Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1972 Roberta in Greece

Roberta moves on from Italy to Greece, possibly getting her first taste of "cruising" by crossing the Ionian Sea from Italy to Greece.  She sends the following two postcards to GHU.  Transcription follows.
Italy-Greece Nave Traghetto (car ferry) postcard from Roberta to GHU written July 15, 1972
July 15, 1972
Dear Grandma,
Hi! Got in this boat about 11:00 last night - now on our way to Greece.  I really slept good - sorta felt like someone was rocking me the whole night.

The boat is really huge - has five floors – even has a swimming pool on it!  I plan on going swimming this afternoon.

Hope all is fine!  Hi to the family.  Love, Bert
Parthenon, Athens, Greece postcard from Roberta to GHU written July 17, 1972.
Captioned: The Parthenon
July 17, 1972
Hi!  We were here this morning - I hope I can remember half of what I'm learning on this trip!!

Greek food is really something - I'm never sure just exactly what I'm eating!!

I can't believe I'm walking on the same ground that Socrates & Plato walked on!!!

Love, Bert

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From Roberta: Thanks again for all your work on the UIBLE BLOG.....and Yes this boat ride sure did wet my appetite for cruising! When I think that we were on a ship that had some 20 floors....counting the mini ones one the top!

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