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1993 Big News - May

The big news is written on the back of press release issued by Mrs. HH for the annual DAY OF JOY to be held April 28, 1993. Perhaps this news was included with a separate letter. Transcription below.
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BIG NEWS ! ! !

John B. Uible is now an Assistant Vice President of Park Nat. Bank !

Roberta made it down the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and back up the South Rim !

We're anxiously waiting for Wendy's destination in Great Britain.  In meantime she has her driver's permit and is on the road !

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1982 Roberta - May 29 Cat Card

 Dear Family,

Hi!  It's so strange for me to be here w/out the DOGS – Marion up at the cabin w/ them for the long weekend!!  We have it rented out for 2 weeks in June - hopefully some in July.  Remember last Memorial Weekend?  [No - but hold that thought until May 2021 and we may be reading the letter from May 1981.]

When are you all going to Cape Cod?  Am glad to see that you'll get in some relaxing days before all the gang arrives!

Looks like there will be 12 of us going to Grand Canyon.  Will be using our VAN and Ann Pierson's little Datsun. (Got to use GAS EFFICIENT CARS!)  The Regular Gas (what the bubble uses) has been 99¢ gallon!

The County Commissioners here are saying no Merit Raises or Cost of Living Raises - for its employees.  Sure hope they get their budget figured out – and make cuts elsewhere.

The group here has started doing volunteer work at Trinity Bible Church – it makes them feel good to be on the giving end.  I'm so glad to see it working out.  That's the church that does our YARD WORK.  Thanks to volunteers.

Just got the Fall Catalogue for Current stationary - which inspired me to get out the summer one & place an order.  Costs are up about 20¢-50¢ per item in the fall one.  This cat was their free sample – but I didn't order any cat ones!!

Did Mie Young's parents arrive?

We had to enforce dress code for AIDES here – as at 1st we said simply – not uniforms – street clothes.  But they carried too far – short shorts, very low tops, blue jeans - old/ragged.  Needless to say they aren't too happy about it at all!

Happy TRIPPING to ALL –––

See all of you soon –– Much Love, Roberta

1973 Roberta's Letter - May 30

May 30, 1973
Dear Family -

Hi!  Was happy to get your letter & news clipping yesterday – but had already read both of them - the News Journal is still coming, though it will only be coming for a few more days as I've had 2 letters from the WNJ about renewing it - it expired May 29!

It's 8:30 in the morning - Hilda is here cleaning the house.  I just got done w/ my breakfast.  I had a good breakfast - 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, Artificial sweetner, cinnaman, and some vanilla extract all mixed together on toast.  Then I put it under the broiler – it was really very good!  Aunt Mary has a combination fry pat / broiler – which I've really been making good use of !

Lat night I went to W.W. – I've lost 2.5 pounds this last week - 16.5 all together now!  I had hoped to lose more by the time Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill get back - but . . . . . I do have 1 more week so I'll just have to see.

A girl I've met at work wanted me to join a health spa w/ here.  I was thinking about it until she told me it was $250.00 - I kind lost my interest then.

Rob & I are getting along fine - he said the other day that he had been eating better since his parents left.  We have fish 5 times a week, liver twice, beef 3 times - also I've been making some W.W. milk shakes - using powder milk (1/3 cup dry) a little bit of water, 1/2 teaspoon of extract & a bunch of ice-cubes.  They are rally good - we have so many different flavors – strawberry, raspberry, banana, coconut, pepper-mint (it tastes like toothpaste!!) and even Chocolate!!  You are allowed 2 of them a day - if you don't drink any milk so I usually have one in the afternoon and one at night!

It was nice talking to everyone on Sunday.  I hope I didn't make it at too bad of a time.  I don't know what's w/ Rob - but he just won't talk on the phone.  He says he likes 1 to 1 communication – not through "wires and things"  He's excited too about all of you coming down.  He has some big stamp deals to make w/ John - he wants you to buy him some in S.A.

So how about Larry Martin going to S.A. w/ you all?  It would be nice if it worked out for him to go.

At work I'm learning to use a calculater (sp?) – at 1st I thought it was very hard - but I'm slowly catching on!  I have to use it to multiply & add these big numbers.  The machine is really something - it's pretty small but it has a "memory" & everything.  One time I forgot to clear it and you would not have believed some of the answers I came up w/ .

The last 2 weeks in June will be a store wide inventory & form what I understand I'll have lots of 'figuring" to do after that - so they are teaching me now some of the stuff.

Tonight in Math - we're having a big test - I guess something like a Mid-term – after tonight the class is half over!

Are you all planning to go to Lisa Goodings graduation?  It was nice that the Goodings made it down for Serenas.

We had 2 post cards yesterday from Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill – they seem to be having a good time - but guess it's pretty cool over there.  It's anything but cool here - 95º yesterday.  I went to the beach - but, oh it was so hot.  I only stayed about an hour!

You name the shortage & Florida seems to have it.  Of course there is the gasoline shortage – then the water shortage - and now because of the hot humid weather there is the electric power shortage.  Yesterday they kept announcing on the radio not to cook, wash clothes, do dishes, etc. – between 4:00 and 8:00 P.M.  Also said to turn off the air-conditioning - well we turned ours up, so as not to be so cool! - but we sure didn't turn it off!!

I've got to get going - Math awaits me!!  Tell Grandma hello & that the last 2 nights all Rob has had on t.v. is baseball!!  Whenever I get real bored – I can always study!!!

John who will do your Routes while you are away?

Got to go ––––  Love, Berts
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2003 Joe on MUH 90th Birthday

The upcoming celebration of Aunt Mary's 90th Birthday at Yosemite prompted this letter from Joe of which this is the second page. Only the handwritten part is transcribed below.


Dear Aunt Jean and Uncle Harold,

Looking forward to seeing you in Yosemite.  Many thanks for your co-sponsorship of this birthday party event!!  I still haven't cancelled the 2 rooms of the Morgans and the Ashcrafts but will do so soon if I don't hear a positive from them.

Bring a board game, if you wish.

Love Joe
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1963 Roberta's Certificate - May 28

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Certificate of Attendance


is commended for Regularity and Punctuality
in Attendance, having been neither absent nor tardy
from School during the term ending May 28, 1963
Awarded at New Vienna this 28th day of May 1963

R.W. Fenwick                                     Mary Etta Penn, Teacher

1973 Roberta's Letter - May 28

 May 28, 1973
"Happy Memorial Day"

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi – Was sure nice to talk to you yesterday and am happy to know that you will be staying w/ us for a couple of weeks.  Disney World - here we come!!

Tonight I was cleaning out my night-stand and I found a letter I had started to you right after I got your birthday card w/ so many "goodies"!  So now - I'm not sure if I thanked you for it - OR NOT!  You know, I have a terrible MEMORY!!  If I never wrote you - thanking you - I'm very sorry.  If I already did – I know it won't hurt to thank you twice for it!!  OK – Thanks.  I really liked it alot.  I took it to work & showed it to some of the different people I work w/.  They all thought it was so cute!  Today I told them that you would be coming down for a couple of weeks – so now you will have to meet them.  They are pretty nutty – but not as nutty as Rozella or Cathy in J & Dub.

Today was something at work - the electricity went off - the whole store was completely DARK!! At 1st it was kinda funny but then some people got real excited – alot of women started screaming  - 2 people almost fainted & another woman kept yelling that she was going to sue (sp?) the store. I had to help all of these elderly people down the esculator (sp?) – w/ a flashlight.  Of course the esculator wasn't working – After about 40 minutes the electricity came back on - boy - was I happy about that!!

I don't have to work tomorrow or Wednesday.  That's almost like having a week-end off - except that it is in the middle of the week.

Gee - you are just about out of school.  I'll be done w/ Math by the time you all come – but I'll be taking first aid then.  (I could have used some first aid knowledge today!)

It got up to 95º today - Wow - was it HOT!!

Be sure to tell everyone Hello for me – Grandma & the family.

Love, Berts
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - May 25

 May 25, 1973

Dear Grandma,

Hi! – Was happy to get your letter - you sound like you're busy w/ all those jack letters & all.

You would never believe what Rob is watching on T.V. – yep - a ball game.  I couldn't even tell you who is playing

Rob & I are getting along fine - he's been so good about watering the yard, etc.  The grass is just as green as the day Uncle Bill left!  We've only eaten out twice - last Friday night - also tonight.  Since I'm on my diet there really isn't too many places we can eat out!  I've lost a little over 14 pounds now – my clothes are beginning to hang a little - which makes me very happy!!  Tomorrow night I'm going to experiment on Aunt Mary's sewing machine - I'd like to make some pants to wear to work.

Math is going all-right.  We had our 1st test this last week & I think I did ok on it.  The course is already 1/3 over!!  Because of Memorial Day we won't have class this coming Monday – I can't say that I'm disappointed.

I had a nice letter too from Catherine.  She really seems to like Maine.  As she said - she is only 15 miles from the same ocean that I'm only a few miles from!!

Rob still seems to like his job alot.  Last week he got paid for the 1st time - and was he happy – he made more money than he thought he would.  Even after taxes, etc. he made just over $2.00 an hour!  He put his 1st paycheck ALL in the bank!

I'm working every Sunday, but I really can't complain as I get off 2 days through the week, also you get extra pay for working Sundays.

I've got my lunch all ready made to take to work tomorrow.  I'm having Tuna Fish 2/ lemon juice, 1/2 cup mushrooms, celery & radishes.  I've eaten so much celery & carrots I'm afraid I'm going to start acting like a rabbit!!

Thanks again for you letter – I'm still enjoying the Wilmington News Journal.

Love, Berts

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Friday, May 24, 2013

1983 Roberta - May

A letter from Roberta, probably from May 1982 or 1983. Transcription follows.
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Dear Dad & Mom,

Always good to talk to you all on the phone – but know it doesn't take the place of writing!

We are almost filled up – 33 residents – only room for 3 more !!  It takes so much time to get a new resident on their feet  - oriented, etc. - I'm sure ready for the day we are all filled.

Have been swimming every day last few days.  Not any great distance – water is still very COOL!  I'm ready for the HOT weather so I can enjoy the pool!  Maybe we could get John & X here – along with Serena, Mary Virginia & the Morgans!

We are just now turning in the Insurance for our last break-in.  Just over $2,000.00 worth!  Did I show you all the new silverware/chest we bought – they got it.  We had never used the silver ware.  Also got off with the polaroid camera, portable AM/FM Tape player, etc.

Had a nice note from the Bruces yesterday – I think they found Sr. Village interesting!!  I'm sorry that due to the weather - we didn't get up to the cabin.  They remind me of Grandma - not wanting to overdo their stay – left here for home - the day we had hoped to go to the cabin.

We now have a PRIVATE line - in my name in our house - phone # is 938-3090.  Really nice to have a 2nd line here at the house.

We have our freezer full – I froze 78 pints of strawberries over a period of a week!  See!  I just don't sit & twiddle my thumbs!

Keep Dancing!  Along with everything else!

Much love, Roberta

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1973 Catherine's Letter - May 23

Transcription follows.

Wednesday morning, May 23, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, Mary and Grandma,

Hi!  Received your letter of 5-17 on Monday 5-21.  We get our mail delivered to a mailbox in front of the apartments but the mailman doesn't come until about 4-5 P.M. so we never see the mail until we come home from work at 8:30.  Yesterday I received the alumni thing from NEW Kenton-- thanks for forwarding it.  I don't think mabe I'll be able to make it this year.  Thanks, too, for the article on yogurt.  I haven't made any since we've been here.  They sell 2 lb. cartons in the grocery store for 65¢ which isn't quite as cheap as I could make it for but it is considerably more dependable.

We would be happy to see you anytime.  There are advantages to both August and June.  The tourist season is supposed to heaviest in July and August, June is sooner.  In August we would probably be able to take part of our vacation while you are here so we would have more free time.  We won't be able to do that in June.  We will probably know more about the area in August than we will know in June.  However, we will be here both times and whichever is best with you will be fine with us.  There is a rental place in Sanford that has wheelchairs for $20/month and would arrange a lower price for a lesser period of time.

It has been raining here almost everyday but today is supposed to be sunny all day with no more rain until tomorrow.  X is out running Kuman right now.  We're going to try to have some sort of garden this summer.  We've been making arrangements through some friends who have some extra land and the lady who runs the Welcome Wagon said we could borrow her roto-tiller off and on.  We have one tomato plant that Marcia Chappell gave us as a house warming present when we stopped to see her in New Hampshire.  It is probably 18 inches tall.

Perhaps I mentioned in my last letter that we had an appointment with a real estate agentx last Friday.  Well, we didn't buy any property yet, but it turns out her husband was going to start building an A-frame on Saturday with two of his friends and X ended up spending almost the whole weekend helping them.  They got all the floor laid, the A's up and 3/4 of the roof on.  It is  x on a lot with access to Square Pond about 15-18 miles west of where we are.  I rode up on my bicycle Sunday to see how they were doing and spent some time helping Gail (the real estate agent) clear brush.  We are in the midst of the black fly season and I came home thoroughly infected with insect bites.  The black flies look kind of like large gnats- the x season only lasts a few weeks and then they die out and the mosquitos take over.

We got a letter from Roberta on Monday also.  You mention in your letter last a that lettuce is 49¢ a head in the store.  I bought our first head of lettuce in over a year last week at 45¢ and it was so good I was going to buy more this week but the price is now 59¢.  I think we'll find a stream and eat watercress instead.

Since we don't work until afternoons we have been watching alot of the Watergate hearings in the mornings   I was surprised to hear about Antioch College on the Today show this morning.  I'll be interested in hearing how that comes out.  Nasson College in Springvale had their graduation this past weekend.

Well, keep us informed on your summer plans.  If you need to call us we are almost always home after 9 P.M. or mornings.

Love, Catherine & X

P.S.  15 of the 20 apts. here are now filled.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1983 Family Letter - May 22

How convenient for Roberta than we are planning a get together for December 1983 and she hasn't even announced her engagement yet!  In attempting to recreate the unique spelling and word divisions I have probably added a few new ones.  Perhaps time constraints during the original writing and in the transcription have that in common.  Transcription follows.

May 22, 1983

Dear Family:

Today is East Clinton graduation . . .  we drove over to the school, but because of the wetness, the program was inside, which required tickets, so we just had a ride.  Quite a bit quiet here today than a year ago with our two 1982 Seniors.  Last Sunday our Church has a recognition Pot Luck Dinner for the Seniors and then they were recognized in today's services.

Yesterday MV worked from 3 to 11 at Wilmington Extended Care and we went over with her.  We visited some people there and also at the new Quaker Apartments.  Ended up staying there for supper for $1.81 each, which included a big piece of canteloupe.  It is a wonderful facitility for people who are ambulatory.

Robertac alled us from San Diego Thursday evening, where she is attendinga another meeting.  Dr. Bruce passed away suddenly on Thursday.  He was 81.  Glad that we got to see both of them last December.

Serena, we saw Nadine ean Hunter Warden (?) at the new Qauker complex, she is an LPN there.  Sheis talking about going to the class reunion.  Af er the dinner there we went to the play at Wilmington College.-Two of Edward Albee's one acters which were well done.

We were on the go yesterday for in the morning your Mother went to the AAUW strawberry brunch in Wilmington, while Dad went to the library (Is that group that Dad went with Catherine to in Oregon?)  [Yes, Madras, Oregon also had an AAUW group.]  Dad spoke to the Wilmington whole group in April.

The weather here has become more than a joke . . . it continues to be so wet.  Recd the invitation to C & A's wedding and hopefully the weather man will be cooeprative for them.  We plan to leave on Thursday June 23rd for there.  Think Serena and MV will be with us.  Maybe John and X ????

John, we had a Republican Century Club meeting and dinner last Friday night with Bob Teeters the speaker.  Perhaps you know that his wife is one of the Columbus council members.  Wilma Croghan is the new Clerk for the V. of N.V.

Dad has ; written so much already covering everything.  Roberta had planned to visit the ruces today (Sunday) but his sudden sickness and trip to the hospital where she kept in contact with Lois and sudden demise changed her plans & she deceded to go back to Phx early - (had driven & thought the car did well).  Roberta said they are to have memorial service for Dr. Bruce this coming weekend.

The Hortons are planning on coming in sometime tomorrow (Monday) evening & will be here at least thru Sat for the Alumni Banquet & Dance then.  Cris did graduate getting his MBA degree but rain hampered the festivities & had to be moved at last minute.  Understand that Stan Fawley jr got his PHD last week (at Emory, I think.)  Cris'es is from Wake Forest.

Christmas plans sound real good if the Morgans can come to California-Arizona area - how about John and X as well as Serena and Mary Virginia?  That would be a real get together!

[Love, etc.]

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1943 HH High School Diploma

1943 HH High School Diploma

1982 Roberta - May 21

 Friday A.M. 5/21/82

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letter yesterday.  Sure sounds like plans are firming up for the month of June in Ohio.  I'm sorry that I won't be there for Mary Virginia's and Mie Young's graduation.  I am at a lost as to what for Mie Young--so will put off that decision.  (for now)  A package is in the mail for Mary Virginia--hopefully it will fit--if not the tag are still on there.

We had a great day at Sedona.  Came back through Jerome. Kept thinking how much you all would have enjoyed the trip.  Everyone sure had a great  time.  Tho we were all quite tired when we got home.  Travelled more than 325 miles ---alot of sitting for some of the people.  We made about 7 stops ---restroom stops.

The garden here is really going to town.  All sorts of squash coming on--also lots of green tomatoes.  The radishes have more or less had their season.

We continue to gain and lose some people.  But now only have four vacancies.  Would love to leave in June with all beds full.  Then of course as of July 1st we get the other houses.  Could use a golf cart.  But can just imagine how it would get misused--taxi service.

We are going to start serving lunch in both the second house (where it has been all the time) and the last house (in our first group of seven) when we open up the other houses.

It's now Saturday Morning--will be leaving for the cabin so will try to finish this off before departure.  Mary Virginia's earlier arrival is great-- that will give her alot more time here in this hot state.

Now Monday Morning--great to talk to all of you last nite.  Wish I had a Watts line---then I could get my better with my poor letter writing habits.  Have just fought the dogs into the side yard--Marion put up fenses there a while back.  so have the grass in the back yard getting watered.  Now days unless its watered every day it shows.  Our water bills are about $20 a month--per house.  Not sure if I have told you that electric bills for all the houses are about the same $65--but the second house--the one that has the huge freezer (remember) and two refrigerators going--its almost double that.  We had to have therostat covers put over all the controls.  I would go in some houses and they would have the AC on at 60---then other houses actually found the furnace on at 85---when it was 90 outside.  So now they are all set at 78 and the boxes locked.  Cost us $130 to put (and buy) the covers.

Thanks again for the lovely card and the check.  O course it got put to good use.  I bought another pair of Birkenstock sandals---also some shorts and tops--stuff I really need.

Charlie seems to be feeling somewhat better this A.M.  Our Emergency room visit with him was just $75 dollars.  Thank goodness we don't have to pay utility bills over here!!! He's our utility!!!

Ann Pierson took me out to Lunch on Friday.  Late Birthday lunch.  She says that right now I'm in a good position to think about what I want to do in five or ten years and make plans.  Rather its pick up a few course--seminars, etc.  She thinks I should definitely sty in aging programs.  Maybe open up a chain of foster homes for the elderly.  Her position was originally for just one year but she will be staying on. (so it looks)  With the county political climate one never knows.  Both of our salaries for the first year is being paid by County Commissioners---some Revenue Sharing Money.  Some county just outside Columbus has a similarx program like this going.  I want to visit that while I am in Ohio.

Need to be going--sorry for the lateness and the bad typing both....

Much love, Roberta
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Monday, May 20, 2013

1973 Cris's Letter - May 20

I don't have all the details – Cris will have to enlighten us – but after graduating from college, Cris had a job that sent him to Vlaardingen, Holland to work. Transcription follows.

May 20th [1973]

Sunday Afternoon

Dear Uibles & G'ma,

Apologize for being tardy in returning your letter, but must keep in character though you know!  Ha!
Enjoyed your letter and interesting to note you two spent your 2nd honeymoon in The Netherlands.  Wish I could spend mine here!  Must have slipped up somewhere along the line.  Ha!  Oh yes, you'll be glad to know the weather hasn't changed since you were here in May, 1954 – its still terrible.  It seems to have this unique characteristic of flucuating [sic] from one hour to the next.  It makes life interesting I guess!

Uncle Harold you won't believe it, but bicycled form Vlaardingen to Lieden roundtrip, all in the same day mind you!  Would you believe thats approximately 175 kilometers.  Ugh!  Convert that into miles and you get – ah!??? I shutter at the thought!  Leave that problem for you John.  We were supposed to get to Lissa, the land of the tulips but the women started to complain and the wind was against us.  And from past experience when you have those two forces against you, it's high time you pull up anker and head for shore or is it home@ Ha!

Went to Schwenigen this weekend to see the fishermen begin celebrating their first day of the Herring season.  It was a beautiful sight to see 30 ships at harbor dressed in their full "battle gala" (flags, nets flying) waiting for their first catch.  Lot of excitement with the bands and all.  Hope I got some good pictures!

Well, I guess you know by now that Mon & Dad will be here in The Netherlands later this week. I understand Mom is reading all kinds of traveling books and getting more confused as to what to do once in Europe as she reads different books.  And good ole Dad is saying "whatever happens let be!"  Whatever the case, I have their first week activities pretty well booked up for them.  They're lucky in one sense, because Vlaardingen is celebrating their 700th birthday the weekend they're here.  Should be fun!  Also I plan to take them to Alhamar to visit the cheese markets, Volendam to see the traditional clothes, and Kinderdijk to see the famous windmills.  Of course Amsterdam is also on the agenda.  Well, we'll see what happens!  Hope the weather cooperates!

Glad to here Serena is heading for Brazil.  Serena, I'm jealous!  Also happy to here the family is going to play Cortez and conquer the Incas in Peru.  You know between the Uibles and the Hortons we have this wold pretty well covered!  Ha!

Always interested in hearing about Wells progress.  Looking for Wells products everytime I go in a toy store, but have little success.  Seems they always have a run on sale so Wells goods wherever I go for the counters are always bare! Ha!

Well, must get back to practicing my Dutch, so Henie and I can communicate!  Ha!

Take care and hope this letter finds the Uibles with "vim and vigor!"

Love, Cris

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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 20

 May 20, 1973

Dear Family –

Hi!  Thanks for your letter written this last Thursday – also for the check.  I've applied to Florida Atlantic and should find out by May 25th if I'm accepted for their summer quarter.  I'm hoping just to take 1 course during the summer.  I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything definite.

I worked again today – you would never believe how empty the store is on Sundays.  I really don't see how it pays to stay open.  I guess during the winter season it's alot busier - but not now!!

I've been studying my Math - tonight   Our 1st test is tomorrow night!  Yesterday I sen to the library and got some books out on Modern Math.  For tomorrow we had to do several problems in Mod 5 - a math system w/ 5 numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, & 4) I didn't get it at all at first - but now I think I do – like 2+2=4; but 2+3=0 [wouldn't that be 10?], 3+4=2[12], and 4+1=0[10]!!!  This Modern Math is something else!!

We haven't heard yet from Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill - but should before too long!  Rob & I are getting along fine – and by the way - I'm still on my diet.  My dresses are beginning to get a little bit looser. (sp?)

Mom – I'm glad you got the dress all-right.

I guess you all knew that I had taken a physical w/Grandma's doctor here in Lake Worth some weeks ago.  His nurse called me this last week & told me that my blood tests showed that I'm slightly anemic.  So now I've got these iron - vitamin pills to take 3 times a day!  I guess all of this comes along w/ my old age!!  (HA!)

Gee - won't be too long now till Serena's graduation!  Are you planning o serving supper to all those people?  WOW!  I'll bet thinking about you - Friday is my day off this week!!

The weather here has been cool - down in the low 80's.  You should hear the Floridians complain!!

John – when will you get your God & country Reward –

Mary V – are you planning on staying here in June or July when ever you all come.  Maybe we'll be able to get to Disney World one day!!

I better be getting to bed - I've got to be at work early tomorrow – 9:40.  (Ho, Hum!)  Just work til 4:00 since I have my class tomorrow night.

Thanks again for the check - it will be put to good use – My Education – !  I'm bound to have my degree by 1975 - ok - that might be rushing it!  (HA!)

Love, Berts
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1983 Roberta's postcard - May 20

Balboa Park postcard - mailed 1983.  Captioned: Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  Romantic Spanish architecture and sub-tropical foliage make a visit to Balboa Park a most pleasant experience.
1983 Roberta's Balboa Park postcard - May 20

5/20/83 Friday
Hi!  Having a busy - good time - did sit out yesterday by the pool - too long - have a Red Nose today.  Dr. Bruce in Hosp - ICU - just transferred to another hosp – possibility of serious surgery. (Heart)  I'm going to head back to Phx Saturday   Works out much better for me – tho I'm sorry for the reason.  Met someone at the motel pool who works for GE - Cincy - knew Bill Sanker.  Small world - plan to rent a moped tomorrow AM early & ride around Northern San Diego.  John and I did it once – Love, Roberta

Sunday, May 19, 2013

1993 Family Letter - May 19

This letter in ALL CAPS seems a bit "LOUD" but still glad to have the letter. Speaking of letters, I've been wishing we had more of the 1953 era letters. There are three possibilities… 1 – They weren't written; 2 – they weren't saved; or 3 – I haven't found them yet. Hoping for the latter! Transcription (in lower case) of this 1993 letter follows.

Wed., Mary 19, 1993

Dearest Family –

It's been quite awhile since we have written to all of you but hope we get a letter off now while Dad goes over to see G'ma.  I brought the car down here so he could take off quicker (and I might play solitaire on the computer (haven't won a game since they told me how fun that is - fireworks & all).  I did copy some things so am now trying my luck again using the computer to better advantage.

Can't remember wen we last wrote but know it has been a long time.  We did enjoy seeing John , Julie and especially little Kate when she was just a few hours old on May 6th. Then a couple of days later we went down to Williamsburg to see the Crowsons and were there when the Bishop and the District Supt. came to Don's country church  to dedicate the new addition.  The Bishop said it is most unusual to not consecrate a church structure and then dedicate it later when it is all paid for but this was paid for right along.

Everyone was very impressed with all the dignitaries there and Don did an excellent job and Mary Virginia sang well as always.  Of course incidentally we enjoyed seeing Ginny too.  She is doing more and more things and will soon be walking - she moves from place to place by hanging on now.  She is a real good eater and so god natured.  Wish we could see them more often but do get to see them oftener than we did the Morgans when Wendy was that young.

Yesterday Dad had an all day meeting in Lancaster so John arranged a ride for him to Newark and I drove to Newark after dropping him off at his meeting place.  So I spent the rest of the day with Julie and little Kate or Katie.  She was much more wide awake and I tried to let Julie get some needed rest but Katie was awake and especially hungry.  She is adorable too and so tiny but has gotten a good start.  They take her to the Doctor Friday so we're anxious to get more details then. They have gotten so many cards and flowers.  The house is filled.  The nursery is loaded with gifts.  Mary Virginia sent up things that Ginny had out grown too so we added to the room.

The Hortons arrived Monday after stopping to visit friends on the way up and also the Crowsons unannounced.  M V had a big children's program at the Somerset church so know how delighted she must have felt to have company waiting for her.  Aunt Mary said how organized she is and helpful Don had been meeting them and leading them to their house.  The Hortons always seem to come at a busy time - busier than usual for the Crowsons are always busy.

Anyway the Hortons found G'ma real good and are back in the swing of things at the Senior Citizens' - they had mad reservations there for lunch on Tuesday (yesterday).  Some days G'ma is so wide awake and talkative and other days like last Sunday we couldn't get her awake enough to eat and barely drink a little.

Dad will soon be stopping for me so better close so I'll be ready when he stops - I'll try to add notes to each .

I forgot to mention that we did go to Dayton for the Ohio Bar Meeting and saw the Goodings Thursday night and glad that Serena was able to meet us on Friday evening.  She is super busy but we ate at a nice restaurant that was new to all of us.

[Love, etc.]
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

1993 Natalie Fisher letter - May 18

For more about Tatt Ballantyne Fisher, first cousin of "our" Jean, see these previous blog posts. Transcription follows.


Dear Friends

It's been too long since I last wrote with news of Mother [Tatt].  After much thought, discussion and prayer we all came to the decision for Mom to move into the Victoria Care Center on April 29th.  She just couldn't live alone any longer & with Jean [other daughter] & I both working 12 hours shifts moving her into our homes wasn't a solution to the problem of her living alone.  This care center is new – only been open a year – & is beautiful.  It's been a big adjustment for all of us and Jean and I agree it's probably the hardest thing we've ever had to do.  Mom is doing OK & each day is better.  She is only a few blocks from my house.  Her room has sliding doors onto the patio so she can go out to smoke.  She remains healthy just has little strength and her back is OK as long as she doesn't walk too much or stand for very long.  She would really love to hear from you!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

1983 Catherine's letter - May 17

5-17-83 Tuesday

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter and the clippings - especially interested in the one on  book prizes.  The Book Group that I am in picked The Color Purple by Alice Walker to read as the one book we wolle would all read this year and discuss in May.  We picked this book in January so were surprised when it won the Pulitzer Prize later.  Several members of our group did not like the book so they were especially surprised.

It was nice talking to you on Mother's Day.  I'll try to call again in the next few weeks.  We also talked to Roberta on her birthday.  I guess there is nothing definite about her coming to Oregon but may be a possibility.

We're glad that you think our plan to go to California and Arizona is OK and you will be able to meet us there.  That will certainly save us quite a bundle on transportation costs.

Wendy's dance recital is tomorrow night so she is all excited about that.  We took some pictures of her in her costume last night after the rehearsal.  She also has another loose tooth - on the bottom next to the one that she lost earlier.  This time she is going to try not to swallow the evidence.

We had some nice spring like weather last week and yesterday but the weekend was cold and rainy.  Maybe this weekend will be a better one for working outside.  Our strawberries have lots of blossoms.  And the rhubarb is almost gone.

Preschool for Wendy will be over on June 2nd.  She actually has her last day of school on June 1st and then a school "program" on Thursday.  She says they are going to sing some songs.  She likes "Jesus loves me" but says thex rest of the sock songs are yucky.  Yucky also fits her description of the food at Day Care which she seems to dislike.

Got to go.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 16

 May 16, 1973

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks!! I got your card & gifts today in the mail!!  I really like the necklace - and the money & everything else!!

I had my Math class tonight - it's pretty hard for me to sit for 4 hours!!  We are to have our 1st test next Monday – I hope I can do all right!

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill got on the plane fine.  Their plane going to Nassau was really small - there was only room for 40 people in it.

I only lost a half of pound last week – I'm really mad – I wanted to lose more than that!

So how is school?  Are you still planning on staying here this summer – I hope you do!  You're be able to go back to Ohio w/ a good tan!!

I read in the paper where your class went to Cincinnati - (is that right?)  you were in my OLD territory!!

Hello to everyone – Thanks again & write me about coming down - OK?

Love, Berts
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

1963 John's T&A Surgery - May 16

Removal of tonsils was fairly standard in the 1950s and 60s and usually occurred prior to starting school.  One could look out the Hale Hospital windows and watch the squirrels while eating ice cream during recuperation.  Also attached to this paperwork was a check for $15 to Dr. Fullerton. My recollection is he may have served as the anesthesiologist.  Pertinent details transcribed below.

1963 John's T&A Surgery - May 16 
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Dr. Kelley Hale Surgical Hospital
Lakewood Park, West Main Street
Wilmington, Ohio

Hospital Services – 1 day @ $16
Operating Room Fee – $7.50
Laboratory – $5
Medication – $5
Professional Services – $50

1983 Roberta's Letter - May 16

 Monday Aftn

May 16, 1983

Dear Dad & Mom,

Always – great to talk to you both.  Hard to believe I'll be back in Ohio - in less than a month.

I'm at the Beauty College – getting my usual $13.00 perm – quite a bargain for these inflationary times!!  So if my handwriting looks worse than usual – it's thanks to not having my glasses on!

Thanks for the lovely card, note & white/red bag.  Had a very quiet birthday – did get lots of cards & calls.  Had a card from Elizabeth (happy to hear she got a passport - for as she says some Real Travelling!)  & Ruth Shoemaker – also the Hortons.

Starting next week (since I'll be gone Wednesday thru Sunday) I'm trying scheduled hours for Sr. Village – includes time away on S.V. business & time there.  I'll enclose a copy of the hours – if I get them back from the downtown office today.

– Now in San Diego – 5:00 P.M. - had a good drive over – sitting out by the pool – almost to cool for me.

Staying in Plaza International of El Cajon –  It's 3*** in Mobile Tour Book.  It's well located for me – since I need to be in Santee both days.  Also out of the San Diego traffic!!

Drove Impala over – really good on gas – didn't need A.C. - did have window down.  Notice now my left arm & leg a little darker.

Mother – good to talk to you this AM –– really had felt bad that I hadn't gotten the flight times in the mail.

We are getting more & more MARGINAL type of residents (frailer) - so it seems to take all of my time & energy!  And then Ann keeps coming up w/ all these small grants (mostly, time deals) that require lots of paperwork.  The aim is that after 3rd year we will be self sufficient.  I've got my doubts.

Will get this in the mail –

Much Love, Roberta
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - May 16

Interesting to me that my relationship with the town has lasted much longer than the marriage/job that took me there.  The urban renewal is now going through another transformation as the town also deals with the abandoned and dilapidated mills adjoining the downtown area.  The real estate agent we dealt with in 1973 is a good friend of Gerry's youngest aunt.  Transcription follows.

Wednesday, May 16, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Thanks to Grandma for sending me all those plastic bags.  I was thrilled.  I hope you all keep eating that bread up and saving me the bags.  I've got them all x  sorted out so I can begin another project if I ever finish the curtains.  It seems to be taking me forever.  I have one set almost done which means three more to go.  The day after the bags came we got the shirts -- that was yesterday.  Mine fits fine, with the ruffle it comes down to my fingertips.  I wore it to work today and got several compliments.  Thanks for them too!  (X was afraid when he saw the box that you were sending more plastic bags.)

No, we didn't trade in the Toyota.  We plan to keep it until it falls apart.  It's good for distances since it gets good mileage and we can sleep in it.  And if I ever got a job somewhere else we would probably need both cars.  That's not very likely though, at least for me to get a job in another library around here.  It is still not even 100% positive that I have a full-time job at Goodall Library.  The Board seems to think it is all right for me to work but they don't want me to be paid much, X (for some strange reason) thinks I am worth more $$ and he at least want to pay me as much as he can without going over the salary allotment of the budget.  So X and Mr. Ackroyd (the treasurer of the Board) are supposed to work out some sort of compromise.  Mr. Ackroyd is the President of the Sanford Trust Co. which has recently merged with some sort of association and he doesn't have time to discuss the matter so this is my fourth week on the job and my salary hasn't even been established.

There aren't any stockbrokers in Sanford.  The closest one is in Biddeford.  We got in touch with them when Upjohn started dropping earlier this week.  We put in an order to sell if it got down to 140 but it seems to have recuperated.  It's supposed to split later this month and the dividend will go from 40¢/share to 22¢.

There are several restaurants in Sanford.  So far we've been eating one meal out per week and eating sandwiches on the other days at work.  McDonald's is just like any other McDonald's as far as I can tell.  Have you tried their new breakfast yet?  On ourlast morning In Kalamazoo we tried their Egg McMuffin.  The egg was a little rubbery but otherwise it was pretty good.  Sanford has gone through urban renewal in recent years and has a large down town parking lot with two malls (mini-malls compared to a large shopping center).  There seem to be alot of senior citizens.  There is a center for Senior Citizens where there are all sorts of activities and nursing homes abound.  The only high-rise (it might be 7-10 stories) is Sunset Towers which is entirely apartments for senior citizens.  We're going to check into that for X's mother.

We have an appointment with a real estate agent on Friday.  I heard on the Today show this morning that land is almost as good as gold.  We are in no tremendous rush to buy anything.  The agent, of course, is quite anxious to find the perfect thing (whatever that is) for us as soon as possible.  Do you have any advice or pointers for us?

Hope to hear from all of you again soon.  (I think John and Mary both owe me a letter.)

Love, Catherine and X
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1973 Roberta's Letter - May 15

 May 15, 1973
8:30 A.M.
Dear Family -

Hi!  Thanks alot for the birthday card & check - I had a very nice birthday - even though I did have to work & start my math class!

I got alot of birthday cards - a real cute one from Ruth Shoemaker, also one from the Walker family.

We all went out to eat last night - at Bonanza - a place like the Panderasa (sp?) steak places.  It's a good place to eat & actually only about five minutes away.

At 6:00 P.M. last night I went to my 1st math class - only 10 more to go now.  I'm afraid I've forgotten alot of my Algebra - but I think I'll be able to make it through!  There is only 14 people in the class - most of them older - but 2 of them will just be graduating from high school this year.  It's a short term - 6 weeks - over June 20th.  A 3 hour semester course squeezed into 6 weeks!!

Because of my going to school I'll be working - 10:00 - 4:00 Mondays, 10:00 - 5:00 Wednesdays. I'm supposed to have Tuesdays off - but they asked me to work today four hours (11-3) so I'm working.  And then tonight 5:25 is when Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill leave W.P.B. for Nassau (sp?)  They are all packed - ready to go!!

What happened w/Miss Purtee - why did she go on leave of absence?

Serena - when are you planning on starting working?

How's Rev. Lynd - who is taking his place?  [Rev. Wamsley, previously minister 1940-45, returned 1973-74.]

I'm still on my diet - Weight Watchers meet tonight - I'm not sure how much I've lost this week!

Nice talking to you all Sunday - did you all do anything special or not - I worked.  (Ho, Hum!)

Congratulations Serena & John on getting on the Honor Roll!  I wish I had you all down here to help me w/ my math!!

So have you thought anymore about coming down - in June or July?  Whichever is best for you all – Mary Virginia I hope you are planning on staying here - Aunt Mary is really looking forward to it!!  Rob will have you in stitches all of the time!

Thanks again for the card, money & ear-rings!  I got them Friday but didn't open them till my birthday - wore them yesterday for work - every one really liked them.

Catherine sent me an orange knitted purse - she must have made it herself.  You all will have to see it when you come down.

I'll enclose the deal about the car - I appreciate you all getting the license - etc!

I better be closing –– Thanks again for everything!  Hope you all are all fine –

Love, Berts

Hello to Grandma

John – what time to you have to get up now – What some people won't do for money!!!

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