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1976 Catherine's Letter -Nov.1

Monday evening
November 1, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  I'm glad that you liked the sweater.  I hope you get some wear out of it.  If not you can always pass it on to one of your sisters.  Ha!  Roberta said she got a letter from you too, so you must be answering all your correspondence.

We are still trying to talk Mom and Dad, et. al. into coming out at Christmas.  If they don't come and you do we will work it out somehow so that there will be sleeping space for everyone. We talked to Mom on the telephone tonight (I called home last night and Dad she was in the hospital so Roberta got all worried and called Ruth Shoemaker to find out what was up and then she called Mom this morning) and Mom said Dad is sounding more hopeful on the coming to California theme.

Since the election will be over by the time you get this perhaps you will know more of your own plans.  We await further news from you.

Not too much is new with us.  We went out to dinner last night with Roberta.  R. has joined weight watchers (or renewed her membership as she puts it) and has lost some weight since she has been here.

Do you ever hear from Serena?  I have written her two letters since I have been here but there has been no response.  Perhaps if I wrote five or ten more she might feel guilty and send me a post card.  I guess not everyone in the family can be good correspondents.

Will you be going to Cris's wedding?  I suppose Philadelphia is alot closer to Washington than California is.  We haven't been invited to the wedding so I guess we won't have to decide not to go.

I stopped typing as Deedee just called & the typewriter makes alot of noise.

What do you think about Budsy getting a competitor in the great-grandchild contest?  It seems like it will be tough for Budsy to adapt to having a brother or sister after being the center of attention.

Well, John, write us again Soon!

Cathy & Gerry

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1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.31

Oct 31, 1976
"Trick or Treat"

Sure was good to have "off" today – especially from canvassing!!  The telephone job I don't mind – in fact enjoy it – but canvassing is no picnic!!

The Morgans & myself ate out tongiht – fish place – was good – waiters & waitresses in costume!

Gerry talked to one of his wife's (1st) relatives about getting me on at Sears.  After canvassing –I'm grabbing at help in this tough job market!

While we were out – Mrs. Bruce called – I had written her a note after talking w/ her.

Dad, hope you had a nice birthday.

I've still got 1 more bill coming – but here is a start – sorry to say!  I'm enclosing the info sheet from hospital – I'm able to use thumb more & more – kept splint on just 1 week 3 days – when I had to go back out job hunting it came off!  Out here employers don't need any discouragement.

Back to canvassing tomorrow – I hate to quit – sure hope I get fired soon –––


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1966 HH & Roberta's Postcards from Washington DC -Oct.27

1966 Jean & Roberta at Mt. Vernon -Oct.29

US Capitol postcard -mailed 1966.  Captioned: United States Capitol.  
The cornerstone was laid in 1793.  Burned by the British in 1812.  
The House and Senate Chambers, Statuary Hall, the Rotunda and the 
President's Room are most interesting.
1966 HH's US Capitol potscard to CJ & GHU -Oct.27

Getting along fine.  Had lunch in the Senate Office Bldg.  Thanks for the birthday greeting & gift.  Lots of people here – wonder what it is like in the summer?  Driving is bad here – lots of patience.  Parked right behind the capitol today.  White House tomorrow.  --Harold
Lincoln Monument postcard - mailed 1966.  Captioned: LINCOLN STATUE.  Situated in the center hall of the Lincoln Memorial is this immense sculptured figure by Daniel Chester French.  The Statue is flood-lighted at night, throwing into strong contrast the lights and shadows of rugged features and deep set eyes.
1966 Roberta's Lincoln Monument postcard to CJ & GHU -Oct.27
[undated, postmarked Oct ? 1966] 
How is everything?  Did your windows all get soaped?  Up here if you are over 12 and trick or treating they can fine you some money.  Tomorrow we plan to see where they make the money.
[Love, Roberta]

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1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.29

October 29, 1976

Dear Family,

Hi!  If you have been wondering what has happened to me . . . . I've just been putting off writing until I had something to really get excited about writing!!!  Actually things have been up in the air or changing for the last week and it has been kind of day by day living.

After three days of Hungry Years, working harder than a man, a thumb that bothered me, and being told that I was desperate for work so they knew I wouldn't quit . . . . . I quit.  Its a nice place to eat . . . . . but not to work.  I can say they treat their help with no respect, such as scheduling a girl to work, then when she comes in they tell her she isn't needed and too bad if she has no way home and lives eight miles from work.  I can't put up with such ways.  The second day there I worked till eleven thirty at night (now this is in Escondido -- hope you look it up on the map)  I'm told to be there by 7:30 the next morning.  I'm there . . . . . . I work from 7:30 till 5:30 ----- just having something to drink, and eating a piece of turkey standing up.  At 5:30 -- the considerate man tells me to sit down for fifteen minutes before the supper rush comes in.  In his words he says to take a break, well I told him I was getting ready to take a break, except I would take it at home.  I left and that night decided that Hungry Years could find someone else that as I was told -- I was desperate and wouldn't quit -- well -- on Saturday I made sure I told the man that told me that that I had quit.

So Monday I went out again knocking on doors and filling out the applications.  This time I tried jobs where I knew they were desperate -- and sure enough I landed two jobs . . . . . so the last few days I have been working two part-time jobs.  One I really enjoy and am good at, the other I hate, and can't wait to quit it (but I think I'll probably be fired unless I start getting appointments . . . . . now for the details . . . .

Tell you about the awful one first . . . . . its for Trane company, its on the NY stock exchange . . . . so they told me.  The central heating and air-conditioning people.  I am a canvassar, go around knocking on doors, saying "Hello, my name is Roberta, I'm with the Trane Company, then give a little bit about Trane, tell them we are doing a survey of the homeowners in this area, and want to know what kind of heat they now have, forced air, wall furnace, etc.  Then (and this is the catch) try to get them to agree on seeing one of our direct factory representative for a free courtesy estimate -- no obligation no cost to you . . . . . its just our way of advertising.  Believe me, its a terrible way to make a living.  They take six of us out in the back of a van, dump us off, give us our streets to cover, and pick us up four hours later.  In two days, I have not been able to set up one appointment . . . . . which is sad because we are paid $2.50 an hour -- but if we get an appointment set up then we get $5 bonus but if people buy we get $10 more bonus.  I doubt if I wait for them to fire me, its the worst thing I've ever done.  People just don't sit around in their house waiting for the chance to get a free estimate on central heating.  I do this job from 9:00 to 1:30 every day.  My other job . . . . . just decided I better start a new paragraph.

Its for Two for one dinners . . . . . are you familiar with anything like it, another club similar to it is "Let's Dine Out"  I work there from 5:00 to 9:00 every night.  I'm good at it, except for Wednesday night I am the leader in sales.  The first night I sold 9 memberships -- which is really good, because in order to keep them happy, after one week they expect you to do 3 a night.  Last night I did 5.  Here you make $2.50 (minimum wage in Cal.) an hour plus after 21 memberships sold in a week, you make $2.00 commission, and after 32 sold in one week you get $5 commission for each one sold.  So you know what I'm trying for.  Really its a good deal, I believe in it . . . . . so I can sell it good.  I almost went crazy the first night though . . . . . can you imagine 14 people in a small room all using the telephone trying to sell 2-4-1 memberships.  It didn't take me long to learn just to block everybody else out -- and just worry about what I was saying.

I've met alot of nice people there, mostly my age . . . . alot new to California, doing the job until they can find something better.  I still have my afternoons more or less free -- so I'm available for appointments  -- when and if a good job is advertised . . . . .

I called up -- and spoke to the answering service --Jack Bozung -- I figure I'd rather seek assistance than canvass the town trying to get someone to get a free estimate on central heating.

Enough about all my jobs --- I could write a book . . . . .

Mary Virginia I got your letter yesterday, thanks alot, and you have discouraged me all the more from returning home . . . . . don't care for cats . . . . so I'll just have to stay in Southern California and enjoy the good weather and be free from the furry little things.  I'm glad you got it though, if that is what you like . . . . . just that our tastes are different.  As far as Hudson Guild goes, I'll probably be back unless I just get these jobs out here, that can't even provide me enough to live on, let alone thinking of travelling to the East to work.

I don't get to see the Morgans as much since I've become working class.  I do go over there sometimes during the day -- make some phone calls, etc.  Alot of times use the washing machine in her building, etc.  Gerry is super nice . . . . though not the conversationist.  He impresses me to be very sincere, treats Catherine like there is none finer.

My finger is healing ok.  I took the splint off, washed it up good . . . . can't go out looking for work looking like someone that is accident prone.  I'm trying to use it, but its sore, and I think it will just take some time.

Got my absentee ballot in yesterdays mail -- didn't have time to fill it out -- between jobs -- so did it last night.  Walked it over to the post office this morning.  My what a kit they sent me just to fill it out.  A puncher, a book on how to fill it out . . . . . put my college education to use!!!

Also got Louise's letter . . . . . did you read the letter she wrote to you all.  Poor Louise does have her problems.  Mary Virginia, Marion teaches at a high school in Scottsdale it is -- I think -- an Indian name -- I'm not so good with spelling -- as if that is anything new.  It is a super big school -- bigger than Wilmington College.  I'll never forget how surprised she was when Mary and I went walking into the teachers lounge that day.  I wish Phoenix was closer -- so could get together with her.

You all know you are welcome to come here at Christmas.  I realize with the wedding and all you will be busy following but then California would be a nice place to spend Christmas!


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1986 HH's letter to John -Oct.27

October 27, 1986

Dear X and John,

We do appreciate your meeting us in Columbus Saturday evening – had no trouble in falling to sleep that evening.

Thank you for the birthday card – one does feel better with mind on things rather than calendar age.  One universal comment is "we all reach 'middle age' before you know it."  Certainly you want to do with your life in whatever way appeals to each of you together.  Every job has drawbacks and being in business on your own does have the advantage of a direct relationship of reward from our own efforts.

Business has changed so dramatically over these last 41 years as we have a global economy and the wholesalers are past tense . . . . . leaving people like K Mart, etc. who have such buying power that they dictate terms and prices to their suppliers.

I do believe that being active, both mentally and physically, have a direct relationship to health and happiness . . . so I'm far from just wanting to sit in the rocker and wait for the next meal.  Fortunately we enjoy reading, travel and "investing", plus "parts" of the practice of law.  It was probably best that John did not go on to law school for the trend of lawyers is not positive.

Yes, hind sight is always 20/20.  No need to worry, each of us need to make what we think is the best decision and make it work.



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1936 New Cumberland High School Grade 8 (or 9?) -Oct.20

Jean Ballantyne Uible, 3rd from left seated in front row.  Jeanne Campbell Sanker, 4th from left top row.

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1976 Catherine's Letter to GHU -Oct.26

October 26, 1976

Dear Grandma,

Thanks you for your letter. I'm glad that you had a safe trip home complete with walker and wheelchair.  We were certainly happy that you were able to visit us here in San Diego and that you had a good trip to Hawaii.  We have been enjoying having Roberta here in the same area with us.  Roberta and I hadn't been anywhere near each other for at least 10 years during which we have both done alot of different things but it is good that we get along so well now.  Even now that she has her room at the YWCA she still comes over here to use the telephone, do her laundry (and ours too half of the time), and other things.  She bought a used TV for $15 over the weekend and left it here also.

When I got your letter mentioning "Jack Frost" I was telling Roberta over the telephone that I had heard from you and she asked what was new in New Vienna.  I told her that Jack Frost had been there and she said "Who's he?"  She doesn't seem to miss the cold weather any.  I can't say that I really miss it but it doesn't really seem possible that it could be almost November.  I'm used to having the weather determine what time of year it is.

I hear that Marianne and Larry are going to have an addition to their family.  I'm sure they must be excited, but I hope Budsy doesn't get neglected after being the center of attention for so long.

We have been working pretty hard during the week and trying to do something with Deedee on the weekends.  The weekend before last we went ice skating, and last weekend we went to the beach.  In November we are going to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  Didn't you and Roberta go to Knotts?

Well, Grandma, we look forward to hearing from your again soon.  Are your plans definite yet about going to Florida, the wedding, etc.?

Catherine & Gerry

Thursday, October 20, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Oct.26

October 26, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well, I am finally getting around to answering your last letter.  I asked Roberta today if she had written to you but things have been changing so fast for her that I guess she was hoping things would settle a bit so she would know what to write.  You should hear from her soon.  I'll let her tell you all her own news.

Gerry and I have been keeping busy.  We've been to the beach the past two weekends where the water is about 68º a little cool but not bad once you get used to it.  The beaches are very nice and not at all crowded this time of year.  We took Deedee and her cousin Diane (who is Mary V's age) this past Sunday and had a picnic.  There was quite a strong tide and the water had quite a bit of seaweed in it so it wasn't so good for swimming as it was the time before.  We were hoping Roberta would be able to go with us but she wasn't able to.

Mary Virginia do I owe you a letter?  I thought I answered the last one you sent but I wasn't sure.  Please let me know.  I was very surprised to hear you all got a cat.  Mother, you must be overjoyed, I know how much you always water a cat. Ha! Ha! (As Aunt Mary would type.)

It has gotten a little cooler here.  It rarely gets above 80º during the day and down in the 60's or high 50's at night so it is hard to realize that fall is actually upon us.  Christmas will be a real surprise.  I got some sunburn at the beach.

It sounds like things are changing around New Vienna, and Wilmington too.  You'll have to send us some pictures.  Of course you can have a rain check for some time after December.  We'd love to have you come anytime.

The weekend before last we took Deedee ice skating at a rink near where she lives.  I did pretty good considering I can't remember when I was last on ice skates.  I only fell down once and that was when I was keeping Deedee from falling down.  I still have the ice skates that I got when ? but they are in Maine packed up with the stuff we didn't bring out here with us.

I have been working on an afghan which is about 3/4 finished.  I was taking it to work with me to work on during lunch, etc. but it has gotten too big so I am now working on it at home in some of my idle moments.

Well, I have some other letters to answer so I better get to them.  I don't write letters all that often but when I do I try to answer all that I owe.  I have to write to Grandma yet, one of my friends from Sanford that I used to go bowling with, and I owe a letter to Sue Durham who you may recall as Sue Steusloff I spent some time with her in Denver during the summer of 1968.  She and her husband and two children are now living in Oregon.  [This is the same Susie (last name now Cook) that has been to visit in Arizona and saw Roberta and John in Wisconsin recently.]

Write us again soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

1976 Get Well Card from MUH -Oct.

The Wilmington News-Journal of Oct. 28, 1976 includes the name of Mrs. Harold Uible, New Vienna, in the Clinton Memorial Hospital News under admissions.  I am fairly sure this was for a hysterectomy though I doubt that was quite the public news that would have been shared.  Mother probably thought it was bad enough to have her name in the hospital news.  She received lots and lots of Get Well cards, but we will focus on this one from Aunt Mary.  Mrs. Uible is mentioned in the November 4, 1976 among the dismissals from the hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Monday AM

Dear Jean:

If it weren't for G'Ma and her NEWS BULLETINS, we'd never know what was happening to the H.H. UIBLES!  HA!  Sorry to learn you had to make a trip to the hospital.  How are you doin' anyway?   Are you home now and up and about?  (Maybe I'll get some answers in Mother's next ltr.???)  I bet you have had a lot of discomfort but I know you're GLAD, "Thats over with"!  Wonder if I'm headed for the same route????  I have a history of bladder infections . . . had another attack as soon as I got back from vacation this summer and the Dr. said I should see an Urologist . . . . . just keep putting it off!  That's neither here nor there . . . just hope you're soon UP & RUNNING and back on that tennis court and planning the NEXT TRIP . . . . maybe near SAUDI ARABIA?  However, from what Joe tells us of the inflationary prices and tourists not welcome, we should think of a place near there?????

MV . . . have you been chief cook and bottle washer while Mom was in the hospital?  Did you do the cooking for your Dad or did you two 'eat out'???  Must seem strange to not have everyone home . . . . do people ask you what you're doing in the "BIG HOUSE"?  We get this all the time; especially when most of our friends are in their 70s and they think Bill should retire??????  MV, what are you up to this school year???? Doing anything NEW or DIFFERENT?   And what do you all hear from Serena?  I've had NOTES from Roberta which I appreciate . . . wonder how her job is going????  And I know John is doing great at college!

There isn't much news to tell you since I hope you get to read G'Ma's letters and I try to keep her INFORMED!  HA!

Anyone watch 'GONE WITH THE WIND" last nite?  Not as dramatic on a small screen but still a great movie . . . going out tonight and I'm disappointed I won't see the ending . . . been so long since I've seen the picture forget the outcome.

It's to go down in the 50's tonight . . . . we're in for a weather change!  Everyone will be SNIFFLING!

What are your plans for the winter . . . . if any?  Are you going to attend Cris's wedding?  Would MV be allowed to go?  Wish she could be with you.  What are your plans here . . . . enroute to another point of interest or just what????  As it stands now we're flying up on the WED. before the wedding and want to stay at a motel near Cris . . . . we will probably have to rent a car.  Would you be driving or flying?  Are you staying over and if so would you want to be at the same hotel we're at?  We have made reservations for Mother also.  Meeting Rob in TAMPA on the same day and he will join us on the Delta Flight.  I think we will come back on SUNDAY or maybe Monday . . . . I'm not sure on this . . . . . we're not counting on going on up to Mares . . . . . as she is pregnant (and will look OVERLY SO at the wedding . . . ha) and they will have had a big week-end and NO ROOM at the place where they live.  Thought it would be easier on Mother if the weather is bad to stay put in Philly.  Any suggestions or your plans you can pass info on to Mother and she can RELAY same when she arrives.

I think I have lost Serena's address . . . . can't remember what I did with it . . . ha . . . . . so G'ma can give that to me also.

Just got back from taking Aunt Sarah to hair dresser for a permanent . . . . if she doesn't get it set it will look ?????? in a few weeks.  I wouldn't mind taking her but she doesn't want to spend ANY MONEY!

Jean, just wanted you to know WE'RE THINKING about you . . . hope you will soon be back to normal and feeling BETTER THAN EVER!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

1986 Catherine's Letter -Oct.24

Friday, Oct. 24, 1986

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I'm not sure if this will get there in time for Dad's big day on Monday (gee, I had been thinking it was Tuesday -- now I'm sure it won't get there) but anyway you will know we were thinking about you.  Do (or did rather) you have any special plans?

Wendy is all excited about Halloween, actually though she is much calmer about most things this year than she has been in the past.  I guess that comes with getting older!  Today her class was taking a field trip to the fire department so she was looking forward to that.  We have a conference with her teacher on Monday so that should be interesting.

Gerry was laid off last Friday which was rather a shock.  The parts department had a good year but sales were way down and the service dept was down also.  Unfortunately Gerry was one of the more recent hire-ees ((I'm sure there's a better word for that) and one of the higher paid so he made the first cut.  He's been to the employment office in Pullman and has to go back today for a group meeting.  Hopefully something else will turn up before too long in a different field that he might be qualified for since the farm equipment business may not perk up in the near future.  At any rate we are now considering our long term options (maybe we should move to Australia -- just kidding!)  It will probably mean a move to Pullman or Moscow although we'd like to see Wendy finish the school year here.  I think we'll just have to wait and see what turns up for Gerry.

I am going to a workshop today in Spokane on pre-school storytimes.  That should be fun.  It doesn't start until 12 so I am meeting the Colfax children's librarian at 10 and going with her.  My storytimes have been going really well but it's always nice to get new ideas.  Last week I had 32 2-4 year-olds at one session and then I had 38 show up after school for the school age program.  This week coming up will be popular too since it will be the Halloween program.

My teeth are dong fine – or maybe it's my gums that I should say are fine.  It was pretty painful the first week and I had a hard time eating anything solid because of the stitches.  But since I got the stitches taken out on Monday I've only had to take a few aspirin when my jaw starts to ache too badly.  My teeth feel kind of funny because when the gums were cut and stitched they are now lower (or higher on top) exposing more of the tooth surface so they feel different to my tongue!  I go back to Spokane on November 17 for a check-up.

Well, I still have to do a few things to get ready to go so I better close.

Hope it was a Happy Birthday, Dad -- and many, many more!

Catherine, Gerry
& Wendy

Monday, October 17, 2016

1976 Roberta's Postcard -Oct.22

Oct.22 [1976] 7:15 AM

Hi – work going OK – I think they are trying to see my endurance.  Yesterday worked from 12:00 noon to 11:00 PM & then back again early this AM.  Tomorrow don't have to be here till noon again – but then work till 11:00 or so!!

I miss using my left thumb – so many little things – bandage & splint make it all the worst!  Just try wringing out a cloth w/ 1 hand!

Mailed in for ballot – weather here continues to be good – not always sunny – sometimes cloudy – but that's ok.  The warmth is still here.

Alot of people that work at Rest. ride bike to work.  Our uniforms are crazy – never thought I'd wear suspenders!  Navy blue shows dirt as quick as white – but sure prefer pants!

Love, Berta

Sunday, October 16, 2016

1886 George Uible marriage -Oct.

Haven't figured out the exact connection of this George Uible (1853-1944) to David Uible (1845-1926) but assuming they are probably cousins.  There are still some family history documents regarding the immigration of Uibles to America in the 1800's that I haven't searched yet.  Apparently some time before the 1900 census George and Mary changed their last name as all later census and social security records have their last name as Bell.  
1886 Uible-Porter marriage clipping - unknown newspaper -Oct.
(copy found in a file at the Clinton County Historical Society)
Uibel-Porter marriage clipping – Wilmington News-Journal 13 Oct. 1886 

A clipping about their romance, his history in the jewelry business and their planned travels can be found at the following link

Found on

1976 Roberta's Injury & letter to MV -Oct.17

October 17, 1976

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How is everything?  Now that I can't play cards (actually I can still play – just can't shuffle) I should be able to get all kinds of letters out now – but you should feel privileged – you're the 1st one!

You would laugh if you saw my left hand now – around the thumb there is a piece of metal  with foam rubber type padding.  It's about 3 times bigger than the size it should be.  At least I'm thankful it's my left hand.

Yesterday I had my appointment w/ the man that does the hiring for McDonalds – He said I would have to go to L.A. for 2 weeks training at their expense – I said that would be ok.  He also said that there would be another interview – probably mid November.  He asked about my thumb and wanted to know if I was accident prone.

  1. Yesterday afternoon I had 2 telephone calls about jobs – one as a waitress, the other one working in the office of an insulating company.  I have interviews w/ them tomorrow & Tuesday.  I've got a feeling that neither of them will be wild of a 9 fingered employee!

Actually the job I hope to get – is the one at Hungry Years Soup Kitchen – they have a really neat salad bar – w/ mushrooms cauliflower, broccoli, etc. etc. in it – plus they make homemade soups.  The only thing that bothers me about them is that they serve beer & wine' and I'd just as soon not work in a place that does.  It is fixed up really nice – old time music box, very old fashioned.

The hours are pretty good – and the people that own it have big plans – I told them when they open up one in Hawaii, I'd like to be transferred!

I'd like you to do me a big favor – somewhere up in the 2nd floor of the factory is a cook-book called "Dieters Gourmet" cook-book.  It is paperback – would you send that to me?  Thanks!  Also if you see my tapes – which should be in my room in a box.  And, last request – if you see some Avon perfume sticks – please enclose them.  I want to send them to India as gifts.

Catherine & I had a good laugh about Mares – Budsy is going to have competition now – but I'm sure the grandparents can handle it.  [Marianne must have announced her pregnancy – Wesley was born in May 1977.]

When do you get off for Christmas?

Catherine, Gerry & Dee-Dee went ice skating yesterday.  They wanted me to go – but I figured I better watch my steps for awhile.  (like adjusting my windows – actually I was on my bed when the accident happened.)

I'm enclosing a little present I meant to send back w/ G'ma – my way of saying "Aloha" – you would like Hawaii – and Ito would have you in stitches – I'm glad John wasn't there – I had a hard time keeping serious myself.  He kept asking if I felt at home – and always saying – you like it – keep it.  It's yours.

I know you're busy w/ T.V. & all  but write when you can – and really appreciate your sending my things.


Dr.'s bill and diagram of fingers enclosed.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to GHU -Oct.14


Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your letter – which came yesterday.  I've been busy looking for work – actually I've had a couple of job offers I've turned down – like selling Kirby vacuum sweepers.  They wanted to put me through a one week training program – without pay – I figured those could be job hunting days & besides I'm not all that interested in vacuum sweepers!

I'm getting to know the city well – driving around checking out all the job perspectives.  Alot of places say that things will begin to open up by middle of November.  I'd like to be working – but then I'm not all that worried – after all the less I make this year – the less taxes I pay!  The only thing that bothers me is that I probably won't be able to travel next September!!!

I really like the YWCA – I've met so many nice people here – Janice – the girl in the other room & I get along fine.  She is a big hot tea drinker too!

This week has been a beautiful week – so clear and sunny.  During the day it has been really hot – but then at night it cools down and you need a blanket.  (Of course I keep my windows wide open.)

I did make $10.00 the other night (Monday).  Where Catherine works they needed someone to go and clean a woman's refrigerator which had gotten moldy while in their storage for 3 months.  So w/ rags & lysol I went to her apartment & cleaned my 1st refrigerator!  It only took an hour – wasn't really all that bad!  She was very nice – in fact called me the night before (Tuesday) & wanted to know if I'd like to use her name as a reference – and wanted to know how I was getting along looking for work.  She invited me out to eat for last night (Wed.). Of course I went.  We ate at the restaurant where I'm trying to get a job as manager/trainee.  But I had never been there – as they had me to come to their office.  It was a nice place – salad bar, 4 types of home-made soups, chile, and beef stew.  That't the whole menu.  And best of all the waiters, waitresses, cashiers – were corduroy blue jeans, and blue work shirts.

I have my 2nd interview w/them this afternoon at 5:00 PM – sure hope I get good news.  Right now there is just 1 restaurant open – but there are three more ready to open soon.  One just about 10 minutes from here.  Flo & Doris (ones we met in Hawaii) came over on Sunday.  They live just about 5 minutes from here.  Their mother didn't get any better – and they left on Saturday of the week we did to come back – had to pay $30.00 – extra per person to fly back on the week-end but couldn't get reservations on the other days.

I'm going to walk to the bank & library – both very close – I'm relaxing this morning before my interview this afternoon.

Flo & Doris said to be sure & tell you hello.  They wanted Ito's address and were going to drop him a thank you note.

Hope you are doing fine – A big Aloha to the family


Bought a papaya last night for 29¢ – good price – usually 39 to 49¢.  Never will forget paying 75¢ for a half of one in Hawaii.

Friday, October 14, 2016

1996 Edward Leroy Atchison obituary.

"Atch" made daily deliveries of the Wilmington News-Journal to College Ave. during the years the Uible children were the carriers. He was a hard-working reliable employee of the News-Journal for 18 years.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter to John -Oct.10

Sunday evening
October 10, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  How are you doing?  Thank you for your letter of October 5, 1976.  Of course our sofa bed is attractive.  Did you think that we would pick out an ugly one?  You are welcome for the birthday card – if you want to send us one in return Gerry's birthday is December 17, and mine is January 29.  You can send one to both of us but send it in time for Gerry's birthday and then we can put it back in the envelope until my birthday.

Roberta moved into her room in the East San Diego YWCA yesterday.  She has a very cosy but adequate room with a bed, table, chair, dresser, and closet.  It is in an old house.  There are only two bedrooms.  Another girl has the other one.  They have all sorts of meetings there plus there is an office there during the day.

If you would like to come out here during January you are welcome to John.  We figure that if you sleep in our sofa bed it will make it alot more valuable.  Then we can say "John Uible slept in this sofa bed."  We think Debby may be coming out at Christmas probably for the week between Christmas and New Years but we aren't for sure yet.

It sounds like you are keeping busy at Denison.  What other courses are you taking besides psychology?  What kind of system are they on there?  Semesters or quarters or what?  How do you think Ford is going to do against Carter?  Nobody seems especially excited about the election, out here, at least that is with the people I see.  I am registered to vote though.

The days are getting shorter here but that is about the only difference I've noticed between summer and fall here in California.

Roberta went together with us to get you a birthday present which should be arriving soon if it hasn't already.  We ordered it Saturday and they said it would arrive at Denison in about 5 days.  Sorry it is late.  We were hoping to buy you a new Ford but due to the strike of auto workers we had to settle on this instead.

Well, write again soon.  We always like to find mail in our mailbox especially from our favorite brother and brother-in-law.

Catherine & Gerry

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter to MV -Oct.10

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry E. Morgan
Apartment Y
4025 Cherokee Avenue
San Diego, California 92104

October 10, 1976

Miss Mary Virginia Uible
Post Office Box 50
New Vienna, Ohio  45150

Dear Miss Uible:

In response to your recent letter we have this to say:  "Aloha!"  Yes, it was nice to talk to you.  I'm not sure if Roberta ever stopped laughing or not.  She laughs alot.

How was your barn party?  Where was it?  Did you go on a hay ride?

I will give your letter to Roberta as soon as I see her.  She moved out yesterday morning, we had lunch with her yesterday noon, and then we came home in the afternoon and there was the letter from you.

It has been really hot here the past few days – like up in the 80's and 90's.  Today it was so hot we decided to go swimming but the water in the swimming pool was chilly so we only stayed in for a little while.

Please tell Mom & Dad that I finally got Joe's picture fixed up so that I can hang it on the wall.  It looks really good.  Roberta doesn't like it very much.  I guess it is what you would call abstract art if you know what that is.  Do you have Joe's new address in Saudi Arabia?  If so, please send it to me.

We took Deedee bowling this afternoon.  When you come out we'll have to go bowling with you.  They have bowling with the big balls out here.  I'm just beginning to get used to it.

Have you heard anything more about your possible job at Hudson Guild Farm next summer?  I think Roberta got a letter from somebody at Hudson Guild named Curtis Ream.  Is he the one that runs the place?

Well, write to us again soon.  It is always nice to hear from you plus that I'll try to write you back so that you will get some mail.


Love, Cathy & Gerry

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Oct.10

Oct 10, 1976
Hi John –

Thanks for your letter – I'm now "out on my own" – got a really good deal – live in the house where the YWCA has their offices – check w/ Mom & Dad for the details.

I talked to Sally the other day – did you know Annie got a job – I'm glad – guess the pay isn't like what she was making before – but at least she is busy this way.  Let's go together & get you (her) something for Christmas – OK?  Do you have any ideas – just something to show her we're thinking about her – wouldn't have to be expensive!

I can now fill out a job application in record time – I'll be happy to be part of the working class again –

What did you mean about Debbie not working in the Dining Room next summer?  I think that's a riot about Vince & his overdue books.  Did I tell you that when I was w/Marion, I was telling her of how Lois, Vince & Debbie were thinking about the dining room for next year – and she said that she was against it & you know as well as me – Marian offered me the van while I would be traveling around – did I tell you?  And she was serious!!

Tomorrow's Monday – I've had 2 days off from job-hunting but back to it tomorrow.

I got a long letter from Moe – it sorta surprised me.  She hopes to come back to the farm next year – then move out to California.

Do you like you classes – wish you all were coming out for Christmas.  How about you coming out after Christmas?  By bus – it only takes $165 (special 30 day pass) and 7? days (Round Trip_.

If I'm still job-less we could drive the Buick back – we're good on long haul trips – (i.e. – Fla, New Jersey)   You think about it – ok?

Got to go –


Monday, October 10, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Oct.10

Sunday evening
October 10, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your most recent letter.  I will pass it on to Roberta in the next day or two, whenever I see her.  I helped her move into her new place yesteray morning while Gerry was working.  She has a nice room there at the Y, quite cosy but adequate.  It will be interesting to see how things work out with her there and also on the job scene.  She has had some possibilities and I would guess that something definite will happen in the next few days.  We enjoyed having her stay here with us.  She and Gerry didn't have any personality conflicts or anything.  I'm glad we got our sofa bed so she had a place to sleep, but the apartment was still a bit small for three people, especially with the bathroom off the bedroom.

We hope maybe sometime after the first of the year we will get a larger apartment and then perhaps buy some more furniture so we could get an unfurnished apartment.  No rush on that though.

You are still welcome to come out at Christmas if you change your minds and decide to come.  We were thinking maybe we would go away but I think instead we will stick around here.  We have offered Gerry's sister, Debby a trip out here at Christmas but we haven't heard whether she can come or not.  I don't know what Roberta's plans will be.  It probably depends on where she is working and what their vacation schedule will be.  Deedee is going up to L.A. for the 24th-26th so we are going to have our Christmas for her on the 23rd.

We went together with Roberta and picked out something from Sears for Dad's birtday.  It should be arriving this week as we ordered it yesterday and they said it would take about 5 days.  So he can open it or save it for his birthday as he desires.  We also sent something to John yesterday from Sears.  So we were late for one birthday and early for the other one.

Things are going well for me at work.  They fired a girl who had been there longer than me, and gave me a $25.00/month raise which isn't all that much but I guess it shows that they think I'm doing something.  Gerry has been running the parts dept. at IH this past week as the manager was out sick 3.5 days.

Roberta picked up her package at Joan of Arc and also some other mail or so I understand.  They have several diet type restaurants around San Diego.  One is a chain called Weight-Wise where Roberta ate lunch and another one called Light-Side where we ate lunch with her yesterday.  They give you the # of oz. for everything  on the menu plus how many calories.

We went for a bike ride this morning and got really hot so we decided to go swimming when we got back home.  Yestserday it was in the 90's and today it got up into the high 80's but the water in the swimming pool was pretty chilly.  We hadn't been swimming in over a month.  This afternoon we took DeeDee bowling and then went to Organ Power for a pizza.  They have a big Wurlitzer orchestra organ and the organist plays practically anything you care to request while people sit at picnic tables and eat the pizza.

Well, I have other letters I have to write so I better get them done.  Write again soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Sunday, October 09, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.10

October 10, 1976

Dear Family,

HI, I'm all moved in now . . . . thanks alot to Catherine.  Gerry works Saturday mornings so after he went to work yesterday we moved all my stuff in, then we went and met him at work, right before he got off.

I really got a good deal, it comes fully equipped, would you believe even with an electric typewriter, stereo, telephone, etc. The kitchen is just like ours at home . . . . except no miracle oven.  But do have a blender, toaster, broiler oven, regular stove, etc.  We have two refrigerators.  One downstairs . . . which we share with the women that work here. . and one upstairs, which is just our own.

Behind our house is a YWCA dance studio ---- where they teach everything from belly dancing to ballroom dancing.  Janice says the music might bother me -- but then she says it is always over by 9:00 P.M.  The house itself is a big thing -- it has not counting the kitchen and bathroom downstairs -- a big living room and three other rooms.  The "office" is kinda right in the middle of everything -- sorta out in the hall, as you come in the side door.

Upstairs there are the two bedrooms, plus a big room that is used for job counseling during the day.  Janice and I use it as our living room upstairs.  It is full of couches and comfortable chairs -- not the typical office equipment.

Janice is 27 years old, she goes to school part-time and works full-time.  She goes to San Diego State -- she walks there in about ten minutes so you know about how far it is.  She is from Santa Barbara.  She's very nice.

As for the jobs, I'm still looking.  I've got my application in everywhere.  Several sound good, but then nothing definite.  I've applied for a sales job (on the road) with Action Foods.  They have been in the business 22 years -- selling meats and other frozen foods to Restaurants.  I am to have my second interview with them tomorrow.  I got in on this deal on my own.  It sure would be to my advantage to get a job without the help of an agency.

Friday I went down to Joan of Arc and told them that I had found another place and to pick up my box . . . . which had come that day.  Thanks for sending everything -- the apples and granola were a surprise treat.  I'm sorry about the misunderstanding about the tape player.  Would you like yours back right away?  Should it be convenient and you find my tapes -- please send them out.  Thanks.  Sister Clarice was very nice -- told me she had looked forward to having me, because my references spoke so highly of me and all.  Told me she would put everything in her inactive file and should I ever want to move in to call her.  I started a savings account -- with the checks I got in the mail.  Its just two blocks from here -- and they have branches all over San Diego.  You get free travellers checks (American Express) five free money orders, five cashier checks, (maximum per moth -- even with a 54.00 balance!!!!)

The last couple of days have really been warm -- they call it Santa Anna.  Sorta remind me of Phoenix -- all heat, no air.

Hope all of you are fine – sure hope I join the working class again soon ––

Love, Berta

Saturday, October 08, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.5

Oct. 5, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Wish I had been prepared w/ some stationery this morning – went to the Public Health Clinic to get my food-handlers permit – what an experience jut to sit down there & wait.  The test itself just took a minute – but my what people were down there.  At least it was free!  I go back on Thursday to get the results!

The man I need to meet w/ about the DQ job won't be back till tomorrow – he's in Las Vegas for the day – hope he doesn't lose a bunch of $ – then come back to San Diego in a bad mood!  He's been in the "East" (common word here) for a conference.

Yesterday I filled out 38 job applications plus stopped in at the 2 agencies.  Some places I play up my education – other places I keep quiet.

I also called up Joan of Arc Residence today – will move in there tomorrow.  I have the room – as I requested – and she kept it open for me – on 3rd floor – close to the elevator.  It really is well located – if you have a city map of San Diego – it's at the corner of Beach / 3rd.  It's got the Cath. Church just across the street.  Also the place for Senior Citizens, Bookshop, etc. (all run by the Catholics)

As for my bank book – I don't seem to have it – so if you try to find it – best of luck.  It should be at the house though – because I had it in New Jersey.  I do need the money though – if not to pay the employment agency – then to live on. (Ho, Hum!)  Actually I'm under no contract to stay – so should all places of business fail to see a hard worker – I'll be moving on.  It will just take time to tell.

Of course I would love to get into Restaurant Management – but at the same time I've got applications in for waitress jobs at all kinds of places – from coffee shops – to places w/ 4 stars in the Mobile Tour Guide Book.

I went back to Weight Watchers last night – it won't be as easy as it might be living out here w/ out a place (kitchen) of my own – but I know I can do it.  Besides its a good way of meeting people.

Please send the $ as soon as possible.  Maybe its only 1400 hundred – I really don't remember.  What a sad story – I came out to make $ to travel – and now I'm spending that $ to get a job – I'll be happy when I get my account build up again.

I've got lots of free stationery now to use – and thanks to you all – plenty of stamps!

As for any tapes that arrive addressed for me – please continue to send them back.  Thanks!

Aloha Mary Virginia!  Have you heard from Marian?  Some weekend or whenever I'm off – I'd like to go & visit her.  On the US map it looks just like a short distance between here & Phoenix – at least compared to Ohio.  Remember Sally – she has a son out here – has called me twice (from NYC) about calling him ––

Got to go ––

Will let you all know something definite whenever I do.

G'ma – When is your meeting – you will have alot to talk about – hope the pineapple kept OK till you have your meeting.  Just let me know when you want to go to Hawaii again – I'm like Delta Airlines – "Ready – when you are."


Friday, October 07, 2016

1966 Aunt Luna & daughters Roberta & Gladys, & GHU -Oct.11

Gladys Hiestand Uible, aka "Grandma" or GHU was the youngest of five siblings, including one, "Fawley," who died as an infant.  Her two brothers lived in Hillsboro as adults, Harry on the family farm, and Dorsey.  Her only sister, Luna, born in December 1874, was 18 years older than Gladys.

Luna married Robert Glenn "Rob" Mitchell, 1869-1974, in February 1901 in Hillsboro. Following the wedding dinner they left for Mound City, Missouri, where they lived until moving to Columbia, Missouri in the 1920s. Aunt Luna died in 1970 at the age of 95.  She is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Columbia, Missouri.

Luna and Robert were the parents of six children, five daughters and one son.
  • Ellen Mitchell Lippman 1902-1999
  • Roberta Mitchell Phillips 1903-1993
  • Lois Mitchell Schuetz 1908-1990
  • Robert H. Mitchell 1910-?
  • Gladys Mitchell Paxton 1912-2000
  • Luna Mitchell Herron 1915-?
The pictures below, except for the 1915 postcard, are dated Oct. 11, 1966.  The one with Gladys Paxton (who didn't want her picture taken?) and Gladys Uible includes "at her home in St. Louis."  For the text of the postcard and a bit more about the Mitchell family check out the 2012 blog post "Aunt Luna Hiestand Mitchell."
1966 Roberta Mitchell Phillips, Gladys Hiestand Uible, Luna Hiestand Mitchell -Oct.11
1966 Luna Hiestand Mitchell & Roberta Mitchell Phillips -Oct.11

1966 George Phillips, Roberta Mitchell Phillips and Gladys Hiestand Uible -Oct.11

1966 Gladys Hiestand Uible and Gladys Mitchell Paxton -Oct.11
Robert and Luna Hiestand Mitchell c1915 postcard

Thursday, October 06, 2016

1976 Roberta's flower postcard -Oct.4

Hi – 1 day of work – and I realize how long its been since I've stood on my feet all day!  Started at 7:30 AM – got away at 6:00 PM bad hours since I'm not paid by the hour!  Today I go in at noon & work until closing & then do clean up – etc.!  I think they are trying to test me!  See if I can make it or not ––

Got ballot – will send it off today – also got Grandma's letter & letter from Ruth.  Thanks!

Now at Cathy's doing laundry – etc.  After 1 month I'll have Insurance – even dental – through Hungry Years! [or Yours?]  Hope I don't have to use it ––

Love, Berta

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

1926 Ballantyne photos

1926 - Virginia Ballantyne Dailey (age 12) & Jean Ballantyne Uible (almost 4) 
1926 Ballantynes & friends - Back Row: Robert Ballantyne second from right, Scott Brown furthest right. Front row: Virginia Ballantyne Dailey, first on left, Jean Wallace Ballantyne Uible, the youngest, front center.
Back of 1926 Photo - Ballantynes & friends.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

1976 Roberta's Santa Barbara Postcard -Oct.2

Mission Santa Barbara postcard mailed 1976. Captioned: Founded 1786, Santa Barbara, California. Lovely "Queen of the Missions," Santa Barbara is the only mission in the California chain in which the Franciscans found a continuous haven after the cruel decree of secularization took away their lands.  Today famous twin bell towers are reflected in the ancient fountain.

[postmarked 2 Oct 1976]
Hi!  stopped here – went past court house here – have you ever seen it?  Stopped by to see big fig tree – branch spread of 160 feet!

Knotts Berry Farm – lunch & afternoon – I went on parachute jump – Neat!  Thanks for sending my things.  Love, Berta

Monday, October 03, 2016

1966 Jean, John, & MV -Oct.

John on his bike in his age-9 professional look, flanked by his mother and youngest sister.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

1976 GHU's Kings Canyon Postcard -Sep.28

Kings Canyon postcard -mailed 1976.  Captioned: KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA.  GRIZZLY FALLS, located near Cedar Grove, is a beautiful sight in the spring and early summer.
Tues. evening [Sept. 28, 1976]

I certainly wouldn't like to make my home in San Fran.  The streets are too hilly.  Thanks to R. good driving & the reliable Buick we have made them up & down.  Drove over the Golden bridge in the rain & fog this morning.  Roberta is spending the evening with a girl she met at Hudson Farm.. Things are more expensive here.

Love, Mother

Saturday, October 01, 2016

1976 Roberta's Motel 6 postcard -Sep.28

Motel 6 . . . of Palo Alto postcard -mailed 1976 

[postmarked Sept. 28, 1976]

Hi – walked around Stanford – don't think they have made many changes since you went to school there, Dad.  Motel 6 – just 2.5 miles away.  In S. F. now – eating at Castagnola's – Fisherman's Wharf we have view of water – we drove down crooked street – once was enough – Drove across Golden Gate Bridge – 75¢ toll – Staying at Doyle Motel – Union St. – 1/2 block off 101.  Light rain so drove around alot today – Love, Berta.

Items from Uible photo album