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1953 Jean's letter - July 18

First and last pages of this 1953 eight page letter from Jean to her mother are scanned below. Transcription follows.

We haven't heard from you since the card we received July 3rd!
July 18, 1953
Dearest Mother,

We really hated to have to call our visit off to New Cumberland.  Things just didn't seem to be for our going though.

Roberta has had a temperature and runny nose for two days now - seems to be pretty much herself but bothered by not being able to breathe at times.  Harold I'm afraid has caught it for his nose is running today & he doesn't feel too peppy.

I've not had any cold but somehow have been terribly hoarse & don't sound a bit like myself.

Catherine (so far) is fine so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Aunt Luna leaves tomorrow morning on the 10:19 train for New York to visit her daughter.  This is the longest stay she's had here for quite a while – nine days.

We have been waiting for the plasterer to come since May 15 and he finally came last night to look at it & promised to come back tomorrow (Sat.) afternoon to start it.  I told him we had planned to go away so he said he couldn't come til the end of the following week if he doesn't come tomorrow.

Harold's mother made an appointment for him for tonite at 6:30, not knowing that we had other plans.

Paul Steele is on vacation & the district supt is to speak & knowing Paul asked Harold to introduce him & left the bulletins for him.  He (Harold) had planned to give someone else these duties if we went away & unless he's feeling better soon someone else will still have to do it.

All put together, we just felt it would be better for everyone's health to stay home.  But we regretted not getting to see you yet.  Is it just impossible for you to come down to New Vienna?  It only takes 5 hours by train or 1½ by plane & we'd be glad to meet you anyplace.  Dayton, Columbus, Xenia or anyplace.  Blaine said Bob was to get out of the hospital today & Jim next week - do hope they're both much better.  I know you have them both on your mind but couldn't you spare a few days for the Uibles.

Tuesday I drove Aunt Luna & Mother Uible to Cincinnati to go shopping & to the doctors.  Catherine & I took a bus & went to the zoo & had a big day.  They had amusements there as well as animals & the former was by far the bigger attraction.  We got hot dogs & root beer & ice cream twice & by 1:30 Catherine wanted to know when we were going to eat lunch so we ate downtown again before meeting to go home.  We stopped at Mary & Joe Hiestand's (the farm where Aunt Luna lived from the time she was 11 til she got married).  Linda (the older daughter ) had just been entertaining her 4-H club, a couple with 4 boys had arrived unexpectedly that day from Tennessee so they were having more than their share of company.

Wednesday I took my first piano lesson of the my later life and hope I continue a little better than my previous attempts.  I went as far as could in an adult book I bought a couple of months ago so now am able to  go on further – chords now which I hear in my sleep.

Catherine says to tell you she's sorry not to get to see you.

Next Wednesday is the Redeemer's Class Picnic and the following Sunday is the day set for the Sunday School Picnic.  The night before we're having an ice cream supper and the day after Bible School begins & I've promised to help with that but we'll see about getting away that weekend.  ( Jul August July 25- or 26th)  If we do get up there then, we'll definitely expect you to come home with us (or will take it as a personal offense, if you don't!)  Guess I have to get tough if I ever hope to get you down here – Love - our very best, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta.

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