Monday, July 22, 2013

1972 Roberta in Yugoslavia

Though Yugoslavia no longer exists as a country, now being divided into Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Roberta visited before all the splitting up took place.  The selection of postcards (actually Roberta's supply of "dinero") was limited.  Transcriptions follow.
Roses postcard mailed to GHU from Belgrade 1972
 July 22, 1972
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Am now in Belgrade - Yugoslavia, staying at the nicest hotel we've been in!  Belgrade has alot of pretty city parks - but not really all that much to see.  Did see the Blue Danube river - but it didn't look to Blue to me.  It ought to be called the Brown Danube!

The flowers of the countryside we rode through yesterday were really pretty.  I hope you are fine & hello to the family.  Love, Bert
Windsor Castle postcard mailed 1972 from Yugoslavia.  
Captioned: St. George's Chapel, Windsor.  The Quire facing east, with banners of Knights of the Garter.  Begun by King Edward IV in 1475, the carved oak stalls were completed by 1485, the stone ceiling in 1509.  The banners are those of living Knights of the Garter.
July 23, 1972

Hi! How do you like this post-card?  Still had stamps but ran out of "dinars" to buy post-cards!  The windows of this chapel were beautiful.

We are now on our way to Ljubljana - a nice cool rainy day to travel.

Went last night to see "Where were you when the Lights went out?" with Doris Day, etc. in it.  Was in English with Slavic sub-titles.  Was sure funny!  cost us about 36¢ - not bad huh?

Hope all is fine - Love, Bert

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