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1984 Family Letter -Apr.28

Dad opines about life in 30 years – and we now know how that has turned out! Congratulations, Dad!  Also congratulations to MV for her outstanding musical activities then and the ensuing 30 years.  Does the cell phone replace the Lifeline?  Transcription follows.

Saturday, April 28, 1984

Dear Family:

We will get a letter started to all of you before breakfast for we need to get a lot of things done outdoors today.  It has not rained for two days now, which is a record for this month.  Thursday evening we planted onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, head lettuce and peas (which I had hoped to have planted much earlier, as we had the seed back in February.

Last night Mary Virginia's music class at the Christian School in Wilmington had their Spring Program, which we all enjoyed.  She had also had a key part in another musical program at the College the day before.

Right now last Easter [April 22 in 1984, the previous Sunday] seems a long time ago . . . it was a full day with sunrise service, breakfast at Church, then S.S., Church, a turkey dinner at home and a trip to PortWilliam in the evening a program that M.V. participated.  She gives music lessons there every Wednesday.

From our dining room window we can see them assembling the new standpipe for the Village.  They are running a new water line out 28 to the west so we have a lot of rough spots on the streets.  In Wilmington they have been talking for the last 17 years about widening the main road on the east side of town, which suppose to get underway this summer at a cost of 2½ million.

Grandma now has a "Lifeline" necklcace [sic] which she should wear all the time, for if she needs help she can push a button which rings directly at the hospital and tye [sic] in turn call us or an alternate to check things out.  She also pushes a button in the morning and evening to let them [know] if everything is OK.  Yes, there is another button to push if one is to be gone for a time.  We hope we are as alert in thirty more years and also able to make it to Sunrise Service at 6:30.

Dad has about covered everything.  I'd think MV be ready to drop after so many activities.  They were all outstanding.  At the college she conducted the college choir in a number from the Messiah - it was given a little late as her professor suddenly lost the sight in one eye.  Mie Young also had a solo with the group.  Both the choir she sang with and the children's group had real "alive" cantatas – therefore quite inspirational to listen to as well as give.  Both groups appeared to really enjoy all the work that was involved.

Our fruit trees are either in blossom or about to be so the yard looks real pretty and the grass seems unusually green and yellow with dandelions.

The pastor-parish committee has unamimously [sic] requested that we get a new minister.  It may be for the best but I do feel badly for the Thompsons.  She is especially talented but unable to do much because of her invalid mother.  Roberta's birthday will soon be here and doubt if she would partake in any cake as she [is] in Weight Watchers and making real progress, tho we were not aware that she needed any help in that area.

[All our love – Mom & Dad]

1994 Roberta's Note -Apr.27

Couldn't find any information about this title or author. Perhaps Roberta knows the story?  Amazingly the zip-loc idea which was enclosed was not attached to the note – may yet surface.  Transcription of note follows.


Hi!  Welcome Home!

Thanks for calling last night – maybe another time I'll try my luck at using the pager system at an Airport!

Thought of you Mom w/ the enclosed zip-loc bag idea.  Maybe you would want to improve upon the idea – or use part of it.  I've heard of it also being used as a scavenger hunt game –

It's only in the 70's here!  But we did have 1st 100º day last week.

Gotta go.

Love, R

Windmills - April 26, 1954

And on to the Netherlands!
Windmill card to Catherine & Roberta - April 26, 1954
[Monday] 26 April 1954
We have seen lots of windmills and tulips and hyacinths growing in the fields.  This afternoon we plan to go see some Dutch people in their native costumes at Volendam and the Isle of Marken.  Saturday we saw a parade of floats and cars covered with hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and other flowers – very beautiful, colorful and fragrant.  Will try to get some pictures of little Dutch girls and boys for you to see.  All our love XXXX, Daddy and Mommy

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1994 MV's letter -Apr.26

Dear Mom & Dad

Welcome Home!  I am enclosing the fax I sent you, just in case – for some reason – you did not receive it in the hospital.  (If you did not, please let me know!)

How was the remainder of your trip?  Were you able to see much?  So sorry to hear of your fall but hope you got excellent care there.  It will certainly make it more memorable, right!

We have had unseasonably hot weather – in the 70's and 80's and Ginny is already getting a tan from playing outside and over the weekend.  Don went to Ichthus last weekend so Ginny & I played outside quite a bit.

I got my new contacts and glasses a couple of weeks ago.  I'm real pleased with the glasses but the contacts have not been good at all.  The more I wear them the more headaches I get, so I'm taking them back.  He had tried (something new) putting a regular lens in my eye with the bad astigmatism and it just caused too much eye strain.

I am thinking about applying for the job at Trinity Hill, but much will be contingent upon where Don gets moved.  Mainly I'm just tired of driving – this week alone I will have to spend 4 nights in Somerset.  Part of it is just time of year – at Trinity Hill I would only have to direct three choirs, which would be a nice change.  But it may be another four weeks + before we have any news about where we'll move.

This Friday night we'll have the annual lock-in for the children's musical – they rehearse the first couple hours, then have pizza and movie and go to be at 11:00.  And then they rehearse an hour in the morning before going home.

Ginny's favorite song this week is "Happy to You" (Happy Birthday) which she sings to nearly everyone she knows.  We always sing first to Baby Austin, a 9 mo. old boy in the church nursery who she calls "cutie-pie."  She got hold of the ToysRUs catalog and found the swings and slides which she went wild over.

Think I'll wind this up and get it in the mail . . .  Even though there is no mail service today in memory of RMN's [Richard Nixon, passed away April 22, 1994]  funeral.  Dis J.B. go?

We're hoping to come to New Vienna and on 5/5 and depart afternoon of 5/7.  We had talked briefly with JB about maybe meeting them for lunch on 5/6 and then you could go on to Newark for Kate's birthday party on 5/7.  We'll work out details next week after you're home and gotten some rest.

Love to you both!
Mary Va, Don & Ginny

On the Rhine - April 23, 1954

KC liked this card when I showed it to him so I think Roberta would have liked it in 1954.  And we all know Roberta took the words to heart.
Girl with cup card sent to Roberta - April 23, 1954
On the Rhine 4/23/54
Dearest Roberta – We're riding up the Rhine now on a big steam boat.  Daddy is out on the deck (porch of the ship) blowing in the wind but it's nice too because its sunny.
We think of you and Catherine often and especially when we see little girls your age.  We tell them about our little girls.  Glad to hear you are being such a good eater for the Johnsons and wish we could see you and what your are doing now.
Mommy and Daddy hope you are talking a little too.  Love, Mommy and Daddy

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On the Rhine #2 - April 23, 1954

German Little Girl Coloring Postcard -mailed 1954
1954 Postcard to Catherine -Apr.23
On the Rhine

Dearest Catherine,

Mommy is waiting for Daddy to come in off the deck of the steamer and we will eat our lunch inside.  There are windows all around so you can see out in every direction.  We have passed many big barges filled with coal – sometimes 3 together pulled by two tugboats.

We were sorry the eggs broke but know you are enjoying all your little jobs on the farm and we are anxious to hear about everything you are doing.  Found something in St. Goar I bet you and Roberta will like.

All our love and XXXXX, Mommy & Daddy

St. Goar, Rhine River April 22, 1954

See all cards from the Europe trip at this link to the web album.

Rhein [Rhine] postcard to Catherine & Roberta - April 22, 1954
4/22/54 St. Goar*
We walked clear up around the castle which you can see in the picture.  It's now a private school for boys.  Our hotel is across the river so we took a ferry boat to get over to it.
We were so pleased to hear from Elizabeth in Frankfurt – the only one we received there today.  She wrote it on the 4th or 5th and it reached there the 9th.  Laughed about the kitty wetting the bed and the "dog tags" and the good ideas.  [So we would hear the kitty and know when it was doing something it shouldn't.] All our love, Daddy & Mommy

*Sankt Goar, known for its central location in the Rhine Gorge, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

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Hotel Pfalzburg in Frankfurt - April 1954

Hotel Haus Pfalzburg - Frankfurt / Main - Wiesenhüttenplatz 28

Here's a link to the street view of that address c2010, now the Merdien [Meridien] Hotel, only a few blocks from the Train Station [Hauptbahnhof].  There are similarities between the building then and now, but the differences (no windows shown on the right side of the post card, now balconies at every window, arches over the windows, etc.) would imply they have done a lot of renovating, or I'm looking at the wrong address.

Hotel Pfalzburg in Frankfurt postcard sent to Mrs. NW Ballantyne - April 22, 1954
[Note the marking around the window of the room where they stayed.]
April 22, 1954 
Had a very nice room here last night – not too far from station on more of a residential street, and tourist hotels are high.  Ours is more for Germans but proprietor spoke very good British English.
Received letter from Elizabeth (mailed April 4, received April 9) – only one received here.  Said she'd heard from you and received two beautiful dresses for Catherine & Roberta.  Will send letter on to you.
On way to St. Goar.  Tomorrow we board the steamer down the Rhine to Cologne.  All our very best love, Harold & Jean  – Many American soldiers here.  Generous servings of food.  Frankfurt was bombed.  [Last three sentences squeezed in at side and top.]

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1974 Catherine's letters -Apr.22-24

April 22, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  Well, it's been a year today since we came to Sanford.  Kind of hard to believe.  The weather is very similar -- it's 80º and humid, the hottest day yet this year.

April 23, (same year)
I didn't get too far yesterday, but I suppose it's just as well.  Your letter and one from Mary came yesterday afternoon.  We've been very busy as we finally have the land.  Saturday and Sunday we spent all day clearing the house site and the driveway.  Mike Gallo came over with his chain saw and cut down the bigger stuff for us.  Somebody was supposed to bulldoze the basement/foundation this morning but he never showed up.  X has gone up tox the land now to see if he was there this afternoon.  He just got back.  Evidently the guy's machinery broke down this morning so he's going to do it tomorrow.

I was amazed that Wilmington didn't have ASeparate [sic] Peace.  [A novel about WW2 set at Exeter Academy in NH]  I'd consider that almost a must for a public library and even a high school library since it deals with that age group.  Did you try the college library?

April 24
Today it's 30º and snowing, quite a difference from two days ago.  Tom (Walkley) came over for lunch yesterday.  He started working at the printing place last week.  Evidently Mary Ellen and their two boys will be coming up the first week in June.  They have bought a house in a new subdivision in Kennebunk.  He says it's more like the house they have in Pittsburg [sic].  They are selling there the end of May.  He says he is working much harder now than he did as a stockbroker.  His hours have increased since he used to work 9-4 and now it's 7-5 and until noon on Saturday.  But the difference is that he is now working for himself.

It's National Library Week so we've been having special films and story hours for the children.  They were well publicized but the turn out has been very poor.  Next week X has organized a "public information forum" between Gibbs Oil Co and FOIL (a group opposed to an oil refinery in Sanford).  It's going to be on Cable TV and there may be radio coverage although that is uncertain since the local radio station, WSME goes off the air at sundown.  At any rate we're trying to get as much coverage as possible since we figure the library can hold a absolute maximum of about 150 people.

This week Gibbs Oil Co. is taking about 25 local people out to Puget Sound to see a "clean, modern refinery operating in a community similar to Sanford."  I think right now most of Sanford is pro-refinery for economical reasons but there are some quite vocal articulate opponents.  The tax evaluation on the refinery would be four times higher than all of Sanford together at the present time.

I'll save the news on the puppies for a letter to Mary Virginia.

[Love, Catherine]

April 24, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Thanks for your latest letter.  It's always nice to hear your personal version of the latest news.

We decided not to keep any of the puppies.  The next time we hope to breed her with another Irish Setter and then we might keep one of those puppies.  All our puppies have now been given away, the last two to go, "Mary" and "Virginia" (guess who we named them after?) left the day before yesterday.  They sure made a mess out of the basement.  It will take me a couple of days to finish cleaning it up again.  

In your letter that your wrote on Easter you said we might be getting a package pretty soon.  Well, we haven't gotten one.  Did whoever was going to send it change their mind?

Tell Grandma hello for me since she will probably be in New Vienna by the time you get this.

How many more days of school do you have?  Are you going to go to Lakeside? What else are you going to do this summer?  Have you been swimming yet?  When are you going to come visit us?

Do you ever hear from Serena?  She never write to us.  I supsose she suppose she's real busy in college.

I hope everything went allright [sic] when you had Mrs. Hildebrant for supper.

Write again soon!

[Love, Catherine]

Uible Name Overview - 1981

With the [recent post about the] stop on the 1954 Europe trip in Karlsruhe to check out the family history, the following document sheds a bit more light on the Uible family history in Germany.  Transcription follows.  See map below for locations.

Posted by Picasa

Uibel/Uible Overview

     Our name comes from the adjective "übel" which means evil and furious.  In 1286 lived a man called "Albrecht der Ubel," and composed forms of this are, for example, "Uibeleisen," a man called Uibel who traded with products of iron or made things of iron.  During the 15th and 16th centuries, near the village of Fischbach, Germany, on the northern bank of the Nahe River and Baden-Weierbach on the south side of the Nahe River, a great amount of mining for copper and silver was happening, and it is now thought that Ubel/Uibel families came from Thüringer, now controlled by Communist Germany*, to work at this trade.  After the 30 years wars, Ubel/Uibel families migrated from Thüringer  to Freistett near the town of Kehl-on-Rhine.  Today Uibel families live in Freistett, between Karlsruhe and Freiburg  and Dr. Seigfried Uibel, son of David Uibel, Elfenweg 20 D-7500, Karlsruhe 51, Western Germany, states that his ancestors came to Freistett after the 30 years war as charcoal burners from Thüringer.  Also, the name has been written as "Uibel" as long as has been known to them.

     The fact that Siegfried's father's name is "David" makes it very probably that he is related to our John David Uibel – 1778-1843, buried at the Crosson Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio, about one mile west of Butlerville.

     I have not attempted to research in more detail our ancestors from the Freistett Uibel clan.  The attached family tree is an effort to list all descendants from John David Uibel, the first and oldest ancestor that any of us are aware in the United States.  I apologize for any mistakes or errors and would be delighted to hear from anyone who has additional information or suggestions on this subject.

[signed] Jack Uible
John David Uible
Jacksonville, Florida
April, 1981
*Germany was reunified in 1990.

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1974 Roberta's letter -Apr.22

April 22, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  got your letters today - thanks - sorry I haven't written for so long but it seems I've been busy & times goes fast!

I had shocking news today – I got back my Soc. Psych exam and got a 90% on it!  Which is a good solid 'B'.  But then I took my Juvenile Delinquency exam today and thought it was really rough - so no telling what I'll get on it!

I got all the Wright State information – thanks – there are a few courses I could take there – but first I want to check it all out at the registar's [sic] office at F.A.U.  But – I've been thinking and I'm not sure if I really want to go to summer school!!  I think I'd rather just work & spend a couple of months w/out studying & everything that goes along w/it!! If I don't go though I wouldn't graduate till June – and I like the idea of getting out in March.  But I also like the idea of NOT going this summer.  Well – I'm contradicting myself!!!

We all went to the Holiday House tonight to eat – it's a buffet type of deal – except you don't get seconds on the mat.  I had lamb – it was very good & of course had 2nd helping on the vegetables & salad!  As of today – I've been on Weight Watchers one year – I think I can still remember what chocolate ice cream & cheese taste like!

(This) Last Sunday was so slow at work – I thought it would be though so took my Juvenile Delinquency books & got alot of studying done!  Now that my manager is back I'll only be working about 15 hours a week.  OH – I got a raise of 2.00 per class at W.W. – so now I make 12.00 a week when I lecture & 7.00 the weeks I clerk!!  Last week all the women did real well – only _1_ of them gained weight – usually they gain more than they lose (as a group).

Mary V –– when are you out of school?  I only have 11 or maybe 12 days of school left this quarter.  It's kinda nice only going to school 2 days a week!

We've had a couple of phone calls from Cris – he seems to be very happy w/his job.  He says it's all confidential - So far he's staying at a Howard Johnson's near the plant.

Are you all going to be able to go to Lakeside this year?

Mary V – did you buy some more stationery so you could write us?

Hope to go to the beach tomorrow – Am tired tonight – would you believe I was up at 4:30 this morning studying – the alarm went of at 4:00 – it only took me a half hour to get out of bed –

Mother – thought of you last night – had some good liver & onions & green pepper all done up together w/thickened tomato juice!  Really Good!

Love, Berta

Frankfurt Germany - April 22, 1954

1954 Europe Itinerary:
Mon. March 15 - flew to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA, saw Bob Ballantyne
Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
- First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
- Second stop at Gibraltar
Mon. March 29 - Barcelona Spain
Tues. March 30 - Genoa Italy
Wed. March 31 - Sorrento Italy
Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
Friday April 2 - Palermo Italy
Saturday April 3 - Capri, Naples Italy
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome Italy
Friday April 9-12 - Florence Italy
Tues. April 13-14 - Salzburg Austria
Weds. April 15-19 - Vienna Austria
Mon. April 19-21 - Zurich Switzerland, side trip to Lucerne on 4/20
Weds. April 21 - Frankfurt Germany, stopped in Karlsruhe for lunch
Thurs. April 22 -  St. Goar Germany

Frankfurt postcard sent to M/M CJ Uible - April 22, 1954
Frankfurt – April 22, 1954
We stopped in Karlsruhe for lunch yesterday, looked in the City Directory and there is a Fritz Uebel which the hotel man said was the German way of spelling Uible*.  Also saw the Black Forest.  Lot of American soldiers here and English is spoken lots of places.  German food is reasonable and abundant servings even for me.  Had a 50¢ tureen of soup last  night which we couldn't finish.  Are going up the river toward Cologne today to St. Goar.  Two American Express letters from E.J. [Elizabeth Johnson] mailed 4/4, received 4/9.  [– Harold]

*More on the Uible name history and German roots soon.  Stay tuned!

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1924 Nat & Lucie Brown Ballantyne photo

This picture of Lucie does not look like any other picture of her that I remember seeing – I like her jacket and outfit.
Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne, Lucie Brown Ballantyne, Mrs. Elkin (?), Mrs. Coyle
April 20, 1924
Back of above photo

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1954 Germany, St.Goar postcard -Apr.22

Glenn Southerland (1897-1979, NVHS'17) and his father-in-law, Benson West (1873-1954) ran the feed mill near the railroad tracks on Church Street.  Mrs. Southerland (Minnie West Southerland 1896-1969, NVHS'16) was a cousin of Doris Eaton Jones (1921-2009, NVHS'39).

St. Goar Germany postcard -mailed 1954
1954 HH's St. Goar postcard sent to M/M Glenn Southerland -Apr.22

4/22/54 St. Goar, Germany

Here we are tonight on the banks of the Rhine, going to take a boat to Cologne tomorrow then to Holland.  It is still winter in Swit[zerland] with snow and skiiers [sic] everywhere, & very beautiful.  We were up to the castle in the rear of picture, which was somewhat bombed out during the war.  The palaces in Vienna were really ornate & even saw a few Russians, but no restrictions at all & things very reasonable.  Harold & Jean

2003 Young Author – Ginny

2003 Ginny (center) featured in Clipping -Apr.23

Young Authors

Each year students at each school are selected to represent their grade levels in the Young Georgia Authors competition.  Students also complete at the system and State levels.

Students selected from Hillcrest Elementary School were (l to r) Turner Gruber, fourth grade, Ginny Crowson, fifth grade, and Alex Peebles, third grade.  Ginny and Turner were also system winners and will advance to the State level.  (Special photo)

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1994 Jean's England postcard from hospital -Apr.21

Jean writes a postcard before being released from the hospital where she has been treated for a cracked ankle.  Transcription follows.
 Sussex postcard mailed 1994
Written while in the hospital after cracking ankle in Brighton, England

Thurs. 4-21-94
Thanks so much for your FAX with all the news.  Will be thinking of Wendy at the prom.

Cynthia & Murray have been wonderful to us – visiting & bringing flowers & their friends, esp. 2 have some w/us.

While out on walker/ Zimmer nurse told me "Our grand-daughter is on the phone" – completely forgot it would by Cynthia.

Have four elderly women in room – all with broken hips and one older man.

Much love, Dad & Mother

1994 MV's Fax to England -Apr.20

Conquest Hospital
Cookson Area


Dear Mother,
We were so sorry to hear of your fall and surgery but hope you are feeling much better by now.  We send our love and you have been in our prayers.  I had called Georgialia to ask her to let your group know and when Ether Salisbury heard she called G.G., so that is how word got to New Vienna.  Hope you are comfortable (relatively speaking) and the food is not to awfully bad.

My Chancel Choir cantata went extremely well on 4/9  & 10, and I made a copy of the tape for you folks which I'll get to you when you get home.  My senior adult group is nearly ready to do their musical on 5/8 pm and the children will be ready by the time 5/22 rolls around.  It is a busy time of year, but the summer should compensate a bit for it.

Ginny's growth has slowed up but her vocabulary and sentence structure continues to grow; the only time her words are illegible is when she gets extremely excited.  This morning she put her "chickie" to be on the arm rest of the car (en route to Somerset), instructed it to go to sleep, patted it on the back and sang Rock-A-Bye Baby (the whole way through).  Her favorite song this week is Happy Birthday which she calls "Happy to you."  She also enjoys going for  a walk to see the dog that lives at the end of the street and picking dandelions that have already gone to seed.

Don is at the Dr. this afternoon for a check-up.  His coughing has cased and he seems much better.  I think knowing that he will be moving in June has relieved much of his stress and so his health has improved.  The D.S. has talked to him about possibly taking the church at Burnside so that I can my job here.  Jack Brewer will become a D.S. in June, but does not know where yet.  There will be lots of moves in the conference this year and nothing will be definite until appointments are made the second week of May.  With Jack leaving, that will man that I have the most seniority of the full time staff, which is not where I thought I'd be at this point.  The Music Director at Trinity Hill UMC (Lexington) is leaving in June to go back to school;  I've thought about applying for it but a lot of it is contingent upon where we move in June.  The position at Trinity Hill would would be about the same salary but direct 3-5 choirs instead of everything I'm doing here.  It would be nice to be in Lexington and there are some classes I wouldn't mind taking which I need before I could start on a Doctoral degree.

We had a real nice trip to Macon and visit with the Smiths.  Ginny traveled very well and the only trouble we had was she started vomiting as we drove through downtown Atlanta on I-75.  We may try to go to see them again in August as I have gotten Don tickets to a Braves baseball game for his (surprise) birthday present.

I'm thinking about possibly coming to New Vienna to visit after you get home but we can discuss that when you are stateside.  Tell Dad hello and not to drag you all over England if yo are dismissed from the hospital early.  You are in our thoughts and prayers and wish that we could visit you (it would be a nice excuse to take a holiday to England!!).  Maybe for your 50th anniversary . . . .  I'm running out of room and need to pick up kids for after school choir.  Today is 4/20.  Sending this 4/21 a.m.  P.M.

Love –– Mary Va. – Don – Ginny

1994 England Trip

Thursday April 21, 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.
1994 Brighton England - view from hotel window where HH & Jean were staying after Jean's broken ankle
Friday, April 22, 1994 - [England] Got to Exeter -- 183 miles -- and used their luggage cart to get Jean to the room and dining room. A lady joined us who had been helpful in opening doors, etc. Exeter is certainly a hard town to drive around.

Saturday, April 23, 1994 - [England] Got to Housel Bay Hotel on Lizard Peninsula [Cornwall], Room #4, a great view of the ocean, but oh the wind.  John and Julie had stayed there two years earlier, also Murray had suggested this place.  We had so much breakfast, we saved the ham for lunch at Gidleigh Park, what a lane/road to get to it, but very nice and Jean bought some cook books there.  Two nights at Housel Bay Hotel, total $166 [or#?] The big room right over the Dining Room quite drafty.
1994 - HH & Jean travel on the "freeway" to Gidleigh Park, Devon, England
Sunday, April 24, 1994 - [Cornwall England] Drove to Lands End, etc., some of the roads are really one lane, but then on the motorways people would zoom by us when we were going 70. On Sunday the hotel has a buffet, only thing hot was the soup.

Monday, April 25, 1994 - [Cornwall to Salisbury England] Drizzle all day.  Drove to Salisbury, 213 miles, room #1 at the Milford Hall Hotel.  Got food and groceries including dry soup which we warmed up on the "tea service" in the room.

Tuesday, April 26, 1994 - [Salisbury to Gatwick England] Went to Longleat House, had wheel chair available and a lift so were able to see the whole house.  Also an electric cart for touring the grounds -- tight corners on some of the buildings, even took a boat ride.  Then drove through the extensive safari animal area.  Had reservations at the Gatwick Hilton and they had a wheel chair.  Room had 3 phones.

Wednesday,  April 27, 1994 - [Gatwick England to Ohio] Lots of red tape clearing customs, while in line got talking with Jim Ritchey of Newark who knew John. Got gas at the airport 52.9p for a liter or about $3/gallon. We were in row 37 F and G and had an extra seat so flight went well. We landed in Cincy in the new terminal and had a LONG walk, train starts next month.

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1984 Roberta's letter -Apr.20

Exact date of this letter from Roberta is unknown but mid-April 1984 is in the vicinity.  There is also the possibility of a second page which is not immediately available.  I'm curious about what Roberta's face was doing in Mesa – but according to this letter that was where it was.  Transcription follows.

Re 4/20/84
Dear Mom and Dad,

I feel like it is safe writing this....just after Sid put out an edition last night.  Didn't think you all would EXPECT two letters in a row all the time!  Just enjoy it when it happens!!!!

Had out the typewriter this AM helping one of the contractors put in a bid for putting in desert landscaping.  Actually his writing was so hard to read that I knew it had to be typed.  We will be making the decisions soon as to the bids on the lawns, putting in sidewalks closest to the houses, and lots of work inside the houses.  Trying to keep all bids under 5,000 because if over they have to be signed by the Board of Supervisors, etc. etc.

Sid has been out all day today doing the front yard, side yard, pulling the weeds along the fence on the side.

I think he mentioned in his letter that I go in the last of this month to be fitted for my bridge work.  It is going to come to almost 1,500 dollars.  So instead of our going on a long trip, probably the dentist will.  If for a birthday present you want to buy one half of one bridge or whatever I will be glad to give you more details.  They will be present--- I mean permanent --- so that they don't sit on the bathroom counter.

Tonight I go to Weight Watchers.  Of course anxious to see what the scales show.  Mother, how are you doing on your no sugar diet from the Doctor.  I started to say Schnebly.  (sp?)  We finally got a thank you letter out to the Goodings.  I'm sorry it was so late.  I did write quite an edition.  But then I write big -- so sometimes it looks like more than is really there.

It looks like Ann Pierson did not get the Mesa job.  They were suppose to let her know this week and she seems very quiet about it.  She will probably go somewhere else.  She is interested in leaving the county . . . . the new management in Long Term Care is not one that you would call pleasant.  There has already been a huge turnover, with most people down there looking for work---actively and openly.  Then of course he replaces with is own kind---that think like he does.  Tho no-one is sure what or if he thinks.  I'm thankful to be out at Senior Village---away from the mess down at the office.  Mostly, I just get the rumors---and that is enough!  I'm just not in the know that much about Serena's plans.  I tired to get her interested in calling up Curt Ream about possible jobs at Hudson Guild Farm this summer.  Serena was saying that the summer heat is going to be more than she can handle.  I'm under the impression that she will be going back to Chicago about the first week in June.

I've got an appointment tomorrow for my face.  It's over in Mesa ---we are going over there anyway--and this Doctor only charges $18 per visit---which in todays market is sure good.  Next week have an appointment for eye exam and new glasses.  A new place near Metro Center--advertising both exam and eye glasses for $39.  That is sure a bargain.  I wonder tho about the quality of the glasses  I'll be sure and get the prescription so that I can go get another pair if necessary.  If a person wanted to they could make a career out of going to Doctors.  Especially if they are in the market--or need of alot of dental work.

It's suppose to be official that starting in July all of the residents will have to turn all their checks into the county system and then get back 47.10.  That will be across the board--won't matter how much income they have coming in, or what size room they have.  Some people here now will be quite happy--since they don't have the 47.10 per month left now after they pay their rent.  And some will be most unhappy since they are getting back sometimes more than $100 after they pay their rent.  The best part of this is that the office will be handling all the checks coming in and all that.  Especially since the birth of the Newsletter (tho, I don't seem to do that much of the work involved) the first of the month is really hectic.  I'm sure going to be happy to give up the bill collecting part of my job.

Sid also mentioned about the Senior Village residents seeing the movie "Terms of Endearment".  My goodness---sure was not what I expected.  They really carried on because they [sic] were alot of teenagers seeing it at the same time.  I think we will pick a Walt Disney movie next for them.

I did get 100 free passes---each pass good for two people---from a local theather [sic].  At the usual price of $4.50 each---that is a real catch.  We can only use them Monday thru Thursday before 7:00 P.M. But that is no problem.

[Love, Roberta]

Lucerne, Switzerland April 21, 1954

Lucerne Switzerland – side trip from Zurich, April 1954
Luzerne Lion* postcard to Catherine & Roberta - April 21, 1954
Luzerne card sent to Catherine & Roberta - April 21, 1954

Do you know what animal this is?  This was in a park on glaciers in Luzern.  We saw a calf on the baggage car today and wonder how the Johnson's [calf] is.  Also saw some rhubarb up.  Their gardens are about the size of Granddad's onion patch behind the barn.  We are going tomorrow to Frankfurt, Germany, also thru Karlsruhe, which use to be Uibles' home town.  do you and Elizabeth & Oscar know what that card said in German that we sent you yesterday? [Herzliche Wunsche; Heartfelt Wishes] We will see Uncle Calvin next week.  We had ham for supper, also spinach.  – Mommie & Daddy

*From Wikipedia: "Bertel Thorvaldsen's famous carving of a dying lion (the Lion Monument, or Löwendenkmal) is found in a small park just off Lowenplatz. The carving commemorates the hundreds of Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when the mob stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris."

Sunday, April 20, 2014

1964 Fred B. Fisher Obituary -Apr.20

Fred Fisher, 1900-1964, was the husband of Elizabeth "Tatt" Ballantyne Fisher (1906-1993).  Tatt, who received her nickname in infancy when her two-year-old older sister could not pronounce Elizabeth, was the second of three daughters of Charles Alexander "Alex" Ballantyne (1875-1957), a brother of Nathaniel Wallace Ballantyne (1868-1949).

After graduating from New Cumberland High School, Tatt attended Wooster College for two years and then became a fourth grade teacher in New Cumberland.  She and Fred dated for ten years while they both continued living with their parents.  Tatt and Fred married in 1936 and had four children, born between 1937 and 1944.  Their  daughter Diane, born 1940, did in 1992.

Fred's great-great-grandfather, John C. Fisher (1756-1809), was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1756, served in the Revolutionary War, and later moved to the Steubenville, Ohio, area.  Fred was a life-time resident of New Cumberland, and according to his obituary opened the first service station in Weirton in 1923.

Transcription of obituary and family pictures, courtesy of Fred's daughter, Natalie (second cousin of the Ballantyne-Dailey-Uible cousins) follows.

Death Claims Fred B. Fisher
Thursday, April 20, 1964

Fred B. Fisher, 705 2nd Ave., a former member of the Hancock County Board of Education, died Thursday morning at 2 a.m. at City Hospital, East Liverpool, where he had been a patient four weeks.  He was 64.

Mr. Fisher and a brother, Roland Fisher, now of Edon, Ohion [sic] and Miami, Fla. opened the first service station and grease rack in Weirton and together operated a service station business for 36 years selling it in 1959.

Mr. Fisher was born here March 1, 1900 to the late John C Fisher and Nettie Bradley Fisher.  He was a member of the First United Presbyterian Church.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Ballantyne Fisher at home; a son, John Fisher of St. Albans, W. Va.; three daughters, Mrs. Willis (Natalie) Drumm of Billings, Mont., Mrs. Dale (Diane) Kirpatrick of New Llano, La., and Miss Mary Jean Fisher at home; another brother, Sonny Fisher of New Cumberland, and three grandchildren.

Services were held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at the Fields Funeral Home with Rev. Mr. Grant Lowe officiating.  Burial was in New Cumberland cemetery.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Switzerland - April 19-21, 1954

The 1954 Europe trip continues, traveling from Austria to Switzerland.
Switzerland postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 20, 1954

20 April 1954
Now waiting for our lunch here in Interlochen Lucerne.  Came down here by train from Zurich (which is our headquarters on our stay in Switzerland.)  From here to Brunnen by boat across the lake and from there to Zurich again on the train.
Meeting many interesting people who recommend various travels, hotels, etc.  Heard Switzerland was very expensive but haven't found it so – thus far.  Wonderful chocolate and good milk.  Winter coats feel so good.  Love, Harold and Jean
Zurich postcard to Mrs. NW Ballantyne - April 20, 1954
We like Switzerland very much – the little we have seen of it.  Staying in Zurich and going today to Lake Lucerne by train.  Take boat across the lake to Brunnen and back to Zurich.  People said Switzerland was so expensive and Austria so cheap but we've found both very reasonable.  The chocolate here is delicious.  Last night they served a canned pear covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (the hotel's dessert.)  We've had snow and rain off and on for five days.  Pretty today but cold for spring.  We'd be frozen without our winter coats.  All our very best love, Harold and Jean
Herzliche Wunsche to Catherine & Roberta 4/20/54
4/20/54 [Heartfelt Wishes from Geburtstag]
We are on the train waiting to go to Lucerne - 25 miles.  There we are going to take a little boat trip.  We have seen lots of snow up in the mountains, if you two were here we would make a snowman.  If you go to our house you look in the World Book and see Switzerland pictures.  We get breakfast with our room and Mommie got plenty of hot chocolate.  They brought her a pitcher that held 3 cups, also rolls and bread with butter and jelly.  We see lot of people with skis, also bikes.  It is now lunch time and bought about a quart of milk which we had with some pastries.  Mommie washed her hair in Austria.  
XXX Daddy

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1984 Catherine's Postcard -Apr.20

The Hilltop Steak House was a favorite stop for Gerry's folks between Boston and Sanford. The hanging meat isn't very appealing to me.  As I recall I usually had fish, even though I wasn't as anti-meat then as I am now.  Though the card is originally from New England, it was mailed from Madras, postmarked Bend, Oregon.  Transcription follows.
 Hilltop Steak House, Saugus MA postcard -mailed 1984
Part of Caption: Photographs – Top to Bottom:
Frank Guiffrida's Hilltop Steak House
"Dodge City," with its western cocktail bar
"Sioux City," featuring a 28 foot fieldstone fireplace
"Kansas City" (not shown)
Walk-in refrigerator aging 1500 loins of beef

4-20-84 Good Friday.  We had a good dinner here in 1981.

Last weekend we had an excellent dinner at a Swiss restaurant near Rippling River [near Mt. Hood] – I had escargot.

Wendy has been enjoying the books you sent her for Easter.  We had a meeting w/school officials and decided to terminate her special educ. program.  She has made big progress and is up to her level now.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1984 Sid's Letter -Apr.17

Sid writes a good letter, but my transcription time doesn't allow for the entire letter to be included. The first paragraph and excerpts are included below.

Note from Roberta written at the top:
Hi!  I'm not sure how you all rated copy#1!  Sid says letter full of mistakes better than no letter!

Tuesday, 4/17/84

Dear everyone,

Here goes one of these long winded epistles but it is typed so it won't be as hard to rad and if you go to sleep before you finish it, well, just don't tell me about it.  First, we just always talk about the weather.  Hit 101 in Phx yesterday and any way you cut it 101 in April is plenty warm.  We recently broke a record for the longest dry spell - about 92 days I believe.  The pool is warming up nicely and I think I'll take the big splash sometime this week.  There are a couple of sweeps that need putting back on and I must get into the water in order to do this.  Mowed the grass today; it has been greening up quite nicely.  Have faertilized [sic] it a couple of times already and will give it another shot tomorrow.  The petunias and marigolds are blooming nicely in the back yard and in fact, with the heat, it is becoming a problem to keep them going.  The desert daisies are already starting to wilt back.  Should be a a good warm summer.  Haven't turned the A/C on yet but it won't be long.  The ladies in the houses do have their A/C on and they are already squabbling over it - those that have arthritis can't stand it oo [sic] cold and those that don't want it about freezing.  The thermostats have covers on them so the ladies can't get at them but there is a suspicion that some of the more agile ones know how to get around the covers.  That should be enough on the weather.

Haven't talked to Judy yet about their trip to Acapulco but will try to call her tomorrow night to learn the details.  Just finished getting out the NARFE Newsletter and got a much better copy this time than last.  Used Roberta's typewriter with a one-time ribbon and it made a fantastic copy.  Then the Credit Union, that reproduces it for free in return for advertising space, had it copied rather than printed . . . . About 20 went yesterday to see "Terms of Endearment".  Roberta said she felt a little ill at ease having taken them.  R & I did see Robin Williams in "Moscow on the Hudson" last Saturday nite and "Police Academy" another night.

Roberta has been in a Weight Watchers diet and has had considerable success.  She must be down close to 15 lbs in three weeks.  She has stuck to the diet without deviation.  Tonight R had cod and baked potato (no butter), spaghetti squash, broccoli, and W/W ice cream.  Serena and I had BLT's with french fries, broccoli, and cherry turnovers with ice cream.

On 5/5 R & I are going to Yuma and will stay in the Suni-Sands Trailer Park.  On 5/7 Roberta will take a bus to El Cajon (near San Diego) to visit her friend Lois Bruce.  You step-daughters out there; don't forget your wicked step-mother's birthday on 5/14 which is when we come back.

I think I may have told you that when R was in Florida, Margaret, the last original resident, fell out of bed ... later in the day she passed away while sitting outside smoking a cig.  Had h heart attack and that was it.

Love ------------------Sid and Roberta

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1994 Bexhill Postcard -Apr.15

HH and Jean start their trip to England with a visit to Sid's daughter, Cynthia.  A few entries from HH are included below followed by a postcard Jean wrote to Wendy and her parents upon their arrival.  Transcription follows.

From HH 1994 Diary:
Friday, April 15, 1994 - [England] Rental car from Alamo, 2 weeks for $330, drove down to Bexhill where we saw Cynthia and she had [arranged] a B&B for us -- Mrs. Hill's at 33 Woodville Rd., 30# a night, about $45.  We had lunch at Cooden Bay Hotel.

Saturday, April 16, 1994 - [England]  Drove to Canterbury, about 5:00 we were at Battle Abbey and coming down the steps from the museum when Jean's ankle cracked.  They were having a convention of M.D.'s in Hastings who were visiting the Abbey and were helpful.  They took her by ambulance to Conquest Hospital in Hastings, actually St. Leonards-on-Sea.  After x-rays she was put in a 6-unit ward in Cooker Orange Hospital just two years old.  We had tickets for the evening program, but....

Sunday, April 17, 1994 - [England] Cynthia rotates around to 19 churches on the circuit.  She had the service at the church near the library in Bexhill, then in the evening at the Springfield Road [Christchurch Methodist] Church in Bexhill.  They were having their annual meeting at 6:30, plenty of snacks.  Enjoyed talking with Virginia _______, who had been to Romania on a mission trip and had stayed on because of illness of daughter's boyfriend.  They put a plate on Jean's ankle and also a pin.

Monday, April 18, 1994 - [England] Moved to the Chimes in Silver Hill area of Hastings. Had nice front room over the dining area for 15# per night and also more choice for breakfast. Peggy Pealle died at 69, retired 9/93 after 24 years as County Treasurer.

Tuesday, April 19, 1994 - [England] Walked out to the hospital and then in the afternoon took bus T105 to the old town and then walked back to the hotel. [Also on this date in 1999, HH shared the news about the closing of Wells with office staff.]

Wednesday, April 20 1994 - [England] Went to Bexhill, lost the bank card in the machine -- wrong # -- met Virginia in the Public Library and then tea when I ran into her on the street. She was nice to come to the hospital to see Jean and brought flowers. Cynthia and Murray also came several times to the hospital. Trying to get Jean to use the elbow crutches or a walker, she likes the latter. The hospital was free but for the walker and the x-ray.

Thursday April 21, 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.
[Diary continued in a future post.]

Bexhill-on-Sea postcard -mailed 1994
   1994 Jean's postcard to Morgans from Bexhill -Apr.15
Arrived here about 9:30AM after getting rental car at Alamo – Vauxhall at Gatwick airport – trip didn't seem too long.

Plan to see a Gilbert & Sullivan live Show here tomorrow night & will go to Cynthia's church on Sunday – it's a super busy weekend for her so won't really get together til Monday!

Much love, Dad & Mother

Vienna, Austria - April 16-17, 1954

1954 Itinerary:
Mon. March 15 - flew from ? to NYC via Pittsburgh on TWA
Weds. March 17 - dinner with Luna and Bob Herron and 3 children at their house
Fri. March 19 - board Saturnia or Vulcania
- First stop at Lisbon, Portugal
- Second stop at Gibralter
Mon. March 29 - Barcelona
Tues. March 30 - Genoa
Wed. March 31 - Sorrento
Thurs. April 1 - Monreale, Sicily
Friday April 2 Palermo
Saturday April 3 Capri, Naples
Sunday April 4-9 - Rome
Friday April 9-12 - Florence
Tues. April 13-14 Salzburg Austria
Weds. April 15-19 Vienna Austria

Sicily Map Card from Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - April 16, 1954
From Vienna to Catherine & Roberta - Friday, April 16, 1954
[Front of postcard's Sicily map is from the stop in Sicily on April 1]
4/16/54 Here we are in "Vienna."  Stayed Wednesday night in Salzburg.  It is cold – a little snow and a little rain and they are tight with the heat.  We have a big room here @3$ a night, lunch cost 50¢ and supper 60¢.  We are going to the concert tonight.  You see a lot of bomb damage around here, but would not know you were in the Russian Zone [1945-55].  We had to get a special card to get in, a formality.  Vienna is pretty and worth the departure from our rough plans.  We are going to leave Sunday night for Zurich, Switzerland.  We have seen some big mountains snow covered. XXX Mommie & Daddy
Vienna Austria postcard - April 17, 1954
Vienna postcard to M/M CJ Uible - April 17, 1954
Spent the day walking around riding the streetcars, saw the special tombs and the Hofburg Palace  – 23 rooms – makes one appreciate modern conveniences.  This is a picture of the Opera House which was bombed during the war and they are rebuilding it now.  There is a lot of bomb damage.  It is hard here to find even postcards, etc., quite unlike Italy.  We are gong to an American Church tomorrow.  Saltzburger Nockerel [?] Zurich Monday.  –H&J
Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954

Vienna postcard to Mrs NW Ballantyne - April 17, 1954
[Saturday] 4/17/54
Arrived in Vienna Thursday from Salzburg.  Had planned to stay there but terrible rain turned to snow.  Its lovely here but oh so cold for spring.  The food is delicious and we have a huge warm room – We're going to Schönbrunn tomorrow.  It used to be the summer place for the Austrian royalty.  We went to their winter palace (Hofburg) today and also the Imperial Tombs, both very interesting.  Plan to attend church at a military chapel (U.S.), our first church service since New Vienna.

Items from Uible photo album