to Grand Ave Hotel, very plush and then Everett and I went to Maggie and Choo-Choo's [?] for picnic supplies to eat in the park in front of the museum.  Then to see the fish ladder.  Then the Public Museum, a huge place, then the Public Library.  Had supper at Shanghai Gardens, just ordered 3 portions for the four of us and still had plenty.  Oh yes, bought a loaf of bread at Ed's bakery.

Saturday 1995 - Jean is a big help in mowing the yard, cleaned up chip pile and also burned pile of sticks we had picked up.  Jean cleaned out the patio and we put the Adams County chairs on the front porch.  We went to Wilmington in the afternoon, got more 19¢ grapefruit at Aldi's.  Bought pair of blue slacks at Uhlmans, $40 reduced to $29.98 – Haggar blue, wrinkle free.  We went to banana split festival, $2.50 each.  Didn't realize Madge Ann Beam is in Community band.  Back up this AM, Tom Jenkins the NV music instructor spoke at Men's Group breakfast.  Illustrated his talk with beans – if you put all the little beans in first then not room for the big ones, put the important things in first and then there is room for everything.

Monday 1996 - [Somerset KY to home]  On the road by 5AM as Jean wanted to be in Wilmington for the UMW meeting.  Turned house AC on, it really works.

Thursday 1999 - [Montreal Canada with Roberta] Bought day pass for $5 on bus and subway system.  Went to the Biosphere, quite interesting, had lunch there.  Road incline up and visited the garden.  Took subway to Bonaventure, lots of walking.  Had supper at Sala Thai at 1237 Rue Metcalfe and then walked back to our hotel.  Oh, yes, had buffet breakfast at our hotel [Hotel Du Fort], good value.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 1989-99 KY, MI, NH and Canada

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 -  [Toledo for Ohio Bar Meeting] Had breakfast in our [Radisson] hotel room.  Went to luncheon – $15.  Jean had called Lee Ackerman a couple of times, always a conflict with her Mother, etc.  Ate at Real Seafood on the river, $23.  A "mob" of people along the river (5-7:30pm).  We have the weekend rate of $49, got breakfast coupons for $5.

Saturday 1990 - Tom Pointer of Sabina spoke at the Prayer Breakfast, about 30 present.

Sunday 1991 - [Kentucky to New Vienna] We drove to Somerset for Church, then had brunch at the Church, then saw the Crowsons new parsonage here on Rt. 90., two miles east of US 27.  Church building is 12 years old.  Had left Serena's car at the Sankers so had visit there.  Bill is having a hernia operation and Jeanne is having tests. 

Monday 1992 - [northern Ohio to Michigan with the Baileys] On to Holland, Michigan, still some tulips in bloom.  Visited Baker Furniture Museum, then lunch at Sandpiper, great view and imaginative food, such as dried tomatoes.  Visited tulip grower north of town and then on to Grand Rapids at the Red Roof Inn for $37.

Thursday 1994 - Jean had cast cut off [fractured ankle 4/16/94] and was able to take a bath for the first time in nearly five weeks.  The appointment was at 11:50 and we got in at 1:20, $90 for visit + 2 x-rays. 

Sunday 1996 - [Somerset KY] Went to early church, then Don's SS class, then to Baptist Church.  Back in the evening for the youth program.  Ginny plays in the Bells [Choir].

Monday 1997 - Have a little poison ivy.  Jean had meeting in Wilmington.  Sent blue plaid pants to the Cleaner.  Still working on Print Shop, can't seem to get different colors.

Wednesday 1999 - [New Hampshire to Montreal, Canada with Roberta] Walked to little park nearby, then drove to Montpelier for lunch at the Culinary Institute, the ?? [entree] was quite small.  On to Ben and Jerry's , now $1.75 admission charge.  Had reservations at Hotel Du Fort, very nice with microwave and fridge.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 1989-99 Aunt Harriet dies

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [to Toledo for Ohio Bar Meeting]  Left for Ohio Bar Meeting in Toledo with stop in Bowling Green to see John Montgomery.  Have room 720 at the Radisson Hotel (two years old, next to Convention Center) [Possibly now a Crowne Plaza] for $72.  Had lunch at Kaufman's in Bowling Green near the freeway.  Supper at Boody's in Fort Industry Square.  Nice, but high ($53) – Veal $20, Fish $18.  Saw Clark Morrow at CWRU [Case Western Reserve] reception.

Friday 1990 - Got letter from Roger Ballantyne  that his mother [Harriet Cochran Ballantyne  -- couldn't find much about her, but did find a short obituary of Robert Brown Ballantyne who died at the age of 46 on 3/4/1956] had passed on, she was 73.  Bar meeting in Dayton, didn't make it.  Put out flowers here and at Wells, also tomato plants.

Saturday 1991 - [to Kentucky, Roberta visiting] We left for Berea where we were to meet the Crowsons plus John and Julie.  Today was to have been their wedding day.  A nice lunch there, most entrees about $9.75, lots of activity.  On to Jamestown on Lake Cumberland where MV had rented a 3-bedroom cabin – $69 now, $99 starting next weekend.  Also had tickets for dinner on their paddle boat, $25 each, with a 2-hour cruise and 2-piece music team.  Nice time.  A choice of chicken or prime rib for dinner.

Saturday 1991 - [Second entry with same date, could this have happened on the same day as above before leaving for KY?]  Keith Rankin spoke at Prayer Breakfast.  Cris came with his Dad as they are here for the weekend.  Wil had a fall down the basement stairs.  

Monday 1992 - [to northern Ohio]  Picked up the Everett Bailey's around 1:30 and Jean in Batavia at the UMC at 2:15.  Made a stop in Leipsic to see Methodist Home [Leipsic Retirement Village?].  Jean called Lee Ackerman, her mother was 100 in 12/91.  We were to meet the Barry Wy.... in Deshler, he was on the Israel trip, sent his wife roses each day, 1, 2, 4, etc.  He had put out 18 flats of flowers around the church.  Had reservations at ?? [looks like Chef, Cheap or Chief Wa...., a hotel?] for $30.

Tuesday 1993 - Went to Estate Planning Seminar in Lancaster, only $15 for 6 hours C.L.E. [continuing education credit], sponsored by Park National Bank.  Jean went on up [to Newark?] and I rode up with John Guard.  Stu told me that John had been promoted to Asst. VP.  Julie said they had received 88 cards re: Kate – she seems pretty angelic to me. 

Thursday 1995 - More rain.  Went to Hillsboro and got authenticated copies on the 2 Long estates.  Went square dancing.  Crowsons called and said their home loan had gone through.

Saturday 1996 - [Somerset KY]  Went to Wizard of Oz production.  Don cooked chops on their grill.

Sunday 1997 - Graduation potluck at UMC.  We were hosts on Barnabas Program, 67 people there.  Had loads of food.

Tuesday 1999 - [to New Hampshire with Roberta] Drove to Columbus for U.A. flight to Manchester NH, via Chicago.  Had reservations at Econo Lodge for $45.  Muffins and coffee for breakfast.  Roberta had rented a car there, quite a time getting to the motel, actually at Exit 4 on I-293.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 1989-99 Ruth Shoemaker's Birthday

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Ruth Shoemaker's 71st Birthday, we took her to Club 94 in Wilmington for lunch, $18 for the 3 of us.  At 9AM we went for hearing test, both OK.  PJW told me of her retirement plans in another year.

Thursday 1990 - County business meeting at Staceys.  $4.50 for luncheon. 

Friday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1993 - Hortons arrived after an unannounced overnight stay with the Crowsons.  Talked with Roberta and she had made the Rim to Rim Grand Canyon trip with flying colors.

Tuesday 1994 - Called the Zooks, their 43rd Anniversary.  Marge having trouble walking, problem with her back.  Jay Ewing here to work – he is never for a lack of words. 

Wednesday 1995 - Jean had final appointment with Dr. Compton on her wrist [fractured on 4/8/95 on the Capitol steps in Richmond VA].

Friday 1996 - [Cincinnati for OSBA to Somerset]  Ate at La Normandy for lunch, good value and then used the ½ price coupon for supper at the Westin 5th Street Market.  Got to Somerset about 9:30 after minor auto incident on/after exiting I-75. 

Saturday 1997 - Cleaned and waxed the white car and went to Hillsboro to square dance.  Ed Pabst from Marietta was the caller.  His wife looked so young and then she showed us pictures of their grandchild.  At church breakfast Ron R.... spoke on "We are the salt, are we using it?"

Sunday 1998 - Pot luck at church, two graduating seniors, Matt Carey and Shane Rider (he is going into service).  They had Open House for Ruth Shoemaker's 80th birthday.  Opal commented on Ralph's memory getting worse.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 1989-99 Jean to retire

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Jean told the school that this would be her last year.  Gas bill, 146 CCFS [CCF stands for Hundred Cubic Feet], $83.55.  Opal Nussbaum also retiring.

Thursday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1992 - Went for AM bike ride.

Sunday 1993 - Opal N. suffering from a broken vertebrate.  Took Ruth Shoemaker to see  Lost in Yonkers [1991 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Neil Simon, made into a film in 1993],  ($3.25 before 6pm, then $4.50) which was partially filmed in Wilmington.  Recall that they were there for a week last year, and on the film for about a minute.  The setting was 1942.  Also some filmed in Ludlow, KY.  We drove out Prairie Ave., across to Dover [Rd] and back on 134.  Had sundaes at McDonald's, 89¢ each.  Honda turned 57,000.

Monday 1994 - Met Jean in Wilmington.  She had gone with Ann Bailey to a UMC meeting, had a sundae at McDonald's, still 89¢.  Kroger's has cantaloupe for 99¢.  Henry Edwards is in Heartland.

Thursday 1996 - [Cincinnati for OSBA] Had breakfast with WRU alumni.  Jean met Jeanne Sanker and they had lunch at the Cincinnatian Hotel.  In the evening we went to the Maisonette Restaurant, "last table we have", most entrees $28-30 range and the vegetables are $7+, etc.  Really not worth it.  [Closed July 25, 2005]

Friday 1997 - Name change hearing in Springfield.  Spiraea [this word entered several times and spelled various ways but always with (sp?) added, according to Wikipedia it is also known as Meadowsweet which would be easier to spell] is coming in bloom.   Got new bulb for Honda headlight at Bill Marine Honda in Springfield.  Nick Anderson here to collect for GHU yard, 6 times this year at $12/time.  Kroger's has display of ropes, jacks and 2½" balls for $1.99 each.

Saturday 1998 - Trimmed shrubbery for first time.  Watered flowers at the church.  The youth had put them out.  Our '95 Honda turned 50,000 miles.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 1989-99 Mile long word

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Hortons arrived, they have a new Ford.  They really like the Senior Citizens, especially the big $1.50 luncheon.  PJW [Phyllis] talking of retiring in another year. 

Tuesday 1990 - Left New Vienna at 10:15 to take Roberta to Columbus airport.  Lunch at 94th Aero Squadron (most entrees $6.95).  Jean and Mary went to City Mall, hard rain coming home, even the electricity was off.  Jean got print out at Lazarus of MV's gift registration. 

Wednesday 1991 - Roberta arrives, lots of repaving on I-71 and I-270.  Mother seemed real good, tells us when she wants to use the bathroom.  Roberta brought lots of grapefruit.  We ate at Frisch's.

Friday 1992 - Put mulch around the trees at NV UMC, New Vienna Senior Citizens trip to Swim Place [?] in Columbus.

Saturday 1993 - Men's breakfast, Al R. spoke on attitudes, the longest word in the dictionary is SMILES, a mile long.  Put out flowers in front of planter, new green house near Evans Hill on the way to Hillsboro.  Mother is in good spirits today.  Made plane reservations for Oregon trip in July and also to Boston in September.  Roberta is going to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.  Keith Rankin is 55.

Sunday 1994 - Met the Gooding's and Lisa at the Midland Restaurant, all 5 of us shared the one bowl of soup, then split the pie pieces.  Never a lack of conversations with them.  Bob is going to retire at the end of this month.  Lisa spoke of her trip to England 5 years ago like it was yesterday.  More rain.

Wednesday 1996 - We left for Cincinnati for OSBA Meeting.  Had supper at Grand Finale.  In room 607 at the Hyatt, $142/night.  Cincinnati had 2.6 inches of rain.

Thursday 1997 - Still no luck with internet.  Went square dancing, caller was Topple McGuffey [Erle (Topple) McGuffey, 55, of Lakeshore Dr., Lexington, died Saturday, May 12, 2007].  Ran into George Irwin, he's been in Cocoa FL for 31 years, he is 73, has been retired since '71

Friday 1998 - Had Mark Piatt [?] over from Wilmington High School, he put on Windows 95 for us, here about 5 hours. 

Saturday 1999 - [Cleveland to home] At Baymont Inn at Mansfield Road and I-271, ordered 1 item of pastry and fruit and it is hanging on our door.  Went to Marc's, 4-8oz bubbles for 99¢.  Drove around Pepper Pike to see Ya.... house.  Met Lillian at Napa Valley Restaurant at Beechwood Mall at 11:30, we were there for 2 hours.  Her husband died in 1979.  Their three children, oldest is 49, son lives with gal for 12 years but not married and daughter has unhappy marriage.  Supper at Frisch's in Wilmington, talked with Owen Smith, he retired when he was 62.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 1989-99 Roberta's Birthday!

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Had lamb for dinner, Mother enjoys eating.  Went to Weastec (1600 N High St.) in Hillsboro, the new Japanese plant to see the play Beginning (or the Creation of the World and All That).  A beautiful plant and the play was excellent, just three characters.  The gal was Susan Kensinger Gingerich, her husband is Norman and they live at 12647 Martinsburg Road, Leesburg (near E.M.).  He teaches in Greenfield and had built a tandem recumbent bike this past week. 

Monday 1990 - [Roberta and Hortons visiting]  Had GHU and Hortons up for Roberta's birthday dinner.  Article in WSJ about how Knotts Berry Farm started serving chicken dinners in 1934 for 65¢. 

Tuesday 1991 - Peonies are out in bloom.  We have a lot of rabbits around the yard.  Trimmed shrubbery at the parsonage.

Thursday 1992 - We went to Cincinnati, had IRS program at Ramada Inn on Pfeffer Rd [now Crowne Plaza].  Ate at BP Petroleum, pint of milk and 2 oz. fig bars, $1.04.  Jean visited with Jeanne Sanker.  She got 3 loaves of bread at the Madison Ave. Bakery.  $10+ (2# each).  Met Serena and had supper at Shady Brook, north of Millville on Rt. 27.  My pasta was $9.  Picked up baby things at a friend of Serena's.  Got home about 10PM and Hortons arrived a couple minutes later.  They had driven from Columbia SC, had avoided Atlanta because of the "lady bugs." [?]  John called about Julie's miscarriage.

Friday 1993 - [in Dayton for OBA]  Meetings began at 8:45, Jean met Serena at the Library and I met them at 5:15 and we went to eat at 4 River Place (2** in Mobil Tour Book).  Jean and I then went to Books and Co. – oh what a selection, then to White Mountain Creamery, listed as a good place for yogurt in the Dayton Magazine, $1.35 for small cone.  We came home via Wilmington Road, new Meyer Store at Wilmington Road and Stroop Rd.

Saturday 1994 - Went to Hillsboro, got 6 trays of flowers and 7 hanging baskets, $120, and to think our original shrubbery was $200.  Called Roberta on her birthday.  She had taken the Morgans to the airport for their to trip to South Dakota.  Sharon King and Roger Leslie married. 

Sunday 1995 - [Mother's Day]  After a snack here we left at 1:30 for Waynesville, where we had reservations for 9 at Der Dutchman, what a crowd.  Two meats and one vegetable with bread and dessert was $10.95, 3 meats and 2 vegetables for $2.25.  Mary went with Cris and Angela to Auburn, has an appointment there to see about her gums.  Nellie Thornburg was the oldest Mother [at church], she will be 95 in October.  Georgialia asked each Mother what they remembered about what their Mother always told them and awarded prize for most popular.

Wednesday 1997 - Women's Club guest luncheon at the Center, interesting talk on the First Ladies (wives of the Presidents), 1½ hours, though interesting.

Friday 1999 - [Cleveland] Jean had breakfast in pool area then to Science Center to see movie "Alaska".  Lunch there, then to Rock and Roll Museum and she was ready to leave when she got there.  Parking $11/day in Town Center.  Supper at place on Bellflower.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 1989-99 Most Lipstick

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Went to Wilmington Library – had arranged to meet John at Deer Creek Park, Serena had driven over and was a complete surprise to Jean.  There at dinner about 2½ hours.  Liver and onions, $7.50, Haddock $9.95.  Kroger's had berries for $1.49/lb.  Visited Clarke Walker in Court House Manor en route, didn't know him with new red cap, he had lost weight.

Sunday 1990 - [Mother's Day, day after Mary and Don's wedding]  We all went to Sunday School, even Grandma.  Stan Hannah's class had the Mother's Day program:  Who had the most lipstick – Jean had 3; the most pennies – Esther S. had 28.  Jean and I drove the Morgans back to Columbus, met John at the airport, ate in their cafeteria.  Visited Westerville Public Library, then Thelma Holmes.  Got Worthington paper for Roberta.  Rates at Worthington Inn are $90 for a couple.  Parking at Long Term at the airport is $1 for first hour, $1 for next 2 hours, $5/day or $30/week.  Mary Virginia called us this AM, they stayed in Lexington last night as well as tonight, then to Houston Woods for 3 nights.  Cris called the Hortons.  He starts 5/21 with Auburn Gear Co. in Auburn IN.  Linn Zook called, left my red jacket in their car, a Toyota Corolla, they didn't like their Honda Civic.

Thursday 1993 - After taking care of Wells insurance (a good savings with F. Rank Co. [?] over Kinker.)  we went to Dayton for Ohio Bar meeting.  Registration for whole meeting was $175.  Saw Walter Schott and Jeff Wright there.  The Gooding's came down to the hotel and we had supper there.

Friday 1994 - Kent Walker buys house from Ma.... Achor [or  Scher?] estate.  Helen Hamilton auction sale in Wilmington, oh what a wet day.  Fruit trees nearest the house are in bloom.  Talked with Rachel [?] Cowman, her Dad's estate is negative.  Cris called "they are running late" – Angela is coming from Auburn IN.

Monday 1996 -  We met Don at Dry Ridge KY at McDonald's, 88 miles.  Had the sandwich, $2.29.  Planted flowers at Wells.

Tuesday 1997 - Got plants at Moore Green House, including big tomatoes for $3.95.  Saw Henry Edwards.

Wednesday 1998 - Jean had Women's Club at Waynesville.  Went to Moore's again got $96 worth of plants, just got the garden plants in and what a down pour.

Thursday 1999 - [Cleveland]  We both went to CWRU [Case Western Reserve] breakfast, slow to sit down.  Jean took group to Beechwood Mall and Chagrin Falls for lunch.  Went to banquet – $42 each.  224 there.  New President had long introduction of his family.  Sat next to Lin etc. with Lexis and the gal who was to speak on speed reading.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 1989-99 Happy Anniversary, Mary and Don

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Took Mother to Dr. Moran – foot Dr. in Hillsboro ($25).  Kroger's had special on 2% milk for 99¢/gallon.  Sankers invited us down.  Howard and Margaret Mailly [?] of Belmont Ave. and College Hill were also there.  Didn't get home until 1AM.  Gas 105.9¢ in Martinsville.

Saturday 1990 - [Mary Virginia and Don's Wedding Day]  A catered breakfast ($80) from 7 to 9AM.  We were at the Church (Wilmore UMC) at 9AM.  Had a real worship service (a good hour, then the receiving line 45 minutes +) for the wedding ceremony — very impressive.  Parts where we parents were to respond.  Roberta had quite a time "keeping" a room for GHU to take a nap.  Left at 3PM.  Rained most of the way home.  The honeymooners left about 2:15.  Roberta stayed with GHU – said she was up at 5AM to be ready for the wedding, she really held up well.  She did have trouble with the communion.  Due to the rain we came straight home.  Got 3 pizzas from Ralph's, $7.50 each.  He has a drive-through now.

Sunday 1991 - John and Julie came down about 4:30, visited GHU, she was pretty talkative, drank well – glass of milk, the shake and always water.  Had supper at Frontier Restaurant.  Men in Redeemers SS Class had Mother's Day program.

Monday 1992 - Mother doing well today, planted beans, squash, beets and carrots in the garden.  Jean went to Emmaus meeting in Wilmington.

Wednesday 1993 - Got new dishwasher from Murphy-Benham Hardware [worst fire in Hillsboro's history in 1928].  Mother's in good spirits.  Spiraea is in bloom.

Sunday 1996 - [Roberta, Cris and MUH visiting]  Stan Hannah and I spoke about our Mothers.  The nine of us went to the Elks in Wilmington for the Mother's Day Buffet, $9.95.  Then took Roberta to Columbus with a stop at the mall.  Bought the 1993 book, "100 Best Small Cities in the USA," was $12, now $2.  Ginny slept all the way back.  New carpet at church.  HQT said that Tom Rudisill had something to do with the older carpet.

Monday 1997 - Harper lock box opening.

Wednesday 1999 - [to Cleveland]  Left for Cleveland for OBA meeting, had room #849 at the Renaissance Hotel, $144 per night + 3 taxes.  Had evening reception at the Science [?] Center.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 1989-99 MV and Don's wedding rehearsal

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1990 - [New Vienna to Wilmore KY for Mary and Don's wedding]  Left at 10:15 in the two vans.  Had GHU in the wheel chair but she kep sliding down, much better in the regular van seat.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel near Georgetown, exit 126.  Got tux en route, rental was $57.50.  We had room 40 in the Rosa Beeson Manor [now Asbury Inn], brand new.  Had rehearsal at 6PM followed by a catered picnic at 7:30.  GHU holding up real well.  Nice visit with the Zooks.

Saturday 1991 - Hortons arrived, we all went over to see Mother at 6PM, she was wide awake.  For supper we went to Frontier Steak House.  Picked another hand full of asparagus. 

Monday 1992 - We went to the Renfro Valley program at the Murphy Theatre, a little went a long way.

Wednesday 1994 - Finally made some garden, planted onions.

Thursday 1995 - Still wet, our peas and lettuce are dong great.  We went square dancing.  Herschel A. never shy for words.  He has had a recurrence of his cancer, goes to a Dr. Davidson in Fairfield, OH.  Called MUH and she was just getting up.  A late start for a drive to Ohio for her and Cris.  Called Der Dutchman in Wanyesville for a reservation for Mother's Day, best we could get was at 3PM.  Spiraea showing signs of whiteness.

Saturday 1996 - [Cris and MUH visiting] We were to meet John and Julie and the Ashcrafts at Youngs Dairy Bar (change from the Winds Cafe which was good) at 1:30.  Bob and Bev Gooding and Lisa were there.  Kate and Ginny enjoyed feeding the goats, etc.  The Ashcrafts left without the rhubarb we took, but did find each other in Yellow Springs.  Some wild haircuts there.  On way home we stopped at Aldi's – Cris DID NOT like the place – the 25¢ for the cart, bags 10¢ and you had to bag your own groceries, no wonder he has high blood pressure.

Sunday 1997 - [Mother's Day]  Had "lunch" in Wilmington at new place on East Sugartree, $1.50 each, food was OK but service pretty erratic.  Jean got two pairs of shoes at Walmart, plus bulb for new Howler [Hoover?], noticed it last week.  Looked over the Amerihost Motel in Wilmington, they have a room with a huge whirlpool in the room.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 1989-99 Cris runs out of gas

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Bought gas for van – first time since 10/88.

Thursday 1990 - Morgans and Roberta arrive in Columbus on TWA.  John and Serena met them.  John and Julie went on to Cincinnati area to stay with Julie's sister.  Jeanette Laymon came up and took Wendy out to Ralph's for a coke.

Sunday 1992 - [Mother's Day]  After church we went to Hillsboro to feed GHU.  John and Julie met us and we drove down to Murphin Ridge for dinner – very nice.  Ordered a rocker and a straight chair, made in Adams County near Stout, Ohio.  Mother was in good spirits at supper time and ate well.  Bought 3 trays of flowers and vegetables at Bob and Carl's and put out part of them.  John and Julie told us their "BIG NEWS."  Mary Virginia called – Virginia Michele and Jonathan Tyler are the names they have in mind.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to New Vienna]  We left Williamsburg about 7:30, same time that MV and Ginny leave for Somerset.  They had a phone call at 7AM from Diane that her husband had taken an overdose of pills.  We made a stop at Big Bone Lick State Park, though no buffalo in sight, then came up US 42, 25 and 127.  Oh the traffic and the Town and Country Restaurant was closed.  Had lunch at Mariemont Inn.  Got flowers at Bob and Carl's, $8.95 a flat.  Mother doesn't complain of pain so much, now weighs 97lbs.  Planted the dahlias and garden plants tonight.

Tuesday 1994 -  Went to seminar in Lancaster, $15.  Rode down with John Gard [an attorney who works next to John at PNB].  We had supper at Garfield's at the Heath Mall.  The Vegetable plate was $4.99, iced tea $1.29.

Wednesday 1995 - Went to Columbus to hear Roy Adams of Chicago speak [Estate Planning].  Met Judy Gano in Wilmington at 7AM and we were back in Wilmington at 1PM.

Friday 1996 - Cris and Mary [MUH] arrived at 9PM, ran out of gas en route.

Sunday 1998 - [Mother's Day] Article on internet about Williamsburg VA from NYT.  Met John, Julie, Kate and Ashcrafts at Red Brick Tavern at 1pm in Lafayette.  Nice lunch.  Two antique shops nearby.  We came home through Springfield and then Youngs Dairy Bar, what a busy place.  Two dips are $3.30 but big size.  Left rhubarb at Schotts, who were gone, he called later and left message about how very appreciative they were for the rhubarb.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

May 9, 1989-99 Chicken Coop

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Took GHU to Joanne Gruber for wash and wave set.  Mother does look better but hard to get her engaged in speech.  Serena left for Columbus.

Thursday 1991 - Demolition of buildings for Wilmington's new city hall is underway.

Saturday 1992 - GHU really sleepy, could not get her teeth in.  Jean cleaned out the freezer.  Planted two purple lilac bushes.  Ran across the old chicken coop in Mother's garage.  I do recall having the live chickens – she would put a broom handle across their necks and pull.  Good outlet for the garbage. 

Sunday 1993 - [Kentucky, Mother's Day]  Went to Somerset for SS and Church, had Mother's Day lunch at Williamsburg Lodge.  At 5:00 there was the dedication of the new wing at Pleasant View (cost $25,000).  The Bishop (Morgan) quoted Wallace Hamilton of the Pasadena Church in St. Petersburg FL and the DS were both there.

Monday 1994 - [Sherrodsville OH to WV and back to OH]  Had a heavy breakfast before leaving, went through East Liverpool (Smith Furniture has been out of business for some 5 years), then Chester and New Cumberland, our first visit to the Library, then to the cemetery.  Visited Virginia Marshall briefly.  Got new wheel chair wheel in Steubenville.  The old Hub Department store building has been torn down.  They have some nice outside wall paintings [murals] on some buildings. 

Tuesday 1995 - Jean and I went to Lancaster for 3rd annual meeting at Holiday Inn.  $20 a real bargain for credit.  We came back through I-270 and 71 (20 miles further than US 22) and ate at Cracker Barrel, which has new menus out in 4/95.  Jean had UMW meeting at Linda Croghan's. A really wet day today.

Thursday 1996 - Jean, Roberta, and Ginny took Ruth Shoemaker to Damon's.  Ruth is 79.  Ginny enjoyed going to the park near the tennis court, goes back to 1981 when Wells gave the land. 

Saturday 1998 - Had Matt Terrell (Tom and Julia's son) in for our internet problems. though he didn't figure out what our problem is – no mail is leaving the outbox. 

Sunday 1999 -  Mother's Day also Youth Sunday at Church.  Tony Wearington told Jean he and his wife are splitting up.  Planted those 8,000 seeds (flower) at edge of garden.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

May 8, 1989-99 GHU wants to go home

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - Picked first spinach.  Watson defeats McMillin for County Commissioner.

Friday 1992 - Tulip festival in Holland MI through 5/18.  First time Mother has talked about wanting to go home.  Made Delta reservations to fly to Alaska in July.  Mother in good spirits.

Saturday 1993 - [Newark to KY]  We had lunch at Exit 110 at Cracker Barrel.  Gas 99.9¢.  Ginny is really growing up – feeds herself with her fingers.  Cut down or rather pushed over a dead tree for them.  Mary Virginia has lost a big toe nail from the Grand Canyon trip (the nail had turned black).

Sunday 1994 - [Newark to Sherrodsville OH]  After church we had dinner at hotel in Roscoe Village and then on to Atwood Lodge.  [Scheduled to close 10/1/10 after 45 years in business.]  Broke one of the small wheels on the wheel chair on the way to the tennis courts.  Went into Dellroy for supper.

Wednesday 1996 - Jean and Roberta went to Women's Club meeting at Steak Place at Rocky Fork North Shore.  Prayer meeting at parsonage but no sign of Ray's wife.  Ginny can ride her trike pretty well.  Evie Johnson here at 5:30 and stayed for a snack.  Tom and Emily Salisbury have gone back to Peru. 

Thursday 1997 - To Cincinnati for Jean's Dr. appointment.  Had lunch at La Bone [?] across from Public Library.  Went to Law Library, now $5 fee per day for non-county, though she didn't charge me since it was 3PM.  It is on the 6th floor.  Lots of interesting stuff at Public Library, parked in garage 3 hours for $1.  Ate at restaurant in Mariemont that the Spencers in Alabama suggested.  Theater there is now open and the [attached] Bistro Gigi is getting ready to open.

Friday 1998 - Took Walter Schult to OSBA meeting in Dayton, got in 6 hours credit.  More rain.  Walter is 80.  They are trying to sell their house for $180,000 and move into a smaller house.  More rain.  More problems with Dragon Internet.  Article in WNJ how they [the WNJ? or Dragon Internet?] are going to have a security person on duty since they have had two problems this past week.

Saturday 1999 - [Newark to New Vienna]  After breakfast in the room [Kate spent the night] we went for a swim, to the playground, and then to search for the ducks.  Article in last Sunday's NYT about Pittsburgh and about traveling in southern India.  Went to Touch of Love for sandwiches, run by Lori.  Kate's 6th Birthday Party started at 2PM.  They had worked hard to have the outside spruced up and then the dark clouds kept most of us inside.  Left about 4PM, a stop at Leggs where Jean got some hose, supper at Wendy's.  Got to the C.J. Moore's about 7PM, he is now the Sabina Village Administrator.  Had tickets at the Murphy 80th Anniversary for a Gershwin program.  Refreshments at Frisch's afterwards.  Bob Evans closes at 10PM, Frisch's at midnight.  ElderHostel US and Canada update issue arrived.  Got annual survey [or summary] from CMH and Otterbein Home.

Friday, May 07, 2010

May 7, 1989-99 Ginny upset, excited

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1990 - Serena arrived home.  25 years ago item in WNJ "Lions Club house opened."

Friday 1993 - [Newark]

Saturday 1994 - [to Newark]  Drove to Newark for Kate's 1st birthday party.  She likes to push the little baby buggy.  For supper we went out and got some take out Chinese food.  She got a nice Little Tykes wagon. 

Sunday 1995 - We ate at Bob Evans, then to Extended Care.  Pearle Halpin has been there about 3 months.  Then to Ruth Shoemaker's, she wondered if Roberta was coming.  Then to DQ where we used the Entertainment book to get 1 free shake.  Ran into the Donald Bernard's there.  Our little oak tree out front got bent over.

Tuesday 1996 - Park National seminar in Lancaster, their 4th annual, $20, a real deal.  Sat next to Harold __________, Trust Dept. from Mansfield.  John Guard was also there.  More rain.  Ginny gets upset when she thinks about her Mother and Dad.  The TV gets her settled down.  Jean, Roberta and Wendy [probably should be Ginny] met Serena at Chili's for lunch and then took Serena to the airport for her flight to London.

Wednesday 1997 - John Johnson, Fire Dept. Chief had the program, 12 members present.  Think Orville and Josephine are worn out with John and his family living there.  Crowsons called us, Ginny was excited that she is going to have a brother or sister in December.

Friday 1999 - [to Newark] Left here about 3:00 after Jean got home from Sabina church meeting.  Had room 133 facing the inside at Cherry Valley Lodge, $99.  Went to Trout Farm for supper, then a swim at the hotel.  Kate stayed with us.

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May 6, 1989-99 Welcome Katherine Elizabeth Uible

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Our bike group reached Jacksonville Beach – what a 5 week trip.  Flew home on Delta.

Sunday 1990 - First time Mother had been out in a month.  We walked down to see Nellie T.  I then drove around and visited Fannie Moore.  Saw postcard at Mothers from when we visited the Greenbrier in 1959.  Spiraea is in bloom. 

Wednesday 1992 - Went to Columbus for Banc Ohio Annual Estate Planning meeting with Roy Adams from Chicago as the speaker.  Visited the Main Library, was going to have lunch at Ca....[?] but only open in the evening, so ate at Handke's, on Front Street, used to be a brewery.  [Handke's closed 6/20/09 after 18 years.]  Then ice cream in Washington CH, GHU was sleepy, would not hold her glass of milk.  Tim Smith of Sheriff's Department spoke at Lions Club on drugs, 13 present.

Thursday 1993 - John called us at 2:30AM that Julie's water had broken.  He called again at 12:30 as the baby (Katherine Elizabeth Uible, 6 pounds, 12 ounces) was born at 12:14.  We got there at 4PM after at stop at the bakery in WCH.  Baby very angelic and Julie had breast fed her.  Left about 6 after a snack in the Hospital Cafeteria.  New Hotel going up at the Cherry Valley Road exit.  Stopped at French Hardware to look at dishwashers.  Did buy some garden seed.

Saturday 1995 - We met the District Superintendent (Shirley Cadle and her husband Shorty) and the new couple – Roy King at the Wooden Spoon.  He is from Yorkshire and she from Scotland.  Had PPR meeting at 7PM, did have 7 members there and lasted about 2 hours.  The Crowsons are still house hunting. 

Monday 1996 - Mary Virginia and Ginny arrive – she is a live wire – just arrived and then to the playground.  MUH called up, they plan to leave this Thursday.  Decided to go to Young's Dairy Bar instead of Winds [?] this Saturday as now Angela and two children want to meet with us.

Wednesday 1998 - Lions Club Meeting, 16 present.  No program, Tom Terrell and Bob Carey spoke on progress at new High School, to be a phone in the elevator.  Got new tennis shoes in the mail.  Bob McCoy going to Westtown for his 60th HS reunion.

Thursday 1999 - Item in WNJ that Crysteco is closing, laying off 200 people.  Nick Eveland works there.

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May 5, 1989-99 Celebrating Kate

[Note:  Kate's actual birthday is May 6, stay tuned for additional details.]

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 6]

Saturday 1990 - Stayed overnight with GHU, she sleeps well but complains of pain and "wants to go home."  Hospital Guild had market at the Bank.  Got 2 pies from Hilda Williams, $3.50 each.  Tony McI. put up new Sears garage door opener at Mothers.

Sunday 1991 - Hillsboro first for GHU then to Golden Lamb to meet Serena, she had invited us for 2pm.  Lebanon Public Library open on Sundays, October through April.  We visited the antique shops and at 5:30 had ice cream at the Village Ice Cream Shop.  Went directly to Highland where Rev. Von Durant is having a revival service – lasted two hours.

Monday 1992 - GHU wide awake. 

Wednesday 1993 - GHU still complaining of pain in back, Heartland called, she has temperature of 103°.   Had program about ?? [looks like Qmt] at Lions Club.  Larry Blackburn to be the new President.

Friday 1995 - [to Newark and back]  We went to Wilmington about 11AM, got first dent in new car as turned corner too sharp at Georgia Campbell's place.  We got to Newark about 3PM (after a stop at J. Raymond Smith's in Sabina where we left them rhubarb.  John, Ginny and I went to Walmart for birthday supplies.  The new Target will open in July.  They cooked hamburgers and hot dogs outside.  Don Crowson likes to do that.  Julie's grandparents (Ashcraft), her parents, her sister Joan and husband Bill, her brother Jeff and wife Lori, plus us, Serena and the three Crowsons.  We were going to stay overnight but Jerry and Betty were to leave the next AM at 8 so we drove home at 8:45 – got stopped in New Albany for going 40 in a 25mph zone, lucky just a warning.  John and Julie got this large Hedstrom gym set for Kate's 2nd birthday.

Sunday 1996 - [to Newark] Left New Vienna at 6:30AM and went to Spring Hill Baptist Church with John and Julie at 8:30.  The Church's 7th year – they are now enlarging the church.  Had a snack at Wendy's then Kate had a nap before all the relatives arrived at 3PM.  More rain.  Kate got a trampoline, sand box, etc. etc. 

Monday 1997 - [Newark to New Vienna]  Left around 9AM and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Chased around Wilmington getting new title and plates for white Honda, now 110,000 miles.  Jean had Mothers Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens.  Heard about our new minister coming.  Nugents Christmas letter came.  Picked first asparagus.

Tuesday 1998 - Went to Martinsville UMC for supper, the vegetable soup had plenty of meat.  Visited all 3 election precincts in Martinsville.  Wayne H. showed us pictures of old hotel in the center of Martinsville, built in 1835 and was torn down in the 1950s.   [Tried to find a picture of this on the Internet but no luck – somewhere there is probably a postcard of it, but not in my collection!]

Wednesday 1999 - People from Ashland here to look at Wells.  They knew Jim Thorpe.  Lions Club program, a detective from Wilmington Police Department spoke on gangs.  Talked with Ed Jones about 50th Law School Reunion.

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May 4, 1989-99 Kate gets bike

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 6]

Friday 1990 - What a wet day and week.

Saturday 1991 - Planted tomatoes in our garden, also rhubarb plants from Brockmanns. [?]  Had supper at Frisch's.  Joe and Mary Hiestand were there with Vivian.  Also the Richard Carr's.  Took GHU strawberries, she ate them well with the ice cream.

Wednesday 1994 - On Lions Club Committee (potatoes, jello and succotash) with Dana Dunsmith [?] (ham loaf), and Bob McCoy (strawberry pie, rolls and beverage).  Had Sharon King speak on banking and she gave away some prizes.  Sharon has been with the Bank 16 years at at New Vienna, 10 years.

Thursday 1995 - A robin has built a nest on our bathroom window ledge, when we opened the window the nest fell on the ground in the corner.  Two of the four eggs have hatched.  The Crowsons are to arrive this evening, they got here about 10PM.  Don has changed medicine for his high blood pressure.  Still quite wet. 

Saturday 1996 - Serena left for Columbus [?], cleaned out garage at GHU's.  We went to Wilmington in PM.  Miriam S. seems to be slipping -- physically and mentally.  Ate at Taco Bell.  Ralph and Eleanor Elliott were there along with Jean Eaton, he was in NVHS class of '39.  Six cars in front of our house.  Hospital Guild market at the Bank.

Sunday 1997 - [Newark] Had breakfast at Evergreen Restaurant and then to Spring Hill Baptist Church at 10 for Sunday School.  They planted their 8th [?] year tree.  Had a late (4PM) lunch at Wendy's.  Ralph Bell, a Billy Graham Association spoke at the ball park at 7pm, two hours long, good turn out, it got cold.  Kate can ride her new bike.

Monday 1998 - Article in Walmart report that 100 shares of stock purchased in 1970 (when they went public) was now equal to 102,000 shares with a value of 5.1 million and 27,000/year in dividends.  Berkshire Hathaway having annual meeting, stock is at 69,000+.  GG's Mothers' Club ate at Phoenix Restaurant in downtown Jamestown. 

Tuesday 1999 - We were in Wilmington at 8AM as Jean had appointment for a physical.   Went to Waynesville -- Foley, was really expecting more help.  Had early lunch at Taco Bell.  Got another bulb at Walmart for the piano light that we got for the Sunday School.  Item in WSJ where $1200 in Home Depot in 1981 would now be worth 1.25 million.

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May 3, 1989-99 Unique tea

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 -  [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - Got haircut at Greg's, $5, he is going to start work in Chillicothe and do barbering at night.

Friday 1991 - Planted flowers around house, GHU's and Wells.

Sunday 1992 - Ponderosa now open in Hillsboro.  We ate at Wooden Spoon, as BIG crowd at Ponderosa.  Mothers' Day Tea at Heartland.  UMW day at East Monroe and Leesburg, where Jean was the speaker.  Picked up pay stub on Vicki Denver, New Sabina Industries, $9.35/hour.

Monday 1993 - [Wooster to New Vienna] Drove over on part of old US 30 to Galion to visit Ed and June Jones.  Ed will be 77 this year.  Galion has a nice Public Library, new addition, etc.  Stopped in Delaware.  Jean got some unique tea there.  Then supper at the Refectory on Bethel Road [Columbus], $35 for the 2 of us, VERY uncrowded, great rolls and nice atmosphere.

Tuesday 1994 - Jean had Mothers' Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens.  Waldo Ferguson sang.  Spiraea getting white.

Wednesday 1995 - On Lions Club committee with Bob McCoy and Harold Cooper -- meat loaf, scalloped potatoes, green beans, peas, rhubarb pudding with ice cream.  Jean now has a cast she can take on and off.  [Wrist fracture on 4/8/95]

Friday 1996 - Bar meeting, talking with Flora Daniels, still working on her 1994 tax returns.  Serena arrived and helped us on the computer.  Picked rhubarb for Hospital Guild market tomorrow.

Saturday 1997 - [Parkersburg WV to Newark] Hotel [Blennerhassett] having convention so SLOW breakfast which went with the room.  Visited the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta -- new exhibit on people migrating from the farm to the village to the city.  Hard rain en route.  Kate had her #4 birthday party at 3pm.  Julie had made a pretty cake.  We ate supper at the Old Pub.  Have room #282 at Cherry Valley Lodge, had listed $128 but changed it to $99.  Kate did real well spending the night with us.  

Sunday 1998 - Choir is adjourning for summer.

Monday 1999 - Howard Page, 90, passed away, write-up in paper mentioned his being on old New Vienna Bank Board.  Dow hits 11,000.

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May 2, 1989-99 Deep discount

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - Lions Club.  [I'm] on committee with Ernie Cochran (he is 80) and Dana D.

Thursday 1991 - Martha Brewer called from Cincinnati about changing her will.  Had supper at Ryan's on S.R. 125, entrees $4.79, then over Rt. 125 to 62 to Hillsboro.  Mother had her catheter removed, seems real good, now weight is up to 98#. 

Saturday 1992 - Planted onions in the garden, also sowed grass seed.  Went to Barber Shop Quartet and group at the Murphy Theatre, we got home at 11:30.  Bob and Carl's have their plants in.  Spiraea is in bloom.

Sunday 1993 - [Cleveland to Wooster] Ate in the Grille (in the basement of the Sheraton), made a stop at Marc's, the deep discount store (so their ad says), they sell 3 of our 16oz bubbles at 98¢.  Had reservation at the Wooster Inn, Room 103 for $73, included a big breakfast.  We had a snack at TCBY and then stopped at the College Library. 

Monday 1994 - UMC Administrative Board voted to modernize the Women's Restroom.  We were pleasantly surprised in the English places that had wheelchair rest room facilities.  Mary Virginia called about the Dr. at Somerset who committed suicide and she would need to be there for the services so they will not be up this week.

Tuesday 1995 - [Water and electric bill info was entered here, but I switched it to 5/1 to be with 1990 and 1992 info.]

Thursday 1996 - New mini [?] Public Library in NYC at 34th and Madison, used to be a Department Store.  GG's sister in Dayton to have open heart surgery.

Friday 1997 - [Washington VA to Parkersburg WV] Had nice breakfast at Bed and Breakfast at 9AM and bought Kate a birthday gift at one of the shops.  We made a mistake in coming back on Rt. 50, full of curves.  Got to Parkersburg about 5PM.  Staying at the Blennerhassett Hotel, open since 1889.  Ate at Mountaineer Restaurant on Rt. 50, just west of I-77.  Liver and onions $4.45.

Saturday 1998 - [Newark for Kate's birthday]  Had breakfast at Sparta Restaurant in downtown Newark, slow service, etc.  Once is enough there.  Back through Washington CH, replacing paint and bridge.

Sunday 1999 - Article in NYT about south India.

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May 1, 1989-99 May Day

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - April water = 425 cubic feet, $10.62 + $3.64

Wednesday 1991 - Adrian Roberts spoke at Lions Club on the history of Green Township, how we were once part of R. County, Virgina [possibly Rappahannock, although I can't find any confirmation of this, see Virginia Historical Counties for historical maps], then Hamilton County, etc.  First house was near Snow Hill (named after Snow Hill, MD) and nearest place was was about 5 miles away, on what is now Rt. 72 and Carl's West's current home. 

Friday 1992 - Water = 617 cubic feet, total $43.91, trash $6.50, sewage $18.32.  Took Larry Lyons to 12th District Court of Appeals meeting in Middletown.  Planted flowers at GHU's and at Wells.  Put Christmas poinsettia out, wonder if they will do any good.  Called Leggitts about going on the trip to the Far East on 10/6/92.   (The Leggitts were connected with Wilmington College through whom we met Kim.  They retired to WA and were killed crossing the street

Saturday 1993 - [Cleveland]  Made a visit to the library at noon, they gave me gloves to look at the old pictures.  We had lunch in the Arcade.  After the day's [Family Life Conference] session we drove over to W. 25th, the flats (government housing where we lived in the spring of 1949), around the Western Reserve and East Cleveland.  Had supper at That Place on Bellflower, then went out Mayfield Road to I-271 to Marc's, they closed at 9PM.  Came back through Shaker Heights and ended up on Woodland Ave., hardly the ideal place.

Sunday 1994 -  Open Houses in Hillsboro, one was the Historical house where GHU was born.  Had a board where Ira H. had written "This House is occupied by my wife and I and 3 children, Harry, Luna and Dorsa, 1886, age 13, 11, and 9.  Cost $2500.  The traction line [Electric Railway] in front of their house lasted 14 years.  [GHU mentioned going to Cincinnati by traction in her postcard of September 2, 1910 -- see Grandma takes Traction for more information]

Monday 1995 - Water = $3.67 + $9.18, sewer $16.95 and trash $6.50, total = $34.30.  DPL bill was $72.09, used 751 kwh.  (Late pay was $73.17, on water late pay was $37.74.)  Went to CMH for Power of Attorney execution of Lowell Cowman and he passed away 12 hours later.

Wednesday 1996 - Dale Hertlein of the Clinton County Farm Service Agency spoke at Lions Club program, he went on the Philmont trip in 1972.  The prayer group met here, G. Hannah really excited about the Emmaus experience this past weekend.  Still wet and cool.  Catherine called (each Wednesday), Wendy had to go to the hospital -- gall stones. 

Thursday 1997 - [Williamsburg to Washington VA] Up Route 3 to T[?] Inn, a nice place -- Catherine is in charge of the reservations.  [What???]  Oh yes we had breakfast buffet in main dining room, [still at Kingsmill Resort, I think] $11.95 each.  Just had yogurt for lunch and got to Washington VA about 5:30, staying at Heritage Bed and Breakfast, $105/night.  We are in Amish room, had reservation for a dinner at 6:30 at the Inn at Little Washington, what a 20 year rise they have had.  5 stars for both Inn and meals.  We were there two hours, they "gave" us a little bowl of sweets in leaving.  Meal was $88 each and the rooms start at $260.

Friday 1998 - To Newark for Kate's birthday.  They had 4 large pizzas.  [Julie's sister] Cathy has 3 children and an indifferent (?) husband. 

Saturday 1999 - Hard to get to mowing [moving?] from Wells.  Jean made granola, took 6 packages of rhubarb at 3# each to church market.  Visited Ruth Shoemaker at CMH.  Had sandwich at Burger King and then to Sabina for Bernard auction sale, house built in 1912, sold for $70,000.

Items from Uible photo album