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Friday, September 26, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.27

September 27, 1974
Dear Dad, Mom, Mary Virginia and Grandma,

Just heard that you all called last night . . . . . sorry I missed talking to you all, but at least you got to talk to the Hortons.

I need a green card that I think I left at home.  It is about the size of an envelope and it would have my name on it along with FAU--paid 200.00.  I have to have it before I can get a library and; and beleive [sic] it or not I already have a list of reserved readings I need to get out of the library.

I might have lost it; but it might be in an envelope that says FAU on it.  If you can't find it--it's ok--I can get a duplicate; but it will cost me 5.00 so please do look for it.

I'm now only taking 9 hours--As I guess Aunt Mary already told you.  The political Science course as before and a course called Organizational Behavior.  Yesterday we discussed different definitions of work and then ways you can make work more pleasurable.  It's a good feeling only to be taking 9 hours.

Grandma we got your letter -- Thanks.  I'm glad you all made it over to see Mrs. Penn.  Did she say how long she expected to be out there?  I had a letter from Serena yesterday.  It's a shame she went up there on Tuesday and then didn't get anything done until Friday.  I'm glad I'm not taking the courses she is.

I'm enclosing some recipes out of the latest w.w. magazine*.  With just the three of you all, you should really be taking advantage of the miracle oven.  Mary Virginia . . . . are you cooking alot these days????

I stopped at K-Mart Yesterday and bought a cover for the front seat of the Buick.  It was only 4.97 . . big savings over what Sears wanted, and it is the same type of cover.  I had applied for a job at K-Mart and then they called me up saying I had the job--but it only paid 2.00 an hour without any food benefits either so . . . . . .

I really do like my job.  I will have--after today (or rather tonight) have in 55 hours this week.  So I will get a few hours of overtime in this week--but you know restaurants don't have to pay overtime until you work over 48 hours.  I get paid for every minute I'm there . . . mainly because once the day girl closes out; I am responsible for every penny.  Yesterday I was only 12¢ off.  Which is ok--also we are told if someone's bill is $6.01--just take the six--don't let them break a dollar for a penny.

If I think about it I'll bring home a menu from work to send you all.  It's kind of a medium priced place.  Hamburgers are 1.05; but 1.45 you can get a hamburger, coleslaw and french fries.  I usually eat the chopped Sirloin, along with some cole slaw and a big salad.  Also I've eaten the fish--but it's fried.

Oh, the company that owns Ranch House also owns Lums, and another chain which I can't remember the name of--but don't think that I had ever heard of it either before.

I'm completely moved back into the Hortons now.  Rob moved his desk into my room so that is quite nice.  I had some experience at 405½ S.E. 3rd Street.  I can't remember ever working so hard moving furniture and cleaning.  If I hadn't cleaned it up so; I doubt if I would have gotten all my money back.  It will be a quiet winter with Rob gone . . . . Grandma I know you are going to miss Rob's music most of all.

Do look for the green card, ok?  Say hello to everyone for me.  I think Ruth had a good time in the Sunshine State . . . we miss all of her help around--especially in the kitchen.  She never stands around useless.

Dad what did the good doc [say]

Love, Berta

- - - - -
*The magazine article from Weight Watchers October 1974 is titled Microwave: Quicker and Cooler Cooking, includes pictures and recipes for Baker Seafood Salad, Lamb Casserole Roma, Lima Bean Special, Orange 'N' Soy Fillets, Peas With Onions and Mushrooms, and Zucchini-Tomato Bake.  Anybody want a copy?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

1974 New England & Canada trip -Aug

A trip to Canada and New England in late summer 1974 included HH, Jean, John, and Mary visiting Catherine in Maine and a visit to Montreal.  This post card is a rarity as it was not mailed but was written to document family history, particularly John's, transcribed below.

Auberge Seaway Motor Inn, Montreal Canada
1974 Jean's note on Seaway Motor Inn postcard 
Aug. 27 1974 [referring to night spent at this hotel]
Stayed here after spending weekend w/ C&D & helped with their house – bldg (foundation).  Ate at Chinese Canadian Buffet (Bill Wongs?)

Back to Sanford & then took John to Exeter 9/3/74.

1974 Menu from Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury MA -Dinner Aug. 29.  
On back side is written: Colonial Inn, Concord

Thursday, April 17, 2014

1984 Catherine's Postcard -Apr.20

The Hilltop Steak House was a favorite stop for Gerry's folks between Boston and Sanford. The hanging meat isn't very appealing to me.  As I recall I usually had fish, even though I wasn't as anti-meat then as I am now.  Though the card is originally from New England, it was mailed from Madras, postmarked Bend, Oregon.  Transcription follows.
 Hilltop Steak House, Saugus MA postcard -mailed 1984
Part of Caption: Photographs – Top to Bottom:
Frank Guiffrida's Hilltop Steak House
"Dodge City," with its western cocktail bar
"Sioux City," featuring a 28 foot fieldstone fireplace
"Kansas City" (not shown)
Walk-in refrigerator aging 1500 loins of beef

4-20-84 Good Friday.  We had a good dinner here in 1981.

Last weekend we had an excellent dinner at a Swiss restaurant near Rippling River [near Mt. Hood] – I had escargot.

Wendy has been enjoying the books you sent her for Easter.  We had a meeting w/school officials and decided to terminate her special educ. program.  She has made big progress and is up to her level now.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

1973 25th Anniversary -Apr.3

Williamsburg, Virginia was the honeymoon destination for Harold & Jean in 1948.  In 1973 they returned to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and ate at Christiana Campbell's Tavern.  The menu is scanned below.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1954 Menu & Letter from Europe to CJ/GHU -Mar.26

1954 Saturnia ship menu -March.  Two week trip NYC to Naples $200 each

Dear Mother & Daddy Uible & all,

We are having a marvelous trip and wish you could all be here to enjoy it with us.  Today we land in Lisbon for 10 hours.  The schedule says 5:00 but we will arrive about 2:00 & have arranged to take the tour around the city and up to Estoril, the resort town about 10 miles north of Lisbon.

The first few days went slowly but now they are going really fast since we have met congenial people & hate having them leave us.  When we first looked around we thought we were the only Americans traveling in the Tourist Class & all the rest were Italians who spoke little or no English.  But later comparing notes with other Americans they felt the very same way.  Probably a good half of them are Italian or that descent but there are others – sightseeing Americans like us – perhaps 80-100 – many Spanish people – French Canadians, Canadians, Turkish people – Arabs and a few of everything else.

Every evening there is either a movie or dance (The Spanish people aboard really .... up the dances).  There are concerts in the afternoons and impromptu entertaining all day long from the tourists themselves.

The food is excellent but way too much of it & so many courses (about 9 altogether) starting with some sort of juice (variety), then appetizer course of boiled ham or some cold cut, olives peppers, cold salad – fish then choice of soup, then spaghetti or something similar at noon, fish in the evening – then the entree – meat potatoes, vegetable, tossed lettuce with a vinegar-olive oil dressing.  Then dessert – a pastry – some cheese – fruit – apples, oranges, pears or tangerines then Italian or American coffee or tea or milk (tastes like a comb. of canned & _?_ & never cold).  There is always a roll, butter, jugs of water  & wine on the table & you may have as much or as little of any the above things as you wish.  We eat at the 2nd sitting which is 8:00, 1:00 and 8:00 but breakfast never has to be too punctual.

Yesterday we took a tour of the engine room which was very interesting.  They carry 2000 tons of diesel fuel and 3000 tons of water & replenish at every stop.  All their drinking water comes from Naples & the other water from Halifax & New York but is brownish.

[now switches to HH writing]
Better adjust your glasses now – with me writing.  Our room is about 8x9 – two bunk beds, washbowl & mirror, two small closets, 1 folding chair & 1 rug.  When we weighed in at the Columbus airport we had 38# of luggage, we sent home from N.Y. about 8#, so think we are travelling as light as anyone.

There are a # of small children & infants on board, who do a good job of keeping their parents occupied.

Have taken very few pills – maybe 4 & have felt A1 except for two days.  My nose & forehead are red from the sunshine from being on deck.  We each have a deck chair (cost $1.50).

There are 1200 passengers on the ship & a crew, etc. of about 500 so a small town afloat.  With an experience like this you marvel more like the adventure of C. Columbus in his small ship.

Am sending Joe a picture card of the ship & the front, lower deck is where the tourist class is allowed.  Perhaps they will enjoy reading this letter.

Wonder when you are going to N.V.?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1983 Lunch Menu -Feb26

1983 Gulf Stream Hotel and Villas Luncheon Menu -Feb26

* * * * *
There is a description of the 1983 trip to Florida in a family letter date March 6, 1983, which can be found at this link:

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2003 Jean's Letter to Catherine -Dec.29

A hand-written personal letter was becoming rarer in 2003. This letter, in somewhat stream of conscious style, was written 20 years after Roberta's wedding to Sid and 40 years after the Key West trip during a Florida vacation. Transcription follows.


Dearest Catherine,

We tried several times to reach you while we were traveling home from  Columbus yesterday after having lunch with John and his family but were never able to reach you as the line was busy.  Did talk to MV and Ginny and Christian as well as Roberta.

Enjoyed breakfast at First Watch but I ate way too much & again at Cracker Barrel.  It was really busy & again I ate too much but we shared a chocolate dessert which Andrew and I ate the most of it.  Dad & John both refused but it was rich.

In cleaning up the table between our chairs in front of the TV I found the article about Linda Compton's son I mentioned I'd plan to bring with me.  Her dad had been quite sick – don't know if he was able to attend their wedding for he died not much after that.  The News Journal takes ages to get articles printed but maybe they hadn't had it sooner.

I did enjoy reading the Christmas letters you brought to First Watch.  In fact we both enjoyed the whole two weeks – all the special planning you did before hand.

I thought one of the best meals we had was where Wendy works.  She's a very good waitress and did a good job with our table.  We wish her success in [any] way she goes in her field and her marriage.  We both like X too and hope they are able to get another apartment to be rid of the bugs.  That's no fun!

I'd like Gerry's soup recipe too but forgot to ask when we were there.

Appreciate all your cards and telephone calls!

Much love, Mother

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

1973 Roberta's letters -Oct.31

Roberta sends two letters for the price of one. Transcription of both follow.

October 31, 1973 
Dear Family,
Hi – I just got done taking my 2nd psychology exam.  I had hoped to do much better on this – to pull up my grade from the 1st one – but now I just hope that I did as well on it as the 1st one.  Time will tell . . . . .

Monday we got our mid terms back in Deviance class.  Before I tell you mine – I'll give you some facts – out of 60 people 28 people flunked.  I got a 'C' – nothing to brag about but I'm thankful I didn't flunk!  We won't be having any more tests in it till the final.  A lot of people are dropping the course.  I'm going to stick it out and hope for a miracle!  (ho, hum!!)

I hope you all had a good trip back to N.V. – riding in comfort in that new car! – Listening to tapes & using those electric windows!

Did you eat lunch at Miss Maratha's? (sp?)  After a few more trips we'll be able to write our own guide to restaurants.  I think I'll write one on where to eat when on a diet.

After how much I ate over the week-end I was almost scared to go to weight watchers yesterday.  But – I had another one of my dynamic weight losses – ½ of a pound!!

I also was given my permanent placing as to where I'll be working.  Starting next week - Tuesday evenings at the main office - which is on Military Trail.  I was given lots of info and material to read.

My flight home was fine.  Instead of the regular corned beef & swiss cheese sandwiches I was served my special snack - fresh fruit; rye krisps (sp?) (which I couldn't eat - not allowed) and diet pop.

I got a letter from Cheryl Rogers yesterday - she has been really sick - something about white & red blood cells!

I go back to work tomorrow - it will feel good getting back.  It's been 2 weeks Sunday since I worked.

Well - it's almost time to get to deviance class.  I'll write more later.

Please give Grandma the enclosed letter – Love, Berta

Mary V––  I have your grey coat - it was in the closet at the hotel room.  Do you want me to send it?

* * * * * * * * * *
[Oct. 31, 1973]
Dear Grandma –

Thought I would enclose this w/ the families letter - my effort to save a few cents!

We got your letter yesterday – no - day before I guess it was.  Thanks - it's still nice to get mail down here!

Everyone at Church is beginning to ask when you will be coming down to Florida.  There was really a good service this last Sunday Evening - a group of high school and/or college kids from another Methodist Church came and sang.  The Church was rally filled up but alot of the people came w/ the group.  Mrs. McGrew went with us and I think she enjoyed it.

Mrs. McGrew and I are hoping to go bike riding - out to eat - next Tuesday.  Same place down in Lantana - I'm not sure of the name of the place.

I imagine you've heard from the family all the details of the Atlanta trip.  We really had alot of fun – eating – and everything else.  Cris sent me back w/some tulip bulbs for you - from Holland.  But - in the meantime – until you come down - we're not exactly sure what to do w/them – whether to put them in the refrigerator, freezer - or what!!

I'm glad you renewed (spelling) the Wilmington News Journal.  It just ran out a couple of weeks ago.

It's almost supper time – I have broiled liver w/me – that way I just go to the cafeteria and buy a salad and vegetable - and I have a good supper.  The school cafeteria is really very good - always a choice of 4 vegetables.  Also lots of different types of salads and fruits.  The only thing that's bad is that the desserts are one shelf above the salads.  I don't know shy they have to be so close to each other.  But –– I'll brag – I didn't weaken!!

Well - better go ––

Love, Roberta
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1972 Win Schuler's Menu - Oct. 29

Win Schuler's was the brunch place of choice on Sunday, October 29, 1972.  Possibly this was during a weekend visit to Michigan, as Catherine was still living there at that time.  Win's original historic and now only location is in Marshall, Michigan, about 35 miles east of Kalamazoo.  The back of the 1972 menu lists several other locations including: Jackson, Stevensville, Ft. Wayne, Ann Arbor, Grand Haven and East Lansing.   

Entrees include Jumbo Fried Shrimp $5.95, Prime Rib $7.00; with the most expensive menu item being Lobster Tail for $9.75.  Beverages (doesn't mention free refills) 35¢; and an assortment of desserts for 85¢.

Win Schuler's 1972 menu (front page)

Happy Birthday, Dad!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

1983 Boone Tavern - Sept. 21

Boone Tavern in Berea, Kentucky was a popular Kentucky stop, even before I-75 delivered cars there more speedily.  On this visit by HH and JBU in 1983 for a Wednesday lunch, they were accompanied by Jo and Orville Harner.  The desserts sound great for only 95¢.  Possibly they were on the way to or from a square dancing event.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14

According to the menu below Jean and Serena met Jeanne Sanker for lunch on September 13, 1993 at the White House Inn in Cincinnati.  The appetizer part of the menu is scanned below, as well as a letter from Jeanne to Jean, written on Sept. 14.  Jeanne was very efficient at writing a follow-up thank you letter which is transcribed.

1993 White House Inn (Cincinnati) Menu - Sept. 13
According to in Oct. 2012, the former White House Inn on Muhlhauser Rd. 
is now "Casa Bianca," an Italian restaurant.

1993 Jeanne Sanker letter - Sept.14
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Tues. Sept. 14, 1993
Dear Jean,

A note to tell you again how much I enjoyed yesterday -- a memorable day in so many ways, not just that it was historical with Israel and Palestine signing accords.

I loved our lunch at The White House and hope to go back there again sometime.  I hope I can take you and Serena to Embassy Swuites the next time we can get together - and that will be my treat.

I have looked over the wonderful potpourri of articles you brought along, identifying with each one.  Regarding the Thanksgiving dinner and its invitation for "mishaps", reminded me of a baby shower I had agreed to help with in 1957 -- and was so confident that my recipe for Mile High Cherry Pie (taken from the Weirton Steel Bulletin which of course featured "steel cans").  Anyway, I was so sure that everyone would just be non-plussed by this beautiful dessert that they would want the recipe for it.  So, I had Bill run copies beforehand (as you can see Ditto was the way to make copies then:)  So -- the night of the shower all the other gals who were hel½ping to make the pies had not let the canned milk stay in the refrigeratore [sic] long enough to be almost frozen-cold.  And -- the pies, instead of being "A mile high" and glorious, ran all over the plate and were truly unsightly.  Not one person asked for the recipe.  So -- I have been peddling these to everyone with whom I ever talk about food.  If you should need more copies, I have them!!

Hope you have a fine trip to New England and best wishes for happy days til I see you again.  Thanks, again, for yesterday.

With love, Jeanne

Friday, March 23, 2012

2002 - Email to Roberta & Sid

Sid's nephew, Tom King, writes Roberta and Sid an email with interesting information about restaurants and food markups. He runs [still?] Country Junction Restaurant in Dyersville, IA  – only five miles away from New Vienna (Iowa)!

From: Tom King
To: Sid (at his webtv email address)
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2002
Subject: Greetings from Dyersville

Hello Sid and Roberta!

Thanks for the article on the food markups.  I'm always interested reading that kind of stuff, so thanks for thinking of me.  I'm not sure what criteria they were using for determining their markup, but our markup on main dish items would normally be around 300%.  I know that seems like a lot, but by the time you get your side dish cost included, the labor to prep the food and assign some overhead expense to it, that 300% can be eroded pretty quickly.

Let me give you an example:  one of our best selling dinners is cod, we charge $9.50 for it [now $11.99 for 2 pieces, $10.50 for 1].  The cod costs us $2 for 2 pieces, the side dish cost is about $1.50, labor cost is $3, overhead is about $2.50.  That leaves us with a profit of about 50¢.  not bad, but we have some items that have more or less profit, so then it really depends on how many of each item you sell.  Obviously, we prefer to sell more of the higher profit items, now if we could just get our customers to always order those items!  Anyway, I hope you find that info interesting.  Didn't realize you were going to get a lesson in restaurant profitability today, did you?  Ha!

Hope all is well with you two, sounds like you are adjusting to your Sun City surroundings.  Sounds like a neat place.

We just had our first major snowstorm over the weekend.  Lots of snow and blowing.  Pretty much shut things down Saturday, but today the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing so I'm sure everyone will get dug out.

Sid, did you get any more info on the Alabama land?  I'm curious as to what you found out.  I'm still working on getting our portion of that property into our names, proving to be kind of a lengthy process.  We just received a check not too long ago.  That well has done pretty well the last couple years.

Well, time to get to work.  I'm sending this from my work account.  Have you ever checked out our website? [same today].  Take care!  –Thomas

Saturday, January 01, 2011

HH Diary 1/1/89-99 The Original

Try your own interpretation of the diary! See the transcription below. or click here to get to last year's transcript. Happy New Year!

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HH Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Jean teaches SS class on 1st Corinthians about marriage.  Rev. Johnson had altar call and the whole front of the church was filled.  Drove to Union to take Rev. Homer and Mrs. Thompson out to lunch at Golden Corral in Maysville KY ($22).  Drove on to Washington KY, one lady quite talkative at antique shop.  Rev. Thompson retiring in June as he has Parkinsons.  They are retiring to her childhood home near Wellston OH.  On 12/25/87 Sunday School 45, Church 61, $700.10.  Today SS 46, Church 63, $903.56.

Monday 1990 - [Phoenix]  S. [Special? Sunday?] Traveler in NYT to be on 3/14, 5/20 and 10/21/90.  Lunch at Ocean City (Chinese)  MV made lasagna [on 12/31/89 attended Trinity Bible Church.]  Serena leaves from Phoenix to Peoria.  News item on Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadview, IL on old US 66.

Tuesday 1991 - Took Christmas tree down, went to Wilmington, saw movie "Three Men and Little Lady", ate at Wendy's.  Early movie $3.25, big popcorn $3.

Wednesday 1992 - Cris and family come to visit for the day.  Wil loves to "pound" the piano.  Angela has two more years of school.

Friday 1993 - Lunch at Frisch's in Hillsboro.  Fire in fireplace.

Saturday 1994 - John and Julie arrived, boxed up some of the National Geographics down at Wells so they can take some of the bookcases.

Sunday 1995 - After church we went down and got mail.  Ed and Evie leaving for Florida.   [Returned from Phoenix on 12/31/94.  Roberta said Ginny reminds her of Grandma in using potty.

Monday 1996 - Raked up sticks in back yard.  Went to Extended Care.  Polly Gibson is poorly, visited with Harry Allen and talked with Leroy Atkinson.

Wednesday 1997 - [Phoenix] Ate with fingers at Ethiopian Restaurant at SW Corner of 19th Ave. and Dunlap [which later turned into a Mexican restaurant, then Chinese, and now along with a nearby former Luby's has been torn down].  Went to Barnes and Noble where Jean bought a book on Walter Cronkite.

Thursday 1998 - John, Julie and Kate here.  Kate loves to play Old Maid and Authors. [John suggests it was the "Arthur" game that Kate liked.]  Sunny day but in the teens.  Jean moved the bedroom furniture around.

Friday 1999 - [to Pittsboro NC] Leave for Greensboro NC, Delta escape weekend for $79.  Staying at Fearrington House, near Chapel Hill for two nights.  Room #15, their standard room, which is $165/night.  Had dinner there for $59 a person, too much food.  We were there for two hours.  Tea hour was from 4-5pm, which was very bountiful.  Room had CD player and hot rods (racks) for the towels.  Fresh flowers in the room.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Restaurants and Sid

Since Sid's beloved wife is out of town, we've been hitting the  restaurants. The first night we went to Paradise Bakery. That was pretty successful - chicken salad sandwich, vegetarian sandwich and free wi-fi.

The trip to  Ihop was also successful - pancakes, eggs and bacon, but no wi-fi.

Friday night we went to Rosie's here in Sun City West - not as successful. Sid didn't care for his lasagna and I thought the mushroom ravioli was too rich.

Yesterday we went to Golden Corral  . . . there was a lot of food, but very little of it good. shrug.

Today we are going to Hole in One - or as some people refer to it - Hole in the Wall.

Our other plans include Coco's tomorrow morning with Sharon as waitress and then on to the Apple Store and Costco. Sid has been interested in going to those three places all week-end.

I'm thinking of finishing off Sid's week of restaurant indulgence with New York West Bakery on Tuesday morning.

By far, my favorite restaurant of the bunch has been Paradise Bakery. Sid has said he likes about anything, but no vegetarian restaurants.

I'd like to go to Pita Jungle - but I think it might be too "vegetarian" for Sid.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Last night Kings and I went to Line Thai for dinner with Sharon O'Shea and Ruth and DC Black. We all had a good time. Food was good, although I ordered Pad Thai medium spicy and it was downright bland.

The Blacks did ask about Roberta's siblings and nieces and nephews. We told them about the big April blowout when Wednesday (Wendy Jean Morgan) and Ken got married.

Well, I see the sun is pretty much up now - I'm getting ready to go out on bike ride. I've gotten a new bicycle seat which is much more comfortable and gotten the computerized odometer on the bike fixed. The latter came with the bike (which cost $25 at the thrift store) . . . well, actually both the seat and the computer came with the bike. The computer only needed a new battery. The seat was beyond help. I'm thinking about replacing the seat on the bike that Murray borrowed when he was last here - he said it was very uncomfortable. I haven't really had a problem with it, but . . .

The weather has hit a major cool down finally. Expected high today only 95 - and at least the forecast is no triple digits this week.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Line Thai

Gerry and I met Wendy, Ken, KC & Serena at Line Thai last night for dinner -- they also had a big wedding event/dinner going on so it was a bit more crowded than otherwise. Food came out quickly but we had to wait longer for the bill. KC appreciated Serena's walking/entertainment service at the end of the meal. Sorry Roberta & Sid couldn't join us -- next time we'll look for a restaurant Sid likes better at a location closer to Wendy & Ken's! KC came home with us afterwards for an overnight visit and we plan to take him to the park/playground after he wakes up this morning. Before 8am it's not TOO hot. I have to work this afternoon so we'll take him home in the late morning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mandala Tea Room

A group of us are planning to go to Mandala Tea Room (link is in the title of this post) this Saturday for lunch. MV - hope you aren't too jealous. Maybe we can go next time you come to Arizona.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Celebrating Easter with Chinese food

Today we had a nice Easter lunch at Good China in Peoria.

Mom and Dad were there. Roberta and Sid were there. Catherine and Gerry were there. Wendy Jean, Kenneth Charles II, and Kenneth Charles III were there. Pat, her niece Shannon and her husband Kim were there. I was there, too. Dinky had to stay in the car.

The restaurant was pretty quiet - except for our table. By the way, I heard Wendy Jean make some comment about Ken mentioning Wendy Jean's crazy aunts . . . I'm sure he was referring to Julie, Mary Virginia and Roberta.

I got a beautiful Easter Lily at lunch.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Whole Foods

Next get-together - I've been thinking it would be great to make a field trip to a restaurant near Whole Foods. I'm not sure what is near there to eat - 10810 N Tatum Blvd or 3933 E. Camelback Rd - both are about 24 miles from here. It does seem a bit far just for a meal, but on the other hand, it seems even further just to go there to go grocery shopping.

On the other hand, I know Sid has a doctor's appointment in Scottsdale - or Scottsburg as Roberta likes to refer to it - tomorrow. Maybe? 8688 East Raintree Drive, Scottsdale, AZ

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eating Out

We (Kings, Sara, Parks and I) are going to Morton's Steak tonight - in large part to celebrate Cynthia's birthday (January 7) and, of course, Sid's. There is a link to Morton's website here and a review here.

Then on Tuesday for Catherine's big day - we are having a slight change of pace - at the Persian Garden Cafe.

I'm really looking forward to the food and company, of course, at both.

Items from Uible photo album