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1973 Roberta's letter - July 27

Because of Roberta's note about saving 8¢ we can assume this was mailed along with MUH's letter to Grandma. Transcription follows.

in order to save 8¢

July 27, 1973

Dear Family, 

Hi!  Received your post-card today Dad saying that you all made the trip back to Ohio--Thanks.  I know you all have been busy since your return.  John with the paper-route and Mary Virginia with the Dodds, etc.  Aunt Mary misses her card parterners [sic] . . . . . . or whatever . . . . . you know she doesn't have one in me.

I've been busy today and yesterday working on my paper due this coming Tuesday.  These college courses just aren't what they are cracked up to be.  I got information yesterday about pre-registering at Florida Atlantic U. for this fall quarter.  I'm scheduled to meet with my advisor this next Friday the 3rd of August.  I've been looking at the list of classes but have not--as of yet--reached any final decision.  I think I would like to take about twelve hours and then I could easily work about twenty-five hours or so a week.  Time will tell.

I did get my hair cut today.  What a relief.  It feels so much better. (and looks better too)  It's just the usual--short

Uncle Bill is listening to the Watergate hearings.  Sometimes it's kind of funny, but other than that it bores me.

Oh, John I thought of you today.  Aunt Mary fixed some blueberry muffins.  And I couldn't even eat one for you.  I had some good liver for supper, also green beans and squash.  It was good--Mary Virginia--I know you are sorry you had to miss it this week.

Mother, I did buy a purse at Burdine's on Wednesday.  It's exactly like the one we were looking at down at the Pompano shopping mall, if you remember.  I got nine dollars off the price which did help some.  It's a good purse, it will last me a long time.  (it better)

Let us know what you all want sent, if anything of the stuff you all left here.  Unless you are all in a bug hurry for the stuff I can bring it in September.

This morning I went shopping with a girl from work.  But we went out to the mall.  I didn't buy anything . . . except some cherry extract at the Hickory Farms of Ohio store.  They have the best extracts there, except now I almost have as many kinds s they do!!!!  After shopping we went to guess where . . . . . Red Lobster to eat.  I had some broiled Trout.  It was good.  I had never had any of that before.  They have changed their luncheion [sic] specials and that's one of the new ones.  I am slowly becoming an expert on seafood.

I've got the first part of my paper all done , , , . typed, you name it.   but I've still got the summary to write up yet.  I guess you'd say at the present I'm at a standstill.  Tomorrow I only work a short day so I'll be able to get alot done on it.  (note that positive thinking . . . . . ho, hum!!!)

Mary V. Aunt Mary has some tree packages of lima beans in the freezer that were for you.  It's too bad we can't send them to you through the mail.

Well, I better be going to bed.  I'm not allowed to eat anything else today, so I figure I better just go to bed.  It's late anyway---almost eleven o'clock.

Hello to Grandma . . . . we always enjoy your letters.  After I get this silly paper done I'll be able to write more than at the present time.

Love, Bert
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