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April 1, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Sunday 1990 - John arrived about 1:30 AM, had met Julie in Indianapolis. After midnight it seemed that GHU wanted to go to bathroom (potty) every half hour. Complains of lower back pain. Went down to her house at 4AM and got pain pill, it causes drowsiness and she then slept through to 9AM. Turned clocks forward today.

Monday 1991 - [Crowsons visiting] Jean told me it was snowing out (April Fool's), then than Don and MV were up and cooking bacon, another April Fool.

Tuesday 1992 - Jeanne Sanker invited Jean down to meeting at Hyde Park UMC, I went to the Public Library to read about making hollow balls, then looked at some of the toy stores. Came home through Hillsboro. Mother in good spirits. Cantata practice at 7:30 with 18 present. Bought gas for 98.9¢, saw it later for 96.9¢, 104.9¢ in Hillsboro. Had a good report from my physical.

Wednesday 1993 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1995 - We went square dancing in Hillsboro, $6. Caller was Mark Clausing from Cincinnati. He is promoting a 12/31/99 dance in New Zealand then fly to Hawaii the next day for another 12/31/99 dance. He has just returned from Australia on a square dance calling trip. Turned the clocks forward tonight. We picked up the loose sticks today.

Monday 1996 - It's really snowing this morning. Harold S. [Schautz?] came here with our new computer. Jean's Mothers' Club met at Ponderosa in Wilmington. Jean doesn't seem too peppy.

Tuesday 1997 - [Phoenix]

Wednesday 1998 - [to West Virginia] Left for Shepherdstown, WV, with lunch stop in Scenery Hill, PA. David Henderson suggested Andy K. for black top replacement, David does the coating.

Thursday 1999 - [Salamanca, Portugal trip through April 8] I've had enough of visiting these old (and cold) cathedrals. Lots of places have salads of white asparagus and artichokes. Visited with Nancy Walker and family. She has 3 children, David-17, Leslie-15 and Suzie-10.

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March 31, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Saturday 1990 - Brought Mother up home.

Sunday 1991 - [Easter, Cris and family visiting] 146 at church, a record crowd that I recall. Mother seemed wide awake, Cris, Laura and I went over. Laura and Wil enjoyed picking up the eggs in our front yard. John (still thinking of possibility of running for Mayor in Newark), Serena, Mary Virginia and Don all came.

Wednesday 1993 - [Phoenix] Roberta got free tickets for the play "The Grand Hotel" in Sun City, had trouble staying awake - sure glad we didn't pay the $22 per ticket.

Thursday 1994 - Program at our church, 19 in the choir. Johnsons (Rev.) have new red pick-up.

Friday 1995 - [Ginny visiting, Crowsons arrive] Took Warren Moore's will to Probate Court. Serena came as a surprise, she brought Ginny the biggest book, must be 20" x 30". The Crowsons got here about midnight. Got card from Mary Horton from Hawaii.

Saturday 1996 - Tom Salisbury spoke at church. They have been in Peru for 2 years. Jean and I spent 2+ hours working (?) on putting the computer desk together. Bob Ballantyne called about a planned get together on Columbus Day weekend in 1997. We went to Hillsboro and got a few bargains at K-Mart and Bob and Carl's.

Monday 1997 - [to Phoenix] Flew to Phoenix on SW, $199 per ticket.

Tuesday 1998 - [Clipping attached: As of March 31, 1998, Lions Club International had 1,440,215 members in 43,897 clubs in 735 districts and 185 countries and geographic areas. Note: In 2010 Lions Club boast 45,000 clubs and more than 1.3 million members in 205 countries/geographic areas.]

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April] At Rector Hotel in Salamanca. Even towel mats for our feet when we get out of bed.

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March 30, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [to San Diego for Cross-country bike ride to Jacksonville] Flew to San Diego, CA, stayed in the Garden Room of the Heritage Park Inn Bed and Breakfast, 2470 Heritage Park Row, near Old Town. Cost $107 ($95 + tax). Had rental car from Payless Car Rental at $21.95 per day, unlimited mileage.

Friday 1990 - Took new van in for service, has 4900 miles. Lunch at McDonald's, $8.82 for the 2 of us. Kroger's giving off 2¢ if you bring your own bag. Calling hours at funeral home for Bradley Perkins.

Saturday 1991 - [Cris and family visiting] We all went over at 7:30 AM to see Mother. She was wide awake. This PM she ate her meat (pureed) and 1/2 of her super shake. We drove around Rocky Fork Lake, camp sites with electricity are now $8. Had supper at Rae's. Rob and Cindy move into new house off of Hypoluxo Road.

Monday 1992 - Don and Jean Liggett here for supper, talking of their upcoming trip to Thailand, etc. He will be 70 next year. They have been in Gig Harbor for 2 years. Mother seems fine.

Tuesday 1993 - [Arizona] Met the Fosters at Desert Museum near Tucson. Very nice. Earlier that AM we parked in library garage but library not open. Supper with Francis and Grace Rembit [?] in Tucson, they moved to a new place last spring.

Wednesday 1994 - Went out to Hughes' and got flowers which we planted around the house and the cemetery. [Road crew] started replacing the bridge on S.R. 73 just south of Cemetery Rd.

Thursday 1995 - [Ginny visiting?] 31° this AM. Jean is always in a rush to get the storm windows down. Ginny likes to be read to and when going for a walk she likes to count to 5 and then we swing her.

Friday 1996 - [Newark] Breakfast came with room, at 9:30 we went to the cemetery. Had sign directing us to "J. Uible" [Joseph Ashcraft Uible, born and died March 26, 1996]. Don participated in the service at 10AM. They had chairs for John and Julie and their Mothers. We then went to Big Bear and got shrimp plate -- ordered earlier -- and a new battery for Jean's watch. Back to Church (Spring Hill Baptist in Granville). Calling hours were from 12-1, service 1-2, then more "greeting" line. Jeff Pound (the pastor) was eloquent, his wife Cathy just turned 48. During the service they read two letters from John and Julie, one to their friends and one to Joseph. Several people gave testimony during the service. The church has a chapel area where the family greeted the many friends. Afterwards the Ashcrafts had a lot of us at their house for a big snack.

Sunday 1997 - [Easter, to Newark] After church went to Newark. Flora Daniels [?] passed away. Had room at Cherry Valley Lodge, $89, went with John to church service in PM. Kate enjoys the pool and the hotel.

Tuesday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain through April 8] What a curvy road to Pousada de Gorvecia [sp?, possibly Pousada de Manteigas - Sao Lourenco] in Manteigas, Portugal. Had hard time finding the road off the main road. They had a service charge of $9 for bread and olives.

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March 29, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1990 - Cris and family leave today.

Friday 1991 - Cris and Angela arrive. Laura has been taking piano lessons for 6 weeks. Cris does pretty well on the piano himself. Mother very sleepy today. Getting new phone system in at Wells.

Sunday 1992 - Saw Mother at lunch, then had soup and sandwich at Frisch's for $2.65. Saw movie Fried Green Tomatoes in Hillsboro for $1.50 each

Monday 1993 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1994 - Had an appointment at Main Medical for annual physical - previous one was in November 1992. MY PSA is 5.6 and it should be between 0-4.0. Cost was $221. Kay Dick _________ was in office with her new baby and her 7-year-old son. It looks like the lodge [IOOF] made a real boo-boo as the Ultimate Church group may be a branch of the [Ku Klux] Klan. We called Cynthia in England, cheapest rates before 7AM and after 6PM.

Friday 1996 - [to Newark] We left for Newark about 4PM, ate at Wendy's at I-270 and 256, cost $5.20. Mary Virginia had made reservations for us at the Best Western in downtown Newark, $113 for the two rooms. We went to John and Julie's for a short visit then back to motel for a swim. Ginny seems to enjoy that. Lock box opening in Sabina for Helen Wilson Estate.

Saturday 1997 - Went to New Vienna Senior Citizens, John and Karen Hughes Bernard had the program on their pick up truck camper trip to Alaska over a 2 month period. Mowed grass, really didn't need it, but felt it would be too tall in 9 more days. Flowers on corner of house are in bud.

Sunday 1998 - [Phoenix to Columbus] Had breakfast at First Watch with Morgans and Kings. Went to church, contemporary service at 11AM, lots of heavy people, church having spaghetti dinner for $4. Over to Tempe to U.S. Egg, hours are 6AM-2:30PM, reasonable and nice. [One of Roberta's favorite places.] Left on Delta Flight to Columbus, had seats in last row with now window. Nice supper, we brought chicken home. Gas 99.9¢, parking $3/per day first week, then $2/day.

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March 28, 1989-99 with original

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1992 - We went to the New Vienna Senior Citizens - Jo Harner had asked Jean to give a "career" biography, just like the Clinton County Retired Teachers. Esther talked for 20 minutes and just got to age 20. Then Betty Thompson, Jean, Orville and Jo Harner filled up the rest of the hour. For supper the New Vienna Boy Scouts had a spaghetti supper for $3.50. GHU ate well, especially the pie and the strawberries.

Sunday 1993 - [Grand Canyon to Phoenix] Back to Phoenix, lunch at Luby's. $3.98 for their special.

Tuesday 1995 - Article in today's WNJ about Bob Streber, as they closed their store in New Vienna after 63 years (he is 64) and will reopen the convenience store just north of town on Rt. 73. Jean went to the Dr. -- third time regarding her poison ivy.

Thursday 1996 - Article in April "Nation's Business" about the Library Book Stores in Clayton, MO. [Mid-County Branch of the St. Louis County Library District is located in Clayton, a suburb of St. Louis, does not now list anything about a Book Store.]

Saturday 1998 - [Phoenix] Catherine has good oatmeal. Kings picked us up about 10AM and we visited models at Pebble Creek. The furnishings all look great though perhaps not too practical. Had "lunch" the complimentary hot dog, pretzels and beverage. Then to Del Webb's Sun City Grand - more of the same with cold rain (warmer in Ohio in low 80's). Went to Adam and Wendy's place on Sierra Vista and Maryland, just east of 7th St. They have 2 dogs and 2 cats and do they have the tapes, etc. Went to this Italian Restaurant nearby with them, Morgans and Adams' parents, who bring their own fresh spinach [in unopened bag] to go with the salmon. [They knew the staff well.]

Sunday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

HH added in 2010: Re: 1998 – Now that you mention spinach, it comes back. Should have written more about Sun City Grand visit. We are happy w/ 20238 Alta Loma with walkable distance to the store and the library. The hospital would be a stretch, but then we do have 911.

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March 27, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Jean took down the storm windows. Stayed last night with GHU, she does very well and is very alert.

Tuesday 1990 - [Cris Horton family visiting] We all went to Leesburg. Talked with Cris about coming to Wells. He wants to start his own machine shop.

Wednesday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Went to Hillsboro for breakfast with Mother, very alert, held the cup and drank and ate well. Back this evening but she never woke up, hard for her to eat or drink anything. We took Harold and Carolyn Thornburg to Westboro UMC for their revival service.

Saturday 1993 - [Arizona, Grand Canyon] Up at 5AM and after big breakfast we left at 6:30 on the Bright Angel Trail with a sack lunch. Indian Garden very pretty, but the light rain made it very muddy. Catherine gave MV one of her pairs of shoes to wear and MV needed encouragement to think positive. Roberta and John were a big help. We were all stiff that evening, the rain had turned to snow.

Sunday 1994 - Met the Goodings at Houston Inn Restaurant in Mason on Rt. 42. Bev had a reaction to something she ate there. Good value.

Monday 1995 - [Holmes County] Had the complimentary breakfast buffet, then we went for a walk. Saw the sheep and the ducks, had a tape from the Inn with music for walking. Had lunch at the Dutch Restaurant in Wilmot.  Stopped at Franklin County Probate Court, pay Fullerton Estate Tax.

Thursday 1997 - Jean went to M.D. in Cincinnati, made hospital call on Art Bernard's sister, then we had supper at Damon's. Jean got a couple items at GMC in Walmart Plaza. Had choir program tonight. New Vienna town Clerk -- Cheryl Cluxton Mongold.
Mary Uible Crowson added in 2010...
re 1993: saying I needed encouragement was a severe understatement. More like I needed a tow truck or a swift kick in the hind quarters or both.

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March 26, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Easter Sunday, Sunrise service at 6:30, breakfast and video on Unquenchable Fire. Big crowd at church. Bev Grover sang. John came down and we had turkey. Rode Jean's old bike 15 miles. Mary Virginia home with two girlfriends. Roberta called. Beautiful day.

Monday 1990 - Cris, Angela, Laura and Wil arrive. He was let go at Rockwell after 9 months, was making $54,000. They have a little food grinder they use at the table to puree regular food for Wil who is 1, Laura is 3. He was with Clark for 10 years.

Tuesday 1991 - Drove to Wayne Hospital in Greenville where Serena was an outpatient for Cystoscopy. She had lunch there in bed and then we went to her apartment. En route to Russia [Ohio] for supper at Sheps Golden Lantern -- liver and onions $8.95 -- 2111 Miller Rd. [no restaurant at that address in 2011]  Made stop in Versailles, bought bulk garden seeds and small pliers. Public Library in old house with new addition.

Friday 1993 - [Arizona, Grand Canyon] We went down the Kaibab Trail, left about 9AM after big breakfast at the cafeteria, which just opened today for the season. Got to Phantom Ranch about 4PM, a basic but pretty spot. The mule trip is $250 per person with meals, etc. It was a steep 7.5 miles. We had the veggie stew for supper.

Sunday 1995 - [to Holmes County via Newark with Ginny] After church we drove to Newark, where we had lunch and got gas for 97.9¢. On to the Inn at Honey Run, Room 226. $75 + $15 for rollaway. Ron Eberhard was "speaking" between 5-6, we got there about 4:45. Had supper there -- "Raid the Kitchen" -- a self serve buffet for $9.50

Tuesday 1996 - [Newark] John called us at 6AM, Julie had a C-Section. We got to her room about 7:30. Joseph had one eye open and lasted about 40 minutes. The minister had been there all night and had a dedication prayer. They washed Joseph up in the room and he looked nice in his gown. So sad. We left about 11AM and had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Grove City. Pot of beans $2.99.

Mongold Oil Company - New Vienna Ohio

Two views about 20 years apart.  Previously posted was a picture of the bulk oil tanks located behind the service station which shows a side view of the office building from the rear and one corner of the back of the service station.  CJ Uible had a financial interest in this business which was run by Rollo Mongold during the mid-1900s.
Mongold Oil Co., New Vienna Ohio c1945

Mongold Office Building, New Vienna Ohio c1965

A "modern" view c2010 of the east side of the office building can be seen on Google Street view from the corner of Main Street and West Street, although the roofline looks different.

According to Rollo Earl Mongold (1907-1989) of Lynchburg, was the son of Frannie F. Mongold (1877-1948) and Ina Viola Sanderson (1881-1911).  He was married to Louella Davis (1917-1990) and Mary Alice Whitford (1909-1963) and had four children with the latter, including Margaret Joanne Pfister of Lynchburg (1930-2006), Mary K. Workman of Milford, and Thomas Mongold of Wilmington.

Rollo also had three older brothers, Robert Willard "Shorty" (1898-1975), Roy David (1900-1986) who lived in Clark, Ohio, and James William (1905-1983). Shorty was the only brother who lived in New Vienna. He was a good friend of CJ's, and his Southern Ohio Tool & Die Co.'s manufacturing of farm gates, was instrumental in CJ's settling with his family in New Vienna.

HH adds that by the mid-1900s most farmers switched from livestock production to grain farming, and the need for farm gates greatly diminished.  Southern Ohio Tool & Die eventually ceased operations and the original building, which had a dirt floor, was demolished during a Wells expansion.

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March 25, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Got small lawn mower back from Tom Young. Planted onions in the garden.

Sunday 1990 - We ate at Leesburg.

Monday 1991 - Continental Airlines called about changing Roberta's plane so we left quickly, saw Thelma Holmes afterwards, she has been there two years, will be 87 on 3/30. (We recall when she put in 50¢ + 25¢ in Sunday School for her birthday.) Had "supper" at Skyline Chili in West Columbus at I-270 and US40., walked around Phar-Mor, then Colombo Yogurt [General Mills stopped producing Colombo Yogurt in March 2010]. Had reservations at Red Roof at Dayton North, $29.95, tax $3.75.

Wednesday 1992 - Had lunch at Wilmington UMC, $3 - each Wednesday through Lent.  Mother seems good this week.

Thursday 1993 - [Arizona] Had breakfast with the Ashcrafts at Kiss the Cook. We left for Grand Canyon.

Saturday 1995 - [Ginny visiting since when?] Had McKibbens closing in Wilmington, then Young Auction here in NV in the PM. Later we went to Hillsboro, Jean saw Valetta then I saw Elsie, she is 88 -- "I enjoy giving people things now rather than wait till I'm gone." Then to Henry Edwards, Ginny took a nap on both auto trips.

Monday 1996 - Jean woke up dizzy this AM so Ann Bailey took her place at the UMC meeting in Hillsboro. Left about 2PM for St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville where John and Julie had gone for the baby delivery. The Ashcrafts came shortly after we got there, plus Mary Virginia and Jeff and Cathy Pound (the minister). She is quite a vivacious teacher in the Church school, grades 5-8. She had all these Ohio books. We stayed at the hospital until midnight, had Room 108 at nearby Signature Inn. $52 (hospital rate) + $8.19 in tax.

Thursday 1999 - [Spain Portugal trip through April 8]

Gist Settlement

In a recent post from the Clinton County Seat Calendar, Christopher Gist's (1706-1759) name was mentioned as leaving the first written record of Clinton County.  Although he lived in roughly the same era as Samuel Gist (see below) he evidently was not a close relative, having been born in Baltimore Maryland as the son of Richard Gist who helped plot the city of Baltimore.

Christopher was a surveyor like his father and one of the first white explorers of the Ohio area.  He accompanied George Washington  during the French and Indian War and Washington later visited him in "Gist's new settlement," near Fort LeBoeuf in Pennsylvania according to the Chronicles of Border Warfare by Alexander Scott Withers, page. 74.  This Gist Settlement at For LeBoeuf is now Waterford, PA, and has no connection with the Gist Settlements in Ohio who were founded as a result of Samuel Gist.

Samuel Gist, according to Ohio History Central, was born in England c1717-23 and was orphaned at a young age, spending most of his youth in a hospital.  In order to improve his financial status he became an indentured servant to a tobacco farmer in Virginia.   After the farmer died in 1747, Gist married the widow, and thereby gained immense wealth, including hundreds of slaves and large landholdings.

Upon Gist's death in 1815, his will freed his former slaves.  About 150 of them stayed in Virginia while 350 moved to Ohio where they established several communities in Adams, Brown and Highland Counties.  While all three counties' Gist settlements survived into the 1900s, only the one near New Vienna in Highland County survived into the twenty-first century, still in the hands of the descendants.
Historical Marker in Sardinia Ohio
Gist Settlement
Through the terms of his will, British absentee landowner Samuel Gist (c1723-1815) freed his 350 Virginia slaves and provided funds for their relocation, the purchase of land, and the establishment of schools and homes.  The executors of Gist's will acquired over 2,000 acres of land in Ohio, including two large tracts in Scott and Eagle townships in Brown County in 1819.  In 1831 and 1835, an agent of the Gist estate purchased 207 acres in Highland County and divided the acreage into thirty-one lots.  This Gist settlement in Eagle Township was the first to be purchased and settled.  It was recorded at Brown County on august 4, 1819 as 1197 acres of land divided among "150 Negroes who were emancipated by the will of Samuel Gist."  in 2009, descendants of the freed Gist slaves still inhabited part of the original settlement.

According to the History of the Gist Settlement, "The last of the original Gist Settlement lands in descendants' hands is located in Highland County. It happens to be the last established settlement and the smallest. The Highland County settlement was inhabited by 18 families totaling 105 persons in 1840. Between 1840 and 1930 an average of 16 families, or 75 persons occupied the Gist Settlement (based on US Census Data, 1840-1930). The settlement had established an active church and school."

Several families, Burns, Pearl, Robinson, Rollins, and Turner children attended New Vienna schools beginning in the early 1900s.   It is unknown when the school at Gist Settlement closed.

In 2007-08 the Gist Settlement Archaeological Project took a first step in documenting the history of the settlement in the 1800s.  This was a collaborative project between Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. and Paul LaRue and his Research History class students at Washington High School in Washington Court House with a grant from the History Channel.

As part of their historical research, the class studied the Gist Settlement cemetery, and did in-depth studies of eight civil war veterans buried there, mapping of the cemetery is included on their Archaeological Project website.

As mentioned by HH and in the Archaeological report "There are ongoing questions about the title to the land and the status of property taxes, lending some degree of uncertainty over the ownership and disposition of the land in the future." In other words, the property may now be owned by Highland County, because of tax forfeiture.

Sources accessed on 3/23/11:
Chronicles of Border Warfare by Alexander Scott Withers
Gist Settlement Archaeological Project
Gist Settlement Historical Marker
Gist Settlements - Ohio History Central
Samuel Gist - Ohio History Central
USCT Veterans and the Gist Settlent in Highland County Ohio

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March 24, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - [KY to Cincinnati airport to pick-up GHU to home] Surprised to see snow on the ground this AM, traffic slow on I-75. Lunch in Florence KY at Red Lobster, Rainbow Trout $5.75. Got GHU a new telephone at Florence Mall. Jean stayed with the car while I met Mother and we got away 30 minutes after plane landed.

Sunday 1991 - Got out our "old" movies and slides, seems like eternity since our family went west for 5 weeks in 1962. Roberta met Vanessa at Rae's [same as Ray's pizza?] at 7:30. Arlene Curtis had been in to see GHU, also Judy Clay.

Monday 1992 - Sharon King's (mgr at bank) husband died of cancer (age 45), it was discovered last June.

Wednesday 1993 - [Phoenix] Had lunch with Catherine. Met Sue Sears Green in Tempe, ate at Health Food Restaurant and went to "juggling show" at Gammage Auditorium [same place we saw Annie 1/10].

Thursday 1994 - Went to Wilmington College to hear Terry Anderson speak - overflow crowd. He was a prisoner in Lebanon for 7+ years. Sat next to Lou Hale.

Saturday 1996 - 23 Psalms for Sunday School lesson, 77 at church. We walked out Cemetery Rd and picked up trash also swept walk near recycling container, then moved desk at Wells so we wouldn't have to close the blinds so often. John called, they are going to hospital tomorrow at 10AM so we are going up in the afternoon. Wendy called, she seems to be doing well in school.

Monday 1997 - Jean had appointment at CMH at 7:30 for stress test. Had Reynolds lock box opening. Betty Rulon called, Dick passed away yesterday. Had lunch at Taco Bell. New Vienna awarded contract for Cemetery job. Got the Quicken software program.

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through 4/8]

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March 23, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Went to Cincy airport to pick up GHU, had supper en route at Echo Restaurant in Hyde Park, most meals $4.95 with meat and 2 vegetables. Bought book on China next door. Mother's ticket was $234.21. Parking at short term airport lot, $1 for first 30 minutes, then 75¢ per 30 minutes.

Friday 1990 - [Tennessee to Kentucky] Left Zooks about 2pm for bookstore in Kingsport TN, gas 92.9¢. Had supper at Cracker Barrel in Corbin, KY -- what a crowd, then met MV and Don at the Red Roof in Lexington. She has job with church publications and the D.S. has told them about an interview comping up.

Saturday 1991 - Roberta has been going over around 7:30 to see GHU, breakfast is one of her better meals. Jean and Serena went with Charlotte Hause to Easter Egg Hunt at CMH, sponsored by the New Vienna Twig, a close schedule as we had reservations at Murphin Ridge at 1pm, nice magazines in their lobby. Then to West Union where we visited the Public Library. Also stopped at the Amish Bakery, got some delicious bread and a small pie, of which GHU ate some. Also a visit to Peebles Public Library. Serena has a great memory -- bringing up our visit to 4 States Monument.

Tuesday 1993 - [to Phoenix] We (including Serena) left from Columbus for Phoenix. We are staying at Desert Shadows -- Union Hills and 29th Ave in Sid's 5th-Wheel, spot 597, the rent is $1600 a year.

Thursday 1995 - Met Steve Hamilton at lock box opening, also Leadership Clinton Meeting. Went square dancing, don't know when we laughed so much with the Ed Baileys, Herschel Arnolds and Earl Jenkins. Harold Stewart has prostrate cancer and bone cancer. Celebrated Jim Erbaugh's birthday.

Friday 1996 - Went to Wilmington, looked at computer tables and got light bulb for refrigerator. Met with Lacy's daughter and what a mess, he even sued his daughter and divorced his wife just before death.

Sunday 1997 - Took Dale _____  [Cahill?] to Murphin Ridge. His wife is from Sweden, age 60. He is on assignment at Airborne, joined our choir while here. Son -23- still looking for work as a pilot. Surprised to see Bob and Audrey Terrell at Murphin Ridge. The Crossets [?] are celebrating a reunion at the Cloister in 7/98.

Tuesday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through April 8]

Clinton County Seat Calendar - March

From the 1985 [Clinton] County Seat Calendar

March 2, 1751 – Christopher Gist* [1706-1759] leaves the first written record of what will one day become Clinton County.  Commissioned by the Ohio Company, an English real estate firm, Mr. Gist pronounces the prairie land splendid.  "Very fertile land with beautiful meadows, streams full of fishes, wild turkey, and hardly a bush in sight," he wrote in his detailed diary.  The forest grows up when the last buffalo leave at the end of the 18th century.

A book, Christopher Gist: Colonial Frontiersman, Explorer and Indian Agent by Kenneth Bailey is available at ASU.  I'll check it out, but not right this minute.

March, 1984 – Damaine Vonada, an Ohio writer [author of Amazing Ohio among other titles, published by Wilmington's Orange Frazer Press] transplanted to Washington, DC, notices a 5x7 pothole in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, then writes an essay suggesting that the nation's capital be moved somewhere more manageable, like Wilmington Ohio. She notes that both cities begin with a "W," both have ten letters, the architecture of the Wilmington courthouse is similar to that of the capital, and relocating to the cornfields of Clinton County would ensure that only the most dedicated individuals would seek office.

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March 22, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - WNJ Business Edition - full page ad is $653, 1/2 page $350, 1/4 $200, 1/8 $135. Circulation is 7800 and read (?) by 23,400. Received picture of GHU from Joe Horton, gift of Roberta, arrived super wrapped. Got our Delta 8-pack of tickets for $640 each.

Thursday 1990 - [Georgia - South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee] Took tour of Savannah, $11 each with Preservation Society, good value, continental breakfast included, very tasty. More peanut butter sandwich en route to Johnson City TN to see the Zooks. Ate at cafeteria in Asheville, $8.04 for the 2 of us. Overnight at the Zooks. They quit the Carmel Corn business in September, 1988, and have plans to go to Havana next month.

Friday 1991 - Jean got out West Virginia yearbook.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to Ohio] Got haircut at $4 and gas for 93.9¢ in Williamsburg. Had lunch at James Tavern [Now called Parkers Blue Ash Tavern] in Blue Ash, real nice.

Tuesday 1994 - Met Serena for supper at the Best Cafe in Lebanon, one of the dishes was the Chez special and also an Urbanic. Got blurb in mail about voting for Gordon Rose for C.P. Judge.

Thursday 1995 - Jean fixed black bean soup for supper. Called Morgans, Catherine is getting stocks that you can buy direct. My poison ivy is much better. The pills are all arranged on a card, a line for each day and each day I take 1 less pill for the 6 days, starting with 6 pills the first day

Friday 1996 - John called us about the plans for Joseph and had earlier sent us a letter. Also a letter from Mrs. Sams about how nice and how helpful MV had been to their family at the time of the death of Mr. S. In WNJ about Pete Overstreet forging the Judge's signature.

Saturday 1997 - Jean went to CMH Easter Egg Hunt and got some garden seed at Ace Hardware, 79¢ a scoop and at Odd Lots for 50¢ a packet. Planted the seeds. Also transplanted 5 evergreen trees. Hauled 3 loads of leaves from Mother's yard. Helen Kuntzman called us - she plans to work until the end of this year. Karol has gotten a divorce, her husband was an alcoholic.

Monday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

MV adds:
1996 - Mrs. Sams (Kay) must have written on the death of her husband, Vic. Must have done okay...her husband was same size as Don and she gave Don many of his NICE tailored clothes. :)

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March 21, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1954 - [En route to Europe on cruise ship, Saturnia]

Tuesday 1989 - Took bike out to Harners for it's trip west. Science Fair at New Vienna school. Had homemade soup for supper. John called.

Wednesday 1990 - [Georgia] Took tour of Jekyll Island, very interesting, had lunch at their bakery, soup on the veranda. Drove on to Savannah, had reservations at The Presidents' Quarters, corner of President and Lincoln Sts. In room 403, the Harry Truman Room. A lot of Presidential memorabilia. Afternoon tea with cherry jubilee cake. Ate dinner at the Shrimp Factory, $43 for the two of us. Had fruit bowl in our room.

Saturday 1992 - Marvin Chamberlain of Westboro spoke to our UMC Men's group. Westboro UMC is planning a big expansion program. David Martin is pastor. John and Julie move into their new home at 1030 Shaw Drive, Newark.

Sunday 1993 - [Kentucky] We went to Pleasant View UMC, Don spoke on John 9. Had lunch at Williamsburg [KY] Holiday Inn, buffet was $4.95.

Monday 1994 - Talked with Everett Penn about Ted Walmn.  The Thompsons [which Thompsons?] in Portland, OR wrote us that they had seen our picture in pictures that their friends were showing them.

Tuesday 1995 - We went to Dr. about our poison ivy, which I got last Saturday in working on the grape vines. Went to Hillsboro in the PM, saw Elsie Satterfield* in her new home. Greg (her nephew) is quite a character with all his gold bracelets. Gals here -- Betty Adams and Linda [Pinkerton] to wash windows and put up screens.

Friday 1997 - Daffodils out in front of house. New code supplements came.

Sunday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]
*HH added in 2011: Elsie was a widow and had no close family and I was her POA [Power of Attorney].  She had a nephew who was not bashful about his needs for financial help. she was a soft touch for realtors and relatives. Her maiden name was Garrison and she married Archie Satterfield, who had a seven figure estate.  Her aunt was Violet Thompson b. 1/5/1902

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 20, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - [Florida to Georgia] Mother and Mary [MUH] went to luncheon at Lake Worth Towers, then we left at 2PM for Jekyll Island. Saw Veronica very briefly, the gal from Jamaica who is to help with Mother. Had peanut butter sandwich en route. Room 2204 for $69, very nice. Had lunch at Shangri-la Restaurant in Lake Worth, just so-so.

Wednesday 1991 - Went to Columbus to meet Roberta at the airport, then met John at McDonald's at the airport, they gave us a complimentary personal pizza -- first day for pizza. John is in better spirits. Back through Hillsboro to see GHU. Bought gas at WCH for 98.9c tonight.

Friday 1992 -Was going to meet Serena at Pine Club in Dayton but 2+ hour wait. We saw her on the street and ate at Hilton Hotel. She brought us all the Mobil Tour Books and 36 Life Instruction books.

Saturday 1993 - [to Tennessee from Kentucky with Ginny] Met the Zooks at East Tennessee Mall in Knoxville, ate at Morrison's Cafeteria. Later visited the Blount Mansion. Not hard to have conversations started with Ginny along. We got along fine. Ate at Cracker Barrel in Lake City.

Wednesday 1996 - A 4" wet snow, no school. Jean sorting through old pictures. DPL bill, 638 KWH for $61.54.

Thursday 1997 - Had legal seminar at Samuel Walkers Restaurant in Wilmington. Jean went to meeting at Otterbein.

Saturday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 19, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 -We drove out to Harners, then rode bikes to Wilmington. Jean got her "G" test at Losey's  for $5, it is 283. [Per MV in 2010 this would be the count on the glucometer -- "normal" being 70-120] Then back to Ponderosa for lunch. Windy and sunny though cool.

Monday 1990 - [Florida]

Tuesday 1991 - MV called us, Don may get pastorate at Bronston, KY, he has talked with the DS.

Friday 1993 - [Kentucky] MV on Emmaus Walk Team and Don has class, but had no problems.

Saturday 1994 - Dr. Paul Hayes [father of Dorothy, Jama and Ruth?] spoke to our Men's group about the trial that gave proof of Jesus' death and resurrection. Glass Estate sale.

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke on "Procedure" or Else. The story of a fig tree. We had made reservations at CMH for lunch, $2.50 and includes the program by Dr. Compton on "Shoulders". Saw several people that we hadn't seen for awhile, Ralph Rannells, he sure has trouble getting around; Gene Whitaker, whose wife had just had an operation; Beverly Sanders and Inga Grove (the girl from Denmark) who are all enthused on taking an "E" trip. Bev just turned 60. Visited Extended Care, then Ruth Shoemaker. Had long conversation with Flora in Kroger's. Trouble with her sister.

Tuesday 1996 - Called Roberta, she just got back from San Antonio, she bought about $800 worth of shoes at SAS. A wet day. [Rick? or John?] Stanforth and [Philip?] Merritt won in primary.  [James or Kenneth?] Stewart lost. Kevin Greer won in Highland County as Probate Judge.

Friday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

Pictures of Roberta in 1955

Here are two pictures of Roberta from March 1955.  As usual, Roberta looks quite stylish. I think the one with the diaper bag was taken before the trip to Florida and the one in South Carolina on their way home from Florida -- this was the beginning of Roberta's talking life and she looks quite happy to be the "oldest."
 Roberta - March 1955 - "Ready to go" with Serena's diaper bag
Roberta - March 31, 1955 - Magnolia Gardens, Charleston SC

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 18, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Worked on our income tax, turned Mother's water on, took the Johnsons to Hillsboro to UMC to hear Emerson Colaw, retired bishop who started at Rainsboro.

Sunday 1990 - [Florida] We all ate at Perkins Steak House in WPB.

Monday 1991 - John called us. He and Julie have called things off. Heard from Tok-A-Toy (been in business since 1955), they are unable to pay their bills (they owe us $30,000) and have sold out to Laramer. Mother has a new roommate.

Tuesday 1992 - Spoke to the Clinton County Retired Teachers Association along with 3 other couples -- Bob Warner, Jim Rany [?], John Hughes and Virginia Smith on Elderhostel. Went to Marshall Flippo special square dance in Hillsboro. Mother doesn't want to eat or drink. Difficult to get her to say more than one word answer to a question.

Friday 1994 - A terrific wind.

Saturday 1995 - Breakfast at church, Mark from Adams County spoke at 10am. We were at Rod's for a trash pick up with Leadership Clinton, but no one showed up. A stop at Roberts Home place, lots of activity. Bought some bulk garden seed at Rhoades Garden Center and planted peas, spinach, beets, lettuce and onions. At 6:30 we were in Dayton (Huber Heights) at Aldersgate Church for Marriage Encounter follow-up. A great turnout. The dialog question was: What am I doing to make our marriage more fun?

Sunday 1996 - Saw Elsie in Hillsboro, she is 88. Got folder from Greenbrier, 4 nights at $1075 per person, extra night $208. Roberta called from San Antonio where she was getting a real buy on SAS shoes.

Tuesday 1997 - Elsie in New Vienna, looked at two places for her to stay. John, Julie and Kate to fly to Phoenix for 5 days. Kate has been exposed to chicken pox. Wilmington Library open again, but will be June when they get the new furniture.

Thursday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through April 8]

More Florida 1955, 1960, 1963-64

213 K Street  Lake Worth Florida was the address of the garage apartment which C J and Gladys Uible rented for the winter circa 1945-1965.  Marianne reports in driving by on March 15, 2011: It is painted "pink" with Aqua shutters and not in great condition. Ha. It was fun to see it again. Drove down the alley also.... memories of the black cadillac in the garage. Ha."

They rented this furnished apartment from the Linn Deckers, who were their friends as well as their landlord.  For at least one season they rented an apartment on the 2nd floor of the main house before moving to the garage apartment.

After 1965 they stayed with the Hortons instead of renting the apartment.  After CJ passed away in 1969, Gladys flew to Florida and in the 1980s flew on People Express, a no frills airline that operated from 1981-1987.

The paint was more subdued in the picture below taken by Roberta during the time she spent in Lake Worth during the late fall of 1963 when she attended seventh grade with Cris. Catherine also attended part of seventh grade in Florida in 1961 with Marianne and Serena went to sixth grade in the fall of 1966 at the school where Rob was a fifth grader.  Note the pull string on the porch light bulb, reachable from below.
213 K Street Lake Worth Florida - December 1963
C J & Gladys Uible's garage apartment
Photo taken by Roberta Uible
C J Uible sitting in his apt. in Lake Worth Florida
Photo taken by Roberta, January 1964

There was a plethora of foliage around the house in front of the apartment. Below are two pictures taken on the grounds. Note Grandma's Christmas corsage.
Gladys and C J Uible - Christmas 1960 - Lake Worth FL
C J Uible - Christmas 1960 - Lake Worth FL

And one more picture of the Uibles and Hortons enjoying the beach in Lake Worth during the March 1955 trip to Florida.
Lake Worth Beach Florida - March 1955
Bill Horton, HH Uible, Marianne, Cris, Roberta & Joe

Catherine is also indicated on the back of the photo – possibly her arm and legs on the far left.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 17, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Another nice day. Article in WNJ about old Hale Hospital* [where Serena was born and Catherine had her tonsils removed, both in 1955] becoming the center of a retirement community. Went to a play at Wilmington College in the McCoy Room "Home of the Brave" -- what war scenes. Kroger having 12oz. OJ for 79c

Saturday 1990 - [Ohio to Florida] Carolyn R. takes us to the airport for Delta flight to WPB at 7:03PM, nonstop, last of our 8 tickets, they expire next week.

Sunday 1991 - Went to Dayton, exchanged telephone answering machine at Phar-Mor. Ate at 7 Ruffles [can't find any restaurant in that area with that name] at Alex Bell Rd and I-675. Then to Xenia Public Library, they are adding an addition.

Monday 1992 - Went to Roland Grice's** house, then to Chillicothe to Probate Court, etc. Jean bought stuff at Aluminum [?] Outlet and glasses at Odd Lots. Supper at Hunan House was $14 and brought enough home for another meal. Mother still sleepy and didn't want to eat.

Saturday 1996 - Went to Sankers then we drove to the Window Garden Restaurant [can't find any current info on Window Garden although one site mentions it "came and went" and at 3077 Harrison Ave is now Henke Winery] on the west side of Harrison Ave. Vegetable plate was $8.95 as was the buffet. Then to Krohn Conservatory, pretty orchids. We purchased 2 small pots for $2 each.

Monday 1997 - Jean had Jan Widman talk on her mission trip to Russia at the Twig [hospital auxiliary] meeting last night. Greg [nephew] has left Elsie [Satterfield] and gone back to Florida.

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through April 8]

*HH added in 2010: The old Hale Hospital bldg is still vacant, tho CMH (they are trying to find a buyer for the hospital itself as they are in debt some 40 Million from their building splurge) is going to spend some 200M to maintain the place. Wasn't Catherine a candy striper and did some volunteer work at CMH? The retirement area as such never got off the ground in that location, but was the start of what turned out to be Cape May (that is where Martha Ann Bernard lives and at one time we thought we would move there) at the edge of Wilmington.

Catherine said...Yes, I was a Candy Striper -- convinced me that a career in health care was not for me. I still have my Candy Striper uniform -- wore it a few years ago for Halloween. Probably wouldn't have saved it this long myself, but I think Mother gave it to me when you were cleaning some things out in New Vienna.

**Added by HH in 2010: I have forgotten how I got involved in an estate with people living in the country (Ross County) near Greenfield. It is always a new experience when one goes to a new county on a case, for each is sort of a law unto itself. It is so much easier when you know the staff by their first names and can talk about things other than the case.

Elizabeth and Oscar March 22, 1957 (52-56 of 56)

"We saw much more than we ever dreamed of.  We shall always be indebted to Harold and Jean Uible for one of the most enjoyable and educational vacations of our lives.  It is one vacation we will live over and over again thru the years."

This is the concluding post  of Elizabeth Johnson's Scrap Book of her and Oscar's trip, March 9-22, 1957, to Philadelphia, NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and historic stops in Massachusetts continues.  We left them spending Thursday night, March 21, in Hershey PA....

Friday, March 22, 1957 

We slept fine and ate breakfast in Linders Kitchen and started out to view the town.  We drove past other motels just to compare with ours, we liked our best, and we saw the big candy factory.  We went to the Model Creamery where we ate free Ice Cream while we watched milk being bottled and ice cream being made.  We also went thru the bakery but no samples there.  At 10 AM we went on the guided tour through the candy factory.  The speed they have to work in those places was terrible.  I got tired just watching.  I will always think of this town when ever I use chocolate in any form.

We drove to the PA turnpike after leaving Hershey and now we felt we were really on our way home.  We each took turns driving and had a lot of fun because right after we hit the turnpike we passed one of Danbury's trucks.  We thought it might be Earl Jr. but it wasn't.  Each time we changed drivers he would pass us and then we pass him, we played tag all day.

I got to drive thru several tunnels, something I had never done before.  We stopped at a Howard Johnson's place for lunch.  We went through Washington PA and pickup Jean's purse [which she left there on March 9] with everything there except the money.  We bought some food and ate our supper on the way home.

We got to New Vienna at 9PM and had quite a time getting all our packages and luggage divided and our car packed up again.  The Uible girls and Mrs. Turner [babysitter] were glad to see us.

We got home about 9:45.  Dick Woods was still here and had the house nice and warm.  We gave him a check for his work.  The pup still knew us and was glad to see us.  We went straight to bed.

It was a fine trip, the weather was extra good.  We saw much more than we ever dreamed of.  We shall always be indebted to Harold and Jean Uible for one of the most enjoyable and educational vacations of our lives.  It is one vacation we will live over and over again thru the years.
--Oscar and Elizabeth Johnson, March 1957.
Wilmington News-Journal Clipping from March, 1957.  Transcription follows.
Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible of New Vienna, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson of Snow Hill, returned Friday from a week's business and pleasure trip in the East.  They were in New York, Philadelphia and Boston and visited relatives and friends in the states of Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

For other posts in this series see:
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March 13-18, 1957 (31-34 of 56) NYC - CT - RI
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March 20-21, 1957 (49-51 of 56) NYC - Hershey
March 22, 1957 (52-56 of 56) Hershey PA to New Vienna

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 16, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - GG brought a huge bag of fruit, sliced ham, pineapples, dried bananas and strawberries. Planted peas and spinach in garden.

Saturday 1991 - Planted 59 peas also cost 59¢ for the packet.

Tuesday 1993 - 17-year-old boy, charged with murder in Farmers Station of 38-year-old Mother*, whose daughter, 16, he had earlier kidnapped. Father also shot, but survived. Happened at 5AM.  Bob McEwen came in 2nd in Hamilton County Congressional race. Mother groggy but sure eats the grapes, she weighs 103 pounds.

Wednesday 1994 - Marshall Flippo special in Hillsboro, he is head of the square dance program at Kirkwood Lodge in Osage Beach, MO. Getting Bonnie Waters wrongful death action squared up.

Thursday 1995 - Legal seminar in Wilmington. Mary McElwee (43) [daughter-in-law of Glenn &  Betty] and a fellow from Zanesville put it on. Only 8 of us there. 3 hours credit and cost $60. Got new passports. Another great day.

Friday 1996 [this entry actually dated 3/16/95 also] - Mike Huff spoke, Mary Ella Pinkerton's grandson, quite windy. Planted grass seed at UMC. Left at 3:30 for Murphin Ridge with Bob and Audrey Terrell. She just celebrated her 75th birthday and wants to go to Boston and to Flathead Lake Montana where her brother has a summer home.

Sunday 1997 - Went to CM Hospital for the monthly dinner. Dr. Sachs, a urologist, spoke on incontinence problems. Then to Blanchester where the Blanchester UMC sponsored Becky Tirabassi who went about face 20 years ago to be a Christian, 399 present.

Tuesday 1999 - [Spain Portugal trip through April 8]

*Serena adds in 2011: The 1993 entry about the mother who was shot was actually someone that the Uible family knew at least to some extent - she was an elementary school friend of mine - Mary Lou Dean. She had a married name, but I don't recall that. It was all over the news - even in Cincy area, where I was living at the time, but I didn't realize until later that I actually knew her. She and I went to school together all 12 years. She worked at the CVS (Walgreens? some drugstore in Wilmington in the shopping center) for a number of years.

Elizabeth and Oscar March 20-21, 1957 (49-51 of 56)

"I don't think there is any town that can equal it in any way. "

Elizabeth Johnson's Scrap Book of her and Oscar's trip, March 9-22, 1957, to Philadelphia, NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and historic stops in Massachusetts continues.  We left them checking in at the Hotel on a return stop in NYC....

Wednesday, March 20, 1957 [Cont'd]

We washed up and went out to eat.  We talked of several places and finally decided to walk to Dr. Norman [Vincent] Peale's church and we ate at a Horn & Hardart counter service place on Fifth Ave.  Harold showed us a letter they had received from Catherine so it's a good thing we went back to the Piccadilly after all.  After we ate went on to Dr. Peale's church.  Dr. Peale wasn't there but we enjoyed the sermon and getting to see the church.

Jean and I went shopping and Oscar went down to the piers again.  I got a Black Hat for spring also a Black Jumper* and some ear rings for Joan Flint since her husband was doing our chores while we were gone.
Macy's Receipts dated March 21, 1957

*[I wonder if she had a $10 budget for herself as these items total $9.98.]

Jean and I had lunch at a Chock Full o'Nuts place and went back to the Hotel where Oscar was waiting. Harold soon came and we were again on our way this time heading for Hershey, Penna. [sic]

We arrived about dusk and got rooms at the Hershey Motel.  They were very nice, clean and ultra modern.  We drove around the block to Lindens Kitchen for supper.  We drove over to the Hotel Hershey and walked through the lobby and bought some cards. [See below]  It was truly beautiful but very expensive.  It sits on a high hill.  I would love to see it in the summertime.  The town was unique in every way.  I don't think there is any town that can equal it in any way.  I never saw so many country clubs and golf courses.
Hotel Hershey, Hershey PA c1955

To be concluded....
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March 15, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Tennessee to Ohio] Had breakfast in room. At the restaurant the continental breakfast was $3.95, 1/2 grapefruit for $1.50. Jean drove to KY welcome station and next stop was Boone Tavern, four hours after leaving Choo Choo.  Roast Pork lunch as $9, including soup (Pimento), salad, two vegetables and beverage. Saw this lady at a table next to ours, it was Frances Corrdire [?] who we had met on the "E" trip to Brazil. She will be going to Yugoslavia on Sage [travel program], also taking French.

Thursday 1990 - Planted cabbage, broccoli, beets and peppers. Went to Senior Citizens and heard Tom Salisbury speak.

Friday 1991 - John was down for the day. "Julie is getting cold feet." The Sankers came up, went to dinner theater at Parker House in Hillsboro. Dinner at $6 was very basic, play was "Pirates of Penzance." Jim Butler had a part. Talked with Donna Hardin's daughter who has been in South Africa for 6 years. She is 30. Mother seems to be improving.

Wednesday 1995 - Everett and Ann Bailey invited us to go to a Xenia church where their granddaughter was in this 7 person Mime Group. Lots of make-up, all white with a black border. They were all from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa -- OK. We met the Baileys at Bob Evans where Shirley Cadle the DS was having supper. Gerald Bernard was also at the program, his wife has Lyme's disease. PJW [Phyllis] helping at Wells as Ted was also off.

Friday 1996 - Baileys invited us to go to Dayton to Dayton Christian School where their grandson, Spencer Bailey, had the lead part of Harold Hill in the Music Man. We got back to Wilmington at midnight.

Saturday 1997 - Men's breakfast at church, a friend of Keith Rankin who works at Kibler's Lumber spoke. Wilmington City Council voted to tear down old (128 years) Main school house.

Sunday 1998 - Went to CMH luncheon, talk on nutrition, then to Home and Garden Show at Roberts Arena, $2/person. Interesting silent auction, we got a child's picnic table for $27, missed getting the push lawn mower by $1. Signed up for a year of Internet with DragonFly for $120.

Monday 1999 - [Spain Portugal trip through April 8]

Florida Trips 1952 & 1955

The CJ Uibles's preferred the Atlantic coast and settled on wintering in Lake Worth, partially because a former New Vienna postmaster had a brother who owned a gas station in LW and had also wintered there. [Possibly the name was Rice.]  CJ and Gladys lived in several locations but on K Street the longest.   He liked the K St. location as it was less than two blocks to Lucerne Ave., and only a short walk to the Brokerage Office.

The K St. apartment was over the garage on an alley at the back of a complex. The first few years this was actually two small apartments and the tenants shared the bathroom. Later the Uibles rented the whole place and had a bathroom to themselves.  They were able to park their car in the garage but it was a tight fit as the American Legion [There is now an Apostolic Tabernacle in that building at 210 J Street] had a building on the other side of the alley that came right up to the property line. CJ liked to drive a big black Cadillac.
CJ, Gladys, Roberta, Harold & Catherine - March 1952 

The Hortons also visited Lake Worth frequently and moved there c1952.  Prior to living in Lake Worth they lived in Hillsboro and when they first moved to Florida lived in Riviera Beach, 12 miles north of LW for six months.  Their first house in Lake Worth was a "shack" [per Marianne] on D St., then they moved to 731 N K St about five blocks north of the Uibles.  The North Grade Elementary School, built in 1926, since demolished but rebuilt a block north, was across the street from them.  This small house had only two (upstairs) bedrooms, one in which the Horton children slept dormitory style.  In 1961, they moved to their new house, similar to the Uible house in New Vienna, at 1025 North B Street.
Bill Horton & Roberta - March 1955, Lake Worth FL (Catherine in distance)

Catherine & Roberta - March 1955, Lake Worth FL

In 1955 Catherine stayed with CJ and Gladys when HH, Jean and Roberta returned to New Vienna.  During that Florida trip they also visited the Dr. Thompson's, parents of Charles, in the Fort Myers area.  Dr. Thompson was a veterinarian who preceded Dr. South as the vet in New Vienna.  Note that in this picture R&C are wearing their better dresses and good shoes rather than beach wear.
Catherine & Roberta - March 18, 1955
Dr. Thompson's (Charles' father's) boat Fort Myers FL

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 14, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Atlanta GA to Chattanooga TN] Had good breakfast, drove to downtown Atlanta for Toy Show, supposed to be the last one. Drove up Peachtree Rd to Oxford Book Store [closed in 1997, then reopened but now called Oxford Comics Games & More], had lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, then west on Paces Rd to I-75. Made a stop at New Echota, old Cherokee village - interesting. Had reservations at Choo Choo in Chattanooga, 20% off coupon, still high at $68, though half of rail car was interesting. We were in #756, king size bed, long walk to toilet, went for swim. Dinner there was $9.75 and up so we went elsewhere and had soup bar for $1.29. Bought a belt at Zayre's (next door) going out of business sale. [All Zayre's were closed by 1990, mostly bought out by Ames, but some continued as TJ Maxx.]

Wednesday 1990 - Planted last year's peas (they were free). GG back from Florida. Went to Hillsboro square dancing, Marshall Flippo, $6/couple.

Saturday 1992 - Took Hortons to Cincinnati airport. The Burlington Coat Factory was closed, so spent a little time at Mt Washington Library. Then met Sankers at China Gourmet Restaurant at 3340 Erie Ave. Sankers talking of going to Alaska.

Sunday 1993 - We were in Westboro for the 9AM church service. The Bishop canceled out due to the storm. The DS spoke on Psalms 18:25-30 "Leaping over walls" -- 1) physical 2) boredom 3) unclear goals 4) prejudice 5) fears and 6) sin. This is their dedication date. Had a nice visit with Howard Hodel [?] of A and M Farm Orchards in Midland. He mentioned a John Hasz who went from this area to Fairbanks.

Monday 1994 - Got new Mobil Tour Book from Catherine. With check from CSX their four night Easter Package is $975 a night per person for a double. In 1989, double rooms at Shaker Village were $44-80 per night.

Thursday 1996 - Another 8:30 meeting with Leadership Clinton re: new County Book. Forbes dropping out of Presidential race.

Saturday 1998 - Lions Club Pancake Day - no big crowd. Jean still collecting those snaps off the pop bottles. John should be in China now. [John reports in 2010: he went to China for 10 days with two friends to check out orphanages, which we were unable to see. One Friend, Tom Marcelain, went on to become one of our two Common Pleas judges here in Licking County.]

Sunday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through April 8]

New York City 1957 Postcard

1957 trip to Philadelphia, New York City, and Massachusetts was taken with Elizabeth and Oscar Johnson -- of which we have been reading excerpts from Elizabeth's scrapbook. Related posts would include Elizabeth's description of the Statue of Liberty visit and her experience with sending post cards from the Stock Exchange, postage supposedly paid by the Exchange.  Transcription follows.

Postcard from NYC to Roberta, Catherine & Serena - March 11, 1957

Mon. 2:30PM  Just went thru here today – arrived in New York at 11AM and went 1st to Statue of Liberty.  Hope everything is going fine at home.  Thinking of all of you.  Love, Daddy and Mommie

Postcard captioned: [front] The Nation's Market Place. [back] New York Stock Exchange, 20 Broad Street, New York 5, N.Y.  Be sure to visit the Exchange when you are in New York City.  See displays of the country's industrial might, watch one of the great free markets of the world.  The Exchange is open from 10 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  – Own Your Share of American Business –

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 13, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Rugby Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia] Took a tour of Rugby TN [built in 1880 by an English author, Thomas Hughes, as an experimental utopian colony, 72 miles NW of Knoxville, 35 miles west of I-75], the library opened in 1882 was interesting, no lights or heat. Breakfast included in our room rate. Had lunch in car. Stayed at Days Inn, Exit 28 on I-285 [near Atlanta] $42 with breakfast. Drove over to Stone Mountain area, 2nd exit and visited the new K-Mart - Super Store - the American Way - 68 check outs [lanes]. Bought new Roos shoes $20.

Tuesday 1990 - Roberta left Lake Worth again, real dedication. Don and MV arrived, went to Emmaus meeting in Wilmington. Planted grass seed at Thompson's, spinach and lettuce in our garden. Another day in the low eighties. Roberta likes the rubber balls with string for her cat "Baby Beethoven." Cris is getting laid off.

Wednesday 1991 - Ice on the trees, Mother seemed good tonight. Marshall Flippo dance again, he is from the Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach MO, Kirkwood Lodge, $595 per couple for 6 nights, includes meals, lodging and dancing.

Saturday 1993 - Met Roger Dalton at extended care for his Mother to sign Power of Attorney. A big snow storm with really strong winds. Interesting how the snow ridges up. Lions Club canceled the evening shift of the Pancake Supper. Sent in reservations for the Nova Scotia and Ashland OR trips.

Sunday 1994 - Mission Sunday at UMC. We had Jeannette Shugay from Clermont County speak, a black lady who was a great speaker. Sunday School - 71, 108 at Church. The Barrs joined our church. We met the Sankers at the Midland Restaurant, they seemed to enjoy it. They are planning on going to Seattle next month and renting a car to drive to the LA area and back.

Monday 1995 - Got oil changed on the Honda at Eddie Lowes - 5500 miles. Emptied trash at church. Keith is a great guy but doesn't seem to see the jobs that need to be done. Ev and Ann Bailey here with a new Toyota. Another great day. Got Park Bank Annual Report.

Wednesday 1996 - Went to John Harner's and got a pick-up load of manure - off concrete floor - had it all done in 90 minutes.

Thursday 1997 - Jean went to see Dr. Lippit [?] in Cincinnati, then I went to Otterbein to open lock box on Mrs. Finch. Had supper at the Sankers.

Saturday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

Spring Trips to Florida 1950 & 1952

Three trips to Florida in the early 1950s – 1950, 1952, and 1955. Here's a picture taken in 1950 when the HH's and Jean's Mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne were in St. Petersburg at the same time.

Lucie, whose husband, N.W., had passed away the previous May, stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel [now Courtyard Marriott], an historic hotel built in 1925.

The younger generation rented an economy apartment closer to the beach -- possibly Madeira Beach where the 1952 pictures were taken.

In the 1920s the Ballantynes owned property in the Daytona Beach area, but preferred visiting Florida's Gulf Coast.

Jean, Catherine and Lucie "Dear" - Spring 1950
Dear, Roberta & Catherine - March 1952

Roberta, Catherine & Dear March 1952

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 12, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Ohio to Tennessee] Salisbury's married 3/12/40. Had lunch with Mary Virginia at Cracker Barrel in Lexington, KY at 3:15. Good value at $4.49 then on to historic Rugby, TN where we had room #1 in the Newbury House. Had soup in their restaurant, an English couple in charge. We had an old fashioned "high" bed. 50 in Sunday School, 67 for church, $389.37.

Monday 1990 - Called Cris and Angela about coming to Wells, uncertain as to what is the right thing.

Thursday 1992 - George Steele passed away at 73.

Friday 1993 - Chakeres Theatres announced about 3 more theaters in Wilmington, taking over where Superior Carpet was in the mall. Randy Cline trouble in Sheriff Dept. Item on TV about trouble with toilets available in NYC, could have new units, but not handicapped accessible so illegal. Doing tax returns on computer.

Saturday 1994 - We both worked on income taxes. In PM walked out Bernard Road, Jean is getting people to help on cancer drive. Pauline Baker is still unhappy at Apple Tree Apartments, they call it Satanville, 14 calls to the police in one day.

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke on people who want a quick religion, a squash can grow in 60 days but it takes 100 years for an oak tree. It was a great day, we rode bikes out Rt. 28 and past Elizabeth Ellen Carey's*  house. Evening service at 7PM. Georgileah Hannah got talking about Las Vegas gambling experiences. Charles Salisbury has been coming to church -- his wife ran away with someone else.

Tuesday 1996 - Catherine called this AM (usually she calls on Wednesday), she and Wendy are still on their diet.

Wednesday 1997 - Main Medical at 8:30, Bernita Hacking [?] at 9 and Dr. G in Centerville at 10:15. He froze spot on my face and took sample of skin spot on my leg.  Montgomery County Probate Court for Wilson.  Warren County Probate Court in new building.  Lions Club meeting at 7:30.

Thursday 1998 - Dick Woods put new lavatories in our two bathrooms. Graduation night at square dancing, our bell choir performed. 6 in class. Nice new facility for school. Heard news that Joanne Gruber and Dick F. have broken up. He is going with Marty Olive from Hillsboro.

Friday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain Trip]

*Added in 2010 Elizabeth Ellen Carey, lived in the big 2 story house near the center of Careytown. She died ~2008 and her husband Ralph some 20 years earlier. They had two sons, Bob and JN.

New Vienna Ohio School Buses

School Buses through the Years:
New Vienna School Hack 1909
1909 New Vienna students
Students pictured with the New Vienna School District school hack, are standing left to right, Oscar Ross, driver, and Robert Haines, Roscoe Bowers, Clay Richard Clark, Glenn King, Harold Elliott, Geneva Clark Smithson, Fred Steele and Cleona Bowers Bennett. Seated in back is,left to right, Virginia Johnson Carter, Lillie Belle King Chance, Harlen Cantrell, Mary Steele Hodgson, Martha Haines, Addie Bobbitt Rulon, Mary Rowe and Kathleen Haines. The picture was taken in 1909 and was furnished by Virginia Carter.

School Wagon, New Vienna Ohio c1910

School Wagon c1920 New Vienna Ohio.  "Air Conditioned – Summer and Winter, Driver Ike Pendall.  Pictured: Beatrice Gregory, George W. Johnson, Oneita Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Edrie Johnson, Lloyd Miller, Carol Johnson
Picture taken by Josephine "Jo" (Miller) Williams about 1920 when she was about 11 years old, taken with a box brownie camera.

There were two long benches in the wagon, instead of individual seats.  The bigger children held smaller ones on their laps.  There was no heat in the winter.

Jo was one of the first children to be picked up in the morning.  She lived about 3.5 miles from New Vienna on Derivan Road.  The wagon picker her up and then went to the intersection of Antioch Road and present day SR-729 and turned around.  The wagon then went along SR-729 to present day SR-73 heading back to town and the New Vienna school.

School Buses parked in front of school New Vienna Ohio c1934

School Bus 1934 New Vienna Ohio

Whited Family School Bus stop, New Vienna Ohio c1961

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 11, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Went to Highland UMC Soup Supper, another Key Event night. The whole church went up to the altar.  Leon S.: "I recall as a boy the promise of a second coming of Jesus." Rode bike about 20 miles.

Sunday 1990 - Salisbury Open House [50th Wedding Anniversary, married 3/12/40]. Ed Johnson spoke on dreams -- put your hat on to keep your feet warm, the brain is the power. Revelations in Sunday School.

Monday 1991 - Julie and John's picture in the newspaper.

Friday 1994 - Phyllis wants to quit this summer.

Saturday 1995 - Put the Wills files in the middle room, took some chairs including my high back office chair to Mrs. Rhinehart [upholsterer], then on to Lynchburg. Jean wanted to look at this store that the UMC minister has there. Short visit to the Public Library, then to Allensburg for lunch, liver and onions for $4.25. Visited Henry Edwards, so hard to understand. Then to new Super K-Mart, oh what a big place. Came home and washed both the car and the truck. After supper we walked out to the cemetery and back. Marie Cooper recuperating from her 3rd knee operation. Talked to Roberta, she sold her PM stock and bought six different stocks including Merck, McDonald's, Coca Cola and Microsoft.

Monday 1996 - People here from Hillsboro to put in air conditioning. They cut the register holes in the flooring. Jean called Sheila [King, wife of pastor] re UMW tomorrow night. Gal from the Homeless [Services] to speak, on which Sheila is on the Board, but Sheila said "She and Ray are going out." Always an excuse.

Wednesday 1998 - Got Park Bank Annual Report. Jean had Women's Club meeting at Samuel Walkers Restaurant in Wilmington. She also went to Lowe's with Dick Woods to get new lavatories.

Thursday 1999 - [Portugal Spain Trip]

Calvin Smith Family and New Vienna Church of Christ

Floyd Haverd "F.H." Smith was the pastor at the New Vienna Church of Christ, the Mt. Olive Church and later the New Antioch Church of Christ.  He and his wife Myrtice Coleman Smith were the parents of H. Owen, born March 29, 1924 (NVHS '42) and Calvin Clifton born June 21, 1926,(NVHS'44).  F.H. died in 1970 and Myrtice a few years later.
Church of Christ New Vienna Ohio c1905 
7/23/10 Hello: They are short on views up at this place. 
 Addressed to Miss Alice Mardis Lebanon Ohio postmarked 3 PM July 23, 1910

From New Vienna Church of Christ [web link is no longer valid] history: In November 1929, Floyd H. Smith came to the church and stayed for 19 years. He preached two Sundays per month until the church employed him full time for a salary of $1,050 per year. In 1938, Brother Floyd planned and did much of the work on the second major addition to the building. This addition consisted of two Sunday school rooms and basement on the west side of the auditorium. A new furnace was also installed at this time. Dedication of the addition and the beginning of a one-week revival were celebrated on November 13, 1938. The church's continued growth was recorded by the "Always Faithful" class at the beginning of a two-week "Homecoming" on October 19, 1941 with an attendance of 198. Attendance during this revival ranged from 77 to over 250.

Calvin and his family lived across Main Street from CJ and GHU's house during part of the time Calvin, Owen and HH were in school.  Her brother and father then built a house on 73 across from the RR tracks.

Calvin delivered the Wilmington News-Journal while HH delivered the Cincinnati Enquirer and the two had a friendly rivalry. The Enquirer at that time cost 28¢/week delivered 7-days, or 10¢/week for the Sunday paper only.

The Smiths were gifted some property by the Britain [Britton?] sisters, two elderly maiden ladies who lived across from the Methodist Church in what is now the Laymon house.  This property was on Mad River Road at the next intersection past Mt. Olive Church.  Owen was a mechanical whiz and both Owen and his father were good at construction, they built the house on Mad River Road also.
Christian Church [Church of Christ] New Vienna Ohio c1925?

Calvin had great intellectual gifts, attending Wilmington College x-44, [he must have attended college while still in HS as that is the same year he graduated from NV], besides graduating from Capitol University in Columbus, he received his PhD from Duke (where his 1957 doctoral dissertation was titled Milton's Satan and the Elizabethan Stage Villain -- available on microfilm at Brandeis, University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania libraries) and also received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in France where HH & Jean visited him during their trip to Europe in 1954.

Returning from Paris University in October 1954,  Calvin later taught English Literature at Southern Methodist University in Dallas TX and then for most of his career was at the State University of New York at Fredonia.  He died March 12, 1999 in Buffalo NY.

Jean Elizabeth Bankert (b. April 8, 1929, d. August 2, 2000) from Baltimore became Calvin's wife on August 10, 1957.  She received a Masters Degree from Duke after graduating from Mount Holyoke College.  They lost a child and later had a son, John Coleman Smith in December 1961.  He and his wife, Erica Hedreen Smith (b. 1962) currently live in Germantown, Maryland and have two sons, Nicholas Calvin b. 1990 and Patrick Carl b. 1994.

Owen married Mary Evelyn Caplinger of Lees Creek area October 19, 1946 and they lived on Murphy Road, Sabina.  He served in the Navy in World War 2 and retired from General Motors.  Owen died September 9, 2002 and Mary is now in a Care Center.  [Owen and Mary's 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1996 was the last time HH saw Calvin -- he was "wrinkled and thin, and smelled of cigarettes."]

Debbie Smith Woodruff, Owen's daughter, was in the East Clinton Class of 1967 and her brother David was a 1970 EC graduate.  Debbie lives in New Vienna (Henry Road) and David lives in Wilmington.  Debbie said they see John when they attend the Smith family reunion of Smiths from White Sulphur Springs VA every August but they haven't been for a few years.

Debbie and Martin have two children Brad and Meagan.  Brad purchased Marvin Bond's property and lives near his parents.  David and his wife have a daughter, Tracy.

Debbie Woodruff
Owen's obituary
article about Jean Bankert Smith, English teacher
New Vienna Church of Christ history  [web link is no longer valid]
Jean Bankert Genealogy
photos courtesy of Mike Whited and NV Church of Christ history

Items from Uible photo album