Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter to MV -Sep.30

Sept. 30, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Did you know you talked to me last night?  It was me that called up asking for John.  I needed his address so I could send him a birthday card!  Did you or Mom know it was me – I wasn't sure if you knew it was me or not!

I'm down at school now – came down w/ my girl friend who has a class tonight.  I thought I'd buy the text book I need for my one class & then read it tonight; but when I went to the bookstore they were all out of the books I need.  So I guess I'll just get some letters written tonight!

How is school going for you?  Is it this week that you all have a day off?

We really had fun when we went to Disney World.  There were a couple of new attractions since the last time we were there.  Ask Ruth about the Pirates ~~~~~~~ (can't think of the whole name).  We got in there boat type deal & then they went down a waterways – somehow we got in the front seat – so that was really exciting!

When we went to Disney World both Rob & I got junior tickets – do you think I look older than 17?  You all will have to come down for Christmas – I've got lots of left over tickets. (both junior & adult)

When you went to Kings Island – were there any new rides?  I wish we could have gone there over the summer!  Maybe next summer . . . . .

I'm learning a little bit of Spanish at work.  Two of the guys that work in the dishroom only speak Spanish so they have taught me a few words.

Rob is getting ready to go into the Marines.  Can you imagine him w/ short hair?  After Rob leaves the Hortons house will be as quiet & empty as the Uible house.  HA!  We're going to have 5 cars for 3 people!!  If I wanted to I could drive a different car to work everyday!

Well – I better close – do write when you can.  Maybe you should start writing carbon copies to all your sisters & brother!

Hello to everyone ––

Love, Berta

Monday, September 29, 2014

1984 Catherine's Library postcard - Sep.28

Moscow-Latah County Public Library, old portion on right is Carnegie building - mailed 1984. Picture by Carla F. Kappler.  Captioned: Moscow-Latah County Public Library, 110 S. Jefferson Street.  The original Carnegie library was built in 1906 in the "Mission-style."  It now houses the Carol Ryrie Brink Children's Room.  the new addition was completed in 1983.
1984 Catherine's Moscow-Latah County Public Library postcard - Sep.28
Hi!  Thought you might like to see this.  This has been a busy week w/Wendy's party, etc.  We are having heavy frosts w/morning temp. in the 20's.  Brr!  Wendy wears her winter coat to school.  I'll try to write over the weekend.  Are you going to see John on 10/4?

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Friday, September 26, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.27

September 27, 1974
Dear Dad, Mom, Mary Virginia and Grandma,

Just heard that you all called last night . . . . . sorry I missed talking to you all, but at least you got to talk to the Hortons.

I need a green card that I think I left at home.  It is about the size of an envelope and it would have my name on it along with FAU--paid 200.00.  I have to have it before I can get a library and; and beleive [sic] it or not I already have a list of reserved readings I need to get out of the library.

I might have lost it; but it might be in an envelope that says FAU on it.  If you can't find it--it's ok--I can get a duplicate; but it will cost me 5.00 so please do look for it.

I'm now only taking 9 hours--As I guess Aunt Mary already told you.  The political Science course as before and a course called Organizational Behavior.  Yesterday we discussed different definitions of work and then ways you can make work more pleasurable.  It's a good feeling only to be taking 9 hours.

Grandma we got your letter -- Thanks.  I'm glad you all made it over to see Mrs. Penn.  Did she say how long she expected to be out there?  I had a letter from Serena yesterday.  It's a shame she went up there on Tuesday and then didn't get anything done until Friday.  I'm glad I'm not taking the courses she is.

I'm enclosing some recipes out of the latest w.w. magazine*.  With just the three of you all, you should really be taking advantage of the miracle oven.  Mary Virginia . . . . are you cooking alot these days????

I stopped at K-Mart Yesterday and bought a cover for the front seat of the Buick.  It was only 4.97 . . big savings over what Sears wanted, and it is the same type of cover.  I had applied for a job at K-Mart and then they called me up saying I had the job--but it only paid 2.00 an hour without any food benefits either so . . . . . .

I really do like my job.  I will have--after today (or rather tonight) have in 55 hours this week.  So I will get a few hours of overtime in this week--but you know restaurants don't have to pay overtime until you work over 48 hours.  I get paid for every minute I'm there . . . mainly because once the day girl closes out; I am responsible for every penny.  Yesterday I was only 12¢ off.  Which is ok--also we are told if someone's bill is $6.01--just take the six--don't let them break a dollar for a penny.

If I think about it I'll bring home a menu from work to send you all.  It's kind of a medium priced place.  Hamburgers are 1.05; but 1.45 you can get a hamburger, coleslaw and french fries.  I usually eat the chopped Sirloin, along with some cole slaw and a big salad.  Also I've eaten the fish--but it's fried.

Oh, the company that owns Ranch House also owns Lums, and another chain which I can't remember the name of--but don't think that I had ever heard of it either before.

I'm completely moved back into the Hortons now.  Rob moved his desk into my room so that is quite nice.  I had some experience at 405½ S.E. 3rd Street.  I can't remember ever working so hard moving furniture and cleaning.  If I hadn't cleaned it up so; I doubt if I would have gotten all my money back.  It will be a quiet winter with Rob gone . . . . Grandma I know you are going to miss Rob's music most of all.

Do look for the green card, ok?  Say hello to everyone for me.  I think Ruth had a good time in the Sunshine State . . . we miss all of her help around--especially in the kitchen.  She never stands around useless.

Dad what did the good doc [say]

Love, Berta

- - - - -
*The magazine article from Weight Watchers October 1974 is titled Microwave: Quicker and Cooler Cooking, includes pictures and recipes for Baker Seafood Salad, Lamb Casserole Roma, Lima Bean Special, Orange 'N' Soy Fillets, Peas With Onions and Mushrooms, and Zucchini-Tomato Bake.  Anybody want a copy?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.24

Dear Family,

Hi!  In about a half hour I'll once more be a student again – it was a good summer - without studying!

This quarter though isn't going to be too rough – because yesterday I was talking to my advisor & he told me that they are going to make Statistics Pass/Fail starting Winter quarter - so I'm going to wait and take it then.  The 1st two weeks of classes you can drop & get the total amount back so that is what I'm going to do.

This way I can work more hours – which I'm happy about – because I really do like my job.  Tom – my boss said he could use me full time if I wanted the hours.  I can't believe how efficiently that place is run – as compared to J&W.  I have to take a reading every hour as to how much business we've done – also all steak dinners, shrimp & chicken dinner tickets have to be kept track of.  Then at the end of the day that is supposed to equal how many are gone from the freezer.

Last night was the 1st time I closed by myself.  As I said on the p.c. [post card? don't think pc referred to computers in 1984] – everything went fine except I couldn't get the safe to lock.  I was 52¢ over – I guess (or rather heard) they don't yell too much unless you are $5.00 - $10.00 or more less or over!

Can you believe anyone cleaning up a place for 2 days – moving into it the next day and then moving out the very next day!  The 1st night I worked late (Sunday) I went to the cottage about 1:30 a.m. after work.  About 10 minutes later I had this big knock on the door – it was the neighbor woman yelling & screaming – about why I was coming in so late!  Now this was the 1st time I had ever seen her.  To make a long story short the next morning I talked to Mr. Hogan – the prof at F.A.U. who lived next door.  He said that the woman was always causing some excitement.  I called up Mr. Jettinghoff on the phone & he came over pronto.  Said he would give me back all of my money since I had cleaned the place up so nicely!

It's almost time to get to class –

I'm now at work – it's about 9:30 and pretty slow.  I think I'm really going to like my political science course – "Public Law & Judicial Behavior."  Beside a midterm & final we have to pass a proficiency exam – on the constitution & courts, etc.  It will be offered 4 times – same thing every time you can take it as many times as you need to - until you pass it.  The 1st proficiency exam is in 2 weeks – I'll probably give it a try.

The psych course I signed up for – FOR FUN – seems to be different than what I expected!  I may change it - I've kind of decided to get my electives I need in business.  I may own my own restaurant someday – you know!

Uncle Bill gave me -2- new tires for the Buick.  I had one real BAD one.  Somehow when he bought his newest car they were in the trunk – they were the right size for the Buick - so I really lucked out there.

OH – you know they still have all -4- of their cars.  They thought they had the Ford sold but the woman changed her mind.

Rob came down this morning & we loaded up the Buick & Camaro.  Afterwards we went to the International House of Pancakes.  I had a big omelett [sic] & pancakes.  It was both breakfast & lunch for me!

You'll never believe this – but yesterday I was so upset I couldn't eat. Now that was a 1st for me.  I actually fixed lunch & then couldn't eat it.  Same thing happened the night before – I had save my pudding to eat till after I got home – then after all the excitement I couldn't eat it.  The very 1st one I ever threw out!

I can't think of too much more to day – Keep me posted on how you -3- are doing.  Mary V. – drop me a line – how aer you doing writing J.B.?

Love, Berta

P.S. [written on outside of envelope] MV – how was Kings Island?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1974 Roberta's (8) penny postcard -Sep.24

Roberta spends 8¢ on a news flash!  Details and transcription follow.

Hello - Big news – my new address is my old one 1025 North B - 33460.  I'll give you more details later - but there was a problem w/ the neighbor (not the prof.).  The landlord was very nice about it all - gave me back all my $ – I had cleaned & scrubbed that place down – and he appreciated that.

Called Aunt M. last night & Rob found out for sure yesterday about the Marines.  He is to go October 7th.

I really like my job – I'm learning alot - the only food or dirty dishes I have to handle are my own.  Last night I closed the place by myself - I couldn't get the safe to lock so I had to call up the boss.  Quite dramatic – but he is very nice.

School starts today –

Love, Berta

Monday, September 22, 2014

2004 France postcards -September

 2004 France Montmartre postcard HH & Jean to Uible-Kings -Sep.18
[Jean writes with red ink] Interesting group – now in South of France but haven't bought any cards here.  Much to see & do – we are staying in a Catholic Seminary here in Nimes.  Had a Chinese meal at noon today (food chosen for us but always wine as well.  [HH continues in black ink] WOW is the internet keyboard difficult here as it is really hunt & peck.  Oh yes it costs about 60¢ to use the toilet in the R.R. Sta. bought our tickets for Melan, Italy.  Gas is = to $5 a gallon.  Love, Mother & Dad

 2004 Aigues-Mortes postcard HH & Jean to Morgans written Sep.23 unmailed
[HH writes with red ink] [Aigues-Mortes] started in 1241 & finished in 1248.  Just put an elevator recently in Catholic monastery.  Spent today in Auvignon – still a walled city (did have McD) site of first bridge across the Rhone River.  Tomorrow we are on our own as we take [Jean continues in black ink] train to Milan.  Most of the rest are going back to the states.  One couple who drove to Valencia from Netherlands is taking us to the train to go to Milan.  Haven't seen any tandems single or double here.  Very congenial group

 2004 Notre-Dame postcard - written Sep. to the Uible-Kings unmailed
[Sept. 2004 undated and unmailed]
[HH writes with red ink] France has lots of these small towns – w/streets hardly wide enough for a car to drive thru.  Sid would love their bakeries – there we just point & enjoy [Jean continues in black ink] as well as ice cream.  Spent today in  big Avignon – much to see & do here.  Had guide from Denmark who had been here 20 years but knew city well.  Most of the group leave about 2AM but we don't have to go til 2PM & couple driving car is taking us to train here.

 2004 Eiffel Tower postcard from HH, Jean to Morgans -Sep.30
[postmarked 30 Sept 2004]
Your letter awaited us here in Nimes Saturday.  Thank you for your letter which was quite a surprise.  We're amazed how fast it came to Nimes.

Our hotel in Paris was within sight of the Eiffel Tower. Dad is trying to get on I-net – unsuccessful this afternoon so hopes for better luck tonite.  Nice group about36-40 people.  The woman leader knows Mary Virginia & her children.  MV led the music where she was the Director of School of Missions.

Group is from all over the USA.  One couple used to live in Madras, OR.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Sep.21

Sept. 21, 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

Thinking about you all out on the road – or maybe I should say out on the dance floor!  Sid will be leaving Northampton (Mass.) on Tuesday – 25th.  He hopes to get to South Bend by Thursday – 27th.  Sid sure has been busy doing both big & small jobs for Sara.

I've made plans to leave for San Diego next Thursday – 27th.  Will fly over on a morning flight – already have a rent-a-heap car rental & reservations at the Plaza Int. in El Cajon.  That's where we were gong to stay this last Christmas – remember – before the wedding plans came up.

Have called Lois Bruce & plan to see her on Sunday.  Will fly back to Phoenix on Monday – early evening so will have almost 5 complete days!  Needless to say I'm looking forward to it!

Yesterday got my hair frosted – real pleased with the results – not to much blonde!!  I'd been thinking about doing it for about 3 days – then one morning I called where I always go – and ZAP it was done that afternoon!

I', sending you a blouse identical to one I got for myself – thought it would be a good one for your grey suit, Mom.  Hope it fits – if not – send it back.

Broadway – my all-time favorite department store having a huge sale – all the summer stuff – lots & lots of great bugs!  Of course I've made a few purchases!!

Never did find anything for Wendy Jean – for her birthday.  Ended up calling Catherine – sent her a check & let her do the buying.  She mentioned cabbage patch doll sheets for her bed.

Last week went w/Sr. Village residents to see the movie – Sam's Son.  Residents really like it – "no skin" showing.  One of the better movies I've seen for awhile.

This last week went in for an eye exam – 1st time in 4 years – only cost $2.00 w/the Health Maint. Organization.  Surprisingly very little change in the old eyes.  The Dr. did suggest I get new glasses at my convenience since the pair I've been wearing are getting brittle.

Wow! Now Saturday pm –– got your 2 letters today – Thanks for the pictures!  I'll send back the Bermuda pictures – tho glad they were sent by mistake – enjoyed seeing them!

Got the house cleaned today – not that I did it!  Sr. Village is losing our cleaning gal – as stated in the newsletter Christ is leaving for Africa 1st of October for 2 year mission.  Our part-time cook Wendell wants the part-time cleaning job.  Today I tested him out – had him clean this house. (For 4.00 an hour!)  Actually did a very good job.  Think I'll give him a little bonus pay-wise!

My legs were so tired – I did do my 120 flights for C.F. and I've got a feeling I [will] feel it more tomorrow!  The last five flights were really tough!  As last year – lots of people – all ages – from handicapped children to little old lady types in tennis shoes!

I was so tired that I started to take a nap – but then I decided I'd rather be shopping – only bought a pair of long pants and 1 blouse.  Good buys – !!

Thanks again for the letters – do appreciate & enjoy letter from home!  And the pictures – it was good to have the pictures of Sid – I didn't have any of him!!

Hope you all had a great trip!  And hope you can read my writing!

Love, Roberta

PS The Red & pink blouses are closet-clean-outs – might be too big for you – if so – just recycle.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

1974 Catherine's Letter -Sep.20

September 20, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia

Sorry it has been so long since I have written.  We seem to get busier here everyday.  We've been working on our house of course, one of the ladies at the library got sick right after Labor Day so we've had to work extra hours at the library to make up for that, and the library addition business gets more involved all the time (one meeting this week, two next week, etc.).

I wrote John a short letter awhile back and received a letter back from him.  He seems to be doing OK, at least according to the letter.  Did you see the Waltons where John-Boy has his first day of college?

Your helping us with the house was really a big boost.  I'm afraid otherwise we might still be mixing cement.  As it is we are almost done with the floors.  We have all the joists down and maybe 3/4 of the plywood on top of them.  Although we had lots of rain the first two weeks of September it hasn't rained at all this week.  Just hope it doesn't rain over the weekend or we really miss getting alot of work done.

Now about the washing machine.  I got a frigidaire two cycle machine, with four water temp. combinations and a spin dry cycle.  Wow, what a difference that is from the drippy stuff that used to come out of the wringer.  We also now have some clothesline strung in the basement so we're all set for the winter.  The only catch is that I didn't pay for the machine.  It's about four years old, and the person I got it from bought it two years ago from someone who was moving away.  Then her husband gave her a new matching washer and dryer.  She didn't feel that she could sell the old one since she had bought it second hand.  How could I turn an offer like that down?  I figure it still technically counts as a gift from you since I wouldn't have even thought to look around for a new washer if you hadn't given me the idea.  So, I thought if it is allright [sic] with you we will hang on to the check for awhile and if the machine gives out then we could buy a new one.  Or would you rather I tore the check up and then you could write a new one if we did end up getting a new machine.  Le me know your thoughts.

I made some yogurt with the powdered milk which you brought.  It turned out fairly well.  We have also been making good use of the thermos, the clock, etc.

I got my odometer and my flag fixed on my bicycle this morning and then rode 7 miles.  I figure if I'm going to ride down to Exeter this fall I better get in better riding condition.  I don't know that I'll be able to go but if I am I'll have to ride farther than I've ridden in quite awhile.  I got up quite a bit of speed today when a big dog came after me.

Glad to hear that Roberta made it to Florida OK.  Is she living with the Hortons?  I thought maybe you said she was going to look for an apartment?  Please send Serena's address.  Hope Mary is surviving without John.  Do I owe her a letter or does she owe me one?

Hope to hear from you all again soon.

Love, Catherine & X

Friday, September 19, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.20

Dear Family –

Hi – Nice talking to you all this week - Ruth & I moved all the "stuff" that had been in the trunk into "the cottage."  So now my new address is 405½ S.E. 3rd Street, Delray Beach, FLA.  I'm not sure of the zip code.

I'm to start work tomorrow at 6:30 A.M.!  Which means I'll have to leave here by 6:00!  I've got my clothes all laid out!

Ruth can tell you all about the cottage I  rented.  It needs cleaned up - but the man was there today doing some cleaning & all.  It's completely furnished – the man said I could throw anything away that I didn't want but Vanessa said I best not.

You will also have to ask Ruth about Venessa & Peala's [in the last letter it looked like "Fahala"  – not sure what this person's name actually is, or how it is spelled] short visit in Florida.  They had about the worse or worst of luck!

I better get to bed now – if I have time I'll write more in the morning!

It's now 5:20 – I'm not awake enough to eat yet - so thought I'd write some more! HA!

Rob knows nothing more about the Marines – Aunt Mary is beginning to think that she should have enrolled Rob in school after all.

Rob & I went to Sears last night to get a cover for the car – except they didn't have any to fit it except for a bright red one!!  And also they were $10.00 for the cheapest one (nylon) & they charge $3.00 now to put it on.  So I'm going to try a bargain store!

We went to Uncle Bill's office yesterday – Ruth was fascinated by all the numbers coming & going on the boards.

Just got back from my first day – or rather half day at work!  Everything seems to be ok – I think I'm going to like it – except found out it will be 4 weeks until I get paid – 2 week pay period and of course I start the very day the new one starts!

Thanks for your letter – do be sure & send me Serena & John's addresses.  And don't forget my new address – zip  code is 33444.

Love, Berta

Thursday, September 18, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -Sep.18

Sept. 18, 1984
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I don't have time for a lengthy letter but I thought you might be interested in this history of Moscow-Latah library.

I have a busy day at work today with a branch meeting (with branch supervisor coordinator and the 5 branch supervisors), a board meeting and a Friends of Library program at 7:30 tonight.  It will also be a long day!

Yesterday I got lots of things done on the home front – exercise class, a new hair perm, got Washington registration for the truck, shopping for Wendy's birthday, etc.  Then Gerry andI played golf after he got off work.

We are using one of the party kits that you sent us (couple years ago) for Wendy's birthday.  We filled out the invitations and have been punching out the decorations and games.  She decided to use the frog theme this year and save the dragons for next year.

I just found this in my purse.  Sorry about the delay.  We got your letter yesterday and Wendy got your card and also one from Grandma.

[work] Addresses:

Jones T & I [Truck & Implement]
Walla Walla Hwy

Moscow-Latah County Library
110 S. Jefferson
Moscow, ID 83843

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1984 Family Letter -Sep.16

Sunday, September 16, 1984
Dear Family:

We have just returned from taking our new parsonage family to dinner in Leesburg.  They are a very likeable family, with four children-ages 8 and under, so had plenty of activity.  It reminds us of our family 25 years ago.  His sermon this morning was "A New Beginning."  I think the Church and the beliefs are Grandma's strengths and also account for her outlook.  The pastor's name is Creed Culbreath and his wife's name is Wendy.  They met at Asbury College.

Mary Virginia got off to College a week ago and is doing great on her weight reduction program.  We are trying to encourage her to enroll in a semester program abroad, but without too much success so far.

X and John have a new Toyota (?), which we hope will bring them to New Vienna for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving 1984.  Read in the Wall Street Journal this past week where his bank  had purchased a bank in Lancaster, Ohio.

Serena called us yesterday and starts working in a new position tomorrow in the Library at Roosevelt University.  She plans to move soon, but nothing definite at the moment.  Library school is still a possibility for 1984.  We hope to get to Chicago this fall to see her.

Roberta has been busy at Senior Village with Sid gone, but still takes time for the exercise program.  We have enjoyed listening to the tapes of Schuller's program that she left with us . . . there is a lot of "meat" to them.  She has been cooking a lot of Weight Watcher recipes.

Catherine has started her new library job in Moscow, Idaho.  Wendy was looking forward to her day in school and to her birthday next Sunday.  The rush season is now over for Gerry, so he doesn't have to put in so many extra hours.  Catherine has to work some Saturdays, but does have Mondays off as the Assistant Librarian and Children's Librarian.

By the way, Wendy, the new minister has a daughter, Kristen, who is in the first grade this year-believe her birthday is in May.  So she will be happy to have you come and visit her.  She has an older brother 9, a younger brother 3 1/2 and a baby sister.  They plan to move here next Thursday.

Sorry we have not been very good about writing letters, but wonder about the effectiveness of our carbon copy letters.  We do think of all of you often.  Grandma is doing fine and enjoyed the Bermuda trip.  She is talking of going to Mexico next summer--hope the Horton's trip there will be encouragement to her.  They are to be part of an Elderhostel trip there this next month.

[love to all, etc.]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1974 Roberta 's Letter -Sep.16

Roberta has returned to Florida in September 1974 after working at Wells in New Vienna during the summer.  From her mention of Ruth we can infer that Ruth Shoemaker has traveled to Florida with her.  Transcription follows.

September 16, 1974
Dear Family,

Hello!  Am really proud of myself as I got up early this morning and really got things accomplished!!!!  I bought a paper and headed down South to Delray Beach--where you can call all around with just a dime-- as to finding an apartment in or around Boca Raton.  Bit I did find a cottage in Delray Beach--Southern part of it.  I went around to see it, and its pretty nice for the price.  It's a combination living room and bedroom (large) and then a kitchen and bathroom (small).  It sets back off the street between two houses and has a drive where I could park the car.  Now for the price--- it is 135 dollars which covers all.  Oh, it has air conditioning --has two twin beds--is furnished.  Not luxiously [sic], but adequate.  It is two blocks off of U.S. 1--going West.  I am to tell the woman by tomorrow night if I want it or not.  I think I do--as I could not find anything in my price range to even go and look at.

It is now four fifteen A.M. Tuesday morning--we re all up--as Rob is to go to Miami today for a walk-in physical, just to see if anything drastic has happened to him since his last physical.  And believe it or not Aunt Mary is up flying around.  She told me to throw that in!  We are going down just for the drive.  Guess we are to take the turnpike down and then come back A1A.

Yesterday I also found myself a job.  I did go to Pompano and check out the Burdines store, but decided I didn't want it--one thing they would only guarantee 12 hours a week--I was afraid that would be in three four hour shifts which would not be worth the drive down.  Even for a full shift it is a long drive from Delray Beach to Pompano.  So then I went back to Boca Raton and started knocking on doors filling out applications.  I didn't have any luck whatsoever-most places said to come back about the end of October, that they were working their regular people fewer hours than usual, etc.

Finally in Delray Beach, I stopped at a Ranch House Restaurant, where I found the job.  After filling out the application and talking to the manager, I started walking out the door--He said he would call up my references--and then he called me back and wanted to know when I could start.  So I'm starting this Saturday.  Get this: I'm to be the cashier, I'll either be working four days or four nights, and during that time I will be responsible for the money that goes in the register.  I get 2.40 an hour plus meals.  I think it will be a pretty nice place to work.   They have charcoal broiled hamburgers, steaks, etc.  Also chef salads, toss salads, etc.  They also are supposed to have good cheese cake but I'm not planning on trying it.  I can wear dresses or pants.  Oh, I asked the guy about my meals if they were included and he said yes, but he doubted if I ate too much too look at me.  I bet they will be having to buy more lettuce than before!!!!!  Also the place is only 2.1 miles away from the cottage I looked at.

I called the woman up tonight and told her I wanted the cottage and she said that it might have already been rented to a couple that her husband had showed the place to yesterday afternoon.  So now I don't know.  She is to call me back to let me know for sure.

It's now almost eight o'clock Tuesday night.  We had a good trip to Miami and came back all the way on A1A.  Ruth couldn't believe it all!  At Fort Lauderdale we stopped at Pier 66 and took the glass evaluator [elevator?] to the top.  I read about it in the Mobile Tour Guide book.  Aunt Mary really enjoyed that--it was the first time she had ever been up there.

 Guess who stopped in tonight about six o'clock when we were getting ready to eat??  Vanessa and Fayala.  They had just made it down to Florida.  I guess they had some kind of trip down.  They said they thought about us driving down in comfort in the Buick.  They didn't stay too long.  I told them we would be away tomorrow but I guess they are to call or come over on Thursday.

We all went to Palm Beach yesterday.  We went in the Breakers and all.  Also the Church where John Kennedy went to Mass.  Ruth has used up a roll of film already.

Tomorrow we are planning on going up to see Mickey. (Mouse)  Rob, Aunt Mary and Ruth and I.  We are planning on getting Ruth a wheel-chair and between Rob and I push it.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now and run this down to the post office so hopefully you all will get it before Saturday . . . . . Ruth is having a great time.  Her and Rob are a pair.  Rob isn't working so he is free to come and go.  He got along fine today with his physical, and should find out soon when he is to leave.

A big hello to Grandma.  The grapes and pears made it down fine.  We've all enjoyed eating them.  Also the tomotoes [sic] and beets.  We've yet to have the cabbage.

Thought about you all taking Serena to school today.  What is her address, also John's???  By the way--the Hortons never got Serena's letter telling them that Ruth was coming--maybe they will get it before Ruth leaves.  HA.

Tell the women down at the shop hello for me.  Tell them I think of them at 7:00 A.M. . . . .  but best memories at 10:00 and 4100 [1400 --2pm?] . . . . . ha, ha.

Love, Berta

Saturday, September 13, 2014

1984 MV Letter -Sep.14

Love Mary's musical and religious collegiate stationery in this letter written at the beginning of her junior year at Wilmington College.

September 14, 1984

Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandma,

Seeing as how I didn't call or come home this week, I decided that I should at least write a letter.  This is my new stationary [sic] that my roommate designed for me.  I thought it came out very well.

Classes have been going real well so far.  I start off the day with European History at 9:00, then go to First aid at 10:00.  I will have to work in there because I guess most people that take it get a C.  We will [be] learning First Aid and CPR, so it will be worthwhile.  I have Logic at 11:00, and when we met for the first time Wednesday, everything Earl Redding said went right over my head.   But I get the textbook and read the assignment yesterday and he made a lot more sense today.  Chamber Screamers started practicing yesterday, and I am not singing Soprano or Alto but Tenor!  I guess about 40 tried out and only 26 spots.  It is only supposed to meet 4 days/week, so on Mon., Tues., & Wednesday everybody comes, and on Thursday and Friday they have sectionals.

My US Agriculture class met today.  It meets on Mondays & Fridays 1-5 pm.  Don Chafin is the professor and he tells the most crude (and boring) stories.  I'm glad it's only twice a week.  Our textbook is put out free of charge by the govt., called 1982 Yearbook of Agriculture*.  Each class we take a different field trip, the farthest being Silver Grove, Kentucky.

I only work 6 hours a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's 7:30-10:30am) which works out well.  On Tuesday I cleaned my dorm (bathrooms and halls) and on Thursday I scrubbed showers here and in Friends, which is 9 showers (about 23 shower stalls).

They extended the revival at Port William through last Wednesday, and then we had choir practice last night, so this is my first free night since moving.

Well, I guess that's about all the news on this end.  The chamber singers tour after Thanksgiving will be to the Washington D.C. / Philadelphia / Baltimore area.  Enjoy your Michigan trip and don't forget that college students to enjoy personal mail like postcards.  Thanks for bringing the glasses and rice cakes.

Mary Virginia

* The USDA Yearbook of Agriculture began in 1894 reviewing agricultural developments over the past year but was changed to 1938 to focus on a single topic of interest to the American public, especially farmers.  The 1982 book was title Food: From Farm to Table.  The Yearbook ceased publication in 1992.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Sep.11

September 11, 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

This might be hard to believe – I'm both cooking and writing letters!  Since I've been back it also seems like I've turned into a Home Health Aide!  Marcia was on vacation 1st week of September, Diana came down ill so I 'worked' 4 days by myself.  Then Marcia gets back & she is ill – so it's still rather 'short-staffed' to say the least!

I've been doing lots of cooking – Sunday in a crock-pot (of Sid's)  stewed chicken 2/lots of veggies – sure was good.  Then fixed a carrot/brussel sprout casserole w/cheese – it too was good!  And lots – maybe 3 or 4 other dishes – out of W.W. cookbook – (last two mentioned also came out of W.W. cookbook) so hard to be modest about my good cooking.  Ha!  I've told Sid I'll have to cook for him – tho not all the time – when he gets back!

Cynthia flys [sic] out today – we have tentative plans to fly to London – May15, 1985!  "C" will check her school calendar – then I'll be busy making the best connection/price!

I've been thinking about going to southern California latter part of September.  Right now the best deal on air-fare is $39 each way.  Wish some special would come up!  Several hotels right near the beach are offering real good specials now through October 1st.

Bought the book FATAL VISION (In Cold Blood – style) just after we left New Vienna.  About the McDonald Family – where the husband – a young Dr. at 26 murdered his wife and 2 children back in 1970.  Finished it soon after I got back here.  Enjoyed it – tho not real relaxing reading!

Tho we never used it – I left the Richard Simmons exercise tape in the trailer.  Side sent it back – got it in yesterday's mail – used it both last nite & this AM.

The time sure went FAST while on the trip.  We sure enjoyed ever part of our tour – and we thank you for your parts!

It's now Wednesday AM – 6:30 – fixing my breakfast – lunch & dinner!  Won't be having supper till late – going over to Mesa – visit the Nursing Home Crowd – plus Stubbs.  Rich Stubbs had a bad accident on the moped bike that had been mine.  Broken leg in 2 places – stitches in head – arm all messed up.  they want to sell the bike – I'm not interested!

Fixing croquettes (sp?) out of chick peas for my supper.  Big salad w/fish in it for lunch.

We had 2 people move in yesterday – one that would rather be "6 feet under" – her famous quote & another than has less than 3 months to live – cancer – tho the family doesn't want her to know.

Jytte the Social Work Student from Penmark called last night – she will be coming over tomorrow nite w/ her daughter to swim& eat.  I'm managing to stay Busy!

Gotta Run –
I Love You All!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -Sep.10

Monday, September 10, 1984
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for your call on Friday night, or rather Saturday night.  I hope the rest of your corn festival went well.

I have been enjoying my first "Monday" off, taking Wendy to the bus stop and then going to my exercise class and then on to the golf course.  Now I am home long enough to write this letter and then I'll meet Gerry downtown for lunch.  Next Monday I have an appointment to get a permanent so that my hair will be curly again.  I was afraid I wouldn't find anyplace in town that is open on Monday but I finally did.  [The job at the Moscow-Latah library was scheduled Tuesday-Saturday.]

Did you look up Riggins on the map?  It's not very far from Hat Point, at least the way the crow flies!  It is also in a different time zone from here.

I made a list of things that Wendy wants for her birthday which includes: Barbie accessories (sp?), any Rainbow Brite toys, doll clothes for her Cabbage Patch (16"), other Cabbage Patch items, a jewelry box, Care Bears and games (like Jr. Scrabble, maybe).  I will probably be shopping for her next week in Moscow during my lunch hours.  Wendy is in hopes of having a birthday party so I thought I might check with some of the local restaurants to see if we can have it there and avoid the mess and confusion at home.  Or possibly I can take cupcakes to school on the 24th.  It will be interesting to see the changes in Wendy during the next 7 years!

The busy season is over for Gerry for this year although he did work a long day on Saturday representing Jones Truck & Implement at the fair.  That was a special deal though.  Now he should only have to work half a day every other Saturday and the Saturdays he has off he and Wendy will be able to spend together.  I am in hopes of getting the neighbor girl to babysit the other Saturdays but I haven't talked to her yet.  Wendy's regular after-school babysitter would prefer not to babysit on Saturdays as her husband is home then.  At least with Wendy going to school all day now our babysitting bill will be lower than last year.

They have quite a few cassette tapes of books both here and in Moscow at the library so I have been borrowing them to listen to while I drive back and forth.  It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work in the morning and a little longer coming home as the traffic is heavier in the p.m.  I am in the middle of listening to Murder at the A.B.A. by Isaac Asimov right now.  It has eight cassettes.  The Moscow library also has a very extensive collection of records both children's and adult's [sic].  They have two record players with headphones available for listening.

It is almost time to go downtown so I better close so I can get this in the mail today.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Friday, September 05, 2014

1963 Serena's Pet Fluffy

Serena's cursive is excellent for the beginning of third grade.  Transcription follows.

1963 Serena's Pet "Fluffy" Story - Sept.

Serena U.
September, 1963
My Pet

My pet is a puppy.
He loves big juicy 
bones.  His name is
Fluffy and he is 
very fluffy.  He is
just a puppy. he is
always following me.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

1944 HH & Aunt Mary travel west -Sept

1944 HH in Bill's Chevrolet - Bandlands Sept.'44 Harold Uible en route to Stanford w/ Mary Horton.  Mary was going to Ft. Lewis WA where Bill was stationed.  HH thumbed from there to Stanford.
The above caption appears on the back of the photo.

For more information about this trip and time at Stanford see this blog post:

1936 & 1944 trips - California and Florida

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

1984 HH & Jean on first Elderhostel trip

1984 Jean & HH in London - July, on first Elderhostel trip to United Kingdom

Written on the back in HH's handwriting: 7/84 Rosebery Hall, London.  In someone else's (MV's?) handwriting is written: Ireland.

In looking at these online photos of Rosebery Hall the pictures and the window look much the same as in this photo.  

Monday, September 01, 2014

1984 Senior Village Newsletter Vol. I, No.6 Aug. Interview with Roberta

The 15-page August 1984 edition of the Senior Village newsletter, "News and Views," features a two page interview with our very own family member, Roberta Uible-King Walgren.  At the time this interview was written Roberta was newly married (Dec. 1983) to Sid.  In addition to the interview, the newsletter includes other subjects of interest to the Senior Village residents, family and friends.

The interview is scanned and transcribed below.
1984 Senior Village Newsletter Vol. I, No.6 Aug. 1984 Interview with Roberta p.1

1984 Senior Village Newsletter Vol. I, No.6 Aug. 1984 Interview with Roberta p.2


EUNICE:  As the beloved supervisor of our Senior Village, I know the residents are all very curious about your background.  All of us were so happy to share your wedding, when you did not change your name, but added to it, to become ROBERTA UIBLE-KING.  We have wondered how a person of your tender years could have travelled so extensively, worked at so many different jobs, and have acquired so many different talents all in such a short time.  Could you please enlighten us as to your secret of accomplishing so much in so few years.  Or, is it possible you have really sipped from the fountain of youth (since I noted you have lived in Florida) and are really many years older.

ROBERTA: I was born May 14th in a small farming community in Southern Ohio.  It was so long ago that I've forgotten the exact year.  My grandfather Uible started a toy factory about the time I was born.  My father is still very active in the business.  The factory is only one in the world that continutes [sic] to make metal jacks, for the game of jacks that is played with a ball.  I'm sure many Senior Village residents have played jacks.

I was the second child of five--four girls and one boy.  I went to grade school and graduated from high school near my hometown of New Vienna, Ohio.  I did have the experience of going to a Quaker Boarding School at Barnesville, Ohio for a year and a half.  My Mother is a librarian so we were always encourage to read.

I worked for a year as a mill-machine operator at National Cash Register in Dayton Ohio before I was ready to go to college.  My first year I attended a small Quaker college in Newberg, Oregon.  The next year I returned to the Midwest attending the University of Cincinnati and eventually receiving an Associate degree in Police Science.

Next I attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, with a strong minor in Social Work.  All in all, I spent six years getting a four-year degree!  When in college I had the good fortune of having many pleasurable and interesting jobs ranging from a summer missionary program in British Columbia, Assistant manager of a restaurant, loading trucks for United Parcel Service, to making homemade donuts.  I also did an internship at a juvenile detention center my last year in college.  I quickly learned I had chosen the wrong major and abandoned this line of work.

Almost immediately I secured a job at a summer camp for the elderly near Sparta, New Jersey.  It was owned and operated by Hudson Guild, a Social Service Agency in New York City.  My first summer there I managed the kitchen.  I didn't cook!  I spent the next five summers there; finding out I liked other areas of the camp much better than the kitchen.

I was raised in a family that believed in the joys of travel.  I had a good taste of travel with my family while growing up.  In college I enjoyed very a summer in Europe and a trip to visit my cousin Joe who was in the Peace Corps in Africa.  Anyway, after my first summer at the New Jersey camp I went on a trip I had planned (and save for), a trip to India.  The next six months I spent exploring India and many surrounding countries.  That trip could be a story in itself.

I've been in Arizona since 1977.  The first few years I was almost a Winter visitor.  I continued to work at the Senior Citizen camp during the summer months while holding a variety of jobs during winter.  It took awhile but it finally dawned on me I should be doing year round what I enjoyed doing the most.

In January of 1980 I became the coordinator of the East Mesa Senior Center.  I truly enjoyed that job very much and starting that summer became an Airzonian making it through my first summer.  While at the Senior Center I learned a great deal about needed services for the elderly, one of the major ones being housing.  I could see many elderly people not being able (successfully) to live independently for one reason or another but not needing to be in an institutional setting.

Up until September 1981 I had attended Arizona State University part-time from time to time working on my Masters degree in therapeutic recreation.  I received alot of 'jokes' concerning my choice of majors.  I am a firm believer that it is very important what we do in our leisure time.  We see in today's society real problems of those people who retire and have failed to develop any leisure time activities.

In September of 1981, when I first arrived on Vogel Street, Senior Village was just a row of empty houses.  While still at East Mesa Senior Center I heard people talking about the idea of it, and read about it in the Newspaper.  It seemed like a world away from East Mesa.  I became very excited about being part of that program.  It was very rewarding to see the houses take on "character" as residents began to change them into homes.  Senior Village opened its doors on November 4th, 1981 with 4 residents.

Senior Village has been a great challenge and one that I continually enjoy.  I've enjoyed getting to know the staff, residents, and volunteers that have made it the success it is.

I continue to be very close to my family.  In previous years I have travelled every summer with my grandmother Uible, who just celebrated her 92nd birthday.  Since she is in a wheelchair many people might label her handicapped, but her attitude and spirit overcome her handicap.  Last summer we steamboated down the Mississippi River on the Delta Queen, and we have had many other enjoyable trips to Alaska, Hawaii, and other scenic areas of the United States and Canada.

I enjoy people.  I've always found them fascinating.  My other interests include travel, craft projects, history, and fine food.  I have recently acquired a great interest in both nutrition and exercise.  I'm not a good speller.

My story would not be complete without the mentioning of my marriage to HAYES S. KING (SID) on December 31, 1983.  It was a most happy occasion to have our friends and family here and to have them meet the Senior Village family.  I marvel now at how I ever got along without SID.

EUNICE: ROBERTA, I want to thank you for your lengthy and revealing account of your experiences.  The extensive list of accomplishments and your youthful appearance certainly lead me to believe that you must be either extremely efficient in your management of time and a true saint or really have the key to that famed fountain of youth.  Tell me, confidentially, where is it and how about a couple of sips from those magic water.

Now, to be personal you have omitted the most important part of your work and labors.  I am certain there are many, like myself, who have benefited by regaining or improving in health from your encouragement and person interest.  I shall be eternally grateful for what you have given me.  I love you.  We love you!!

Items from Uible photo album