Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Happy Birthday to my favorite youngest aunt and to KC's favorite youngest great aunt! Does it make you feel old being someone's great aunt?

February 28, 2007




Is this the year she turns 50 twisted?


I had meant to get more photographs posted yesterday/this morning, but things have been a bit hectic.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


How about favorite place and/or memory in Florida? I'd like to hear the real story from Mom and Dad about Roberta and the Key West trip...not the one that has been retold and "morphed" over the years. lol! Does RUK have any recollection of this situation? Does she still post on the blog?

I'd also like to say THANK GOD FOR GOOD GENES
....Dick Uible lived into his 90s
...Howard Uible still doing well at 97
....Gladys Hiestand Uible past 100
....NW Ballantyne lived past 80
...Mother has already outlived (and out-done??) her mother and maternal grandmother
...her paternal grandmother lived past 100 (is that right??)

Did all these people at least visit Florida? Don't know about Irene Freeman but the rest would be YES! Maybe there is a fountain of youth somewhere...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ginny's "job"

Ginny helped out at "Come Home to the Country" as a server tonight and last Saturday and really enjoyed it. Evidently their regular server had surgery and they were short-handed...the pay was a nice bonus! Mom and Dad as well as Roberta and Sid will remember well our meal there with them!
Serena, I don't know how to link it (or if possible?), but I did upload 2 photo albums online with picasa today. All the pictures (and a WHOLE lot more) are on the CDs you all will be getting....
Also time for the greenin' o' Dublin for St. Pat's festivities:

Friday, February 23, 2007

New email address

If you would like an email address that ends in, email me.

It is a google email account. The mail can be forwarded to a different email address.

If you want an account, send me what name you want. I've already signed up togethr.

Radial Head Fracture

No, it is not my head that is injured but my elbow! A small crack, but cracked nevertheless, requiring a sling and limited use of the arm/elbow for at least a couple weeks. Fortunately the pain is minimal and I have a fairly good range of motion already. One of the following caused the injury: skateboard, motorcycle, paraglider, chapstick. All in all I missed about 1.5 hours of work so haven't had to make a dent in my 1500+ hours of sick leave.

Family Pictures

Going to get CDs put in the mail today and hopefully there will be a picture or two on the CD you have not seen! With the CD, you can look at it from your computer or if there's one you want to print, you can do that from your own printer or take it to a photo developing place (Wal-Mart or drug store, etc) and get any size you want made. Also, Serena, would you send Don another invitation to the blog as he tried to post a time or two recently and it wouldn't let him. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Your password for Google is now saved on both your computers. Anyone who is using your computer can post on your account without knowing your password - possibly even you.

Good Morning from Ballad

Thanks Serena for getting me this far! I won't take much time to tell you why I can't write more now, but I am on my way over to look at a piece of furniture for the folks! It is a cute miniature desk, which could be used as a table, etc. Stay tuned!

Did anyone else eat pancakes last night? We ate some at the Espiscopal Church, after we went by the Lutheran Church where we thought they were having pancakes, but it looked like a formal dining experience there, so we did not crash the party!

We did get in a bike ride yesterday with me wearing shorts, but long sleeves! The bad news is on the home front that Sid has lost his wallet, which we spent hours looking for last night! We will re-trace our bike route, but my thought is that is is squirred away under a layer or two inside this house!

I just had some of Serena's excellent bread! More to follow.....that is of me eating more bread and writing more if I can get back on this! Love to all, Roberta the poster!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Next Best Thing to Being There

We are really enjoying the new pictures posted of the Arizona family and most especially KC! Will he (and his folks?) be making an appearance in Florida in a few weeks? What's the latest on the folks duplex and progress there?
JB and I have been working on making reservations on the north and southbound stops of the FL trip and looking forward to getting together with everyone! Don is sorry to miss out BUT just signed up for "free" training through the (current) company to become a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. It will require him to be in Atlanta for a week bi-monthly for the next 12 months. His first go'round is March 5-9.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hello Roberta!

I have no idea why you can't post from your computer.

This is posted from Roberta's laptop.

Valentine's Day After

Had a great supper and visit last night with Mom & Dad, Roberta, Serena, Mavis, Lester, Gerry and I plus our special Valentine's visitor, Mister KC -- who smiled and cooed appropriately while being passed around, fussed over, and admired. He sat right up at the table in his bouncy vibrating chair. I'll attach a picture later. The SCW crowd moved on after 8pm in order to make a furniture shopping stop on the way home. We were sorry to miss, Sid. Hope he's feeling better today. KC went to sleep shortly after 9pm, and slept until 2am, then again until 6am so can't complain about loss of sleep during his visit. Hoping to take him to babytime later this morning, before I go to work at noon. Gerry, Mavis and Lester will babysit until Wendy gets off work and picks him this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Favorite Reunion

My favorite was Estes Park at YMCA of the Rockies in 1994. A distant second would be Shenandoah but if I ever go back, I'd like to research family tree as that is the very area the Hiestands came to Highland County from.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Izaak Walton Inn - Montana

Here's my top choice of reunion locations! In thinking of past reunions though, I think a list would be helpful so here's a start. I'm guessing at dates, so please correct me and I'll update.

Christmas in Phoenix - 1989
Grand Canyon - 1993
Estes Park, Colorado - 1994
Essex, Montana - 1996
Lexington, Kentucky - 1997
Williamsburg, Virginia - 1998
Glorieta, New Mexico - 1999
Shenandoah, Virginia - 2000
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2001
Dahlonega, Georgia - 2002
Yosemite, California - 2003
Newark, Ohio - 2004
Lake Worth, Florida - 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog Topics

How about a new topic this week? My suggestion is favorite family reunion (as adults). Tag, you're it! We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Florida!

wonderful pictures

Just a quick note to say how pleasantly surprised I was this morning to find new pictures upon my arrival to the UIBLE blog! And from the youngest members on up! Sid just asked me again about the LOVE LETTERS we went to last night with Barbara Eden (is she the one or not the one that moved her nose?) and Hal Linden. Long story made short for those outside of the AZ Territory (you know it was one until 1912) we were given comp tickets and I can see why the tickets at $55 each were available! Details to follow. Please Serena!?!
Best of Sundays to one and all.....Roberta the poster

Friday, February 02, 2007

New Vienna 1914

This is a photo-postcard, 1914, currently for sale on e-bay with a high bid of $9.99. Anybody interested? What year would the Uible family have arrived in New Vienna? Late 20s? Early 30s?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hope you've had a great birthday week although I'm not the pro at collages....wanted to be sure to get a picture of KC in!

Items from Uible photo album